B&H considering Podgorica and Skopje flights

B&H Airlines eyeing return to Montenegro and Macedonia

B&H Airlines is considering resuming flights to both Podgorica and Skopje after a five year absence. B&H’s return to Montenegro and Macedonia is being initiated by General Sales Agent Oki Air, which represents both Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines in several countries within the former Yugoslavia. It has been suggested for flights to Skopje to be operated via Podgorica, as was the case several years ago. “This service would connect Podgorica and Montenegro with two capital cities in the former Yugoslavia - Sarajevo and Skopje. Flights will initially operate three times per week, starting at the end of this year or in early 2015”, Oki Air said in a statement.

B&H Airlines launched its Sarajevo - Podgorica - Skopje service in 2009 but flights were cancelled shortly after due to poor interest. However, the Bosnian carrier planned to resume the route on several occasions, the latest being last winter season. Flights were planned to operate five times per week, departing Sarajevo in the evening and arriving back to the Bosnian capital in the morning, so as to connect onto B&H’s European services at the time. Officials from B&H Airlines are set to visit Podgorica soon and hold talks with both Montenegro Airlines and Podgorica Airport. Talks will also be held in Macedonia with officials from Skopje Airport.

The Bosnian carrier is looking to operate the new service in cooperation with Montenegro Airlines. “It is strategically important to cooperate with Montenegro Airlines on this route, which has already shown interest since B&H Airlines would also bring transit passengers from Sarajevo, who would then continue their journey with Montenegro Airlines on flights from Podgorica”, Oki Air concluded. The CEO of Montenegro Airlines, Daliborka Pejović, recently said the carrier was looking at strengthening its cooperation with the national carriers from the former Yugoslavia. “Montenegro Airlines has good ties with all carriers in the region and it is possible to make favourable arrangements with them”, Ms. Pejović said.


  1. Anonymous09:26

    Lol... Continue where exactly with Montenegro? Only possibility is Rome and that's already funny when you think about it.

    1. Anonymous10:17

      Rome, Moscow, Frankfurt, Paris...

    2. Anonymous10:20

      Yeah, with YM's two weekly frequencies that will work.

    3. I have played a bit this morning, valid for this winter...

      cant say this connections would fill the plane :/ ?

      SJJ-TGD 830-915 2 (conn SVO,FCO,CDG)

      TGD-SKP 950-1040 2

      SKP-TGD 1700-1750 2

      TGD-SJJ 1820-1905 2 (conn SVO, FCO, CDG)

      SJJ-TGD 900-945 5 (conn ZRH, FCO)

      TGD-SKP 1020-1110 5

      SKP-TGD 1450-1540 5

      TGD-SJJ 1610-1655 5 (conn ZRH, FCO)

      SJJ-TGD 1000-1045 7 (conn FRA, FCO+6h)

      TGD-SKP 1120-1210 7

      SKP-TGD 1930-2020 7

      TGD-SJJ 2100-2145 7 (conn FCO, FRA, ZRH)

      If mgx would at least have interesting destinations flown on the same day and not on different ones, then with 3 flts per week some good connections could be made, but in this way...

      How much load could be on TGD-SKP?

    4. Anonymous12:01

      i dont think MGX codeshares will be allowed on any routes to SKP until they have paid their bills (or have they already? :D )

    5. Purger13:36

      FRA, SVO, ZRH, CDG via TGD so to north via south and in same time they have possibilities via north, what is much cheaper:
      - Austrian via VIE
      - Croatia via ZAG
      - Adria via LJU
      - Swiss via ZRH
      - Lufthansa via MUC
      - Air Serbia via BEG
      - much more frequencies, cheaper, much better companies

      There is no transfer passengers here. Just P2P and for sure there is no enough potential passengers for that.

    6. Anonymous13:41

      Don't you worry, Daliborka knows how to run an airline ;)

  2. Anonymous10:05

    well they have to do something with their other plane.

  3. Anonymous10:11

    Why doesn't JA launch Rome or Vienna flights?

    1. Anonymous10:30

      I think they did fly to both at one point. Don't know why they stopped.

    2. Anonymous11:01

      Wasn't that during the time when they were run by Turkish Airlines? Ah... I remember, they even planned flights to Prague. :(

    3. They did fly to Prague, I don't know how long but it didn't last very long. I think the reason was abysmal LF. My brother used that service and there was 6 and 9 pax in the plane!

  4. Anonymous10:34

    They never flew Rome - but they definitely should via Mostar!

  5. They just don't give up with theire 2 slow planes..

  6. Anonymous12:09

    Does anyone think that the LF could be good at this planned route? (SJJ-TGD-SKP) or even SJJ-SKP?
    I know there are many bosnians in Macedonia and a few macedonians in Bosnia but how will they fill up their planes?

    1. Anonymous14:09

      its a nightmare to get from Skopje to Sarajevo by bus (15hr journeys), there are 2 weekly buses atm, return fare cost 90€

      2 weekly flights with 100-120€ fare could be competitive. But BH have never proven as reliable.njihov moto :announced and cancelled

    2. Anonymous20:36

      pitty, such close countries both geographically and culturally and it takes forever to get there...

    3. Anonymous21:04

      maybe a 2 weekly route will be good for sjj and skp?

  7. Anonymous12:11

    how was the LF when B&H flied Sarajevo - Skopje?

  8. Anonymous14:35

    Only sjj-skp. 2pw

  9. Anonymous16:37

    Dobro je to da se uzme sebi koji Euro =D

    1. Anonymous17:06

      trolling is your speciality

  10. Anonymous18:41

    Again this nonsense.
    BH should only fly direct, and if possible daily.

    I see nothing coming out of this.


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