Croatian airports anticipate strong 2015

Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek gear up for busy year

Airports across Croatia are gearing up for a busy year after the country saw its average passenger growth exceed 10% in 2014. Zagreb Airport registered its busiest year on record, handling 2.430.971 travellers through its doors, an increase of 5.6% compared to the year before, securing its position as the second busiest airport in the former Yugoslavia. The growth comes despite a drop in the number of operated flights to and from Croatia’s capital. Figures decreased marginally from 38.894 arrivals and departures in 2013 to 38.348 in 2014. During the year, a notable number of new airlines introduced services to Zagreb, including KLM, Eurolot, Air Serbia and Flydubai. This trend is set to continue in 2015 with Swiss International Air Lines to launch daily flights from Zurich starting April 15 and Brussels Airlines to inaugurate a six weekly service from September 20. In addition, Air Croatia will introduce flights from Zagreb to Budapest, Milan, Rome and Prague in early April. Several other airlines are also negotiating with the airport over potential new services.

Over on the coast, Rijeka Airport estimates to record passenger growth of up to 70% in 2015. According to the airport’s management, Swedish tour operator Scandjet will register a new airline in Croatia, named Limitless Airways, which will be based in Rijeka. The tour operator has already leased an Airbus A320 and plans to add another jet of the same type during the summer. In addition, Croatia Airlines will launch new seasonal flights from the coastal city to Munich from March 29, complementing its existing summer flights from Rijeka to London Heathrow. Rijeka Airport is currently undertaking the biggest overhaul of its passenger terminal since opening its doors in 1970. Construction work is expected to be completed by late March when the airport opens its doors to the public.

Meanwhile, Osijek Airport has registered its busiest post-war year on record thanks to budget carrier Ryanair and Trade Air’s commuter domestic service. Osijek, in Croatia’s east, is estimated to have handled some 30.000 passengers in 2014, up from just 3.404 the year before. Ryanair has been fuelling the growth with its seasonal summer flights from London Stansted Airport, with 18.000 passengers making use of the service last year. Osijek Airport’s CEO, Domagoj Marinić, says, “This does not mark the end of our pursuit to expand the network of low cost airlines operating to the airport. In 2015 and 2016 we will further expand this offer, particularly with flights to Germany”. Osijek’s busy year marks a major turnaround for the airport which was on the brink of financial ruin only two years ago.


  1. Anonymous09:49

    Can anyone guess which new airlines could be coming to ZAG?

    1. Purger10:23

      1. ČSA (TravelService)
      2. TAROM
      3. Alitalia
      4. SAS
      5. Aegean
      6. Pegasus
      7. easyJet or Transavia with one plane base in ZAG
      8. Iberia all year
      9. Norwegian with new routes
      10. Germanwings with new routes
      11. EgyptAir
      12. Finnair
      13. Korean
      14. Air Canada Rouge

    2. Anonymous10:33

      Purger, all of them or some of them? Air Canada Rouge?

    3. @Purger - yes. I would say that first 4 from this list could happen by the end of this year.
      the rest will probably appear in 2016 and 2017, with the majority in 2017. which is the first full-operating year of the New Passenger Terminal at ZAG.

    4. Purger10:52

      Most of them, maybe even all of them in 3 years period.

    5. Anonymous11:11

      Only one airline is announced for this season (swiss), and one coming after the main season (brussels). Most of the airlines published new plans and there is no ZAG in them. It's too late to start selling tickets now, unless they want half empty planes. So I think that most will come next year.

    6. Not neccessarily - some of them could start w/ the winter season 2015/16.
      For example, Eurolot announced new flight at the end of August, 2 months before the start of the winter season. Air Serbia announced their flights 1 month before the launch...

      Starting most of these flights in the fall of 2015 is totally fine for ZAG. That type of pace is actually smarter, if you ask me...

      ZAG has (most likely) secured 10-15% growth rate for the 2015, and adding several more airlines at the end of 2015. will slightly improve this rate, but more importantly will secure an excellent 2016.

      In my opinion, adding airlines too quickly, creating too much competition (too many seats) without giving them time to adjust/establish on certain routes is counter productive.

      Especially given the space restrictions (slots) at ZAG.

      I've heard that French have opted for a continual traffic boost. We have already witnessed how ZAG has made changes in operating time slots... Mid-day period is no longer congested with flights, as Turkish, BA and Qatar have moved to earlier slots... On the other hand, there's no longer an empty time frame (15:30-17:00) at ZAG, as Eurolot and KLM for example are operating within this time frame...

      I guess ADP (French) are approaching route development cautiously (so it seems)....

    7. Anonymous11:50

      @PetarJanuary 14, 2015 at 11:37 AM

      I'd agree wit that statement, I am hoping for 17% growth in 2015 and about 15% in 2016,

      In 2016, OU will return to normal operations and they might add few more routes, they've announced they plan to add 4 more aircraft in 2016 and 2017 which could see OU passenger growth or around 7-8% per year.

      I expect 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be very interesting in terms to passenger growth at Zagreb, it is quite likely at the end of 2017 Zagreb hits 4.0 million pax.

