Zagreb Airport breaks two million mark

Zagreb Airport posts September growth

Zagreb Airport has welcomed its two-millionth passenger in 2014, just over two weeks ahead of last year. The two-millionth passenger, Jelena Raić, was travelling on an Austrian Airlines flight from Zagreb to Vienna. She passed through the airport last Friday, October 17, and received two free return tickets from Austrian. Croatia’s busiest airport has now handled 134.737 passengers during the first seventeen days of October and is preparing to welcome Eurolot as its latest customer this Sunday. The airline will operate daily flights from Warsaw, with the service to be codeshared by Poland’s national carrier LOT. Meanwhile, Flydubai will inaugurate services from its hub to Zagreb next month.

Commenting on Zagreb Airport’s recent growth, Passenger Service Manager, Ivana Akmadžić, said, “I am very happy to have had the opportunity to welcome and greet Zagreb Airport’s two-millionth passenger and I am especially delighted that we recorded this number fifteen days ahead of last year”. She added, “This comes as a result of teamwork and close cooperation among all of us. Following record passenger growth of 10% in August, we have continued with such trends in September when we recorded an increase of 7%. We expect for these positive trends to continue at Zagreb Airport throughout the 2014/15 winter season”.

In September, Croatia’s busiest airport saw 251.280 travellers pass through its doors, an increase 7% compared to the same month last year. The number of flights operating to and from the airport also increased, from 3.564 last year, to 3.632 this September. Over the past nine months, Zagreb Airport has handled 1.865.263 passengers, up 4.2% on the same period in 2013. Last year, Zagreb welcomed a total of 2.300.231 passengers. Ealier in 2014 the airport estimated it would record an 8% passenger increase by the end of the year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN135.758 2.6
MAR165.336 5.7
APR192.443 3.1
MAY217.775 5.9
JUN243.984 6.8
JUL260.783 4.7
AUG269.500 10.5
SEP251.280 7.0


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Croatia week.

    1. Anonymous11:18

      Croatia has the most plane passengers of all other Ex-Yu countries, that's the fact!

    2. Anonymous11:30

      Yeah but that will not last much longer, maybe a year or two from now. Croatia has around six million and Belgrade will have around 4.5...

      There are big plans for next year in Serbia so get ready. :D

    3. Anonymous17:11

      Based on what we've seen so far, Air Serbia model is not based on lowering all fares to 20EUR or so to adjust to lower purchasing power at home. It looks like they are targeting other customers in the region with more purchasing power, including Slovenia and Croatia, to connect to their destinations using transfer at Belgrade airport. It looks like higher salary in Serbia is not a requirement for further growth at Air Serbia, they will be fueled by the region.

    4. Anonymous19:32

      @AnonymousOctober 22, 2014 at 5:11 PM

      HM, your predictions might be tad optimistic, region is becoming far more interesting now with arrival of many airlines in to the region, Wizz air and others are taking ever greater chunk of the regional market, and Air Serbia's presence in Croatia is symbolic at best, no one in Croatia flies with Air Serbia, its primerely Serbian and ME tourists that come to Croatia via Belgrade for summer brake in Croatia, holiday flights.

      Thompson has more flights to Dubrovnik and brings more tourist than Air Serbia has to Croatia combined, illustrating my point clearly.

      Wizz air, EasyJet, Ryan Air, Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss and alitalia are becoming strong players in the region and offer better transfers than Air Serbia does via Belgrade (if we are talking for Bosnia, Macedonian travelers), Zagreb is already extremely well connected and things in Zagreb will only get more exciting as more carriers come to Zagreb.

      Management is negotiating the return of EasyJet, Alitalia and Czech Air, they are talking 4 weekly flights for Easy, and full on 7 flights for the other two, negotiations are in advanced stage and will know more towards the end this year.

      SAS, FinnAir, BrusslesAir, Air Blatic have all been contacted and talks have started in bringing these back to Zagreb in 2015/6 with Iberia now quite likely to announce any time soon of their year round service starting in 2015.

      Aer Lingus might also start flights to Zagreb connecting Dublin with Zagreb twice weekly, talks are ongoing, nothing certain as talks have just started. Aegean Airlines is also holding talks with Zagreb airport management in possible flights to Zagreb starting in 2015 or 2016.

      So next two years look very promising.

    5. Anonymous19:40

      LOL... you always cheer me up. :)

    6. Anonymous19:57

      Spectacular, thank you. You only missed that thing about growth in tourism, thousands of faraway tourists arriving from distant continents, but we heard that same story many times before. Anyway nice effort, thank you.

