Belgrade Airport growth streak ends

Belgrade Airport sees passenger decline after 27 months of growth

Following 27 months of consecutive passenger growth, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has seen its numbers decline in August 2015. It welcomed 574.654 travellers during the month, a decrease of 0.3% compared to last year. The result comes as foreign carriers continue to decrease their operations to the Serbian capital. Despite the decline, which is expected to continue in the coming months, the airport saw its busiest day on record on August 1, when it handled 20.973 travellers. As a result, the airport broke the three-million passenger mark. During the month, it also saw an increase in the amount of handled cargo, which more than doubled compared to August 2014, while the number of operated flights fell from 6.003 to 5.981, down 0.4%.

So far this year, Belgrade Airport welcomed 3.276.772 passengers through its doors, an increase of 5.5% compared to the same period last year. A total of 85.6% of all flights departed the Serbian capital on time in 2015, while 2.4% of all flights experienced delays in excess of over an hour. The airport's management still expects for Belgrade to handle five million passengers by year's end. However, if current trends continue, these numbers will be difficult to achieve. The amount of operated flights for the first eight months stood at 40.195, which is still up from 39.362 last year, fuelled almost entirely by Air Serbia.

The busiest foreign carriers operating flights to Belgrade Airport have recorded mixed results during the first half of the year as they face increased competition, which has been accompanied by a reduction in the number of operated flights. Airlines decreasing their operations to the Serbian capital this year include Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Swiss International Air Lines, Alitalia, Pegasus Airlines, Flydubai and easyJet. The trend is expected to continue this winter as Swiss turns its Geneva service into seasonal summer flights only, effectively cancelling the route during the winter months. In addition, LOT recently cancelled its Warsaw service on a temporary basis until January 2016. Furthermore, this winter will see Air Serbia cut frequencies on several destinations and terminate flights to Budapest and Larnaca, while a handful of other carriers, including Lufthansa and easyJet will further reduce their operations to the Serbian capital.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN308.381 13.8
FEB264.816 14.1
MAR315.283 11.6
APR381.401 3.6
MAY406.121 5.8
JUN461.490 2.3
JUL564.629 4.6
AUG574.654 0.3


  1. Anonymous09:05

    The fairytale ends.

    1. Anonymous09:10

      At least it made you happy and euphoric so the news is not all that bad.

    2. Anonymous10:00

      Hate to dissapoint you, but the figures at the end of the year will still be bigger than 2014, sorry

    3. Haters gonna hate

    4. Anonymous13:15

      I think there is a reason why there is so much hate towards Air Serbia. ;)

    5. Anonymous16:33

      I dalje je povecanje 170k putnika za 8 meseci 2015. u odnosu na proslu godinu.

    6. Anonymous23:33

      Finaly. I hope that is end "napumpanoga" project

  2. Anonymous09:12

    ..."while 2.6% of all flights experienced delays in excess of over an hour"... Admin, in Airport's statement it is said that 2,4% of all departures experienced long delays, so you have some up-dated figures ?

  3. JU520 BEGLAX09:14

    Let them rest for a month :-)

  4. Purger09:17

    Airtransat will launch weekly flights Toronto-Zagreb from 14th June 2016 with A330-200

    TS300 2 YYZ 1950 – 1100+1 ZAG
    TS301 3 ZAG 1245 – 1715 YYZ

    Oni su vrlo ozbiljna kompanija. Imaju flotu od 25 aviona (većinom širokotrupci) i lete na 82 destinacije od čega 23 u Europi. Nama najbliža destinacija na koju lete je Budimpešta.

    1. Anonymous09:19

      Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, go Zagreb!!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous09:22

      Ogromna vest. Za njima uvek dolazi i Air Canada Rouge.

      Sad ce INN-NS cicko da skvikne od muke.

    3. Anonymous09:23

      Sezonski ili year-round?

      Slažem se da je ovo daleko ozbiljnija priča od SkyGreece i sličnih prevaranata.

    4. Anonymous10:01

      Sigurno sezonski, ne vjerujem kroz cijelu godinu.

    5. Anonymous10:08

      Iako dobro skrivana, vest o UFN odlaganju intercontinentalnog saobracaja ASL, je vec stigla do konkurencije koja adekvatno reaguje.