      However this year I think 2.8 million pax for Zagreb, 2.0 million for Split, 1.72 million for Dubrovnik, 550 000 for Zadar, 175 000 for Rijeka and 400 000 for Pula is what I hope to see.

    8. anonymouse@11:37, yup - I hope so too. But keep in mind that everybody else has to maintain their LF etc. 17% growth at ZAG for 2015. is possible, but this is a veeeery positive scenario.

      I'd be happy if the year ends w/14-15% growth, but yes what is more crucial is what happens with OU and what type of business will ZAG be entering its 1st operating year at NPT. I'd much rather take 3 solid years of growth, based on good route-development strategy, than "explosive" +20% in one year... then you always risk some airlines to get scared off... and leave. And in a long run, no airport wants that, because when they leave on bad terms, it usually takes many years for them to re-consider coming back.

      This is not to say that pressuring the airlines is not good - quite contrary. airlines must compete. but that has to be done wisely. an airport has to understand the potential and timely limits of their market...

    9. As for the other croatian airports, given Ryan air's reduction of flights, I don't think Zadar will see growth. At the very best, it will grow 2-3% or not at all. Other airlines will have to step in and increase frequencies. Even that will probably not be enough. Dubrovnik, on the other hand, will overpass your prediction of 1,72... it will be more close to 1,8 mil - given the date there could be more announcements, and so far they have "secured" 11% growth, which is rougly around 1,75 mil...

    10. Anonymous12:32

      Don't forget something very important, the growth which was announced by OU was long before they were attacked from all sides.
      They lost the monopoly on some key routes and this will have dire consequences on their future.
      To make bad things worse, not only did Air Serbia enter the market but so will Aegean with their three weekly flights to Dubrovnik. This will take quite a few passengers away from OU because why should anyone fly with OU when there is A3 which provides incomparably better service and connecting opportunities beyond Athens.

      Like I said, let's wait and see how things play out. In my opinion one of the biggest blows were KL from AMS and BA from LHR.
      By the way, BA did not so much launch ZAG flights because of transfer passengers, it was primarily because of O&D.

    11. Anonymous13:03

      In September of last year I read the headline here that Croatia Airlines aims for long haul flights. Can we buy tickets soon or is it another fake promise?

    12. Anonymous13:20

      You read the headline but you obviously didn't read the article where it says its their long term goal

    13. Anonymous14:04

      Long term means nothing if they can't survive short term. What is the point of fantasy announcements? That's like saying I have long term plans to be a billionaire, but let's see how am I going to pay for rent and food this month.

  2. Anonymous09:51

    great news especially for Rijeka. On another note, I think Ryanair will be reducing flights out of Zadar this summer.

    1. Purger10:26

      No need to "think". They already published reducing number of flights from ZAD.

  3. Anonymous10:02

    about ZAG: my bets are on Alitalia, Czech, SAS and Tarom, however not necessarily to come right away in the spring, but give it until the end of the year...

    1. Anonymous10:32

      Alitalia has already expressed the intention to come to zg in a period between 2015 and 2016.

    2. Anonymous11:26

      If TAROM starts flying to Zagreb then Air Serbia should consider Cluj and Chisinau

    3. Anonymous12:25

      Yeah, I don't see them launching Zagreb flights, especially since JU and RO have a fantastic relationship.
      Furthermore, is Tarom really interested in entering a price war with JU? Just look at the price difference on BEG-OTP route.

    4. Anonymous16:59

      TAROM will start flying to ZAG this year!

      Their code-share with JU is just one of 14 their code-share agreements, not even near as important as one with AF. So, don't put JU on the level as they are so important that RO will not fly to ZAG because of that small code-share agreement. You really thing that air traffic is turning around JU? You are so funny.

    5. Anonymous17:09

      In terms of Balkan aviation it is. Duh.
      Tarom will bleed out on the route because JU will destroy it with cheaper fares and more frequencies/options.

    6. Anonymous17:21

      I'm from Serbia but I don't understand some people. Why wouldn't TAROM or any other airline fly somewhere in the Balkans, be it Zagreb, Sarajevo or wherever. If they want to compete and survive they will fight. While some people (for some obscene reason would like everyone to go bankrupt but Air Serbia) the aviation industry didn't freeze just because Air Serbia launched. Yes I will be happy if Air Serbia competes with them and succeeds but why should every single airline in the region just put codeshares on JU and say "that's it I'm giving up". Unfortunately Jat's former corrupt management was like that. Former CEO Mr Ognjenovic struck a personal deal with Fly Dubai to open flights to BEG and for JU to suspend all flights (it was one of their better routes) and all that for a couple of thousand euros for his own pocket.

    7. Anonymous17:26

      Someone already mentioned (yesterday?) that a national carrier from Eastern Europe already made a deal with ZAG airport management and will start flying 5 times per week in 2015! Could it be TAROM or someone else?

      Anyway, this will be a great year for Ex-Yu airports, especially Belgrade, Split, Zagreb,...!

    8. Anonymous17:40

      Because for Tarom is is far easier to offer Zagreb flights via Belgrade than to fly directly. If they fly directly then, best case scenario, they could fly 4-5 times per week. Through BEG they could offer flights up to two times per day.

