Mostar Airport eyes Star Alliance carriers

Mostar to negotiate flights with Lufthansa, Austrian and Turkish Airlines

Mostar Airport will enter talks with several Star Alliance member airlines over the potential launch of scheduled year-long flights to the city. Mostar has struggled to attract scheduled services but sees a significant number of charters throughout the year, carrying religious pilgrims visiting the nearby Medjugorje sight. “This year we will attempt to bring one scheduled carrier. Primarily we are interested in talks with Germanwings, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, as well as Turkish Airlines. We are confident there is a significant number of people from our diaspora who would fly to Mostar”, the airport’s Managing Director, Marin Raspudić, said. He added that the airport is interested in direct links to Munich, Vienna and Istanbul.

In 2013, the Federal government of Bosnia and Herzegovina designated both Mostar and Tuzla airports as the country’s low cost hubs. Since then, Wizz Air has opened a base in Tuzla. Mostar Airport attempted to attract low cost carriers on several occasions but has had little success. Back in 2012 it held talks with Wizz Air over potential flights from Dortmund and Malmo, however, the airline opted for Tuzla instead. Last October, Ryanair confirmed it had entered negotiations with Mostar Airport regarding the possible launch of services from Germany and Scandinavia. In the end, these flights did not materialise either. “Our main objective is to see the return of those passengers that left us during the war and post-war period. They are now using Dubrovnik and Split for charters to Medjugorje and Sarajevo Airport for scheduled services”, Mr Raspudić said, noting it is difficult to compete against larger nearby rivals such as Dubrovnik, Split and Sarajevo.

Mostar Airport handled 31.633 passengers during the first half of the year, an improvement of 17.2% compared to the same period in 2014, making it Bosnia and Herzegovina’s third busiest airport behind Sarajevo and Tuzla but ahead of Banja Luka. Mostar estimates it will handle some 85.000 passengers by the end of the year, up from 68.000 in 2014. It handled a record 86.000 travellers in a single year prior to the breakup of the former Yugoslavia but has been unable to surpass that figure ever since. This summer, a total of five airlines are maintaining regular charter flights to Mostar, one of them being Croatia Airlines. The Croatian carrier operates two weekly flights, each on Thursday, to the Lebanese capital Beirut with an Airbus A320 aircraft. Services will run until October.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    It would make much more sense if Croatia Airlines started flying from Mostar to Zagreb and shuttled passengers there. Odd they are not even considering them.

    1. Croatia did fly to Mostar, but the tickets were too expensive: 110€ for a round trip.

    2. Anonymous14:19

      What did you expect 50€ per roundtrip?

      ZAG-OMO id a dead route because neither Croats living in Zagreb or Mostar have any money and rather take the bus for 10 hours.

      The only routes that may work alla year on OMO is from south of Italy and Ireland for pilgrimes as they are the largest groups.

      Maybe FRA, TXL and MUC from Germany because of large diaspora from that area and pilgrimes.

      Seasonally you can ad Poland,Spain, Ireland and France

      Nothern Europe are not catolics and are not interested in Mostar, Ex Yu countries and rest if eastern Europe are to poor and take the bus

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Croats in Mostar, or Hercegovians in Zagreb does not have money? Congretualtions. Those are only Croats to have money.

      The problem is thet they have to show their Mecedeses around. So they will rather drive 8 hours than use a plane.

    4. Danac01:34

      Anon @2:19 PM:
      You are forgetting that more than a quarter of Mostar's prewar population now lives in Scandinavia (Nothern Europe).

    5. Anonymous10:41

      You forgot that Hercegovians are "patients", and they have to drive expensive used cards BMW,Audi, Mercedes and similar to their homeland, so others can see their success..., coming to town with aircraft is not popular.

  2. Anonymous09:40

    Hercegovina ima malo stanovnika i dva velika aerodroma na obali nema tu velike pameti.

    1. Mostar - Aeodrom Split
      l = 200 km
      vrijeme putovanja: 2 h i 30 min

      Mostar - Aerodrom Dubrovnik
      l = 147 km (najbiliza ruta)
      vrijeme putovanja: minimalno 2 h i 15 minuta

      Mostar - Aerdrom Sarajevo
      l = 127 km
      vrijeme putovanja: 2 h i 10 min.

