Adria pilots plan November 30 strike

Adria pilots schedule strike at a critical time for the airline

Pilots at Slovenia's flag carrier Adria Airways have announced a strike for November 30 over an impasse in the ongoing collective bargaining talks. The strike will run between 5.00 in the morning and midnight with employees to gather at the airline's operative centre at Ljubljana Airport, the Pilots' Trade Union announced yesterday. The industrial action is being blamed on the stalled collective bargaining talks after the management cancelled the old collective agreement regarding pay and work conditions for pilots. The trade union is demanding for an increase in wages and for the management to tackle violations of the cancelled collective agreement, which continues to be used until a new one is negotiated. Previously, Adria's cabin crew planned to go on strike in June but later called it off following a provisional deal with the management.

In October 2014, Adria’s trade unions were informed that all collective agreements would be annulled if they failed to agree to new cost cutting measures by the end of the year. Since all of the airline’s unions rejected the measures, the collective agreements have now been terminated, while terms of the new agreements are still being negotiated. Adria remains hopeful the industrial action can be averted. However, the carrier criticised the union for its strike announcement, saying it was "unnecessary", noting the difficult times the carrier finds itself in. Furthermore, the management said pilots have been offered a 7.5% salary increase and more flexible working conditions in order to boost productivity. It adds that, in contrast, the demands of the pilots were unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the airline is in the process of being privatised with a shareholders' meeting due later this month to decide on an eight million euro capital injection, which could come from a potential buyer. However, the Slovenian daily "Dnevnik" says shareholders will discuss the capital hike as early as today, noting that they are unlikely to endorse the deal if a sales agreement with a potential investor is not signed beforehand. A foreign investment fund is said to be the front-runner for the acquisition of a 91.6% stake in the airline.

On Monday, Adria began operating flights out of the Estonian capital Tallinn following the demise of Estonian Air. In an agreement with the newly established Estinian national carrier Nordic Aviation Group, Adria will provide full commercial and operational support. Furthermore, the deal also sees the incorporation of three of Estonian Air's Bombardier CRJ900 and two CRJ700 aircraft. The Slovenian carrier is expected to operate the flights over the next twelve to eighteen months and will consider a further long-term alliance with Nordic Aviation. Adria has already netted 20.000 bookings until March 2016 for the Tallinn-based flights and handled 2.610 passengers yesterday morning since taking over from Estonian Air. The opening of a new market for the Slovenian carrier could make it more appealing to potential investors.


  1. Anonymous09:06

    Could they not have waited a bit. They could not have chosen a worse tine for the airline.

  2. Anonymous09:15

    It is so easy...bite when someone is the weakest...but yes I agree with you.

  3. Anonymous09:18

    Fresh LJU stats:
    M2M +9,4%
    Y2Y +10,6%

    1. Anonymous09:53

      Are these October 2015 figures? If so, what are absolute numbers?

    2. Anonymous11:13

      October yes. And 1.268.057 PAX until now

  4. Anonymous09:19

    and there is no Chance to get a Talinn - LJU link during this cooperation?

    1. Anonymous09:20

      Maybe during Summer.

    2. Nemjee09:36

      It could happen but only as a repositioning flight which will be open for booking. However, the real question is what can JP offer for TLL passengers? I doubt that there is a market for PRN, TIA, SJJ... to be served via LJU.

    3. Anonymous09:53

      One more reason for JP to start flying to DBV.

    4. Anonymous09:54

      Of course there are little demand for Estonian passengers to Ljubljana, Beograd, Sarajevo, Skopje, Priština and Tivat, but there are also Slovenian passengers with possible connection to Copenhagen, Vilnius, Oslo, Trontheim, St.Petersburg, Stockholm, Orebro, Kiev... Also they can make sinergy on flights to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels (via Tallin) and Munchen, Vienna, Zurich, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul via Ljubljana (both fly to those destinations).

    5. Nemjee10:00

      The only destinations that could be efficiently served from Ljubljana via Tallinn are HEL, LED, MOW and maybe, just maybe ARN. I don't think anyone would fly from LJU to AMS or CPH via TLL, then they might as well fly via BEG.

    6. Nemjee10:05

      Another thing we must not forget when it comes to TLL is that Helsinki is just an hour away on the ferry. It has a mix of legacy and lowcost carriers which are taking passengers away. And then on top of it all, you have Riga to the south which is home to the aggressive BT which considers Estonia as its home market. All in all, JP will have a lot of competition.

    7. Anonymous11:58

      Nemjee good point!

    8. JackOfAllAirlinesMasterOfNone16:30

      @Nemjee, there is a tendency from your side to exaggerate everything. You do it here today too. BT is "aggressive." Below you write that DY will deal a "serious blow" to the ME3. Calm down the rhetoric. I am looking at BT aircraft orders and I am not seeing "aggressive" and just EK serves 6 UK and 10 Indian airports with multiple daily flights. "Serious blow?" Give me a break.

      Also, you're not seriously suggesting that exiting TLL, catching a taxi to Vanasadam and then hopping onto a ferry while carrying your own luggage is a serious alternative to catching a connecting flight? In any case the point is moot since the new Estonian national carrier does not fly (or plan) to HEL and the last thing they (or Adria) need is to worry about connecting flights at TLL.

