New Zagreb terminal on schedule

Zagreb Airport set to open new terminal during Christmas 2016

Construction of Zagreb Airport’s new multi million euro terminal is on schedule, with the building set to handle its first passengers on Christmas Day in 2016. Work has already been completed on baggage sorting facilities, which will be located eight metres beneath the ground. In addition, construction is currently being carried out on the terminal’s ground floor. The baggage sorting facility will be located on one storey rather than two, as originally planned, due to underground water levels, which could cause flooding during the winter. As a result, the installation of water pumps and flood monitoring technology in order to prevent a possible deluge would have been too expensive, had the original project been carried out.

Airside construction is also in full swing with the supporting columns for two out of the planned eight airbridges already built. During night time, work on the installation of a fourteen kilometre drainage and piping system is taking place alongside the runway. Some 450 people are working around the clock on the site. Zagreb Airport’s CEO, Bruno Mazurkiewicz, says, “The construction of the new terminal building is a major investment, which will contribute not only to an increase in air traffic but also to the economy in general. I believe Zagreb Airport will become one of the most important hubs in this part of Europe”.

Zagreb Airport’s new terminal will have the capacity to handle 3.5 million passengers per year, compared to the current 2.2 million, once the first phase of the project is completed in December 2016. The airport will later be expanded in subsequent phases to reach an annual capacity of five million passengers, though no firm timeframe has been set for future development. The project involves a total investment of 331 million euros, 243 million of which will be spent on the construction of the new terminal and 88 million for the maintenance of airport infrastructure over the entire period of the thirty-year concession, awarded to the French-led Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).


  1. Anonymous09:11

    The workers are on the construction site 24/7, keep up the great work!

  2. Anonymous09:14

    OT: First air bridge in Dubrovnik being installed, second one to come in a few days!

    1. Anonymous09:42

      Fantastic news for Dubrovnik! It's really a horrible experience to get off an airconditioned aircraft onto the burning sun!

    2. Anonymous09:43

      When will they start using them?

    3. Anonymous09:56

      They will start using them in January!

    4. Anonymous10:11

      Wow... amazing! Really good for DBV, they have been the best run airport in Croatia for years now.

      I hope SPU starts expanding soon as well.

  3. Anonymous09:50

    For those interested, here is a fantastic picture where you can see two Emirates 747 parked at BEG. :)

    1. Anonymous09:59

      Gospodine Admine jel moze jedan dan jedan clanak o potencijalu Kargo avio saobracaja u EX -YU. Da npr ASL preradi 1-2 733 u F mislim da i ostale to zanima .
      Hvala unapred =D

    2. Anonymous10:12

      Већ се о томе дискутовало јуче. Не мора да се спомиње сваки дан.
      Има већ довољно авио компанија које превозе робу те не видим зашто би било потребе да путничка авио компанија има карго авионе.

    3. Anonymous10:56

      One EK 74F parked now infront of hangars I believe (cant be sure saw it from the road), looks like it will stay in BEG for a while or?

    4. Anonymous11:37

      Mighty! What are they doing in Belgrade, anybody has an answer?

    5. Anonymous13:37

      Delivering huge loads of weapons to Cameroon.

    6. Anonymous14:07

      Whose weapons, Serbian weapons?

    7. Anonymous14:08

      @AnonymousDecember 26, 2014 at 10:12 AM

      You are obviously talking nonsense but you know that already.

    8. Anonymous14:19

      Why is he? If there is really need for cargo to be moved around it can be done by Solinair or RAF Avia.

    9. Anonymous16:04

      Anon 2:07

      Yes, legally contracted. Cameroon is not in black lists and is attractive market for small arms exporters.

    10. Anonymous17:03

      Bas me zanima koliko tereta ce biti u Dec. I nadam se da ce barem jednom nedeljno dolaziti EK 744F .

    11. Anonymous21:51

      Is that picture from live cam? If anyone have link of livecam for BEG I'd really like to have it :)

    12. Anonymous21:54

      Nazalost BEG nema live cam :(((

  4. Purger10:28

    Brussels airlines will start to fly BRU-ZAG route from September 2015

    they will fly with Airbus A319 every day exempt Saturday

    12345-7 BRU 14:05 – 16:10 ZAG 16:40 – 18:40 BRU

    + they will have code-share on other two daily flights on Croatia Airlines, so that means ZAG-BRU route will have up to 3 flights per day

    Price is 44 EUR per leg (88 EUR for return trip), snack included!!!