      1. Najbilizi aerodrom je Sarajevo, a udaljen je vise od 2 sata

      2. Karte iz Dubrovnika i Splita su tokom seozone (juni-septembar) PRESKUPE i prelaze 220€.

      Rezime: Mostar ima veliki potencijal da bude cilj jednog niskotarifnog prevoznika.

    2. Anonymous13:59

      A Purger ovdasnji putuje 500 km do blizeg povoljnijeg aerodroma. Ima potencijal neprepoznat vec 20 godina. Da SJJ nije shebano ne bi ga ni Tuzla imala.

    3. Anonymous10:45

      Ma koji avijoni i hercegovina, sta je vam jeste li vi svi prolupali??? Hercegovci koji su gastarbajteri u Njemackoj se vozaju autima u domovinu, da kada dodju dolje, da ih susjedi i rodbina vide kako su uspijesni u Minkenu recimo, pa se onda vozaju polovnima BMW-ima po selendrama, piju i jedu po gostionima i glume bogatase. :) Njima ne triba avionska linija, kada on more dopizdit bmw-jem iz minkena...., razumiš?

  3. Anonymous09:47

    Sorry I don't see any of these airlines starting flights. On the other hand they should talk to Wizz and Ryan again. That's their big chance I think.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      Not sure. They are also eying pilgrimers from all over the world - so what they want and need are transfer options for those pax from outside Scandinavia and Italy and perhaps Germany. Hence they are looking for a hub conncetion: MUC, VIE would make sense to me. Nevertheless O&D LCC routes will surely also be welcome

  4. Anonymous09:48

    Medjugorje is the biggest scam ever known to man. Even the Pope think soI can't believe an entire airport built up their passenger base around it.

  5. Anonymous10:27

    OMO is in Bosnias smallest region with approx. 500k pax gravitating to that airport. Compare that to TZL (1.3m), BNX (1.2m) and SJJ (1.1m).

    With the A1 approaching Mostar both from south (Additional 10km to be finished this year) and north (Tarcin - Konjic currently expropriated) both SJJ and SPU are getting "closer" timewise.

    Going after legacy carrier is big mistake. They should instead try to leverage their low-cost designation which makes them having much lower fees than SJJ and probably even lower than SPU.

    Step 1 (very obvious one): Lure back charters to Medjugorje from DBV and SPU

    Step 2: Try getting some package tourism destined to Adriatic to use OMO.

    Step 3: Approach LCC. It might be possible (but hard) to get Ryan or somebody else to fly to Mostar seasonally. Basically market it as Peljesac airport or something like that.

    Both BH Airlines & Croatia Airlines have tried OMO - ZAG but there is simple not enough passengers.

    // Yoyo

    1. Anonymous10:55

      Don't forget that for not a too small chunk of the Croatian coast (Southern Dalmatia) OMO would be closer than SPU and DBV. I am talking about the area from approx. South of Makarska until Ston/Peljesac. There should be potential for summer holiday tourists arriving in OMO as well. Especially, if fees there are much lower than on HR coastal airports.

    2. Anonymous12:30

      Ti nemas pojma o cemu pricas. A1 put ide do delte Neretve.

    3. Anonymous13:12

      I guess you are talking about Croatian A1 while my original post referred to Bosnian A1. Bosnian A1 goes from Bijaca (i.e. Municipality of Ljubuski) over Mostar, Sarajevo, Zenica, Doboj and ends at Svilaj (municipality of Odzak).

      Generally in life it is good to think trough before posting (or saying anything) and being a bit less aggressive. There are other countries in the world than Croatia.

      // Yoyo

    4. Anonymous13:39

      Jok nebrate, ovom sto prica o delu obale da moze da sluzi kao aerodrom.

  6. Anonymous10:46

    During the 80s Medjurgorje use to be a hit for JAT. I remember JAT had groups of 100+ on their flights from Singapore to Belgrade with pilgrims from the Philippines. Plus JAT made great use of its ATR42s to Mostar.

  7. Anonymous11:40

    Out of those they mentioned, Germanwings would be the best option

  8. Anonymous12:28

    why don't ex-yu countries just privatize these smaller airports? Wouldn't it be easier? Plus the new owner would actually want to have flights and invest money in them. Slovenia has the right idea.

  9. Anonymous12:44

    Slightly off topic, Bosnian directorate of civil aviation has just released june numbers for all bosnian airports.

