Record numbers for Ljubljana, Skopje and Pristina

Ljubljana, Skopje and Pristina end Q3 on a high

The main airports in Slovenia, Macedonia and Kosovo have seen record figures during the third quarter with all three surpassing the million passenger mark so for this year.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport continued its strong run of results this September as it registered 157.508 passengers, an increase of 10.1% compared to the same month last year. The results were bolstered by a notable rise in the number of operated flights, jumping 14.6% to 3.183 departures and arrivals. Overall, during the first three quarters, Ljubljana Airport welcomed 1.135.578 travellers through its doors, up 10.8% on the same period in 2014, and accompanied by a 4.1% increase in aircraft movements. "We will continue to work together with Adria, the tourist board and relevant ministries in order to sustain this passenger growth", the Managing Director of Ljubljana Airport's operator, Fraport, said. So far this year, Adria Airways has increased its passenger numbers out of Ljubljana by 5%. Next year, Aegean Airlines plans to introduce flights from Athens to the Slovenian capital. Meanwhile, Flydubai has denied growing rumours it is considering launching services to Ljubljana. In a statement, the airline said, "We are currently not planning to fly to Ljubljana although we are always exploring opportunities in the region. We currently have a bus service from Ljubljana to Zagreb to connect passengers ‎from our services there and we have seen passengers take advantage of this service", Flydubai's spokesperson , Kareem Mahjoub, told EX-YU Aviation News.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN73.096 2.9
FEB72.265 3.8
MAR90.902 5.3
APR112.310 13.3
MAY128.411 19.6
JUN149.541 17.0
JUL171.770 16.2
AUG199.219 22.3
SEP157.508 10.1

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport also welcomed its millionth passenger in September following strong growth. The airport handled 145.965 travellers during the month, an impressive increase of 26.1%. "Such double digit growth, both on a monthly basis, and for the entire period of the first nine months of this year, are due to TAV Holding's marketing policies aimed at attracting new airlines and increasing existing frequencies from Macedonian airports. At the same time, the government's support for low-budget airlines is of great help for maintaining continuous growth in air traffic, as well as the growing presence of foreign tourists in Macedonia, our expatriates who often visit their homeland, and young people who want to travel and discover new destinations", Zoran Krstevski, the General Manager of TAV Macedonia said. Mr Krstevski added that travellers living in Kosovo, Albania and southern Serbia are increasingly using Skopje as their point of origin. During the January - September period, Skopje handled a total of 1.092.275 passengers, up 17.9%. During the first three quarter, Wizz Air recorded a 49% market share, followed by Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Air Serbia and Edelweiss.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN88.275 41.6
FEB80.079 22.8
MAR95.457 25.1
APR109.741 3.9
MAY117.099 7.4
JUN118.070 1.5
JUL164.431 24.4
AUG173.158 20.7
SEP145.965 26.1

Finally, Pristina Airport registered 135.301 passengers through its doors last month. While it handled fewer passengers than Ljubljana and Skopje in September, it managed to record notable passenger growth of 14.2%. Overall this year, figures have improved 12%, with the airport welcoming 1.216.852 travellers. The collapse of Belle Air Europe in December 2013, which used to carry around 470.000 passengers and close to 30% of the airport’s traffic, had a significant impact on Pristina’s numbers throughout 2014. However, the airport has since launched a subsidy program to encourage airlines to operate more flights to the city and attract new carriers as well.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    "Mr Krstevski added that travellers living in Kosovo, Albania and southern Serbia are increasingly using Skopje as their point of origin"...I think this has been key for a lot of Skopje's succsses over the past few years. People from these parts will use cheap tickets by Wizz and don't mind going to Skopje. A few weeks ago I was going from Belgrade to Skopje in a mini bus. Five people were going to Skopje Airport to catch a plane to Barcelona and this was from Belgrade.

    1. Anonymous09:10

      I have raised this possibility several times on this blog (especially regarding the passengers from Kosovo) but each time the posters from Macedonia insisted very strongly that all SKP growth comes from the local market.

