Winter 2014/15
Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines

Winter season changes for Montenegro Airlines and B&H

The 2014/15 winter season is approaching and is due to begin in two weeks, on October 26. Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines will be making some changes to their respective networks. The Montenegrin carrier will be increasing its operations to Belgrade from both Podgorica and Tivat. The airline will operate seventeen weekly services between the two capital cities, an increase of three flights per week when compared to last winter season. Coupled with Air Serbia’s frequency upgrade on the route, Podgorica and Belgrade will have a total of 38 weekly flights among them during the winter months. On the other hand, Montenegro Airlines will cut one of its weekly flights from Podgorica to Frankfurt and Moscow but will add an additional service to the Russian capital from its Tivat base. The airline will continue flying from Podgorica to Ljubljana, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Zurich unchanged.

This winter, a notable absence from B&H Airlines’ destination network will be Istanbul, which was suspended during this summer season. According to sources close to the airline, B&H is making efforts to return to Turkey but will need strong support and political backing from the Federal government to resolve issues relating to the bilateral air agreement between the two countries, which, according to the Bosnian carrier, favours Turkey. The airline will add an additional weekly service to Belgrade when compared to last winter and will offer a total of five weekly flights. There will be no changes to the carrier’s flights to Copenhagen and Zurich via Banja Luka.

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to Montenegro Airlines’ and B&H Airlines’ networks this winter when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014/15 winter season runs until March 28. Next Saturday, EX-YU Aviation News will bring you Croatia Airlines’ network changes. Meanwhile, you can review the adjustments Adria Airways and Air Serbia will be making this winter.

Departing Podgorica

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Belgrade1714 3-
Frankfurt23 1-
Moscow12 1-

Departing Tivat

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Belgrade109 1-
Moscow32 1-

DestinationFrequency W14/15Frequency W13/14ChangeNotes
Belgrade54 1-
Banja Luka44--
Istanbul07 7-
via Banja Luka


  1. Anonymous09:19

    I really can't understand why don't they allow take-offs from Sarajevo from 05.00, or at least grant a special permission to your freaking national airline. Like that they would arrive to Belgrade at 05.45 and they could feed all of Air Serbia's morning departures! Would be great if someone knew the loads on this route. A friend of mine flew to SJJ a few days ago and they were about 15-20 onboard.

    As for YM, good to see them putting up a fight but I still feel that there is a duopoly on this market which is not cool.

  2. Anonymous09:51

    So 10 extra flights between TGD-BEG this winter in total. Where has all the sudden demand come from?

    1. It looks like a war of attrition to me :). Good for pax at least for the time being.

    2. Anonymous18:44

      No sudden demand here. YM needs a while to understand allowing JU take over their airline is far better than letting someone else take over. It will get to them in due time.

  3. Anonymous10:07

    I get really frusturated when ever I see the sorry state of BH's network. 3 destinations with 2 planes! A total of 11 weekly flights in total! What does there other plane do all day. Why don't they try at least on some different market. They had all summer to plan for it.

    1. Anonymous12:10

      did they ever fly to VIE?

      they should fly Banja Luka - BEG

    2. Anonymous12:12

      They did fly SJJ-VIE. I think they also use to fly to Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

  4. Anonymous10:08

    I was expecting something much more competitive from Montenegro Airlines. Not sure if they realise what kind of competition they are facing. But I’m sure Daliborka has it all planned out. Perhaps she will charter one of E195n to Barcelona to have Sunday brunch?

  5. Ex-YU Aviation, the route map for YM is missing Rome. So, there is a mismatch between the route table and route map.

    YM's networked looked so much more "balanced" with PRN and SKP.

    Clearly, it's time for JA to swim or sink. My advice would be to go 100% charter and only operate flights if they are profitable. That way a number of jobs might be saved. Otherwise, a scheduled airline with 2 aircrafts, 3 destinations and less than 2 flights per day is not where you want to find yourself.

  6. Anonymous11:20

    JA should start cooperating even more with JU, maybe even leasing their ATR's to JU and operating flights for them. I think that this is the only way that JA will survive long-term. Maybe in the distant future, they could be acquired by JU.

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Completely agree with you. Their morning flight to BEG should be earlier to feed more JU flights, therefore gaining more passengers for both companies. Also, they could utilise the aircraft (once in BEG, for JU's flights to BNX maybe, or another ATR destination.

    2. Anonymous12:31

      They can't depart earlier since SJJ doesn't allow take offs before 06.00.

    3. Anonymous13:33

      Why do they have a curfew at SJJ?

    4. As someone who used to live right across the street from the entrance I think the reason behind is the fact that SJJ is basically in the city and surrounded by several communities. I remember years ago there was a plan to move it outside of the city to Romania area to bypass this problem and deal with the fog issue since whole city is basically in the valley surrounded by big mountains.

  7. Anonymous12:54

    What is happening with Belgrade Airport results for september?

  8. Anonymous14:06

    Great work B&H. Get ready to suspend your Zurich flights next summer and when Wizz Air comes Copenhagen as well. Then you can fly to Belgrade 5x p/w with 2 ATRs.

  9. Anonymous16:36

    DU,is set to wet-lease an B787-8 from LOT Polish Airlines (LO, Warsaw Chopin) for use on flights to the United States. Polish travel portal,, says the aircraft will be deployed on flights from Copenhagen Kastrup to New York JFK, Fort Lauderdale Int'l, and Los Angeles Int'l over the period October 27 until November 30.
    In line with its ongoing restructuring programme, LOT has already leased out its Dreamliner fleet to other operators such as AYas well as charters for tour firms such as Rainbow Tours.
    Ovo je trebala uraditi i ASL da uzme na Wet-Lease bilo koji Avion EY po potrebi ako moze npr 1 332 2 789 neznam jeli tako moze :)

  10. Anonymous17:35

    B&H could even exist as a single-aircraft airline and be succesfull if they cooperate with Air Serbia.
    First SJJ has to to allow them earlier departures to better connect with BEG.
    In summer they also could link Mostar and Banja Luka with Belgrade and even do Belgrade-Ohrid.
    SJJ-BEG double daily
    Mostar-BEG 4x
    BL-BEG 3x
    BEG- Ohrid daily.

  11. Anonymous23:38

    Why FRA-TGD cancelled on fridays... :(
    Last winter the planes weren't that empty - until they suddenly cancelled many friday flights on short notice.


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