Niš Airport turns down Ryanair and Montenegro

Niš rejects Ryanair and Montenegro Airlines over subsidies

Niš Constantine the Great Airport has turned down both Ryanair and Montenegro Airlines which offered to launch flights to the city in return for subsidies. Niš Airport's Managing Director, Vladica Djurdjanović, says the two carriers approached local authorities with the intention of introducing services over the course of next year. Ryanair is believed to have requested 200.000 euros in subsidies, while Montenegro Airlines proposed a similar incentive model to the one it enjoyed between 2010 and 2013 when it served the city, with the carrier interested in maintaining flights from Tivat instead of Podgorica this time around. However, Mr Djurdjanović says both were turned down. "When we were in discussions with Montenegro Airlines, they asked us - 'how much do you pay' and 'we don't want to pay for anything at the airport'. The same was with Ryanair", the Managing Director notes.

Niš Airport concluded a three-year commercial contract with Wizz Air earlier this year, which saw the low cost airline launch flights from Basel and Malmo to the southeast Serbian city. As a result, the airport charges the carrier just three euros per departing passenger. "We tell other airlines that we have signed a contract with Wizz Air, based on commercial principles, to charge three euros per every departing passenger. We ask for nothing more, so if they agree to these terms, they can fly as well. That's what we told other airlines but they wanted subsidies, like the ones offered in other countries", Mr Djurdjanović says. The airport believes its terms will attract other carriers.

This year will become Niš's busiest, with the airport set to surpass its 2006 passenger record today, despite having no flights for the first half of the year, prior to Wizz Air launching services. During the January - November period, Niš Airport handled 31.346 passengers. It says that while Wizz Air has not announced new routes from Niš for next year, it is hopeful the budget airline will add additional flights from the city during 2016. "We observed the way in which Wizz Air develops its network from a city and it usually starts off with one route. From Niš, two routes were immediately launched which is a good sign. The load factor is very good, there are enough passengers and we expect that Niš will be part of the airline's future development plans. We anticipate new routes, not just from Wizz Air, but other airlines as well", Mr Djurdjanović says.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Hmm don't know what to think really. They shouldn't have turned down Ryanair but then again being a small airport and doing business with them is a risk.

  2. Anonymous09:09

    RYAN would do the same as with Zadar.

  3. Anonymous09:10

    Nobody is allowed to "interfere" with Air Belgrade!

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Please at least try to read the entire article and why they were turned down.

    2. Anonymous09:32

      Yeah, all the money goes to Air Belgrade, no money left to pay subsidies.

      Simple really..

    3. Anonymous09:38

      How much money does ASL receive every month from BEG airport and from the goverment?
      Why shouldn't the rest of the country also get some of those?

    4. Anonymous09:41

      Actually INI has received quite a lot of money this year to upgrade its terminal and has received a lot of necessary equipment. It will also get money for ILS.

    5. Anonymous09:43

      Nis got 665,000 EUR this year just from the city, plus additional funds from the state.

    6. Anonymous09:54

      In Serbia multi-million subventions goes to and only to Air Serbia from flights from and only from Belgrade.

      In Croatia subventions are result of tenders (with precise conditions) and lot of companies enjoy in those (Ryanair, eaysJet, Croatia, Trade Air, Thomson, Germanwings...). Even more most of the money for that goes to RJK, PUY, BWK, ZAD, SPU, DBV and OSI and nothing to ZAG.

      And there is logic in that. By that way it is not just to support tourism (if not ZAG would get that funds as it is 5th biggest tourist destination in Croatia), but more to support local community (especially in case of OSI, RJK and BWK).

    7. Anonymous09:57

      You obviously didn't read how much money INI got this year.But I have never seen a group of Croatian people so concerned in Serbia and its finances than here.

    8. Anonymous09:59

      ¨Actually INI has received quite a lot of money this year to upgrade its terminal¨? Are you serious right now? Nis has recived a lots of crappy old stuff from Belgrade airport,that they'd throw away anyway, but not money to upgrade the terminal building! Nis has the worst airport terminal I´ve seen so far, the time has stopped there in 80s! I was diverted to INI later this year due foggy weather from BEG and you have no idea how crappy is that mate!

