KLM to maintain limited EX-YU presence

KLM rules out Belgrade and Sarajevo flights, maintains Zagreb

KLM plans to maintain a limited presence in the former Yugoslavia in the coming period and has ruled out direct flights to both Belgrade and Sarajevo in a statement to EX-YU Aviation News. Despite being part of one of Europe’s biggest airline holding companies, Zagreb will remain KLM’s only destination in the former Yugoslavia, where it competes against Croatia Airlines on flights from Amsterdam. The Dutch carrier launched the route last May, initially as a seasonal summer service, upgrading it to year-long flights shortly after. This winter season, from October 25, KLM will be reducing its operations to five weekly flights compared to daily last winter. Despite the reduction, the carrier said, “KLM is always optimising its network and is satisfied with the current development of its flights to Zagreb”.

Commenting on possible services to Belgrade, the airline notes it will continue to maintain its codeshare partnership with Air Serbia and does not intend on launching its own flights to the Serbian capital. “KLM is satisfied with the codeshare with Air Serbia. There are no plans to change it at this moment”, the airline’s spokesperson, Joost Ruempol, told EX-YU Aviation News. Earlier this year, Air Serbia and KLM expanded their existing codeshare agreement. Besides sharing flight numbers on the Belgrade - Amsterdam route, operated by Air Serbia ten times per week, the Serbian carrier has also added its designator code and flight numbers on services between Amsterdam and Manchester, operated double daily by the Dutch carrier.

KLM currently has no plans to launch flights to Sarajevo either, however, its low cost subsidiary, Transiava, has been considering the service for some time. Following talks between Transavia’s Chief Commercial Officer, Roy Scheerder, and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Ambassador to the Netherlands, Ahmet Halilović, last year, the Ambassador said the low cost airline is eyeing flights between Amsterdam and Sarajevo. “One of Transavia's the most important prerequisites for launching new flights is the tourist potential of the destination, interest from Dutch citizens and cooperation with local tour operators”, Ambassador Halilović said. Sarajevo Airport is currently in talks with several airlines regarding the potential launch of new services, with more details to be revealed this autumn.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I never understood why they didn't expand more in ex-Yu. There is the diaspora factor plus they would have a lot of transit passengers to the US and Canada. Transavia might be a good option for BEG and SJJ.

    1. Anonymous09:20

      It can't be O&D yields either as the flights on JU are ridiculously expensive. I fly the route 3 maybe 4 times per year and the flights are always full. This is a no brainer for me. Same goes with Paris - and no Air France - must be one of JU's most profitable routes. What's up with AF-KLM?

    2. Anonymous09:21

      I disagree regarding Transavia. The lowcost passengers are already flying on W6 from EIN while Transavia would just steal passengers from JU, a KLM partner.

    3. Anonymous09:25

      Well, truth be told, OU is an easier target than JU. Just like Jat would have been compared to Air Serbia.

      I just hope OU no longer sends their Q400 to AMS.

    4. Anonymous09:27

      What is with KLM-AF? Very simple, they can not compete discounts and subventions JU have in BEG. Like others and that is reason why so many companies leave or cut frequencies.

    5. Anonymous09:29

      You are right, look at Wizz Air suspending Eindhoven the moment Air Serbia started flying. Oh wait...

      Or Austrian Airlines kicked their ass in Vienna.

    6. This story about Air Serbia pushing airlines out of Belgrade is getting really old...and quite pointless.

      Which airlines were they exactly?

      Are you talking about insignificant Adria with its 30 passengers per flight?

      easyJet from Rome? A route that even Wizz Air couldn't make work. easyJet from Milan? Let me remind you that even Air One failed there, long before Air Serbia was set up.

      B&H Airlines?

      Aegean is doing really well, so are Turkish Airlines and Pegasus. Aeroflot will have more frequencies than Air Serbia on the Moscow market and Lot will return in January, most likely forcing Air Serbia to suspend the route- my guess is that they will doing from W16.

      Furthermore, Air Serbia will suspend Budapest and Larnaca so if their business model was really based on living off of state aid, then they wouldn't be leaving these two important markets, wouldn't they?

    7. Anonymous10:15

      +1 Nemjee

    8. Anonymous10:41

      + 1 Nemjee

      I was wondering what would it take for JU to return to those markets, namely Budapest and Larnaca. Would perks like double luggage allowance work? Better connection experience in Belgrade? Or different flight schedule?

      Budapest remain tough market to compete but ATRs should have done the trick, but Larnaca... huh, that should have had worked better.

      Rgds, Eight

    9. Eight,

      As far as Budapest goes, I think their approach to this market was wrong from day 1.

