LOT to launch Ljubljana flights

LOT Polish Airlines to inaugurate Ljubljana flights in 2016

LOT Polish Airlines will launch services from Warsaw to Ljubljana next March and increase frequencies on its services to Belgrade and Zagreb, which will be temporarily suspended from June 30, 2015 until January 2, 2016. The announcement was made in Warsaw yesterday as the carrier unveiled its future development plans under the slogan “New LOT in new Europe”. The Polish carrier will inaugurate five weekly services between Warsaw and the Slovenian capital on March 1, 2016, increasing to six weekly flights a month later. It will mark the carrier’s return to Ljubljana for the first time in nine years. The airline will compete directly against its Star Alliance partner Adria Airways, which is expected to maintain four weekly flights between the two cities next summer season.

LOT will continue to codeshare on flights between Warsaw and Ljubljana operated by Adria Airways. Adria resumed services between the two cities last March following a three year hiatus. During the nine months until the end of 2014, it handled some 10.000 passengers on the route. LOT’s flights from Ljubljana have been scheduled so as to offer onward connections to both North America and Asia. LOT plans to double the number of passengers it carries to ten million a year by 2020 as part of a strategy to become a regional industry leader. Next year it will launch services to Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok, complementing its existing long haul flights to New York, Toronto and Chicago.

The Polish carrier has also confirmed it will resume services from Warsaw to both Belgrade and Zagreb on January 2, 2016. The flights will be temporarily suspended from June 30, along with several other European destinations, as part of a final pool of compensatory measures required by the European Commission. However, the airline plans to increase frequencies to both cities next summer season, and will operate flights on a daily basis. The carrier will compete against Air Serbia on the Belgrade route but faces no direct competition on the Zagreb service. LOT codeshares on Air Serbia’s flights between Warsaw and Belgrade, as well as services from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi, Podgorica and Tivat. On the other hand, Air Serbia codeshares on LOT’s services from the Polish capital to Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga. Similarly, Croatia Airlines codeshares on flights from Zagreb to Warsaw and onwards to Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, while LOT has placed its flight numbers on the Croatian carrier’s services from Zagreb to Split, Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna.


  1. Anonymous09:20

    Great news

  2. Anonymous10:08

    What's with all the interest in Warsaw. In just a year Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana have all gotten flights WAW. Is the demand that big?

    1. Anonymous10:13

      No it is not. They want to do something Air Serbia is doing. They want passingers to transfer through WAW

    2. Anonymous15:11

      Zagreb is very busy in summer months.

  3. Anonymous10:13

    Great news for Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana (LJU) but bad news for Adria Airways... Maybe they should fly to Letališče Edvarda Rusjana Maribor (MBX) instead...

  4. Anonymous10:32

    What Ljubljana needs is Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome not 2 carriers to Warsaw...

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Exactly. I would sign for Rome and Madrid.

    2. Anonymous11:50

      MBX to Milan, Madrid/Lisbon and Bruxelles to have good over seas flight Connections! Volotea and Transavia maybe even norvegian... that would be interesting :)

    3. Anonymous12:39

      I thought MBX was to Paris and Berlin too...

    4. Anonymous12:44

      I see that after MBX-SEN the Maribor airport is gwtting more and more popular. Adria is planning to establish its low-cost base at MBX and also other airlines are considering MBX. Well done MBX...!

    5. Anonymous15:13

      Anonymous at 11:50

      Whats your source of this information?

    6. Anonymous16:22

      First they need to solve the issue with CRJ9 and wet runway at SEN...

    7. Anonymous09:15

      Whats here the issue?

  5. Lot is a really good airline and it's great to see them back in the game.
    Before the crisis they had a really good service and their Boeings, despite being old, were very well maintained and comfortable. I used to love the bulky seats on the B735s.

    With mounting competition and the World Economic Crisis they had to downsize, both in terms of product and network. I hope that with the announced expansion they will also improve their soft product.

    Of course, it helps that WAW is a modern airport and it can sustain LO's announced growth, something we can't say for BEG and JU.

    Looking at the wider picture, things are not that rosy for JU.
    South: Aegean.
    South-east: Turkish Airlines.
    North: Lot.
    North-west: Lufthansa, Austrian and even Swiss.
    West: Alitalia (despite being in the same alliance they are still competing against each other for passengers)

    All in all, JU should start consolidating its network otherwise it will lose out, especially since it is already the smallest of the aforementioned carriers. In my opinion they should concentrate on building up their European network as the split-schedule system is not that convenient, especially since they don't offer year-round double daily flights to the Balkan and the Middle Eastern region.

    1. Anonymous12:24

      What competition with Alitalia? They fly only Rome. Similar with LOT in present.

    2. I was referring to the bigger picture where both Air Serbia and Alitalia compete for the same passengers who are travelling from the Balkans and the Middle East to Western Europe.