    9. Anonymous10:00

      It got 665000 euros in cash mate

    10. Anonymous10:04

      Anonymous @ 9:57 AM.
      Why do you assume I am Croatian? Because a good Serb doesn't ask questions, or doesn't laugh at the stupidity of government?

      Grow up, your attitude belongs in the 90's.

    11. Anonymous10:05

      For what?

    12. Anonymous10:28

      Can you give me source of this 650.000 EUR financial injection?

      And even if that is true, it is less than 1% of what Air Serbia get from Serbia last year to fly exclusively from BEG. Not a one flight per year from INI or Morava.

    13. Anonymous10:32

      Pusti majmune koji samo jednu pricu vrte. Oni su iz praistorije.

      Mozda su se zahebali sa RA trebali su mozda da pristanu na ozbiljnu liniju za 200k Jura. Nek lete jednom nedeljno puta 140 putnika to je oko 7000 ljudi mozes da im naplatis toliko raznih usluga na aerodromu samo da pokrijes taj trosak. Plus naplatis od putnika i drzave troskove opsluzivanja aviona. Potrebno je imati i RA u Srbiji

    14. Anonymous10:40

      Will there be any flights from Osijek if there will be no huge support from State? In 2012 thay had 2.000 passengers per year. After support some 30.000.

      ZAD had 39.000 passengers (like INI today) before supporting from State (2001). Today, 14 years later almost 500.000.

      BWK would not have flights at all without State support.

      RJK had 41.000 passenger per year, today with State support that is almost 150.000.

      PUY had 66.000 before support (2000). Today 400.000.

      Same thing with SPU (300% more 15 years) and DBV (400% more in 15 years).

      In that time ZAG without any support have just 100% more passengers in 15 years).

      And that is normal. State should support local community do develop faster than metropolis and to try to make development same in all country. If not we will have just one big city and most of province to day and people to move to capital or out of country.

    15. Anonymous10:52

      To je normalno samo u Hrvatskoj koja je u velikim budzetskim problemima iako je nedavno usla u EU vasi dodaci za letenje su besmisleniji od finansiranja ASLa. Dodaci za letenje iz DBV ne postoje nigde drugo u svetu. I pored svega toga Hrvati ne lete puno uglavnom strani turisti.

    16. Anonymous11:15

      Ma da... pogotovo iz OSI lete stranci. Mislim da je OSI usporediv sa INI.

      Aerodromi u okolici 250 km
      - OSI: Budimpešta, Beograd, Zagreb, Tuzla
      - INI: Sofija, Beograd, Skopje, Priština
      U boljoj poziciji: INI

      - OSI 100.000 stanovnika
      - INI 180.000 stanovnika
      U boljoj poziciji: INI

      Alternativna povezanost:
      - OSI: pruga, autocesta, razvijena bus kompanija
      - INI: pruga, autocesta, razvijena bus kompanija
      U boljoj poziciji: jednako

      No, uz trenutno jednak broj putnika
      - OSI: 5 linija, 3 prijevoznika sa 9 tjednih polazaka
      - INI: 2 linije, 1 prijevoznik sa 5 tjednih polazaka

    17. Anonymous11:19

      Po kojoj logici su subvencije lokalnoj zajednici radi jedneke razvijenosti svih dijelova države besmislene? U Hrvatskoj postoji niz projekata za razvoj provincije poput

      - fondovi razvoja otoka
      - fondovi za nerazvijene krajeve
      - fondovi za područja stradala u domovinskom ratu (obnova, razminiranje, izgradnja kuća, infrastruktura)
      - fondovi za pomoć loklanim zajednicama (koje nisu nužno nerazvijene, ali imaju malo stanovništva, neke loklane probleme isl.) u oblasti kulture, sporta, turizma, prometne povezanosti, zdravstva...

