Niš Airport negotiating new flights

Niš Airport in talks with Wizz Air, Air Serbia and Pegasus

Niš Constantine the Great Airport is in talks with several airlines, including Wizz Air, Air Serbia and Pegasus Airlines, over the introduction of new services from the south-east Serbian city. It comes two weeks following the successful launch of Wizz Air’s flights from Malmo and Basel to Niš, marking the airport’s first commercial services in over a year and a half. The low cost airline has said it is satisfied with the performance of its two routes so far. Wizz Air’s head of Corporate Communications, Daniel de Carvalho, noted that the airline hopes to replicate its Tuzla success in Niš. The airline opened its twentieth base in Tuzla two weeks ago. “Niš has become what Tuzla was for us back in 2013”, Mr de Carvalho said. The Managing Director of Niš Airport, Vladica Djurdjanović, believes the airline will introduce additional routes from the city in 2016. “They are satisfied with the number of passengers and they have announced that maybe from next year there will be additional routes”. Previously, Mr Djudjardjanovic said the no frills carrier is planning on opening a base in Niš in 2016.

Constantine the Great Airport will resume talks with Air Serbia later this month regarding potential services. “Air Serbia will renew talks with us by mid-July and then we will know what sort of cooperation we will have with them. I’m optimistic and I expect good news”, the Mayor of Niš, Zoran Perišić, said. The airport will propose for the national carrier to operate flights to Vienna and Zurich, which it believes would be profitable. “There are destinations Air Serbia could fly to, which are commercially viable, such as Vienna and Zurich. These are the two most profitable routes from Niš”, Mr Djurdjanović noted. In late April, Air Serbia said it was not interested in flying to the city.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines has shown interest in launching flights from Istanbul to Niš. The airline has requested additional information and general terms from the airport. According to Mr Djurdjanović, the airline has been provided with all of the requested documentation and they are in the process of analysing the data. City authorities have said that another low cost airline had expressed interest in flying to Niš, but gave up on the idea after the city refused to issue it with subsidies amounting to 200.000 euros. Several other airlines have expressed interest to introduce services to the city. One is said to be eying flights from Tivat and the other from Osijek, offering onward connections to Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The airport refused to reveal the names of the carriers involved.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    I wonder if two weekly flights with Pegasus could work. I am sceptical as AtlasJet failed a few years ago.

    1. Anonymous09:40

      AtlasJet failed because those were charter flights to AYT, so technically an agency that sold them failed (+ people from Southern Serbia tend to go to Greece for holidays). Pegasus would be scheduled flight to SAW, and there is enough demand for those flights to succeed. also, Pegasus doesn't fly to SOF, so they can catch some Bulgarians too

    2. Anonymous11:28

      Atlasjet used to operate scheduled flights from IST with their CRJ. This was many years ago, maybe 7-8 years ago.

  2. Anonymous09:30

    That's awesome news for INI. I am glad that everything goes better then planned! Congrats

  3. Anonymous09:32

    I doubt Air Serbia will fly to Nis. They can barely sustain their traffic from Belgrade with the current fleet, let alone having an aircraft out of action the entire day fly to/from Nis.

    1. Purger09:40

      It is not entire day, because it can fly like:


  4. Anonymous09:32

    OT: Fraport just have published the traffic figures for LJU:

    LJU received 626,525 passengers year-on-year and recorded dynamic growth of 9.7 percent in the first half. In June 2015, LJU welcomed 149,541 passengers, a jump of 17 percent year-on-year.

    1. Anonymous09:33

      Wow... good for LJU. How come there was such steep growth in June?

    2. Anonymous09:33

      Return of Israelis charters, additional flihgts of Turkish/Serbia/Swiss and I believe good LF on Finnair and Adria flights.

    3. Anonymous09:33

      Good for LJU but bad fir Adria...

    4. Anonymous09:34

      Must be as you said. Movements growth in June was10,8% ( so less than passangers growth). This should increase the LF.

  5. Purger09:35

    As I said few months ago about potentials from INI:

    few Wizzair routes
    Pegasus or Turkish to IST
    Air Serbia or Austrian to VIE
    Air Serbia or Swiss to ZRH
    Air Serbia or Aeroflot to SVO
    Montenegro to Tivat (summer for tourists once per week)
    Few summer charters to Greece, Tunisia and/or Turkey

    and that's it. Airports like Niš of Tuzla must find some other carriers not to allow Wizz to blackmail them too much. On that way they have alternative in case Wizz cut lines.