    2. Nemjee09:43

      With Wizz Air launching flights from Nis there will be less and less need for people from southern Serbia to cross the border so as to fly out of SKP.
      Anyway, I don't see why anyone from Belgrade would travel all the way to Skopje when Timisoara is closer and Budapest is more accessible.

    3. Anonymous10:14

      I'm telling you on this minibus there were people going from Belgrade to Skopje just to go to Barcelona. I was surprised as well.

    4. Anonymous10:27

      anon @9:10

      Its funny cos i seem to remember some kosovar posters insisting Skopje's growth was down to Prishtina's decline or directly at its expence, which this year has shown is not the case as both airports have grown double digit at the same time.

      I dont remember anyone saying ALL growth is local, thats silly but vast majority is!

    5. Anonymous14:51

      anon @10:27

    6. Anonymous01:53

      Strongly agree. I've heard abnout passengers from southern Serbia going also to Sofia to catch W6 flights.

  2. Anonymous09:09

    Well done to all of them :)

  3. Purger09:11

    Trenutno u Zagrebu Boeing C-17 Globmaster u civilnim bojama Qatar Airwaysa A7-MAB. To je onaj avion koji nikome nije jasan zašto je u bojama Qatar Airwaysa iako je izlistan kao Qatar Air Force.

    1. And they are considering adding a few more C-17s.

    2. Anonymous12:07

      Koliko ja znam Avion obavlja Kargo letove za QR kao sto to radi i 77F.

    3. Anonymous15:09

      Avion nije izlistan kao Qatar, Airways nego kao Qatar Air Force.

    4. Anonymous15:20

      Pa obavlja Kargo saobracaj ne obavlja putnicki iz ZAG .

    5. Just found this.

    6. Anonymous00:01

      INN ne lupaj. I opet mudruješ a nemaš pojma. Avion je transporti avion države Katar, tj. njihovog ratnog zrakoplovstva, imaju ih 4, jedan je u bojama Qatar airwaysa i taj obično prevozi humanitarnu pomoć. I sada je dovezao humanitarnu pomoć za Sirijske izbjeglice u Slavonskom Brodu.

    7. Anonymous01:19

      Pa nego ta je to nego Kargo teret na to sam i mislio .

  4. Purger09:31


    Pozor: akcije su samo za P2

    Od 2.10 do 27.11. ako ste ušli na parkiranje iskluučivo petkom!!! popust za 3 dana parkiranja (petak, subota, nedjelja)
    redovna cijena: 255,00 HRK
    cijena sa popustom: 180,00 HRK
    popust: 30%

    Od 26.09. - 30.11. parkiranje od 10 dana
    redovna cijena: 702,00 HRK
    cijena sa popustom: 385,00 HRK
    popust: 45%

    Od 26.9. - 30.11. parkiranje od 15 dana
    redovna cijena 1.017,00 HRK
    cijena sa popustom: 499,00 HRK
    popust: 50%

    Od 26.9. - 30.11. parkiranje od 20 dana
    redovna cijena: 1.332,00 HRK
    cijena sa popustom: 599,00 HRK
    popust: 55%

    Od 26.9. . 30.11. parkiranje 30 dana
    redovna cijena: 1.962,00 HRK
    cijena sa popustom: 780,00 HRK
    popust: 60%

    Postoje još akcije vezane uz Sisvete (1.11.) ovisno o dužini trajanja parkiranja i kreću se od 45-55%

    Svaka čast! Pametno!!!! 15 dana za 66 EUR!!!! Vrlo konkurentno.

    1. Anonymous10:23

      English please.

    2. Purger - while I support that MZLZ is being proactive with promoting parking deals to the individual leisure flyers... (clearly this has been designed not for the business pax)...

      However, 30 to 60% discounts, c'mon ?
      This type of marketing in my opinion is inappropriate and is on the borderline with "groupon type of communication".