      U takve investicije lokalnim zajednicama spadaju i potpore zrakoplovnim kompanijama.

    18. Anonymous11:21

      OT: In the meanwhile...

    19. Anonymous11:29

      To AnonymousDecember 29, 2015 at 10:40 AM

      you can't compare Niš with ZAD, BWK,RJK, PUY, SPU and
      Post war coastline is attracting tourists, mostly foreign tourist. It's amother planet compared to Niš opportunites.

      You can compare just Osijek with Niš.
      That's all.

    20. Anonymous11:54

      Pristina kao dostupan aerodrom.

    21. Anonymous12:03

      Anon at 10:40

      I can totally agree. It's a pity that Slovenian government do not realize how important its support for Maribor (MBX) is. I see Marinor as the same case as INI or Morava..


    22. Anonymous12:41

      come on who will fly to Maribor MBX Graz, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Vienna are near .. This area of Slovenia is so
      depressed, poor with little hope for development. It' in the Eu, near Austria and new member Croatia, getting money from Eu but no improvement. It's a dead horse. Maribor is smaller than Niš and Austrians are not crazy to change Graz or Vienna for Maribor.

    23. Anonymous12:44

      And foreign travellers prefer to fly to better connected airports if they decide to visit Maribor and the area around they don't need to fly there directly.

    24. Anonymous14:27

      We're talking charters and P2P...


    25. Anonymous15:56

      Samo primenite hrvatske recepte i brzo cete ih dostici po standardu.

    26. Anonymous20:30

      Naravno da nemaju iste uvijete BWK, ZAD, SPU, DBV... i INI. Ali ovi primjeri dobro pokazuju

      1. Kako se subvencijama moze potaknuti razvoj prometa. Ovdje je najbolji primjer ZAD koji je godinama stagnirao u kontekstu ZAG, SPU i DBV do subvencija kada je naglo i dvoznamenkastog postotka krenuo gore.

      2. Kako se sebvencijama moze potakniti razvoj provincijskih aerodroma spram centralizacije glavnog grada. Hrvatska je tu cista suprotnost Srbiji.

      3. I da, OSI je komparativan sa INI i Srbija bi se trebala ugledati upravo u taj primjet Hrvatske.

  4. Anonymous09:20

    Fair enough! We all know Ryanair is mayor LCA in Europe but having them on subsidies and having absolute no profit from them is absolutely unacceptable! Montenegro is not worth my comment! They are ridiculous!
    Hopefully WIZZ will introduce at least 1 new route in 2016, somewhere in Germany.
    Well done for the results!

  5. Anonymous09:21

    Loving Montenegro Airlines' approach :D

  6. Anonymous09:22

    Obviously both airlines went to Skopje after Nis (referring to yesterday's article). So now we know what they are asking SKP for.

  7. Vladica Djurdjanović seems like a very good manager. I have seen a few interviews with him on local news channels and he seems very interested in developing airports sustainably, not just spending huge money on subsidies just so he can say "look what I have achieved".

    He must stay the true course. As time goes by, Wizz will surely develop INI into a base. Ryanair could certainly make money in Nis if they accepted the same terms as were agreed upon with Wizz. Those terms are more than fair to both Nis and any airline.

  8. Anonymous10:17

    Now we know for sure that Ryanair is interested in this region. Obviously, SKP and INI would serve, more or less, the same market, so the question is whether FR approached INI or SKP first. If INI turned them down, the logical next step would be to start flights from SKP, however I have a pessimistic view on this matter, as in my opinion FR should have started selling tickets by now...

    1. Certainly there is some overlap between SKP and INI, but I think that they are not the same market at all.

      INI could potentially serve most of Central Serbia and even parts of Western Serbia.

      SKP is also more likely to serve Kosovo.

    2. Anonymous10:37

      Toliko su zainteresovani da lete samo Zadar i Atinu.

    3. Anonymous10:43

      Izvini i Solun je tu.

