Record numbers for Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo

Main airports in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia see September growth

The airports in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo have all seen their passenger numbers grow in September, with the trio ending the third quarter of the year with record results. During the month, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport saw a modest improvement on last year, returning to positive territory following August's slump. It welcomed 491.656 travellers through its doors, an increase of 1.3% compared to the same month last year. This is despite a decline in the number of operated flights to the Serbian capital, as foreign carriers continue to cut back on their operations. The airport registered 5.424 arrivals and departures, down 1.7%. Overall, it handled a record 3.768.428 passengers during the first three quarters of the year, representing an increase of 5% compared to the same period in 2014. Despite the record numbers, Belgrade Airport will have to deal with the loss of three routes this month as Air Serbia ends its operations to Budapest and Larnaca, while Swiss International Air Lines ceases its Geneva service. Meanwhile, the French Ambassador to Serbia, Christine Moro, last week said that both Bouygues and Vinci are interested in the potential concession of the airport. Bouygues is one of the leading partners in the consortium managing Zagreb Airport.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN308.381 13.8
FEB264.816 14.1
MAR315.283 11.6
APR381.401 3.6
MAY406.121 5.8
JUN461.490 2.3
JUL564.629 4.6
AUG574.654 0.3
SEP491.656 1.3

Croatia's busiest airport continued its run of good results in September by handling 271.647 passengers, an improvement of 8.1%. Similar to its Serbian counterpart, Zagreb also experienced a decline in the number of flight operations, primarily as a result of its biggest customer - Croatia Airlines. The airport registered 3.572 arrivals and departures, which is down 1.7% on the same month last year. During September, Brussels Airlines launched six weekly flights from the Belgian capital to Zagreb. The carrier says it hopes the service will cater for both holidaymakers and businesspeople. During the first eight months of the year, 140.000 Belgians visited Croatia. The country's main airport welcomed a total of 1.993.994 travellers during the first three quarters of 2015, up 6.9%.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN150.667 11.0
FEB141.833 10.5
MAR185.693 12.3
APR197.726 2.7
MAY235.133 8.0
JUN248.438 1.8
JUL278.438 6.8
AUG284.419 5.5
SEP271.647 8.1

Finally, Sarajevo Airport was the only from the three to see double digit growth in September and throughout the entire duration of the third quarter. The airport handled a record 79.120 travellers, an increase of 11.2%, with Turkish Airlines continuing to maintain its position as the dominant carrier. So far this year, 621.689 passengers used the airport's services, representing an impressive improvement of 12%. The airport recently began tender procedures for the construction of a rapid exit taxiway. This provides aircraft with the opportunity to vacate the runway at higher speed, permitting another to land or depart in a shorter space of time. Work on the taxiway will begin next year. The investment is valued at two million euros and is the first in a series of infrastructural upgrades at the airport, which includes the expansion of the apron in 2016, as well as the planned overhaul of the runway in 2017.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.700 21.0
FEB39.908 12.6
MAR50.273 9.8
APR63.064 11.4
MAY80.143 12.1
JUN74.855 0.2
JUL89.319 19.2
AUG101.307 14.4
SEP79.120 11.2


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Unfortunately I doubt BEG will manage those planned 5 million. Like it says three routes being cut in October and a lot of reductions all over the board.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      Agreed. But still, it will surpass its figures from last year

    2. Anonymous09:11

      Yes, there is no denying that they did great last year and this will be another record for them too. I'm not saying 1% growth is a disaster. It's growth after all. But they know where all the growth came from last year and like someone wrote here a while back, they shouldn't put all their eggs in one basket.

    3. Anonymous09:14

      That's why I hope they will prvatize the airport or do a concession. A new operator would run the company like a business. I think we might see it happen next year. As far as I remember, JU has to start paying all airport services from 2016, I think that's what it says in the agreement between Etihad and the government.

    4. Anonymous09:55

      No one will want to take over the airport as long as Air Serbia is not paying anything. That's why I hope that they will end the subsidies next year.