    1. Anonymous10:38

      This means doubling the capacity on this route... How will this damage OU?

    2. Anonymous10:41

      So the guy writing here about Brussels Airlines coming to Zagreb in 2015 was actually right, great price, as far as I know one of European Comission offices (departments) opening in Zagreb soon, this is really great news! 2015 will be really great for Zagreb! Thank you, Purger!

    3. Anonymous11:02

      OU won't have the monopoly but politicians will keep flying OU. The tickets are very expensive, they earn a lot, politicians don't pay. But very good news.

    4. Anonymous12:05

      So after Amsterdam, Croatia Airlines will lose its monopoly on the Brussels route as well. This will definitely damage the yields.
      What's great is that now there is another way to head to New York/Washington.
      Will be interesting to see how OU responds (if at all). Maybe they will start sending their A319 now.

    5. Anonymous12:26

      Cant use Brussels Airlines to connect to America flights because the flight leaves ZAG in afternoon, which is too late...

    6. Anonymous12:54

      Maybe if they have their codes on OU's flight?

    7. Purger14:48

      They have their codes on OU flights. I wrote thet on original com:

      "+ they will have code-share on other two daily flights on Croatia Airlines, so that means ZAG-BRU route will have up to 3 flights per day"

    8. Anonymous14:57

      Codeshare or not, they will destroy OU. Who wants to pay 200+ Euros to fly on a crappy regional jet.

    9. Anonymous15:16

      Destroy OU? Seriously? For starters, my salary is quite big and I have no problem paying 200 euros or more when travelling somewhere!

    10. Anonymous15:29

      And you are all people in Cro?

    11. Anonymous16:55

      It might not destroy them but it will certainly make their life Hell. They are being attacked from all sides and Brussels was their last monopolistic stronghold. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    12. Anonymous17:22

      Make their life hell? C'mon, it should finally show them that the kind of business they make at this moment is not sustainable! The passengers will benefit... It's very well known that people in Dubrovnik and Zagreb have higher salaries than the average ones in Croatia... But this is good for Zagreb airport and passengers going to Brussels, hope OU will be able to cope with it!

    13. Anonymous17:37

      @PurgerDecember 26, 2014 at 10:28 AM

      Already talked about this few weeks ago, Alitalia and SAS are also coming, talks with Czech Airlines are in advanced stage on 3 weekly connection to Zagreb out of Prague.

      GermanWings also looks to start flying out Hamburg (Eurowings) either in September of October 2015, and Iberia is looking at increasing number of flights to Zagreb year round to 4 weekly from currently 3 weekly seasonal. Also unnamed Spanish Airline, low cost is looking at set up Valencia Zagreb seasonal and if proves popular, year round service (assuming it might be Vueling). O yes Norwegian is also talking, Oslo and perhaps Gothenburg with 3 weekly flights, first seasonal and than full service if service proves popular.

      Zagreb is becoming very popular city brake destination in Scandinavia, with 50 000 Swedes, Danes and Norwegians expected this year in Zagreb, Croatian Skiing dominating the World cup in the past might be reason why Zagreb is becoming a place to visit.

      Tourist numbers should be released early in 2015, but as expected Croatia was visited by around 14 million visitors in 2014, with 1.5 million domestic, Zagreb is expected to have attracted at least 1 million visitors in 2014, figures released for first 9 months showed Zagreb had 795 000 visitors and 1.32 million nights.

      Zagreb is up and coming place to visit, only matter of time before Zagreb hits 2 million visitors, which will increase number of operators at Zagreb airport.

      @AnonymousDecember 26, 2014 at 2:57 PM

      Trolling aren't we??

      OU is a national airline, Croatia isn't about to let its only airline go bust, and more competition on popular routes is welcomed. Zagreb needs the capacity as is now greatly undeserved, Zagreb needs to be served by at least 30 airlines and offer much better choice of flights than what presently is available, that can't happen with OU alone, other carriers must play their role at Zagreb, Lufthansa Group, Air France Group and British Airways Group can play significant role at Zagreb, for they play a significant role at other airports in Croatia, why not Zagreb.