      1. Split schedule made daily connections between BUD and the Balkans impossible. JU offered three weekly departures in the morning out of Belgrade, thus allowing passengers ex-Budapest three weekly connections to the Balkan region. Four in the other direction.

      However, if we are to look at the competition then it only becomes more clear to as why JU failed in BUD:

      - Tarom BUD-OTP 10 weekly.
      - Aegean BUD-ATH 4 weekly.
      - Pegasus BUD-SAW 5 weekly
      - Turkish Airlines BUD-IST 28 weekly.

      I think it's safe to assume that the passengers JU was carrying to these cities were mere leftovers of these airlines. Unfortunately seems like Sofia, Tirana, Sarajevo... failed to fill seats ex-BUD with good enough loads/yields.

      2. Air Serbia chased away any p2p passengers due to its inefficient pricing policy. I still remember their BUD Happy Friday sale for €169!! If they were really serious about keeping this route then they would have done what they did in BNX; make a deal with the airport, lower the charges and offer a return flight for €40 to €60. Like that you could become attractive for the local passengers who either have to take their own car, pay €50 return ticket with the minibus or endure a never-ending trip with the train (€20).

      I hope JU learns something from their utter failure in Budapest. Maybe introducing a no-bag-fee for regional flights could be a step in the right direction.

      p.s. once Larnaca was reduced to 3 weekly, connections between BUD and LCA were impossible. This was a rather bad move given that there are roughly 5.000 Hungarians living in Cyprus.

    10. Anonymous11:57

      List of companies which stops to fly to BEG or cut their frequencies and routes since Air Serbia start to fly with huge subventions from Serbia and discount from Belgrade Airport:

      - Wizzair
      - easyJet
      - Germanwings
      - Adria
      - B&H Airlines
      - Turkish
      - Lufthansa
      - Etihad Regional
      - Belavia
      - LOT
      - Swiss
      - TAP Portugal

    11. - Germanwings is coming back so it means they are not completely giving up on the Serbian market. They are currently undergoing internal restructuring so I am sure they will stage a new 'attack' against Air Serbia very soon.

      - B&H's suspension of BEG has nothing to do with Air Serbia.

      - TK's reduction was because they did not respect the bilateral. Once again, nothing to do with Air Serbia.

      - Etihad Regional kind of fell apart so their suspension of Belgrade has nothing to do with JU. If anything they suspended BEG because of the Swiss authorities.

      - Belavia and JU do not overlap so I don't see why are mentioning them.

      - Lot is coming back and JU is failing in WAW so...

      - TAP Portugal launched flights after Air Serbia was established. Furthermore, JU doesn't even sell Lisbon flights so I don't see how they could have had an impact on them.

      But sure, nice try...

    12. Anonymous12:07

      Belavia has never suspended nor cut flights. It is operating the same since it started. Etihad Regional started flights while Air Serbia was already around and suspendef them due to the fact that they suspended most of their network because they are in trouble. They cancelled their announced flights to Zagreb as well. Putting B&H on the list is just funny. They have stopped flights to all destinations and are bankrupt and not because of Air Serbia!

    13. Anonymous12:20

      Please, remember us who has established flights to Belgrade since JU had started its mission. Furthermore, who intend to start operations in coming months or year ?

    14. Anonymous12:23

      List of companies which stops to fly to BEG or cut their frequencies and routes since Air Serbia start to fly with huge subventions from Serbia and discount from Belgrade Airport:

      Ah you forgot!!!!

      Air Algerie
      Libyan Arab Airlines
      Iraqi Airways
      Royal Jordanian
      Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
      Air France
      Air China
      Pan Am

      .... sorry... coul dnot resist trolling trolls :-)

    15. Anonymous12:29

      Very few dutch visitors visit Serbia, and basing operations solely on diaspora is beyond stupid and highly unprofitable.

      Netherlands has good economic links with Croatia, with 400 000 Dutch holidaymakers visiting Croatia and Zagreb each year, 500 000 possible this year, (Zagreb had some 50 000 Dutch visitors in 2014).

      Business links are also very strong between the two countries Holland is 8 or 9th largest trading partner to Croatia behind Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria & Bosnia.

      This explains why they fly to Croatia. Someone asked why they don't fly to other parts of ex-Yu, no idea I do however think at some point they flew to Ljubljana, I know Air France flies there.

      Why is Af and KLM avoiding ex-Yu, perhaps they don't see the market there, BA is also avoiding ex-YU, Iberia, SAS, Brussels Airline.....

