Flydubai plans Podgorica service

Dubai - Podgorica flights expected to launch next summer

Flydubai plans to launch flights from its hub in the United Arab Emirates to Podgorica next year. The Montenegrin capital will become the airline's fifth destination in the former Yugoslavia following Belgrade, Skopje, Zagreb and Sarajevo. High-level talks between the airline's management, Podgorica Airport and the Montenegrin government took place last week, with the service expected to be launched next summer. The head of one of Montenegro's largest hotels and a key player in the local tourism industry, Roko Palmić, confirmed the planned flights, saying, "Montenegro will become more accessible to tourists from Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Persian Gulf thanks to new flights which will be launched from Podgorica by Flydubai". Meanwhile, the "Aviatica" portal notes that services, which are to be inaugurated in June, will initially run twice per week.

Montenegro abolished visa requirements for UAE citizens last year. Following the opening of the Montenegrin embassy in Abu Dhabi in 2014, the government has focused on strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations, most notably in the transport and tourism sectors. During a visit to Dubai by a high-ranking Montenegrin delegation last month, emphasis was put on the introduction of nonstop flights between the two countries. Etihad Airways recently forged a commercial cooperation agreement with Montenegro Airlines, which could lead to a potential equity investment on behalf of the Emirati carrier or its affiliated partners.

There are currently no flights between Montenegro and the Middle East. The majority of passengers heading to the region are handled by Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia via their respective hubs. Four years after launching flights to the former Yugoslavia, Flydubai says it is satisfied with its performance on the market, noting it is holding up well against rivals such as Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, which are also present in the region. Flydubai’s Senior Commercial Vice President, Jeyhun Efendi, says the former Yugoslav market forms an essential part of the airline’s strategy. “Even before the airline launched in 2009, we aimed to do things differently. Being based in Dubai set a benchmark as well as having the opportunity to benefit from the developments that have transformed the emirate into a global travel hub. As the only direct link to Dubai from destinations such as Zagreb and Sarajevo, we remain focused on our strategy of offering something different to our passengers and opening up previously underserved markets”, Mr Efendi said. According to its current schedule, the hybrid airline plans to operate daily flights to Sarajevo next summer season, as well as three weekly services to Belgrade and Zagreb and two weekly to Skopje.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Did not see that one coming. But can they really fill 300+ seats per week between Podgorica and Dubai?

    1. Anonymous09:09

      Think of all the connections from Dubai.

    2. Anonymous01:34

      @ Anon 9:09

  2. Anonymous09:07

    Wouldn't Ljubljana have been more logical?

    1. Anonymous10:17

      werent ZAG/LJU out of narrowbody range?

    2. Anonymous11:50

      LOL, ehm no. BTS-DXB also works fine.

    3. Anonymous01:35

      Don't look for a logic when you're talking about ME carriers.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    Iteresantno.. sumnjam u potencijal ove linije.

    1. Anonymous10:59

      Who cares about the potential. None of us in the Ex-yu pays for those ME3 airlines(in forms of subventions or whatever). If they want to waste money, frankly, it's their choice. They are coming here, stealing passengers from nobody of the airlines of our region, and flying them easily, conviently and rapidly to their big hubs down the Persian Gulf and further on to Asia and Australia. What do you want more?

  4. Anonymous09:07

    Great news!
    More options for passengers to fly to the Middle East and beyond.
    Also more competition for the JU/EU flights from BEG.
    It is now the only option but looks like more choise is coming.

    1. Anonymous09:52

      Don't forget that in addition to JU/EY there is also TK which was the first one to break their monopoly in Montenegro.

    2. Anonymous10:09

      Go Montenegro!
      Next year bring Aegean too.

    3. Anonymous15:40

      Wizz will be next new airline in MNE.

    4. Anonymous18:49

      If W6 starts flying from BEG to Montenegro it would be very bad news for JU and YM.

    5. Anonymous19:19

      Imagine if a low cost airline started flying Zagreb - Dubrovnik.

    6. Purger19:41

      God bless you for this. I hope from your mouth into Gods ears. As soon as possible, please! I hate to pay 170-220 EUR every time I fly to DBV.

    7. Anonymous08:58

      A low cost airline flying Zagreb - Dubrovnik would be great news for Croatia.

