Ljubljana terminal overhaul to begin next year

Facelift for Ljubljana Airport following strong year

The overhaul of Ljublaja Jože Pučnik Airport's terminal building will begin next year and is scheduled for completion in 2018. The long-awaited renovation will be carried out in several phases. Managing Director, Zmago Skobir, says the planned refurbishment will tackle "bottlenecks" at check-in and security. Furthermore, the airport plans to expand commercial and retail space and improve passenger comfort. During 2016, work will also start on moving a nearby road in a bid to enable better access to the terminal building and allow for the development of a commercial and logistics complex to the north. This summer, the airport overhauled part of the apron, with the asphalt carriageway, built in 1975, replaced with a new concrete surface covering an area of 780 square metres. The ground signalling system was also upgraded.

Prior to the airport's takeover by Germany's Fraport last year, minority shareholders blocked the construction of a multi million euro new terminal building, citing unfavourable economic conditions. The new terminal was meant to cover an area of 31.200 square metres, with its opening planned for this year. The original price tag for the project stood at 73 million euros but was reduced to 57 million. However, Mr Skobir says a brand new facility is still planned for Jože Pučnik Airport. "In the next phase a plan will flow, in accordance with passenger growth, for a second terminal, which will probably be a bit different from the exiting one", the Managing Director notes.

Ljubljana Airport has seen strong growth this year. By December 24, it handled 1.420.826 passengers, an increase of 10.3% compared to the same period last year. Aircraft movements grew 3.9% to 22.875, while the volume of processed commercial cargo rose by 2.5% to 9.939 tonnes. The growth is attributed to the arrival of new foreign carriers and the use of larger aircraft on existing routes. Adria Airways has seen its passenger numbers increase 5% from/to the Slovenian capital this year, while foreign carriers grew 22.2% in 2015. The airport says it expects "moderate" growth in 2016. It's busiest year on record remains 2008 when it registered 1.673.050 travellers through its doors.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Finally! Check in looks like you stepped into a time capsule.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    I still can't get over the fact that they blocked a new terminal. We would have had a new building by now, could better compete with ZAG when they open their new terminal. Instead they will put some makeup on the existing terminal and build a new one in 10 yrs time.

    1. Anonymous10:55

      Honestly, we only have the government to blame. They got their voting rights suspended by some regulatory agency or a court, and they did nothing to get those rights back. And the minority shareholders (mostly banks) voted to pocket the dividends, rather than invest them. As simple as that.

      On the other hand, I can't get over the fact that they sold the airport, which has not had a single year without a profit in its 50+ years' existence. They only sold it because it was easy to sell. They should have sold Adria, not the airport.

    2. Anonymous14:48

      Guys, am I so off target to believe that the absence of shiny, new, beautiful terminal is actually not an obstacle to be competitive and to develop air traffic?

      Sure, ZAG will gave a great building. And they needed it, the old terminal was completely inadequate. But, LJU, or my home airport BEG for that matter - do some renovation, take care of the bottlenecks and optimize where needed.

    3. Anonymous15:16

      BEG needs extensive and expensive renovations.
      There comes a point where throwing more and more money into an old and obsolete building is not worth it.
      Sometines its better to build something new, use it for the next 40-50 years and tear down the old facilities.

  3. Anonymous09:44

    They should have built a new terminal and turned this one for LCCs, Could have attracted much more passengers and low costers that way.

  4. Anonymous09:46

    Go Slovenia!

  5. Anonymous09:50

    Is the privatisation of Adria almost done? Any news about it? It was said that it should be done in January!

    1. Anonymous09:51

      January 19 2016


    2. Anonymous10:08

      Thanks, Anonymous 9:51 AM!

  6. Anonymous09:51

    Good results for LJU in 2015. Lets hope for another good year in 2016 even without Swiss and the IST suspension by JP.

    1. Anonymous10:09

      Adria is starting Cologne.
      LOT launching flights from Warsaw.
      Aegean is starting year round flights to ATH with A320s.

      It is going to be a good year.

    2. Anonymous10:27

      If Adria doesn't declare bankruptcy, which is still a realistic option...

    3. Anonymous15:11

      JP won't declare bankrupcy...it has all been done already

    4. Anonymous15:12

      Long live and prosper JP

    5. Anonymous16:32

      If taxpayers keep throwing money in this blackhole named Adria Airways, it will.

    6. Anonymous01:21

      You all the times speaks about trowing taxpayers money. How exactly if Slovenia can not put not a one EUR into Adria?