      Good luck to Adria nonetheless. I hope they get hold of some much needed cash during the winter months from these flights. But long term I am looking at small airlines in the region, Air Lituanica being one, and am thinking do we need another case study for the 'too-small-to-succeed' theory?

    9. Nemjee18:14

      airBaltic has aggressively expanded in TLL with several daily RIX-TLL flights and they have launched several direct flights out of TLL with more to come next year. Their expansion was such last year that OV's CEO complained that they are destroying them, which is nonsense of course. So yes, in terms of the Estonian market (which is today's topic) airBaltic has been aggressive and will keep on being it. What do you think, what will they do when the C-series arrive? They will use the for growth which will also happen in both Lithuania and Estonia.

      My point is that people from Tallinn might catch a ferry ride to Helsinki in order to fly out of there. I have taken the ferry between the two cities and it's everything but trouble, the whole process is very well organised (and cheap). A lot of people do it, especially when it comes to travelling to places to where there are no direct flights out of Tallinn.

      Like I wrote yesterday, the Baltics are too small to have more than one local airline. airBaltic can take care of the three countries while Ryanair and Wizz Air will take care of those who fly on lowcost carriers.

      I still don't see where I exaggerated but to each his own.

    10. Nemjee18:16

      Also, I think you misplaced your comment about Emirates and the UK and Indian airports. ;)

    11. Anonymous18:30

      Aegean will begin flying between Riga and Athens from June 25.
      They have already announced flights to Vilnious.
      Bad news for Baltic Air I suppose...

    12. Nemjee18:37

      ...and they already flew to Tallinn. I think flights were launched last summer.
      If I am not mistaken they do code-share with BT so it's not as bad. BT flies to ATH mostly for the connecting passengers, not so much for the local ones.

      Btw VNO is still not confirmed because the airport will be closed due to runway renovations.

    13. Nemjee18:39

      Aegean has the Baltic/Nordic region well covered. In summer they fly to: Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.
      I wonder if Gothenburg might be next.

  5. Anonymous10:16

    This action is just so typical of selfish pilots .. they would rather see the company go under and have everyone lose their jobs, than bide their time, see the company get through these tough times and then engage management when the company is in a much better healthier state. Doing it now is simply opportunism of the worst kind and says everything about what sort of people these pilots are ...

    1. Anonymous11:46

      I would suggest you look into the matter before posting BS. The management cancelled collective agreement, not pilots! And if the management wants you to work even more for less money, you have every right to go on strike!

    2. Anonymous16:33

      Or, you have a right to go and work elsewhere and not put everyone else's job at risk - now that isn't BS is it ?

    3. Anonymous17:42

      Actually, it is BS. Why should I give a damn about administrative personnel, when they're trying to make me work harder?! I didn't know that Adria is a charity organization. If/when it goes bust, than I will look for another job elsewhere.

    4. Anonymous00:18

      That's the typical selfish streak in pilots. They don't give a flying fuck about anyone else but themselves. But you see, you can't work or fly for an airline if it doesn't have admin and other staff to support you. And, if the airline does go under, you can take your skills elsewhere, while they can't .... That's how it is and you know it

    5. To the contrary, managers just view REAL WORKERS as a commodity that can be exploited.

      I only have one life to live. I am not going to trade my precious time for cheap so that some manager can line their pockets.

    6. Anonymous07:32

      @Aleksandar Stojanovic: well said! To the poster above: get your head out of your a** and smell the roses. That's capitalism for you. Next time your getting screwed by the management, I'm sure as hell not going to expect any favours from you. If you want to go on strike, go for it. If the company is unable to make any profit, despite the constant pay reductions it might as well go bust.

      And one more thing: how the hell can a company with 12 aircraft have almost half of its workforce (approx. 200 people) employed as administrative personnel?!

    7. Striking and industrial action is the ONLY way that any positive change can be made for workers.

      ALL positive changes that have been made for workers in the last 100 years have been made by FORCE. Not once have managers given any benefits to workers out of the kindness of their hearts.

    8. Anonymous15:46

      selfish pilots? After their wages have been cut to half what they used to be, after collective agreement has been canceled, after they have to work more and under decaying conditions, after the management kept bunch of lawyers and simmilar piranhas sucking money out of adria, after they failed to take notice, that money is leaking on all sides, after they settled the debt with ANS provider of 2 mio €, regardless that swap for Adria School Centre has been offered and at the end, after it became obvious, that management has no clue or idea how to run the business (making loss after record year, record low fuel prices). And yes, its the pilots who are selfish. Actualy, it is THE BEST time for strike!

  6. Anonymous12:10

    And one more thing: salaries have been decreasing for the last 7 years (by substantial amount), however the company is still making loss. So your suggestion is to bend over and spread 'em some more?! Lube anyone?

  7. Anonymous13:18

    LH i SQ planiraju danas da predstave zajednicku Joint venture da bi lupili samar QR,EK i EY na linijama za Aziju i Pazifik .
    Moje misljenje je da ce se tesko izboriti ali vredi pokusati .