      Merry Christmas!

  5. Anonymous09:41

    Major overkill, can't see this being a sound commercial decision but rather a poke in the eye to EY and JU.

    1. Anonymous09:50

      It is fantastic news for passengers to and from Montenegro.
      And at the end of the day Fly Dubai is as much concerned about profits as EY is.

    2. Anonymous09:52

      Or QR. lol

    3. Anonymous09:54

      Or JU!

    4. Anonymous10:13

      Hahahha or YM.

    5. Anonymous12:22

      Best chain of comments in a long time :) :)

    6. Anonymous12:42

      Hahaha :D

  6. Anonymous10:23

    Does the crew on these flights to BEG.ZAG.SJJ stay in the city for the day or do they do the return flight too. Wouldn't that be pushing crew duty times?

    1. Anonymous10:27

      Not BEG because it's withing the range of their crew hours, ZAG might be a different story. They might have two sets of crew on those.

    2. JATBEGMEL16:29

      No, BEG, SJJ, SKP, ZAG, OTP, BTS are all turn arounds for the crew, and one set of crew is provided. PRG is the only European layover.

    3. Anonymous16:51

      PRG is operated by Emirates, they are even getting the three class A380.

    4. JATBEGMEL17:08

      PRG is also flown by FZ.

    5. Anonymous17:11

      PRG is operated both by Flydubai and Emirates.

      And 6,5 + 5,5 hours block-times (PRG,BTS,even ZAG) + 1,5 hour "working time" + minimum possible 0,5 hour turnover (almost impossible), with ideal conditions, without any delays, make 14 hours, which is, either illegal, or very extensively interpreted, or something beyond my comprehension

    6. JATBEGMEL18:02

      BEG is 13h 45 min duty time for FZ crew.

      JU have a layover in AUH, EY in BEG, QR in SOF for the first leg (ie: DOH-SOF, layover 24h, SOF-BEG-SOF-DOH)

    7. Anonymous23:06

      I think I've seen QR crew in Belgrade hotels, but I could be mistaken. Also LH have a layover in BEG.

    8. JATBEGMEL00:11

      QR crew stay in SOF not BEG. LH and OS both have short layovers in BEG.

    9. Anonymous00:40

      I guess things will change soon for QR

  7. Anonymous10:40

    More and more bad news for Air Serbia and Etihad as there is less potential passengers for feeding Etihad routes to East

    ZAG - Qatar (10x weekly), flyDubai, Turkish, Aeroflot, El Al, Korean

    LJU - Turkish, Aegean, Aeroflot (Adria code-share)

    SJJ - Turkish, Qatar, FlyDubai, Pegasus

    SKP - Turkish, flyDubai, Pegasus

    PRN - Turkish, Pegasus

    TGD - Turkish, flyDubai

    DBV - Aegean, S7

    SPU - Aegean, Aeroflot, S7

    TIA - Aegean, Pegasus, Turkish

    SOF - flyDubai, Qatar, Aegean, Aeroflot, Turkish, Pegasus, El Al

    OTP - flyDubai, Qatar, Aegean, Aeroflot, El Al, Pegasus, Turkish

    BEG - flyDubai, Qatar, Turkish, Pegasus, Aegean, Belavia, Aeroflot

    All those option is 1stop instead 2stop (of course not in BEG there is just competition)

    1. Anonymous10:47

      Anon 10:40,

      I am sure the contents of your breakfast this morning also meant more bad news for Air Serbia and Etihad. And when you check the TV guide for this weekend you will as well consider it very bad news for Air Serbia and Etihad.

      Remember, though, that their day in the office may go very well regardless of all the bad news you warn them on.

    2. Anonymous11:06

      ASL will need to continue getting subsidies from the state in order to be able to compete and keep market share.
      But that means that both Serbian and foreign travelers will be getting cheap tickets to fly here.
      Which is very good news for Belgrade and Serbia in general.

    3. Anonymous11:20

      JU's flights to JFK need a lot of connecting passengers to fill the planes.
      Expansion eastwards and southwards is a must.
      Fuel prices are at record lows, aircraft lease rates as well and are going to stay like that for the forseable future.
      The competitors are expanding into JU's core markets. JU needs to respond.