      Must be cause they don't see the market in ex-YU, or they just hate ex-Yu :D Joke.

    16. Anonymous12:46

      "Very few dutch visitors visit Serbia" vs. 50 000 who visit Zagreb solely? Source, please?

    17. Anonymous12:52

      Ali je danas Jat Tehnika i Jatovci aktivni .
      Ali opet sa svim tim silnim odlascima LYBE je najveci i ima odlican rast a proslogodisnji rasto ne znam kad ce ZAG da dostigne.

    18. Anonymous13:00

      From next year Zagreb will explode, you will see

    19. Anonymous13:41

      It's really questionable will LYBE see any growth in next months, does anyone have firm predictions ?

    20. Anonymous13:49

      Imace rast nece kao prosle godine ali izmedju 6-12 % ja znam .

    21. Anonymous14:03

      You mean annual growth will be let's say 9%, or LYBE will continue recording substantial growth month by month ?

    22. Aэrologic14:17

      One must not forget about the complete brand unawareness of Air Serbia in Hungary and i would go as far as to cite that as the main reason for their strategic failure, the rest being only collateral results. I've been to Budapest (including the airport) at least 5 times since Air Serbia started flights and i haven't seen a sign of them, be it at the airport or in the city. In the meanwhile, you could see Wizz and Turkish everywhere (eventhough they're flying 21 and not 28 as Nemjee said but essence is the same).

      One of my friends who's a tour operator in Budapest had even no idea Air Serbia started flights and that there were any air-links to Belgrade besides on Belavia. To further support this argument is that those flights do actually have an average load of 50% meaning Air Serbia is most likely getting pax from other markets, where, unlike in their outrageous O&D pricing to/from BEG they're quite competitive but they've simply decided to completely ignore one (or two - if to include O&D) ends of the market. Maybe it isn't too late to reverse the decision.

    23. Anonymous14:41

      2:03 PM
      Odnosi se na mesecni rast npr septembar ce imati 9%.
      A sto se tice BUD i ASL je zakazao prvo marketinski skroz drugo imao je manjak ATR 72 i sad treba jos jedan da se prikljuci .
      I jos nesto osim velike konkurencije LCC linija je cisto radi reda dodata uz manjak ATR-a nazalost i plan letenja je bio propast zato je zakazano i zbog niceg drugog.

    24. Anonymous15:13

      Ma ljudi ne pričajte gluposti. Germanwings je samo simbolično prisutan u Srbiji. Čak i sa ovim "povratkom" to je bitno rezanje frekvencije sa prošlom godinom.

      B&H je letio za BEG uspješno dok je bio Jat na snazi. Onda je Air Serbija obečala brda i doline, pa čak i letove za njih iz BEG, da bi na kraju to samo ubrzalo bankrot kompanije.

      Turkish je smanjio svoju priustnost za 33% upravo radi aktivnosti Air Serbije koja je "isposlovala" to smanjenje.

      Kao što je "ispolovala" i 50% smanjenja Wizzaira da se ne zavaravamo.

      Belavia trenutno leti samo jedan let tjedno, zar ne? Onda je to smanjenje.

      Objavljena je ovdje statistika iz koje je vidljivo koliko su strane kompanije u BEG smanjile svoju prisutnost. Mislim da je za BEG najpogubnije smanjenje Lufthanse, Swissa i Turkisha. Isto tako optimistična ekspanzija easyJeta je prekinuta i easyJet je samo simbolično u Beogradu. To je vrlo loše.

      Čak ni Etihadova komanija Regional nije uspjela pa čak iako je letjela za AS na liniji za Banja Luku.

      Dakle velik broj smanjenja frekvencija, otkazanih linija, a konačno i bitno manji broj putnika sa stanim kompanijama u BEG pokazuju da Air Serbijina ekpanzija ima i drugu stranu medalje.

    25. Anonymous15:16

      Za tvoju informaciju, B&H uopste nije letela za vreme Jat-a. Kompanija je pocela da leti u decemberu 2013. Stvarno je smesno da sada pricas kako je Air Serbia odgovorna i za njihov bankrot. A sto se tice Belavije, oni lete 2 puta nedeljno i lete tako od kada su poceli sa linijom za Beograd.

    26. Anonymous15:23

      Pricate nebuloze koliko kompanija smanji ili reze linju do LHR ili FRA znaci da su zato odgovorni BA ili FRA .
      I jesu sve strane aviokompanije krive u ZAG sto je CTN toliko slab i nesposoban u ex yu regionu.