    5. Anonymous10:13

      Etihad would never open BEG-JFK route without new subsidies. That is why Kondić had those „not-sure to open USA flights“ announcements. Etihad is very smart. They know Air Serbia is political project, personal PM one, and that USA flights PM promised and cannot cancel it now. PM was not so smart and he made announcements of several routes to North America (several times he and his puppets announced Chicago, New York and Toronto). They did not know what they speak about, how much that cost. And Etihad knew of course. But support that mad idea (Hogan in first place) knowing in same time that if PM will repeat announced those flight he will not have exit from it. And then Kondić came to PM show him numbers and said „we cannot do it“. So, they find solution to cut shit in just one route with minimum number of frequencies (just 5 flights per week in top season). That does not have any sense. First with 5 flights on top season (that would probably be 3 pw in winter) plane will be grounded for several days per week. That cost a lot of money. In long haul you must have at least 85% LF and I cannot see that it will be possible in Air Serbia. So, they will spend a lot of money.

      For sure Etihad blackmail PM with new subsidies because of those USA flights and he was so stupid to jump into that trap. Etihad will get more money from subsidies, in same time money for leasing plane, education staff, maintenance, support…

      If Etihad had any real will to open those flights they will force every day flights to JFK, 3 flights per week to Chicago (the biggest Serbian Diaspora and best possible route to USA), and 3 flights per week to Toronto with code-share to Etihad (1stop via BEG) as they are banned for more than 3 flights per week from AUH. Also they could use their Etihad partners and open those flights with Jet (for example Delhi-Belgrade-Chicago), but one can see their real goal was not transatlantic flights but new subsidies. That was their plan from very first second and 2016 end of subsidies and planed start of USA flights was not just lucky coincidence.

    6. Anonymous10:38

      This is the trigger for delay already announced improvement of Terminal II C in BEG. Most probably this project will be replaced with privatization or something else.

    7. Anonymous10:41

      Anonymous October 7, 2015 at 10:13 AM

      Of course, sunshine. You just keep believing that.

      Some people, with their imagination on steroids. lol.

    8. Anonymous11:21

      Zapamti jednom za svagda u Americi Srba ima najvise u drzavi Ohajo. Izmedju Clivlenda i Akorna. Imaju i svoj manastri tamo. Znaci Lake Erie ne Lake Michigan. Drugo je sto je O'Hara veliki medjunarodni aerodrom.

    9. Anonymous13:23

      Listen to me I am the one to write original comment. I am not member of any party, I am not even Serbian. But I also did not get any real information or argument to those facts I wrote. And I am on this blog every day. So, it is not enough to say „you are not right“ or „we are right and one can see that“, you should put arguments and you did not. In any other way you just make political propaganda, nothing else.

    10. Anonymous13:24

      No, you listen to me. All you did was go into an overdrive of things that can go wrong. From inception of the flights, to their demise, which you can already foresee. I don't care if you are DS member, a citizen of a neighboring state, or just a curious onlooker.

      the answers to all your questions have been covered. Any national airline is a political project. Various NA routes were announced, but it was not stated anywhere that they will all be launched on the same day. 5 x a week is a good schedule for a newly launched intercontinental flight - I don't get what you are on about? These flight are not for Serbian diaspora. They are for Serbian diaspora AND others, with emphasis on the others. So NY is a good choice. Your claim of some blackmailing of Etihad by the PM, is humorous.

      What else you wanna know (once again, all of this was covered over and over again in the past).?

    11. Anonymous15:05

      And it was not! You can repeat it so many times but that will not make it true.

      5pw is good frequencies to start, but it is not good for costs, as that will make expensive aircraft grounded what cast lot of money! If Air Serbia starts with 5pw to JFK, 3 to ORD and 4 to YYZ that will make good utilisation of plane. On this way you are losing money. And to lose money can be only political decision and exit from promises in which you try to lose less. PM announces lot of routes and now to go with just one route which will lose money because of utilisation for sure is just „exit“ and for sure is not what was plan in megalomania plans of decision makers (what for sure is not Kondić which said that North American flights are not profitable and have not big chance).

