Winter 2014/15
Croatia Airlines

Winter season changes for Croatia Airlines

The 2014/15 winter season is fast approaching and begins next Sunday, October 26. Croatia Airlines will be making some changes to its operations. Notably, the Croatian carrier won’t be decreasing frequencies as its restructuring process enters its final stages. Unlike previous winter, when flights to many destinations were either reduced or suspended, this season will see the national airline increase frequencies on some routes. An additional weekly flight will be added from Zagreb to Brussels and Sarajevo. This is the second consecutive year that operations to both cities have been strengthened. Furthermore, with a French-led consortium now managing Zagreb Airport, Croatia Airlines will add two weekly flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle, with the service now becoming daily. It will complement Air France’s increase in capacity this winter as well. The two airlines will codeshare on each other’s flights.

Last winter saw Croatia Airlines terminate a significant number of routes from Dubrovnik to Western Europe. These will not be resumed this year but several weekly flights have been added to Zagreb, giving passengers more opportunities to transfer onwards via the Croatian capital. An additional three weekly departures will be added between Split and Zagreb, which will now be served by the same number of flights as they were two years ago. From Zadar, Croatia Airlines will operate six weekly flights to Pula and Zagreb, the same as last winter season.

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to Croatia Airlines’ network this winter when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014/15 winter season runs until March 28. In addition, you can review the adjustments Adria Airways, Air Serbia, B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines will be making this winter.

Departing Zagreb

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Brussels1110 1-
Dubrovnik2220▲ 2-
Paris75▲ 2-
2 flights via Dubrovnik
5 via Split
Sarajevo1312 1-
Split2118 3-

Departing Split

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Zagreb2118 3

Departing Dubrovnik

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Zagreb2220▲ 2-


  1. Anonymous09:12


  2. Anonymous09:16

    What's the point of flying three times per week to PRN?! It's not like they can be competitive with it...

    I hope we see OU back in Istanbul and in Tel Aviv with regular flights!

    1. Anonymous18:42

      ^Political reasons only...

    2. Anonymous22:04

      Looks good, increase rather than decrease in number of flights, a good omen, if in winter they're increasing by almost 5%, imagine what the picture is going to look like come summer 2015, very promising,

      248 operations in winter ain't bad, could do better, and aim for 300 operations in winter, but as restructuring is still ongoing its better to be safe than sorry.

      I hope in summer schedule OU improves dramatically on last year's frequency of 232 flights out of Zagreb, 58 out of Dubrovnik and 72 out of Split.

      OU should be able to do 400 weekly flights with fleet of 12 aircraft, although its gonna be really close.

      I predict summer 2015 schedule of around 412~ weekly departures, 84 out of Split, 72 out of Dubrovnik and 256 out of Zagreb, increase of 14%. Higher increase isn't possible, simply there's no aircraft available for more that is unless OU leases out additional 4 aircraft as mentioned on this blog few times, although I'd wait with a lease deal and see how 2015 performs, 14% increase in number of flights could mean OU manages to carry 2.2 million passengers, its best ever result.

      2016 however, could be really promising, even more so than 2015, if 4 Airbus aircraft are delivered early OU could increase number of weekly departures to 550, which would result in 356 weekly departures out of Zagreb, 110 out of Split and 84 out of Dubrovnik. W/E the case, 2017 will be very exciting for all concerned, OU maintaining 16 aircraft, 550 weekly departures and 3 million passengers and $520 million turnover, Zagreb benefiting directly from increased operations by OU, with 356 weekly operations Zagreb could be reaping massive rewards in terms of pax, OU could be responsible for 2.25 million pax at Zagreb airport alone with foreign carriers contributing with 1.75 million pax in 2017, so finally 4 million pax at Zagreb airport can be reached. good times ahead.

    3. Anonymous23:24


    4. Anonymous00:07

      few more great news,

      National Airlines, Orlando based charter airline in possible seasonal flights between Dubrovnik and New York, and few more seasonal flights to Dubrovnik by Air Baltic x2, Brussels Airlines x2, Edelweiss x2, Sunexpress x1, Volare x2 connecting Bordeaux, Riga, Brussels and Zurich with Dubrovnik during course of summer season.

