Zagreb, Ljubljana and Sarajevo grow

Ljubljana and Sarajevo airports break records during busy August

The airports in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Sarajevo all saw their passenger numbers grow last month, with both Ljubljana and Sarajevo registering their busiest August on record. At the same time, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport saw its second busiest month in history, while Sarajevo recorded its best monthly performance since opening its doors to the public.

Zagreb Airport's new terminal under construction, photo by Mario Radaković

Zagreb Airport handled 284.419 passengers in August, an increase of 5.5% compared to the same month last year. The number of flight operations were up slightly, increasing 0.8% to 3.572. Overall, Croatia's busiest airport has welcomed 1.722.342 travellers through its doors so far this year, up 6.7% compared to the same period in 2014. Similarly, the number of operated flights during the first eight months increased 6.8% and totalled 27.090 operations. Meanwhile, the construction of the airport's new passenger terminal is continuing,

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN150.667 11.0
FEB141.833 10.5
MAR185.693 12.3
APR197.726 2.7
MAY235.133 8.0
JUN248.438 1.8
JUL278.438 6.8
AUG284.419 5.5

Apron reconstruction at Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport registered its busiest August on record and its second busiest month in history following July 2008. The airport saw 199.219 travellers pass through its doors this August, a notable increase of 22.3%. The number of passengers arriving and departing on scheduled flights grew an impressive 32%. During the first eight months of the year, Ljubljana recorded a 13% increase in passenger numbers, handling 997.51 travellers. Of those, 106.798 flew on charter flights, which is on par with last year's figures but slightly lower than expected, primarily due to the cancellation of flights to Tunisia as a result of safety concerns. The number of operated flights in 2015 increased 2%. The airport's busiest day this year was August 23 when 6.960 passengers used its services. On September 2, Ljubljana welcomed its one-millionth traveller of the year, 23 days ahead of 2014. This summer also saw the overhaul of part of the airport's apron. The asphalt carriageway, built in 1975, was replaced on July 13 with a new concrete surface covering an area of 780 square metres. The ground signalling system was also upgraded.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN73.096 2.9
FEB72.265 3.8
MAR90.902 5.3
APR112.310 13.3
MAY128.411 19.6
JUN149.541 17.0
JUL171.770 16.2
AUG199.219 22.3

August was Sarajevo Airport's busiest month on record as it handled over 100.000 passengers. Bosnia and Herzegovina's busiest airport registered 101.307 travellers, an increase of 14.4% on 2014. In a statement, the airport said, "Thanks to the continued efforts of our staff, a record number of passengers and commercial cargo was handled in a single month". Overall, the airport welcomed 542.569 passengers during the first eight months of the year, up 12.1%. Managing Director, Ivica Veličan, said, "Our plans for the following period are mainly focused around the investment in infrastructure, primarily the reconstruction of Terminal B, the procurement of cutting-edge airport equipment and the continued education of our employees".

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.700 21.0
FEB39.908 12.6
MAR50.273 9.8
APR63.064 11.4
MAY80.143 12.1
JUN74.855 0.2
JUL89.319 19.2
AUG101.307 14.4


  1. Anonymous09:05

    New Zagreb terminal looks fantastic. Well done to all three airports.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    Fantastic and a bit unexpected numbers for LJU. Really glad to see them finally recovering from the 2009-2013 Adria disaster years.

    1. Anonymous09:16

      And everyone argued how Fraport was bad news for the airport.

    2. Anonymous22:26

      how is this growth caused by Fraport?

  3. Anonymous09:13

    So just Belgrade had minus! Al others was in plus, some of them even 2 digits...

    1. Anonymous09:19

      Yes because BEG has amazing management team that first worked hard on ruining Jat and now they are working hard on ruining the airport.

    2. JATBEGMEL09:29

      BEG will see a decrease in numbers with the growth of INI and a lack of growth by JU in BEG and a lack of growth of foreign carriers in BEG.

      Sasa Vlaisavljevic was detrimental for Jat, and he doesnt seem any different for BEG.

    3. Anonymous09:31

      But wasn't he recently given an award as THE manager of the year in the Balkans ?