      We have a collision of pricing & communication strategy: on one hand, the airport had increased its taxes causing airfares to go up, while on the other hand is being too vulgar with communicating huge parking discounts throughout the whole season...

      The communication is inconsistent - media has already trashed MZLZ for high airfares and parking fees...

  5. Anonymous09:40

    It's good to see that all ex-Yu airports are doing well. Are Split and Dubrovnik still in front of Pristina by the end of September?

    Purger, it would be nice if you put "OT" at the start of your posts that have nothing to do with the topic. Thanks.

    1. Anonymous10:23


    2. Anonymous12:41

      Yes, they are.

      SPU 1 762 312
      DBV 1 505 938

    3. Anonymous12:43

      Wow that's huge for SPU. Well done

  6. Split and Dubrovnik are ahead and will remain ahead for this year. Next year I expect DBV to have more aggressive growth than SPU due to the fact that SPU has capacity issues. So far, DBV has a solid list of new routes planned for 2016.

    My predictions for the 3 main Croatia airports (2016):
    ZAG: anywhere from 2,7 to 2,9 depending on OU's new routes
    SPU: 2,1 mil
    DBV: 1,85 to 1,9 mil

    Pristina and Skopje, in my opinion, have limited room for growth because they share similar markets. In a long run, they'll both grow, however as for the immediate future (next 2 to 5 years) I don't see a clear source of an aggressive growth.
    Correct me if I am misinformed, but the way I see it, both of their growth models are not organic but rather highly stimulated/pumped and the numbers are drawn within the same "market pool"... that is P2P travelers, mainly migrants, "gastarbajter"s and individual travellers. I know less about the business and tourism segment. Someone please correct me if I am doing these airports an injustice :)

    1. Anonymous12:58

      I think Zagreb can do 3.0 million next year, this year it'll be 2.6 million all due to foreign carrier growth, next year we'll see this number go up significantly as foreign carrier growth will continue and OU is exiting EU imposed restrictions. Growth of 15-17% is quite likely.

      If Alltalia, SAS, Czech Air and Agean come to Zagreb these numbers could be higher, at least 20% growth could be achieved.

    2. I sure hope those airlines will come. However, I doubt this will happen before the opening of the new terminal. most of these airlines should have already announced new routes. Alitalia and Aegan have already communicated general interest in coming to ZAG, while Czech and SAS have not said anything. More over, Czech has communicated that the company does not intend to expand within the Ex Yu region in the immediate future (1 or 2 years at least).

      I see the source of growth for ZAG in OU's potentially new routes to Prague, Milano and Bucharest. Alitalia and Aegan with direct lines to Rome and Athens would be a nice addition, but those two will not be large contributers to ZAG's numbers...

      If anyone has heard the RTL late evening news special (Monday, October 5th), Mr. Gabelica had made a statement that in my opinion is very indicative of the current & future traffic opportunities. He had stated that many airlines would have been easier to recruit, but expect a certain service standard. We know that at ZAG's current terminal there's a chaos in terms of the traffic fluidity (meaning the pax in the actual building). Given that ZAG generally appeals to the business and transferring pax, I would say that several of these new airlines that are really new to Zagreb and Croatia probably feel suspicious and are not motivated enough. It's not like they are guaranteed a 95% LF, but with the proper airport mngment they probably would not mind entering this market....

      So, in that sense I expect a whole lot more from ZAG in the years after the opening of the NPT (2017-18).

      OU needs to solidify its position in SJJ, SKP, PRN (increase # of flights by at least 50%) and start flying to Tirana and Podgorica. SOF and OTP would be a nice addition, but I don't see those two working outside the May-October season...

    3. Anonymous16:29

      Pa ako dodju 2 CRJX zar nije to malo novih destinacija posto oni mogu da odrade 4-5 rotacija dnevno.

    4. @INN-NS - pa to sve destinacije koje sam naveo bi trebala pokriti takav tip "mini ekspanzije", dakle: Milano, Buchurest, Prague, Tirana, Podgorica, te jače frekvencije unutar postojećih linija u regiji... PRN, SJJ, SKP itd.
      Već vidim da će se CRJ koristiti na tipa potojećoj liniji za CPH kako bi bili konkurentniji, a slobodnu "Dašenku" prebaciti na neku od regionalnih linija...

