New control tower for Tivat Airport

Construction of Tivat Airport’s new control tower to begin in September

The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency (SMATSA), which manages the airspace of both countries, has announced it will soon begin the construction of a new control tower at Montenegro’s busiest airport - Tivat. The project, initially announced in October last year, has been delayed by ten months with construction set to begin in September, according to the daily “Vijesti”. Last week, SMATSA lodged a request for necessary construction permits to be issued. The project involves the construction of 1.700 square metres of office space at the base of the control tower, while the control tower cab will be eighty square metres in size. An employee rest area will be located underneath the tower cab. Construction will be carried out at a quicker pace as it will take place at the site of the current air traffic control facility, with the existing tower cab to be demolished and the base of the structure expanded.

The head of SMATSA, Radojica Rovčanin, has previously said that Tivat’s new control tower will resolve all aircraft monitoring issues at the airport over the next two decades. “With the new tower in Tivat, we will improve safety with the use of the latest technology, which will, in turn, improve the functioning of all of the airport’s services. It is important to note that this control tower will be an architectural masterpiece which will greet tourists upon their arrival in Tivat and leave a strong first impression on them”, Mr. Rovčanin said. The project is valued at four million euros. SMATSA has also announced plans to build a new control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport but is yet to reveal any project details or a construction timeframe.

Tivat Airport’s control tower, which is 37 metres in height, was built in 1971. Following its redevelopment, the structure will also feature a panorama elevator while administrative offices, a weather centre, the airport’s bureau, training facilities and classrooms will be located at the base of the building. During construction, Tivat Airport air traffic control will move to a makeshift structure which will be fittied with necessary navigation equipment. Apart from a new control tower, Tivat Airport also hopes to build a new terminal. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is considering granting Tivat a twenty million euro loan for the project which comes at a price tag of forty million euros and includes the construction of a brand new terminal building, jetways, apron and a parking lot. In 2014, Tivat handled a record 910.533 passengers, the bulk of which came in July and August. It is now the former Yugoslavia’s eighth busiest airport, ahead of Sarajevo and Podgorica. Due to strong passenger growth, there have been issues with a lack of capacity during the summer months.


  1. Anonymous09:46

    Nice. Do we know when it will ve finished?

    1. Anonymous09:52

      If they start in September probably by April 2016 for the start of the summer timetable.

  2. Anonymous10:05

    Good news!

    Does Tivat/Montenegro plan a shift toward tourists from Western Europe. Any LCCs expected soon? Also, Thomas Cook operates from Brussels, surprised they are not flying from the UK.

    1. Anonymous10:15

      The problem with Montenegro is that tourism is still underdeveloped for its potential. The second problem is a ludicrous policy the government has called "Montenegro is the new Monaco" and they openly said they don't want low cost airlines to fly there because it is beneath their standards. They want to develop so called "luxury tourism". Third problem is protectionism of Montenegro Airlines.

      In the end they will have to shift towards western Europe because Russians are going to widely avoid Montenegro this year and go to places like Greece instead.

    2. Anonymous10:23

      Која спрдња. Црна Гора никада неће бити Монако, ни приближно Монаку. Прво нека обезбеде туристима воду током целе сезоне а да не причам о прљавим плажама.

    3. Anonymous11:54

      Thanks! I admire the aspiration. You certainly don't want to turn into some Spanish coastal towns. However, there will always be many budget tourists from Serbia and Bosnia (at least). 'Corridor 11' will facilitate even more tourist from Eastern Europe.
      Once they build the necessary infrastructure and the right attitude, they will attract the right tourist.

      Boka is definitely attractive (even more so, once sewage treatment facilities are in place). Proximity to Croatia helps.

      W.European tourists are visiting Boka, but only as a day trip from Dubrovnik.


    4. Anonymous13:26

      Tourism on its own is not enough to develop a whole country. A country can survive on tourism but not become rich. Renting, cleaning after foregners, cooking, bar tendering are not greatest aspirations in life for educated people. Monaco in fact is a CITY state, one of a kind in many ways (doesnt live of tourism).

    5. Anonymous16:02

      Well,the plan for Montenegro is to become a dump for western europeans and for this everything has to become cheap and low quality.
      The goal is to get rid of the russians and their money.
      Montenegrin government will treat them like s..t to achieve this goal.
      The whole plan is made in brussels of course.
      Montenegro only is dancing to the tunes of the other.