    4. Anonymous09:38

      Can anyone of you explain how exactly Vlaisavljevic is responsible for the lack of double digit growth in BEG in August? He is a useless idiot but what could have been done with someone useful in his place?

      BEG growth will primarily depend on ASL as long as the agreement with Etihad is in place.

    5. Anonymous09:44

      Anon @ 9.38am - you just answered your own question ... BEG airport growth was solely dependent on JU... He did nothing to grow or broaden the number of airlines flying to BEG. Instead, it was easier for him to sit back - like the lazy useless person he is - and to take credit for all the growth driven by JU. Now that their growth is leveling out, the reduction and withdrawal of airlines which Vlaisavljevic did nothing about, is now coming back to bite him on his arse

    6. Anonymous09:53

      Saša Vlaisavljević is government puppet and he is doing just what he was instructed:
      - Air Serbia modest financial obligations to Belgrade Airport make other companies impossible to compete. And they leave.

      - Other privileges made to Air Serbia (last example with terminal 2) makes other companies furious.

      - Infrastructure is in bad shape and because of that companies are also unsatisfied. And he can do nothing as there is no enough money because he cannot collect money from Air Serbia as it was „government“ deal what he cannot influence on

      - even more his possible enthusiasm in finding some foreign companies to come to Belgrade for sure will not be welcome by Etihed and Government of Serbia.

      - In same time Government even make some administrative barriers whish does not allow companies to come, for example those charters and 33% cut in Turkish frequencies.

      - Also there is problem of shortage of money for dumping in Air Serbia because of what prices are not as good as they were and that makes less potential passengers. What more because of that there would be huge cuts in Air Serbia routes and frequencies in October and that will make numbers even worst.

      And, unfortunately, not much of that he can influence.

    7. Anonymous10:15

      Vlaisavljević can invite no foreign carrier to BEG as long as BEG's growth is tied to that of Air Serbia.

      I mean he can invite them but they will not come. You can't have a kind of joint venture such as Air Serbia and new carriers in BEG. These two categories don't go together.

      Air Serbia had a huge growth last year and it is normal they will now cut the weak part of it. In the next cycle they will again add routes and frequencies and boost growth.

      Bottomline is, without Air Serbia:

      1. BEG would be struggling to reach 4 million, not 5 million passengers.

      1a. Moreover, Jat would go down which would instantly cripple BEG and it would take them a couple of years to return to 3.7 million before they can even think of 4 million.

      2. BEG would really depend on how capable its management is, meaning Sasa Vlaisavljevic. This means Serbia would have no carrier and would have a totally uncompetitive airport.

      BEG's dependence on Air Serbia may not be a great deal for them but at least it reduces the damage the likes of Vlaisavljevic can impose on it. I say we give it a chance and see how it goes. If Air Serbia succeeds, so will BEG.

    8. Anonymous10:23

      Hello Anonymous September 8, 2015 at 9:19 AM,

      I agree, it is a planned action. The sheikh will buy the airport as he bought the JAT. Vučić must have his interest in it. Nobody's a fool.

    9. Anonymous11:39

      Dragi kataklizmicari, smesno je sto vas "raduje" -0,3% u jednom mesecu ;) Da vas obavestim da BEG u 2015. belezi rast u svim segmentima u odnosu na proslu godinu i to:
      - Putnika +6%
      - Roba +25%
      - Posta +56%

    10. Anonymous11:57

      Deveti i deseti mesec neće da budu bajni, a oktobar, novembar i decembar će da budu vrlo loši. Air Serbija reže i mnogo drugih kompanija dodatno režu. Pa ti onda vidi kako će da bude na kraju godine. Ako će da bude iakav rast bit će dobro.

    11. Anonymous12:04

      Sve u svenu BEG ostaje najjaci aerodrom izmedju Atine i Budimpeste. Luzeri.

    12. Anonymous12:17

      @11:57 Znas, gatanje je zabranjeno Zakonom ;) Jel gledas u karte ili bacas pasulj? Pitam za druga...
      Jel si cuo da pojam u vazduhoplovstvu koji se zove LF? On takodje raste kod svih prevoznika pa i kod ASL

    13. Anonymous14:10

      Anon 12:04
      Bucharest airport is way bigger than BEG.
      It is going to have about 9 million passengers this year!