    4. Anonymous11:29

      I would also add that most of these airlines are TK's competition, not so much JU's. I mean we have to be realistic about who the real boss of this region is. JU's is tiny and its market share is rather insignificant.

    5. Anonymous12:10

      Pegasus do not fly to SOF, but remember that more competition means more people flying and more options ;)
      The newest competitors of Air Serbia in SOF will be: LOT (increase to 17 weekly flights, return of Air Berlin - daily flights, 5th aircraft for Wizz, appearance of Ryanair, TK with 18 weekly flights) it's gonna be an exciting 2016!

    6. Anonymous12:11

      Flights operate on Monday and Thursday, probably on the same day as the JFK flights depart in the morning.

      00.30-02.40 // 05.20-05.30

      All flights will be operated by an Atr.

      I wish they had the balls to increase SOF to double daily, the market is there.

    7. Anonymous12:20

      You are more than right. Besides it's a less than 1h flight. There is currently a demand and tendency of early morning flights operated on weekdays mainly for business travellers.

    8. Anonymous14:41

      The thing is that JU is rather weak when it comes to p2p from BEG to the Middle East and that is where foreign airlines are benefiting from. It's sad that RO manages to have an ok Middle Eastern network while JU has so much less.

      Mind you, before the war Tarom used to have flights to both Damascus and Aleppo.

    9. Anonymous14:50

      ASL is attacked from the east (Tarom, TK, Pegasus), from the south (Aegean, Fly Dubai, Qatar), from the north (LOT, LH group, Aeroflot), from the west (Alitalia) and from home (Wizz Air).
      Not good at all, management needs to respond and fast. So far not a single new destination in Europe or Asia has been announce for 2016.

    10. Anonymous15:05

      Wait a month... You will be surprised

    11. Anonymous15:11

      New routes announcements should have been made months ago so that advance ticket sales could be made.
      Also acquisition/leasing of more aircrafts should have been announced as well.
      The current fleet is either too small in numbers (A320s) or too old and thus with low availability (Aviolet 737s and ATRs) to support the present flight schedule.

    12. Anonymous15:48

      Hmm do you guys think Wizz Air might have another card up their sleeve besides Baden Baden? Could we see the return of CRL or we won't because it's too close to Beauvais and Eindhoven?

      Maybe Bergamo or Barcelona?

    13. Anonymous16:18

      CRL would compete with JU flights to BRU.

    14. Anonymous16:23

      Yeah, so? Their Baden Baden flights will compete with JU's STR ones and both airlines serve(d) LCA.
      Not to mention that most of their destinations are kind of competing against each other.

    15. Anonymous16:58

      Both airlines serve(d) LCA and one exited the market.
      I think it is more likely that JU will be again the one to exit the market in STR and Belgium if W6 starts flying there too.

    16. Anonymous17:05

      Wizz served Belgrade-Charleroi and failed. They suspended the route in 2014. It was their worst performing route out of BEG after Sandefjord.

    17. Anonymous17:29

      Wrong, W6 had roughly 2.500 passengers on the route with 9 monthly flights which was much better than Rome, Gothenburg, Eindhoven and even Memmingen at one point.

      The thing is that while some like EIN picked up, CRL stagnated more or less. This makes sense since EIN was also used as an airport for those heading to AMS.

      The absolute worst route was Rome.

    18. Anonymous01:43

      @ 12:10 PM
      Wizz are adding 6th aircraft, not 5th in SOF

    19. Anonymous01:47

      @ Anon 2:41 PM,
      I don't believe that EY will be very happy to quit part of their share to ASL.

    20. Anonymous01:52

      JU are adding 2 frequencies to SOF from the end of March. We will have 9 weekly flights to SOF. So, good news are coming after all.

      JU 126 BEG-SOF 00:30 02:40 1..4... AT7
      JU 122 BEG-SOF 13:20 15:30 D AT7

      JU 127 SOF-BEG 05:20 05:30 1..4... AT7
      JU 123 SOF-BEG 16:00 16:10 D AT7

    21. Anonymous06:35

      It still means nothing, every season they used to load all these increases and then they either don't happen or they end up being far more modest.

    22. Anonymous09:02

      Or if not enough bookings canselation of flights that mess passengers plans and connections.

