Zagreb Airport terminal construction advances

Zagreb Airport’s new terminal takes shape

The construction of Zagreb Airport’s new multi million euro terminal is moving forward and on schedule, with work on the 55.000 square meter roof currently in progress. The construction of the 1.400 ton steel roof structure is scheduled for completion by June 30, after which attention will shift to the terminal’s interior. Construction work has already been completed on the baggage sorting facilities, which will be located eight metres below the ground, as well as the apron. Meanwhile, work on the supporting columns for the eight air bridges is also in its final stages. Zagreb Airport has commissioned the Barcelona-based ADELTE boarding company to manufacture eight air bridges for the new terminal. The new generation electromechanical Apron Drive models, which are to be supplied to Zagreb, have two steel-sided sections and the most advanced docking technology, which includes 400Hz Ground Power Units.

Zagreb Airport is expected to purchase all necessary equipment and begin with the facility’s testing phase on December 1. It is estimated that construction will be completed by December 2016, when an application for an operating license should be made. The management notes it has boosted passenger numbers at the airport over the past year as a result of new arrivals such as KLM, Flydubai, Eurolot (later replaced by LOT), European Coastal Airlines, Air Serbia and, most recently, Swiss International Air Lines. During the first quarter, Croatia’s busiest airport handled 478.193 passengers, up 11.3% on the same period in 2014.

Zagreb Airport’s new terminal will have the capacity to handle 3.5 million passengers per year, compared to the current 2.2 million, once the first phase of the project is completed in December 2016. The airport will later be expanded in subsequent phases to reach an annual capacity of five million passengers, though no firm timeframe has been set for future development. The project involves a total investment of 331 million euros, 243 million of which will be spent on the construction of the new terminal and 88 million for the maintenance of airport infrastructure over the entire period of the thirty-year concession, awarded to the French-led Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC).



  1. Anonymous09:31

    Looks awesome!

  2. Anonymous09:56

    Looks amazing, go Zagreb! Looking forward to all the new routes this and hopefully next year once the restructuring process of Croatia Airlines is done!

  3. Anonymous09:56

    Zašto svake godine u Srbiji postoji problem sa čarterima? Da li postoji uopšte volja da se ovi problemi reše? Da li nečiji interesi stoje iza odluka državnih institucija? Sve su ovo pitanja na koje, po svemu sudeći novinari neće dobiti odgovore, a nije baš i da ih postavljaju. EXYU, Commenting or deleting ? Head up.

    1. Anonymous14:29

      Pravi novinar bi se raspitao ko favorizuje strane prevoznike i zašto ne postoji ravnoteža sa nekim stranim zemljama po tom pitanju. Pravi novinar ne može da ima materijalnu korist od jedne zainteresovanje strane (turističke industrije) jer je to konflikt interesa. Svaka druga zemlja politikom podržava domaće interese pre stranih, pravi novinar ne bi preskočio takve činjenice. Pravi novinar bi dobio i objektivno preneo izjave svih strana a ne favorizovao jednu stranu a vređao drugu.

    2. Anonymous19:48

      Carter kriminal, na carterima se uzima najveca lova.
      Ako imamo cinjenicu da operativni trosak jednog povratnog leta aviona sa 150 mesta iynosi 12 000 EUR na kracim relacijama kao sto su grcka ostrva to znaci 80 evra po sedistu. No te kate se ipak prodaju za 160 *(Aerodromske i handling usluge ovde nisu uracunte, one svakako padaju na teret putnika, kao i dodatno osiguranje od fluktuacija cene nafte) . Znaci duplo se ugrade. Mafija.

  4. Anonymous10:41

    Looks very impressive. Well done. Pozdrav iz Beograda :)

  5. Anonymous11:04


  6. Anonymous13:44

    Great news but I still don't get what are they going to do with the old terminal?

    1. Anonymous16:34

      they might use it on add-hock basis, or close it down, no idea, they can't knock it down, everything is owned by the state and the city, even new terminal being built.