      My post about purchasing power was a response to explain how Air Serbia growth was not dependent on growth of average salary in Serbia, but now I am not sure that is of any interest to you. Anyway, we again learned so much about why you think that next two years will look very promising in your neck of the woods.

    7. Anonymous20:02

      Anonymous at 7:32PM
      So in your opinion ZAG is the airport with best future in ex-Yu? I mean you are probably Croat and I don't have nothing against that, but you just tried so hard to put ZAG ahead other airports. Even more you tried to put ASL below all airlines that you mentioned. How do you know if there are passengers from Croatia on ASL or not? I mean I'm just asking.

    8. Anonymous22:18

      I mean, why do you have a need to rank things, I mean?

    9. Anonymous22:29

      So what if Thompson brings in more tourists to Croatia than Air Serbia does? I am sure that Air Serbia is one of the top airlines in Croatia in terms of Asian tourists... it's all a matter how you look at things.

      Anyway, Air Serbia has positioned itself in far more important and far more lucrative markets than Croatia and that's all that matters.

    10. Anonymous22:58

      Anonymous at 10:29PM You're right. Croatia is not the most important country for Air Serbia, there are Skopje, Sofia, Budapest, Podgorica..A lot of cities from where passengers come to BEG and then they transfer to some of Air Serbia's flights . And Air Serbia will care more then 2 000 000 passengers in this year, an massive increase compared to 2013. So why would Croatia be so important for them?

    11. Sure. Except that there is a difference in approach. While Serbia's aviation industry (congruent with the way this country works/has been working for decades/centuries) is to expand and dominate, Croatia's lying on solid grounds bringing people because of the country itself. ASL is on a positive wave of development. At the moment. Don't think that at some point other neighboring countries where ASL acquired their markets won't be aspiring to work on re-positioning their own route network (Bulgaria, Romania, Ex Yu etc.).

      All I am saying, yes way to go ASL - much better than to stand aside and do nothing. but be real, this expansion will flatten out eventually and will be challenged by other neighbors...

      Serbia's growth fueling factors are somewhat large population (relatively large), centralized airport in a failry large city (largest in Ex Yu).

      However, that's about it. Others, while lacking in size, have something else to offer and will be back ...

      Croatia for example. It's aviation is a mess and not well run at the moment. Yet the country will have 13 mil tourists this year. Zagreb around 0.95 mil alone. Belgrade around 0.75, Serbia barely over 2 mil.

      And Chinese haven't even tapped into Croatia's market...

      Enough said. :)

    12. Anonymous23:36

      I did not say Croatia was important. In my opinion Croatia is a third tier destination for Air Serbia and this is primarily because it is a tourist destination where most passengers come via package deals.

      For Air Serbia markets such as Greece, Turkey, Russia, Israel... are a top priority. Ex-YU is old news though I think they have recorded spectacular results in Slovenia.

    13. Anonymous23:40

      Air Serbia's model is based on offering connecting flights via its Belgrade hub. This has little to do with how big the domestic market is or how centralized local aviation is.
      It has to do with competitive prices, good product and reliable service.

      Serbia might not have tourism but it has a great geographical location which it is using to its best advantage.

      I don't want to sound like a hater but Croatia's tourism is still light years behind Greece, Spain or Turkey. So out of 13 million tourists that visit the country only about 4.5 million come by air? That's not that great...

    14. Anonymous23:43

      Air Serbia is sending its A319 to Sofia tomorrow! Good for them. I am sure that it will become a regular soon.

    15. True, not great, but this only means that there's so much to improve. Croatia's record of total # of overnights of 68 mil from 1986 will finally be broken this year (the overall instability has put Croatia and entire region 30 yrs back). However, the quality of the product has improved and there's far greater share of international tourists than was the case in the 80s... Overall arrivals have indeed gone up (late 80s around 10.5 mil)...

      Serbia and Belgrade do have amazing position to be offering connecting flights - True ! However, the base for the overall pax stability comes from the domestic population. The rest is just a build-up from the base, you see...

      Croatia is different. It's base is international demand and Zagreb, while certainly not a world attraction, still appeals to many just by being a capital of this particular country...

      Just wanted to explain a difference in business dynamics and say that the challenge is still on and no battle for a regional player has been won nor lost.

      Most likely the markets will polarize. Products that you mention (airport service, number of connection) can be changed, but population of a country nor natural attractions do not !

      Cheers man - nice to debate with you. Don't think I am not happy for ASL and Belgrade. I hope ZAG and OU will provide a solid challenge run in the next phase... :)

    16. Anonymous01:12

      Anonymous at 11 :36PM
      I have not mentioned that you said that . I did not ask you, but in general. :)

    17. Anonymous16:28

      @AnonymousOctober 22, 2014 at 10:29 PM

      No its not, air serbia doesn't even righter in Croatia when it comes Asian tourists, if you meant mid east tourist, yes than yes, it somewhat more important that Austrian or Norwegian, but most Tourists that came from Asia came with British airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Croatian airlines, Korean Air, JAL and Qatar Airways.