  8. Anonymous11:11

    Admin ne radi vam link na Qatar boosts Zagreb service...kad se klikne otvori se vijest Ex Yu at Routes Europe

  9. OT Finder11:17

    Air Cairo suspends Belgrade - Hurghada flights due the low demand.


    1. Anonymous11:23

      Not surprising given the situation in Egypt. Who in his right mind would go there now? :/

    2. Anonymous14:55

      The only way it could have worked is MS flights from Belgrade - Cairo. From there they could connect to Luxor, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and all other places in Egypt Air's network. It was a stupid idea right from the start.

    3. Anonymous15:47

      Nonsnse. MS flight would not have worked because these flights by Air Cairo were there for the charter passengers who always fly directly to their resort.

    4. Anonymous19:44

      "cudi me kako sad mogu da lete cak za WAW pa dalje a ne mogu iz ZAG za JFK preko LYBE."


      Spot on, INN.

    5. Anonymous01:54

      @ Anon 2:55 PM
      You're 100% right!

  10. Anonymous12:03

    OT: Air Serbia increases flights from Beograd to Sofia from 7 to 9 by the end of March 2016. They will compete with LOT's new extra early morning 5 weekly flights. The airport has already marked the 4th million passenger this year! Hopefully, they increase to 2 daily flights and all year from/to Varna!

    1. Anonymous12:06

      ASL flights to Sofia compete with LOT flights to Warsaw?

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Yes, both airlines will launch early morning departures from SOF at the end of March 2016.
      JU 126 BEG-SOF 00:30 02:40 1..4... AT7
      JU 122 BEG-SOF 13:20 15:30 D AT7
      JU 127 SOF-BEG 05:20 05:30 1..4... AT7
      JU 123 SOF-BEG 16:00 16:10 D AT7
      LO 635 WAW-SOF X56 22:40 01:35+1 E170
      LO 636 WAW-SOF X67 05:45 06:40 E170

    3. Anonymous12:34

      TIA is being increased to 9 weekly.

      00.25-01.35 // 04.25-05.40

      13.20-14.30 // 15.00-16.30

      I hope that these increases actually happen. I remember that increases were also loaded before winter and then it all went south.

    4. Anonymous12:38

      LOT will also increase BEG to daily in summer.

    5. Anonymous14:49

      Ljudi ce vise da koriste ASL iz SOF i TIA nego LO cudi me kako sad mogu da lete cak za WAW pa dalje a ne mogu iz ZAG za JFK preko LYBE.

    6. Anonymous15:17

      LOT already flies to US, has a decent network, a much bigger home base (Warsaw) and is also a Star Alliance member.
      JU can only compete in price until it builds a better network both transatlantically but more importantly within Europe and Middle East.

    7. Anonymous15:24

      Poland also has a huge diaspora in North America which helps LOT's situation a lot! ;)

    8. Anonymous15:35

      Yes but Warsaw's geographical location favors Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines far more than it does Lot, so the diaspora argument is not fully valid.

      Also, given that when you fly from SOF to WAW and then to JFK, you are not backtracking as is the case with ZAG-BEG-JFK. Though this concept is too complicated for a certain person on here.

    9. Anonymous00:25

      400km in a plane is, honestly, not backtracking. That's 30 mins tops in a jet, if the price is right, many won't mind.

      Also, China and Japan destinations are much closer to Europe via HEL or SVO, yet there are loads of A380s flying to DXB and other sandpit airports providing these very same connections.

    10. Anonymous05:53

      Don't forget that ASL operates SOF mostly with ATR72, while LOT flies E170/175. Jet vs. slow turboprop and E170/175 can actually land in very thick fog, compared to ATR72.

      Not to mention LOT actually already flies to USA and you can buy tickets as well. And not only to JFK/YYZ.

    11. Anonymous06:34

      It's not just that you are flying back 400 km you are also flying south, making it much worse for JU because it makes the journey much longer- simple as that. With SOF you don't have that.

      As for DXB, well their Asian flights are not only 'fed' from Europe, they have South America, Africa, the Middle East as well as southern Europe which do not require backtracking. Also, don't forget that for a decade EK was dumping fares until it built a brand.

