Winter 2014/15
Adria Airways

Winter season changes for Adria

The 2014/15 winter season is around the corner and is due to begin in a month’s time, on October 26. Adria Airways will be making some changes to its network. Notably, the Slovenian carrier will maintain new destinations launched during the 2014 summer season from Ljubljana to Prague and Warsaw, as well as its Lodz - Munich and Tirana – Frankfurt service. In line with its new business strategy, Adria will cut down on some frequencies on selected routes but will increase capacity by upgrading operations from the Bombardier CRJ200 aircraft to the larger CRJ900 version.

From its main hub in Ljubljana, Adria will reduce services to Frankfurt, Moscow, Sarajevo and Tirana by one weekly flight when compared to last winter season. In addition, the airline will halve its operations to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport from four to two per week. Paris is one of only three destinations on which Adria faces direct competition. The Slovenian carrier goes up against Air France on the route. Two weekly flights will also be cut from Adria’s Pristina service, while Zurich will see twelve weekly flights, down from fifteen last winter. Skopje will operate only once per day, a reduction from ten weekly. Services to Belgrade, suspended in February, will not be resuming. 

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to the Adria Airways network this winter when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014/15 winter season runs until March 28. EX-YU Aviation News will be bringing you winter season changes for each national carrier in the former Yugoslavia over the coming month.

Departing Ljubljana

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Lodz60 6via Munich
Prague30 3-
Warsaw30 3-

Departing Pristina

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes

Departing Tirana

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Frankfurt20 2-


  1. Anonymous09:15

    What an underwhelming network. Compare this with Adria 10 years ago. They used to link the entire Balkans now they fly 3x per week to Sarajevo! And 2x to Paris, 3x to Copenhagen and Amsterdam is really poor. But then again they are a low cost airline now. Interesting how JP only serves * alliance hubs multiple time per week. Actually they serve multiple times per week only hubs at which Lufthansa has bought out airlines . Really disappointing.

  2. Anonymous10:20

    Wow down to just 3 p/w to AMS. Use to be daily a few years ago. Poor.

  3. Anonymous10:43

    Well, let's look on the bright side, at least they will keep on flying to Warsaw and Prague. It's not all doom and gloom. They need time to get back on the horse.

  4. Almost no flights are planned to be operated with CRJ2 - at least for now, I guess more will be downgraded within season according to demand.

    With return tickets available from 230€ for Europe-LJU-Balkans I think it is a good strategy. Note that winter season has a low demand, higher is just December/January. So to lower costs, I think this is needed, what do you think?

  5. Anonymous12:24

    Znaci JP je toliko nisko pala da zimi sluzi samo DLH i AUA.
    Jos je bedno sto podrzavaju plan unistenja LOT-a :(
    A LFPG bolje skroz da ukinu i EHAM zimi ko AUA sto je ukinula preko zime LTBA.
    Na kojim destinacijama oni koriste u opste A319-A320 =D Hvala unapred.

    1. Anonymous13:12

      I really don't know why you don't use the three letter codes. Do you think you come across as smarter like this?

    2. One A319 is in PRN, other will be on charters SEP-NOV (some special ones). While A320 will be returned to lessor (end of lease). When the "new" A32s will arrive is not yet known, but it will till summer for sure.

      For tourism, this frequencies are just enaugh, either Friday-Sunday trip or Sunday-Friday or even one week trips are possible for nice prices. I think at least we Slovenias have realised we are just small and can not fly all cities daily - well we could with CRJ2 but you know where that story ended (well almost). Now during summer one A319 is on SVO and FRA/AMS/CDG/BRU while during winter it will be on special charters and SVO / regular charters.

      Also flights are planned so, that good conections are available - although not every day, but at least prices should be good.

    3. Anonymous17:32


    4. Anonymous22:01

      @ 1:12 PM
      Sad ucim ICAO Codove pa da upatim meni su ICAO i IATA codovi laki za pamcenje =D

    5. Anonymous10:02

      ..možeš da vezbaš i u sebi.

  6. Anonymous21:57

    For a market the size of Slovenia, the schedule is more then good. I remember reading here they will add a few more destinations next summer which is good.

    1. Anonymous22:45

      Stockholm is confirmed. ..but still they should do more. LJU has catchment are area of about 5 mio inhabitants. And this area has relative high GDP.

    2. Anonymous13:30

      catchment area 5 mil?
      VCE and VIE have much better connections, prices etc.
      relative high GDP: I and A yes SLO and CRO no.

  7. Anonymous22:10

    And somebody keeps calling the a low cost carrier??? Did you see their prices?

  8. Anonymous23:41

    If you remove flights to hubs where LH Group airlines are located (FRA, MUC, ZRH, VIE and BRU), remaining schedule does not look impressive. But that's the same fate of other small *A feeders in Europe.

  9. Anonymous11:45

    What is the source for this JP W14/15 timetable?


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