      British Airways is now playing significant role in bringing Asian tourists to Zagreb and its only a matter of time before they start twice daily service to Zagreb and fully weekly service to Dubrovnik and Split.

      Air France and Lufthansa have done that already.

    18. Anonymous16:44

      @AnonymousOctober 22, 2014 at 7:57 PM
      Spectacular, thank you. You only missed that thing about growth in tourism, thousands of faraway tourists arriving from distant continents, but we heard that same story many times before. Anyway nice effort, thank you.@

      It is nice to have fans I guess, In fact Croatia is anticipating around 14 million tourists this year, 5% yoy growth is expected even with July let down and summer rains in late august and September. Zagreb is expected to brake 1 million barrier in number of visitors and 1.75 million over night stays. This year is expected country will post best ever records in arrivals, 14 million, overnights 77 million, tourism revenue $ 10.0 bn,

      If I can post any more information i'd be more than happy to indulge my fans.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    And this is thanks to all the new Airlines .Nothing to do with Croatia Airlines

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Give us a break, Croatia is restructuring! Wait until it's over.

    2. I'm afraid it might be too late by than

    3. Anonymous17:06

      I wonder how long will Croatia Airlines Ceo hide behind the restructuring as an excuse

    4. Anonymous19:11

      @SMOctober 22, 2014 at 1:36 PM
      I'm afraid it might be too late by than

      Come on SM, be sensible, has Croatian Airlines at any point in recent days said they're bankrupt or facing bankruptcy ? in fact in past 2 years all OU has done is cut number of operations and reduce costs to pay back what it owes as a result of purchase of 4 A319 aircraft which indeed nearly bankrupted airline as it was a political decision made by now in prison former PM Ivo Sanader, also known as HDZ Art conman who tried to con Croatian Tax payers for 200 million kuna, around $ 37 million. He was caught and is serving 10 years prison, his assets frozen and his political career finished.

      OU is about to pay off all its debts by the end of 2016, and has paid 60% so far, including brand new A319s that are joining the fleet in 2017 and in 2016 now seems very likely that at least two aircraft might join the fleet. .

      This would give OU a fleet of 16 aircraft and strong base to build on, sale of OU in 2017 would be the wisest choice for any government, than OU could command a much higher price than it commands now, and recession would also be over.

    5. Anonymous19:38

      Actually, it's not wise to make any predictions just yet. We still have to see how OU copes with increased competition in Zagreb... as well as on the coast. I think the first half of 2015 will be decisive for the carriers.

      Let's not forget that it's important to survive the slow months without burning all the cash they made during the summer months.

    6. Anonymous19:53

      Agree, Anonymous 7:38 PM, next year will be difficult for OU, hope Kucko will be gone!

    7. @ Anon 7:11 PM

      I acknowledge everything you said and I'm not saying that at the end of its restructuring they'll go bencrupt. What I'm talking about is the potential growth that they are not realizing as a result of the restructuring. Once you loose the market it's hard do get it back. You usually have to dump prices, invest a lot in marketing etc.. And all of that costs money. All I'm trying to say is good for them for for getting their house in order but the things are changing big time in the meantime.

    8. Anonymous22:39

      @SMOctober 22, 2014 at 8:29 PM

      Well to be honest, OU was more of a holiday company, and still is, under current management, so I don't see how they could have lost any market share, they already lost at major airports in ex YU due to their dwindling weekly departures, Pristina, Skopje and Sarajevo are fine examples. Others in meanwhile have moved in, talking of Wizz, Easy and other LCCs, and in lesser extent Lufthansa group.

      OU was badly hit at Zagreb as well, their share fell down to 58% for this year so far, might be 57% as year ends. it is unlikely OU will recover its 60%+ share, with foreign carriers coming to Zagreb in their draws.

      What OU can do, is to re-organize pay all its debts and try to operate more as an airline and less of as an holiday tour company, for that they need a serious strategy, one which I fear current management can't offer and therefore a reason why current government wants to privatize part of the airline to gain fresh approach and better strategy.

      Current management plans to proceed with acquisition of 4 brand new A319 aircraft, these 4 would bring fleet to 16 aircraft, there's a talk of leasing additional 4 aircraft in 90-100 seat range, not sure how accurate that information is, I presume these are for only summer season to help out fill the holes in OU's network.