      If blackmailing of PM for you is humorous that shows you how you are working here. Normal politician will be more suspicion, not to announce huge plans which than becomes just a few flights, and for sure will have contrareaction. But for sure you can try to make something bad as good. That is typical politician. From side of air traffic that route is huge disaster and will make big problems to Air Serbia.

    12. Anonymous15:10

      U opste letovi nece praviti minus kao sto vi pricate ali vi to radite zato sto nagadjate .
      Ne radi se u opste o 3 linije nego ce se u pocetku leteti za 1 pa ce posle nekog vremena krenuti i 2 za sad je samo to u planu .
      A Evropskom putniku nije bitno gde ce leteti nego cena a ako je cena na mestu uspeha ce biti a vi to ne zelite.

    13. Anonymous16:16

      Anonymous October 7, 2015 at 3:05 PM

      This route has been calculated into the equation as being loss making for the first 18 months or so. So no matter how many flights and to where in NA you are going to fly, the fact is that Air Serbia will be making an initial loss on the north American market. To launch JFK, ORD and YYZ at the same time would be just plain stupid. JFK is a litmus test for North America, so 5 weekly flights to start off with is more than enough. The underutalisation will be reduced as the routes expand and diversify.

      I still find your comment about blackmailing funny. lol. Still don't get what you are referring to that was announced and now has been retracted? Other points you discuss sounds like something out of a fantasy saga.

      Just calm down. Nothing bad has been made good. A new route has been announced. Since you are such a visionary that you already know that it wont be profitable, maybe you should become a politician, and share your talent to better your neighboring country.

      This route a huge disaster? I don't think so. You try very hard, but your point of view has a serious expiry date, while this project is more long term. But you will keep quiet, when it does take off, obviously.

    14. Anonymous16:43

      Same was planned for Warsaw and the route proved to be unprofitable even after 18 months, same with Larnaca and Budapest. The only reason why it wasn't suspended is because LOT temporarily stopped flying to BEG.
      New York is not Warsaw, it's much more difficult, much more competitive and you can't simply suspend it if it doesn't work out because of the aircraft that's flying the route.
      The matter of fact is that JU would lose badly the fight in this market.

    15. Anonymous17:06

      You didn't provide a single fact why would JU lose badly. Aviation blog is not a place for revenge, just news, opinions and facts.

    16. Anonymous17:22

      So? It happens to any airline? If a route isn't profitable, you scrap it. And open new ones. JU will lose a bit initaly, and gain a whole new market with this route. This route will define JU as more than a regional carrier. Its what this region needs from a national carrier.

    17. Anonymous17:51

      It will lose badly because the local market is highly seasonal and relatively small. Even if they were going to fight for regional passengers, they will fail for two main reasons;

      1. Pathetic regional network where only a few destinations are served with more than 7 weekly frequencies throughout the year.

      2. They will have to go against airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Swiss and even Aeroflot. All of these airlines offer several daily departures from their respective hubs to north America and not to mention that they are all part of alliances which provide feed at both ends. Air Serbia is still light years away. Maybe a good first step would be to manage to keep DUS and STR as daily year-round before going for long-haul. lol

    18. Anonymous18:02

      What is that you call pathetic regional network?

      The fact that JU flies at least daily to every capital in South East Europe and being the only airline that does so? The important destinations such as Bucharest will be served with more than 7 daily frequencies and i don't see why those and the rest of the network can't be adjusted and upgraded, it surely will. Then don't forget that Air Serbia flies well bellow the region. I'm sure that Beirut, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, Sofia, Zagreb and Athens will be able to fill a daily A330 to New York... But the only thing i'm not sure is why are you so bitter, perhaps because Kroacija is light ages from even covering this little insignificant region? Seems like it is the wrong carrier you was telling about.