  11. Anonymous12:20

    Seems like Tarom will be also increasing BEG this summer:

    08.10-08.45 // 09.15-11.35

    11.00-11.35 // 12.05-14.25

    17.15-17.50 // 18.20-20.40

    This will improve RO's connectivity to places such as LCA, AMM, BEY and the Romanian cities.

    1. Anonymous14:52

      Norwegian will be also increasing OSL-BEG from two to three weekly flights.

      10.00-12.45 // 13.26-16-20

      17.10-10.55 // 20.35-23.30

      17.35-20.20 // 21.00-23.55

    2. JATBEGMEL16:39

      JU is also increasing OTP to 11 p/w.

      JU646 BEG OTP 0030 0250 ATR7 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
      JU642 BEG OTP 1315 1515 A319 Daily

      JU647 OTP BEG 0510 0540 ATR7 Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri
      JU643 OTP BEG 1605 1615 A319 Daily

    3. Anonymous16:50

      Nice, that was added this afternoon as OTP was daily until 13.00.

      I hope that these actually happen, it would suck to be disappointed like this winter.

    4. Anonymous18:43

      Go TAROM!

    5. Anonymous20:04

      Anon 18.43

      YES! I was so happy, Tarom is an airline I really like.

    6. Milivoje Rodic20:08

      Love to see so many flight options between BEG and OTP. Hoping someone will have the balls to start flight to CLJ.

    7. JATBEGMEL20:47

      @ Milivoje

      CLJ would be a good move. It is not far from BEG, perfect for an ATR, it is Romania's second largest airport and is a growing Wizz base.

    8. Nemjee22:09

      Next destination in Romania should be Iasi because it's so remotely located and it could feed nicely JU's flights to MXP and FCO.

    9. Anonymous00:11

      That for some sounds like Jupiter.

    10. Anonymous02:03

      @ Anon 10:09 PM
      Iasi have better connectivity to Italy then BEG. They have Wizz flying to Bologna, Catania, Bergamo, Treviso and Rome-Ciampino. On the Other hand Blue Air are flying to Fiumicino and TAROM flying also to Fiumicino, Bologna and Turin.

    11. JATBEGMEL02:35


      Wrong info you have.

      Wizz: LTN, BGY, TSF
      Blue: OTP, BVA, FCO, LTN
      OS: VIE

      IAS is interesting, however CLJ is Romania's second largest airport. It will be interesting to see what will JU do with the Romanian market. I think there is room for JU to go at a couple of Romanian destinations, however a Spanish destination must open.

    12. Anonymous02:48

      For now they're obsessed at replicating JAT with their Croatian one while the Romanian one is incomparabily larger year-round.

    13. Anonymous06:12

      @ Anon 2:35 AM

      W6 - Bologna (begins 2 July 2016), Catania (begins 3 July 2016), Rome-Ciampino (begins 3 July 2016)

      You may see it yourself

    14. Nemjee07:21

      Yes but Iasi has something that Cluj doesn't and that's O&D demand. Iasi is an important city for Serbian pilgrims who are going to visit the gave of Saint Paraskeva. During the Christian holidays, tens of thousands of Serbian Orthodox people head there. Up until a few years ago Carpatair used to fly from Timisoara but the route was eventually suspended. Now they are forced to either fly via OTP which is expensive or to take a bus which can take up to 10 hours. So a plane would be an ideal solution, of course, as long as the pricing is right.

    15. Anonymous09:08

      Those religious pilgrims travel in groups by bus, I font think they would buy a plane ticket.

    16. Nemjee09:30

      Yes, they actually would. A great number of them used to fly out of TSR and it was a great problem for them when it got cancelled because the road through Romania is really bad. To reach Iasi you need at least 7 to 10 hours and for many this is a problem. If you would charge a group ticket €90 to €100 you could easily send a jet aircraft.

    17. JATBEGMEL09:41

      They will have those flights, but they currently don't. Try rephrasing the sentence.

      @ nemjee

      many pilgrims also go to Israel for Christmas. There is a Serbian community in Israel, as well as a small Jewish community in Belgrade. Serbs do not need visa for Israel. However, JU could see better loads for TLV even on top of everything the transit options available, which makes me skeptical for Iasi.