    - BNX 2 085 (approx -20%)
    - OMO 9 696 (approx +18%)
    - TZL 21 563 (approx +90%)

    SJJ has already been posted previously (74 855 / 0%)

    // Yoyo

  10. Anonymous13:30

    Jedini moguci clan star alijanse koji moze u OMO da dodje je SK sa jednim letom nedeljno iz ARN I CPH i to je sve posto nema u BH potencijala osim u SJJ.
    Dok je druga Stvar u Rs gde se pregovara sa nekim aviokompanijama.

    1. Tvoje "velicanje" Srpske je vise nego smijesno.

      U BiH nema ptencijala osim u Sarajevu?

      1. Zasto ce onda Aerodrom Tuzla u ovoj godini prevesti blizu 250.000 putnika, dakle 9 puta vise nego aerodrom u Banjoj Luci?

      2. Ako je aeordrom Mostar u 2014. godini imao 68.000 putnika, a Banja Luka jedva 28.000, onda je sve jasno.

      3. Povratna karta iz Banja Luke za Beograd kosta SAMO 45 Eura, sto je najjeftiniji let na Balkanu, i opet je faktor popunjenosti JEDVA 40%. Nekim danima je i ispod 20%.

      Poredeci Sarajevo, Tuzlu, Zenicu, Mostar i Banja Luku dodje se do zakljucka da cisto statisticki Banja Luka ima najmanju kupovnu moc u prosjeku, a i po glavi stanovnika najmanju dijasporu od svih nabrojanih gradova.

      4. Ne bi ti bilo na odmet da pogledas istini u oci i sagledas cijelu situaciju.

      Ako je povratna karta od 45€, ukljucujuci SVE TAKSE i KOFER, SKUPA (jer je faktor popunjenosti PRENZIKA), ko bi onda letio za druge gradove gdje bi cijena karte sa taksama bila 100-200€ ?

    2. Anonymous13:47

      @INN Nemoj da provociras. Cinjenice pokazuji da BNX ima najmanji broj putnika u Bosni. Cinjenice pokazuju da je Edlweiss obustavio prodaju letova Cirih - Banja Luka zbog lose prodaje i cinjenice pokazuju da nema subvencionisanih letova Er Srbije za Banja Luku aerodrom ne bi imao ni jednog putnika.

    3. Anonymous14:08

      Koja crna BNX... O cemu se ovde pise to je strasno!

    4. Anonymous14:29

      Ja nigde nisam uporedio Bh i Rs nego sam rekao da SJJ jedini u Federaciji ima zaradu TZL ima najvece inostranstvo u celoj Bosni zato W6 i Kantic imaju najboljo poslovanje odatle.
      Jos jednom BNX ima dobro poslovanje sa ASL i LF se malo popravio u ostalom pregovara se sa nekoliko prevoznika. Dali treba jos nesto reci.

    5. Anonymous14:31

      WK je iz drugog razloga napustio liniju ZRH - BNX.

    6. Nemoj ovo uzimati odnosno dozivit kao neki "napad" na tebe, ali na osnovu tvojih PROSLIH komentara, da se zakljuciti da ti zivis u drugome svijetu, bar sto se BNX tice.

      Barem se to da zakljuciti iz tvojih komentara.

      Vezano za BNX:
      - LF se "malo popravio", istina. Ali zahvaljujuci LJETU. Medjutim LF od 40%, odnosno od 38%, je zaista mizeran. RS-u je bolje da te pare potrosi negdje drugo.

      - BNX je u pregovorima, ali za sad nece doci do otvaranja novih linija, jer bi se Air Serbia osjecala "ugoreznom" a to Dodik NIKADA nece dozovliti.

      Balkan je ovo - nema ovde puno razuma i razumijevanja.

    7. Anonymous16:59

      Just to add a fact : in the first half of 2015 ASL welcomed 36 passengers per flight, LF was around 53%. That's better than it was last year. The airline pays NOTHING to the airport, not even passenger service tax, same as in Belgrade. That means it is not a debt, but the overall sum at bills is zero.

    8. Anonymous17:08

      I guess somebody needs to feed the troll....


      There are several reasons why people dislike you and have hard time with you. Probably nothing new, but I try to distill it in few simple bullet points so that even you can understand.

      1. You have shockingly low knowledge of aviation industry and barely any business travel experience / frequent flyer. Yet you comment every story and pretend that you have some kind of insider info or deep insight.

      2. You are extremely confrontational and nationalistic. Even simple disagreements end up with you labeling people by their nationality, finding up hidden agendas and conspiracies.