    19. Anonymous18:40

      Clue to why he is so bitter may lie in post from the other day where he talked about being forced out of Bosnia during the war. I don't know any therapist that would suggest spilling hate here as a way to recover from that event couple of decades later. That's the only way to explain his daily hate mission here.

    20. Anonymous19:04

      I am in Serbia, I am not a Croat or a Bosnian. I am just using my brain to figure things out.
      First of all, destinations such as TLV, ATH, BEY... could fill an A330 to New York but JU doesn't have the adequate timetable for them. Just look at the disaster at Tel Aviv- JU can't get the slots it wants and that is why they have to operate such lame schedule. So you can rule out any connecting passengers from TLV to JFK and we both know what a massive loss that is.
      Second, there is no mention of OTP getting any frequency upgrades since advance bookings are really bad, I am talking about two, three weeks in advance. Looking at the system now, I can see that CDG has between 5 and 20 passengers in November. Most passengers are last minute-ish hence why yields are so bad. This does not apply to some other destinations but those are just a few.

      JU needs to have at least two daily flights to the region, that is to the destinations from which it aims at attracting connecting passengers. O&D market is just too small in order to sustain these flights on its own. They are going to go against big players here which can crush them in one week. They need to be well prepared, something they are not now.

    21. Anonymous19:17

      Anon @10:13
      What makes you think that plane will be grounded when not on that 5pw JFK flight. Why shouldnt it do some od e.g. TIV, SVO, CDG, AMS, ZRH, LHR rotation? Charter flights? JAT used to fly DC10's that way.

    22. Anonymous19:48

      Erm because it can only be sent to TIV and ZRH during the busy season when it will be used to fly five times per week. So no, there is no other market where it can go during the slow winter months.

    23. Anonymous09:59

      Kroacija, my friend, will have flights to Toronto starting from next summer. And note that this is confirmed and not only political talk... Can you say the same for BEG???

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Good that there is some development at Sarajevo. Although it's way too slow. They should have expanded the terminal in 2010 when they got the loan for it and planned ahead.

  3. Anonymous09:23

    Congrats Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb!

  4. Purger09:31

    Obzirom na ovdje spomenutu dominaciju Turkisha u SJJ, ali i nevjerovatnih 14 dnevnih polazaka iz LJU, ZAG, BEG, SJJ, TGD, SKP i PRN za IST objavit ću jednu malu crticu o Turkishevoj ekspanziji koju sam prije par dana objavio na CAF-u te repidnom penjanju na broj 1 poziciju u Europi koja će se desiti vrlo brzo. Pri tome je važno za naglasiti da je Turkish definitivno pokrio sve vlastite valove za glavne aerodrome u exYU, te da BIH može samo razbijati glavu nad prilikom koju su imali i uprskali sa Turkishem.

    I dok svi komentiraju kako su EUB3 (British, Air France, Lufthansa) pritisnuti od strane NTT (easyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian, Wizz) sa jedne strane i MEB3 (Emirates, Qatar, Etihad) sa druge strane, nitko ne primječuje kako zapravo Turkish postaje europski broj 1, a ozbiljno konkurira i samom Emiratesu, dok je ostala dva igrača iz MEB3 odavno prešišao.

    1. Do kraja godine Turkish će postati najveći linijaš za i iz Europe, British će biti drugi, Emirates 3.

    2. Broj zrakoplova
    British 279
    Lufthansa 274
    Turkish 261
    Air France 236
    Emirates 224

    3. No, uzevši u obzir broj naručenih zrakoplova, Turkish će vrlo brzo postati broj 1 u Europi
    Emirates 268 naručenih zrakoplova
    Turkish 162 (većina ima isporuku do 2017, a svi do 2021., tj. u idućih 6 godina)
    Lufthansa 188 (u ovom broju su i zrakoplovi za druge kompanije poput Eurowingsa)
    British 74
    Air France 42

