Ryanair eyes Mostar flights

Ryanair to decide on Mostar flights within three months

Ryanair could soon launch flights to Mostar in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina following talks between the airline and local authorities earlier this week. Ryanair’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Luis Fernandez Mellado, said the no frills carrier is currently expanding its network and fleet and is considering up to forty different destinations in Europe, among which is Mostar. “We are the leading airline in Europe. We have developed many small and regional European airports and there is no obstacle for us to do the same in Mostar”, Mr. Fernandez Mellado said. He added that Ryanair’s only condition is for flights to the city to be profitable. Over the next two to three months the low cost airline will make a final decision on whether it will add Mostar to its route network, following additional talks with authorities.

Mostar Airport and local authorities are confident the city will soon be served by Europe’s busiest airline. Marko Djuzel, head of Traffic and Security at Mostar Airport, said, "Our goal is to link Mostar Airport with European hubs in Germany, Austria or Scandinavia where our passengers can transit and continue their journey further on". Ljubo Bešlić, the Mayor of Mostar, and Denis Lasić, the Prime Minister of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, are certain that a common interest will be found between the two sides in order for the flights to be launched. “We agreed today to consider all the information we have exchanged and prepare for our next meeting in two weeks”, Mayor Bešlić, said. The Prime Minister added, “Now is the time to prepare and plan our budget for the coming year. I think that sufficient funds will be found in the budget for these flights and they will become operational”.

Last year, the Federal government of Bosnia and Herzegovina designated both Mostar and Tuzla airports as the country’s low cost hubs. Since then, Wizz Air has launched services to Tuzla and plans to open a base there next summer. Meanwhile, Mostar has struggled to attract scheduled flights but sees a significant number of charters throughout the year, carrying religious pilgrims visiting the nearby Medjugorje sight. Back in 2012 Mostar Airport held talks with Wizz Air over potential flights from Dortmund and Malmo, however, the airline opted for Tuzla instead. Ryanair has a limited presence in the former Yugoslavia. Besides a seasonal summer base in Zadar, the no frills carrier also flies to Rijeka, Osijek and Pula in Croatia as well as Podgorica in Montenegro. In 2007 Ryanair launched flights to Maribor, however, the service was cancelled due to poor loads after only a few months.


  1. Anonymous09:08

    Great news! Bosnia becoming popular with LCCs

  2. Anonymous09:35

    Why not Sarajevo? Who are they protecting there? It's not like BH has any prospect

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Star Alliance of course. You think Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss would be happy with Rynaair in Sarajevo?

    2. Anonymous21:54

      @AnonymousOctober 10, 2014 at 9:35 AM, look at what Ryanair did in KLU... now they have just 4 flights in whole day...

  3. Anonymous10:46



    Here we go once again!

  4. Anonymous12:15

    I will believe it when I see it but great news

  5. Anonymous12:16

    It's a bit stupid when the airport's director talks about connecting people onto other flights through European hubs. Very few people transfer with low cost airlines and you can't buy a single ticket via some point you must buy two different tickets, meaning you have to take your bags, check in again, pay baggage again etc.

  6. Anonymous13:38

    Slovenian Sovereign Holding and the Republic of Slovenia received the purchase price for their shareholdings in Aerodrom Ljubljana

    On 10 October 2014, the Slovenian Sovereign Holding and the Republic of Slovenia, as two of the sellers under the contract on the sale of shares of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., which was concluded on 5 September 2014 with the buyer, Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, received the purchase price for their shareholdings in Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d.. For its 6.82% shareholding in Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., Slovenian Sovereign Holding received the purchase price in the amount of EUR 15,990,656.50. For its 50.67% shareholding in Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., the Republic of Slovenia received the purchase price in the amount of EUR 118,797,922.75.

    On 10 October 2014, Slovenian Sovereign Holding and the Republic of Slovenia transferred to the buyer, Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, 258,958 ordinary, no-par value shares of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., in the ownership of Slovenian Sovereign Holding, and 63,555 ordinary, no-par value shares, and 1,860,298 preference, participating shares of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., in the ownership of the Republic of Slovenia.

    The sales process of 75.5% shares of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., was thus successfully completed.


