Belgrade Airport sees busiest year on record

Belgrade Airport adds a million passengers in 2014

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has recorded its best year on record in 2014 in terms of passenger numbers and profitability and has cemented its position as the busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. It is also expected to have ranked within the 100 busiest airports on the continent last year. Belgrade welcomed 4.638.194 passengers in 2014, over one million more than the year before. Its numbers represent growth of 30.9% on 2013. It also saw the number of operated flights grow significantly, despite its second busiest airline, Wizz Air, reducing its network from the city. There were a total of 58.695 commercial departures and arrivals, up 25.3%.

The record figures were fuelled by Air Serbia throughout the year, which now holds a 50% passenger share at the airport. As a result, its future passenger growth will be closely linked to Air Serbia’s performance. On the other hand, foreign carriers had a more challenging year as competition grew, while Wizz Air suspended two routes, decreased frequencies and relocated one of its two aircraft based in the city. At the same time it introduced flights to Larnaca which have been maintained throughout the winter as well. The amount of commercial cargo also increased last year by 33.1%. During the last week of 2014 it saw almost daily flights by Emirates SkyCargo’s Boeing 747Fs.

Belgrade Airport’s acting CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević, says a total of twenty million euros will be invested in the airport in 2015. A further four gates will be added to the existing terminal two building and another four parking positions will be created. However, this is believed to be only a temporary measure to ease issues with capacity. Late last year, the Serbian government said it would decide on the airport’s expansion model by June 2015. At the time, the Minister for Transport and Communication, Zorana Mihajlović, said, “During next year [2015] we will definitely decide how we are going to expand Belgrade Airport, because it will be unable to handle all passengers if this growth rate continues. We could never have anticipated such large growth”. Meanwhile, the CEO says the airport is prepared to handle transatlantic flights, which Air Serbia has hinted could begin in late 2015. “We have a long tradition of handling long haul flights. In 1989, five aircraft were regularly handled during the rush hour, heading to the United States and Australia. This is not a problem for Belgrade Airport or our logistics”, Mr. Vlaisavljević says. The management estimates the airport will handle between 5 and 5.5 million passengers in 2015.

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  1. Anonymous10:01

    Congratulations. One million passengers more is a great result. Let's see what will happen in 2015. It will depend a lot on JU.

    1. As long as someone doesn't expect another 30% growth in 2015, everything will be fine.
      This year it will probably go back to "normal" rate of growth 5-10%
      Unless JU goes for more aircraft and continues aggressive pricing policy this year as well. Than, who knows what will happen.
      But it won't be pretty if numbers get much over 5mil.
      BEG won't be able to handle much more than that in peak hours.

    2. Also, I hear about new parking positions, new gates...but no one is mentioning improvements to sorting facility.
      Are they doing anything about that or they are just talking about air bridges and new gates cuz people can see that and its more popular to talk about?
      Last I heard sorting facility was on breaking point as it was.

    3. Anonymous10:20

      It comes from a guy who did a lot to ruin Jat. What did you expect. The most important thing is that they have a new website made in microsoft paint.

    4. The addition of the four airbridges should do the trick for now. So we will have C1 through C10. Pretty cool.
      I just hope they don't plan on adding the remote stands next to C10 as the whole area would be unnecessarily long. Maybe it would be better to add the four remote stands opposite the existing B parking spots? Like that you would have all your remote stands localised in one area.

      Maybe it's also time to start thinking about building dedicated cargo remote stands. The airport does see regular cargo flights and there is no reason to mix them with commercial aviation.

      Finally, I hope that the new gates area will be wider so as to enable the opening of additional coffee shops and restaurants as the ones we have now are definitely not enough! And please, let the new expansion have bus gates as the airport desperately needs them. Especially since it seem that one of the best gates, C7, will be gone.

    5. Anonymous11:53

      Slightly off-topic, but a big necessity, a new bus line from BEG airport to downtown. For everyone interested, please sign the petition:

    6. Anonymous12:04

      I don't get the point of this petition. You already have the line 72 to Zeleni venac from where you can connect to pretty much anywhere.
      What would make far more sense is to have a line that goes from Krnjaca through Borca and then across the new bridge on the highway straight to the airport. That area is completely cut off from the airport and it costs almost 2.000 Dinars to travel by taxi.

    7. plus the "jat" bus every 20 mins to Slavija.

  2. Anonymous10:38

    Congratulations to BEG on truly impressive growth in 2014!
    Having almost 1.1 mil more passengers then last year is just great, and it would not have happened without the growth from Air Serbia.
    This year will not have 30% growth, but 10-15% instead which is going to be excellent as well by the time the fate of new terminal 3 is decided.
    Good luck to BEG, and all the best to the rest of ex-yu airports as well.

    1. Anonymous11:13

      I hope they'll build that Terminal 3, 'cause with this capacity ZAG, OTP, BUD and ATH are will be bigger than BEG. How can ASL be an leader if BEG has shitty capacity? Btw new terminal should be modern and beatufull, like the one which is building at ZAG, that would be cool. Maybe some investitors from China will build the new terminal, and maybe the new runway?

    2. Anonymous11:38

      ZAG will not be bigger, it has only 3.5 million capacity.

    3. Anonymous11:49

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 11:13 AM

      Belgrade has enough capacity, current two terminals are able to handle 9 million pax easily, only thing I am worried if Belgrade has automatic luggage sorting facility or all is done by hand, if done by hand than they'll need to build new sorting facility.