    1. Anonymous10:54

      Purger, an excellent plan.

      Just one remark - Wizz doesn't normally cut capacity*, rather the opposite in vast majority of cases. I recognize this might be expected at the negotiating table, but it's more of Ryanair's approach.

      * BEG case is unique.

    2. Purger11:59

      BEG is not unique.

      In our region they stop flying to ZAG and DBV. But let me remind you how they cut plans in PRG when they announce to open base like in BUD when CSA start to cut flights. And today PRG base has just 7 routes. In Cluj they close base and now have just 9 from previous 25 flights per week. They also cut Kiev flights to just 8 routes, Belgrade for 50%... Here is list of Wizz terminated routes:

      Azerbaijan - Baku
      Croatia - Dubrovnik, Zagreb
      Denmark - Aarhus
      Finland - Helsinki, Tampere
      Germany - Berlin-Schönefeld, Weeze
      Greece - Athens
      Ireland - Cork
      Italy - Cuneo, Forli, Parma, Venice-Marco Polo
      Lithuania - Kaunas
      Netherlands - Amsterdam
      Poland - Lodz, Warsaw–Modlin
      Romania - Arad, Bucharest-Baneasa
      Slovakia - Bratislava
      Spain - Girona
      Sweden - Göteborg–City, Stockholm-Vasteras
      Turkey - Antalya
      Ukraine - Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kiev-Boryspil, Luhansk, Lviv, Simferopol (disputed with Russia), Zaporizhia
      United Kingdom - Bournemouth, Coventry, Durham Tees Valley, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Prestwick

    3. Anonymous12:18

      +1, very professional

    4. +1 Purger, and you are spot on potentials from INI. Anything other than that would be a surprise.

  6. Anonymous10:46

    Wizz or Ryan to Bratislava would be interesting. Austrian on the other hand has Q400, which seem suitable for the market.

    1. Anonymous10:57

      To Bratislava from Niš?! Elaborate pleeeease

    2. Some people think that Bratislava may be a good way to serve the Vienna market because it is so close and also Bratislava airport is so much cheaper than Vienna. Vienna is incredibly expensive.

      I think Austrian could be a good fit in Niš. Besides the O/D market, they are in prime position to offer connections to Western and Northern Europe.

    3. Anonymous20:21

      I know loads of people including myself who rather pay more and fly from VIE then having to go to Slovakia and fly cheaper from BTS with glorious Ryanair

  7. Anonymous11:18

    LOL imagine if they started inn - INI. Innsns would die

    1. Don't bait him and then later complain.

    2. Anonymous13:10

      Cisto sumnjam da ce W6 da plati sve ovo
      I ponovo prvi pocinjete .

    3. Anonymous15:39

      Tako je. Nikada ne bi platili, kao ni što ASL neće platiti...

    4. Anonymous15:51

      Otkud vi znate mozda ja nesto sredim ;).

    5. Anonymous18:21


  8. Anonymous11:44

    Every ex-Yu airport goes forward except Banjaluka. It's high time they changed the Managing Board, isn't it!

    1. Anonymous20:16

      Every? Mostar? Portoroz?

    2. Anonymous20:35

      Kako se usudjujes? Nahvali onomad INN-NS BNX onoliko. A valjda on zna najbolje, sta mi drugi ovde uopste trazimo pitam se

    3. Anonymous11:07

      Hello Anonymous, July 10, 2015 at 8:35 PM

      I have no idea what can be commended if it's all about such a ruined airport with just one route and not even daily flights to nearby Belgrade.
      All things are put upside down at BNX.
      And it's been like that from the word go. It may be, INN-NS likes to make jokes much.

      In addition, BH Airlines stopped its operations to Zurich more than a month ago and the managing board hasn't contracted any other company to keep this route alive.
      The board of directors had to have known the closure was going to happen to JA. But they didn't!