  7. Anonymous13:54

    german authorities today didnt grant Etihad codeshare rights for 30 flights operated by Air Berlin.

    looks like a major blow (for AB most of all) , but its not definite yet

    1. Anonymous16:07

      Pa to nije jak udarac to su letovi unutar Nemacke gde EY vec leti npr Berlin-München

    2. Anonymous17:00

      ti nemas pojma

    3. Purger22:02

      - Germany is blocking Abu Dhabi-based airline Etihad from selling tickets for some flights operated by partner Air Berlin (AB1.DE), meaning the German airline could lose out on passengers it needs to fight its way back to profit.

      Air Berlin, in which Etihad owns a 29 percent stake, said on Friday that 34 so-called codeshare flights with Etihad for its winter schedule had failed to win the approval of the German federal aviation authority (LBA), despite having been cleared in the past. The flights account for around 46,000 bookings.

      Etihad and Air Berlin have in the past shared codes on flights to around 60 destinations, meaning their number of shared flights will more than halve.

      By putting its number on the German airline's flights, Etihad can sell those connections to its customers and thus help loss-making Air Berlin to fill its planes.

      Etihad is under investigation by German authorities over whether it exercises too much control over Air Berlin. For Air Berlin to maintain its European operating licence, it must be majority controlled by European investors.


    4. Anonymous22:07

      луфтика има френдове на важним позицијама

    5. Anonymous22:12

      Ali glavno da je meni neki dan receno da sam budala i da ne razumijem osnovne stvari kada sam napisao da se radi o ozbiljnoj stvari, te da EU provodi istragu oko kontrole Etihada nad Air Berlinom. Tada je tzv. stručnjak rekao da nema istrage, nego da se samo radi o procjeni code-share, što je administrativni postupak!

      Reutersova vijest to demantira. Ne samo da su dobili po glavi sa code-share nego se izvodi i istraga koja bi ih mogla opako koštati.

    6. Anonymous22:49

      Slusaj mene bice im ponisten samo codeshare unutar Nemacke i to je sve
      LH ne moze uzeti AB licencu za letove po Evropi zato sto oni ne znaju sta i koliko EY komanduje u AB =D

    7. Anonymous22:54

      ali zato znaju koliko EY komanduje u JU, do te mere da CEO EY-a najavljuje kada i koje linije ce JU da otvori. To te ne zabrinjava?

    8. Anonymous23:04

      Ne zabrinjava me zato sto je dosada sve to dobro barem zvuci tako npr za ORD samo mi se ne svidja tip aviona sto ce to obavljati=D
      A i mogao bi Pilotima barem da poveca duplo platu zato sto su oni najvazni zaposleni nezasluzuju da budu tretirani kao Soferi Kamiona =D

    9. Anonymous23:40

      best thing for AirSerbia is to keep low profile

      they can easily be blocked from starting any US flights ( DELTA & Co. are watching closely)

      if AirSerbia grows further they might start investiagations whether its an Serbian or UAE company and so on and on.

    10. Anonymous23:51

      Ako je u tako banalnom i malom, do nedavno formalnom, administrativnom poslu ukinuto preko 50% svih code-share, zamislite što će LH izlobirat da se napravi u ovom EU postupku (za kojeg su do nedavno neki na ovom forumu tvrdili da ne postoji). Tup se s rogatim ne može bosti.

    11. Anonymous23:55

      Dete INN pa tvrdio si da neće ništa da se desi u ovom code-share postupku. Jel to drugarov tata više nije informisan ili su ti predviđanja pala u vodu. Da se okaneš malo vazduhoplovne analitike i odeš da se igraš sa autima?

    12. Anonymous00:01

      Pa nijedna kompanija ne moze ponuditi toliiko para za mito ko ME3 ;) ja se za njih nebojim .

    13. Anonymous00:23

      Anonymous at 11:55 PM
      Ja sam rekao da ce im ukinuti samo codeshare unutar Nemacke i EY ce morati leteti sobstvenim letilicama na neke destinacije npr HKT-AUH sto je dosada obavljao AB sa 332.
      On radi za OS a ne za AB ;) a nije ni slagao da ce JP ostati da ga nece ugasiti EC, neznam sto vam smeta sto on radi na toj Funkciji.

    14. Anonymous00:27

      E mali moj, mozes ti da zivis u Evropi jos 100 godina ali si mentalno mnogo jugoistocnije - ne mislis valjda stvarno da EY moze da kupi nekoga u Nemackoj ili evropskoj komisiji kao sto je kupio Vucka u Srbistanu?