    9. Anonymous17:41

      My money is on airBaltic.

    10. Anonymous17:49

      Ja se kladim da ce doci PS.

  4. Anonymous11:37

    Will Sky Greece fly ZAG - YYZ in 2015? It would be kind of funny if the ministry for foreign affairs made that up but then again its funny that the ministry of foreign affairs is even negotiating flights. You would think that ticket sales would have begun by now knowing the diaspora which buys tickets months in advance.

    1. I don't believe that Sky Greece, nor Air Croatia, nor Montenegro will ever take off.

      If they do, yay that's great... but wouldn't bet on them. Management in this part of the world tends to use media for their own PR, often communicating whatever they are negotiating with airlines or airports... very unwise move that often backfires.

      Prvo ispeci pa reci :)

    2. Anonymous12:22

      It's funny that while the ministry was bragging about North American flights, Sky Greece was sending out e-mails offering their B763 to be leased out.

    3. Anonymous12:58

      What happened to this: June 16, 2014 Ex Yu news: Beijing-Zagreb to start in October:

      The Chinese Southeast Europe Business Association (CSEBA) has announced plans to link Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing with Zagreb through charter flights from this October. CSEBA President, Mario Rendulić, made the announcement in Chongqing where he held talks with local tour operators

    4. this announcement had to do with talks about Chinese flights that were, in the meantime, decided to be launched to and from Zadar airport instead.

    5. Anonymous13:23

      @ AnonymousJanuary 14, 2015 at 12:58 PM

      There have been a lot of updates on those CSEBA flights. This is the latest

    6. Anonymous13:58

      Thank you. So Chinese will fly to Zadar in the winter months? It seems too late to start this winter, is this planned for the next winter?

    7. Don't think they can fly to Zadar, No room for anything larger than a 737/A320 to either Take off and land with a decent load or turn on Zadars taxi ways and park on current Aprons unless they use the military ones which are about 1km from the terminal.

      Forget China to Zadar flights.

    8. Anonymous16:09

      Why would 1km distance be a problem?

    9. Anonymous19:30

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2015 at 4:09 PM
      Why would 1km distance be a problem?

      Its a military airfield used by the air force and NATO school in Zadar, no civilian jets allowed on it, deal with the NATO prohibits use of that runway by civilian aircraft other than in emergencies.

  5. Anonymous11:39

    We could also see Montenegro Airlines in Zagreb this year.

  6. Anonymous12:35

    Seems like there was fog in Sarajevo this morning. Turkish Airlines A321 diverted to BEG.

    1. Anonymous21:33

      thanks for thank info

  7. Anonymous12:40

    SAS will be competing with ASL for Stockholm from Zagreb.

    1. Anonymous12:45

      SAS is an easy pray. They are expensive and their product sucks.
      Some of their aircraft are worse than the old JU B733... before refurbishment.

    2. Anonymous12:49

      If SAS launches flights from Copenhagen then OU will be in serious trouble. They will have to respond adequately by upgauging the route from a Q400 to an A319, otherwise they will lose all the passengers.

    3. During summer season, OU operates at least 3 to 4 x weekly w/ A319.

      As for the other carriers... Perhaps ASL will be a transfering hub for croatians to underserved, yet not overly popular destinations (Buchurest, Stockholm etc.)

      However, O&D pax is ZAG's potential, primarily because ZAG is an upcoming destination. Perhaps not in the winter, but during the April-October, that is summertime table - definitely yes. So, that's the pax base. Once these flights get started, croatians will switch to these direct flights...

      In a long run, I am not too worried about Belgrade's artifically-built transition airport concept" because of ZAG as a destination potential...

      Once the NPT is done, it will be a much nicer place to have operate transfer flights that with what ZAG has now... the new terminal will be perfectly organized and easily expanded when needed.

    4. I meant 3 to 4 weekly with A319 to Copenhagen

    5. Anonymous13:31

      Lol... there is not that much O&D traffic from Zagreb. If there were then more lowcost airlines would have flown there. Many have withdrawn exactly because there isn't that much.

      I am not even gonna comment on your remark about Belgrade because I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

    6. I agree - hwe'll see. Hope you'll stick around at this blog during the years to come...

      In my opinion, the comment on the "artificial transfer pax" is based on the pricing policy. perhaps with time this will change and pax remain - I hope for BEG that they do.
      On the other hand, pax at ZAG pay ridiculously higher fares - not to say that this is anyone else's problem, but croatian problem... still it shows the opposite end of the market spectrum.

      My theory on ZAG's potential in O&D pax is based on the fact that Zagreb, as a destination, is growing in popularity and is the most visited city in Ex YU Region... with growth rates ranging from 10 to 15%, for over 4 yrs now...

      It's just an opinion. We'll shall see what the future will bring.

    7. Anonymous13:58

      Well, you argument would make far more sense if EY wasn't behind JU. They are not only providing them with the funds but with the know-how as well.
      The fact BEG has finally decided to expand its facilities and to increase its number of airbridges to 20 only shows how serious they are in keeping JU as their primary customer.
      Air Serbia's pricing policy is such that in new markets they offer dirt cheap fares so as to build up a brand. They are not dirt cheap across their network and they certainly aren't for flights out of Belgrade.