      There seems to be however good growth in recent years from secondary Romanian airports, however a lot of Romanians are in Spain and Portugal to which JU doesn't fly.

      Now, JU to Spain is something talked about a few times. There is a decent O&D demand going by flights in previous years. JU could do well a few times p/w just on O&D, and even better when OTP and SOF added to its feeding. Both communities are large in Spain.

      Back to Romania, the market as I mentioned above is growing and JU is focusing a lot on transit traffic. The ATR is more the capable of running decent frequencies to these cities, which in effect could transit to more than just say these potential Spanish flights. CLJ being the 2nd largest would be good to see at least seasonal to test it out. ATR is great for these flights, and loss would be minimum if at all.

      Speaking of pilgrims, OMO could do well not only O&D but connecting it to WAW I'm sure would boost loads, considering there is growing numbers of Polish tourists visiting Medjugorje. One multi city ticket on JU say WAW-BEG-OMO DBV-BEG-WAW I'm sure would work well.

    18. Nemjee09:54

      I agree regarding Israel but at the same time we shouldn't forget that a return ticket with JU to TLV costs around 42.000 Dinars which comes out to be €345. That's a lot of money for a 02.30 flight. On top of that they can't get decent slots there so as to fit it right in their waves of departures- though this is an issue many airlines face there. Today's situation in Israel is similar to the one in Larnaca before W6 launched their flights.

      Well, the same way you would make OMO work you could also make IAS become a success. Make sure the route connects with IST, TGD, ATH, SKG, SVO... and you could collect a great number of Orthodox pilgrims. Another way around it is to launch KIV flights and then to use it as an alternative to IAS.

      By the way, Iasi is not that much smaller than Cluj, 411.000 vs. 382.000. What's interesting is that the Iasi County is actually more populous than the Cluj one.

    19. Milivoje Rodic09:58

      Cluj was before small city but last 5/6 years everyone is moving there, even people from Timisoara. Its completely different city from rest of Romania. Was there several times i and always have a feeling that I'm in some western city. Anyway, people from there really like to travel (who doesnt?) and since that Black Sea its a bit far away from them (670km - 9hours drive) they preffer more to go to Montenegro and Croatia. So, i really see potential here for summer season, at least.

    20. JATBEGMEL10:45

      @ nemjee

      Going by the JU route structure, IAS wouldn't connect to IST, ATH, SKG or SVO as it would be in the category 'East & South'. However, there isn't really any competition on Iasi-Europe. KIV isn't exactly close to IAS. Interesting observation I must say anyway. I hadn't really though about it.

      Interesting info I found on a quick google search:

    21. Anonymous10:59

      And a return ticket SKP-BEG-SVO not less than 600€ with JU..

    22. Anonymous19:10

      Iasi and KIV are very close. Many people from Iasi country travel to/from Chisinau.

  12. Anonymous12:27

    Flydubai also is a feeder of EK flights. It is possible to purchase a FZ/EK ticket and make connections via DXB.
    Pity Wizzair isn't competing with flydubai in other cities such as SKP, BEG, ZAG.
    They currently do WAW, CLJ, OTP, SOF, BUD from DWC.
    Also the abolishing of the visas to those countries played a huge role especially for the Romanians being a big country with bigger market.

  13. Anonymous12:28

    OT: Etihad buying a share in Air Malta

    1. Anonymous02:18

      In the end all the airlines in the world will be Etihad Partners LOL

  14. Anonymous12:43

    When is LJU getting a direct link to the ME?

  15. Anonymous13:04

    OT: Zagreb new airport pics

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Go Zagreb!

    2. Anonymous02:05

      Go Croatia!

    3. Ovo je simpatičan novi terminal ali veoma mali. Šta se može napraviti na razvoju plesa u naredim godinama sa 8 mostova? Baš ništa. Šteta da su utrośili pare na tako nešto

  16. Anonymous14:05

    With all the so called investments and not just in the airline industry, the former yugo will becone a new country. The name beibg Yugostan

  17. Anonymous17:04

    OT: What do you think will happen to OU now that Croatia has a new government in making, with a manager as prime minister?

    1. Anonymous20:00

      Adio to Kučko!!!!! Thanks god!