    4. Anonymous10:47

      @Aleksandar Stojanovic
      Lets say that SKP would serve southern Serbia, up to Nis. As for your comment that INI could serve Central Serbia: it could, but I think that most of the cities that are northern from Nis, are already using BEG. I completely agree with you on the matter of SKP also serving kosovo.

      @anon 10:37
      Well the last few news on this blog are an indicator that FR is interested into expanding in this region. They obviously underestimated this region, and after the W6 success they want a slice from the pie.

    5. Anonymous10:57

      Ako pogledas aerodrome i rute RA shvatices da oni nemaju ideju kuda bi vozili Balkance za razliku od Wizza koji vozi gastose. Balkanci nemaju para za Majorku, Alicante i sl.

  9. Anonymous11:12

    @anon 10:57
    And you think that all gastos routes are already taken? Just take a look at Germany (a country which is served to 6-7 different routes from SKP), you still have Baden-Baden and Weeze airports which would do very well.

    1. Anonymous11:48

      Da li ti mislis da makedonci zive po celoj nemackoj?

    2. Anonymous12:23

      Not macedonians, albanians.

    3. Anonymous12:38

      Samo u vecim gradovima. Slicno je po Italiji.

  10. Siks11:40

    My 2 cents:
    YM will sooner rather than later serve INI under current INI subsidy scheme. Why? Since JU does not have INI fitted to its model dominantly due to being in A/C shortage, YM after signing partnership with Etihad, having under-utilized fleet, will do the same as they did with Tuzla...
    If I am INI`s CEO, I will push JU to push YM to do so...

  11. Anonymous11:45

    Except Ryanairs load factor is 92% or higher, every single flight is full and why should you pay Ryanair..
    I don't understand how they want to increase the pax number with this way of thinking

  12. Anonymous12:47

    Ryanair hints it will focus on (South) Eastern Europe but will start with Romania obviously because of its huge market:

    Most likely scenario is massive expansion in Romania, perhaps SOF, SKP & TGD. BEG is unlikely due to high airport fees, at least according to Wizzair.

    Lets wait and see!

    1. Anonymous15:39

      They are starting next year in SOF with 2 routes to London-Stansted and to Pisa. They said that this will be only the begining.

    2. Anonymous22:27

      You're right. OTP had 2 sole rotes from STN and DUB and now it will have 10. Fierce competition with Wizz that's for sure!

  13. Anonymous13:01

    Ja opet mislim da je FR mnogo bolje resenje od W6

    1. Anonymous14:31

      Da te nema, trebalo bi te izmisliti.

    2. Anonymous15:22

      Zašto? Koja je bitna razlika izmedju W6 i FR? Obe su ultra low cost i lete isključivo p2p.

    3. Anonymous15:36

      "Razlika" je u tome što FR traži silni novac da pokrene saobraćaj na malom aerodromu a W6 opet traži neadekvatno nisku aerodromsku taksu od koje aerodrom ne može finansijski opstati. U slučaju FR, keširani novac ide FRu to jest avio-kompaniji a u slučaju W6 taj novac ostaje putnicima.

    4. Anonymous17:52

      But if money stays with the passengers, they might buy some other stuff at the airport. Will FR buy food and drinks in the terminal?

    5. Anonymous18:26

      An airport can not sustain from "pax might buy some other goods at the airport". Even the pax buy something, it's a minor thing in the airport finances. What is worse, such companies ask for a very low kerosene prices and the landing fees.

    6. Anonymous23:44

      So, like ASL in BEG?

  14. Anonymous18:40

    No ILS, no FR, simple as that therefore all "hints" about negotiations with Ryanair are mere wishes (yet).

  15. Anonymous22:34

    Is Ural still coming to BEG tomorrow? Can't see them on beg. aero.

    1. Anonymous22:45

      They have moved the first flight to January 3.

    2. Anonymous08:57

      Very logic... hahahahahah! Parody...

    3. Anonymous09:01

      The first flight was supposed to operate as a charter anyway and was not for sale.


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