      Alitalia has already made it clear what their intentions are when it comes to the Balkans.

    3. "West: Alitalia (despite being in the same alliance they are still competing against each other for passengers)"
      This one should be first on the list and in my opinion it is most detrimental to ASL. From the moment EY announced they are interested in AZ it was clear that ASL expansion and plans will change. I am not saying ASL will be a feeder to AZ but it would have been different if AZ was not in the game. EY has a lot to work with now ( AZ and AB mainly) and ASL is def least of their priorities.

    4. Anonymous19:43

      You two are pretty dumb, Alitalia do not have good coverage of Balkan. They will have to develope AZ long haul network they are even dead in Italy from LCC. ASL has its own plan. Just reapiting same strophe.

    5. You do realise that there is more to the Balkans than ex-Yugoslavia, right?

      OTP 13x
      SOF 7x
      IST 14x
      ATH 28x
      TGD 4x
      BEG 7x
      SKP 7x
      TIA 20x

      You are right, this is disastrous.

    6. Anonymous20:29

      Yes it is. This network is built for LEGAL immigrants in Italy. Learn first that. Milion of Albanians and milion of Romenians are legal immigrants to Italy.

    7. Those are mostly carried by lowcost airlines. Plus, if they were only carrying those legal immigrants, as you call them, then they would be flying to every village in Romania, not just Bucharest.

      Maybe you should look at a map of Romania.

      As far as Albania goes, no doubt that there is a lot of ethnic traffic but their overnight flight is ideally timed to offer connections out of Rome so...

    8. Anonymous11:31

      You are plain racist. That people are legal immigrants to Italy. You are just reapiting my words they are f*** up by LCC. In last decade I have flown to USA more than 10 times over Malpensa and Fumicino with JAT and Malev and not many non Italians on plain. Now I use Swiss and LH.

  6. Inj8511:41

    Ot: on the forum, I asked on what routes to/from Ex-Yu wizz might deploy its A321's. If you've got any idea, feel free to post it in the Wizz Air topic (Global subforum)!!

  7. Anonymous12:16

    If they are expanding because of the 'transfer passengers strategy' they should establish a connection to Skopje.

  8. Anonymous12:23

    Much less OT as other comments above:
    LJU has increased its passengers figure from last May for respectful 19,6%. Passenger numbers for first 5 months has increased for 7,6% to 476.984 passengers.


  9. Anonymous12:45

    Hmm, It makes me wonder if there is a hidden agent behind it. This year it was Swiss with LJU-ZRH flights, Turkish added IST flights, now LOT with WAW. Are they after Adria?

    1. Anonymous17:50

      It seems so...

    2. JU520 BEGLAX19:41

      No Airport mgt in place, Germans. Seems they are not sleeping....

    3. JU520 BEGLAX19:42

      New airport mgt....

    4. Anonymous15:43

      Does anyone have any info on Swiss loads on LJU-ZRH? They're selling tickets for 80 EUR.

  10. Anonymous13:20

    Jako lose vesti za ASL posto LO ce im biti jako velika konkurencija ako uskoro ne dodju barem
    2 332
    2 333
    I ne poruci najmanje 6-8 A359
    Ali naravno pre toga mora se leteti za
    Regionalne Destinacije
    DBV , INN :

    1. Anonymous13:31

      Danas si ekstra napusen?

    2. Anonymous13:35

      Ja ne koristim opijate.
      Sto jel ovo ne izvodljivo.

    3. Anonymous13:41

      IKA i INN su totalni promašaji.

    4. Anonymous13:42

      Naravno da nije recimo GYD ima letove za NYC kao i KBP tamo i Odesu moze tek kada stane rat. MAD nema putnika za BGD i tako dalje

    5. Anonymous13:57

      IKA i INN nisu promasaji , ima analiza stara 10 godina za 3-4 leta zimi iz INN i oznaceno je kao vrlo profitabilno .
      Ima i LHR letove za SYD direktno pa opet mnogi lete preko DXB ili AUH ;)

    6. Anonymous14:27

      Opet lupas sve su to dugacke linije za transferne putnike a imaju svoje letove preko bare malo ko od njih zeli da dodje u BGD. Linije za Trevizo, leti za jug italije, ankara, jos neki u rumuniji recimo Kluz, pristina, sve sa manjim avionima. Austrija je skupa u odnosu na Francusku za skijanje. Inace INN jeste u tom nekom krugu aerodroma.

    7. Anonymous15:47

      Pa ja ne pricam ja o Hutchinson Airport nego o BEG ;P
      Pa kako dosad lete Danci Poljaci i ostali stranci kroz LYBE.

    8. Anonymous16:28

      Znači zbog toga što neka analiza kaže da su tri četri leta koja su se odvijala zimi kad su se Gastarbeiteri vraćali kući, Air Serbia treba da otvori tu liniju. Koja je to studija uopšte? Može li se pročitati negde online?