      Ako bude i 1/2. od ovog nabrojanog, bit će dobro, samo neka krenu naprijed.

    5. Anonymous00:03

      4 rotacije može napraviti. 5 ne može osim ako netko neće biti toliko glup da ga stavi na shuttle ZAG-DBV-ZAG. Onda može i 5 rotacija. Sve duže od toga neće moći.

  7. Anonymous11:16

    Impressive growth at Skopje and Pristina.

    I wonder if INI management sees the figures and gets its act together in order to capture some of the traffic.


    1. Anonymous11:37

      Odakle? Nis Vranje Bujanovac Leskovac imaju gastose od Svice do severa Italije prema Sloveniji tamo moze jos samo da leti Wizz na Venice Treviso ili Veronu na njima je da odaberu. Basel koji je na granici je vec pokriven.

    2. Anonymous14:22

      I'd say Ryanair BTS-INI 2 times per week would be an interesting move.

      Ryan doesn't fly from BTS to any of the airports. , while all are served by Austrian .

    3. Anonymous14:53

      OK to bi im bio snazan potez.

  8. Anonymous13:13

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous13:22

      This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Anonymous14:29

    From today free WiFi at Skopje Airport :)

    1. Anonymous16:43

      Welcome to 2005... INI has had free wi fi for i dont know how long...

    2. Anonymous17:42

      Who is using that wi-fi in INN?

    3. Anonymous23:43

      Ljudi koji se dovezu sa Nis Ekspresom koji ima wi-fi u svojim busevima za beograd i evropu.

  10. Anonymous16:33

    Molio bih citaoce ovog bloga za pomoc/savjet. Moji prijatelji Austrijanci sele za Australiju, i na osnovu informacija koje su usmeno dobili od operaterke ErSrbijinog kol centra date su im informacije o cijenama dodatnog prtljaga. Posto se sele na 2 godine, mozete zamisliti da imaju dosta prtljaga, te da im je cijena vrlo bitna stavka. Date su im informacije da je cijena 80eur za 2. komad, i 150 za treci, te da kad budu znali kolicinu prtljaga opet zovnu isti kol centar, i dajuci broj kartice moci ce da kupe uslugu dodatnog prtljaga.

    Tako su i uradili, kupivsi kod-serovane JU 601+JU 8080+JU 8582. Kad su naknadno zvali da dokupe prtljag recene su im skroz drugacije cijene, naravno mnogo skuplje. Takodje im je receno da ne mogu sad unaprijed da dokupe prtljag preko kol centra, vec na aerodromu. A na beckom aerodromu, gdje su zvali, ErSrbiju predstavlja AirBerlin. Oni su im rekli da posto je buking izvrsen preko sistema ErSrbije oni ne mogu unaprijed da im uplate prtljag (i ne po toj cijeni). Konacno, zvali su i Etihad, i oni takodje ne mogu da dodaju prtljag; stavise, rekli su im da uopste nece moci da imaju dodatni prtljag!?!?!

    Posto pretpostavljam da je veliki broj citalaca bloga zaposlen u AS/ANT, moja molba se sastoji u tome da mi date savjet koga da zovem u ErSrbiji i koje argumente da upotrijebim (ne obicne operatere, jer ocigledno od njih nema velike vajde). Mozete mi pisati na

    Nema potrebe da napominjem da se na ovakav nacin gube putnici na najduzim i najskupljim linijama, a sjecam se da sam bas ovdje citao da se ulagao napor da se privuku (i zadrze dobrom uslugom!) putnici za AUS. Pored toga kalja se ugled nacionalnog avio-prevoznika, a i meni licno je bilo neprijatno, pogotovo sto mi je stalo da AS preraste konacno u usluznu i pouzdanu kompaniju.