    4. Broj destinacija:
    Turkish 264
    Lufthansa 220
    Air France 204
    British 188
    Emirates 164

    5. Broj putnika:
    Lufthansa 59,9 milijuna
    Air France 59,5 milijuna
    Turkish 54,7 milijuna
    Emirates 49,3
    British 41,5 milijuna

    6. Glavna prednost Turkisha je baza na rubu Europe (Istanbul) do koje na sve destinacije u Europi, Bliskom Istoku, Srednjem Istoku, Sjevernoj i Središnoj Africi mogu dobaciti sa uskotrupcima. To im omogučava velik broj linija i frekvencija. Valovi su naizmjenični (1. i 3. za zapad, 2. i 4. za istok), što čini jednostavne i brze konekcije sa delako boljim frekvencijama nego što imaju MEB3, te štedljivijom i manje rizičnom flotom (MEB3 večinu istih destinacija u Europi i Africi mora letjeti sa širokotrupcima). Kompanija ima razvojnu strategiju na način da pokrije dvije dnevne frekvencije (oba vala) na nekom aerodromu, a potom otvara novu destinaciju u istoj zemlji sa jednom dnevnom frekvencijom.

    7. Turksih je već godinama proglašen najboljom europskom kompanijom (SkyTrax)

    1. Purger09:38

      Sa 14 dnevnih polazaka u exYU prešli su i LH i OS koja svaka ima po 13 dnevnih polazaka, no dio istih je sezonski (DBV, SPU, ZAD, PUY), dok TK sve linije ima cjelogodišnjim.

      Obzirom na ekspanziju i pokrivenost ZAG, za očekivati je otvaranje letova za SPU i/ili DBV, a da sam ja na mjestu INI iskoristio bih činjenicu da se TK ne može širiti na BEG (a potencijalnih putnika ima što je pokazala i 3 dnevna frekcencija ukinuta prvenstveno radi pritiska JU) i dao bi sve od sebe da dobijem letove INI-IST. Uz Wizz jedine realne linije iz INI su IST (TK) i VIE (OS).

    2. Purger09:51

      Ne bih odbacio ni OHR kao mogućnost letova TK za IST. OK, OHR stvarno nije zračna luka za koju bi se TK osvrtao (puno premalena i sezonska), no obzirom na porkivenost njima strateških frekvencija u SKP, te da je TAV vlasnik OHR nije nevjerovatno da se ta linija pokrene. Isto tako ne bih se začudio da TK poveča broj frekvencija prema ZAG obzirom na code-share sa OU, sigurnu želju da se spriječi eventualni let OU na toj liniji nakon izlaska iz restrukturacije (a 3. dnevna frekvencija to bi svakako spriječila), na činjenicu da se za ZAG gotovo redovno leti sa većim avionima od planiranih (znači putnika ima), te da je ZAG hub Star Alliance.

    3. Purger09:52

      * OHD, a ne OHR sorry

    4. Nemjee10:01

      When it comes to TK, in addition to having a favourable geographical location, it also helps that they are based in a city with roughly 17 million people. This generates a massive amount of O&D travellers. Even if you take Belgrade where they operate two daily flights, 55% of all those passengers are p2p. I am sure the numbers are similar for ZAG, SJJ, PRN and SKP...
      It's exactly because of these two facts combined that Turkish Airlines manages to send its widebodies to places like Bucharest, Athens, Stockholm, Berlin, Vienna, Casablanca, Algiers...

      One of the main problems for TK will be the current airport infrastructure in Istanbul. However, God knows how fast they will grow once they move to the new facilities.

    5. Anonymous11:04

      To je samo kratko i srednjelinijski saobracaj po Evropi i dalje su bliskoistocni aerodromi zakon za sirokotrupne dugolinijske avione iz amerike za daleki istok.

    6. Purger12:17

      Samo kratko i srednjelinijski promet?