      They might ask state to knock it down at some point and build massive cargo center there, something that is possible, but this is only speculation and my own personal opinion, so far no plans. One thing is certain, from 2018 this terminal won't be operated and will be shut to save airport operator money. Running cost for terminal 1 are around 64 million kuna or $10 million money that can be saved.

      Terminal 2 on the other hand will be a lot cheaper to run for it has loads of eco solutions integrated in to stricture including photo voltaic integrated in to the roof.

      Also terminal 2 building has lot larger capacity, of around 12 million pax per year, Terminal 1 can barely cope with 2.5 million pax, anyone who uses the airport today can tell you that, long ques and packed arrivals and departure halls in peak hours which daily sees 12 aircraft on a platform.

      I only hope new terminal will have enough positions for cater for 12-15 aircraft

    2. Anonymous16:49

      I'm pretty sure that old terminal will remain alive, even after 2018, and be used for LCC; one of the possible scenarios is sub-concession to LCC base in ZAG which will operate old terminal as its own, on low-cost bases

    3. Anonymous16:51

      correction : "LCC baseD" in ZAG, and "on low-cost basis"

    4. Anonymous00:18

      correction: ad hoc (Latin), not add-hock :)

  7. Anonymous14:00

    Shame the roof wasn't glass like they said it would be.

    1. Anonymous16:41

      Yep that is a shame, it was too expensive and too heavy, it would have cost a lot more to build, they had to adjust design a bit to accommodate changes.

      It'll still have some of the features of glass roof including photostatic, just not as nice looking as seen in original drawings and design.

      Best design imho for Zagreb was Zaha's design

    2. Anonymous18:50

      Interesting article...

      Total concession fees over the 30-year period will amount to €1.94 billion (€534 million at present net value). The State requested compensation of €0.5 per passenger, but ZAIC offered more – €1.25 per passenger. Meanwhile, the tender documents stipulated a capacity in the first phase of 3.5 million passengers, so ZAIC also exceeded those requirements.
      “The new Croatian Government evaluated ZAIC’s offer as exceptional and the decision on its adoption was unanimous,” commented Peovic. “Our French partners have properly assessed the current situation in the Croatian construction sector, so the offer is significantly better than what was required. Money will be saved in the long run, for when the airport reaches five million passengers – or in 20 years at the latest – the second phase must begin, which will expand capacity to eight million passengers.”
      Following signing of the concession agreement, there will be a one-year period of reorganisation in which plans for construction of the new terminal will be finalised. Construction itself will take two years.

      Tourism currently accounts for around 20% of Croatia’s GDP and the development of Zagreb Airport will play a significant role in increasing this further. Croatia’s accession to the EU is due to take place on 1 July 2013 – before the new terminal opens – and it plans to join the Schengen zone in 2015. “In this way, the Croatian capital will be as accessible to EU citizens as Prague, Budapest or Rome. On one hand, Zagreb will be able to fully use its business potential, but on the other hand, there are tourist attractions within a two-hour drive of Zagreb that are still largely unknown to many visitors, including the Plitvice Lakes National Park or Lonjsko Polje Nature Park,” said Peovic.
      He also emphasised that this will not negatively impact on other tourist destinations, such as Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Rijeka and Pula.
      In fact, on 15 & 16 March, ACI EUROPE Director General Olivier Jankovec visited the Croatian Minister for Transport and Croatian Minister for Tourism together with Tonci Peovic, as well as the CEOs of Dubrovnik Airport and Split Airport, Roko Tolic and Luksa Novak, to discuss airport development in Croatia as well as the Croatian regulatory framework in the context of next year’s accession of Croatia to the EU.
      Zagreb Airport’s slogan is that it is the “gateway to South East Europe”. Its catchment area is enlarged thanks to an excellent highway system that enables passengers to reach the airport within a one-hour drive from the Adriatic Coast and parts of Slovenia and Hungary. “Today, Zagreb Airport, in partnership with Croatia Airlines, operates as a regional hub airport transferring passengers from the Adriatic coast to Western European routes. A big part of this is feeding routes for intercontinental traffic worldwide,” explained Peovic. “This is why we plan to establish Zagreb as an intercontinental point-to-point destination for global airlines, and to use Croatia Airlines as the operator for the intra-European travel of those passengers.”