      A hint, OU at Split and Dubrovnik barely manages to 300-350 000 passengers per year, with foreign carriers playing dominant role at these airports.

      I see no problem if foreign carriers that a lot larger chunk at Zagreb airport, OU shouldn't really be handling more than 25% at Zagreb airport anyhow, as per EU rules on competition, there are exceptions for Hub designated airports, but still 50% is what OU should be handling at Zagreb, at most, currently this %g is around 58%.

    14. Anonymous17:37

      Yeah but do you really think that OU management will get it? I highly doubt it.
      Also, I think their performance in 2015 will a good indicator of the things that are to come.

      I still think no one will want to go to BRU on the Q400. SN Brussels has another advantage, the moment their loads slip, they can always send their jumbolino which is quite fast.

    15. Anonymous18:23

      @AnonymousDecember 26, 2014 at 5:37 PM

      Despite all the shortcomings of Q400, it is a decent aircraft, relatively cheap to maintain and despite what some might think highly profitable for OU.

      There is a high demand for Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich and Zurich, OU can't keep up and due to small number of aircraft fleet is stretched to the limits, Q400 has proven to be very capable and OU can fill the aircraft, why send A319 or A320 when they might end up with half the seats empty, Croatian market is very small, most people aren't used to travel with the plane, many opt out to drive across the EU than fly, perhaps it is smarter to use smaller aircraft such as Q400 than A320 not knowing if you can fill up the plane.

      As things change and incomes go up, and more people opt out to fly instead of driving than there'll be a demand for larger aircraft, right now we are not there yet.

    16. Anonymous18:24

      Most of passengers with OU were politicians who must travel with OU by law and don't care about costs. For tham most important thing is that flight is early in the morning to come to Brussels before 9 and that is why BRU is only route without connections because it departures earlier than first wave. Other passenger did not fly with OU because connecting flights via CDG, AMS, VIE, MUC, ZRH... were much cheapear. It is not about salory which is average 1.067, 00 EUR in ZAG but it is abour you are not stupid to pay 350 EUR for something you can pay less than 200. So those passenger will fly now with Brussels.

    17. Anonymous18:46

      Tesko ce CTN preziveti ako sve te kompanije dodju.

    18. Anonymous20:25

      @AnonymousDecember 26, 2014 at 6:24 PM

      Problem with the OU is small network of destinations:

      Amsterdam, x10 weekly
      Barcelona, x4 weekly
      Brussels, x10 weekly
      Copenhagen, x7 weekly
      Frankfurt, x20 weekly
      London-Heathrow, x 10 weekly (no free slots available)
      Munich, x17 weekly
      Paris-Charles de Gaulle, x10 weekly
      Pristina, x 4 weekly
      Rome-Fiumicino, x 7 weekly
      Sarajevo, x14 weekly
      Skopje, x5 weekly
      Vienna, x15 weekly
      Zürich x10 weekly

      Domestic network:


      Which is ridiculously small network reduced from 28 destinations in 2012. OU should be expanding its network asp, or after 2016 and expand it aggressively,

      Athens x3 weekly
      Berlin x7 weekly
      Dusseldorf x4 weekly
      Edinburgh x3 weekly
      Hamburg x4 weekly
      Helsinki x2 weekly
      Istanbul x7 weekly
      Krakow x3 weekly
      Lyon x3 weekly
      Madrid x7 weekly
      Oslo x 3 weekly
      Stockholm x7 weekly

      These destinations should be added in 2016, and they're must, with Berlin, Madrid and Stockholm having daily Flights. Right now Berlin is one of the most expensive routes out of Zagreb, cause German Wings have no competition on the route.

      OU must increase number of weekly flights to all popular destinations, otherwise OU might as well pack up and become a true holiday company. goes without saying, current management of OU must go, and they shouldn't be allowed to stay in beyond late 2015.

    19. Anonymous20:44

      CTN ima toliki potencijal ja da sam CEO CTN ja bi uzeo od LX preko leta na wet lease A343 i leteo ZAG-DBV-JFK i na ostale americke destinacije. ORD-LAX i u Kini PEK .