  3. Anonymous10:16

    Tivat is much more in need of a new terminal ASAP. The facilities and services at the current one in mid summer are a disaster.

  4. Anonymous10:48

    What's the largest plane that will be using Tivat this summer?

    1. Anonymous04:55

      S7 B763 and UT B762

  5. Ex yu admin, don't get me wrong for correcting you, but name of the head of SMATSA is Radojica Rovčanin.

    Све најбоље!

  6. Anonymous13:43

    " It is important to note that this control tower will be an architectural masterpiece which will greet tourists upon their arrival in Tivat and leave a strong first impression on them" hahah this is never a good sign. :D

  7. Anonymous14:09

    Dobijaju novi Terminal a nikakav doprinos u zaradi SMATSE nemaju.
    i takodje mislim da im ova sezona nije nista specialno

    1. Anonymous14:16


    2. Anonymous15:22

      Šta ti to znači

    3. Anonymous16:31

      Kakav bre terminal priča je o izgradnji kontrolnog tornja. Kako misliš ne doprinose? Jel ti uopšte znaš kako funkcioniše SMATSA?

    4. Anonymous18:54

      Kontrolni Toranj na to sanm mislio .

    5. Anonymous20:08

      ... a nikakav doprinos zaradi SMATSA, jel i to lapsus?

    6. Anonymous20:18

      Molim vas 80 % zarade SMATSA je iz Sbije.

    7. Anonymous20:52

      Ne razumem, malo pre je bio nikakakv doprinos sad je 20%. Jel po tim parametrima ne zaslužuju ni kontrolni toranj? U kom si ti fazonu?

    8. Anonymous23:28

      Decko je trol ne lozite se...

  8. Anonymous15:20

    Ne gnjavi terminal mora aerodrom da pravi ne SMATS.

  9. Anonymous15:28

    Does anybody know some sites simular to flightradar24? Thanks

  10. Anonymous16:11

    ОТ but still related to aviation...

    Serbian soldiers departed for Moscow yesterday afternoon on board a Russian IL-62 from Batajnica airport.

    They will participate in the Victory parade along with Indian, Chinese... troops.

    I am so proud of them but it's sad that our miliary doesnt even have a plane which could have taken them to Moscow.

    1. Instead of an ancient IL-62, they should employ Aviogenex's B732 YU-ANP (if it is still airworthy).

      Every government and army needs an airliner for various purposes. If YU-ANP is as airworthy as the individuals from Aviogenex really claim, then they should try to negotiate some government work.

      Another idea would be to do charters to Montenegro, Greece, Italy, and Turkey from Niš and maybe even Uzice.

  11. Anonymous16:29

    It's good that you are proud of them.

  12. Anonymous18:58

    It sees to be a slow day today so why not ask this question. From which of the airports in ex yu will EK come first? In my opinion its BEG or ZAG, but you never know with those guys. Of course in the entire Balkan region OTP is the first candidate, but I am talking about ex yu.

    1. Interestingly enough, Turkish Airlines will be sending its A332 to Bucharest on one of the three daily flights. Athens already gets the B773 and the A340.

      With TK on steroids, i highly doubt EK will launch any flights to ex-YU. After all, flydubai is better suited for our impovrished region.

    2. Anonymous21:25

      I would disagree Nemjee since EK has already a fleet of 220 aircraft plus around 280 orders. Of course around half of this orders are their to replace aging A330 and A340 and some of the Boing 777-200 and 300. My point is that eventually EK flights will start although as of now its a very small chance.Does anybody know how EK doing in BUD? I noticed that they are still sending the A330 and I always find very cheap fares from BUD with them.

    3. Anonymous21:31

      btw Nemjee have you heard anything about ASL putting back 2 Boing 737 and scrapping 2 Airbus 319 the next winter season? There was some talk about this yesterday or 2 days ago.

    4. Anonymous21:39

      Izvinjavam se sto se mesam dali vi verujete tim osobama sto se toga tice.

    5. Anonymous21:50

      It would make sense since those 2 aircraft are leased from EY plus ASL had multiple issues with those aircraft. I do not believe anything for now, but it sounds possible.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Anonymous21:59

      ANV i ANW treba da se vrate. Nisu samo tracevi.

    8. Па док не полете остаће само трачеви... мада ја сумњам да су ти авиони у тако фантастичном стању. Мислим, да јесу онда би их још прошле године уврели у саобраћај. Посебно када је било проблема са флотом.