    27. Anonymous16:06

      BUD O&D pricing was crazy. I visited Budapest I believe 8 times since flights were introduced, always checked airfares because I really wanted to fly and always ended up driving there. Not once have I seen tickets for my dates under 160 euros, way too much for this route.

    28. Belavia trenutno leti samo jedan let tjedno, zar ne? Onda je to smanjenje

      Белавија лети два пута недељно, и лети и зими.

      B&H je letio za BEG uspješno dok je bio Jat na snazi. Onda je Air Serbija obečala brda i doline, pa čak i letove za njih iz BEG, da bi na kraju to samo ubrzalo bankrot kompanije.

      Нетачно, мрзи ме сада да тражим по статистици али БиХ је имала између 5 и 10 путника када је летела, ако се не варам, 2010. године.

      А ја бих најлепше замолио народ да игнорише ИНН-НС и ако могу да се бришу његови крајње непотребни коментари јер сваки пут покваре дискусију.

    29. I think it is obvious when a home based carrier expends significantly and rises from the dead, obviously other carriers will be affected. From all the listed it is not worth including Belavia, B&H, Lot ( will force ASL to suspend WAW actually), Turkish, and EY regional. Everybody is forgetting that the hardest hit carriers in fact are LH and OS which are recording a decline in pax for over 2 years. I think at one time OS had 2 dailies with A319, one with Dash, and one with Fokker 70/100. Now it is usually 2 Fokker 70/100 flights and one Dash during summer! LH reduced MUC from triple to double daily. TAP simply failed to be honest since they had zero competition on the whole Iberian peninsula other than for 3 months Vueling. I am not trying to defend ASL which so far has made many mistakes in some markets, but it is amazing how someone can blame ASL say speeding up collapse of B&H and so on.

    30. Anonymous19:24

      Mozete da me ne podnosite ali vi za dzaba trosite vase vreme i reci sa ljudima koji govore da je ASL oterala te kompanije ja se sa njima sprdam zato sto su to vecina ljudi iz JAT Tehnike koji nemaju drugog posla nego da pljuju ASL ovde na ovom forumu zato sto misle da ce im uzeti hleb i nista vise i zato sto njih EY nije kupio.

    31. Јат Техника има феноменалне механичаре који одговорно раде свој посао и они не висе по овом форуму и не нападају АСЛ. Ако ишта, они само могу да се спрдају на рачин Ер Србијиних механичара.

    32. Anonymous20:54

      Eto u tome je problem sav sto ih ja spominjem a oni su vam ocigledno prijatelji pa zato vam smeta .

    33. Нису ми пријатељи, лично не познајем ни једног од њих али сам упознат са њиховим професионализомом стицајем неких других околности. Притом, да ли уопште знаш да Јат Техника одржава Ер Србијине ваздухоплове?

    34. Anonymous21:29

      To znam i nisam sa tim nikako zadovoljan posto kao sto mozete da videte koliko im je potrebno da nameste WI-FI.

    35. Ја сам мислио на то што одржавају Атр и Б733 авионе но добро...

    36. Anonymous04:06


      Rgds, Eight

    37. Anonymous06:20

      TRANSAVIA is in preliminary talks and route analysis with TIV. VINCI group is initiator.

  2. Air Serbia Updates Planned Last Boeing 737 Operations July – Oct 2015
    by JL
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    Update at 0720GMT 14JUL15

    Air Serbia once again has outlined last Boeing 737-300 scheduled operation, which sees 737-300 operating last flight on 24OCT15. Based on the GDS listing as well as week of 12JUL15’s OAG Schedules Analyser update, planned 737-300 operation from 15JUL15 to 24OCT15 as follow.

    Scheduled 737-300 service:

    Belgrade – Podgorica 17JUL15 – 11SEP15 JU174/175 Day 5. Last 737 flight on 11SEP15
    Belgrade – Tel Aviv 13JUL15 – 22OCT15 JU816/817 Day 136 from BEG, Day 147 from TLV. Last 737 flight on 22OCT15 from TLV
    Belgrade – Tivat 15JUL15 – 11SEP15 JU184/185 Day 35. Last 737 flight on 11SEP15
    Belgrade – Vienna 13JUL15 – 24OCT15 JU600/601 Day 1, JU604/605 Day 67 (Day x124 from 16SEP15). Last and final 737 flight on 24OCT15
    Belgrade – Zagreb Planned service scheduled on 05AUG15, 04SEP15, 12SEP15, 13SEP15, 19SEP15, 27SEP15

    Air Serbia Boeing 737-300 is scheduled to operate following routes on one-time basis:
    Belgrade – Amsterdam 09AUG15
    Belgrade – Budapest 29JUL15
    Belgrade – Dusseldorf 17AUG15
    Belgrade – Rome 02AUG15
    Belgrade – Stuttgart 30JUL15
    Belgrade – Warsaw 16AUG15

    Planned last 737-300 scheduled service remains subject to change. Further changes remain highly possible.