      3. You are fanboy. You cannot stand that somebody has negative opinion / experience about something that you cheer for.

      4. Finally you are pathological liar. Latest post is just another example of that.

      // Yoyo

    9. Anonymous18:25

      In winter JU's average load to BNX was 42% while in summer it goes between 65% and 70%.

    10. Anonymous19:55

      1 Niste pitani da dajete komentar o meni i mom znanju posto tek od juce komentarisete i ja ne znam dosta niti kazem da unam nesto ali znam dovoljno.
      2 Ja imam izvore iz nutra to se vama svidelo ili ne ja sam znao da se linija za BNX otvara jos u leto 2012 samo nisam znao da postoji ovaj blog.
      3 Ja komentarisem na svaku vest necu valjda vas za odobrenje da pitam mozda .
      4 naravno necu da dozvolim da se neke licnosti ovde vredjaju .
      5 Prvo vi dokazite koliko znate molim vas pa onda solite pamet meni .
      6 Vi ste se odma usprotivili meni samo da bi pridobili nekoliko Anonymous-a
      7 nikad nisam napao nekoga sa potpisom kad prica nesto protiv ASL kao sto je moglo da se vidi .

    11. Anonymous20:24

      Ignor plz

    12. JATBEGMEL20:43


      posto si toliki fan Er Srbije, i s obzirom da dolazis kod nas 'cesto', pretpostavljam da putujes Er Srbijom, dakle hoce li napisati svoj raport o putovanju sa JU? Naravno uz neke slike.

    13. Anonymous20:46

      Ja nikad ne pisem raport o putovanju niti cu ovde postavljati slike ali ako imate zelju mogu vam objaviti iz cockpita .

    14. Anonymous20:57

      Jel dovoljna slika :)

    15. JATBEGMEL21:00

      @ INN-SNS

      pa s obzirom da toliko hvalis JU kao ekstra kompanija, red bi bio da delujes i svojih iskustava sa nama, kao sto sam ja svima delio nekoliko puta.

      Sto se kokpit tice, pretpostavljam da pokusavas sam sebe da hvalis? Svako moze u kokpit da udje, naravno dok je avion na gejtu.

    16. Anonymous21:08

      Nije bitno gde je slikano ali nije na gejtu .
      Ja kad bi pisao raport bilo bi da sam pristrasan mnogo.

    17. Anonymous21:10

      Ma pusti ga, nema smisla. Nazalost ga moramo trpiti.

    18. Anonymous21:27

      which image hosting site would you recommended JATBEGMEL or anyone else on this site? I might take a few snaps on my next flight in few weeks and am not sure which site to pick.

    19. JATBEGMEL21:43

      @ anonymous

      I upload my images to flickr. It is quick to upload and easy to share.

      @ INN-SNS

      15.07.2015 @7:55pm
      "Ja komentarisem na svaku vest necu valjda vas za odobrenje da pitam mozda"

      dakle, ako te tudje misljenje ne zanima koliko kazes, cega se onda plasis da okacis par slika i jedan raport o putovanju?

    20. Anonymous22:16

      Evo sad necu u inat zato sto me zovete INN-SNS i opet kazem neradim to a nisam jedini na ovom forumu sto to neradim.

    21. Anonymous22:20

      Za ulazak u kokpit u vazduhu ode posao dečko..

    22. Anonymous01:03

      Apsolutno nije istina .

    23. Danac01:59

      As Anonymous@4:09 PM also noticed for ZAG-OMO route, there is one more thing impacting passenger numbers negatively on BEG-BNX route - so called "Mercedes show off".
      Many of those who do have money to buy plane tickets, prefer to drive for hours to Belgrade/Banja Luka, just to be able to show theirs four-wheeled pets, rather then simply taking a plane.

    24. Anonymous08:53

      @1.03 o da, apsolutno je istina. Raspitaj se malo. U ASL niko u vazduhu ne moze u kokpit pa cak ni ti.

  11. Anonymous14:10

    Mislim da bi linija Mostar-Zagreb-Milano bila pun pogodak za OU. Isto tako da se linija Zagreb-Rim odradi dvaput tjedno preko OMO-a.

  12. Anonymous14:54

    Da li neko ima slike od Mostarkog Aerodroma prije rata? Samo vidim slike od danasnjeg terminal a rad bi vidil i starije slike. Hvala.