      Air Serbia did the most important thing, it reduced its cost structure which enabled it to move forward.
      Like you said, let's wait and see what happens, however, I would rather put my money on JU making it rather than OU making it out alive from the new reality of Croatia's civil aviation sector.

    8. now on LCC - the reason they are not in ZAG is not a lack of O&D demand, but due to the fact that the airport has no option but to slow down their penetration - at this moment.

      The current infrastructure does not allow the airport to diversify their service, which as a result does not justify radically different pricing for LCC (as other carriers would complain, b/c essentially everybody gets the same service ->no airbridges).

      Knowing this, the ZAG airport has decided not to be aggressive with bringing LCC as at this moment their product could not be adequately supported by the airport product... More damange to traditional carriers, and to OU, than advantages...

      Once the NPT gets completed, ZAG will be able to drastically reduce prices for LCC - and they'll stay parked away from the building, in the same manner everybody is parked today. the others will get better service and the price differentiation will be justified.

    9. Anonymous14:02


    10. Anonymous14:07

      (+1 was for the 1:58 comment)

    11. Anonymous14:22

      Hmm yes because the infrastructure is so much better at Memmingen, Charleroi or Timisoara. Those airports are horrible shacks yet it did not stop LCCs from flying there.
      If a lowcost flies somewhere then it's because there is a market, not because the airport is fancy.

    12. Anonymous14:32

      Yeah, that argument simply does not holds water. What about Belgrade then, they all have air-bridges there. What a pathetic excuse.

    13. One does not build a brand based on dirty cheap prices out of new destinations. Perhaps you build visibility/market presence (just like Rebate, aka "Kolektiva" did across the region with hotels), but not the trust, which essentially is "the brand". That one takes years to build. If you don't have it, as soon as you bring your price level to the same level where other competitors are, guess what your pax will be tempted to scatter across to other competitors ... More important factors for building the pax base are: population, national economy, tourism - and problably in that order of importance too !
      Neither Serbia and Croatia have it 3:0 at the expense of the other.

      So, in a light of that argument, ease a bit with your arrogance.

      With that I am not trying to state that ZAG nor Croatia are superior.

      As for the air bridges - off course the fancy infrastructure by itself does not do all the job with LCC.

      What I am talking about is infrastructural felxibility. If you have a shitty airport and as an airport are not focused on legacy carrier traffic, off course you can build massive traffic and have bunch of LCC - just lower your airport fees, that's the whole LCC point.

      On the other hand, airports that do serve legacy traffic usually have their infrastructure diversified, so as to offer diversified pricing.

      Pricing is not a major cause for opening new markets - off course. However, it helps in establishing/opening city break, point-to-point O&D traveling. That help happens through a pricing policy, whether you call it "discounted" pricing or "marketing" of the new destination.

      ZAG for obvious reasons hasn't gotten down that path yet, because it is infrastructurally limited. I am not saying that there are 3 mil LCC pax waiting to fly to Zagreb, but what I am saying is that LCC greatly depends on targeted marketing and pricing efforts, something ZAG has not done at all !

      Just to reinerate the point about demand - most visited Ex Yu city by at least 25%...

    14. Anonymous15:18

      Everyone can be as optimistic as they want, but unless there are major developments like Etihad deal in Serbia, or once new terminal in Zagreb is ready, there will be little to support massive growth.

      When I turn back and look at the passenger numbers at ZAG for the last 5 years, it does not look nearly as optimistic. There were many big announcements and long lists of new destinations and new airlines over the years but in reality only a small portion materialized. I am not even counting those long haul announcements or airlines like Dalmatian and Air Croatia. Future always looks much brighter than previous results.

    15. I have a logical explanation for the pax stagnation at ZAG.

      Concession: management focused on a highly complex process, less on negotiating new routes. Foreign carrier partners have since 2011. known that new management will overtake the infrastructure for the next 30 years.

      Would you as an airline be in a hurry to negotiate a deal right away, or will you see what "the new boss" will put down on a table. A carrier would want to know whether its pricing terms and other contractual elements will change or ...

      Just a common sense. So, no worries, the process has just been delayed for obvious reasons.

      Within only 1 year, 6 new airlines announced, with more to come.

      I have heard first hand from ZAG, that French are offering all sorts of "perks" to their partners at other airports where ADP is present ... in return are asking for some business at ZAG.

      ZAG has a good team behind its back :)

    16. Anonymous15:56

      Actually, building a brand through cheap fares is quite good and effective.
      You have an unknown product, attract people to test it because it's cheap and once they love it they will come back... even if the fares are higher.

      Your whole theory is based on the assumption that no one will fly on JU once its fares are raised. Unfortunately you are wrong as was portrayed by several different markets some of them being Prague, Moscow, Athens... where Air Serbia is not dirt cheap.

    17. Anonymous15:59

      '...that French are offering all sorts of "perks" to their partners...'