    Source: http://airlineroute.net/2015/07/14/ju-737-s15update/

    1. Anonymous10:28

      lol don't worry they will be using them for at least another year or two especially with some Airbuses leaving

    2. Anonymous11:01

      What Airbus' leaving? What you on about now?

    3. Anonymous11:14

      leave it. he always comes and writes about Airbuses leaving

    4. Anonymous12:56

      Absolutno ni jedan Airbus nece da napusti flotu a produzen je rok 733 samo zato sto se uvodi wi fi koji je trebao biti vec uveden ali je kriva tehnika.
      A pogledajte flote KL i OS od Fokkera koliko su stari pa onda mozete da pametujete i samo osobe koje se ne razumeju u Aviaciju mogu starost aviona da navode.

    5. Anonymous13:24

      Nije stvar u tome koliko je avion star. Vec da li dobijas isti komfor koji se reklamira i prodaje. Ne zaboravi da taj b733 nema biznis klasu koja je u prodaji.

    6. Anonymous13:32

      Pa nema ni OS biznis klasu u pojedinim Avionima pa se dobiju 2 sedista tako da ne znam gde je problem a cisto sumnjam da vi letite samo u biznis klasi.

    7. Anonymous13:51

      ^ Ti si rekao kako JU nece ukidati linije pa ipak ukidaju tako da potuno ocekujem da ce i 2 A319 napustiti flotu, cim ti tvrdis suprotno.

    8. Anonymous14:34

      Za sad se ukida jedna linija i jedna postaje sezonska ali to je najveca krvica marketing sluzbe a ne G Kondica .
      Pa nece napustiti flotu budite sigurni hoce ali na jedno vreme.

    9. Anonymous15:27

      ignor inn

    10. Anonymous16:23

      @1:24, stara kozna sedista iz biznis klase b733 su najudobnija sedista u kojima sam sedeo, potpisujem.

    11. Anonymous17:19

      "Last and final 737 flight on 24OCT15"

      Wow, no one noticed what really matters here. This is second anniversary of Air Serbia. Final retirement of JU 737 will obviously be part of that celebration, as it should. KLM organized special fan flight when last passenger MD-11 was recently retired and it attracted a lot of publicity. So if you are a true fan of 733, get ready to be in Vienna on Sat Oct 24 for a final scheduled flight to BEG. We'll have to see what registration will be the last one, is it going to be preserved in a Museum and what other goodies ASL has in store, but that's my reading of what's important in this.

      From first drop down cabin IFE monitors I ever saw to those unbelievably soft business class seats, I'll cherish great memories from those birds. Something is going to replace them and I am looking forward to what's next!

    12. Anonymous18:43

      "Pa nema ni OS biznis klasu u pojedinim Avionima pa se dobiju 2 sedista tako da ne znam gde je problem a cisto sumnjam da vi letite samo u biznis klasi.
      Tacno tako, samo sto OS ne prodaje biznis na letovima na kojima nema tu uslugu, dok je JU konstantno prodaje. Da li ja letim biznisom to je moj izbor i da li sam ja kao i veliki broj ljudi navucen na biznis a nisam ga dobio od stane JU je isto moja stvar. SUSTINA JE U TOME DA NE TREBA PRODAVATI ONO STO NEMAS!!!

    13. Anonymous18:53

      Prestani da lupetas ako ima biznis klasa sedi se po dva u redu ne po tri i ima se posluzenje biznis klase. Kao na mnogim letovima po Evropi.

    14. Anonymous19:27

      Sta kazete ne prodaje a licno znam da prodaju posto kad leti F100 na liniji INN-VIE vi dobijete dva sedista .I to rade skoro sve evropske kompanije kao AY na svojim A321.

    15. Anonymous21:17

      ako odlaze svi 733 kao i par a319, sta ce leteti tokom zime ?

    16. Anonymous21:22

      Na carobnom cilimu...

    17. Anonymous21:31

      Odlaze na namestanje WI-FI .

    18. Anonymous21:41

      mozda MGX e190 wet-lease

    19. Anonymous22:30

      Obirom na ogromna rezanja linija biti će dovoljno aviona.

  3. Anonymous12:51

    KL nema potrebe sa letovima za LYBE zato sto ima jako dobru saradnju od kad je presao jedan veliki Manager KL u EY i jako dobro im pune letove za USA
    Jedino mi jos u BEG hvale AY i AB i niko vise .

