The year ahead

EX-YU airlines plan for an eventful 2016

Another year has drawn to a close with 2015 setting the tone for what is to come next year in the former Yugoslav aviation sector. Over the past twelve months we bid farewell to B&H Airlines, saw the sale of Adria Airways Tehnika, the introduction of wireless Internet on board Air Serbia flights, new in-flight entertainment from Adria Airways and witnessed historic passenger numbers at airports across the region. In 2016, Adria Airways is expected to finalise its privatisation process, Air Serbia launch transatlantic flights, Croatia Airlines find its feet following four years of restructuring and Montenegro Airlines develop deeper ties with Etihad Airways.

Adria Airways could learn its faith as early as January 19, when a key vote is scheduled to take place concerning an eight million euro capital hike. The company is likely to be sold via the capital increase. Investors will have only nine days to make the payment, meaning the privatisation process is likely to be completed by the end of January. On the other hand, Adria enters the first day of 2016 with the termination of its Ljubljana - Istanbul service but will compensate the suspension with the introduction of new flights from Ljubljana to Cologne, Pristina to London and from Tirana to Munich next summer. Adria will add another aircraft to its fleet in the coming days with the introduction of a second Bombardier CRJ700 jet, registered S5-AAY. Furthermore, the airline will retire its sole CRJ200 during the first quarter.

Air Serbia is gearing up to launch transatlantic flights in 2016 with the introduction of its New York service. It will become the only national carrier in the former Yugoslavia to operate a wide-body aircraft on scheduled services and is set to roll out a new business and economy class product for its Airbus A330-200 aircraft. The Serbian carrier also plans to boost regional operations with additional frequencies, while two cities in the region are being considered as new destinations for 2016. Furthermore, the historic resumption of flights between Belgrade and Pristina is also possible but will depend on the outcome of the political dialogue taking place between the two sides. During the first quarter, Air Serbia will complete the installation of its wireless "Wi-Fly" Internet system across its Airbus fleet.

Croatia Airlines today brings to a close four years of restructuring which has seen it cut down on frequencies and limit its development opportunities. In 2016, the Croatian carrier will focus on growth, with additional flights on existing routes and the launch of new destinations. The airline is considering points in Eastern Europe, initially to countries within the European Union, as well as a possible secondary hub in Sarajevo. Furthermore, Croatia Airlines will kick off its fleet renewal in 2016 with the lease of two 100-seater jets, tipped to be Embraers. A further four will join the fleet in the coming years. The airline's privatisation process will continue into 2016. While the carrier is expected to be sold during the course of the year, it remains to be seen how Croatia's new centre-right government will handle the issue.

Montenegro Airlines enters 2016 with plans to develop its regional network and cut down on losses and debt. New destinations could include Zagreb, Skopje and Pristina, among others, with the carrier also looking to strengthen its cooperation with airlines from neighbouring countries. Furthermore, the Montenegrin carrier is considering introducing charter flights to Prague next summer, as well as additional charters to Germany, namely to Hamburg and Munich. Extra frequencies to Ljubljana, London and St Petersburg are also expected. The airline plans to boost its ties with Etihad Airways in line with the Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Commercial Cooperation the two signed last month. The Emirati carrier has begun screening various parts Montenegro Airlines' business. The national airline has been slated for privatisation in 2016, with Etihad, or one of its partner airlines, a likely contender for a stake.

Skopje Airport has already announced new flights to Bratislava, Berlin and Copenhagen by Wizz Air and Prague by Czech Airlines in 2016. Furthermore, the outcome of negotiations between Ryanair and the Macedonian government are expected to be revealed in the coming months. Arkia Israeli Airlines will become Ohrid Airport's newest customer with seasonal charter services from Tel Aviv to begin on June 1, while another foreign carrier is in the process of negotiating services to the lakeside city. To the north, Pristina Airport is also in talks with several well-known carriers over new flights, with easyJet to launch services from Berlin in March. Meanwhile, Sarajevo Airport will begin the construction of a rapid exit taxiway next year. This will provide aircraft with the opportunity to vacate the runway at higher speeds, permitting another jet to land or depart in a shorter period of time. The investment is valued at two million euros and is the first in a series of infrastructural upgrades at the airport, which also includes the expansion of the apron next year, as well as the planned overhaul of the runway in 2017.

With 365 news items this year, 440 news flashes, 110 vintage photos and a record 2.2 million page visits, that rounds off 2015 for EX-YU Aviation News.

Wherever you are in the world tonight 
have a safe, happy and memorable New Year

See you in 2016!


  1. Anonymous07:04

    Looking forward to 2016. It is looking like there will be much more action next yea. Thanks for all the great work admin. Happy new year to everyone.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX07:40

    Happy New Year to all of yu from ZRH

    Tx Admin for another year of fantastic work

  3. Nemjee07:57

    I have a feeling that by the end of 2016 we won't see YM any longer, either it will be acquired or it will be shut down.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    1. Honestly they are like a cat with nine lives.

      I can't believe they have even pushed it this far. They have been facing an imminent collapse for years already.

  4. Anonymous08:16

    YM said that they are very likely to operate one weekly seasonal charter flihgt to MBX also.

    Best hopes and wishes for 2016!


  5. If Etihad invests in Air Malta, I think MLA-BEG must immediately become year-round, either by Air Malta or Air Serbia with corresponding code-shares and interline agreements.

  6. Anonymous08:59

    Great work ex-yu admin.
    Happy new year to all visitors!


  7. Dreamliner09:21

    Happy New Year everyone from the other side from the world , DownUnder - Adelaide.

