Novi Sad

If you’re reading this today then you’re a very loyal reader - a Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope today is a day of food, family, friends and festive fun. Thanks for your support throughout the past year


Sretna nova godina Srećna nova godina Срећна нова година Среќна нова година Srečno novo leto Gëzuar Vitin e Ri 

May 2015 bring you many travels and adventures


 There will be a lot to get through in 2015 and it all starts right here tomorrow at 09.00 CET


Stay safe and enjoy the holidays



  1. Happy and prosper 2015 year to be! To this Portal, those endless readers, airlines, airports. To be loyal reader of this blog is so natural, all most as air we breeding. Among all outers AIR SERBIA and AIRPORT NIKOLA TESLA BELGRADE is two top agenda in raising and development starting with full gear this Blessed 2015 year. In deed, my native QANTAS AIRWAYS is on the way to recovery. So great. So good to by loyal to loyal people and organisations... Any one to agree?.
    GOD bless you all. Big and small. Greeting from airport Morava and Otadzbina-Fatherland of SERBIA..
    Rodney & SON. Kraljevo /// Sydney.

  2. Nikola10:02

    Happy New Year. and of course i'm a loyal reader :-)

  3. Purger11:18

    Sretna nova godana, puno sreće, blagostanja i zdravlja.

    Posebna i najdublja hvala adminu na istinski ogormnom trudu, beskrajnim živcima radi moderiranja ovog bloga i kvaliteti materijala koji se objavljuju.

  4. Nikskp11:51

    Srekjna nova godina from Skopje, Macedonia, from a very loyal reader :)

  5. Thank you, Ex-Yu, and happy new year to all.

    This portal has become a part of my day. I haven't missed an article this year. I can't wait to discover what exciting things will be in store for 2015.

  6. Anonymous12:21

    Beautiful photos. Looking forward to another year :)

  7. Anonymous13:14

    Beautiful photos from the beautiful cities!

    Special thank you goes to the admin of this magnificent blog! it has indeed become my daily routine (even when I go on holidays).

    Genuinely wish to all Ex Yu airports, big ones and small ones, more passengers, more routes, more airlines, more jobs, bigger terminals in 2015. May 2015 bring us all health, love, success, respect for each other and joy.

    Happy New Year!!!

    Greetings from London

  8. Anonymous13:41

    Happy New Year from Sydney. Hoping for an inreresting 2014 in aviation. Pozdrav

  9. Happy new Year! I would like to thank the admin for doing a great job. Having content every day is amazing plus route launches, vintage pics and all the work on social media is really fantastic. As someone who is not connected to the former Yugoslavia in any way but just being an aviation geek, I have learned so much in the past two years since I started reading this blog. Such a rich aviation history and so much going on today in such a small space area wise.

    Also thanks to people like Purger, Aleksandar Stojanovic, Radovan Marinkovic and others. I enjoy reading your comments and input as well.

    Wishing you all a great first day in 2015 and looking forward t tomorrows news already :)

    1. Anonymous00:21

      Thanks for a great comment! Hope you enjoyed last two years (following the blog) and hope for a lot more to follow.
      Looking forward to more comments from you in 2015!

    2. What do you think when you see the famous Balkan bickering among Yugos? I bet you think we are crazy!

      Happy new year.

  10. Anonymous16:02

    Srecna svima Nova godina .
    I hvala Adminu za odlican posao i sto nas sve trpi ovde , i radi odlican posao :)

    1. Anonymous16:10

      EY je dobio danas 1 789 .
      Nadam se da ce mo ga cesto vidjati u LYBE zajedno sa 77W :P

  11. Anonymous16:09

    Any particular reason why Prishtina is not listed?

    1. Anonymous16:19

      They change it every year. I remember last year there was Pristina and no photo from Serbia. Give it a rest people and enjoy the holiday.

  12. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

  13. Anonymous18:02

    Ein schönes und gutes neues Jahr aus dem verschneiten München mit besonderem Dank an den Admin des Ex Yu Aviation Blogs !
    Ich lese diese Seite fast jeden Tag, denn es gibt einfach nichts was mit dieser konkurrieren kann.

    Gesundheit,Gesundheit und noch mal Gesundheit !

  14. Anonymous18:55

    Thanks on wishes. Same wishes to you ex zu aviation and all readers :)

    Thanks on picutre of my Novi Sad. Greetings.

  15. Anonymous19:07

    Happy New Year from Dubrovnik!

  16. Anonymous20:14

    Zagreb Airport terminal update by Josip Skof (December 30th 2014):


    1. Keep them coming!

      Love the terminal progress pic's. Would be awesome if they had a webcam set up showing the progress but I think it might be an issue since it is close to the military side of the airport.

      Thanks again and greetings from a very hot, humid and stormy Sydney!

  17. Anonymous20:23

    Srecna Nova godina svima, uz veliku zahvalnost administratoru na svakodnevnom sadrzaju!

  18. Thanks Ex Yu for another great and informative year and for putting up with some of the commentators of this blog.

    Even though I look forward to reading this blog near daily it can become difficult with some of the contributors in the comment arena but I see you do your best to monitor

    Happy new year all.

    Sretan Nova svima.

  19. Anonymous03:53

    Srecna nova godina svima!!! Veliki pozdrav iz suncane Kalifornije. Drago mi je da vidim tako divnu sliku mog Novog Sada. Jedva cekam da vidim sta ce biti ove sledece godine. Hvala narocito adminu za sav svoj trud radi odrzavanja ovog sajta.



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