      And then people complain about Air Serbia dumping its fares or Skopje giving subventions to Wizz Air. ;)

    18. I did not say that no one will fly with Air Serbia. I was just saying that it takes more (effort and time) to create a brand, and that ASL will not be the sole player, there are other good airlines around.

    19. Anonymous16:48

      Yes but at the same time, Air Serbia has a decent enough product to justify a price increase.
      This year more aircraft should come and with the planned terminal upgrades Belgrade will buy enough time to handle the growth for another 5 to 7 years.

      Don't forget that Air Serbia doesn't have any real competitors in its backyard. The closest is Turkish. Austrian Airlines is fragile and it is struggling big time. In other words, for the time being it does not represent any long-term problem for JU.

    20. AirCEO16:49

      @Petar at 3:53

      "Within only 1 year, 6 new airlines announced, with more to come."

      True dat. But you know what they say: "PR is art of arranging the truth so that others like you". I commend you for the way you arranged your facts. There's no denial marketing at ZAG is in full force.

      While your efforts may appeal wider audiences, you can assume some of the readers on this blog also know a thing or two about aviation business, and that might be the reason behind the criticism. Optimism for ZAG in 2015 might be a tough sell here as people can cut trough marketing fluff or rearrange the truth in a different way.

      Let me give you an example, people can say something like this: single airline added many more passengers to BEG in 2014 than all those 6 airlines in ZAG combined.

    21. @AirCEO
      Sorry - no marketing fluff here... 6 new airlines is a fact.

      January 2014 - 1st announcement (KLM)
      July 2014 - 2nd announcement (FlyDubai)
      August 2014 - 3rd announcement (Eurolot)
      September 2014 - 4th announcement (Swiss)
      November 2014 - 5th announcement (ASL)
      December 2014 - 6th announcement (Brussls)

      And this has to announced/confirmed/planned business. Most effects of these were not felt in 2014, since really, it was only the KLM that was launched prior to the beginning of the 2014 season (still relatively late, end of May).

      My argument has nothing to do with who at BEG has brought what... it does not interest me. What is factual here is the fact that foreign carriers are rising at ZAG and based on the announcements, this provides ZAG rougly with 10-12% growth (without generic growth of the existing flights and airlines) in 2015.

      I expect more airlines and destinations to be announced this year, out of which some will start flying earlier than the very end of the year.

      So, chill out - no fluff here... and I don't work in the airline industry, but in hospitality business.

    22. Anonymous18:20

      During Belgrade's golden year we got like ten new airlines and 20%+ growth.

    23. Most growth in 2014 in ZAG was achieved due to KLM and several other frequency increases (Turkish) and/or extension of the season (Vueling, Iberia), new charters (Air Nostrum, Air Europa).
      Given that ZAG was - 2% for the first quarter of 2014 (due to OU's reduced schedule) I'd say + 5,68% is totally fine !

      Despite lower # of flights, ZAG managed to increase pax numbers, which says that LF was much better. There's demand and the airport is in a need of more flights - perhaps not in winter, but in the period April-October, certainly yes !

    24. 20% - where and when ?

      BEG's fastest growing recent years were in 2011 (+15%) and 2014 (ASL). Other years (2008.09,10,12,13) were more moderate 4-9% growth...

    25. AirCEO19:20

      Petar, I mentioned those 6 new airlines as facts, that is not disputed. My point is that link between those new airlines and expectation of massive growth is not warranted. I read in your earlier post today "Just to reinerate the point about demand - most visited Ex Yu city by at least 25%... " and that part seemed like a fluff.

    26. Anonymous19:47

      @PetarJanuary 14, 2015 at 2:44 PM


      great points

    27. Anonymous19:55

      2010 was +13%.
      2007 was +13%

      ...and so on.

      I was mostly referring to monthly growth.

    28. @AirCeo - perhaps I owe a clarfication. Zagreb had close to 1 mil visitors, and accoording to my estimate Belgrade us under 800k tourists annually, Ljubljana around 600k. that's what i was referring to...

    29. Anonymous22:52

      While being the most visited, it ain't the most beautiful, the most liveful or the most interesting.

      Most of tourists to Zagreb come overland anyway.

  8. Anonymous13:01

    B&H Airlines in dire state - one aircraft grounded... liquidation apparently imminent...

    1. Anonymous13:21

      The plane was on regular servicing and it seems to be back in the fleet this morning.

    2. No wonder they've canceled all those flights to BEG in recent days. I think new government might do something to prevent PR fallout thus avoiding the inevitable for a while.

  9. Fog in Pristina, Swiss Austrian and Germania diverted to Skopje

    1. ..and Meridiana

    2. SKP seem to be doing much better this year. Pure luck or they installed some equipment.

    3. Anonymous13:38

      Neither. It's result of expert advice and hard work. Landing minimum has been reduced by ~400m.

  10. Anonymous14:06

    Petre ti si imao neki info sa ZAG airport, hoće li to Tarom doći uskoro ?

    1. Anonymous14:29

      No need to when they can offer connections via their partner's hub in Belgrade.

    2. Anonymous14:31

      Plus, imagine how horrible it must be to fly on a crappy, old Atr-42 for almost two hours.