    15. Anonymous00:33

      Moze kako su siptari ovde izasli iz zatvora bili samo 6 meseci sto su otvarali firme na mrtve ljude i zajb drzavu za porez nije to toliko posteno ni ovde samo ako upadnes u dobro drustvo ovde sve vece gradjevinske firme muvaju za porez

    16. Anonymous00:34

      Etihad W14 Planned Partner Aircraft Operations
      As of 09OCT14, following ETIHAD service in Winter 2014/15 is scheduled to operated by its equity partner Jet Airways or Air Serbia’s aircraft. Winter schedule begins from 26OCT14.
      Etihad operated by Air Serbia Aircraft A319
      Abu Dhabi – Belgrade
      Abu Dhabi – Muscat (EY388/381)
      ETIHAD operated by Jet Airways Aircraft A330-200
      Abu Dhabi – Hyderabad (EY274/275, eff 01FEB15)
      Abu Dhabi – Johannesburg (EY604/603)
      Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur (EY416/413, until 31JAN15)
      Abu Dhabi – Lagos (EY671/672)
      Abu Dhabi – Riyadh (EY317/318, eff 01FEB15)
      Etihad operated by Jet Airways Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
      Abu Dhabi – Delhi (EY224/223, eff 18NOV14)
      Abu Dhabi – Dhaka (EY258/253, 6 weekly)
      Abu Dhabi – Kuala Lumpur (EY418/411, eff 01FEB15)
      Abu Dhabi – New York JFK (EY103/102)
      Abu Dhabi – San Francisco (eff 18NOV14)
      Ovde ce EY ustedeti dosta para :O

    17. Anonymous02:55

      ali zato znaju koliko EY komanduje u JU, do te mere da CEO EY-a najavljuje kada i koje linije ce JU da otvori. To te ne zabrinjava?

      Ma nije tacno, Hogan kaze bice prvi let za Cikago. To nije tacno, Sinisa Mali kaze bice prvi letovi za Njujork i Toronto. Sad se vidi ko stvarno kontrolise firmu, gradonacelnik a ne Etihad.

      Air Berlin je zrtvovan Lufthansi, to je njima veliki trn u oku. Za uzvrat dace dozvolu Etihadu za Alitaliju i pustice ih da Regional i Air Serbia radi normalno.

    18. Anonymous14:42

      ne radi se o inner deutsche connections nego o
      STR-AUH, TXL-AUH plus 20tak konekcija prema North America i Scandinavia (source Air Berlin)

      @INN pravi si Baustelac, nemas pojma

  8. Anonymous15:52

    Evo link na fantastičan video Korean Air-a u Zagrebu kojeg je snimio EDOSTUFF


  9. Anonymous18:10

    Belgrade to Ljubljana via Banja Luka, any info? Too much pax for BNX or what?

    1. Anonymous20:05

      One of the Atrs broke down today in Vienna, it had a delay so they had to be crafty.

  10. Anonymous22:03

    дали је истина да ће кинези поклонити ер србији пар арј 21 на поклон??

    1. Anonymous22:31

      Nonsense! What's next, KLM donating used Fokkers to Air Serbia? Or Putin bringing couple of Superjets to Belgrade? Geez...

    2. Anonymous22:52

      ako ih ne poklone na poklon, mogli bi da ih poklone na lizing, a na kraju kao u vicu da ispadne pusenje

    3. jako bih voleo da vidim Superjetove na Balkanu. Negde sam skoro naleteo na informaciju da je Malev planirao da nabavi 30 komada. Da ih nisu roknuli, to bi bio odlican potez

    4. Anonymous02:36

      немојте да кажете никоме, али ер србија гарант добија три комада абиона АН 225 у путничкој варијанти не знам да ли је на лизинг

    5. Anonymous03:12

      If you add Embraer, Bombardier and Concorde, your list is complete.

  11. Anonymous09:14

    @Anonymous October 11, 2014 at 2:36 AM Teško da mogu 3, jedan je napravljen ;)

  12. Anonymous09:24

    Zar zaista mislite da šu ME3 sisali vesla pa EK može da im radi šta hoće? A ko će avione da im kupuje, recimo...


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