First Dreamliner service in EX-YU

Dubrovnik to handle first 787 Dreamliner in May

Dubrovnik Airport will have the honour of becoming the first in the former Yugoslavia to handle the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft on a regular basis. According to the latest update of planned and scheduled Dreamliner services, based on information available in the Global Distribution System (GDS) and recently published by “Airline Route”, leisure airline Thomson Airways will operate flights from London Gatwick Airport to Dubrovnik from May 7 through to October 22. The leisure carrier will be rolling out B787 services to several destinations from Gatwick Airport throughout the summer including Tenerife, Dalaman, Rhodes, Mallorca and Enfidha in Tunisia. The airline’s B787 has the capacity to seat 291 passengers, with 47 seats in its Premium Club cabin and a further 244 in economy.

Dubrovnik Airport is believed to be planning a special welcome for the Dreamliner jet on its inaugural flight from London. Scheduling and the allocation of equipment on certain routes are subject to change and the jet’s first arrival in Dubrovnik on May 7 is based on the latest information available in the GDS. The leisure airline will operate two weekly flights between Gatwick and the Croatian holiday hotpot, each Thursday and Sunday, starting May 3, with the Thursday flight to run with the B787. Furthermore, Dubrovnik has been selected as the departure and arrival point for its Thomson Celebration cruise ship this year. Passengers flying the Dreamliner will continue their journeys on the cruise ship. Thomson Airways will significantly boost operations to Croatia this summer. Apart from the resumption of its existing seasonal services, the airline will also introduce flights to Dubrovnik from Glasgow, Bristol and Newcastle, as well as services from London Gatwick Airport and Manchester to Split.

Thomson Airways took delivery of its first B787 in May 2013, making it the first airline in the United Kingdom to operate the aircraft type. Commenting recently on the revolutionary jet, Karen Switzer, Director of Aviation Planning for Thomson Airways, said, “The Dreamliner has certainly lived up to its promise to revolutionise long haul travel. Feedback from both customer and crew has been extremely positive”. The airline has seven of the jets in service.


  1. Anonymous09:30

    Why isn't this in flash news? This isn't so big news.

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Because february is traditionaly slowest month in airline industry and airline journalism. PS I love 787 <3!

    2. Anonymous09:56

      Oh please, do not be jealous!

    3. Anonymous10:11

      Anonymous 9:30 AM, please, do not be jealous!

    4. Anonymous10:16

      I'm sure this article will get more clicks then others. People like this sort of stuff and it is an achievement. And it's Saturday. Chill out.

    5. Anonymous12:59

      Why? It's not ASL so it's flash news?

    6. Anonymous13:34

      Bila pre mesec dana na BEG 4 x 747 u jednom danu pa nije bila glavna vest...

    7. Anonymous13:42

      ^ Da i? Nije prvi put u istoriji sleteo B747 u Beograd pa da zahteva posebnu paznju. Da Dreamliner slece u Beograd verovatno bi prvi zahtevao da bude objavljeno na sva zvona. Ne znam koji ti je problem.

    8. Anonymous13:59

      These are not one off flights they are actual scheduled flights. Why shouldn't it be published on the main page? I feel sorry for the admin sometimes. He posts news from Air Serbia, Croats are angry. He posts news about Croatia, Serbs are angry and say how it should be renamed to Croatian Aviation News. Seriously...

    9. Anonymous16:54

      Nice news for Dubrovnik and all the spotters there!

    10. Anonymous03:43

      This is most typical commenting, one says that this news is suppose to be flash news, and rest start whose dick is bigger argument war :(

  2. Congrats to DBV and let's hope these birdies will be regularly visit more exYU airports!

  3. Anonymous09:59

    U naslovu je trebalo dodati: "First Dreamliner service in EX-YU, a i šire!"

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:22

    Wowww..... not bad, congratulations.... this will be a double weekly highlight for spotters and tourists when they ll hve the Dreamliner in approach passing by the city

  5. JU520 BEGLAX10:26

    Nice cabin layout for a charter company...

  6. Anonymous10:37

    @ ex-Yu:
    Thomson Airways ne leti iz LHR za Split, nego isto iz glavne baze London Gatwick.
    Thomson nema bazu u LHR, nego osim u LGW isto u Lutonu i Stansted.

  7. Anonymous12:12

    I do not see anything in Amadeus! I am checking at the moment and there is nothing - which GDS are you talking about?
    Here is timetable between LON and DBV in Amadeus for May 2015:

    1 U25425 7 LGW S DBV 0550 0930 0 03MAY15 31MAY15 319 2:40
    2 DY2454 36 LGW S DBV 0600 0940 0 11APR15 13JUN15 73H 2:40
    3 U25427 6 LGW S DBV 0625 1005 0 25APR15 09MAY15 319 2:40
    4 U23025 37 STN DBV 0630 1005 0 22APR15 17MAY15 319 2:35
    5 BA2678 6 LGW N DBV 0635 1020 0 02MAY15 02MAY15 319 2:45
    6 BA2678 3 LGW N DBV 0640 1030 0 06MAY15 06MAY15 320 2:50
    7 BA2678 7 LGW N DBV 0650 1035 0 03MAY15 03MAY15 319 2:45
    8 U25427 135 LGW S DBV 0705 1045 0 27APR15 29MAY15 320 2:40
    9 BA2678 1 LGW N DBV 0710 1055 0 04MAY15 04MAY15 319 2:45
    10 BA2678 2 LGW N DBV 0715 1100 0 05MAY15 05MAY15 319 2:45
    11 BA2678 5 LGW N DBV 0910 1255 0 01MAY15 01MAY15 734 2:45
    12 BA2678 5 LGW N DBV 0910 1255 0 08MAY15 08MAY15 320 2:45

    1. Anonymous12:21

      Thomson isn't in Amadeus. You have it on Airlineroute. They published all planned B787 services, Dubrovnik included

    2. Anonymous12:46

      Oh and BTW Thomson is the first airline that will use the new jet bridges at DBV

    3. Anonymous13:36

      But the article says that flights are in GDS.