    6. Purger10:30


      Air Transat je poznata firma koja ima veliko povjerenje putnika:
      - na tržištu su već gotovo 30 godina,
      - imaju prihode od 3,8 milijardi CAN$
      - 25 aviona večinom širokotrupaca
      - 2.100 zaposlenih
      - opslužuju 85 destinacija
      - iz svoja dva huba (Toronto i Montreal)
      - godišnje prevezu preko 4 milijuna putnika
      - 2012 Skytrax World's Best Leisure Airline Award

    7. Anonymous11:02

      Ok, sad znamo da ce ASL poceti letjeti prekooceanske letove do ljeta, kako bi prestigli AirTransat i Srbiji jos jednom pridjenuli ime nebeske drzave. Salu na stranu, ovo bi se stvarno moglo odraziti na prekooceanske letove ASL jer Beograd vjerojatno kopkaju zagrebacki transatlantski letovi.

    8. Anonymous11:06

      Ako ASL uvede na proljece te letove, mozda se Air Transat povuce ;)

    9. Anonymous11:17

      Mislim da jedan sedmični let YYZ-ZAG tokom sezone i 3-4 sedmična leta BEG-JFK tokom cele godine nisu smrtonosna konkurncija jedan drugom i mogu opstati ili makar pokušati da opstanu paralelno.

    10. Anonymous11:41

      @anonymus 11:02.Vas su uvek drugi vozali kao konje, no salu na stranu.Air Transat ne moze biti konkurencja AS, jer ce AS dosta imati tranzitnih putnika. Toronto je gotovo sigurno druga destinacija posle NY.

    11. Great news!

      And you can already book! I just did some random dates:
      Dep Toronto 21/6 Rtn dep Zagreb 20/7 = $1061.

    12. Anonymous12:10

      Iako mi je zao sto za BEG niko nije izraziovinteres za preko okeanske letove neverovatno mi je drago zbog ZAG. Olaksace nam i skratiti put dosta i nadam se da ce Air Transat saradjivati sa ASL, posto se oni toliko razvlace sa tim letovima da je to toliko bezobrazno...

    13. Anonymous12:11

      Mene samo zanima da li ce ti letovi ASL krenuti do ljeta. Kada je krajnji rok da otvore booking?

    14. Anonymous12:13

      Anomymus 11:41, pobrkao si narode ex yu :D

    15. Anonymous13:05

      Ne sto mene prozivate .
      Pa neka budu letovi i onako ce stranac da kupi pare kao do sad .
      A ja se mogu ponositi nacionalnom Aviokompanijom koja ce duze da leti od jedne sezone ;)

    16. Anonymous13:13

      hahahah pa kada JU krene da leti stranac ce kupi 49% para. Dodje ti manje vise na isto.

    17. Anonymous13:25

      da, smo u onom slučaju stranac pošteno dođe i plati sve takse, poreze i pristojbe, a u JU slučaju stranac uzme pare, a ne plačaju se takse i ostalo.

    18. Anonymous15:28

      Impressive win for ZAG, probably fueled by Skygreece experience. Flights will be only in high season starting from June 14.

      Air Transat is a survivor in a challenging charter airline market in Canada. Canjet stopped operations few days ago and many others failed over years. Air Transat unique advantage over charter operators like Sunwing was in widebody fleet that alowed lower CASM and flexibility to shift capacity to Europe-Canada in the summer season. Air Canada Rouge with 767's and Westjet receiving first 767 might change competitive picture over time.

      Air Transat A330 are equipped with IFE screens and updated LED lights. For additional fee, there are two rows at the front with increased 36 in legroom and wider seats. It is not a regular business class seat though. Regular economy seats in A330 are 9 across, 3-3-3. For 3 hour flights to Orlando that is manageable, but on a 10 hour and 30 minutes ZAG-YYZ flights you should be aware that experience will be brutal unless you are below average height and weight.

      Good luck to Air Transat and Zagreb!

    19. Anonymous16:00

      @PurgerSeptember 3, 2015 at 9:17 AM

      Brilliant news, SkyGreece proved one fact, Zagreb is in demand, all the news about stranded passengers at Zagreb could have been one of the factors why Transat went for Zagreb, with nearly 95% occupancy rate on all flights to Zagreb, this must have been a big factor in them deciding on this route, and $CAN1100 isn't A bad deal, Zagreb is getting some decent airlines in coming years, SAS, Finnair, Czech Air, Alitalia are yet to confirm their Zagreb flights, but once they do, Zagreb will be cowered by most European airlines, with few exceptions perhaps Iberia could go year round service and return of EasyJet would be also nice touch. Although they'd have to offer a lot better deals than some legacy carriers do, I just booked my flight from London to Zagreb and return for $250 with Austrian Airlines.