    9. Anon 21.25

      Well, they can certainly launch Ex-YU flights but I highly doubt they could fill the seats- at least not at a decent price.
      EK missed its chance. The market is way too saturated at this point, especially with Qatar and flydubai upping their game. It also doesn't help that Qatar wasn't given the rights between Sofia and Belgrade.

      As far as the second question goes, let's wait and see what happens. The most important thing is that Etihad is returning to BEG which should free up one A319.

    10. Anonymous22:19

      Flydubai belongs to EK so they can literally just kick them out. As for QR, until they go direct they will probably not be too competitive. QR has dirt cheap promotion from BEG currently, so they are trying, but it seems they are not successful at it. Also ASL/EY is reducing AUH in winter to just daily. As of now EK has more then enough space. With FZ out, and QR barely competitive, only danger comes from EY with single daily flights.

    11. Anonymous22:24

      I know that the market is relatively poor, but I think that EK could beat both QR and EY with decent prices. I am sure there would be some cargo also. The only problem is with the Business class seats of course.

      If Emirates ever starts BEG our people from Australia will prefer to use them instead of EY trust me on this one. Anyone who disagrees with this statement is very limited when it comes to aviation. Just look at EK/Qantas network to Australia. EY presence in Australia is very poor compared to EK.

    12. But I see no reason why they should kick FZ out and launch their own flights. They had the perfect opportunity in Zagreb yet they decided against it.

      When it comes to the Australia-Serbia market they are the most dominant player as they currently have a 60% marketshare.
      On top of it all, FZ doesn't even operate daily flights. If they did, or if our region had considerable cargo or premium demand, then it would make sense for Emirates to establish their own flights.

      In my personal opinion, our region can't handle an Emirates widebody. That's why they have FZ. It's a formula that works.

    13. I agree with you. Emirates (with FZ) holds 60% of the total market between Serbia and Australia. However, this market is not that big, it's about 60 passengers per day (on average).

      The thing is that airlines such as Aeroflot or Turkish Airlines offer alternative ways to reach Asia which reduces the need to go through the Persian Gulf. With TK's aggressive expansion this need will be only further reduced.

    14. Anonymous22:46

      Je rekao da zna da ce doci uskoro a meni se smeje za A330
      EK se brzo snasao u WAW i mislim da bi isto dobro u BEG
      @ 10-24
      Je upravu

    15. Anonymous22:50

      INN-NS, unfortunately people on here have been saying that for at least 5-6 years about EK coming to BEG with A330. As I said above I do believe EK will come to the ex yu eventually, but before they start anything OTP is first on the list.

    16. Anonymous23:02

      ''QR has dirt cheap promotion from BEG currently, so they are trying, but it seems they are not successful at it.''

      QR's problem in Serbia is its sales and marketing team and local effort. They need to catch a wake up, most people are clueless about their presence here... also, SOF tech stop does not help...

      ''Also ASL/EY is reducing AUH in winter to just daily.'' Few nasty shocks coming out of ASL soon besides the AUH downgrade, the slots requests I saw publicly - wow, totally unexpected and disappointing... lot's of deep cuts coming...

    17. Anonymous23:02

      Mozda DXB-OTP-BEG sa A332 .
      Jel G Admin zna nesto vise :)

    18. Huh? So what if EK performs well in WAW? Each market is unique and should be evaluated separately.
      Furthermore, both Warsaw and Poland are much bigger and economically stronger than Belgrade and Serbia. Not to mention that Warsaw has intercontinental flights and a modern terminal while Belgrade has neither.

      I love Belgrade but let's be realistic here. The airport is in serious need to refurbishment/reconstruction/expansion.

    19. Of, not to.

    20. Anonymous23:11

      anonymous 11:02, where can you get the slot requests that you saw publicly? Give us some more info, what is the point of claiming stuff without proof. For AUH I got info from a number of people as for other cuts I am not aware of.

    21. Anonymous23:12

      CPH proposed to 4 weekly.
      SVO daily
      LCA suspended
      BNX suspended
      BUD suspended
      IST 3 weekly
      TIV 5 weekly
      ARN 5 weekly
      TIA 4 weekly
      MXP 5 weekly

      I am not Anon at 23.02 but I know what he is talking about.

    22. Anonymous23:14

      This is because EY wants a realistic schedule with out the need to use the B733s. Then again, BUD is also because of bad loads. WAW might also get killed.