      With arrival of new aircraft there are plans to expand network to around 38 European cities, this includes 8 domestic destinations, and bring number of passengers to 3.2 million mark, all these targets are achievable, but I fear current management must go, for that again OU must be privatized, I am just worried that rushed privatization might undo all the work done so far. I'd like to see smart management with a fresh approach, perhaps bring in ex-Lufthansa directors or some other very successful airline boss to run things and and prepare airline for privatization which I'd push for late 2017.

      just a thought ;)

  3. Anonymous09:32

    I can't wait for YM to launch its own flights to Zagreb! It will be epic. Hope this trend continues and that more airlines join the party in Zagreb! The airport is finally waking up!

    1. Anonymous15:23

      3 flights / week is really "epic" indeed ....

    2. Anonymous15:31

      LOL, more like epic fail.

      The only way to make it trully epic is to fly A380 on that route.

  4. Anonymous09:53

    Go Zagreb, this year won't be an 8% increase, but next year should be great!

    1. Anonymous10:43

      Would someone be so kind to post the aggregate results for all airports within an ex-yu republic, i.e. totals for B&H, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia . This pissing contest could reach new heights then!

    2. Anonymous16:59

      Croatia 6,5 million
      Serbia 3,5 million
      Slovenia 1,3
      Montenegro 1,3
      Kosovo 1,2
      Macedonia 1,0
      B&H 0,8

    3. Anonymous17:05

      Those are 2013 figures I assume? Tells quite a bit about centralization...

    4. Anonymous11:56

      Yes, these results are for 2013.
      Results will be quite a bit different at the end of 2014.
      Let's wait a few more months...

  5. Anonymous10:00

    Well Done Zagreb!

    Skopje should be welcoming its millionth passenger sometime this month as-well.

    1. Ili potocno ili je vec precekao ili ce ga u sledeci par dana :)

      Well Done Zagreb!

    2. Anonymous10:36

      Well i did say sometime this month :)

      I'm expecting SKP to get its 7th month this year with over 100,000 PAX and it already has over 920,000 for the year so if i were a betting man I would say the 24-25th of october. lol

    3. from 01.01.2014 - 30.09.2014 total = 926.485 pax
      or +20,52% from the last year ... :)

    4. Anonymous12:13

      Leteo sam preko SKP prošle nedelje - Aerodrom je očajan, a organizacija još gora...

    5. Anonymous12:34

      Зашто?! Мени се баш чинило да је све супер тамо...

    6. Anonymous13:35

      Hahaha ja mislim da si ti najocajan sta to pricas, malo si nejasan, reci u kome smeru je ocajan... Isto i ja sam putovao, aerodrom je odlican : nova infrastruktura i sve neophodno!! :)

    7. Anonymous14:28

      Skopje airport is excellent! Stop hatin...

  6. Anonymous10:05

    i want to see the faces of the 1999999th and 2000001th passanger :D

    1. Anonymous10:40

      well the face of the 2millionth passenger looks like it could be the daughter of the lady presenting her with the award. just saying.

    2. Anonymous10:45

      Wow you are also an expert geneticist! I feel so honoured!

  7. Anonymous10:16

    btw. National Airlines (from the DBV news few days ago) eyes B777s.
    the airline is looking to secure two B777s on a 3 to 4-year lease the Air Finance Journal has reported. The carrier, which specializes in ad-hoc passenger and cargo charter flights, operates two B747-400(F)s alongside two B757-200s. As of February this year, the carrier has been granted US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to conduct domestic and international scheduled passenger services

    1. Anonymous14:21

      I think National won't start flying to DBV if ASL launches flights from BEG to JFK, ORD and YYZ before them. I think there is not enough passengers on that routes to fly to the US from both cities. And even if National launches flights to DBV, they will be 3-4 per week, not daily. But ASL will launch daily flights to those destinations (JFK, ORD, YYZ).

    2. Anonymous15:12

      Daily? No, twice a day.

    3. Anonymous15:15

      Uhuuuh even better

    4. Anonymous15:48

      Grohotom se smijem

    5. Anonymous17:38

      Pa leteli bi DL-UA-AA da ima potencijal za letnje chartere za DBV od toga nema nista :)

    6. Anonymous18:08

      INN, zašto onda ti isti DL-UA-AA ne lete za Beograd? Air Serbia vidi potencijal, a oni ne?

    7. Anonymous18:36

      Pa ja ne pricam da u SRB dolaze 2 mil americkih turista kao vi .
      A ASL je sposoban da leti za USA to su pokkazali i EY strucnjaci ;))

    8. Anonymous18:47

      Nisi mi odgovorio na pitanje, rečeno je 220 000, i to je točno, a ne 2 milijuna. EY stručnjaci planiraju letove nakon detaljne analize tržišta, nauči se čitati tekst, a ne ga prilagođavati kako tebi odgovara!