      Current two terminals can be reconstructed in to one very large terminal an this way increasing the capacity by 50%, or around 14 million should current capacity be reached, and than brand new 60 000sqm terminal with 14 passenger boarding bridged and 2nd runway can be added sometimes around 2030.

      As things are current terminal can easily handle current traffic and projected future growths.

    4. Anonymous12:03

      Belgrade's terminal 1 and 2 combined can easily handle 7 mil pax. By the time that number is reached, new terminal 3 should be in place.
      So Beg by no means has a shitty capacity as the anonymous at 11.13 am ignorantly points out, even today has AT LEAST double the capacity of phase 1 at Zag you mentioned above. So, no need to worry about Beg....

    5. Anonymous12:04

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 11:38 AM

      new terminal under construction in Zagreb is a lot bigger than Belgrade current two terminals combined.

      To recap terminal in Zagreb under construction is 65500sqm terminal that will expand to 87000sqm as passenger numbers go up, and no terminal under construction is built for initial capacity of 5.5 million but will expand to handle 8 million and eventually 12 million pax as new gates and jetways are added.

      Terminal 1, or the old terminal will be expanded to 22000sqm or knocked down no idea what the plans are for terminal 1.

    6. Anonymous12:08

      AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 12:04 PM

      Maybe the one in Zagreb is bigger in terms of its area but Belgrade has more airbridges and it will have more remote stands. Or am I missing something?

      Personally, I don't think Zagreb will surpass 5.5 million passengers in the next 8 to 10 years, especially since the French already failed to secure an 8% growth, which they promised. And they failed despite so many new airlines launching flights.

    7. Anonymous13:18

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 12:08 PM

      French have projected 8% growth but there were circumstances with OU, but foreign carriers have brought ~7% growth, and they'll be also bringing more growth this year as more carriers start to fly to Zagreb. Zagreb is projected to handle around 5.5 million by 2020, so in 5 years time, it is expected to handle 8 million by 2025 and 10-12 million by 2030.

    8. Anonymous13:48

      Hmm somehow I can't see that happening. Maybe in Split and Dubrovnik but not in Zagreb. Also, let's be realistic here, if OU goes bust then the growth will stagnate at maybe around 3.5 to 4 million passengers.

    9. Anonymous13:52

      Also, what makes you think that in the coming years there aren't going to be similar problems which will limit growth.

      I just don't see where the 8 million passengers will come from. The future of Croatian aviation is at its coast, not in Zagreb.

    10. Anonymous15:19

      "Zagreb is projected to handle around 5.5 million by 2020..."

      Let me tell you straight, that's not gonna happen.

    11. Anonymous16:13

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 1:48 PM

      First off, Zagreb is a capitol of an independent nation. an EU and NATO member and major travel destination in its own right. If Riga can hit 5 million I'm sure Zagreb can too.

      Coastal airports are only summer destinations, they are dependent of tourism and travel to grow, and for that they will, but will never be year round destinations, for they have little to offer in winters and even less in terms of business offerings to mandate major expansion in winters or autumn, Zagreb on the other hand is a major business and economic center of Croatia but also of the entire region, where most major information companies and banks have their HQs, warranting year round link with the western world, especially London, Rome, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Amsterdam.

      Zagreb is also becoming major city brake destination, with million visitors and 1.6 million nights Zagreb indeed will warrant major air links in near future and growth there is considerable.

      And lest not forget the fact most Croats now can travel with plane anywhere in the world out of Zagreb, links with the western Europe are especially great and offer great choice of destinations and price.

      Zagreb will become major regional destination to visit and to be seen in, especially once major EU agency is headquartered in Zagreb, i think it'll be either Travel and Tourism Agency or EU Trade body, we'll see.

      There are already large number of foreign carriers in Zagreb and more are coming, in next few years you'll see SAS, Czech Air, Alitalia, Ukraine International, EasyJet, Aegean, Korean Air, JAL, Iberia going full on, and score of other airlines coming to Zagreb.

      Of Zagreb can entice EasyJet and few other LowCost operators to come to Zagreb and one or two even base their aircraft in Zagreb, perhaps GermanWings and EasyJet, than you'll see numbers go up skyrocketing. Only Reason for rather slow growth in 2014, is OU and restructuring OU underwent to comply with the EU directives. OU will eventually end this process once they do, their numbers will also go up dramatically.

      Skies the limit.

    12. Anonymous16:20

      Tirana is also the capital of an independent nation, Sarajevo too.

    13. Anonymous16:28

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 4:20 PM

      and yes they are, but they're not major travel destinations or have little to offer socio-economically and geo-strategically speaking.

      Croatia does, it is considered regional leader, and many international companies have their regional Hqs in Zagreb, not in Sarajevo, Tirana or Belgrade. In Zagreb, Zagreb is also visited by large number of important individuals each year, from business and entertainment world alike, in fact Zagreb has monopoly on this sort of stuff in the entire region, indication of a growing importance of Zagreb.

    14. Anonymous16:46

      RIX happens to be the home of an airline that carries 3m pax - many of whom transfer. It attracts lots of passengers from Estonia and Lithuania. Its closest Star Alliance hub (WAW) is 600km away. They hardly have any serious competition in a 400km diameter. This is how RIX gets 5m pax.

      I am not saying ZAG cannot reach that number (it can), however the RIX comparison is irrelevant. RIX is a totally different case and ZAG has its own, different advantages to play on.

      And there are limits to ZAG growth that come way before the sky. Those limits include coastal airports, proximity of VIE/BUD, competition such as JP and ASL, and OU's own role in Star Alliance.

      Numbers will grow for sure, but not quite into the sky.