    23. Anonymous23:18

      Zna se vrlo dobro ko Proizvodi te ne istine.
      Snasao bi se dobro na ruti DXB-OTP-BEG ja barem tako mislim .
      A to da treba novi terminal sa WI-FI obavezno ali na to moramo cekati.

    24. Anonymous23:21

      INN-NS za nekoga ko tvrdi da ima sjajne izvore u Air Srbiji, ocigledno nisi informisan da je ovo istina sto je napisano.

    25. DXB-OTP-BEG се неће десити зато што наша држава (а вероватно ни Румуни) не би дали дозволу продаје карата између Букурешта и Београда као што нису дали Катару између Софије и Београда.

      Протекционизам никада није здрав, то наши никада неће схватити.

    26. Anonymous23:31

      Toliko ste vi ljubomorni nece se desiti , Admine molim vas brisite ove nebuloze
      Zna se ko sa Aerodroma BEG pise ovo.

    27. Aэrologic01:16

      Just did a quick search (in case of low-cost luggage included):

      - Tel Aviv - Warsaw 137$
      - Tel Aviv - Budapest 100$
      - Tel Aviv - Sofia 120$
      - Tel Aviv - Bucharest 130$
      - Tel Aviv - Kiev 110$
      - Tel Aviv - Belgrade 287$

      No comment.

    28. JATBEGMEL01:20

      Regarding EK, WAW is doing well, mostly on B77W but from time to time it shortly goes over to A330. It does see some first class pax. BUD is doing ok, it still is fairly new, but I dont think the best as to how EK expected it to be. Economy can fill, but business for a 27 seater business config is still seeing 35-50% loads. However, it is supposed to be upgauged to B77W in december.

      As for new European routes, OTP should be next. I did comment a year and a half ago that Oslo, Brussels, Budapest, Bucharest and Belgrade will open with 3/5 happening. Bucharest was loaded into the EK crew system late last year but quickly removed. EK upgraded its presence in Belgrade by offering its premium pax chauffeur drive service for all pax travelling with EK tickets. I think this is one way they are testing their premium market in Belgrade. FZ is in Belgrade, however it is still 'low cost', but is same price or more expensive compared to JU, EY and QR. I travel alot between the UAE and Serbia and NEVER have I flown with FZ due to poor scheduling and pricing, where i previously went LH, OS or EK/JU combinations via FRA, VIE, MXP.

      Interesting to note is that EK has all rights to Serbia, via the open skies agreement between Serbia and the UAE, where airlines also benefit from all freedoms, allowing EK eventual 5th freedom if they choose to tag BEG with another destination.

      @ INN

      Your comments are more trolling than anything. You wrote on an almost daily basis that JU will get A330's and it will fly to PEK etc etc, but it still hasnt come....but again you continue to do so. You make arrogant comments which are not true and then wonder why everyone dislikes you. Your comments at times are border line offensive, with you showing alot of disrespect to contributors who actively participate in the rare quality discussions on this blog.

    29. JATBEGMEL01:30

      Also regarding the reductions, do note that JU probably hasnt finalised the schedules for winter, like always, and changes will most likely come as we see every season.

      TIV at 5 p/w i highly doubt will happen, especially with JU fighting hard against YM for the BEG-Montenegro market. SVO at daily will be a 50% reduction, and IST at 3 p/w will be silly since the flights do fill and JU fought hard via the government to return to IST.

      btw YU-APF is atm inflight to AUH which is usually done by YU-APJ. I will try and find out some fleet info in the next couple of days.

    30. Anonymous01:39


      All the reductions mentioned above are obviously silly and pathetic but they are what EY proposed. The proposal arrived to Belgrade roughly ten days ago. Of course, it's not the final version but things are not looking great.

      As far as the fleet goes, yes, ANV and ANW are coming back as API and APJ will be more or less parked.


    31. Anonymous01:43

      Ja se ne cudin sto me neki ne podnose ovde neki to je njihovo pravo ali mene ne zanima.
      Rece vam da za nekoliko meseci ide na obuku 18 cap i 9 fo i ostalo sto sam pisao pre neki dan.
      Flota se nece promeniti nista narocito mozda +2 Aviona.

    32. Anonymous02:09

      "As far as the fleet goes, yes, ANV and ANW are coming back as API and APJ will be more or less parked. "

      LOL. That is how Etihad planned to retire the 737 fleet instantly and bring "modernity" to Air Serbia.