      Additionally, the low-cost segment only accounts for 12% of Zagreb’s traffic currently, and the airport would like to increase that proportion to 35%, making air travel accessible to more Croatian citizens, while also attracting year-round tourism to the region. easyJet currently operates three routes from Zagreb – to Dortmund, London-Gatwick and Paris-CDG, while germanwings operates to Zagreb from Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart.

      Zagreb Airport is clearly entering a new, exciting and very ambitious phase in its development – one that will have a great impact on the city and its region. It will contribute significantly to tourism and bring in new business opportunities, capitalising on the air traffic potential of Croatia

  8. Anonymous14:10

    Absolutely fantastic!

  9. Anonymous15:28

    Why did JU 656 BEG - SVO divert back to Belgrade after take off last night? just entered Hungary and returned back to Beg.

    1. The Hungarian airspace was highly restricted yesterday because there was a problem with their radar. That was one of the main reasons why the CPH flight was heavily delayed. Maybe it has something to do with that? Going to Moscow by avoiding the Hungarian airspace wouldn't make much sense.

    2. Anonymous16:46

      BEG-SVO via Romanian airspace would be more direct and would make more sense then via HU airspace, see: Shouldn't have to do with atc issues in HU.

  10. Anonymous15:51

    Jel HR firma gradi Aerodrom ili neka strana.
    I hoce li doci neka nova kompanija sto ste nabrajali.
    Hvala unapred.

    1. Anonymous16:30

      Zasto nikad ne stavljas upitnik posle upitne recenice? Mislim nije tesko zakljuciti da su prve dve recenice upitne. Nije da mi je to nesto mnogo bitno, ali upada u oci.
      Inace, terminal grade Francuzi. Kompanija Aeroports de Paris.

    2. Anonymous16:43

      Terminal grade i domace firme poput Viadukta, a za sada od ovih desetak kompanija koje su dosle dolaze i Brussels Airlines i Skygreece. Iz Srbije sam inace ali pretpostavljam da si hteo da ispadne kako ce ZAG da grade samo strane firme a onaj dodatni prcvoljak na BEG samo domace. Kamo srece da je propali SNS uradio slicno sto je uradjeno sa Zagrebackim aerodromom.

    3. Anonymous16:43

      Do 2017 dolaze u ZAG : Brussels Airlines i Montenegro Airlines (jos ove godine); SAS, Alitalia, Finnair, CSA, United, Emirates, Aegean; Easyjet se vraca sa vecim brojem linija, Iberijini sezonski letovi postaju celogodisnji; KoreanAir i EL-AL cartere menjaju sa redovnim linijama. Ima jos kompanija sa kojima se razgovara, ali ovo nabrojeno je prilicno izvesno

    4. Anonymous16:47

      Domače firme ga grade. Viadukt jedana od firma, oko 55% posla ja palo Viaduktu.

      Strane firme rade samo avio mostove i staklo, firme iz Belgije i Španjolske.

    5. Anonymous16:49

      Svinja sanja o kukuruzu, a kukuruzu nema...

    6. Anonymous16:49

      Odakle ti ovo za United i Emirates? Pogotovo za Emirates koji će teško doći čak i u Beograd, a kamo li Zagreb!

    7. Anonymous16:57

      @ 4:49
      Meni je ispod casti i ljudskog dostojanstva bilo koga, cak i kada se s njim ne slazem, nazvati svinjom, a kukuruz bas nesto i ne volim. Jos bivsi menadzment u ZAG je razgovarao sa Emirates, razgovori su obnovljeni, broj turista sa Dalekog Istoka u ZAG je sve veci, ako FZ pojacava frekvencije,ako QR moze svakodnevno nonstop, nema razloga smatrati da Emirates ne moze uopste. A 2017 najverovatnije dolazi i UA

    8. Anonymous16:58

      Ovaj momak je to sve sanjao ove noči i imao groznice, a sad priča gluposti.