    15. Anonymous17:18

      Yeah but all these high profile people who go to Zagreb can reach the city by flying via Belgrade. After all, Air Serbia offers one of the best business class product in Europe. Just imagine when the lounge opens in Belgrade!

      Actually, you are right, Air Serbia's ZAG flights are the best thing to happen to Zagreb! Not only will important people from the Balkans fly via Belgrade but also the Middle East and the rest of the world (via AUH).

    16. Anonymous17:25

      5:18 PM:

      Whatever may be the idea behind this provocation of yours, it is an absolutely ridiculous one. An adult person should know better.

    17. Anonymous17:50

      Anon 17.25

      You are just bitter and you despise Serbia and its national airline.

    18. Anonymous17:53

      @anon 5:18 PM

      Business travelers go point to point, definitely not with 25 years old ATR's or 30 years old B737, no matter how good business lounge at BEG will be.

      Some of PAX will use BEG, but most will come through direct flights from other hubs, because extra leg at BEG and travel with old planes is time consuming and not safe

    19. Anonymous17:58

      Not safe? At least JU never had holes in its aircraft or was never forced to use butter in order to close the doors.

      Business class passengers from places like Beirut, Larnaca, Athens... will go via Belgrade especially since connecting times are short and the fare is decent. Just look at the success of Air Serbia on the coast. Plus, JU flights to Zagreb are packed which means that the passengers are responding well to the product.

    20. Anonymous18:43


    21. Anonymous18:47

      Oh man... once you challenged him on how will his beloved airport reach those imaginary numbers, he just went on a tear with his many times seen before tourist fantasies. You know what we say around here: "Please don't feed the trolls". And you just did with that kind of a challenge.

      So next time he claims that his airport will get bigger than DXB, you respond by saying "absolutely right, it might get even bigger than ATL"! That's the least we can do to calm him down until someone invents administering sedatives over the internet.

    22. Anonymous19:00

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:58 PM

      Silly billy,

      AS Zagreb hasn't proved a success you make it to be, planes are half empty, in fact they're barley a third full, few flights might be half full, and these stats can be confirmed by Zagreb airport.

      Aside of the fact that AS flies to Zagreb as AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:25 PM & AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:53 PM

      Pointed out, Business travelers/celebrities/Hollywood movie stars go directly from point to point, and individuals I am referring to aren't exactly accustomed at waiting in an airport lounge, they tend to fly in with their own jets or with major European airlines that offer top notch service for such people.

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 4:46 PM

      I understand what you're saying, and sure RIX has little competition, but don't forget Vilnius and Tallinn are now getting back in the game, Vilnius had 3 million pax last year, still waiting for Tallinn's numbers but should be around 2.2 million.

      What makes RIX such a great destination is major airline is based at RIX, in fact two, Air Baltic and Ryan Air has loads of flights out of RIX, which is something Zagreb should be looking at, making Zagreb accessible to EasyJet, Vueling, GermanWings,

      GermanWings is looking at at starting Hamburg Zagreb flights this year, they'll be announcing it soon, ZG Airport should encourage GermanWings to introduce more routes, increase from current 3 to 5-6 perhaps, this would allow GermanWings to base 1 aircraft at Zagreb.

      EasyJet should be also encouraged, they could easily Service Zagreb - Geneva, Barcelona, Milan, Lyon, Nice, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bergen, Dortmund, Linz, Innsbruck and Krakow.

      All these destinations have been tried before and proved popular, I see no reason why not have them with LCC. Vueling can start Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia, Seville and Bordeaux out of Zagreb.

      On top of current national carriers from every EU member Zagreb should be well covered with all major capitols of the EU, regional cities with LCCs and intercontinental routes with Korean air, JAL, Qatar and perhaps even Air Canada Rouge.

      So longer term I see no reason why Zagreb can't attract lets say 8 million pax, I see no reason at all, or even 10 million. Sure there'll be a certain point where market stalls i.e there's little growth left, but I can't see that happening with less than 12 million pax for Zagreb, literally there's so much room for growth.

      Sure it won't happen any time soon, but I see by 2025 Zagreb hitting 8 million mark with relative ease I might add, as long as Zagreb can maintain interest among travelers and business alike.

    23. Anonymous19:01

      I do not see the reason for writing such a stupid comment, unless if you are an frustrated nationalist. First of all- ASL is really good carrier with solid product, I flew with them about 7 times, all was perfect. Their ATRs are maybe old, but they completely changed interior, so they look pretty good. Have you ever been in an Air Serbia ATR? Btw in my opinion ASL ATRs look much better than Tarom ATRs, OU Q400 or JA ATRs. And I will have to dissapoint you with information that 4 more A319s will come to ASL, and few more ATRs as well. Then, by 2018., brand new A320neos will start comming to Air Serbia. I think that soon they will order some smaller regional airplanes as well. I hope that OU will find a partner, if it happens we will probably see ASL and YOU competing for ex-Yu, that would be really interesting to see. But don't write such a stupid comment again, please, it doesn't look serious.
      BG | NIC

    24. Anonymous19:07

      It's OU in my comment, my mistake.
      BG | NIC

    25. Anonymous19:12

      BG | NIC
      Hvala vam sto sto ste portvdili moje izvore oko dolaska 4 A319 .
      2 ce doci od EY i imace YU reg i zadrzace boje EY.
      Ja nazalost nisam nista cuo oko dolaska ATR- novih kolik obi ih trebalo doci . :)

    26. Anonymous19:22

      Let him alone, please.
      Anonymous at 4:13, 4:28, 5:53, and 7:00 PM is well known here as a lunatic writing his wishful thinking predictions about Zag every here and there spitting on everyone else in the region.
      Just ignore that ill patient, without any attention he will go away and spare us his sick theories.