    14. Anonymous14:24

      @anon 11:57

      We don't say "bit će" in Serbian, you need to improve your trolling skills.

    15. Anonymous17:21

      Anon 2:10 PM a tek Ataturk... Ovo je exYu blog.

    16. JATBEGMEL18:21

      BEG has soo much wasted potential with poor management, corruption and general Serbian lazy approach to things.

      Sasa Vlaisavljevic I blame for many things for lack of work being pursued to make beneficial changes.

      One thing is when Jat Airways was a failing company, something again he as manager had a helping hand in, and BEG was ok as is just lacking general modernisation, but now with a strong carrier home carrier, and with the past few years showing positive growth trends, BEG isnt expanding and modernising at the same pace, which is taking its toll on all carriers, mainly JU.

      Foreign carriers came to BEG while JU was a weak downsizing carrier, adding capacity as it was needed. Now with a resurging JU, the demand has shifted and naturally some have pulled back.

      Having said that, not all Euro carriers are innovative and competitive, with LH going into another round of strikes, AF struggling to bring in profits etc. Regarding service, small changes made JU from one of Europes worst to one of Europes best.

      Nobody said a word when Wizz was subsidized in BEG, who just copied Jat's routes. Many destinations are served ex BEG but there is many that is still not, ie Spain, where Wizz could of expanded to but didnt.

      Mentioned above were administrative barriers, and in mention was TK. A billateral was there and Turkey breached it by withdrawing slots JU already had, alocating them for 2am or to shift to SAW. JU lobbied with Serbian government to withdraw rights to TK is a solution was not found, and a solution was found. Turkish carriers to this day still breach the agreement, even though TK have reduced frequencies to BEG. It is not only the Serbian side unwilling to make a solution to the problem. Lets not forget that Croatia attempted to unlawfully block JU access to its market, and continue to show poor neighbourly relations ie blocking EU-certified Bosnian dairy products from entering the EU.

      Lets be fair with our arguments.

    17. Anonymous18:33

      Just to add to our comments regarding TK, let's not forget that today, Turkish carriers still have 17 frequencies per week to JU's 7 per week - the balance is still overwhelmingly in their favour, while the bilateral agreement between both countries calls for reciprocity. Turkish carriers still also have a sizeable portion of the charter market, in addition to the majority of scheduled flights.

      Other countries jealously guard the rights of their national carriers through bilateral agreements and there is no better example of that than what Canada has done to cap the growth of middle east carriers into their market, in order to protect Air Canada and Westjet.

      Croatian authorities have also done this to JU in order to protect OU.

    18. JATBEGMEL18:36

      One last thing, I forgot to mention in regards to JU price dumping.

      Fact is Jat Airways had a horrible image, and so did Serbia thanks to the events we all know of and will not talk about, it is aviation in the end we are discussing.

      Rebranding came with price dumping to entice customers that Serbia is not a bad country, and that Air Serbia is not Jat. The need to dump fares is not needed as much today as it was 2 years ago as customers become familiar with Air Serbia.

      JU has a good thing going for them if they stick to improving, but in some aspects they are moving slow ie: lounge and online check in. Baggage is still a huge problem and will continue, once again, until BEG improves and modernises ie by implementing an automated baggage sorting facility as a start.

      BEG still needs to remove itself of underperforming staff, and Serbia needs to remove the mentality of éverything is better outside'.

      JU support at home is good as it needs to re-establish itself and to undo the damage done, As I mentioned yesterday, I dont believe it is profitable, however I do believe it is of a less burden to Serbian tax payers than what Jat Airways was. Subdisies end next year, 2017 will determine if time to restablise was used wisely.

    19. Anonymous19:00

      JU recently launched on line checkin, which covers ALL flights from Belgrade and a number of stations outside of Belgrade. Tomorrow it launches its new lounge - which mind you, no other airline in the region has, so that ticks off those 2 boxes. It will also shortly switch on wifi onboard, which very airlines in the world have, let alone in the region. i would say this surely puts it at the forefront of European airlines, no ??