    20. Anonymous16:22

      OT: August 2015

      Zagreb 284419 pax

      Split 430 770

    21. Anonymous17:23

      Split is on fire!

    22. Great news for ZAG and great news for us living in Toronto area. I expected one of two leisure airlines from Canada to tap Croatian market because I always felt that there is enough leisure demand. If you add expats to this, it makes the proposition even more realistic.

      For those who are interested, I did fly with them long and short haul several times (including CDG, BCN, VIE, PRG). Competitive prices, decent service, brand new interiors, IFE (wifi type) etc. A lot to like. I agree with one of the previous anons that their seating is probably not ideal for a tall person but these days I notice less and less difference (I’m 196cm). One thing they are known for is the fact that if you ask for upgrade while checking in it’s fairly affordable. It’s not exactly business class but still really good. One time I paid only about $200CAD for this and it was worth every penny.

    23. Anonymous21:05

      OT: Air Berlin new routes summer 2016

      TXL and DUS to Split (2x) and Dubrovnik (1x)

    24. Anonymous21:16

      AirTransat je grozan, imaju najnesigurnije Avione, vec su imali par nezgoda od koje su neke skoro zavrsile fatalne. Avioni su strai i jako ih lose odrzavaju. Jedino sto je kod njih ok je 737-800 koji im lete po Karipskim osrvima.Ja sam sa njima letio iz Praga za Montreal, usluga je toliko losa da je neopisiva.

    25. Anonymous22:10

      INN-NS, jel' znas sta te odalo : "Avione" nemaju, imaju "avione" - u srpskom, ( i hrvatskom), za razliku od nemackog, sve se imenice, osim licnih, pisu pocetnim malim slovom. Isto tako, nezgode nisu skoro zavrsile "fatalne" (takodje refleksija nemackog), nego "fatalno".

    26. Anonymous22:15

      Gospodine ja smem da pisem ovde sa skracenicom i ne krijem se iza Anonimnosti

    27. Anonymous23:24

      Ja nisam tamo rodjen, nego u Hamiltonu u Kanadi, ali hvala ti sta si tako pametan da me ispravljas.

    28. i LOT se sprema

    29. Anonymous11:12

      Great news!
      Go, Zagreb!!!

  5. Anonymous09:35

    It's awful the state suffocated Niš airport all the time in order to reach this numbers.

    1. Anonymous09:40

      I wonder if Wizz's flights out of Nis took away a few thousand passenegrs from BEG.

    2. Sure, state also suffocated Niš Airport by giving them airport vehicals for free

    3. Anonymous15:38

      Feels better to be suffocated by 3 EUR fee?

  6. Anonymous09:39

    27 month period isn't that short to be called a streak.

  7. Anonymous09:40

    In August Air Serbia recorded LF 78,8% on regular service (excluding Aviolet charters). One more time the best LF was to Split (over 91%), nice surprise was Tel Aviv (LF 86%) despite frequently used A320.

    1. Anonymous10:10

    2. Anonymous12:03

      Such a shame that BNX is being reduced to three weekly this winter. Maybe if JU had the same prices to SOF, OTP.. they would have more O&D passengers.

    3. Anonymous12:30

      Sto je steta, ne mozete u BGD svaki dan? Kada bude putnika bice i letova.

    4. Anonymous12:58

      Sta se desava sa ATR flotom AS, mislim da trenutno leti 3-4 aviona, ako se ne varam imali su ih 6

    5. Anonymous13:01

      Imajuci u vidu kako se poboljsava popunjenost potencijal postoji... tako da sam siguran da drze barem 4 nedeljna leta moglo bi biti ok.

      Na kraju krajeva, tvoja logika kada bude putnika bice i letova ne pije vodu i prilicno je glupa.

    6. Anonymous13:23

      At the moment ATR ALO and A320 APH are being repaired, while ATR ALN is badly mechanically damaged with uncertain time till come back in service.

    7. Anonymous13:29

      What happened to ALN? It's been out of service for like two months.

    8. Jat Tehnika13:52


    9. Anonymous14:00

      Samo cu pogledati exYu zbog nebrisanja.