    27. Anonymous19:25

      How come you didn't hear about ATR's INN-NS when we all know already? What is happening to your source?

    28. Anonymous19:28

      Nisam potpuno siguran. Cuo sam da ce uzeti 3-4 ATRa na leasing. 2 ATR 72-500 treba da se vrate 2017., tako da je ocigledno da ce uzeti jos manjih aviona, verovatno ATR, najvise im se isplate.
      Youre right, we should ignore the troll, he will leave once he realises how unimportant he is.
      BG | NIC

    29. Anonymous19:51

      It's 2 Atrs for the time being.

    30. Anonymous19:53

      Anonymous at 7:25 PM
      Pa sto nam niste vi rekl ionda prvi da ce doci 3-4 ATR-a . Eto ja sam prvi rekao za 4 319 .
      Ja imam naj jace veze trenutno su prezaposleni
      BG | NIC
      Hvala na odgovoru :)
      Bas ce zanimljivo izgledati EY livery sa YU reg =D

    31. Anonymous22:02

      WOW ti si prwi rekao? Ma ti si opasna macka. Inace to sto se spominje prebacivanje 2 A319 iz EY je plan koj postoji jos od proslog leta.
      Verovatno nista nece biti od toga posto i samom EY trebaju letelice.

    32. Anonymous23:02

      @INN-NS at 7:53

      Pa sto nam niste vi rekl ionda prvi da ce doci 3-4 ATR-a

      Because I am not "kiss and tell" kind of guy. But you are. Actually more like "fantasy and tell", based on your ASL 77W and other wet dreams.

    33. Aэrologic23:06

      Don't forget that RIX has all the Minsk flow as well.

    34. Anonymous23:08

      Hmm wouldn't that be VNO?

    35. Anonymous23:12

      Pa doce jednog dana 77W sigurno u ASL flotu.

    36. We will never see a Boeing 777-300er fly in Air Serbia's colors.

      77W is a 400 seat plane.

    37. Anonymous18:35

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 6:47 PM
      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 7:22 PM

      U're sick nationalist swine with serious victim complex.

      U're well known nationalist extremist, to you anyone saying anything about Croatia and Zagreb is considered Serb hatred for Croats are not deserving their say. Hey u stupido, the internet allows freedom of expression and access to information, anyone wishing to inform themselves can easily Google anything and confirm or disprove my information.

      You're sick psychopath with victim complex, go get cancer, preferably on your brain.

    38. Anonymous03:42

      I would strongly suggest the admin to erase the above hatred filled comment from some diaspora guy doing a lot of damage to HR cause.
      I really wonder what hurt him that badly so write such an ill statement above?
      I actually know, its the truth.

    39. Anonymous04:23

      The guy should better be off in hospital, a mental one.

  3. Replies
    1. Anonymous11:40

      Sarcasm or..?

    2. no, sincere.

      35% y/o/y increase after many successive years of ~5-8% is amazing.

    3. Anonymous14:28

      The best thing about this is that they linked Belgrade with almost all parts of the Balkans! Those flights were desperately needed!

    4. yep.

      Flew BEG-SJJ earlier last year - before Air Serbia, this flight was at a terrible time and a terrible price.

      Flew BEG-ZAG a few weeks ago. Flight was full.

    5. Anonymous17:10

      The only problem is that the tickets are a bit expensive, Belgrade-Sarajevo comes out to be €160. I don't see how they will steal passengers from the bus companies. They need to implement the same strategy as with Banja Luka. Then again, SJJ is quite expensive as an airport so...

  4. Anonymous11:34

    Belgrade will go down in numbers this year no new terminal required!

    1. Anonymous11:43

      I wouldn't hold my breath. I expect a 20% growth on average this year.

    2. Anonymous11:59

      What makes you think that 11:34?
      Please do tell.

    3. Anonymous12:09

      Just trying to be provocative, lol....
      Belgrade numbers will not go down that's for sure, but growth rate (percentage) will do... instead of 31% it will have 10-15% growth, maybe even more who knows. But definitely passing 5 million mark... Cheers!

    4. Anonymous14:08

      Numbers in Nov and Dec were up >20% compared to 2013. This is important indicator because those were the first 'months of ASL' and this is when double-digit growth started (also around 20%).

      So, BEG now has two straight years of 20% growth in Nov/Dec. This indicates that 2015 as a whole could see a 20% growth - especially with ASL's announced increase in frequencies and perhaps some new routes.

      If the numbers stay up 20% in the next couple of months then 5.7 million pax could be the 2015 prediction.

    5. Anonymous14:21

      For your 20% growth you better hope for 12,000 more flights this year and for ASL to keep there flights cheap.

    6. Anonymous15:00

      It is not my growth. It is a possible BEG growth based on current and recent numbers.

      You are free to hate it as much as you wish.

    7. Anonymous15:28

      20% growth means 1 mio additional PAX. I think this is not easy task. Anonymous at 2:21 PM has right when mentioning additional 12.000 flights per year. This is about 30 new more per day. You can get them by opening new destinations or by increasing frequency. OK, part of this million could be reached with higher LF. But still, new frequencies and new destinations would be the biggest factor.

    8. Aэrologic15:38

      Air Serbia increased numbers by a million while being totally unknown as a brand and with many destinations half-opened. I wouldn't be surprised by a 20-25% growth this year.