    9. Anonymous17:18

      Je li ovaj momak Aleksandar Vučić?

    10. Anonymous18:36

      @ 4.43
      Molim vas ne mojte ovo shvatiti kao provokaciju ili nesto drugo .
      Ja mislim da ce doci jedino SK, AZ, A3 .U2
      Neverujem da ima mesta i za GW I UA ako GW krene iz JFK ili EWR.
      Stvarno je grozno sto se ljudi ovde svadjaju ko je DS, SNS a pritom nisu nikakva bitna licnost u tim partijama pa bi i razumeo.
      Kad je GW nabavio A343 , imacete sansu da vidite ovaj divan Avion kojeg sve manje ima .
      JATBEGMEL vi rekoste da ce EK doci u BEG je ima nesto novo ?

    11. Anonymous19:31

      INN-(S)NS bot.

    12. Anonymous19:38

      Gasta brani air serbiu (satro) i dokazao je milion puta da je najveci cyber-patriJota u niederosterreichu..a pritom strika I ujka u sns-u. Tako da je I politicki pedigre tu a I pokoja insajderska info. A I malo partijske propagande ;)

    13. Anonymous20:27

      ne shvacam tvoju reakciju kao provokaciju, napotiv, svako ima pravo na svoje misljenje. Tacno, GW ima u planu da nakon Toronta krene i sa NewYorkom, isto iz Atine,Budimpeste i Zagreba. Trebalo je to da se desi jos ove godine u junu-julu, ali iugleda da ce biti tek dogodine. A sto se tice UA, oni bi trebali da lete za ORD, i da imaju codeshare sa OU,JP,A3,OS i TK na toj liniji. A Skygreece ce 343 da leti za LAX i Juznu Afriku, samo iz ATH,, tako da BUD i ZAG ostaje 763

    14. Anonymous22:15

      @ Anonymous at 4:30

      Što Vi nekoristite naša slova? Šta znači; "upada u oci"?

    15. Anonymous23:13

      Stric mi nije u SNS vec je visoki clan SNSD , Ujak mi je clan SPS.
      @ 8:27
      Zanima me kako ce oni i ASL na slicnim linijama se izboriti u sezoni.

    16. Anonymous02:33

      One question which arises from the nonsense you all wrote above is whether EK will come first to BEG or ZAG? What are your thoughts? Both markets are well covered with QR and FZ. Also do not forget EY/ASL is reducing AUH from winter season , at least that is what people said yesterday

    17. Anonymous02:34

      and yes EK will have to come to both markets eventually, just look at their orders. Unless of course they decide to go 10 daily to Frankfurt, 20 daily to LHR and so on.

  11. Anonymous16:18

    OT but does anyone know how ticket sales for Niš are going?

    1. Anonymous21:17

      Good. Greetings from W6.

    2. Anonymous22:17

      2016 will be a great year for Serbian civil aviation
      1. Long haul flights from BEG
      2. W6 to establish base on INI
      3. KVO receives first scheduled flight
      4. UZC receives first scheduled charter or seasonal flight

    3. Dear Anon 10:17 PM. As you have predicted next year, for commercial aviation in Serbia, I do entirely agree with you. Include beginning investment on redevelopment Belgrade Hub... Generally time for civil aviation in SE Europe starting to lining with respected achievement. Good luck to all...

    4. Anonymous23:18

      @ 10:17
      Cudi me da sa vama ne ulaze u raspravu sto se tice Long haul flights kao samnom.

    5. Anonymous23:57

      mozda zato sto si i ti to napisao. providan si mali.

    6. Anonymous00:08

      Ja se ovde uvek potpisem za razliku od nekih.

  12. Anonymous18:10

    Imace 8 aviomostova i promet od 12 miliona. He he. Sjajno sa samo polovinom BEG kapaciteta tri puta veci promet.


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