    2. Anonymous22:36

      Lucky and blessed you if you think that Kucko was the one to make millions euros losses, employ cousins and party-members, and offer utmost servility to german masters, not Misetic. And even more lucky and blessed you not realizing that new "PM", actually "stecajni upravitelj", if elected in Parliament, will turn Croatia (state) into full colony (it hasn't been it yet), and OU workers will lose at least 70% of their rights, status, probably even salaries. But ok, maybe they don't deserve it after all, presuming they voted "changes"

    3. Anonymous01:58

      Da neki su bili lopovi, neki su bili pijuni velikih stranih igrača, neki su poltrončine...

      ...a Kučko nije bio sposoban čak ni za to. On je jednostavno nesposoban!

      Restrukturacija - NIJE SE SNAŠAO

      Razvoj linija i flote - NIŠTA

      Odgovor na Air Serbijinu ekspanziju - SPAVAO ZIMSKI SAN DUG 2 GODINE

      Otpisani dugovi, a firma profitabilna samo zahvaljujući prodaji motora i aviona - NESPOSOBNOST

  18. JATBEGMEL17:05

    Some changes are available to the JU network already visible on the website. The seems to be expansion on the current network.

    BEY - daily from mid June
    OTP - 11 p/w from June 2nd
    SOF - 9 p/w from March 27th
    DBV - 6 p/w from late June
    AMS - 10 p/w from late March
    TIA - 9 p/w from April

    1. Anonymous17:23

      Well, AMS was 10 weekly last summer as well, it was only butchered in winter.

      Was DBV 5 last year?

    2. JATBEGMEL17:57

      DBV was 5 p/w.

    3. Anonymous18:03

      I wonder if an overnight DBV might work but then again with all the increases I doubt they have a spare aircraft.

      All these additions can easily be done with the current fleet which was underutilised last summer during the night hours.

    4. Anonymous19:46

      JATBEGMEL, is there any rumour of additional a/c lease? Thanks.

    5. Anonymous19:55

      I thought Beirut was daily last summer as well? Anyhow those increases are a welcoming

    6. Anonymous20:03

      I hope there will be much more flights because of feeding JFK. If not that will be very bad for JFK flights future.

    7. Anonymous20:19

      I am sure that these increases are primarily motivated by JFK. However, I have a feeling that they won't be taking off before 09.00 which can mean that these regional flights ill have a rather long connection.

    8. JATBEGMEL20:43


      I havnt heard of any rumours. I just know that ATR's are in short supply, been like that for a long time actually, and now there is a surplus of crew...for the moment.

      As for BEY, JU originally intended for BEY to be daily but the Lebanese government didn't give JU to rights. The launch was delayed twice I believe due to this before JU was finally allowed 5 p/w.

      As for the schedules, these are the first changes for now and like I said a few months ago regarding the winter timetable, they are not final.

      I would really hope DBV and SPU go daily as there is demand. PRN could possibly be added soon, hopefully. ZAD is also looking for JU to open flights to BEG. OMO, KRK, CLJ, OHD could do well on the ATR. A night IST I'm sure would do well, as well as ESB. The additional frequencies to OTP and SOF could encourage loads for opening MAD and/or BCN. MUC was rumoured back over a year ago, as was LED. KWI would be a great seasonal to open.

    9. Anonymous22:07

      I don't think they will risk launching MUC flights because that would be a direct provocation of LH which could result in Eurowings launching BEG flights from TXL and DUS.

    10. Anonymous22:53

      IBERIA Express Adds New Eastern European Routes in S16

      IBERIA Express is continuing its service expansion in summer 2016 season, as Bucharest and Krakow scheduled to join the carrier’s network during peak season, from 20JUN16 to 17SEP16. Planned schedule for these 2 weekly flights as follow.

      Madrid – Bucharest
      IB3656 MAD2335 – 0425+1OTP 32S 15
      IB3657 OTP0505 – 0755MAD 32S 26

      Madrid – Krakow
      IB3666 MAD0005 – 0330KRK 32S 16
      IB3667 KRK0410 – 0735MAD 32S 16


    11. Anonymous23:56

      Air Serbia remains a very conservative airline without a single notable destination outside Jat's network with the exception of Warsaw which is hanging on the ropes.