    1. Anonymous16:35

      adresa je ogi(tacka)gasgasse(et)gmail(tacka)com

    2. Anonymous16:50

      Пре свега они нису требали да то возе као додатан пртљаг већ да контактирају Ер Србија карго. Цене би биле много ниже. У сваком случају срамно је што су им ово урадили и надам се да ћете наћи решење.

    3. Anonymous17:32

      Treba biti maher da se izmisli ovako nesto

    4. Anonymous18:03

      @INN-NS, stvarno nisam izmislio (ako mi mozes pomoci, javi mi se na mail, razuvjericu te). Zivim u Becu, a radim na istom univerzitetu s njima, a zelio bih da im pomognem. Ako im je u momentu kupovine receno nesto, trebalo bi da bude ispostovano. Ja licno sam dosad imao stvarno pozitivna iskustva leteci sa AS (doduse iskljucivo letove do BEG i TIV, tako da nisam imao dodira sa problemima prtljaga niti sa kol centrom).

      @Anonymous 4:50 Mislis li da ima smisla obratiti se kargo-u sada? Na kraju krajeva, oni jos uvijek nisu platili za taj prtljag jer im je sada jedina mogucnost da kupe na dan leta ko zna kako skup prtljag. Hvala!

    5. Anonymous18:09

      Hehe... iz Beča leteti sa JU u Australiju, fenomenalno, čestitam! :)

    6. Anonymous19:03

      Why not? Besides Emirates and Qatar there are no other one-stop solutions.

    7. Anonymous19:07

      Апсолутно, то треба да иде каргом. Jави нам шта си сазнао.

    8. Anonymous20:13

      Dobro ljudi, čovek pita za pomoć, kakav Cargo sada, možda imaju dve dodatne torbe, nema razloga da se to tako šalje.

      Zaista su napravili cirkus oko toga. Ja ne znam nikoga lično tamo, ali imam odlično iskustvo sa agentom call centra koji se zove Andrija, vrlo dobro zna o čemu priča i siguran sam da je tehnički potkovan. Da li može da reši problem - nemam pojma. Takođe, savetujem da probaju mailom na Iznenađujuće su efikasni u odgovaranju, i prosleđivanju osobi koja je nadležna.

    9. Anonymous00:08

      Ja čekam već 5 meseci na povrat taksi za neostvareni let. I ništa!!!! Koja crna kol služba!


  12. OT: Would like to continue Nemjee and Aerologic's discussion about ideal BEG-IKA schedules from a few days ago.

    Have either of you considered a split schedule?

    Perhaps three times per week:
    Departing BEG at 17:30 after the regional wave lands
    Arriving BEG at 5:30 just before the morning West Europe wave departs

    And another three times per week:
    Departing BEG at 23:30 after the evening West Europe wave returns
    Arriving 11:30 just before the regional wave departs

    1. Nemjee22:55

      Actually, there is no much point in discussing this until Serbia and Iran sign an air service agreement. Currently JU can't even code-share to Iran.
      It's really unfortunate but it's the reality.

    2. Anonymous23:36

      Neverujem da bi bilo problema sto se toga tice posto je i Srbija izasla njima u susret.
      Na primer TUI ima velike planove za IKA da preko nemacke ih transportuje za USA.

    3. I was talking more about fantasy and possibilities, not reality because I don't think IKA is even on ASL's radar.

      But an air service agreement between Serbia and Iran would be a formality at most, I think.

    4. Aэrologic00:48

      IKA is not important as a destination but as a project which states that Air Serbia shouldn't stay the way it is, that it needs to expand, look at other opportunities, score some failures and some goals along the way. The schedule i wrote yesterday seems to me the best we can pull off with the current fleet and network [BEG 0000 0530 IKA 0630 0900 BEG]. Flights should be seasonal at start then later it should be decided whether to extend them into the winter season what would be a risky move, in which case the network modifications should of a greater scope. Flights to US would surely stimulate the demand from Iran. Ideally the flights to US, in order to ensure their own viability, should be accompanied by a wave of expansion towards the Caucasus/Caspian/ME region, the same way the Western expansion two years ago was followed with a regional SE European expansion. Ankara should be added to the routes as well. Last year when i was buying my ticket on Qatar in Tbilisi, i couldn't believe when i was told that most of passengers Qatar carries from there are to the US.