    33. Anonymous02:17

      @Anon at 1:39

      API and APJ will be more or less parked? That does not cut the mustard. You either make them work hard or you return them to the lessor. Just checked the API, listed as on lease from BBAM, why keep it mostly parked?

      Šukalo is frequent visitor here but I had it with his thinly veiled hate for Belgrade airport and Etihad/Air Serbia. Not worth rectifying all the mentioned crap.

    34. JATBEGMEL03:10

      isnt YU-API and APJ the first 2 to recieve the wifi?

    35. Anonymous03:40

      Somebody must be really drunk or high to think that reducing IST to 3 weekly is a good choice. First off IST is doing quite well lately and from what I heard there is a lot of transfer pax on that route. Also instead of cutting Larnaca, would it not be a better choice to cut TLV??? Larnaca is not doing great but ok, while TLV is doing bad with a lot of dumping. The only change I do support is BUD which is pointless really since BUD is connected to almost all European cities and the Middle Eastern once so little transfer pax for ASL. Also the highway contributes to a low number of point to point pax.

    36. Anonymous04:19

      I think we should wait until we hear the official word back from Air Serbia itself.

    37. Anonymous04:31

      People on this site were saying before that people in Abu Dhabi make all the choices and not Dane and the rest of people in BEG. I do not know how true this is, but again sounds realistic.

    38. "Somebody must be really drunk or high to think that reducing IST to 3 weekly is a good choice. First off IST is doing quite well lately and from what I heard there is a lot of transfer pax on that route."

      Maybe this is exactly why they want to reduce IST. They prefer the transfer pax to go via Abu Dhabi

    39. Just to throw in bit of a curve ball regarding the original discussion, could Dubrovnik be considered soon by EK. I would not be surprised to see FZ in Dubrovnik soon, maybe even next year but there could be an argument made for EK flights:

      1. Some cruise may start to use Dubrovnik as their home port which could bring higher yielding passengers to Dubrovnik.

      2. I mentioned the effects Game of Thrones might have with increasing tourism for Dubrovnik a few years back when the show was just starting out and did not have the cult following it does now and was laughed at a bit, which is ok because I just assumed the show would be massive for Dubrovnik but now we can assume that the tourism potential brought on by Game of Thrones could be worth billions to Dubrovnik alone and this really open up Dubrovnik as a year round destination justifying year round flights from the middle east.

      To just give you a bit of a comparison, the Lord of the Rings is worth 4 billion dollars to New Zealand every year.

    40. Anonymous05:41

      Q400 I would appreciate if you could give us further insight into what you think is happening with potential ASL reductions during winter. Do you think its because Etihad is shifting gears to big fish which are Alitalia and AirBerlin? Do you think this is the end of ASL in terms of becoming regional leader?

    41. Anonymous06:40

      @Q400 Billions???

    42. Q400,

      Actually, Dubrovnik makes sense but the only problem is what would happen during the winter months? I don't see Emirates flying there on a seasonal basis. One way they could do it is to link it with another city, maybe Thessaloniki? I know Dubrovnik is popular among Greeks so it could work; the same way Emirates have been operating Larnaca-Malta for years now.
      One small difference between Dubrovnik and New Zealand is that Emirates can rely on Europeans to fill their NZ flights, in Dubrovnik they would rely exclusively on Asians, Africans and Australians. Don't know how big this market would be.
      On the other hand, flydubai could do it, especially now when they have a business class product.

  13. Anonymous19:02

    OS uvodi novu sezonsku liniju ZAD-INN svake subote sa Q400.
    JP ce leteti za 2 destinacije iz INN.
    HER-INN sa A320
    GRX-INN sa 320

    1. Anonymous19:57

      GRX ?

    2. Anonymous20:16

      Granada Airport je

  14. @ Anonymous 5:41pm, Can't help you there because there is now where near enough information available to come to any conclusion regarding Air Serbia if there is a new approach being taken by management. It will just be speculation and we still don't have any conformation on major changes with that airline.

    @ Anonymous 6:40pm, does seem crazy to think billions but you cannot underestimate what Game of Thrones is becoming and could generate that type of revenue for Dubrovnik over the next few years.

    @Nemjee, Yes, seasonality would be an issue but is something the Croatian government is attempting to solve. Dubrovnik is becoming very crowded during the summer and I can see more people choosing to visit during the colder months to avoid this.


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