    1. Anonymous15:17

      Izjaviti da Beogradu ne fale

      Air France
      i Iberia

      je ipak jedna od najvećih gluposti koje si izjavio. A tu je konkurencija ogromna.

      Cicko, konkurencija je dobro došla stvar. Ne samo za putnike i BEG, nego i za samu Air Serbiju. Monopolizam nikad nije dobar.

    2. Anonymous15:25

      @3.17 ... raspravljas sa zidom...

    3. Anonymous15:45

      Any idea why Air Serbia dropped three weekly frequencies to Amsterdam next winter ? It seemed it was of one their best lines.

    4. Anonymous15:54

      AF-KL ima toliko dobro saradnju sa ASL da im ne trebaju letovi ali vi to nemozete da shvatite .
      A BA nezeli da se takmici sa ASL .
      A IB neznam zasto nema letova .
      AY I AB su mnogo potrebni.

    5. From both pax and enthusiast perspective I would not mind seeing all these companies in Belgrade, but it is not realistic. INN-NS is right that AF-KL has excellent cooperation with ASL and I do not see anything from them in near future. I think BA would have a chance to compete with ASL especially during winter when flights are daily regardless of visa requirements for UK. From all this companies my guess would be BA would come first, and lets face it will be difficult for AF to compete with double dailies of ASL. Also BA actually had CLF of around 80% in BEG before axing the route which is not bad at all.

    6. Anonymous18:29

      бре доста глупости. БА се не враћа, није њима било лоше пуњење него им је требао слот за профитабилније дестинације. Кад полети АСЛ преко океана још су мањи разлози да се врате у Београд. Ако почне да се прави трећа писта причаћемо, до тада ајде бежи бре...

    7. Anonymous18:47

      YYZ lupas gluposti po obicaju iz Kenjade ljudi preko Londona idu sa Virginom koji ima dogovor sa ASL, BA nije jedina britanska kompanija. Air France je popio takav poraz u Beogradu jos u doba JATa kada su zezali i sa inspekcijama. Lufthansa tuce i BA i AF sa cenama.

    8. chill guys, just expressing my view on the topic plus I did not say this will happen.

    9. Anonymous19:29

      Oni su vas napali samo zato sto ste se slozili samnom i zbog niceg vise.
      A u ostalom YYZ je upravu BA ako hoce moze srpsko trziste da osvoji za 1 mesec.

    10. Anonymous19:50

      Citam taj blog iz znatizelje, ali je postalo naporno sto na sat odkad taj mali komentira.

    11. Anonymous19:52

      So wait, Croats are not happy that airlines are leaving Belgrade, may we know how in the world is it their business and concern, how does it affect them? Less traffic over Hrvatska or what, what's the problem?

    12. Anonymous20:15

      YYZ prosto lupas kao juce Rvat koga je exYu obrisao a nije mu objasnio da ASL ima vise sedista u ponudi za AMS jednostavno ne razmisljas. BA nije partner ASLu niti ima dovoljno biznis putnika da bi ulazio u trku zbog njih.

    13. Anonymous20:21

      Btw, LH is cutting many frequencies to BEG starting from January,1st 2016, during both winter and summer season. For instance, they'll fly MUC-BEG 11 weekly, FRA-BEG only one daily during January and February.

    14. Anonymous21:29

      Oh no, get ready for "friendly" comments like "Air Serbia is killing competitors in Belgrade by being supported with taxpayer subsidies"!

      On the other hand, when ASL reduced FRA "friends" said "beginning of the end for taxpayer supported Air Serbia"!

      Whatever the change is, "friends" will always put a negative spin on Air Serbia.

    15. Anonymous21:37

      My comment is that every airline is reducing presence in Belgrade, including Air Serbia. And I am wondering why.

    16. Anonymous21:45

      As long as there's growth at the present rate, your doomsday scenarios will be just wishful thinking.

    17. Anonymous21:58

      The problem is that there won't be any growth starting from current month. That's quite obvious. On the contrary, consecutive declines are coming. It seems to me it's nothing to do with airlines's policy.

    18. ATR 72-50022:01

      I see a decline from October this year. Just quick peak of last winter season to the upcoming one:
      1) WAW from double daily to 5 weekly flights till January 2016
      2) Budapest and Larnaca axed
      3) LH further reductions as stated above
      4) LX axing Geneva
      5) No Milan route from U2
      6) Moscow from 4 times a day to 3 times
      7) AUH will go from double to daily flights ( still not confirmed)
      8) No EY regional flights
      9) Other ASL reductions such as Frankfurt and few others
      Only positive is QR with 2 extra flights in the week
      Now would some care to elaborate how we will see growth after October? This is no doomsday scenario, but take my word that we will see negative figures.