    5. Anonymous01:55

      It will be a lot more comfortable in widebody Air Serbia A330 with AVOD from New York to Belgrade and then a quick hop to Dubrovnik than in National's old 757 without any IFE and with a fuel stop.

    6. Anonymous03:12

      @AnonymousOctober 19, 2014 at 1:55 AM

      troll will remain troll, no point even responding to you, other than point out, you're a troll,.

    7. Anonymous04:20

      Both Air Serbia JFK-BEG and National Airlines JFK-DBV are a figment of your imagination at this point, no need for gun fight.

  3. Anonymous09:22

    Not impressive but at least they didn't reduce any of the frequencies!

    1. Anonymous09:26

      What was there to reduce? Five weekly to Paris? Five weekly to Copenhagen and so on?

    2. Anonymous09:34

      So for you, there is no smaller number than 5?

    3. Anonymous09:45

      Yeah but look at last year's schedule. Frequencies were enormously reduced...

    4. Anonymous09:48

      There are smaller numbers than five but they are too pathetic for an aspiring regional carrier/leader such as Croatia Airlines. They should have worked on reinforcing their regional network which will feed their European flights.

    5. Anonymous10:06

      True, but, unlike other Ex-Yu carriers, OU has many domestic flights (Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula) as well!

    6. Anonymous10:09

      Yeah but that's the problem, there are so many other destinations besides the domestic ones! They have to think outside the box like Air Serbia and think of ATH, SKG, SOF, OTP...

    7. Anonymous10:20

      Obviously no need to explain any further. Once again, Croatia is the only Ex-Yu country with domestic routes, why should they reduce them, they're a national carrier, flights to Split and Dubrovnik are usually full, even during winter months.

    8. Anonymous10:30

      No one is speaking about the domestic routes... I am talking about the regional and European network. It's because of people who think like you that OU never really expanded beyond Croatia and Bosnia!

    9. Anonymous10:37

      I'm not saying they shouldn't expand, but how can they at this moment, with limited number of planes, other domestic airports to fly to? I'm just saying that the situation is not the same in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia! Plus we have Kucko as a CEO :)

    10. Anonymous11:02

      Well, they could run a night flight with the A319 to TLV with the same schedule as JP or as JU's schedule to ATH.

    11. Anonymous13:49

      Very modest network for OU this winter to say it the least: 10 destinations to the West, 3 regional ones, and the rest domestic. Nothing to the north (except CPH), to the East and to the South, not to mention potential regional destinations...
      I am sure OU can do it much better then this, more healthy competition in the region is good for everyone.
      Nice weekend to everyone, and regards from BEG!

    12. Anonymous15:06

      Even the one destination they serve in the south is butchered by stops in both Split and Dubrovnik!

    13. Anonymous18:23

      Admin good job of staying out of stupid ex-yu politics. Why people in our countries can not separate aviation or any business for that matter from hate for the other who is not like them (by religion only). Vary sad. Good job on the blog. Greetings from home city of Boeing!

  4. Anonymous09:48

    Steta sto CTN ne leti za Skandinaviu i SVO ako sme .
    Jel OU. ima codeshare samo sa SAS-OM za letove za Ameriku :)

    1. Anonymous10:05

      Zašto misliš da ne bi smjeli letit za te dvije destinacije? Očito ne postoji financijska isplativost, osim ako nemaš drugu informaciju

    2. Anonymous10:07

      Од када Копенхаген није у Скандинавији? =D

    3. Anonymous10:27

      њега заправо интересује зашто Кроација не лети за Инсбрук и НС шта год то било ;)

    4. Anonymous12:49

      Zašto CTN ne leti za Skandinaviju? Letit će kad Lufthansa to dopusti, a to znači nikada.

    5. Anonymous13:40

      Pa CTN ne leti ni za bliski istok i to me cudi :)

    6. Anonymous14:01

      Ама људи престаните да лупате... Кроацијан лети за Скандинавију.