  11. Anonymous14:34

    OT: Is it an option to re-open the gate A11 at BEG or make it a bus gate? Why was it closed in the first place?

  12. Anonymous15:04

    Kakav to let ima TDR 22 JAN HEL-TXL-ZAG slece u 16:45 a polece u 17:30 iz TXL ?
    Hvala unapred

  13. Anonymous15:20

    OT: Is this truth?

  14. Anonymous16:11

    Cudi me da TUIfly Nordic ( 6B ) i Arkefly ( OR ) ne lete za SPU i DBV
    Ja mislim da ce ZAG sledece godine imati 2.65 mil pax mada bolje da sacekamo rezultate od JAN.
    A ja sam jos onda reko da nece nista biti od letova CSEBA i Sky Greece-a oba dva puta sam bio napadnut.
    Zasto nema CTN codeshare sa CA kad ima toliki potencijal a oba dvoje su u Star Alliance.
    I takodje da ima potencijal toliki koliki se ovde predstavlja UA bi sigurno leteo sezonski JFK ZAG ili DBV sa 763ER ili 788.

    1. Anonymous16:42

      I takodje da ima potencijal toliki koliki se ovde predstavlja UA bi sigurno leteo sezonski EWR ZAG ili DBV sa 763ER ili 788.

    2. Anonymous16:46


  15. INN-NS, mislim da bilo kakvi direktni letovi moraju bit podržani izvrsnom infrastrukturom, know how osoblja, što je u ZAG vrlo nategnuto... Tržište postoji, u HRV imaš više od 300.000 američkih turista godišnje, image Hrvatske je vrlo pozitivan i postoji solidan rast (od 10 do 20% godišnje), ali stvari jednostavno još nisu zrele.

    Zamisli razmažene Amere, pogotovo one slatke bakice (pogotovo one jadne u invalidskim kolicima) da se umjesto putem avio mostova drndaju u autobusu.

    Ništa od ozbiljnih letova dok infrastruktura nije spremna - govorim za ZAG.

    1. Anonymous17:45

      Petre znam da HR ima dosta USA turista ali DLH nikad nebi dozvolila direktne letove .
      Pa vec sad dolaze ti Ameri ali preko FRA ili VIE i isto tako izlaze u DBV ili ZAG
      A za SkyGreece Airlines sam nasao da treba da pocnu letovi za ZAG 22 Juna i da je Focus city ja mislim da od toga nema nista zato sto CTN nema ni codeshare sa AC.
      Jel znate mozda koliko je do sad pax posetilo ZAG.
      Hvala unapred.

    2. Misliš # američkih pax kroz ZAG ili # američkih turista u Zagrebu ?
      Za ovo prvo neznam...

      Slažem se da naravno kako su putevi kroz europske "hubove" već davno utkani, ali tamo gdje destinacija već ima svoje ime, dođe vrijeme da se pokrenu i direktni letovi, samo je sve stvar sazrijevanja... nemožeš prije reda dok nisi zadovoljio uvjete... a vjerujem kako će amera svake godine biti sve više i više...
      2017-18... će se stvari naglo pokrenuti.

    3. Anonymous18:50

      Mislim koliko je pax proslo kroz Aerodrom ZAG od 01-14 JAN da ne znate mozda
      Cudi me da TUIfly Nordic ( 6B ) i Arkefly ( OR ) ne lete za SPU i DBV posto skoro cela Tuifly grupa leti.

    4. neznam, ali vrlo rado ću ih podijeliti ako to uspijem iskopati. Ako me sjećanje dobro služi (negdje jesam jednom pročitao), to su brojke od 100 do 250.000 pax... ali cijeli U.S.A, od čega najviše NYC (recimo 120-150.000), onda Chicago, a ostali su zanemarivi...

    5. Anonymous20:10

      OK, mogu da velim da prvi tjedan u novij godini Zagreb je imao solidan rast,, zparavo imam podatke za prvih 10 dana, brojke us jako dobre, rast od 8.5%, OU se malo mrknula, ali jos uivijek po starom broj letova je na istoj razini kao prosle godine ali broj putinka je veci.

      Prilicno sam suguran da SAS, Alitalia & Czech air dolaze u Zagreb ove godine, 99% siguran, nisam siguran za ostale, Agean, Air Baltic, Finnair, Ukraine international i jos dvije kompanije progovaraju, Finnair je moguc, ali mislm da ce biti sljedece godine.

      Iberia, Vueling, Air Europa, bi trebali letjeti cijelu godinu a ne samo sezonski, Hrvatsku je posjetilo 187 000 Spanljoskih turisa i oko 50 000 poslovnih putnika, ove godine se ocekuje 5% rast na proslu godinu najmanje, znaci Zagreb bi trebao imati liniju sa Valencijom, treci grad Spanjolske i Zagreb je jako popularan u tom gradu jer oko 20ak posto ljudi dolazi iz Valencije u Zagreb. Barcelona ima liniju ali bi trebalo imati vise opcija cijene se prilicno visoke bas sada, oko polovica svih putovanja su iz Barcelone, Madrid je kao Valencija sa oko 20%, 10% dolazi is ostalih dijelova Spanjolske. Znaci Madrid i Vlaencia bi trebali imati linju sa Zagreb kroz cijelu godinu.