    9. Anonymous19:36

      Air Serbia ima odlicne sanse za uspeh letova za SAD iz Beograda, jer u gradovima kao sto su Cikago i Toronto ima dosta Srba koji bi dolazili u Srbiju. Ne samo to, setite se da skoro nijedna zemlja u regionu uopste nema letove za SAD, a ima ljudi iz Bugarske, Rumunije, B&H, Crne Gore i Madjarske koji bi leteli preko Beograda u SAD. To ima je mnogo bolje nego presedanje u Londonu ili Frankfurtu npr. Mnogima u regionu bi bilo jeftinije da dodju busom do Beograda pa odatle u SAD nego da placaju karte za gradove u kojima bi mogli da presedaju, tako da bi letovi za Cikago, Njujork i Toronto sigurno bili dobro popunjeni. Sto e tice Hrvatske, ja sam Srbin, ali bio sam par puta u Hrvatskoj, prelepa je zemlja i odlicno mesto za letovanje i odmor. Dubrovnik je prelep grad, i tamo sam bio, ali mislim da letovi za SAD iz Hrvatske mogu biti realizovani samo tokom leta, i to charteri kao sto je ovaj Nationalov koji bi mozda bio uveden. Sigurno da Hrvatska ima dosta Americkih turista, ali najvece sanse za letove tokom cele godine za SAD u ex-Yu ima Srbija. Moj stric je pre neki dan leteo iz Cikaga za Beograd preko Beca (Austrianom pa AirSerbijom) i rekao mi je da je oko 30 putnika preslo na let za Beograd sa Austrianovog leta. Eto toliko, i ne znam zasto se toliko prepiru ovde Hrvati i Srbi. Ja sam rekao svoje misljenje, i ne zelim nikoa da vredjam.

    10. Anonymous19:48

      A sta je sa Hrvatima koji tamo zive?

    11. Anonymous19:51

      Hvala na pojašnjenju, Anonymous 7:36 PM! S jednim dijelom se ne slažem, ali cijenim tvoje mišljenje! Vjerujem da je Ex-Yu tržište nedovoljno iskorišteno i svakako ima prostora za napredak! Pozdrav iz Dubrovnika!

    12. Anonymous20:08

      Anonymous at 7:48
      Mozda bi letovi iz BEG za SAD trebali biti uvedeni preko ZAG, bas kao skoro svaki letovi za SAD iz BEG koji su bili uvedeni. Ne pokusavam sad da kazem da je Hrvatska bitnija od Srbije sto se tice tih letova, samo da verovatno ima i ljudi u Hrvatskoj koji bi leteli za SAD. Mozda neki od njih zbog preteranog ponosa ne bi hteli da lete u letelici u kojoj pise "Serbia"? Mada ne verujem da je bilo ko jos toliko, da kazem, nezreo...

    13. Anonymous20:13

      Nema veze sto pise na avionu. Htio sam samo reci da ima puno Hrvata iz Hr I Hercegovine koji zive u SADu i Kanadi i po tom principu bi i Zg mogao imati te letove. Ili ne?

    14. Anonymous20:18

      Sto se mene tice mogao bi, nisam bas informisan o broju Hrvata u SAD-u, to ti bolje znas, ja znam da ima dosta Srba u Cikagu i Torontu :)

    15. Anonymous20:26

      Pa ASL i srbija imaju potencijal a DBV bi mozda imao za 2 mesecna leta .
      ZAG nebi dobio ni leti zato sto LH to nikada nebi dopustila tako da nema nista od toga.To ne govorim da bi nekoga provocirao dabogda svaki aerodrom u EX-YU imao letove za SAD=DD

    16. BEG-ZAG- at least 4/5 U.S. destinations (NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal) would be the smartest idea ever.

      That way, both # of destinations, combined with the frequency would genereate some significant turnover or the point to deploy a long haul fleet...
      Niether Belgrade nor Zagreb alone are significant by no means, but given their diaspora, Croatia's tourism potential, the fact that both cities are still not linked...(not to mention almost the same language etc.) is a NO brainer actually !

      Daily frequencies all year round could work this way and money could be made. Any other scenario in which either market would aspire to do it independently - I am afraid it's too difficult...

      During winter months 4 to 5 x weekly A330-300, 767-300, and in summer daily on larger aircraft.

      Now, the only question which airline... Air Serbia ? Maybe, but more plausible (pragmatically speaking given all the circumstances) would be an Etihad aircraft.
      That way no diaspora population would care that much (diaspora people btw much more radical and sensitive on national issues in ex yu)...