      Znate li vi koliko Turkish ima linija sa širokotrupcima, posebno prema istoku i prema SAD-u? Očito niste svjesni da Turkish ima 12 linija prema Sjevernoj Americi, dok Emirates ima 11, Qatar 11, a Etihad tek 7.

      Znate li vi koliko Turkish ima linija koje su target MEB3 posebno prema Bliskom Istoku, Srednjem Istoku, Istočnoj i Srednjoj Africi?

      Turskish upravo puca na linije koje se mogu dobaciti sa uskotrupcima a konekcija su Europa-Azija i Europa-Afrika. Tako sa uskotrupcem možete odlatjeti iz Edinburgha via IST za npr. Dushanbe (Tađekistan). Prvi leg je sa A320, drugi sa A321. Ukupno 9 sati leta. No, svejedno Turkish tu nije stao i u posljednje vrijeme rapidno uvodi širokotrupce. Trenutno ih ima čak 71 širokotrupca, što je isto kao i Etihad (77) koji je jedan od MEB3 i smatra se "širokotrupnom dugolinijskom komanijom".

      No, ono što je za našu regiju bitno je da iz bilo koje luke u exYU sa Turkishem možete konektirati prema brdu destinacija na Bliskom i Srednjem Istoku (čak više nego sa MEB3), prema velikom broju destinacija u Indiji, Dalekom Istoku, Africi, ali istovremeno i prema Sjevernoj Americi (što sa MEB3 niti je isplativo, niti vremenski prihvatljivo). Dakle, za našu regiju Turkish je više nego konkurentan.

    7. Nemjee12:23

      It's also worth adding that Turkish Airlines is slowly phasing out smaller aircraft such as the B737-700 and the A319 in favour of larger aircraft such as the A321 and B737-800 which will become the backbone of its fleet.
      You have regional routes such as Tel Aviv that are almost exclusively served with wide-body aircraft in high season, mostly a mix of B773 and A332.
      Another route is Baku where two of five daily will be served with the A332. That's impressive.

    8. Milivoje Rodic12:48

      And also is only company that allows in Economy Class to have 2 check-in bags for America/Africa flights!

    9. Anonymous13:13

      Purgeru ko da je nasa regija bitna u svetskim razmerama. Zasto bi gubio tri sata za let preko bare kada LH ima odlicne konekcije i kada bar dve od ME3 kompanija lete za vecinu postenih aerodroma u regionu. Protegnes noge u Dubaiju i nastavis let. Turkis je uvek skuplji od LH iz BGD.

    10. Purger13:23

      Još jednom molim da suspregnete nagone i nedostatak kućnog odgoja te ne upotrebljavate u komunikaciji riječi poput „sereš“, „jbt“ isl. Takav piljarski način komunikacije nije primjeren forumu i ja u njemu sudjelovat neću.

      Kako možete izjaviti da regija u kojoj jedna kompanija ima 14 dnevnih linija ili više od 10.000 godišnjih letova nije za nju bitna? Naravno da mi nismo Njemačka, Italija ili Francuska. Nitko se time ne zanosi, ali da netko tko ima više od milijun i pola sjedala godišnje na prodaju doživljava regiju nebitnom to je u najmanju ruku zlonamjerno rečeno. Jer i sami znate da to nije tako.

      Zašto gubiti tri sata leta preko bare? Pa neke od destinacija na koje leti TK, LH grupacija ima jako loše povezane (SKP, PRN, TGD, SJJ). Oni manje gube preko IST nego preko VIE, MUC, FRA, ZRH… Drugo, tri sata je potpuno nebitno vrijeme čak i u konekcijama unutar Europe, a posebno na interkontinentalnim rutama. Sve se na koncu svodi na cijenu i ostale benifite (količina prtljage, destinacije, frekvencije, usluga u avionu, ff program…). Ovdje argument ne stoji ni najmanje. Tri sata više u današnje vrijeme besparice nije presudno niti za poslovne putnike.