  5. Anonymous10:34

    Why is there a Germania A321 flight from PRN to BEG?

  6. Is it my phone or the map departing ZAG is missing?

  7. Anonymous12:54

    Two OU topics in a row? When are we going to get some Air Serbia news? This is not a Croatian blog.

    1. If you are going to have an attitude like that you might as well leave. There have been numerous times when there was news from the same country two days in a row, Serbia being one of them. As for Air Serbia, you can find two news items related to the airline this week. Unfortunately, I am more then certain you are aware of this and your only aim was to make a provocative comment.

    2. Anonymous13:22

      Funny, you never make such rude remarks when Croats used to make such comments. I did this on purpose and you failed. So predictable.

    3. My remark is not rude at all. People who have an issue sharing this blog with other nationalities and respecting those nationalities are not welcome here. I have always responded to comments claiming that a certain country is being favourited and perhaps you should review that and then make conclusions on my response. If your sole purpose here is to test my response, then you shouldn't waste your time here because you are obviously not interested in neither aviation or the topic at hand.

    4. Anonymous13:40

      admin just ignore the troll

    5. Anonymous00:17

      JFK-DBV nonstop je previse za 757-200 sa wingletima. Moze uz stopover, ali ima smisla samo za 100% pun charter.

  8. Anonymous21:06

    If Air Serbia is serious about becoming THE regional airline in this region, they will have to offer at least daily nonstops to Split,Dubrovnik,Pula and Zagreb next summer !

    1. Anonymous22:06

      You probably meant if Ethiad decides to make Air Serbia THE regional player. Still, as long as OU and Zagreb hub exist, JU will have no chance of being competitive on domestic Croatian flights.

    2. Anonymous23:23

      You do know that most expansion decisions are taken in Belgrade? Just like Prague increase was proposed... Etihad just has to approve of the proposals.
      As for regional expansion, there are far more important and far more lucrative destinations than the Croatian ones.

    3. Anonymous23:29

      Ofcourse Ethiad "just has to approve", since JU does not have to cents to rub together. So much about independent decision making in BG.

    4. Anonymous00:48

      When it comes to independent decision making, surely you know it best how it goes from your national airlines perspective.
      Big mom Lufthansa makes decisions on behalf of OU for years, majority of whom do damage to OU unlike most of Etihad's decisions regarding JU...
      That's the difference ;)

    5. Anonymous07:47

      Let's not forget that Hogan is a member of the Air Serbia board so he is part of the decision making process in the airline. There is more synergy than you would want to believe it. It's not like Air Serbia can't take a breath without Etihad.

    6. Anonymous07:49

      But let also add something. Even if Etihad was deciding on everything, why should we complain? They are doing a fine job so far. Plus, they are currently training 10 new managers which should join the airline next year.

    7. Etihad making all the decisions for JU is a good thing! Etihad has a very big interest in the success of Air Serbia because their investment and their reputation is at stake. If Etihad makes poor decisions for Air Serbia, they will lose money and everyone will know that they are a poor investor.

      Does anyone think that Etihad would go through all this trouble just to allow Air Serbia to fail? If Air Serbia fails (which of course is a possibility), it certainly will not be because Etihad let it.

      I sincerely wish that Ethiad has as much influence in the management of Air Serbia as possible, and I wish that politicians have the least influence.

    8. Anonymous19:52

      Exactly! It is high time to stop thinking about local airlines (or any company for that matter) as a source of national pride. But obviously this is too hard a pill to swallow for majority of people commenting here...

  9. Anonymous22:08

    ...and thus its regional importance will be significantly diminished.

  10. Anonymous23:45

    Zagreb Airport handled 2 million passengers 15 days ahead of last year. Increase of around 8% for October so far, Based on information so far, Zagreb is expected to handle around 2.51 million pax this year,

  11. Anonymous13:34

    What a pathetic Airline just got more domestic flights and 1 extra for BRU and you call yourself a international Airlines please.Run away from competition typical the business play of their Ceo

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