      The rest of your concerns around baggage are ALL related to the inefficiency and lack of investment by the airport, which JU cannot do anything about. Hence, this aspect relates directly to your earlier point regarding the poor work of Belgrade airport management and how it hasn't kept pace with JU's growth and expansion. Because of this, it poses the biggest risks to JU

    20. Anonymous19:50

      JU's biggest expansion is yet to come... it will take place this winter when they expand their fleet and frequencies... oh wait.

      Furthermore, if you are claiming that JU has become one of the better European airlines, shouldn't you then compare them directly and not with the ones from our region? Seems kinda unfair.

    21. Дечко Тзар20:31

      "concerns around baggage are ALL related to the inefficiency and lack of investment by the airport, which JU cannot do anything about."

      Oh it can, quiet coup d'etat. Airport management is underperforming so Air Serbia should call the shots.

      BTW new check in area:

      T1 and area from the picture will be used by foreign carriers for check in, the rest of T2 will be used for Air Serbia for check in. This should be completed by year end.

    22. JATBEGMEL23:46


      Web check in has only recently started to be mostly implemented, however it still isnt available from all destinations. The new lounge will be great for its premium and high valued passengers, however lets see if it will be better than the one currently available at BEG.

      As for the wifi, I believe as to date there is only 2 ac with it installed. Although it will eventually be on all Airbus ac, roughly 20 days is needed for it to be installed. Looks like only 9 Airbus ac will be flying the winter season where as ac take turns in being grounded while it gets installed. This is something I believe should of been done before the ac started coming to BEG as there was more than enough time to do so.

      JU had its biggest expansion when it rebranded from Jat to Air Serbia, and that in itself was a huge step forward. Expansion so far has been positive, doubling carried pax, increasing CLF and more importantly, cargo and premium pax, achieved in the first year of rebranded operations. I would think next year will be another year of opening new routes and upgrading of frequencies.

      Comparing airlines. Lets not compare airlines in Europe to JU but to those in the region as you say, JU comes out as the best when TK is excluded. TK may have better catering, but JU have cleaner ac and friendlier crew. TK has something that JU lacks, and thats IFE.

    23. Anonymous02:39

      JU follows TK's steps in keeping the cabin at 25C, which is in my opinion way too high. They do it in summer, as well as winter. I believe LH standard is 23C, this is much more comfortable.

      I can't say why they do this. Fear of draft? There are blankets available. In winter it's like in a sauna. Actually, I've been on a flight where three pax actually lost consciousness and only then did they bring back the cabin temp to a normal level. I think it was at least 26-27C in mid January! Crazy.

      Some people avoid TK precisely because of this.

    24. Anonymous04:01

      JATBEGMEL, you don't know if new Air Serbia Premium Lounge will be better than existing lounge at BEG? Seriously? It will be far above existing one, what planet are you on?

      You don't even know that 3, not 2, planes have wifi installed... you are getting noticed in my little black book.

    25. Turkish Airlines offers wifi on its long-haul aircraft in addition to offering live tv. I don't see a point in offering wifi on short-haul flying when they already have IFE- unless you have it free of charge like DY does.

      Also, it would be great if we could for once define this 'region.' Are we talking about the Balkans? Ex-YU? Eastern Europe?
      If we are talking about the Balkans then JU, in my opinion, ranks as number three behind Turkish Airlines and Aegean. Sure, Aegean might not offer the business class seats JU does or the food in economy but they have other things working for them like a more efficient loyalty programme, a more modern fleet, better network and generally a more competitive fare structure.

      The European market is slowly coming out of the economic recession and it's only a matter of time before airlines such as Austrian Airlines or Lot start to become more aggressive. I am mentioning these two because they are direct competitors to JU both in terms of short-haul flying and any future long-haul flying. What's really disappointing is that LO manages to have double daily flights to Sofia and three daily to Bucharest but JU can't.

  4. Anonymous09:41

    Some were barking at me the other day when I said that Belgrade will suffer from growth in Tuzla and Nis. Yes it might not be a huge number but still affects - it shows

  5. Anonymous09:54

    Sada ce Zorana Mihajlovic da se javi da demantuje vesti hahahaha

  6. Anonymous10:23

    So LJU for sure 1,5 mio PAX this year. Nice.