    17. Anonymous20:46

      Goospodine Petre mozda da EY leti zimi sa svojim avionom 333 a leti sa 77W ili A350-900XWB i da ASL leti da leti leti 14 puta ned sta kazete na to =DD:

    18. Ja zivim u Torontu I ovdje ima dosta Srba kao I u Cikagu naravno. Nemogu govoriti za Cikago, ali mislim da bio taj let bio iole profitabilan more privuci i dosta transfer putnika pogotovo van sezone. Problem je sto imigranti generalno najvise putuju kuci preko ljeta (Austrian YYZ-VIE let je prepun ljudi iz istocne Evrope od juna do septembra). Medjutim ostatak godine je to malo relativno, a tesko da ijedna kompanija maze da zaradi na prekookeanskim letovima sa samo 3-4 dobra mjeseca. Negdje sam citao da je prosjecan LF na transatlantic letovima 84%, neznam dali je to tacno ali ima smisla.

      Licno mislim da prije nego sto JU i moze pomisliti o prekookeanskim letovima moraju razviti dobru regionalnu mrezu (sto vec djelom imaju ali pitanje dali je ovo dovoljno) kao i obezbjediti code-share sa nekom lokanom kompanijom (AC npr., EY iam ovakav dogovor) koji bi donekle obezbjedio putnike i iz ostalih gradova u Kanadi. I pored svega ovoga I dalje nisam siguran, a razlog je stop o svim prilikama LOT kao clan * alliance ne stoji najbolje sa svojim trans-atlantic letovima a svi znamo kako je Malev zavrsio (nekazem da je samo zbog toga bankrotirao ali je bilo poznato da su takodje gubili pare). Pored njih CSA je takodje letio ovdje I digli su ruke od toga. Prema tome, ostale su samo velike kompanije koje imaju jako razvijenu mrezu (sami ili kao alliance) sa obadvije strane okeana.

      A sto se tice National, to me nebi cudilo uopste. Dosta ljudi odavde ide u Dubrovnik preko ljeta tako da me ne cudi da neki tour operator napravi package i na taj nacin napuni jedan dva leta nedeljno preko ljeta.

    19. Anonymous21:12

      SM, mogu bar da pokusaju, mada ja mislim da bi im uspeli ti letovi, verovatno bi uglavnom bili napunjeni Srbima i ostalima iz regiona. Mogli bi da stave te letove preko ZAG, siguran sam da bi preko leta avioni bili puni zbog turizma u Hrvatskoj. To bi bio win-win, i ASL i Hrvatska dobijaju pare. Zimi bi mozda bilo malo manje putnika, mozda bi trebalo staviti recimo 6 letova nedeljno za ORD, i YYZ tokom leta, i 2 leta nedeljno za JFK? A zimi da se smanji broj letova za ORD na 4-5 nedeljno, za YYZ na 4-5 nedeljno, mozda 2 nedeljno za JFK, i ubaciti neku destinaciju koja bi ljudima bila interesantna zimi, mozda neku u Kini? Mislim da bi moglo tako da funkcionise, neka me neko ispravi ako gresim.

    20. Problem je što taj pokušaj jako mnogo košta. Nije to isto kao probati TIA npr. Opet kažem neznam puno o svemu ovome, ovo je čisto iz moje laičko perspektive.

      Jednu stvar koju bih htjeo da dodam je da ja lično nikad jeftinije nisam letio za Evropu. Reci cu ti samo podatak da sa kartu u Julu 2000te platio isto ka i ove godine u isto vrijeme. Ako uključiš razliku u ceni nafte, troškove sigurnosti poslje 9/11, inflaciju, skuplje aerodrome takse na YYZ itd to mi sve govori da su margins još tanje nego tad. E onda nije čudo da na tim relacijama lete samo veliki igrači, Lot i da Air Transit koji se specijalizovao ze turiste.

  8. Anonymous14:49

    you are mixing apples and pears bro! its about charter flights

    1. Anonymous15:35

      There are (as I know) daily flights from JFK to Venice, and you can get to Dubrovnik from Venice in relatively short time. When it comes to Air Serbia I would better chose Air Serbia to BEG (from JFK or ORD) and then transfer to DBV if it is not too expensive instead of flight to DBV on a charter airline. But that's just my opinion.

    2. Anonymous15:47

      again u dont want to understand: National is about US package tourists on chartered flights. nothing to do wth JAT or OU or whoever.

    3. Anonymous16:10

      How many tourists actually come to Dubrovnik during the summer? if there is enough them then these flights have some sense..

    4. Anonymous17:08

      You can get to Dubrovnik from Venice in realtively short time? Are you normal. 10 hours is short time for you? That is 800 km and part of it is without highway.