      Koji argument je „protezanje nogu u Dubaiu“? Pa protezanje nogu u Dubaiu, Frankfurtu ili Istanbulu je manje-više ista priča. Nema govora da MEB3 uništavaju sve, jer nude upravo ovo što sam gore napisao, dobru cijenu i ostale benefite, pa čak i činjenicu da se na koncu odlučuješ za blještavi aerodrom u Dubaiu kao poseban doživljaju, te bitno luksuznije putovanja Emiratesom ili Qatarom (za manju ili istu cijenu). No, da je dobrom dijelu tog tržišta Turkish ozbiljno zaprijetio jest! I da je on jedan od bitnih igrača u Europi i te kako je, sa intencijom da postane najbitniji u vrlo kratko vrijeme

      A da u ovoj regiji ima daleko više letova i kapaciteta od svih MEB3 zajedno (svi oni zajedno imaju tek 6 dnevnih letova uključujući i NTT flyDubai i code-share let JU) to uopće nije sporno, tj. tu je utrku već odavno dobio. I to jest činjenica koju treba uzeti u obzir i respektirati svatko tko se na ikoji način bavi ili interesira zračnim prometom.

    11. Anonymous13:59

      TK je rasturio OS na liniji za IST i sad samo leti sezonski .
      Za DUS i VIE redovno leti 332 i 773 .
      TK leti za sve i jedan grad u Austriji osim INN i bukvalno rasturaju a o Nemackoj necemo ni pricati
      I istina je da je TK no 1 .

    12. Anonymous14:08

      Purger, so where is the 'criticism' of TK that was supposed to be published?

    13. Anonymous14:18

      Will Turkish fly to MBX? Do they have any such plans?

    14. Anonymous15:22

      Sve pohvale za Purgerovu analizu. Turkish, ukoliko politika ne umeša prste, može postati Evroazijski gigant.

    15. Anonymous16:14

      I ukoliko ocekivani zemljotres ne lupi Istanbul a Sirijski rat se ne prelije na Tursku...

    16. Anonymous16:20

      Nema se sta siriti na Tursku, oni su glavni tamo.

    17. Anonymous16:47

      Znaci Purger je napisao pune tri strane teksta o Turkisu sve sto inace zamera ASL. Ako citate ista osim ovog bloga takve stvari mozete naci u nedeljnim casopisima ala Economist. Broj putnika iz nase regije je 1.5 milion od 40 miliona putnika koje preveze Turkis. Strasno. Manje od 4%.

    18. Anonymous18:33

      Koliko su turci jaki i to ne samo Turkish, mozda cemo uskoro imati i TKB3

    19. Anonymous21:33

      @4:47 On je stara resavska prepisivacka skola ;)

    20. Anonymous00:36

      Why would Turkish fly to MBX?

      10 weekly (+daily JP codeshare) flights from LJU, 2daily flights from ZAG and 4 weekly flights to GRZ aren't enough for you "Maribor is a centre of the universe" primadonas?

      If people can go 1h with Tube from centre of London to LHR, I'm sure you could drive 30 minutes to GRZ or 1h to ZAG/LJU to board many of TK flights to IST or is something special in Maribor than none of us knows that would require TK to have daily B77W flights there?

    21. Purger01:30

      Ova crtica je potpuno moja, nije bilo ni malo prepisivanja.

      Kritika? Ima se što kritizirati Turkish, ali ovaj članak je imao potpuno drugu svrhu. I naravno, nisu usporedive stvari, a poglavito ne strategija giganta poput Turkisha sa skoro 300 aviona i minijaturne kompanijice Air Serbie sa tek 20-tak aviona. Bilo kakva komparacija ili istovjetnost kritike ova dva prijevoznika ne bi bila ništa drugo nego stvar čiste prepotencije.

      Što konkretno bi trebalo komparativno ili po istim kriterijima kritizirati u Air Serbiji i Turkishu. Iskreno bi me to interesiralo?