    20. Anonymous22:52

      OU won't be expanding to anywhere, they'll be shrinking for at least the next 5 years, if they manage to survive at all. With Air Serbia sucking all the yield from the transfer pax and continuously thinning out their domestic potential (since they're routing SPU/DBV pax through BEG) and with the impending push for low-cost from ZAG's new French overlord, they're looking at a decrease in O&D, decrease in transfer pax and what's worst, heavy margin compression on many key lines when lowcost carriers kick in. The French want to extract every euro from ZAG and for that, they need lowcost, not the incompetent OU.

    21. Anonymous01:06

      Croatia Airline Fail

    22. Anonymous02:42

      @anon 10:52

      ZAG needs low cost for increase in pax numbers and lower prices. But low cost won't alone save ZAG, we need more carriers.

      JU low prices won't last forever. Once they will be obliged to pay handling at BEG and don't recieve subsidies for fuel.

      And OU is having a marginal profit, they aren't losing money for 2 years in a row now. And SPU/DBV has a quite big margin in price, which could be lowered and once it is, it will be the best case scenario for passengers.

  5. Anonymous14:11

    "+ they will have code-share on other two daily flights on Croatia Airlines, so that means ZAG-BRU route will have up to 3 flights per day"

  6. Anonymous14:23

    Strange that TK Cargo did not get the deal to transport all this to Cameroon. I guess EK undermined them big time in terms of the price offered.

    1. Anonymous16:07

      TK are a bit cautious with arms transport ever since they got involved in a serious scandal with some "unrecorded" cargo they delivered to Nigeria...

    2. IR 72016:29

      ...or Etihad.

      As for TK i'm not so surprised, they don't have such big planes and it would take ages to transport the same amount of cargo.

      Last but not least, Serbian government is friends with the UAE so no wonder they and the Russians got the contract.

    3. Anonymous16:46

      Yeah but the TH A330F is not such a small aircraft so... I am sure it boiled down to the price, not who the government is friends with.
      If your argument was realistic then it would have been Etihad Cargo.

    4. Anonymous19:53

      Joj kad bi EY poslala jednom 748 F to je zahvaljujuci Zastava oruziju .

    5. IR 72002:50

      Sure, it's only twice smaller than the 747F when it comes to cargo capacity. Get informed first before trying to spill out your brains next time ;)

    6. Anonymous09:02

      Maybe you should learn how to read first. I said that it's not a small aircraft plus it is a regular in Belgrade where TK Cargo has an office. They would have been a natural choice which only goes to show that EK got it because of the price.

      Plus, know-it-all, how do you know if the EK bird is departing full? ;)

    7. JATBEGMEL10:38

      Serbia, UAE and weapons...where have i read this before...

      As for TK not doing this cargo round, their A330 already takes on and delivers cargo from BEG and I doubt theyre empty flights. Why route everything via IST when all can be done direct. Considering 2 B747F were used for the delivery, I doubt they went empty. If it could of been done with 1 aircraft they would of done so. If they were both full or had a 'healthy' load, the A330 would of been too small, making a third A330 necessary, something i doubt TK could of done.

    8. Anonymous10:49

      I never implied that it should have been sent via Istanbul, TK could have operated these flights directly from Belgrade.
      It's just that TK has an office, cargo space and all the logistics ready in Belgrade. Would have been easier, that's all. However, we all know that Arab airlines tend to drop their prices below market value in order to get deals.

    9. IR 72012:23

      Well, we see you're a TK lover. Seems to me odd to consider they would have sent 7 planes just to depart half-empty...or is that as much that fits in your head? :/

    10. Anonymous06:51

      IR 720 = Aerologic

  7. Anonymous02:53

    It still shows LHR on, the site is far from fixed but the important thing is they've got the snowflakes:

    * * * * * *

    * * * * * * *
    * * * * *
    * * * * *
    * * * * * *

    1. Anonymous06:22

      +1 LOL

    2. I like the snowflakes, at least they are being creative. I like how they move with the cursor.

      The website had some technical problems, they are fixing them. Stop hating.

    3. Anonymous12:28

      No one is hating, why are you so insecure?

  8. Lol. That's cute.


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