    5. Aэrologic00:53

      Despite the detour. That testifies of an unfulfilled demand for reasonably-priced quality air-links in a region that holds some the highest prospects for growth in air travel in the world, what the recent Silk Road 2015 forum only confirmed.

    6. Anonymous01:21

      Ponekad kad pitam sto se pojedine destinacije u tom regionu ignorisu jednostavno ne znaju sta da odgovore .
      Postoji flota koja to moze ali ne ne leti se sto je velika steta .
      TK ne salje za dzabe u Region kaukasusa A330 .
      Pojedine firme se vec spremaju za to trzite .

    7. Anonymous01:59

      What IKA? Are you serious? I think that there are far more important destinations for ASL than IKA. Let's say Amman, Tbilisi, Kiev, Yerevan, Ankara, Kuwait.

    8. Anonymous03:02

      Vi ste na nekim jacim lepkovima mali aerodrom kaoTtbilisi u maloj zemlji kao Gruzija i treba slati avion
      dve hiljade kilometara bez interesa u BEG. Imaju pet kompanija koje ih vode preko bare. Boze ima li te?

    9. Aэrologic03:17

      That's what we're saying. We're speaking about the whole Caucasus region which needs to placed into focus as the gravitational center of the world transport and economics is switching more and more Easterwards and the given region will become the new crossroad between the two. I absolutely support what you're saying.

    10. Aэrologic03:21

      You maybe propose and share with us your view as to how an airline such as Air Serbia should develop?

    11. Aэrologic03:35

      I really can't swallow this defeatist Serbian mentality. We're only hearing as to why "it shouldn't happen" about how "other airlines fly there" or "they have better schedule" which is nothing else than self-defeatism or an excuse to do nothing at the end. So basically, if 15 airlines are flying to 'tiny' Beirut, Air Serbia shouldn't have started it! Or maybe they should close down London cause there are hundreds of airlines flying there correct? Oh, wait wait, Istanbul, there's the "mighty TK" with 100+ narrow-bodies, let's cancel Istanbul!! C'mon. What you don't understand is that market means - fight. Ok, so there are 5 airlines flying there - great! Let's take their passengers from them and make one leave the market.

      Unfortunately that moment at Air Serbia lasted for roughly a month and they felt their ego satisfied with chasing away Adria from the Ljubjana route with its CRJ, yeah, great victory. It means it wasn't that big to start with. Well, if you're happy you can just stay there, my personal interest with Air Serbia at this point is marginal at best, i'm just defending pure logic and would do the same if you asked what another airline should do. If Emirates and Qatar were thinking the way you think today they would be no bigger than Iran Air and we would still be flying to India via Frankfurt.

    12. Aэrologic03:37

      *even Iran Air seems an exaggeration

    13. Yes, it would be in the interest of both stakeholders for Air Serbia to expand, but many of these mentioned routes are not possible now, or not unless different planes are introduced.

      Tbilisi in particular would be the most difficult to start, because the market is so small for both O/D and transfer pax.

      The SSJ100 LR would be a great plane for some routes shorter than 4 hours.

      Potential routes could be Kuwait, Cairo, or Tehran.

    14. Anonymous12:34

      JAT je bio zakon sa nocenjima u regionu, i za pax i za crew dok nisu dosli divlji i oterali pitome.

  13. Anonymous10:37

    Samo region do 1200 km gde ima jos deset aerodroma na koje ne lete Lyon, Nice, Venice Treviso, INN, Ankara, Pristina, Cisnau, Odessa, Cluj, Krakow. Pola svaki dan pola svaki drugi. U tom regionu zivi 150-200 miliona ljudi. Zadovoljan?


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