    1. Anonymous17:42

      Najbrz ne. Kskih 100000 manj bo... poletje je zelo mocno.

    2. Anonymous19:10

      Oooooo, spet malo po naše... bo pa blizu. Zagotovo.

    3. Anonymous22:27

      letos bodo po dolgem času spet lepe številke... tud po naše je treba malo

  7. Anonymous10:28

    Comparing to last year, there is a decline in the number of the passengers at BNX.

    1. Anonymous11:25

      So, basicaly they will have just 3 flights per week with ATR 72 during winter as Air Bosna will not fly and Air Serbia will cut frequencies. That will be some 800 passengers per month. It it better that they close airport and don't losse money.

    2. Anonymous12:05

      Ti ne pratis da se oni bave izvozom mesa?

    3. Anonymous12:11

      Maybe they should close Zagreb airport and don't loose money?

    4. Anonymous00:48

      Zagreb airport does not loose money? Banja Luka does!!!!

    5. Anonymous05:16

      I wouldn't be so sure about Zagreb given the passenger numbers and all indirect subsidies given to foreign carriers.

    6. Anonymous13:09

      Hello Anonymous September 9, 2015 at 12:48 AM

      I tend to agree.

  8. Anonymous12:51

    ot: Francuzi zainteresovani za privatizaciju Er Srbije...

    1. Anonymous13:24

      Znaci li to da suskanje o prekidu ljubavi izmedju ETD i ASL nije daleko od istine ? Aktivira se plan B ...ili ...

    2. Anonymous13:25

      No reputable carrier would even think about such move until ASL's government support expires on 31 Dec 2016. If they buy them ahead of that, they don't know what exactly they buy. Only some suspicious speculators would invest before it is 100% clear how much the airline is worth when it's off the state aid.

      On top of that goes the airport. I sincerely doubt anyone would invest in the flag carrier of a country with one major airport which is state-owned and as such cannot follow the carrier properly. I believe this is one of the reasons why Croatia Airlines could not find the investor to save it. Now that the airport is in private hands and things are changing rapidly, I am sure there will be some serious interest in OU from serious investors. On the other hand, whoever invests in Air Serbia (including even Etihad!) can only expect problems and setbacks in BEG.

    3. Anonymous13:28

      Ako se pažljivije čita članak, radi se o državnom delu, dakle o 49% Air Serbie, kakvo povlačanje Etihada spominjete ili se nadate? Njima i dalje ostaje 51% dela Air Serbie......

    4. Anonymous13:31

      Nema nista od ovoga, drzava nece prodati svoj deo. S druge strane, zlonamernici koji mrze Air Serbiju nemaju ni trunku nade da ce EY izaci iz iste

    5. Anon 1:28,

      drzava ima 51% a Etihad 49%

    6. Anonymous13:38

      Anon 1:28,

      Država je vlasnik većinskog dela odnosno 51%. Etihad je vlasnik manjinskog dela odnosno 49%. U skladu sa ECAA koji Srbija u potpunosti primenjuje, kupac koji dolazi iz ECAA područja (npr. Francuske) može da otkupi većinski paket vlasništva a kupac izvan ECAA područja (npr. Etihad) može najviše 49%.

    7. Anon 1:28,

      drzava ima 51% a Etihad 49%

    8. Anonymous13:50

      Ne povlaci se nigde EY nemate srece .
      Mozda je u pitanju AF-KL Grupa to bi bilo odlicno i najbolje resenje.

    9. Anonymous14:53

      Prvobitno je iz Ministarstva bilo saopšteno da su Francuzi zainteresovani za privatizaciju avio kompanije Er Srbija, ali je potom precizirano da je došlo do tehničke greške, i da je na sastanku zapravo bilo reči o aerodromu "Nikola Tesla".

    10. Anonymous15:23

      Ta "tehnička greška" govori o kompetentnosti ljudi u ministarstvu... Oni ne znaju razliku između avio kompanije i aerodroma. Nije to kao da si promašio taster pa napravio grešku u kucanju.

    11. Anonymous18:17

      Pa sta nije ista stvar? ;)

    12. Anonymous19:13

      And Adria will also be the part of Etihad....