    6. Anonymous20:13

      ...a na koncu svega toga dolaze Delta i Qantas.

    7. Anonymous20:18

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2015 at 8:13 PM

      pa super je to, znas kada ;)

    8. @anonymous 8:10, hvala.
      dolaze li ovo troje za zimsku sezonu ili ranije ? + 8,5%, pa to baš i nije nešto... zapravo. ali ok, nema veze. bit će bolje.

    9. Anonymous20:40

      Anonymous at 8:10 PM
      Hvala na odgovoru znaci bice zanimljivo.

    10. Anonymous22:15

      @8:10&Petar Oh please, stop making it as if Zagreb was some worldwide reknown metropolis, it's just a small city and a minor tourist stop en route around other major cities in Europe (Vienna, Budapest...) or to the coast... I work in the travel industry for a global company and most of people have no idea where Zagreb is and those who go are quite disappointed to tell you honestly.

      Bottom line, if there'll be any noticeable development in Croatian aviation industry that's on the coast and nowhere else. Best solution for Zagreb would be to shut down OU and bring a LCC that would do the same as in Budapest, that way figures can reach 3 million or higher.


    11. Anonymous22:21

      PS: If there was demand, airlines would have rushed to Zagreb even without a terminal and disembark on grass if needed (in Budapest that's almost the case). The fact is there is NO demand. The only reasons airlines are coming to Zagreb now is:

      1 - OU is weak and its bankruptcy anticipated (something like JU few years ago after the liberalisation), so many airlines rush to place themselves in the market before that happens

      2 - An owner who is not protective of Star Alliance cartel and easing them the way to come

      Additional airlines doesn't necessariliy translates in additional pax, it only changes the way the share of pax is gonna be distrubed across the competitiros and trust me, OU is the weakest link.

    12. Anonymous22:34

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2015 at 10:15 PM

      yugoturist ? lol

      @PetarJanuary 14, 2015 at 8:37 PM

      Moguce prije, govorio sam sa necu reci puno s kime, ali posto radim za globanu firmu, imam neke kontakte u Parizu i Zagrebu, tako da dobijem neke informacije, znam da se pregovora i da izgleda super, SAS, Alitalia i Czech bu dosli u ovoj godini, kada, nisam siguran jer jos se pregovara.

      Finnair je isto u igri, Air Baltic isto, ali nisam siguran za ostale, ono kaj si rekao o LCC je spot on, u svemu se slazem, London, Amsterdam, Paris su jako malo servirani, puno mjesta za druge da dogu i pocnu letjeti, ne vidim razlog da EasyJet ili neko druge ne uzme priliku jednom kako si rekao kad se novi terminal igradi.

      Sada je birno dobiti legacy carriers u Zagreb, treba ih sve poticnuti da dogu u Zagreb.
      Bilo bi dobro ako Tarom moze doci, Montenegrin, Ukraine international i Pegasus, ali mislim da se to nece dogoditi ove godine, moramo biti realni, Tarom ima pune ruke sa jedva aviona da posluzuje sadasnju situaciju, Pegasus nece icic protiv Turkish, bar mislim da nece, a rat u Ukrajni malo daje mogucnosti da Ukraine International Airlines doge u Zagreb bas sad iako ovdje zivi i radi oko 10ak tisuca Ukraijnca.

    13. Anonymous22:44


      Is there a moment you'll start speaking of the present, without using "will, will, will..." in every second sentance? Don't you realise that doesn't make your illusions any closer to reality?

    14. @anonymous 8:37PM, thnx man... :)

      the others - no comment. I don't have to make Zagreb sound like a world wide metropolis, the most visited city in ExYu is just fine and enough :)

    15. Anonymous23:21

      Ok, if that's enough to console you then great ;)

    16. Anon 10:21
      "Star alliance cartel" oh my god, I died laughing. Brilliant.

      Peter, unfortunately, the task has fallen to me to inform you that your opinions of Zagreb's importance and fame in America are vastly overblown. Have a good day.

    17. Anonymous01:17

      They're on mushrooms.

  16. ali mislim da taj podatak imaš na stranicama Routes... ili takvim sličnim...koliko se sjećam tamo se za svaki aerodrom radi popis destinacija u koje tranzitni putnici lete, ali preko drugih čvorišta. svrha te liste je prezentirati "buduće" potencijale direktnih linija. to mislim da svaki aerodrom sebi stavlja na svoj vlastiti profil...

    1. Anonymous20:15

      imas link za Routes ?

  17. išao sam sada i skužio da moraš imati account, ili se logiraš via LinkedIn... samo upisati Zagreb u search box na njihovom webu i ako imaš profil, tamo dosta toga piše (underserved routes, unserved routes itd.)

    1. Anonymous22:19

      thanx i do have an account with lindkein, have to have an account as I am an architect.

    2. Anonymous00:19

      Well, an architect should know that things are built on firm ground, not in the dreams... I would expect you to be a lot more 'grounded', if you know what i mean.