    19. Anonymous22:30

      Nece bice radt od 6-12 % .

    20. Anonymous22:52

      Only blind man couldn't see inevitable decline that is going to happen in BEG. As the time passes the crisis will deepen.

    21. Anonymous23:05

      plati nama svima putovanje za Chicago, ako rast bude manje od +6-12% preko zime.

    22. Anonymous23:52

      Meni nemoras. Dovoljno je da ces jos jednom ispast dibidus.

    23. Nikola08:27

      a je l' neko od vas razmišlja da Srbi imaju sve manje i manje para i da se sve ređe odlučuju za putovanja? pogotovo avionom

    24. Anonymous09:26

      Opet jedan koji lupeta, Srbi sada imaju najvise para ikada. Sirotinja se zestoko izrabljuje. Ima i JAT Tehnika.

  4. Anonymous16:56

    Belgrade should be happy that there are no flights by AF/KLM or British Airways and Finnair .
    All traffic between Asia and Serbia would be routed via London,Paris,Amsterdam.

    A lot of Lufthansas pax to Serbia are Asians.

    So more of them get routed now via Abu Dhabi/Istanbul and Doha with Etihad,TK and Qatarways.

  5. Anonymous18:40

    OT from BEG today: The closest part of the public parking to the terminal building is now exclusively rent-a-car (and police) parking. It is no longer possible to access it from the main ramp. At 12 PM, this lot was full, and cars were waiting at the ramps to be let in; decreasing the capacity seems like a really fine idea.

    Also, outbound passport control was packed, wait time up to 15 mins, but as usual, only four counters were open. The new passport control in T1 was completely empty. Literally nobody was there, even though two counters were open.

  6. Anonymous23:27

    Ok ponovicu jos jednom. Asl je mogao da svakodnevno puni atr do bud da je postavio fiksnu cenu karte . Cena od 40€ po pravcu bi i te kako bila isplativa i punila bi avion. 40x66=2.640€. A let do bud po pravcu kosta oko 2.000€ a mozda i manje na atr-u. Cena na gei je 40€ i putujes 8 sati. Dakle svi bi leteli do bud. Voz kosta 15€ po pravcu i vozi 10ak sati. Bus kosta 35€ po pravcu i vozi oko 8 sati. Dakle ne bih se zadrzavao vise o isplativosti bud-a. Dalje, sto se klm-a tice ne raxumem zasto se lozite da kao treba da dodje? Ako ne vide interes, njihov problem. Asl ga je videla i sad imamo 10w do ams-a. Dalje, prva germanwings linija je bila do kelna i leteo je na njoj 2 ipo godine, a sam ju je ukinuo u januaru 2012te cini mi se. U to vreme nismo ni sanjali da ce nastati asl. Germanw je ukinuo kel kako je rekao tadasnji direktor zbog konstantnih 60% lf sto je za german nedopustivo. Isto je i sa str pa je postao sezonska. Dalje, easy je ukinuo fco posle samo jedne letnje sezone i to 2014 zato sto im jecpolitika da lete za fco bila business suicide jer je summer 2014 bilo 4 daily za fco. to je bilo previse, a easy umesto za neki drugi evropski grad odluci se za 5ti daily za fco. Izvini ovo je idiotizam. Dalje za er frans i btitis me ne zanima zasto su prestali sa beg-om ali ne zaboravimo da je to bilo u vreme jat-a. Mislim da britis ne leti za beg sigurno 5 god. Spanair je prestao letove za mad posle manje od 4 meseca jer je na a320 letelo u par navrata 20ak putnika. Bcn my je bila celogodisnja, ali zato vueling ne vidi beg kao takav. Tap je imao katastrofalni tt. Tu nema diskusije. Nisu mogle cak ni tur.agencije da ga sa 3w popune nego su radile lis preko lx ili lh ili os. I danas dan ga tako rade. Cak i vueling od 3w za beg ima jedan sa sletanjem u bcn u 2 ujutro. I gde ces u 2am sa koferima? U hotel?? Itd itd itd. Dalje, kako to da norwegian nikada nije odustao od sezonske arlande? i jel ga asl oterala sa sezonskog cph? itd itd. Isto je i sa izijevom mxp. I er uan je otisao sa mxp-beg rute jer mu je bila neisplativa. Ogromne kompanije ne moze da otera asl vec nepopunjenost kapaciteta u kabini i to je ono za cim treba da zalimo. Kada je easy leteo za mxp cena najjeftinije rt karte je bila 50€ bez kofera, a na ju-u 110€ sa 23kg prtljaga. Dakle ipak je asl bio tu u prednosti. I konacno, svaka zemlja ima svoju politiku Kao i aviokompanija. I rajaner odustaje od nekih ruta u mnogim drzavama a uvodi nove. Trzista se menjaju. i pored toga sto nisam ljubitelj er serbije zbog reklame od 2,5mil € a ovamo leti za varnu, a nema nijedan jefini let za iberijsko poluostrvo niti jedan jedini sezonski za sredozemlje osim mla, ipak letim njome jer radije dam novac legacyju nego loukosteru. Posebno ne vizu cija cena karte vrlo vrlo cesto predje cenu karte er serbije ka svim gradovima ka kojima leti. Poz iz beograda, a recicu vam koliki je bio lf asl-a za spu za 10ak dana. A petkom i ponedeljkom ima kroaciju kao direktnog konkurenta

