Adria pilots call off Monday strike

Pilots and management set two-month deadline for new deal

Adria Airways' pilots have called off a planned strike scheduled to take place next Monday after reaching an initial deal with the airline's management to further negotiate the terms of a new collective agreement. The two sides have set a deadline for January 31, 2016 to settle the terms of a new comprehensive bargaining contract and engage in regular dialogue. In case the two sides fail to find common ground, the Union of Slovenian Pilots will revive plans for industrial action. The company says it is satisfied with the temporary arrangement as it will avoid a "crippling" and "unnecessary" strike. Pilots are unhappy with violations to their collective agreement which was cancelled by the management on October 2014 but continues to be enforced until a new one is inked.

Earlier this month, the Union of Slovenian Pilots announced a work stoppage on November 30, which would have lasted from 05.00 until midnight. In addition to fairer working conditions, pilots are also demanding an increase in wages. Adria offered its pilots a 7.3% salary hike and more flexible workplace conditions in order to boost productivity but said the union's terms were "unacceptable". This summer, the airline's management narrowly avoided a cabin crew walk out over similar issues. Local media report that Adria is likely to end the year with a five million euro net loss, following on from a small profit in 2014 and several years of restructuring.

The strike would have come at a critical time for the carrier, which is in the final stages of its privatisation process, with stakeholders seeking to sell a 91.6% share in the company. This Monday, shareholders were to decide on an eight million euro capital injection in an attempt to boost the airline's liquidity, however, the Slovenian Sovereign Holding (SSH), which is overseeing Adria's privatisation, called for the meeting to be postponed. It has now been rescheduled for December. The SSH hopes for the capital to be provided by a potential buyer, but is first seeking for Adria's owners and creditors to write off a share of the airline's debt in order to make it more appealing to investors. Three German companies are said to be vying for a majority stake. Earlier this week, the independent state-owned maintenance company Adria Airways Tehnika was sold to Poland's Linetech Holding.


  1. Anonymous09:59

    Thank god common sense prevailed.

  2. Anonymous10:00

    Does someone know how much an average Adria pilot is paid? I wonder if this strike would have affected only Ljubljana or all of their bases and whether all Adria pilots are paid the same (in Slovenia, Pristina, Lodz)

    1. Anonymous11:07

      2200 eur FO, 3300 CPT. Crap by international standards, acceptable by Slovenian.

    2. Anonymous11:25

      Is that the basic salary without the flight hour pay or is it the total amount they get paid?

    3. Anon 11:07

      If that is the total salary, I wouldn't think it would be acceptable even by Slovenian standards.

      Even ASL offers more, and wages in Serbia are much lower.

    4. Anonymous12:27

      That's all in (per diems, sector pay). If you ask any Slovene, they'll say it's too much.

    5. Anonymous12:38

      And these are nett figures.

    6. Anonymous14:22

      Net figures as in after tax or these are before taxes?

    7. Anonymous15:43

      After tax, before tax would be disgraceful.

    8. Anonymous16:57

      How much does W6 pay for its crews?
      They are expanding like crazy and hiring all the time.

  3. Anonymous10:05

    So we can conclude they will sell the company in December?

    1. Anonymous10:10

      This week Polish company bought Adria Tehnika and also a Polish company bought Paloma tissue maker this week too. Hoping that a Polish company won't buy Adria Airways too :D

    2. Anonymous10:21

      Frankly, you should hope that any company buys Adria Airways, especially before the OU deal goes through. Now is not a time to pick & choose.

    3. Anonymous11:18

      It all depends on what the politicians have in mind. They didn't want to sell AAT to the employees (as far as I know, they offered more than the Polish company), so who knows what will happen.

    4. Anonymous11:25

      the employees offered more and they didn't got the deal?

    5. Anonymous11:58

      The employees offered 300.000 euros less. That's why AAT was sold to the Polish company.

    6. Anonymous12:29

      I see. I guess it went to the highest bidder then.