    12. Anonymous00:20

      Are you comparing JAT in its heyday to AS today?

    13. Anonymous00:26

      And it even abandoned LCA

    14. JATBEGMEL00:28

      Jat flew many routes before they drastically downsized, including WAW. VAR is out of the box as well. Hopefully it will go from seasonal to full year.

      As for MUC, there is a lot of O&D and transit via MUC onwards. JU could tap into the O&D market as well as offer connections to the Balkans and ME, which could go well. Eurowings will come eventually anyway. LH even flew DUS-BEG years ago and still pulled out while competing with Jat.

    15. Anonymous01:38

      He meant Jat not JAT.

    16. JATBEGMEL02:55

      Jat had a 'decent' network whilst it still had the B727, DC9 and DC10. However that doesnt mean they had frequencies either, some flying 1 p/w and many on triangle routing (BEG-BEY-DAM-BEG, BEG-AMS-BRU-BEG, BEG-CPH-ARN-BEG). They at the time had a poor reputation, both in Serbia and everywhere they flew. There were a few B733 out on lease in Africa. I remember DXB (JU050/051) used to have odd schedules to DXB flying up to 6 p/w via BEY. DAM wasn't working, they tried it as BEG-BEY-DAM-BEG and that didn't work and cancelled it. Jat didn't have the regional network it has today, SJJ started as 4 or 5 p/w DC9/ATR, some flights to TIV and TGD, LJU, SKP, OHD, BNX, whilst JU today has at least double than what Jat had back then. Jat was back then a monopolistic company with an aging fleet, poor service, poor management running the company to the ground.

      ASL has been anything but conservative, bringing in many things Balkan carriers simply didn't and still don't have ie: wifi, dedicated lounge, whilst ASL has been growing a decent hub with however many challenges it has faced. A lot of room for improvement, yes, but Rome wasn't built overnight.

    17. Anonymous06:29

      I would like to remind you that in 2005 or so Jat flew 10 times per week to TIA and 14 to SJJ.

    18. JATBEGMEL09:17

      JAT operated charter flights to SJJ in early 2002.

      Air Bosna flew in summer 2002 SJJ-BEG with 4 p/w.

      Air Bosna in winter 2002/2003 flew to BEG 3 p/w with the F50.

      JAT re-opened SJJ 01.07.2003. 4 p/w with ATR7.

      Air Bosna at that time was flying SJJ-BEG 4 p/w.

      Winter 2003 it was 5 p/w

      SJJ in 2004 was increased to a daily flight.

      JAT in winter 2005 still flew daily to SJJ.

      As for TIA, I don't think it went more than 5 p/w on the ATR and was an over night flight, leaving BEG in the early evening and returning the next morning.

  19. Anonymous02:06

    Well done, Podgorica!!!

  20. Anonymous07:47

    jel moguce da YU-ANL ponovo leti

    1. Anonymous09:35

      It doesn't write that it's YU-ANL anywhere. It's just says that it's an A319.

    2. Anonymous14:47

      So do we know what aircraft flew the route?

    3. Anonymous14:53

      Boeing 737-300 YU-ANJ, route BEG-TXL

    4. Anonymous00:51

      It was YU-ANJ Using incorrect ICAO24 address 4C01AD on mode-S, instead of 4C01A9

  21. Anonymous14:47

    BEG-OTP last night, 59 passengers.

    1. Anonymous17:48

      With which aircraft?

    2. Anonymous17:53

      Atr, it was the 00.30 departure. Don't know about the return flight.

    3. Anonymous19:03

      Is that a full load factor? Who is mainly travelling this route?

    4. Anonymous19:08


    5. Anonymous19:54

      Not bad for this time of year.

    6. Anonymous19:55

      From what I could see it was probably 95% transfer passengers and loads are as expected given that it's the holidays. Usually the night flight has between 20 and 30 passengers.

    7. Anonymous19:58

      That's a pity.

    8. Anonymous20:00

      My guess is that the day flight also sees less passengers given that they've downgraded it to an Atr, it used to be an A319. Tickets are not cheap either, RO and JU have a nice duopoly, €132.

  22. Anonymous20:16

    For an hour or so long flight I don't care if it is an ATR or A319. I care about service and punctuality.


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