      A 50 seat airliner such as Saab2000 or ATR42 or even ATR72 would match. But they are not able to find any interested airline. I'm not sure they have tried to! The people lost the opportunity to travel to ZRH using this route!
      What is worse, it could be, EU airlines intentionally avoid flying to BNX because they are conscious nothing is in a good shape or condition there, neither the terminal building, nor the services. And the airlines for sure know neither the BNX directors nor the heads of the sectors and services speak acceptable English. What is worse, they are barely adequately educated for such positions and are not familiar with both ICAO and IATA recommended practice.
      But the bribery and corruption at all levels in the Republic of Srpska, and especially at the highest levels, stubbornly keeps such directors in the driving seat.

    4. Anonymous11:48

      Нису нашли замјену ни за најављене чартер летове Бања Лука - Тиват. А прошле године је било много путника за Тиват. Било би и ове године сигурно.

  9. Anonymous12:12

    Niskom okruzenju treba let za TIV.

  10. Nis je poceo da se priprema da ovoga pura trajno opstane saekundarni aerodrom Srbije. Drzava i civilne vazduhoplovne vlasti ce pomoci razvoju. To je izvesno. Dozvoljavajuci LCC Nis postaje ono sto je odavno morao da bude. Aerodrom!
    Sta je sa Kraljevackom ✈MORAVOM✈. Preko dvadeset miliona evra investiranih, cvrsto je zaklopila kapija sa zardjalim lancem i mesinganim katancem evo vec navrsilo se tri godine. Koliko jos? Zardjali lanac sa milionima evra ulozenih je nepojmljivo van Srbije. Vlada ima odgovor. Juli je vec pola prosao. ✈MORAVA✈ pod katancem! ?.
    Rodney, Sydney ✈ Kraljevo.

    1. Anonymous03:07

      Roki ajd' jednom probaj da komentarišeš na temi. Ne mora svaki put da spomiňeš aerodrom Morava. Ajde budi sportski igrač.

    2. Anonymous14:14

      Čovek je odatle i naravno da ga zanima taj aerodrom. Mislim da ovakva aktivacija niškog aerodroma pokazuje da koliko god siromašan neki kraj bio, ako su letovi povoljni load facotr može biti 100%. Problem Kraljeva je to što u ovom delu evrope nisu prisutne low cost avio-kompanije koje imajuavione manjih kapaciteta. Air Serbia ima ATR, ali je ne zanima da leti sa nekog drugog aeordroma osim sa BEG

  11. Anonymous13:11

    Ja mislim da su sledeci letovi za FMM i BVA .

  12. Anonymous13:44

    Instead of flying MMX 3x p/w, I would introduce FMM from INI.

    My vision of perfect flights to/from Nis would be:
    INI ✈ BSL 2x p/w Wizz
    IN ✈ MMX 2x p/w Wizz
    INI ✈ FMM 2x p/w Wizz
    INI ✈ BVA 2x p/w Wizz
    INI ✈ VIE 2x p/w / Air Serbia/Austrian

    INI ✈ TIV 2x p/w Air Serbia/Montenegro

    That´s it! No more airlines, no more flights,
    with those flights mentioned above, ppl could made perfect connections,

    1. Anonymous14:28

      What about INI - BEG? Why should AS connect pax to VIE or ZRH and not BEG?

      -- Charlie

    2. Anonymous14:36

      Too close. And the motorway is there.

    3. Anonymous14:36

      Too close.

    4. Anonymous15:02

      +1 AnonymousJuly 10, 2015 at 1:44 PM

    5. Anonymous16:03

      OSI-ZAG, PUY-ZAG, ZAD-ZAG, all 3 are 2 - 2,5 hours, all 3 connected by highway/motorway, and all 3 operated daily or double daily. INI maight have fewer tourists, but has definitely more diaspora and is much bigger city then the 3 mentioned

    6. Anonymous16:06

      Nema sanse da ASL pobedi Nis Ekspress tuzna istina.

    7. Anonymous16:31

      Fully agree, except I think Pegasus could make it from/to Sabiha twice weekly

  13. Anonymous16:45

    Why not, if finnair/flybe can fly hel-tll 10 a day(100km) and make profit ,why wouldnt nis-beg work double daily?

    1. Anonymous16:48

      Should keep in mind that Nis is one of the poorest major cities in Serbia. It has really been devastated by the "transition" over the last 15 years and the 10 years of nothingness before that.