  18. Anonymous21:07

    When are the Q400 leases up for renewal?

    1. Anonymous22:18

      2018 for first two aicraft, rest in 2019 and 2020.

      Although these aren't renewals, option to own or return of aircraft is what has been agreed, OU will most likely buy them outright, $7 million per aircraft i believe is price in 2018.

      But alternative is that OU gets 6 CS100 on lease to own, something that is now being considered seriously, in that case OU would get massive discount on brand new CS100s in exchange for Q400s, around $8-10 million per aircraft ordered and OU would own new aircraft after 10 years.

      These are the options now,

    2. Anonymous22:25

      I guess they will have to get a loan to purchase them... or?

    3. Anonymous22:45

      @AnonymousJanuary 14, 2015 at 10:25 PM

      If it is lease to own, no, if it is outright purchase yes. Brand New CS100 is around $62 million, with discount they'll still come up to $52-54 million per aircraft. x 6 = ~324 million, yep loan would be a must, OU's turnover is around 1.8 billion kuna now, not sure they can afford not to take a loan.

    4. Anonymous01:02

      No, no. I thought they were purchasing the Q400s.

    5. Anonymous12:33

      @AnonymousJanuary 15, 2015 at 1:02 AM

      The Q400s might be purchased outright or replaced by CS100s, we'll see come 2018/19.

      OU has right to purchase these for about $42 million, all 6 aircraft, current lease is around $3.2 million per aircraft and includes extensive support package, options for OU at the end of this lease is to outright purchase entire fleet for $40-42 million for which OU will need to raise some sort of a loan, or replace these aircraft with brand new CS100, this option be again 10 year lease + right to own the aircraft at the end of 10 year lease. Final option for OU is to return the aircraft in question and this is not option OU can exercise, OU needs Q400 for they've proven very profitable for OU, they have decent range and OU uses them on pan European flights as well as regional.

      Current OU management sees the problem in using Q400s on flights that exceed 2 hours for these aircraft aren't most comfortable so they're looking at more comfortable aircraft, mention was of E 190/195.

      OU has already ordered 4 brand new A319s that'll join the fleet in 2017, once these aircraft do join the fleet we'll know if OU intends to replace 6 Q400s with CS100s as stated by current management, they've stated they'd like to introduce 100 seat capacity airliner sometimes after OU exits the EU imposed restructuring. As Q400s are coming on renewal in 2018/19 it is possible OU might purchase CS100s to replace at least 2 Q400s, the likelihood of OU replacing all Q400s, well OU needs Q400s for regional and domestic traffic, there are no alternatives.

  19. Anonymous01:46

    @ Petar
    I would be interested to know more on your hypothesis:

    "Belgrade's artifically-built transition airport concept"

    Would you be so kind and further eleborate on this idea.


    -- Charlie

  20. hey Chuckie - no bad blood intended, haha :)
    I was over exagherating when saying this about Belgrade... it's my personal opinion - not so much on where Belgrade is today, but rather on what some fellow exyu forum members wrote that BEG will reach 6,7 or more mil pax within 2-3 yrs.

    @others anonymous who are saying that I'm on mushrooms and/or that american tourists don't care about Zagreb. Welll, I never had said that Zagreb is a city to which millions of americans will flock right away.

    what I was saying is that there are +300.000 american tourists who come to Croatia. Given that not that many americans travel abroad, and the fact that Croatia is increasingly on the map for those who are on their route accross Europe says a lot of positive about Croatia. Many, many visit Zagreb and are very happy w/ it.

    1. Anonymous16:36

      Thanks Pete for the reply. No ill feelings whatsoever, I was just curious as to what you meant. Yeah, some of the BEG boosters are sometimes a little too much. But BEG still has great potential and room to grow. If Air Serbia stabilizes and becomes profitable the long term looks good.

      BTW, been to Zagreb many times and always enjoy the city. Great trams ;-)

      Always appreciate your comments.

      -- Charlie

  21. Peter,

    I too see growth of at least 10% for Zagreb in 2015. In about 3 weeks we should see the results for January with anything less than 8% for me will be a disappointment and would force me to re asses my personal predictions. Somehow, I don't think it will be necessary.

    The naysayers can say what they want but the truth is that Zagreb along with the surrounding region is becoming a Croatian destination separate from the coast and a popular one too. The positive and free PR through countless different mediums from word of mouth to celebrities bragging about Croatia while being interviewed on American TV and beamed around the world has not been lost on Zagreb.

    Lets face it, Zagreb is a small city but it is a city which is beautiful, has a great history, its own culture and well looked after, clean and presented well and has an appeal for a certain type of visitor.

  22. thnx guys. Q400 - I too am enthusiastic and hope for the best, Zagreb and Croatia @my heart. wishing every other country in exyu nice success too in 2015...

    this is pretty cool, Zagreb is nominated once again for 2015. Europe's Best Destinations 2014, Zagreb #2 ...

  23. OT

  24. Bombardier Inc.’s credibility was called into question Thursday after it suspended its Learjet 85 program and slashed its financial outlook, sending the shares plummeting and raising questions about the company’s liquidity position.


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