  9. Anonymous14:44

    Citam ljude koji nemaju pojma o cemu pisu al cisto za Beg,oktobar novembar decembar ce rasti preko 8,9% a mozda i dvocifreni rast.Pogledajte pocetne mesece godine jan,feb,mar ujednacava se broj putnka po mesecima tokom god kao kod pravog haba gde sezona ne igra glavnu ulogu.Nista ne znate samo pisete gluposti.

    1. Anonymous16:34

      Ti si nam eto objasnio... Kako moze nesto da raste, ako ima za 13 posto manje avio operacija nego prosle godine, a LF je bio preko 70 posto? Da slucajno nece sada biti 100 posto? Objasni nam posto mi nemamo pojma...

    2. Anonymous19:10

      It will definitely be extremely hard for BEG to achieve any growth in many coming months. Simply, it won't be enough flights.

  10. Anonymous15:32

    Want to know how much was ZAG charging for Skygreece 767? Want to know how much is ground handling at Toronto airport? Skygreece is going bakrupt and this is a list of creditors including ZAG airport. Catering was 3200 eur! Complete list is here:

    1. It sure piles up quickly, $6.5M for just a handful of operations, WOW

      ATH and ZAG combined $68K, while YYZ and YUL $410K (this doesn't include Nav Canada, ground handling etc.). Bigger the airport,larger the cost

    2. Anonymous13:09

      BH Air Bulgaria over 1 mln USD wow

  11. Anonymous16:07

    What will happened to all those airports and airlines now when the economic crash will come

    1. Anonymous16:22

      whole region is in a permant economic crash, they won't notice a difference

  12. Anonymous16:59

    TAV Makedonija, August (SKP i OHD)

    patnici :198.219 +25%
    (Jan-Aug +18%)
    broj na letovi +13%

    1. Anonymous00:03

      Why is it always that Skp and OH go together? It would be good to see separate stats. Dont see a point really.

    2. Anonymous16:23

      August 2015: 173 158 +20.73%
      Jan-Aug 2015: 946 310 +16.72%

  13. JATBEGMEL18:41

    Following the progress of ZAG, terminal looks like it will be fantastic. It sure is needed and will serve Zagreb well. I cannot wait to see the finished work and to get an opportunity to use it.

  14. Negative and jealos people are ongoing issu on this blog. All airpors in ex yu have done well in the last few months. BEG is down few people but nothing major. Those people used Niš airport insted .when u combine those numbers Serbia's airports are on Huge plus and moving forward with impressive numbers. AS is doing extremly well, LF looks impressive.

  15. Anonymous21:59

    Any news on wi-fi service on Air Serbia?

    1. Anonymous00:18

      yeah it's coming .... but if you read JATBEGMEL's comments above, he prefers TK's IFE to JU's full wifi internet connected system ... go figure !

    2. JATBEGMEL02:24

      @ baba vanga / anonymous

      JU hasnt turned on its wifi for any of us to say how it works, what works, how much it costs, actually we know nothing other than 2 aircraft have been equiped for it. So how can a non existant product be better than something that hasnt been launched and neither do we have any info on it?

      As well, I never said that I prefer TK's IFE. I said that it has it, something JU currently doesnt have.

    3. Anonymous06:45

      You also said that JU doesn't have online checkin or a business lounge ....

      While on the lounge, i particularly find funny, your comment questioning whether JU's lounge would be better than BEG airport's ..... that one surely takes the cake ...

    4. JATBEGMEL11:20


      I suggest you go back an re-read my comments above.

      What was said that the online check in is not fully implemented, from a number of outstations online check in is not available.

      The JU lounge is set to open, so lets wait and see first.

      Your more than welcome to contribute your ideas and suggestions, the whole idea of a blog, but have so far failed to do so.

  16. Anonymous08:24

    TIV numbers for S15 JUN-AUG period:
    Jun -> A/C 774 Pax: 131.870
    Jul -> A/C 1067 Pax: 199.919
    Aug -> A/C 2015 Pax: 213.853 (Last year Aug:211.204)

  17. Where can we find the stats for other airports, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Mostar?

    1. Anonymous11:37

      They are not out yet, usually they will be out around the 20th in the month on website.


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