    4. Anonymous13:44

      The article quotes from where Airline route got its info, and quotes Airline route as well...

    5. Anonymous13:57

      u 7. mjesecu vidim Thomson LGW-DBV dana 4 za 787, a dana 7 je 763,
      tako da su 2 tipa :)

  8. Anonymous12:24

    Yes DBV Airport will organize a special spotters today for the arrival. It's going to be great :)

    1. Anonymous14:23

      Otkud ti ta informacija za "spotters day"???

  9. Anonymous13:54

    "The leisure airline will operate two weekly flights between Gatwick and the Croatian holiday hotpot, each Thursday and Sunday, starting May 3, while it has chosen Dubrovnik as the departure and arrival point for its Thomson Celebration cruise ship this year."

    It's going to be a busy summer in Dubrovnik :))

    1. Anonymous22:04

      on Thursdays there will be following timetable of Thomson @ DBV (a.m.):
      1 each of B787 and B763 (LGW, MAN),
      2 B757s (BHX, GLA),
      2 B738s (BRS, NCL).

      These airliners will be the same time @ DBV, so there will be a nearly full apron similar to Sundays (when Thomson will operate just LGW and MAN, B763 and B757 resp.).

  10. Anonymous15:24

    @1.42 naravno da nije prvi put, ali kada su u jednom danu sletela četri B747? Inače nema nikakav problem a nadam se ni ti. Drugarski pozdrav.

    1. Anonymous20:00

      It wasn't four in a day but 8 in a week, end of December 2014.

    2. Anonymous20:10

      And I remember an article about it. Something like BEG airport focuses on cargo traffic or something like that in December.

    3. Anonymous21:26

      Hmm there was no article when the first B748(F) landed in ex-Yu. ;)

    4. Anonymous21:39

      - 747F to Douala EDT 0100 CEST
      - RU 9748 747F to Baghdad EDT 0830 CEST
      - EK 9315 747 to Douala EDT EDT 1700 CEST

  11. Anonymous16:58

    Dobre vesti za DBV ali sta sprema CTN za odbranu od napada LCC na HR primorje.
    Nadam se da ce i EY makar jednom poslati 789 za BEG na leto.

  12. Anonymous17:20

    The Dreamliner is the perfect symbol of our times....
    The flying cash machine designed for people who couldnt care less about aesthetics.
    For whom maximizing profit is everything

    Ugly plastic bird

    1. AirCEO19:05

      Disagree, it's not ugly, just par for the course in today's twin engine widebody universe. It looks smallish "in person" but stretch versions 787-9 and esp -10 should look slightly better. With wide twins position in the market you won't have much design choice in the years ahead except for niche A380/748.

      As for plastic - I flew couple of times on 787 and knew beforehand it was all composite frame, but you couldn't tell a difference just by looking around. Difference is however obvious for accountants.

      This bird was designed to stretch her wings to faraway places but unfortunately in this application does the same short haul job A300 performed very well exactly 40 years ago.

      Nice news for airplane enthusiasts in DBV area anyway.

    2. Anonymous19:58

      @AnonymousFebruary 21, 2015 at 5:20 PM


    3. Personally, I think the Dreamliner looks much better in person compared to in pictures. When seeing it in real life, somehow the eyes are more focused on the size of the engines, at least for me.

    4. Anonymous20:05

      Za ASL bi bilo bolje da dobiju 788 nego 332 .

    5. Aэrologic20:07

      Saw it the first time in WAW in Lot colours, the plane looks plain disgusting. I second AnonymousFebruary 21, 2015 at 5:20 PM thoughts, nicely put. After the 777 the SSJ is the only normal looking modern plane. A350 is sure better than 787. After doing that much damage to the looks, hearing them about how planes make "too much noise" and related regulations makes me wanna puke.

    6. Aэrologic20:12

      Would be interesting to know how much is the 787 actually cheaper to maintain vs. more classical planes such as A330 or 777. Being a more complex machine may incur the airline additional expenses that offset the fuel benefits. As we all see it didn't bring miracles to LOT.

    7. Anonymous20:37

      A330 moze vise kargo tereta da preveze od 787.
      The basic 787-8 airplane will have 30 percent lower airframe maintenance costs than any comparable product and will be available for revenue service more often than any other commercial airplane.
      777 Average Cost Per Nautical Mile: $19.98
      330 Average Cost Per Nautical Mile: $83.82
      To sam nasao na internetu a sad dali je istina .

  13. Anonymous23:21

    ASL salje sutra A320 za FCO :)

  14. Anonymous02:04

    Otpao točak na ATR-u koji je trebao da poleti iz BEG za ZAG i to na pisti. Putnici prebačeni u drugi avion.

    Ovo je već četvrti incident na ATR-ovima Air Serbie u samo mesec dana.

  15. Anonymous05:48

    Seems like EY 071 encountered some strong winds, it flew for 6 and a half hours!

  16. Anonymous05:50

    So U2's flights to Pula get the flashnews but DBV gets its own page. Nice.


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