  13. Anonymous17:00

    Can someone please tell me did Austrian use to fly to Mostar. I came across this: "Austrian Airlines canceled service not only to Belgrade but as of yesterday also to Timisoara, Romania; Tirana, Albania; and Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka in Bosnia. But the airline restored service to Skopje, Macedonia, yesterday, and continued its scheduled service to Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as Zagreb and Ljubljana."

  14. Anonymous17:44

    Old news, but still...

    Air Serbia Cancels 2 Routes from late-Oct 2015
    by JL
    Update at 0600GMT 15JUL15

    Air Serbia at the launch of winter 2015/16 season is suspending 2 routes, as the airline closed reservation for Belgrade – Budapest and Belgrade – Larnaca route, on/after 25OCT15. The airline previously scheduled 1 daily and 3 weekly service each during winter season. Previously planned schedule as follow.

    Belgrade – Budapest
    JU620 BEG0740 – 0855BUD AT7 x136
    JU624 BEG1825 – 1940BUD AT7 136

    JU621 BUD1000 – 1105BEG AT7 x136
    JU625 BUD2045 – 2150BEG AT7 136

    Belgrade – Larnaca
    JU506 BEG2355 – 0320+1LCA 319 257
    JU507 LCA0405 – 0545BEG 319 136


    1. Anonymous20:40

      more important is addition of ju-az codeshare on many italian destinations, all from fco

  15. Anonymous18:18


    I've just flown BEG-SPU on JU and was shocked by the LF. 4/8 in Business, and full house in Economy - all this on an A320 on a Wednesday. They must be making a killing on this route.

    1. Anonymous18:23

      Business class was 50% because of upgrades from an overbooked economy class. However, this week SPU on JU is almost 100% booked.

    2. Anonymous19:23

      Would be interesting to know where most of the pax are coming from, cause i would be surprised they are from Serbia...

    3. Anonymous19:31

      Naah, it all must be due to subsidies and unfair competition, that Air Serbia fills an A320 to SPU...

    4. Anonymous19:55

      Actually yes, the majority of pax had Serbian passports in hand during boarding. I've also spotted some Croats, Greeks and Finns, but the list is far from exhaustive.

    5. JATBEGMEL20:45

      ...and it amazes me why the ATR7 is for the second year scheduled, as well as a reduction of frequency compared to last year...

    6. Anonymous21:24

      @JATBEGMEL ATR is not scheduled for Split, 4 x per week A319 was scheduled, but as almost all seats are sold they upgraded it on some days to A320. Split is one of best performing routes for Air Serbia. Prices are also rather high. ATR was scheduled for 2 flights to Dubrovnik (another 2 are with A319), but all flights to Dubrovnik are also upgraded to A319/737 due to extremely high demand.

      It is quite obvious that JU should fly to both Dubrovnik and Split 10 times per week with ATR to offer better connections and better flight times for O&D passengers.

    7. Anonymous22:24

      Do DBV and SPU have flights all night? I suppose they are open 24h but do airlines actually fly there at night, like at 02.00 am or 04.00 am?

    8. JATBEGMEL22:36

      @ anonymous

      thanks for the correction. Still it amazes me as to why they reduced the frequencies to both DBV and SPU compared to last summer. They should be daily from start to end of the season, and reduced for the winter season and operated on an ATR. Hopefully the winter season will show a bit of a shake up to the route and planning.

    9. Anonymous22:55

      For Dubrovnik as I know only Tel Aviv departs after midnight.

    10. Anonymous08:31

      Thank you! Is it the OU flight or one of the Israeli carriers?

    11. Anonymous13:11

      True! I was on the same flight and this was the second time in 7 days I got upgraded to business class because of overbooked economy. BRU-BEG a week ago and yesterday to SPU in packed A320. Great experience, Air Serbia's business class is really something!

  16. Anonymous19:40

    ZAD route had to be commenced this summer, but it seems there is no idea of "the market".
    Especially when there are less flights to SPU and DBV than last year.
    Neither airport on the coast should pay subsidies in summer; it is the failing AS who is "loosing" money with this noticed "strategy". Can you name it "strategy"?

    1. Anonymous21:26

      Jeeez dude... either write that in Serbian or Croatian or elaborate what the hell you are trying to say...

  17. Anonymous19:44

    OT: Zagreb airport

    1. JATBEGMEL20:49

      Thanks for sharing the photo.