    2. Anonymous02:06

      I didn't know there was a sea between Nis and Belgrade as is the case for Helsinki and Tallinn.

    3. Anonymous03:26

      Tallinn-Tartu 180 km....domestic travel twice a day, no sea!

  14. Doot16:50

    There are almost 50 busses/day between Belgrade and Nis. Air Serbia should fly between Belgrade and Nis. With the right marketing and promotions and including a bus that picked you up at the plane to take you downtown, there could be O&D traffic as well as feeding routes to all their other destinations. Direct flights from Nis abroad seems unfeasible.

    1. Anonymous17:06

      230 km. It would be one of the shorters route in World. It is more than stupid to open route for 230 km espetialy with standard in Serbia. I can understand Graz-Vienna, with their standard there would be 200 pax per day, but in Serbia? Come on!

    2. Anonymous17:31

      First of all it is 255 km, and there are a lot of routes that are shorter than that one.

    3. Anonymous18:00

      osijek-zagreb 286 km
      zadar-zagreb 282 km
      pula-zagreb 268 km

      osijek-zagreb, dnevno osim subote
      zadar-zagreb dva puta dnevno
      pula-zagreb dva puta dnevno

      hrvatska jeste nesto bogatija od srbije, ali ne drasticno
      letovi idu i zimi kada nema turista
      nis je veci grad od ova 3, sa puno vise iseljenika
      air serbia ima vecu mrezu linija od croatije koju bi putnici iz nisa i za nis mogli koristiti

      zakljucak izvedite sami

    4. Anonymous18:11

      Varna - Bourgas. Its around 100km

    5. Anonymous22:13

      naravno letovi su u rvatskoj dotirani. o cemu ovde pricamo?

    6. Doot18:57

      there are over 120 flights under 160km, so there must be well over 300 under

    7. Anonymous23:08

      @ 10. juli 10:13

      Prvo : od navedenih letova, Zadar i Pula nisu "dotirani", nego samo Osijek.
      Drugo : Kolicina novca kojim gradjani Srbije "dotiraju" Er Srbiju da bi ista njihovim parama vozila strance-tranzite, neuporedivo je veca od doslovno crkavice koju gradjani Hrvatske izdvajaju iz budzeta da bi leteli na svojim domacim linijama.
      Pa bi u tom svetlu trebalo uvesti liniju Nis-Beograd, cak i da joj trebaju subvencije, a mislim da ne bi trebale.

    8. Anonymous11:18

      The problem is that ASL has no proper aircraft for such route. That is ATR42-600! This airliner can be used fore some other commercial flights to ex-Yu airports to collect passengers for their long-haule routes.
      Do they want to make BEG a hub or not!


  15. OT: SKP - June 2015 118.070 or +1,48%

    1. Anonymous20:12

      Kazta strofa.
      To govori u kakvom su ekonomskom čabru ove naše jadne ex yu državice.
      SKP je imao najveći rast avio operacija, destinacija i frekvencija a vitdi ti taj rast.
      Isto važi i za Zagreb.
      Beograd se drži ali izgleda da od jeseni počinje dug period stagnacije ili pada. tačnije, stagnacija je već počela.

    2. bilo je i za ocekivanje vec to, zbog toga sto u poslednje 2ipol mjeseca avio operacije stagniraju, vec od 01.07. se ocekuje da se stabilizira procenat rasta na taj neki prosjek koj je za SKP u posljedni 2-3 godina na oko 25%

  16. Anonymous20:40

    It really seems that particularly Austrian lets a whole bunch of ex yu routes slip through its fingers. INI, year round SPU (winter with Dash) and BNX/TZL would most likely all suit well as part of their destination portfolio and can with high probability all be served viably with their economic and suitable Q400s. Seems like half of Vienna is from Ex-Yu so O&D should be enormous - also transfer market should be considerably big as there is very little competition disregarding LCCs which can be used for O&D only.

    1. Anonymous20:46

      Being in the same Alliance, OS codeshares on OU flights from ZAG to SPU (and DBV). TK, too. SK codeshares via ZAG to/from SJJ and SKP. But generally I agree that SPU could feed OS in VIE throughout the year. BNX and TZL, not so sure about

    2. Anonymous11:26

      BNX is in need of a new managing board. There are enough passengers all around BNX so BNX have at least 50,000 per year.


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