    5. Anonymous19:42

      It does not matter, tourists would be able to see the entire Croatian coast on the way to Dubrovnik, even better. Maybe he was referring to a connection on the plane?

    6. Anonymous19:52

      No plane between Du and Ve

    7. Anonymous20:11

      There actually are seosonal flights between DBV and Ve with OU. Look on wikipedia. :D

    8. Anonymous20:16

      You are right, but this is something new.

    9. Anonymous20:22

      Actually I really don't know what he (Anonymous at 3:35PM) meant, I'm just saying what I know :)

    10. Anonymous22:23

      A lot of tourists from the United States land in Venice and then they board cruise ships where some of them stop in Dubrovnik... That area of Croatia is not a tourist Mecca for Americans, far from it.

  9. Anonymous15:46

    OT: Govt of Serbia is going ahead with a plan to merge all airports into a single organisation:

  10. Anonymous16:01

    Congratulations to ZAG!
    I am from Serbia and I would like to see some plans for expansion in Belgrade as well! The number of passengers is rapidly increasing and terminals will become more and more overloaded. Maybe that's reason why there are so many delays. I am sure next year BEG will break 5 million mark and they won't have new terminal until 2017-2018 even with construction to begin next year, sounds pretty bad to me. I hope BEG will be given under concession next year, so it can expand by building a new runway and terminal, because he needs both.

    1. AirCEO16:57

      It appears out there are supporters of a pessimistic scenario for Air Serbia and Belgrade Airport growth. From what I understand, they claim further renovation and expansion of existing terminal(s) is enough to bump up annual passenger capacity by a couple a million which should be enough (without a new terminal) for years to come, according to them.

      Granted, that would be a cheaper option and would deceptively look like a quick win, but other than cost everything else with that plan looks like a major long term setback for Belgrade Airport and even Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous18:20

      Yes but the problem is that they do not plan on adding more gates/airbridges which will be a problem for them in the coming months.

    3. Anonymous18:40

      That cheap-o plan would likely increase the use of remote stands not only for turboprops but also jets ("If FRA can do it, so can we"), optimize arrival/departure waves and possibly kick lowcosters to the curb (ie to remote stands). Sounds like short term, "duct tape" solution, while postponing real solution for someone else to solve in the future at a higher price.

    4. Anonymous21:35

      Anyway BEG needs some expansion, or ASL won't be able to increase number of destinations. Also taxes are pretty expensive,maybe that's why WizzAir and EasyJet are reducing their operations from there.
      I wonder how Otopeni airport works with Tarom which is a national carrier of Romania and WizzAir and Ryanair in the same time?

    5. Anonymous22:21

      Air Serbia can still add a lot of flights in its midnight bank of departures. They could use some feed on their morning departures, some tend to be criminally low, especially now when they reduced the number of flights.

    6. Anonymous22:31

      I can't understand the way USA flights could be implemented in the BEG regional hub structure. Schedule e.g. to the Croatian coast: dep. 13.30, arr 16.00 @ BEG.
      dep. to USA 18.00, arr. 12.00 ??
      that can't work, or am I wrong?

    7. Anonymous22:36

      Don't they have some new destinations to launch? Their last new destination was Tirana in September and from then they don't have new destinations. Are they planning something? Maybe Cairo or Madrid?

    8. Anonymous22:39

      Maybe they will make an announcement during their birthday party? Dane needs something to make the event super wow.

    9. Anonymous23:09

      Gospodin Kondic ce tog 26 okt da objavi da ASL krece da leti za USA evo vidicete i neke Evropske destinacije ;))

    10. AirCEO01:27

      "Schedule e.g. to the Croatian coast: dep. 13.30, arr 16.00 @ BEG. dep. to USA 18.00, arr. 12.00 ?? that can't work, or am I wrong?"

      Two easy solutions, simple one is double daily (or codehare with a partner airline).

      Second one is to schedule feeder flights with different times on different dates if your transatlantic service is not daily, but say every other day. For example (all local times, rounded):

      1 (Monday):
      DBV-BEG 14:00-15:00
      BEG-JFK 17:00-20:00

      Return flight:
      1 (Monday)
      JFK-BEG 23:00-12:00 (+1, that's Tuesday)
      2 (Tuesday)
      BEG-DBV 14:00-15:00

      So the Monday schedule for DBV could look like:
      BEG-DBV 12:00-13:00
      DBV-BEG 14:00-15:00

      and the Tuesday schedule would look like:
      BEG-DBV 14:00-15:00
      DBV-BEG 16:00-17:00

      So on 1 (Monday) night you could have BEG-JFK) and then on 2 (Tuesday) you could have BEG-YYZ departing Belgrade at 19:00 etc.Hope it makes sense.