      It will be a great terminal once completed I am sure. Definately needed. Hopefully with it will come for some changes, such as dedicated lines for at Croatian passports in the arrivals, as well as the removal of the heavily overpriced taxi company (btw a legal taxi) that is charging almost 300 kn to the city!!!

    2. Mad photo!

      @ JATBEGMEL. There will be a tram from the terminal direct to the city.

    3. Anonymous16:47

      There would be no dedicated lines for Croatian passports, it's not possible under EU rules. But there would be separated lines for "EU citizens" and "others", which has been the case for 2 years already. However, there would be definitely much more lines and much more booths, which would make entrance/exit much more convenient and easier. In addition to that, by 2017 HR is expected to be a part of the Schengen aerea, which will reduce quantity of "international" passangers who need to pass immigration controls on both entering and exiting the country, not only at ZAG.

  18. Danac00:46

    My first thought was “Aj' fala bogu vise...”, but then I remembered that this is, like 30th article about more or less same thing, without anything materialized. So, before I land at OMO, I won't believe it :)
    Anyway, few thoughts:
    - Knowing that more then a half of city's prewar population lives elsewhere today (many of which in West), and that Međugorje receives high 6-digit number of pilgrims each year, I am certain that a line to Mostar would be viable – not to speak in summer season. If it can work in Tuzla, then it should be able to work even more in Mostar.
    - Majority of those pilgrims are coming from Italy – so maybe Rome, Milan or some other major Italian city could also be an option.
    - If they are counting on expats, no matter which city they choose – it must be relatively well interconnected with other airports, and even more importantly, flying times must make it possible to connect to the next flight. (And remember that about flying times(!!!), because if there is flight from BRI to OMO at 7AM, and I live in Denmark...then how the f*ck am I supposed to be in Bari at 6AM???)

    1. Danac01:28

      I hate being late when news gets published, because than I'm the last one to write, and then nobody read what I said :)

    2. Ryanair has 14 bases in Italy. The city of Mostar could give them a deal similar to what Nis gave to Wizz (Fees are only 3 euros per departing passenger) and then Ryanair could bring in pilgrims.

    3. Anonymous09:22

      Da li si ti isao u skolu za retarde? Sve sto imaju od saobracaja su hodocasnici iz Italije i sada trebaju da daju ceo posao za dzabe Ryanu?

    4. Anonymous09:41

      @9:22 po načinu kako se izražavaš, mislim da si mladja osoba.. Zašto vredjaš čoveka koji iznosi svoje mišljenje, ne vredjajući nikoga?

  19. Anonymous09:29

    Zasto si obrisao moju poruku AS? Sa ovakvim glupim komentarima ne moze se nista postici u diskusijama.

  20. Anonymous09:35

    Guys the answer is simple..You want Ryan, Wizz, Easy, to come to town, you must pay them and give them everything they ask for..and you know what its worth it 100%..!! BH airlines is dead, Sarajevo here is near capacity, when Swiiss, Austrian, Turkish, Croatian,AIRserbia and Lufthansa flights come in close between 13 and 16h, its conjestion city with 2 airbridges.and 1 baggage carousel..So Mostar and don`t get me wrong sarajevo too with expansion have a super opportunity!! Mostar would be the ideal landing point for Makarska Riviera!! home to hordes of Polish, Czech, Slovak, hungarian visitors..who would gladly fly 60-90 minutes and shuttle for another 60-90 than driving 6-10 hours with horendous Croatian tolls, not to mention fuel! The fees paid to the LCC carriers are a hell of alot cheaper than advertising your destination in global newspapers, magazines, and going to trade shows..great for the local tourism board rep and their families....but its 2015!! Come on B&H, I have faith!!

    1. Anonymous16:53

      Summer charters should take care of seasonal tourists not LCC. If you give everything to LCC then airport has nothing and in couple of years airport is left without flights after LCC subsidies end.

    2. Anonymous21:37

      Have you checked Bratislava has survived and grown with LCC flights specialy RyanAir..and there are many other examples in Europe!

    3. Anonymous00:18

      You couldn't pick worse example than Bratislava. With only 1.4M passengers they were being forced for years by Vienna (22M) to live off LCCs while rich legacies are leaving big bucks at VIE so Vienna could expand and grow.

  21. Anonymous06:09

    I am not on this forum to argue about Bratislava Airport, but do know the the last 3 years...2012 ( - 10%0 2013 (-3%) 2014 (-1%) first half of 2015 ( +22%) are the passenger you see a trend here???


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