    9. Anonymous15:54

      Actually 20% growth would mean something like 920k additional pax. After 1.2M increase in 2014, 0.9M in 2015 is quite possible. I am not saying it is certain but simply possible.

    10. Anonymous16:07

      Yes, but how? Last year was unique - so many new lines opend, frequencies increased. How you can growth without new markets, services and products? Are there any new airlines comming soon, will ASL open new destinations? Increase frequencies?

    11. Aэrologic16:18

      For some reference look at the case of Pegasus Airlines.

    12. Anonymous16:36

      Anonymous at 4:07 PM
      Trebala bi da dodju 4 A319 .

    13. Anonymous17:27

      A kada ne budu došli onda će biti: "Nešto koče ovi u Airbusu, ja znam da je trebalo da se realizuje ali, eto, nije".

    14. Anonymous17:36

      Ja sam samo tako cuo da bi trebala dodju
      2 od EY zadrzace svoj livery i imace YU reg i 2 u bojama ASL. A330 koci FAA a ne Airbus nema nikakve veze sa tim

    15. Anonymous17:49

      It's not the FAA, it's the State Department.

    16. Anonymous18:06

      Znam da je neko od njih dvoje zato i kasni A330 nazalost

    17. Anonymous20:33

      @AnonymousJanuary 12, 2015 at 5:36 PM 4 A330 !?

    18. Anonymous21:57

      Misli na A319...


    19. Anonymous23:56

      at 04:07 anonim
      as you can see no one has a single solid answer to your question. They just dream about increasing traffic for next 1 million pax.

    20. Anonymous08:24

      Actually several answers were provided in this single thread of posts but it is of course not possible to see them when you wear extra large chauvinist glasses.

  5. Anonymous12:24

    Looks like Etihad won't be back in Belgrade next summer either, EY 071/2 will be operated by Air Serbia.

  6. Anonymous12:30

    Ima li nekih novih vesti ? Sve stare vesti i isti komentari... dajte malo ubacite nekih osveženja, malo tragajte za informacijama...

    1. Anonymous12:37

      Nešto se ne sećam das sam čitao o ovome ovde

    2. Anonymous12:41

      Па ти слободно почни да се бавиш истраживачким новинарством па подели нешто ново са нама.
      Исто тако, ово је први пут да је споменуто проширење терминала као и додавање 4 паркинг позиције.

  7. Iza svakog dobrog rezultata stoje dobri, sposobni ljudi.
    Ako neko i osporava, ne menja stvar. Medju tim, osnov svega jeste odlucan, bez zastoja razvoj , kompletna
    rekonstrukcija aerodroma Beograd. O tome se dosta pise. Dosta govori. Pored krucijalnog znacaja AIR SERBIA, po znacaju stavljam Ministarku saobracaja, G-dju Zoranu Mihailovic, koja pokazuje energicnost, doslednost i odlucnost vrhunskog menadzera u implementaciji [ obzervaciji materjalizovanja sprovodjena projekata... Sa svojim timom u 2015, sa privatanim partnerom zelim da vidim na prilazima aerodrome velike panoe sa slikama modela Treceg terminal, sa ostalim objektima koji ce se izgraditi i predati saobracaju u iducih 7 godina. Drugu pistu logicno ukljucujuci. Sa Atinom,
    Budimpestom i Bukurestom, Beograd je jos jedna luka u ovom delu Evrope koja ce izmedju 2015 I i 2030 imati iizmedju 10 i 15 miliona putnika. Ocektivno je da ce Budimpesta imati blizu 20, a Atina i preko 20 miliona putnika. Dali ovo izgleda megalomanski, mikromanski, sasvim sve jedno. Niske cene i veliki broj putnika definitivno stize i u ovaj deo Evrope. Vreme velikih "tata" u politici, upravljana biznisa i ljuljuskanja u demagogij jeste pri kraju. Monopol drzave, ideologije sa monopolom su prosle godine zavrsile pod klizistima i poplavom. Time for wake up is over... Aerodrom Nikola Tesla zajedno sa AIR SERBIA su alfa i omega komunikacija drzave Srbije.. Vreme brzo tece. "Objektivno, subjektivno, nemoze to u Srbiji, hoce da nas porobe...". No excuses. WECAN DO IT! Ljudi koji su odvazni, iskreni, sposobni uvek su menjali svet. Ukljucujuci i Srbiju sa sve civilne avijacije.
    Kao i uvek dosada, (nadam se) sa vama nastoji da koliko se moze bar za micron podignemo ono cuveno "yes we can do !"
    Rodney & confident people. Kraljevo /// Sydney.

    1. Anonymous20:22

      Јој Роки, немој само да ми хвалиш 'госпођa Министаркa' Михаиловић.

    2. Uvazeni Anon a 8:25 PM,
      Vasim negiranja moje pohvale Ministarke saobracaja Srbije, vase je pravo. da mi kazete "nemoj samo da mi hvalis ministarku"... Vi nemorate da volite ni ministarku ni zakon, ali po zakonu morate da postujete. Ljudi nesmeju da se vredjaju a zakoni da se krse! Naravno nevidim ad ste zakon povredili. Sto mene odvracate da Ministarki saobracaja dajem skromnu ocenu, Tu vam nemogu pomoci ni iz Kraljeva ni iz Sydney-a, zavisno gde de se trenutno nalazim. Ali mogu Vama i svakom drugom, za svako dobro koje ucini na bilo koji nacin., bilo gde. U Otadzbini Srbiji sa civilnom avijacijom i ljudima u njoj, moja ekstra, posebna naklonost, privrzenost. Svako dobro.
      Radovan & friends. Kraljevo // Sydney

  8. Anonymous14:15

    What would be the capacity increase with the additional expansion? Both the A and C terminal?