    7. Anonymous08:59


      Government gave Adria 80 million EUR between 2007 and 2011 and EC said that "The in-depth investigation has shown that these capital injections were based on reliable valuations and that Adria Airways paid the market price for the capital."

      Now that nobody wants to buy Adria for more than 1 EUR + all the debts cleared before the sale, we see how realistic this was.

  7. Anonymous10:45

    No need at all of another terminal for an airport with only approx. 1.5 Mio pax a year!

    1. Anonymous11:04


    2. Anonymous11:33

      Rather: Realist!

    3. Anonymous17:34

      I agree.
      No need for 2 terminals.
      Slovenians like to build castles in the desert because there is mister 10% who is taking 10% bribe from every investment. That's then 3 or 4 x 10% many 10% bribes syndicates. Always at least 40% overpaid. Public money sure but money stolen.
      Big money, big bribes for members of syndicates.
      So sad so true.
      Socially accepted "on the sunny side" of the Alps.

    4. Anonymous17:36

      Overpaid by 40% and sometimes even not finished and nearly always the quality of the works done is low.

    5. Anonymous17:47

      I remember in the news: the bidding for building the tunnels on the highway in Slovenia.
      When they opened the offers they found that a serious company, with good references, from the region Veneto (Italy) offered to do the work at a very low price compared to all the other bidders.
      They can't find a hole the offer was perfect. Why other so much expensive? (playing a surprise face). All other "local" bidders made a "mafia style" complain so the bidding was cancelled.
      Guess why the company from Veneto has so low prices they were new to the "corruption market" all other bidders already included all bribes in the price of the building.
      It was a shock for the company from Italy (!) (I think they never show again...).

    6. Anonymous17:53

      We can all make fun of Slovenia as much as we want, but they're still (as far as economy or standard are concerned) way ahead of other Ex-Yu countries!

  8. Anonymous11:37

    Go Ljubljana, go!
    2016 is going to be a great year.

    1. Anonymous11:44


    2. Anonymous11:47

      Another 10% growth

    3. Anonymous15:05

      Next week 2 daily ops will be lost.
      10% growth is bad maths.

    4. Anonymous19:56

      TK is getting to 14 weekly, LOT is coming,..how is 10% bad math?

    5. Anonymous20:53

      Also A3 is stating flights with A320s.

  9. Anonymous15:06

    3 more are about to come

  10. Anonymous15:09

    TK will soon or later go with double daily..ZRH is a present to JP from *A

  11. Anonymous18:08

    OT : LH announces double daily fra-zag, instead of current daily, starting S16

    1. Anonymous18:15

      Yeah, yeah, go Croatia! :)

    2. Anonymous19:12

      Why on earth would they do that when they have OU?

    3. Anonymous19:28

      And why shouldn't they?

    4. Anonymous19:50

      where did they announce that? I do believe what you said, but I could not find anything on airline route site nor anywhere else

    5. Anonymous19:59

      Maybe LH knows something we don't concerning OU's future.

    6. Anonymous20:20

      2016 should be quite exciting 'cause we'll finally know what will happen to Adria and Croatia Airlines!

    7. Anonymous19:19

      @ Dec 27, 7:50
      FRA-ZAG DLY 12:30 - 13:55 LH 1414
      DLY 21:20 - 22:45 LH 1404

      ZAG-FRA DLY 06:35 - 08:05 LH 1405
      DLY 14:35 - 16:05 LH 1415
      source : LH

  12. Anonymous20:11

    Today all flights but one cancelled to Sarajevo. I know this is a common sight nowadays due to fog, but does anybody know what exactly happens with pax who were say supposed to travel from Istanbul with TK? My guess is that they put those pax to BEG and ZAG flights and then arrange buses. BEG has been getting double daily A321 from TK plenty of times nowadays which was not the case in summer.

    1. Anonymous20:40

      The A321 wasn't uncommon in BEG this summer.

    2. Anonymous21:13

      Anyway, the A321 has about 30 more seats.

    3. Anonymous01:25

      Most of passengers to SJJ was rerouting via ZAG and than by OU or bus (depends of day) I did not see and company to do that via BEG. To stop discussion in advance I work in SJJ.

    4. Anonymous01:48

      ZAG flights must be empty then or what? They are usually operated by A320.

    5. Anonymous08:49

      A320 was send because of all those companies that we rerouting their passengers to Croatia and via ZAG.

    6. Anonymous08:54

      What's the logic of sending them via ZAG and OU when no one could fly in and out? How did they get them to Zagreb? By bus?


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