Skopje and Ljubljana see strong growth

Skopje and Ljubljana airports extend passenger growth streak in October

The airports in Skopje and Ljubljana both saw strong passenger growth in October, with Alexander the Great Airport overtaking its traditionally busier Slovenian counterpart for the month. Skopje saw an additional 26.000 passengers, while Ljubljana added over 10.000 travellers in October compared to last year. Macedonia's busiest airport welcomed 132.612 passengers during the month, an increase of 23.3% compared to October 2014. Overall this year, Skopje handled 1.224.887 travellers, up 18.5%. During the month, Macedonia's second international airport, Ohrid, saw 4.998 passengers pass through its doors, an increase of 117%, as it continues to enjoy strong growth as a result of Wizz Air's new year-long service from Basel. Combined, Skopje and Ohrid have handled 1.321.328 passengers so far in 2015. At the same time, aircraft movements grew 10% to 13.033 arriving and departing flights.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN88.275 41.6
FEB80.079 22.8
MAR95.457 25.1
APR109.741 3.9
MAY117.099 7.4
JUN118.070 1.5
JUL164.431 24.4
AUG173.158 20.7
SEP145.965 26.1
OCT132.612 23.3

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport recorded its eighth consecutive month of passengers growth, with 128.478 passengers welcomed in October, representing an increase of 9.4%. The growth came despite a decline in the number of operated flights, with a total of 2.776 movements registerd, down 3.7%. Despite Skopje having a stronger month, Ljubljana is still in front of its Macedonian counterpart on a annual basis, with 1.264.056 travellers handled during the January - October period. The number of operated flights improved 3.3% during the same timeframe to 28.197 arrivals and departures.

This winter season, Ljubljana Airport is being served by more flights than last year thanks to both Adria Airways and foreign carriers. A total of eight airlines are maintaining more than 180 scheduled flights each week from Slovenia’s capital to 21 different destinations in twenty countries. This is compared to the 150 weekly flights to nineteen destinations during the 2014/15 winter season. The number of charter flights is comparable to that of last year. Egypt and Turkey remain the most common winter leisure destinations, which are served by Adria in conjunction with tour operators. On the other hand, the airport's numbers could be slightly affected on November 30, if Adria's pilots follow through with their planned work stoppage from 05.00 in the morning until midnight. The airline says it hopes to maintain some of its flights if the strike goes ahead.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN73.096 2.9
FEB72.265 3.8
MAR90.902 5.3
APR112.310 13.3
MAY128.411 19.6
JUN149.541 17.0
JUL171.770 16.2
AUG199.219 22.3
SEP157.508 10.1
OCT125.478 9.4


  1. Will SKP overtake LJU by the end of the year? very interesting race.

    1. Anonymous11:11

      i doubt it. It looks like LJU will continue to have strong growth by the end of the year too but it will be close. Next year will be interesting though and I think we might see Skopje overtake Ljubljana.

    2. Anonymous15:31

      not likely

  2. Anonymous10:03

    Well done SKP and LJU. One question, why did aircraft movement go down in Ljubljana when there seems to be more flights?

    1. Anonymous11:12

      Yes it does seem odd, especially since Adria had more flights and Swiss is now flying to Ljubljana. Maybe other airlines reduced their flights?

    2. It's just normal because Adria has only one still operable CRJ2 while bigger CRJ9 took over most of flights previously served by CRJ2s.Also there are many regular flights by THY & EZY to operate larger aircraft (A320 & A321) instead of planed A319.

  3. Anonymous10:50

    wow really impressive numbers in Skopje. Well done!

  4. Anonymous10:51

    Ohrid also doing amazingly well.

  5. Anonymous12:11

    well done Macedonia

  6. Anonymous12:26

    I am wondering if after the extensive point to point connections development and reducing the number of areas of demand in Europe, Macedonia will actually turn to subsidizing companies which will offer connections to other continents...

    1. Anonymous15:26

      there are no real low cost long haul companies in north america

      or u thinking of subsidues for one weekly Norwegian flights ORD-SKP and YYZ-SKP from June-Sept? Thats an interesting thought actually :D

  7. Anonymous16:02

    Fun OT: Air Serbia's YU-ALV on flight from Podgorica to Belgrade is flying backwards right now, due the I know thats a bug, but it's still fun.

    1. Anonymous16:03

      FR just fixed that problem, sorry

  8. Anonymous17:13

    Bilo bi odlicno da DY uspostovavi LGW-SKP posto vec praktikuju LCC model.

  9. Anonymous17:59

    What is going on with flights from exyu to Paris? Is there something irregular in traffic? tnx.

    1. Anonymous18:36

      Bas si nameracio da ides tamo?

    2. Anonymous19:33

      All flights are running normally.

    3. Danas popodnevni air serbia let za Pariz je bio pun. U ekonomskoj sva mesta su bila puna, a u biznisu 2 (i to su bili novinarka i kamerman iz Studija B) kojima su najverovatnije platili biznis jer nije bilo mesta uopste u ekonomskoj... Ovde je sve koliko toliko normalno s tim sto mi nije bilo jasno sto su nas terali da ulazimo u Sengen i izlazimo..

  10. Anonymous19:25

    Anyone has any news about Ryanair's possible entrance in SKP? After the news in July/August, there hasn't been anything new.

  11. Ohrid sve blize stotki.


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