    7. Anonymous21:03

      why the airport don't buy the shares if AAT is so profitable at the moment?

  4. Anonymous10:12

    Interesting how no one is phased that they are trying to write off all of Adria's debts. Knowing how many caring people there are here who worry so much about the average taxpayer in neighboring countries I am really surprised.

  5. Anonymous10:16

    Good, if they went through with this it would have been a final nail in the coffin for Adria.

    "Local media report that Adria is likely to end the year with a five million euro net loss, following on from a small profit in 2014 and several years of restructuring."

    This sentence sums it up. If you are reporting losses after a drastic restructuring, if you had to sell your underpants to report a profit last year and if your business is based on some crazy 5 year plan then the entire management of that company should be replaced!

    1. Anonymous10:25

      Last year they sold two CRJ900 for somewhere between 4 to 6 million euro above book value and that's is why they posted a small profit.

  6. Anonymous10:46

    Are the tumorous about Qatar Airways looking to buy Adria among other airlines true?

    1. Anonymous10:56

      There was lot's of talk about it earlier this year about Slovenian President asking Qatar to invest in Adria.

  7. Anonymous13:25

    sorry for OT

    1. anything new about USA operations from BEG ?
    2. do you expect major influence of Paris masacre on aviation community in 2016 ?

    1. Anonymous14:26

      1. Nothing yet, but they got permission to code share with Air Berlin.
      2. Not really.

    2. Anonymous15:18

      Another week passed that US Department of Transport did not gave permission for Air Serbia;s flights to US.
      Is there any info about when will that be?
      It was supposed to have come three weeks ago according to the Vučić/Kondić press conference.
      Any reason for the delay?

    3. Anonymous15:57

      They are not going to get it?

    4. Anonymous16:05

      They will get it. The Americans said they have to treat direct flight permit and codeshare permit separately as direct flights were announced after the permit was requested (JU applied for everything in a single request). Anyway they will get it. So neighbours who care so much about taxes, subsidies, standard of living and now permits, don't have to worry.

    5. Anonymous16:54

      Ah, Anonymous 4:05 PM, we will stop worrying about permits for US flights, but we won't stop worrying about taxes, subsidies and standard of living of Serbian citizens!

      Lots of love,

      carrying neighbour

    6. Anonymous17:20

      Bice prihvaceno sta se sikirate .

    7. Anonymous22:31

      When are we getting that permision from the Americans?

    8. Anonymous01:23

      Why you say never? Are you jealous of the new wings of Europe?

    9. Anonymous01:25

      Would be great if you stopped talking to yourself.

    10. Anonymous03:06

      It’s a matter of optics. Blunt “No” would not sound friendly, so instead Air Serbia is still in the “holding pattern” for a third year now. It’s framed differently, but end result is the same: no JFK for you, at least for now.

    11. Anonymous08:16

      They seem rather confident about it, I mean they are preparing for June flights...

      I am still in shock that for most it's the licence that seems to be the problem. For me the biggest catastrophe is the fact that they are seriously considering going ahead with a single A330.

    12. Anonymous11:11

      Flights should have started much earlier than June.
      Why are the Americans making life difficult for Air Serbia?
      No American airline is flying that route.

  8. Дечко Тзар16:39

    Air Serbia will get it, but when? Based on what was published in various media, my guess is that when request was made in August expectations for approval were for mid-September and flights were planned to start end of March for summer 2016 season. DoT response was published in mid-November (approx. 2 months later than September), so when New York was announced in early November, start was pushed back by those two months to early June. Now that ruling branches out codeshare approval from actual Air Serbia metal request (currently accepting comments) it creates opportunity for further delay of Air Serbia approval. If that delay as a result pushes back initial flights just slightly, from June to for example late July or early August, it can be very detrimental to financial outcome of that route in S16, and if it pushes it back even further it would effectively shut Air Serbia from JFK for summer of 2016. I have voiced my concerns about this possibility before.


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