      Dovoljno je Air Serbia drzala Banjaluku svaki dan i ima pola aviona.

    10. Anonymous15:18

      Hello Anonymous September 3, 2015 at 12:30 PM

      There's not a trace of our wish to fly to Belgrade every day.

      If Vucic and Dodik hadn't set the things up the way they did, BNX would've had direct flights to several destinations till now - as Tuzla has.
      However, mentioned politicians demanded that all travellers from Banjaluka region must be saved for Air Serbia.
      The RS Ministry for Communication and Transport refused many airlines which asked to serve BNX in the few former years. Even though BEG is used by many other airlines BNX mustn't think about to be served by some of those!

      The mentioned characters, and many others as well, prefer a well known single-mindedness system; it means BEG must have at least 5 million passengers per year, no matter how much it costs the others. The directive is the rule.

      But neither the two nor the system will pass for ever so BNX and the NIS and all other small airports will come to a real breath.

    11. Anonymous19:15

      hahaha :thumbs up:

    12. Anonymous19:38

      SPU is over 91%,TLV 86%,BNX is over 90%. I guess CDG,ZUR,AMS are also great,so who is so bad that avereage is 78%.
      Budapest,Larnaca ?

    13. Anonymous19:46

      BUD, LCA, WAW, SKP, ZAG, LJU are all potential routes that might be around 80%

    14. Anonymous00:25

      Naravno, legenda.. za sebe i oko sebe.

    15. Anonymous07:41

      Eto ja imam pravo, sta ces sada?

    16. Anonymous08:43

      Jeste banja luku gusi beograd :roll-eye: Koliko putnika ima linija godisnje? Malo je teze prihvatiti da je grad mali, da ljudi putuju kolima, da nema velikog potencijala. Sve najbolje u svakom slucaju.

  8. Anonymous14:33

    Did the fiasco with summer charters reduce BEG numbers this August?

    1. Anonymous21:29

      Haha, "fijasko"?! Fenomenalno!

    2. Anonymous00:24

      BEG je imao preko 20.000 putnika više u julu i avgustu ove godine nego prosle, fijasko?!

    3. Anonymous10:19

      A šta bi ti nazvao kad su stotine i više ljudi ostalio da vise bez ugovorenog i plačenog letnjeg odmora?

  9. Anonymous15:05

    OT: Zagreb also had bit of a slump this month, only 5.6% growth.

    I am flying to Zagreb this weekend for a week, i'll try to take pictures of new terminal. Have arranged visit to Airport as an Architect, will also talk to Airport management about future plans, as much they'll let me know.

    1. Anonymous18:33

      Update: I am meeting up with architects, developers and owners of the airport, they'll give me a tour of new terminal and will spend 2 hours on the site. Will take loads of pictures and perhaps a video as well.

      I'll see how things go, but ill be posting everything to my Instagram account. BTW my name is David.

    2. Champion!

      Sounds awesome David, can't wait to read your report and see the pictures/video.

      If you can get a bit of an idea of what the interior will be like that would be great. Original plan has a 15 meter water fall as the main feature of the terminal so it will be interesting to know if this is still the case.

      Also, try to get their take on the proposed name, will be interesting if they have an opinion.


    3. Regarding Zagreb's numbers, not bad really when you consider that the number of operated flights is almost the same as August 2014.
      Also, I thought it was going to be a lot less or even negative growth after seeing Belgrade's figures because both Zagreb and Belgrade have had similar growth rates so far this year.

  10. Anonymous16:11

    This is an expected outcome, thanks to austerity policy of Serbian government and the IMF. Most summer passengers are civil servants going to vacation and most of them had their salaries cut by 10 percent. Many private companies also suffer and their employees cant afford vacations anymore. At least they cant travel by plane anymore and do it by car or bus or quit travelling at all.

    1. Anonymous17:46

      Nonsense. Most passengers are in transit.

    2. Anonymous19:16

      Huh? Maybe JU's passengers but foreign carriers rely on local passengers.

    3. Anonymous21:53

      BEG had 20,000+ more passengers in July+August 2015 than in 2014.

  11. Anonymous16:24

    Ot: Split recorded 430770pax in August. Up 9,9%.
    Indeed good year for Split.

    1. Anonymous16:33

      Mark my words, in a year or two, SPU will be the country's number one airport!