  9. Approximately, what's the O&D:Transit pax ratio?

    1. Anonymous15:23

      Good question. Does anyone have a clue?

    2. Anonymous17:21

      Have asked that many times and no responce from anyone

    3. Anonymous17:37

      Nece vam to reci niko zato sto to ne znaju obicni radnici ;)

  10. If I remember well, JU started adding A319 in Oct/Nov slowly replacing B733s. Since most of the new destinations in the first wave were added in Nov/Dec period (again if I remember well) I think that JU’s capacity was held more or less steady for the rest of the Winter season. 20% increase in pax for Nov/Dec (BEG added 25% and 22% and most of these are most likely JU’s pax) is good but I’m not sure that it tells us much about their ability to fill seats since it’s hard to estimate seats available (new destinations last year added at different times, changes in this season as well as available leaving for C checks, etc.). I think the next 2-3 months might tell us little more than Nov/Dec since the number of available seats will probably be little more in line with last year. Or maybe not if they increased utilization compared to last winter! What do you think?.

    What I’m interested in is the bottom line not the %increase. 20% increase is great but if for example it was accomplished with 30% increase in capacity that the picture is not so rosy as far as their overall financial performance is concerned. I agree that even this doesn’t matter, yield, ASK etc. are much more telling measures but these will always be unknown to us until JU is listed somewhere so I won’t even go there.

    1. Anonymous15:49

      I think only YU-APC came in 2013, SAA and SAB joined early in 2014.

    2. Anonymous18:40

      No, another one came as well, I think it was YU-APE. I know because I flew on it and was sure it was not APC but I don't remember the reg.

    3. Anonymous19:03

      Then it must havev been A6-SAA (YU-API) as it came right after APC.

    4. Anonymous22:22

      Both you and I are correct. According to YU-APC, APE, A6-SAA, SAB arrived in 2013.

    5. Anonymous23:05

      Thanks! I completely forgot that APE arrived in 2013, somehow I always thought it was in 2015.

    6. Anonymous00:29

      No, no it was 2013. I remember flying her from CDG to BEG and I'm almost certain it was -APE because this plane is one of the youngest in the JU fleet and has the newer style overhead lights and switches whereas APC and SAA and SAB don't.

    7. Anonymous11:33

      I guess it's interiors are like the ones on YU-APF?

  11. Anonymous16:15

    Hvala Gosp Vlaisavljeviću sto je jos jednom potvrdio da ce uskoro doci A330 i da ce sa njim imati i redovan Cargo saobracaj.
    ASL ce u Januaru imati negde oko 20-25 % rasta.
    Nadam se da ce EK doci u BEG sa 77W to samo moja zelja neka dodju i sa 332.
    Nebi bilo lose da HG ima nekoliko destinacija iz BEG preko leta ka Grckoj-Spanija-Turskoj.
    Ne znam sto jos AB ne dolazi za BEG nazalost.
    I nebi bilo lose da EY Cargo pocne da leti za LYBE.

    1. HG is a disaster of an airline, they can barely survive in Vienna, let alone expand in Belgrade.
      Just like Air Berlin, they lack a concise business strategy and that could cost them direly.

    2. Anonymous17:32

      Ja ne znam zasto toliko ogromne probleme ima AB. Ja kad vidim njihove Avione u INN uvek su skroz puni B737-700 za TXL i 738 za DUS. Na letovima za DUS cak imaju codeshare sa EY i uvek su puni Aziskih turista tu sansu je trebala ASL da iskoristi ali nije nazalost zato a stalno pricaam da teba da krenu za INN da lete ali je izgleda manjak ATR Aviona problem.

    3. Проблем је у томе што пун авион не значи и да је профитабилан лет.

      Ер Берлин већ дуже време не може да дефнише каква фирма жели да буде. Час су чартер, час су класична компанија, час су нискобуџетна... Зато и тону све дубље и дубље. Тек ће им сада бити весело када Рајанер крене да се шири по Немачкој. Већ су спали на то да замало изгубе лиценцу.

      Ја само чекам да видим колико ће дуго преживети Ники у Братислави. Ја им дајем максимум 6 месеци.

    4. Anonymous18:04

      HG bezi u BTS zato sto Zelena stranka hoce da im digne takse i neko povecanje za Kerozin i kritikovali su ih po novinama zbog zagadjenja vazduha .
      Najgluplje je pokretanje linije VIE-BTS treba ce im vise od 1 t kerozina a takodje konkurencija im je Zeleznica i jeftin bus koji vozi od svakih 1 vremena od Aerodroma BTS do VIE.
      Jedino koliko ja vidim da ce EY i ASL poslovati sa dobitkom u Alijansi ne znam kako posluju HM i VA.

    5. Технички није као да бежи пошто пуштају свега две линије, ка Бриселу и ка Палми.
      Лет из Беча не рачунам јер је то лет ради позиционирања авиона.
      Ако се ја питам, могу слободно сутра да банкротирају, мислим да би мало коме недостајали.

    6. Anonymous22:13

      Niki je unisten onog trenutka kada ga je prodao N.Lauda i preuzeo AB koji i sam, kako ti dobro rece, ne zna sta je i sta ce sa sobom. Od tada su ga, koliko se secam, pretvorili u leisure airline i ne znam kakvi su sada.
      Nekada, dok su jos leteli do Beg-a putovao sam sa njima i bili su odlicni. Da ne pominjem cene koje su nudili, koji su brze-bolje OS i JU podigli ponovo nebu pod oblake cim su otisli.
      Zao mi je ako su u medjuvremenu postali losi.