    1. Anonymous23:59

      Svaka kompanija ima svoje razloge, no sigurno je da toliko mnogo odlazaka i smanjenja kapaciteta svakako jest rezultat nekonkurentnosti koja je uvjetovana ogromnim subvencijama i popustima koje ima ASL na BEG. Kako možeš konkurirati kompaniji koja ne plača ništa ili plača jako malo i to sa ogromnim zakašnjenjima koji se toleriraju.

      Na kraju će se desiti da će ozbiljni igrači otiči (neki su već otišli) i ASL će monopolitisički odrati putnike. Već viđeno u svijetu. Ili mislite da su tu Arapi drugačiji? Moš si mislit.

    2. Anonymous00:12

      Pa jeste u pravu si. Er serbija je imala mnogo manje placanja aerodromu posebno dok je letela za keln, madrid, lisabon, gva, muc i jos mnoge druge. Da ne spominjem da nista ne placa na svojim letovima za got, ein, mmx. Uzas. Posebno je oslobodjenja placanja kad su u pitanju letovi za ljepu vasu...

    3. Anonymous03:07

      Zalosno je ako ti ne razumijes danasnju logiku putnika u kojima short break bira prema tome tko je povoljniji, ako ne razumijes da putnik bira aerodrome koji su i po 500 km udaljeni samo ako su jeftinija alternativa, da su i dalje konekcije rezultirane dumpingom prvog leta (Air Serbie), da ce turisticke agnecije nuditi povoljnicu opciju u globalu u kojoj je i cijena avionske karte bitan faktor...

    4. Али исто тако не заборавимо да су многобројне авио-компаније почеле да лете за Београд због неконкурентности Јат Ервејза.
      Како јача домаћи превозиник тако преузима део локалних путника од страних компанија.

      Ја бих исто тако споменуо Таром који из сезоне у сезону има све више путника у Београду а прошлог лета су достигли, у просеку, 36 путника по лету, што и није лоше. Ове зиме имаће 6 летова, један мање од Ер Србије.

      Са друге стране, Ер Балтик се повукао из Београда пре Ер Србије иако је имао 76% попуњеност кабине. Да се подсетимо Кимбер-Стерлинга којег је отерао из Београда нико други него Визер (попуњеност 55%).

      На крају крајева, ово што видимо данас је нормално за свет цивилног ваздухопловства. На линијама као што су Праг, Париз, Амстердам, Москва, Сарајево, Букурешт... одавно нисмо видели неке дампиншке цене. Што значи да су та тржишта плодно тло за улазак новог играча. Наравно, теорија и пракса су две различите ствари, као што можемо да видимо.

    5. Anonymous00:23

      Nemjee nitko ni ne tvrdi drugačije

      1. Jaka Air Serbija = odlazak konkurencije koja je došla i zbog slabog Jata

      2. Dumping (rezultiran ogromnim subvencijama i popustima) je to samo pomogao i ubrzao

      No, isto tako igrači koji odlaze omogučuju Air Serbiji da koristi svoj monopolistički položaj (pogledajte cijene za LJU nakon što je otišla Adrija, pa ucjene sa charterima nakon odbijanja ovih charteraša...). Drugi problem je ogromne oscilacije koje se dešavaju. Obzirom na enormna rezanja koja se najavljuju ove zime Air Serbija će dići cijene ozbiljno, bit će bitno manje letova, a većina onih koji su otišli neće se tako skoro vratiti. Poglavito veliki. Oni ne reagiraju na tržište promptno.


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