    2. Anonymous16:34

      Does anyone have the current 2015 HR airport ranking in terms of pax numbers?

    3. Anonymous17:05

      1. ZAG
      2. SPU
      3. DBV
      4. ZAD
      5. PUY
      6. RJK
      7. OSI
      8. BWK
      9. LSZ

    4. Anonymous17:10

      zagreb 1 722 347
      split 1 474 267
      dubrovnik 1 251 484

    5. Anonymous17:16

      podaci za period od 1-8 mjeseca

    6. Anonymous17:53

      Wow... ZAG and SPU are neck and neck!! Will be interesting to see SPU numbers this September.

    7. Anonymous23:59

      When will ZAD publish stats, the website is useless this year for passenger numbers.

    8. Anonymous00:27

      But you must know that in winter months ZAG has 200.000 pax per month and SPU not more than 30.000. So at the end of year it will be like

      2.500.000 ZAG
      1.800.000 SPU
      1.500.000 DBV

    9. Anonymous01:19

      SPU gotovo sigurno zavrsava godinu sa preko 1.9 mil putnika

    10. Does anyone know if SPU is working on promoting winter tourism?

    11. Anonymous08:50

      Realistic forecast for Croatian airports :
      ZAG 2,55 mill.
      SPU 1,95 mill.
      DBV 1,70 mill. PAX in 2015.

  12. Anonymous17:48

    ot: spectacular new photo from Dejan:

    1. Anonymous18:28

      WOW !

    2. Anonymous19:28

      wow indeed!!

    3. Anonymous19:29


    4. Anonymous19:30


    5. Anonymous21:29

      Elevate magazine should do something with Dejan Milinkovic on planespotting. Predrag Vuckovic is amazing for action, but his RedBull shoot reveals hiddent talent for planespotting as well, he could make some great planespotting photos. If they want to look at other airports, Alan Grubelic from Zagreb deserves a spot.

  13. Anonymous18:22

    O.T....intersting article dated Aug 24 2015 regarding Etihad receiving 2.5 billion dollars in new funding from the Abu Dhabi government, It states that ``Etihads own financials prove that it is not a commercially viable enterprise and owes its continued existence to massive government subsidies form the UAE.`` Interesting reading.

  14. Anonymous18:23

    O.T....intersting article in the WALL STREET JOURNAL,dated Aug 24 2015 regarding Etihad receiving 2.5 billion dollars in new funding from the Abu Dhabi government, It states that ``Etihads own financials prove that it is not a commercially viable enterprise and owes its continued existence to massive government subsidies form the UAE.`` Interesting reading.

  15. Anonymous19:04

    ok, but you gotta realize tat WALL STREET JOURNAL wrote this. On who's side they are going to be? United/Delta or ME3 airlines?

    1. Anonymous19:15

      That still doesn't change the fact that they received cash. I guess we shouldn't be surprised given that they are trying to get out of EK's shadow.

    2. Anonymous20:55

      You could be right or wrong, I do not know for fact either...but lets face it. Entire US gov't is involved in many facets of their industry..whether is auto industry, aviation or something else. Except no one is going to step up and admit it there. Just look at the 9/11 bail out the major airlines received...and then some more on top of it later on. Boeing is full of subsidies just like Airbus, but good luck proving that to the public ;)

    3. Anonymous21:56

      more details from both sides are on discussion. a lot of gray areas.

  16. Anonymous21:55

    The main reasson for this figures is:
    - Lack of destinations
    - Lack of airlines
    -and very poor treatment of Air Serbia passangers speciallzy with luggage, Bunch of ppl travel with me via BUD in mini van daily becuase sometimes the difference in price is double up, so I prefere to have a little bit of ride!

    1. Dear anon 9:55 PM.
      Air Serbia is not ''krava muzara''! Basketball people have to looking for sponsors. Company's, or group of individuals is irrelevant. what is NOT irrelevant is that, AIR SERBIA have no obligation to carry 500 kg. of gears from Serbian team or any body if can do it. commercial interest just fully is first to the Serbian air carrier, and to any sport team, or organisation, or individual, sponsorship is answer for traveling, any service in need. Do they hard looking for sponsors?. If AIR SERBIA not offering sponsorship, Taff luck. Go to same body ells. Don't blame AIR SERBIA. Blame people who organising trip, business... If you traveling to any with mini van, that is your choice. You save money. You have yours interest, air lines have there own. All is free. Free will easy make decision. Low Cost airlines, buses, trains... All is accessible.
      Up to us. You remain me on old song. ''Don't cry for me Argentina''. Sound familiar... Be happy. Have a pleasant day.
      Rodney & Airlines✈. Kraljevo✈Sydney.