    7. Јаој да, сећам се када су најавили летове. Истог тренутка су се цене карата отопиле и спале са 250 евра на свега 99! Ники је продавао за 66 ако се не варам.
      Имали су просечну попуњеност 66% што и није тако лоше. Мени је жао што нису остали мало дуже јер мислим да би се кроз неколико месеци лепо позиционирали, посебно зато што се тада Јат баш распадао а и представљао је лаку мету.

      Не знам да ли је то било лета 2009. или 2010. када је Јат увео додатна два, вечерња поласка из Београда за Беч. По уласку Никија на српско тржиште ти летови се убрзо били повучени.

    8. Anonymous22:34

      Ne znam kako su im letovi popunjeni iz VIE al iuvek kad sam na aerodromu letovi im deluju dobro popunjeni.
      Ja mislim da je najveca steta u AB ugovor sa TUI-em posto neshvatljivo je da Kompanija sa takom flotom pravi toliko godina gubitke .
      I takodje mi malo deluje glupo da iz skoro svakog Nemckog grada lete za Spaniju i Grcku.

    9. Ја заправо мислим да их уговори са туристичким агенцијама спашавају од колапса. Мене више брину редовне линије, посебно на линијама где имају јаку конкуренцију.

    10. Anonymous23:19

      Ja sam jednom prilikom pricao sa jednim Managerom LH o AB i on je rekao kad je AB otvorio liniju HAM- FRA opn je rekao da su snizili mnogo karte na toj liniji ( dumping sto mnogi osudjuju ASL ) I da se AB morao povuci posle 3 meseca.
      Pa sto onda hoce da se rese ugovora sa TUI-em
      Koliko je dosad para upumpao EY u AB da su polovinu ulozili u ASL bila bi sila sad .

    11. Али ту постоји још један проблем. Ако би стварно отказали уговор, шта би урадили са додатним капацитетом? Ер Берлин сам по себи не би могао да прода толика седишта што значи да би морали да јуре нове уговоре или да преусмеравају те ваздухоплове на редован саобраћај...
      Као што и сам знаш, чартер бизнис је опасна ствар у Немачкој.
      Ја само чекам да видим шта Рајанер смера. Они нису наиван играч и сигуран сам да ће им АБ бити прва мета, не Луфтханса.

    12. A што се тиче дампинга, то није ништа страшно јер све авио компаније то раде.

    13. Anonymous23:41

      Pa kad se rese TUI-a kako sam ja citao resice se 737 NG flote zbog koje navodno imaju probleme i gubitke .
      Mnogi iz INN putuju do FMM da bi leteli sa RYR .
      AB je pukao kao i OS njih drze samo gazde u zivotu ali nazalost sad kako je krenula ova godina izgleda ce mnogo kompanija da bankrotira
      Mozete samo da zamislite jednu subotu u INN kad dodju svi Charteri.
      Neka nauci ASL od gresaka AB

    14. Остријан је у неупоредиво бољој ситуацији јер њих Луфтханса може да финансира до миле воље а да притом ником не образлаже зашто и како.
      Етихад нема ту привилегију те ће АБ имати много више проблема у будућности.

      Што се мене тиче, мислим да је мртва трка ко ће пре пући, Ер Берлин или Етихад Regional.

    15. Anonymous00:20

      Do you see Etihad to eventually drop AB?

    16. Me personal opinion is that they will stick to AB until the end.
      Etihad can't afford to have one of its airlines collapse as it will damage their image as the saviour of failed airlines.

      Actually, one way they could get rid of AB is when JU or AZ become highly profitable, stable airlines. Then they can always say: AB failed because of bla bla... just look at what we did with Alitalia or Air Serbia.

      The thing is that until now, Etihad has not managed to successfully rebuild an airline.
      It's still to early to speak of Air Serbia. They are just beginning to work on Alitalia, Air Berlin has been sinking deeper and deeper...
      Air Seychelles, despite being a profitable carrier, are a small one. Jet Airways is also experiencing problems...

      Etihad desperately needs a 'win.'
      Like I said, only when one major airline makes it, then they can consider pulling the plug on Air Berlin. I just don't see what more can be done to bring them back to life. In my opinion, they are a lost cause.

  12. Anonymous16:53

    Buduci da se uvodi veliki broj linija koje sluze da bi se povecao broj transfernih putnika, mene zanima da li ocekujete i da neke linije dobiju pojacane frekvencije? Uvedena su dva leta za ZAG, povecni kapaciteti za LJU i naravno mnogo linija je uspostavljeno tokom prosle godine, medjutim i dalje vecina zapadnih destinacija ima jedan polazak dnevno sem CDG i ZUR... Mene zanima koliko je isplativo uvodjenje linija koje su pominjane poput Maribora,Mostara i sl ako ce se prodavati karte kao sto se sada radi SOF-TXL 130e, ZAG-TXL 160e, a BEG-TXL 220e?! Ne znam do koje je to granice isplativo...

    1. Anonymous17:07

      Што се тиче појачања западноевропских линије, следеће би требале бити Копенхаген и Стокхолм.

  13. Anonymous17:22

    Look at this beautiful picture. <3

    1. Anonymous19:03

      Lovely indeed. :)

    2. jadni usamljeni Skviki na B1

    3. Anonymous21:58

      И залутали ,оро' на А6.