    9. Anonymous16:52

      spremi se za seriju takvih vesti

    10. Anonymous17:18

      Analizu sam licno citao u Tyroleanovoj zgradi , kako da ne sve svoje analize aviokompanije stavljaju n net ;)
      Ti letovi se nisu ostvarili zato sto je Tyrolean bio upao u krizu.
      INN u opste nije povezan sa Balkanom i Bliskim Istok i preporucio bi ASL pod hitno da krene sa letovima dok TK nije dosao.
      Takodje vi ocigledno ne znate koliko mnogo stranaca leti sa ASL

    11. EY is axing routes from Yerevan, Tbilisi, and Baku after the summer season. I was initially for ASL to start this routes, but if EY could not succeed with connections around the world how could ASL?
      AMM, IKA, and MAD could work. HEL could work only if Finnair starts the flights with Embraer 190 and those planes could potentially be full due to the fact that they offer cheapest connections to Asia and N. America. A friend of mine from Canada found a ticket with Finnair to Moscow for just 580 euros this August. Also a number of people I know usually take Finnair to Asian destinations since they are the cheapest during the year.

    12. Anonymous18:20

      I ja bi voleo kad bi AY dosao u LYBE zato sto imaju odlicne avione a i usluga im je dobra.
      ASL je na drugoj strani sveta gde Ljudi iz AMM i IKA putuju na primer OS ima LF preko 85% za AMM i to vecina tih putnika nastavlja dalje po Evropi.

    13. Anonymous18:26

      Zabole AS šta bi im ti preporučio. Tebi ovde niko ne veruje, tako da ladno možeš da kazes da si čitao studiju za letove Beograd Zemun, niko ti nece verovati...

    14. Anonymous18:40

      Pa ja nista ni ne predlazem Alaska Airlines.
      Nazalost Anonymous-i uvek kvare normalne rasprave ne znanjem .
      Ne nego je analiza za LYBE a to sto vi nemate prijatelje ni u jednoj Aviokompaniji mene ne zanima .

    15. JATBEGMEL21:12

      Belgrade is a low yield market, JU strugles with J class loads no matter how much was invested into it. Frequencies are low even to regional destinations ex TIV, TGD, ZAG, LJU and ATH. The Serbian economy is in a very bad shape and I dont see that changing anytime soon.

      I honestly think that what is driving the transit demand is more price rather than the Air Serbia experience, which can go as quickly as it came.

      Lets leave EY to AUH and JU to BEG. Both are different markets attracting different pax. I feel there is a bit of overestimation with AUH here. AUH is neither a proper hub, nor is EY something magical. There is alot of issues in EY that they should tackle but they seem determined to take on more burden via other airlines. Abu Dhabi and EY doesnt have the O&D figures to fall back on like lets say Dubai and EK, so something that doesnt work in EY doesnt mean it wont work elsewhere.

      GYD could work from BEG due to friendly relations between the 2 and the desire for Azerbaijan to invest in Serbia. We frequently see SilkWay B747's in BEG suggesting a good demand for cargo potentially filling the belly. However J2 seems to have a decent amount of destinations in Europe which might hurt transit pax figures.

      TSE would be interesting to see as there are Serbian companies like Energoprojekt active in Astana and Kazakhstan. KC is not big in TSE and they do codeshare with EY.

      THR worked well for JAT when it was active, and Im sure IKA will work for JU. Serbia and Iran enjoy friendly relations.

      Lets wait and see. JU can surprise like it did with VAR.

      @ INN-SNS

      whats the reason behind 2 x A332 and 2 x A333? And why A359? nor argument like always, no facts...

    16. Anonymous21:24

      Does anybody know how are Malta and Varna ( not sure if they started it) flights going?

    17. Anonymous21:32

      Varna already started and on the first flight there were around 35 pax going there and 18 coming back.

    18. Anonymous22:04

      Btw, yesterday's flight to Varna and today's flight to Malta were cancelled.

    19. Anonymous22:50

      Razlog zasto 2 332 zato sto se oni najbolje uklapaju za linije poput ORD ,BKK i YYZ
      Zasto 2 A333 zato sto se najbolje uklapa za JFK , ICN ili PVG i PEK
      Zasto bas poruciti A359 valjda postoji cilj leteti za LAX i SIN i povecati kapacitet za USA i Kanadu i Afriku i Aziju.
      Ili vi imate neki bolji predlog sto se tice flote voleo bi da cujem .

    20. Anonymous23:01

      Dear INN-NS

      Could you pleace not write comments that have nothing to do about the article. We are talking about LOT flying to LJU remember? Some people are considering such a behaviour as rude. And pleace if you must, than wrige your comments in english.