    2. Anonymous07:38

      So Air Serbia is not a krava muzara but Serbian tax payers are?! Same for the airport.

      Maybe they should go to same body ells. Also, you clearly don't know what you are talking about. The guy was speaking about JU losing transfer passengers' luggage, not of our medal winning basketball champions .

    3. Anonymous10:09

      Radovan, how is it that 'commercial interesrt is first for AS' but they receive millions in state subsidies? You can answer in your Serbian if you wish.

    4. Postovani Baki, (anon 10:09 AM)
      komercialni interes Ar Srbije jeste opstanak, rast, profit sa sigurnom i izvesnom buducnoscu. Na prvom mestu za njene zaposljene, a nista manje da biznis drzave Srbije bude zdrav, solventan, profitabilan...
      Er Srbija je formirana na ruiniranoj, finansiski devastiranoj bivsoj avio kompaniji koja je opstojala na ledjima poreznika od 1947 pa do kraja oktobra 2013godine!. Posto je Drzava vlasnik 51% kapitala, a jedini nacin da Er Srbija posluje pozitivno, jeste da joj ne zavlace ruke u dzepove!... Kao sto rekoh da ne bude ''krava muzara''. Vlada Srbije, Ministarstvo sporta su duzni da obezbede novac za potrebe medjunarodnih i svih drugih takmicenja. Pa i za onih 500 kg ekstra tereta. Rukovodstvo reprezentacije ili klubova neka trazi kompanije i grupe imucnih pojedinaca za sponzore, pomoc... I to blagovremeno unapred. A ne kao u ovom zadnjem slucaju da na salteru Er Srbije ''otkriju'' visak tereta od 500 kg. Pa hajde vi nam to prevezite, to je u nacionalnom interesu... U nacionalnom interesu i jeste kosarka i sport uopste. Ali ne na ucenjivanje kroz medije Srpsku avio kompaniju. Drzava neka pravilno finansira sto moze, sport obavezno da sam obezbedjuje sponzore da nebih se dogadjalo da preko saltera i medija zavlaci ruke u dzepove bilo koga. Pa ni Er Srbije. Er Srbija po svom interesu i mogucnostima bira i daje sponzorstvo. PROFIT jeste zvezda vodilja da se nebih pravio gubitak, a realno imalo odkle sponzorisati u skladu sa komercijalnim i drugim odgovornostima. Kompanija je tu da zaradjuje, placa prez i racune... Drzava je prvenstveno odgovorna uz ostalo i za sport. Prvenstveno nacionalni. Sponsors, sponsors is the name of the game. Dali su dobar deo ljudi iz Srbije izasli iz starih klisea, da ih ''tata ljulja''?. Praktican zivot pokazuje da nisu.
      Ha ha ha, koce razumeti Radovana? Kada sam u Srbiji poneko mi kaze, ''znas ovo je Srbija''. primecujem!. Gospodo ne zavlcite nepozvano ruke u dzep nikom. Na prvom mestu Er Srbiji. Ukoliko vam nije SPONZOR.
      Reprezentaciji Basketa najbolje zelje u Berlinu. Njihovi menadzeri neka ''uzdignu srozane carape''. Neka obezbede sponzore.
      Igrci su sjajni. Potamnese Spansku reprezentaciju. Well done boys!😊✈🌏!
      Sa pozdravom Rodney, kraj neotvorenog aerodroma Morava - Kraljevo.✈🌏
      AIR SERBIA da slobodno leti, kosarkasi Srbije da budu SAMPIONI!✈ Rod.