      Keep in mind Air Serbia could operate about 4x weekly per destination (ORD, YYZ and JFK) with 2 planes.

    11. I think the north American flights should depart just after the morning wave, around 08.00.
      Destinations such as Beirut, Larnaca, Athens, Thessaloniki... are very lucrative and could sell better than the regional ones.
      If that becomes the case then they can always add one or two destinations during the midnight wave of departures (Tel Aviv for example).

    12. Anonymous09:51

      Pax could travel just westwards, eastwards waiting 15 hours in BEG?

    13. Anonymous13:20

      8:00 is way too early for westbound flights, no point in going before 13:00 or later.

    14. AirCEO19:02

      "Pax could travel just westwards, eastwards waiting 15 hours in BEG?"

      You are talking about Dubrovnik example above, right? In that case there is only 2 hours of transfer time both ways. For the eastbound, JFK flight would arrive in BEG at noon on Tuesday, and flight BEG-DBV would depart two hours later, at 14:00 on the same day (Tuesday). No need for 15 hour layover. In real world it can be even less than 2 hours needed for transfer, so it's very convenient.

    15. Anonymous23:35

      no, I talked to Nemjee regarding the red eye destinations...

  11. Anonymous18:01

    DBV has approx. 55 daily landings during summer.. B737 and A320 in majority

  12. Anonymous18:30

    Great achievement for ZAG airport, but let's put some context on that ... in the next month, Air Serbia will carry its 2,000,000th passenger ... now THAT is an achievement !!!

    1. Anonymous22:08

      Wow, is that right ?? Gosh, it says a lot for 1 airline to achieve what 1 entire airport did !! This is even more remarkable, when you consider what they have achieved in 1 short year, coming off the back of what Jat Airways was. Congrats to Air Serbia and happy anniversary !

    2. Anonymous22:20

      Seems like they will carry an additional 700.000 to 800.000 passengers in a single year.

    3. Anonymous23:49

      For the H1 results, they already announced that they carried an additional 966,000 passengers - so you are well behind the times my friend ...

    4. Anonymous23:51

      Am just waiting for the negative comments to start - sigh !

    5. Anonymous23:54

      Well, then I stand corrected and that makes me happy.
      So then something is not adding up... then it's impossible for them to be expecting the 2.000.000th passenger this month?! He must have passed alread, no?

  13. Anonymous23:53

    Looks like Aegean is putting up a fight... Personally I am happy as Athens is a fantastic airport and Aegean is a great airline. A3 will be launching Bordeaux, Dubrovnik, Helsinki, Malta, Naples, Pisa, Preveza, Riyadh, Tallinn, Tehran, Toulouse and Yerevan flights!

    Good for them!

    1. AirCEO01:05

      I was wondering if someone is going to comment on gutsy route development by Aegean. In times of several wars and crisis, this is really thinking outside of the box. Tehran, who would have thought! That's another one for Air Serbia to consider, it could work similar to BEY. And if Air Serbia ever goes (back) to LAX, Tehran alone could fill the plane!

    2. YYZ too, ton of Iranian nationals here as we, Vancouver even more

    3. Well, despite what the Western media is showing, Iran has a rather strong economy and a lot of Iranians can afford to travel to Europe for holidays. For example, Mahan Air operated summer charters into Larnaca onboard their A310. I am sure Aegean will not have a problem to sell tickets on this route. Furthermore, Iran is a fantastic holiday destination.

      Aegean can rely on the Iranian flights to feed its network throughout Spain, the UK, Germany, France and Italy so all should be good in the end.

      They are slowly and cautiously building a true hub in Athens. This was rather difficult until now given the messy situation within the Greek civil aviation market. Now that OA is gone and that they are the prime carrier in the country, things are much more clear.

      In my opinion, Aegean is among the best airlines in Europe! Fantastic product, competitive prices and naturally friendly crew!

  14. Anonymous09:44

    i really hope to see them in SKP (dont shoot me because of this haha).
    I think Agean is becoming the main competitor of JAT.

  15. Anonymous11:17


  16. Anonymous11:28

    JAT-JU-AS-....... isto sranje

  17. Anonymous11:52

    ok gari ako je tebi lakše tako uživaj

  18. Anonymous11:57

    I am overwhelmed with joy, seeing Serbs exited on ZAG numbers. >100 comments.
    Can't even imagine their happiness when ZAG breaks 4 million, very soon.

    1. Anonymous15:56

      I was particularly "excited" to read the comment where Air Serbia carried as many people as travelled through ZAG airport did

  19. Anonymous15:25

    'exited'? you must really be 'excited.' but not all the comments were directly related to ZAG.


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