  5. Anonymous14:03

    Jako mi je drago da LYBE nastavlja sa rastom i jedva cekam sledecu godinu posto ce rast biti ponovo impozantan .I bilo bi interesanto videti jednom uz putnicku statistiku videti i Kargo statistiku svih Ex Yu Aerodroma.

    1. Anonymous14:21

      Very interesting, prudent and creative comment. Congratulations !

    2. Anonymous14:25

      Separate cargo growth figures would be interesting. As well as airmail figures.

    3. Anonymous14:40

      Koliko eventualno može da zaradi aerodrom od porasta kargo saobraćaja? Jel definitivno kargo raste, naprime, TK je uveo dva leta sedmično.... Hvala unapred na odgovoru

    4. Anonymous14:44

      Yes, certaintly, we rarely see any articles on the cargo which is as important/indicative of growth as passenger figures.

    5. Anonymous15:15

      Ne znam kako se racuna/ koliko Aerodrom zaradi
      Samo znam da se zaradi dosta vise kad dolazi 332 ili 77F .
      Da bilo bi zanimljvo kad bi bio jedan clanak samo o Kargo Aviosaobracaju o Ex Yu , ne znam mozda postoji jako malo informaciji ili ne znam sto nema.

    6. Anonymous16:38

      Kako cicko da ne zna nesto?!

    7. Anonymous17:32

      Haven't you noticed dozens of cargo flights BEG-VLC these days, equipment has always been An-12, operators CVK and UKL, at least two flights every day, sometimes three.

    8. Anonymous17:57

      Any idea what is it exported?

    9. Anonymous18:33


    10. Anonymous19:04

      To Spain?

  6. Anonymous14:34


    Will we see Warsaw follow the path of BUD and LCA once LOT returns?

  7. Anonymous14:46

    OT:Tomorrow Turkish is scheduled to fly with A330-300 to Skopje

  8. Visit Kosovo15:00

    PRN pax numbers for September 2015 are out.

    Sep 2015: 135,301 (up ~14%)
    Sep 2014: 118,526

    Jan-Sep 2015: 1,216,709 (up ~12%)

    1. Anonymous10:02

      Go, go, Pristina! Well done!
      Pozdrav iz Zagreba

  9. Anonymous15:27

    ex yu admin, can you publish updates of construction work that is currently going on at airport Nikola Tesla? Thank you!

    1. Anonymous17:17

      BEG management is very secretive about it, they are not publishing updates and not even letting beloved Novosti or Tanjug write about construction.

    2. Anonymous17:48


    3. Anonymous19:43

      Ljubomoran malo?

    4. Anonymous20:40

      iskreno, vise tuzan

  10. Anonymous19:46

    Interesting read.

    1. Anonymous20:04

      Blasphemy! Who allowed them to write about that.

    2. Anonymous20:32

      How is repeating same lie again and again interesting read?

    3. Anonymous00:22

      Ask those who are constantly repeating that flights to the US will make money and that it's a wise business move.

  11. Anonymous21:01

    Just a comment for the editor/administrator: please check in the dictionary the meaning of the word SLUMP (used to describe BEG traffic in August), as he has used the word in other articles as well. A 1% fall in number of pax is NOT slump.

    - to decrease or fall suddenly and markedly, as prices or the market.
    - to decline or deteriorate, as health, business, quality, or efficiency.

  12. Anonymous21:02

    How are the Nis flights to Basel/Malmo doing?

  13. Anonymous21:45

    OT:Why starts Air Serbia flying Belgrade-Split in May? It have so good load factor. They can start like this year in March

    1. Anonymous22:44

      They should keep it during the winter as well, let alone March/April.

    2. Anonymous08:57

      The ATRs are very old and are braking down all the time. Same with the Aviolet 737s.
      Not enough planes to cover reliably the flight schedule.

  14. Anonymous00:08

    OT: Did anybody write a suggestion to Air Serbia and got a reply?
    I've sent a few and didn't get any answer until now.

    1. Anonymous08:21

      One person is in charge of it and inbox is rarely checked.

    2. Anonymous10:04



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