  17. Cekajmo koncesiju! Ona ce vazdusnu luku Beograd potpuno preobraziti u istinski dostojni vazdusni centar Jugoistocne Evrope i sire. Bice ponos Srbije. Visestruko ce povecati broj putnika, poletanja, avio kompanija, aviona, kargo prevoza... Ucinice Srbiju vrlo uvazenu zemlju u putnickoj avijaciji u dvadeset prvom veku. Sama Srbija nema novca za takav poduhvat. Nema dovoljan Know How uporedjenju na mogucnosti odabranog investitora... Za puni razvoj sam aerodrome Nikola Tesla jeste vrlo ogranicen kapitalom za velike, sveobuhvatne investicije. A postepeno dogradivanje produzava puni razvoj na decenije. Samim tim se bezpotrebno prolongira stvarna mogucnost projektovanog vazdusnog cvora... Kada bi ''Marksu'' vec jedanput videli ledja, a Kardelju se zahvalili na celom pametovanj, koja se zilavo opire privatnoj inicijativi u zemlji Srbiji. Ipak ocikledno izgleda da ova Vlada Srbije definitivno salje Marksa, Kardelja & Co., kod njihovih ''rodjaka'' u Severnu Koreju. Sto postoji ovde ''zal za mladost'' u obliku korupcije, nepotizma, neodgovornosti, nemenjanja komunistickih zakona u administraciji biznisu... Strah od od privatnog razvoja u pravom smislu za sada ovde je bauk. Naravno zbog kanibalstva dece revolucionara u zadnjih 27 godina. Mnogi ce se pitati, kave veze ova moja prica ima vezebsa aerodromom. Pa ima. Mnogo se propalo u proslosti, a mnogi u vlasti i administraciji zive od nje. Otezavajuci privatan razvoj. Ukljucujuci i putnicko vazduhoplovsvo i aerodrome. Stalno masuci sa nacionalnim interesom. Mahali su i do sada. Sta je ostalo od ''nacionalnog'' interesa?. Pa mnogi po lokalnim centrima koji ''masu'' nacionalnim interesima su sami ''nacionalni interesi''. Kao I uvek. ''Vika na vuke, a lisice meso jedu''... Ponovo se nadam u dobar deo eksperata ove Vlade da ce uspeti da privatizuju sve stobse moze. Pod zakonom odgovornosti i potpunom primenom u biznisu i svakodnevnom zivotu... Skoro cemo videti dali je pomenuti Marks se ''uputio'' iz Srbije na putu svom Ul Kim Ungu, ili nekom "Stojku'' u ''aleje velikana''... Bilo kako bilo, prvenstveno Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd, a sa njime i Niski i jos uvek neotvorena Kraljevacka Morava dobice investitora. Prosto receno novac bez koga Srbija (o njoj pisem) jeste ovo sto jeste. A zeli da bude ovo sto nije sada. Licno nebimi bilo ni lakse ni teze, ali bi se neograniceno radovao, presrecan bio da se ''mrtvaci sahrane'' a zivot da Vaskrsava. Dugo, dugo Srbija se lomi po ''kanjonima'' proslosti. Aerodromi Srbije jesu deo buducnosti. Ozbiljno. Let hoppe. Can we? Yes we can do!✈. Aviaton is on first place! ✈Rodney✈ Belgrade✈Nis✈Kraljevo✈✈✈Sydney✈.

  18. Anonymous09:58

    Roki, ovo ti jedno od boljih bisera. I Marksa i Kardelja i Kim 'Unga' i čekaj, jes spomenuo Bravara? Nikad neznam gde da počnem da čitam vašu poruku, od sredine, početka, ili of kraja, jer je uvek sve jedno.

    I jedno pitanje, jeste ikad čuli za 'paragraph' ili ti pasuse? Da bi svoja misli razdvojili da bi bilo barem malo smisla u vašem postu.

    Bilo kako bilo vaša poruka me uvek nasmeje jer na kraju se uvek pitam, 'šta je pisac želeo da kaže'? Samo napred Roki samo napred.

  19. Postovani Anon 9:58 AM.
    Zao mi je sto Vam nisam u mogucnosti pomoci. Vi mozete. S'obzirom da sve tekstove pisem pod licnim imenom i prezimenom, prestanite da citate!😊. Vas je izbor. Sto kazete da nisam pomenuo ''bravara'' , to je verovatno onaj ''najveci sin naroda i narodnosti''... Pa nisam ga pomenuo, posto nikada ga nisam ozbiljno shvatio. Kao ni Vas, kada citate vise puta tekst od onoga koga nerazumete... Vasa polemika je prejaka. Odbrane od Vas nemam. Spasite se. Ne gubite Vase vreme sa za Vas neshvatljivim porukama.
    Iskrene pozdrave Radovan😊✈❇🌏.

    1. Anonymous00:16

      Da, to je taj Bravar.


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