      Best regards,

    21. Anonymous23:16

      Postovani Anonymous
      Ja kao osoba koja obozava ASL vidi kao konkurenciju LO koji otvara liniju za LJU i ugrozava tako ekspanziju ASL .
      A ja koliko znam vi niste sudija pa da mi odredjujete kojim jezikom da pisem posto ni oni to ne mogu.
      A da je bilo komentara samo o tome nebi ih bilo zajedno 6.

    22. JATBEGMEL23:28

      The A330 fleet will be small, and it is not efficient to have small subfleets on the same type. A332 is large enough capacity as it is let alone the A333. Having the 2 types will increase training time for crew, although not by much, but it is additional unnecessary training, which again costs money.

      BKK is easily served via AUH. Serbs also need Thai visas. There is small O&D demand for Thailand. There is also alot of competition from EY, QR, FZ/EK, SU, OS, LH, TK. SIN is the same.

      ICN? Serbia is not Croatia which sees demand for direct flights. PEK maybe, but A332 is enough metal for that.

      Lets see the first A330 land in JU livery first and then talk more. Sending crew for A330 sim doesnt mean anything, JU crew were sent for B767 training in 2006, its been 9 years and still nothing.

      I dont know what is you are weirdly obsessed with JU going long haul because at the moment the current regional network has alot of room for improvement. Yes things have changed, but there is alot of room for improvement. You forget the biggest thing, and that is Serbia and Belgrade are not high yielding destinations, neither is BEG an airport built for a transit hub nor will that change anytime soon no matter how much they paint it and change the tiles. This is where you dont understand Serbia.

    23. JATBEGMEL23:32


      Dont be rude! The official blog language is English. You do not respect the rules of the blog and disrupt every single news item on this blog every day with rubbish news about JU. It is not yours to judge that because a news item may get less comments that you can troll it with fake JU rumours!

    24. Anonymous23:57

      Ne bitno dali ce doci A332 ili A333
      I sami imate veze u ASL pa provrite dali pricam smece ili ne .
      Jel tako da ce za 1-2 direktorat dati dozvolu ?
      Jel tako da na jesen ide 18 Capt i 9 Fo na sim ?
      I A330 ima ogroman kargo kapacitet koji treba za Aziju i i te aziske destinacije bi imale transferne putnike kao sto su mngo tvrdili da nikad nece imati neke Evropske destinacije a pogledajmo TXL ili CPH naprimer ili jos nekoliko.

    25. JATBEGMEL03:04

      At the end of the day, JU can fall back onto O&D pax in the Euro sectors. Asian destinations they cannot. There is no large O&D demand for Thailand, Korea or Singapore. Lets take into account your words, then why does JU800/801 frequently fly with less than 50 pax in the winter? Ive personally made a report with pictures many times. JU still needs to rely heavy on O&D pax to sustain routes, and that will include the opening of N American destinations. Even TK is heavily reliant on O&D pax no matter how big of a hub IST has become.

      JU is not the EK of Europe, nor will BEG be the next DXB. JU doesnt have a big network neither a large fleet, and BEG is an airport just having new tiles and fresh paint as an investment plan.

  11. Anonymous19:20

    Hey INN-NS,
    Are you working in aviation?

    1. Anonymous21:10

      Da naravno .

  12. OT: Has anyone mentioned that Skygreece has landed in ZAG?

    1. Anonymous20:55

      Looking forward to a couple of pics. How many pax did it bring?

  13. JU520 BEGLAX20:35

    762 to Morocco tonight on gate A1... is that a gate with a jetbridge

    1. Anonymous20:47

      The biggest aircraft that can park on it is a B763 so this one should be cool.
      What airline is it?

    2. Anonymous20:57

      Is it a charter flight?

    3. JATBEGMEL21:33

      Jordanian Aviation B762ER
      reg: JY-JAL

      No idea where it is coming from.

      A1 is a jet bridge. A1 can accommodate the B767 ac.


    4. JATBEGMEL21:56

      Its boarding 1 and a half hours early?!

      Im going to guess and say military charter.

    5. Anonymous22:08

      It is carrying Serbian peace corps, which are continuing to the Central African Republic

    6. Anonymous22:12

      Via Agadir? It's not the most direct way...

  14. Anonymous21:39

    Skygreece was two hours late from YYZ.

  15. AirCEO22:56

    OT: YU-APB is flying again (as A319, not A330!) but with WiFi equipment installed. Air Serbia now has one A320 - PH and two A319 - PB and PJ ("пиџама" од милоште) with wifi. Wifi was announced for second quarter, so we can hope to see something official in the next week if they are sticking to announced schedule.

    1. Anonymous23:13

      AirCEO when are you planning another fake/for fun news? Hehe

    2. Anonymous23:20

      Eto koliko JAT Tehnici treba ja big zamenio .

    3. Anonymous07:55

      INN-NS is NS for NuttenSohn?


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