    4. Anonymous03:21

      Da li je moguće da se terasa kontrolnog tornja koristi kao smetlište za zastarele kompjuterske komponente?

  14. Anonymous19:21

    For those who claim BEG can handle 7 or 9 million passengers "easily" I suggest you show up at BEG check-in area during wee hours on the first weekend in August and spend a few hours, then few more in baggage claim area during peak arrivals. This will shut you up permanently.

    1. Anonymous19:53

      Did you see someone's idea to create one big terminal from T1 and T2? Lol
      How could they build something at the place where terminals are, and not to close the airport? I mean wow, that's just fantastic idea!

    2. AirCEO22:37

      True, that was funny.

      Based on what was announced, it looks like plans exist for extension of C concourse. If ATR apron (C7-C10) gets moved to Apron B or some new location first, C concourse extension should be doable with minimal disruption to existing ops. Once completed (hopefully by early September), there should be enough gate capacity in the off season to completely shut down old A concourse (gates A6-A10).

      At that point they can renovate those gates, or even better, demolish them and demolish old T1 terminal behind it. In place of T1 and old A6-A10 gates brand new terminal could be built that would have airside connected to existing T2. Ideally, if new control tower is built first they could also reclaim space where existing tower is for that new terminal. Of course, better solution would be to build new T3 where fuel tank farm is, but this compromise solution of having "new T1" would do as well.

    3. From what I understood they will first renovate the A6-A10 area. But who knows, they tend to be unpredictable.

    4. Anonymous23:55

      You do realize that once JU adapts late 20th century technology and introduces online check-in, the queues at check-in will disappear?

    5. Anonymous00:18

      How far they are from that by the way?

    6. Anonymous01:26

      At least 2 more years without online checkin. And queues will not disappear, majority will still go for regular checkin. See major airports, they all still have lineups. With some O&D growth at BEG in the next couple of years minus those who will not need to stand in line, net effect is almost the same queue as you would have last summer.

      Plus queue is not the only reason why new terminal is needed, other reasons were all mentioned numerous times before.

    7. Anonymous03:21

      Queues are perfectly normal thing for any major airport... I hate them, surely, but I honestly can't remember when I had to drop my bags and didn't run into some kind of queue. And from time to time, it can last for up to an hour! From LAX to PEK, almost everywhere is the same...

      We weren't used to those in BEG because there was little traffic, but things change. Can't say if it's good or bad really... Kind of like driving in Belgrade back in the 90s, when streets were deserted because of the oil prices.

      Of course, they ought to make it much more comfortable for those who opt to check in online (and go without bags). Or you can get FF status and use C desk ;)

  15. Not to be rude and go on with this OT, but just to clarify the ZAG growth (5,7% to be exact vs. the projected 8%) by the French.

    French have brought in 6 new airlines (+ 2 new summer charters + new frequencies of the existing carriers) within 1 year, but half of these have just arrived, too late to leave an impact on the growth in 2014...

    For the first 4 months ZAG numbers were negative, so this growth is actually good.

    So far, 2015 is looking at a 10-12% growth (conservative estimate based on announced flights - and there will be more announcements for 2015, I know this...).

    Not to bragg that ZAG has a bigger one... it does have most tourist visits out of all destinations in ExYu, which is around 0,97 mil in 2014. And this will only go up - the destination product is very good, and in the near vicinity you have Plitvice Lakes, Primorje, Zagorje region... etc.

    5 mil for sure by the 2020...

    1. Anonymous20:08

      Gospodine Petre koje bi trebale nove Aviokompanije da dodju u ZAG :)
      Hvala unapred

    2. Anonymous23:34

      5 mil by 2020? you expect around 12% growth every single year for the next 5-6 years? what EU capitol had that in the past 5-6 years?

  16. Pošto je informacija za sada povjerljiva, nebih izašao javno, ali riječ je o nacionalnom prijevozniku zemlje na istoku Europe, 5 x tjedno, start 03/2015... najava je u ZAG stigla u 12/2015... vidjet ćemo, mene isto zanima zašto još nisu ništa objavili javno.

    Ali i bez te kompanije, pozitivni efekti rasta za ZAG u 2015 su sljedeći:

    - KLM (do 05 efekti)
    - ASL (cijela 2015)
    - Fly Dubai (cijela 2015)
    - Brusseles (09,10,11 i 12)
    - Eurolot (prvih 10 mjeseci)
    - Swiss (od 04 do kraja 2015)

    Samo to je nekih 230-260.000 extra pax.
    Nisam računao Air Croatia - to je hrpa idiota i mislim da neće poletiti (99% siguran)...

    Ako se možemo ponadati pojačanim LF od postojećih carriera (računao sam od 2 do 3%), ZAG ima šanse ostvariti 2.800.000 pax što bi bio velik uspjeh.

    Puno je bitnije da za zimu 2015/16 ili u proljeće 2016 dođu još ove koje očekujemo (Alitalija, SAS, Czech)... + pokoje sezonske. u 2016. se nadamo nekih 3,2 mil pax

    A onda je red na OU da se "mrdne"....

  17. edit: najava je stigla prošli mjesec, 12/2014, a ne u 2015 - sori :)

    1. Anonymous20:47

      Ja cu se onda kladiti na PS i BT.
      Ja verujem da bi OU poslovao mnogo bolje da ima flotu od.
      8-9 Q400
      6-7 CS 100
      2-3 CS 300
      Ta flota bih ih sigurno mrdnula. :)

  18. Anonymous23:08

    So basically two more years and BEG's top five years will be from post-Yugoslav era. Nice!


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