    1. Nemjee14:43

      Let's not forget that Norwegian is considering introducing direct flights from the UK to India. This will be a serious blow to the Persian Gulf airlines.

    2. Purger14:44

      Očito je da je LH krenula u žestoku kampanju:

      1. Eurowings prvenstveno kao udar na Air Berlin i Alitaliju, sekundarno na Ryanair, easyJet, ali tercijalno i na British/Iberiu (Vueling) i Air France-KLM (Transavia)

      2. Long-haul LCC kao udar na Air Berlin (prva baza Eurowingsovih long-haul letova će biti TXL, a potom DUS) i na MEB3 (dobar dio linija će biti Bliski i Daleki Istok, a tek manji broj prema SAD-u).

      3. Žestoki napadi preko Njemačke vlade i EU.

      4. Joint ventur sa Air Chinom koji je nakon 4 godine pregovora zapeo i zbog čega je osobno Angela Merkel u pranji direktora Lufthanse prije par dana otišla u Peking. Isto tako joint venture sa Singaporeom. Indikativno je da u posljednje vrijeme koncentriraju joint-ventura ima preka istoku više nego prema zapadu (već godinama samo sa Unitedom i Air Canadom).

    3. Anonymous14:59


    4. Anonymous15:10

      The LH-SQ alliance would be bad news for the European airlines of the Etihad group, nοt to mention EY itself.
      But of the three European airlines οf the alliance I think ASL will be the worst off because it is the smallest and weakest.

    5. Anonymous15:14

      Purger, rečeno je da će se tijekom listopada/oktobra znati potencijalni investitori u OU, što se događa s tim, gdje je "zapelo"?

    6. Purger16:05

      Ha, hrvatska posla. Ministar u odlasku, u stvari cijela vlada je otišla... CTN CEO koji zapravo ne želi privatizaciju... bog te pitaj što je sa tim u ovom trenutku i što će biti. Bog te pitaj hoćemo li uopće imati vladu u idućih mjesec dana ili duže, ili će parlamentarna kriza zazvati nove izbore, automatski još smanjiti kreditni rejting, pa isto ne samo da zakomplicira nego i potpuno onemogući prodaju...

    7. Anonymous22:14

      I am greatly amused by people thinking that LH is actually able to muster a response to LCCs. Eurowings and Jump may be good ideas on paper, but they'll never be able to lower their cost base to the same level as other LCCs. The whole thing will break apart within the next 12-18 months.

    8. Anonymous00:15

      Nesto vise se zna ali opet nemaju sanse protiv QR,EK i EY sto se tice usluge i cene LH sto planira da suetdi na otvaranju LCC izgube na strajkovima i ne mogu spustiti cene kao glavni LCC igraci u EU.

    9. Anonymous00:20

      Vueling (British-Ibreria)
      Trasavia (KLM-Air France)

      Ring a bell????

  8. Anonymous15:00

    OT: Bosnian airports October and YTD
    Sarajevo 71.255/692.944 +11,76%
    Tuzla 27.167/219.185 +74,70%
    Mostar 6.718/72.869 +12,73%
    B. Luka 1.782/19.951 -16,81%
    BiH total 1.004.949 +22%

    1. Anonymous15:12

      BNX is a disaster....

  9. Anonymous17:17

    ako se za juce najavljeni potez ASL moze reci da je hrabar, politicki motivisan i predstavlja moguci uvod u bankrot, onda se sve navedeno moze reci i za ADR avanturu u Talinu.

  10. Anonymous18:24

    Aegean will begin flying to Riga from Athens from June 25.
    Bad news for Baltic Air I suppose...

  11. Aэrologic23:57

    Current Iran Air stopover stations:

    IR722 - Hamburg-Tehran: Budapest
    IR720 - Frankfurt-Tehran: Belgrade
    IR710 - London-Tehran: Prague
    IR716 - Vienna-Tehran (without stopover)

    1. Aэrologic00:06

      IR712 - Stockholm-Tehran: Prague
      IR732 - Paris-Tehran: Ljubljana
      IR738 - Rome-Tehran (without stopover)
      IR728 - Cologne-Tehran: Prague
      IR726 - Gothenburg-Tehran: Prague
      IR750 - Milan-Tehran (without stopover)

    2. Anonymous00:20

      Sledece nedelje kad G Rohani ode u Francusku najavili su porudzbinu Airbus aviona drago mi je je za njih steta je samo sto ASL i IR nemaju codeshare i sto ne mogu putnici da koriste liniju koja ima stopover u LYBE.

    3. Anonymous11:11

      EY sill not allow any cooperation between IR and JU
      let alone flights between BEG and IKA.

    4. Anonymous12:46

      AZ flies to IKA, they didn't ask permission to EY.

    5. Nemjee13:59

      Serbia and Iran do not have an air service agreement which is why JU and IR can't cooperate beyond a simple interline agreement.

  12. Anonymous13:51

    Prekovise demokracije pa im se moze.... Zakon ih stiti. Lose za firmu ali boli nekog djon za to.


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