    Thx to the ex-yu admin for his great work .... It was really pleasure to read his articles and ex-you aviation news .

  8. Anonymous09:28

    Good luck to all Ex-Yu carriers in 2016, should be an exciting year, we'll definitely see what will happen to Croatia Airlines, Adria and Montenegro, how flights to New York will turn out for Air Serbia and how new terminal in Zagreb will look like! Happy New Year, guys! :)

  9. Anonymous09:46

    Happy New Year to all bloggers !!
    OT December for Air Serbia a bit disappointing, operations -11%, passengers -14% yoy.

    1. If true, then those are very bad results.

    2. Anonymous09:57

      Wow, so the loadfactor decreased this month.
      I thought that they cut the number of flights to boost it but seems the reverse is happening.

    3. Anonymous09:59

      Was the prices this December so much more expensive than last years?
      -14% is a very big drop.
      Hopefully bookings for new year will be better.

    4. Purger10:08

      170-190 EUR for ZAG-BEG-ZAG flight is too much. I did not sent my trainers to Belgrade this year by Air Serbia. Last year I sent them by plane as it was some 85 EUR, but this year it is much cheaper for me to sent them by corporate car (for 2 ticket with JU that is 380 EUR, by car it is 110 EUR).

      Dumping for sure is not good as it puts company in red, but also to have 190 EUR for ZAG-BEG flight is more than stupid. Acceptable price would be 110-130 EUR.

      I can not understand why Air Serbia have so huge change in policy (from 85 to 190 EUR for same flight in just one year).

    5. Anonymous10:15

      Purger +1
      Things need to change and fast in ASL headquarters.
      This year the price of fuel is less than half of what it was last year, there is no excuse for these fares.

    6. Anonymous10:28

      -14 is very bad news.

    7. Anonymous11:30

      I can't believe those results...

    8. Marko Lukić11:33

      Poor Vučić is going to die. How will they report profit this year I don't know...

    9. Anonymous11:38

      They can't have profit because their numbers were down one or two months this year while they reported huge growth the rest. Lol yeah right.

    10. Anonymous11:52

      Just a reminder that JU surpassed its 2014 annual result on 1st October. Also agree with the last comment. Adria will have 15% growth this year yet they are clawing for an 8 mil EUR cash injection to survive.

    11. Anonymous12:04

      I have just tried to book a flight LJU-BEG-LJU for August 9th and return 12th.the price that appeared on screen was 252,88...way tooooo much

    12. Anonymous12:12

      Anon 11:52
      Question is what is the money gap within long as Serbia will not be a EU member the gobernment should imject as much money as it likes...but at the end of the day it will be a problem to close transportation chapter to get initation to EU

    13. Anonymous12:13

      The growth until October was obviously due to dumping.
      When the airline started charging for its tickets what it actually costs to fly the passengers it saw a great drop in bookings.

    14. Anonymous12:18

      The money dumping is mainly for transfer passengers.
      Those flying to or from BEG pay a high price. Those that are just connecting in BEG get a good deal usually.
      Which means locals are subsidizing foreigners.

    15. Anonymous12:25

      December numbers? But it's still December...

    16. Anonymous12:29

      @Anonymous 12:25
      EVERY company in the planet knows perfectly well on the 31 of the month if it was a good or a bad month.
      In fact they know far, far earlier than that what their actual bookings and load factor is going to be.

    17. Anonymous12:44

      ..a posto se gleda svih 12 meseci u godini, moram da razočaram mnoge, biće ovo druga za redom rekordna godina za ASL ;)

    18. Anonymous13:23

      Ponovo se objavljuju ne istiniti rezultati .

    19. Anonymous14:11

      @1:23 naravno, radi se o ne proverenim podacima ali ti ako imas proverene, niko te ne sprecava da ih objavis.

    20. Anonymous14:15


      You are right guys, down with reality. -14% compared with December 2014 is somehow a good thing!
      No price dumping in the first three quarters of the year. Hahahaha!

    21. Anonymous14:17

      Guys it's the last day of 2015 and you are spending it arguing about Air Serbia, price dupbing, subsidies. I wish you a happy new year... and to get out more in 2016.

    22. Anonymous14:23

      Anon 14.17

      You are no better than the rest of us so get off your high horse.

      If these results do not improve then I guess Dane's future in the company is rather uncertain. If anything Etihad doesn't tolerate bad CEOs.

    23. Anonymous14:44

      Dve posade ce docekati Novu Godinu u Nici odnosno Barceloni, kuliraju tamo, posto 737 ostaju parkirani 4 dana, cartere su zakupile beogradske tur.agencije za novogodisnje aranzmane. Srecno!

    24. Anonymous15:06

      There's nothing to argue about.
      Results for December are -14%, there was decrease in November as well, and those are facts. Haters will see it as something terrible, other objective people will see it as the best Air Serbia's year so far, but one thing is for sure: they failed miserably to increase LF and at least they saw that the way they tried to increase it is not succeeding. I hope they increase frequencies to the cities in region (TIA, ZAG, SJJ, SKP, SOF, OTP, ATH) before they launch JFK flights, also places such as PRN, KBP and MAD or BCN would be a great addition in 2016, we'll see what happens in the year ahead.

    25. Anonymous15:20

      Only cheerleaders will not see a -14% reduction as something terrible in an aviation market that is booming not only in the region but in the whole of Europe!

      Objective people will say that something is very wrong n the way the company is managed and changes are urgently needed.

    26. Anonymous15:27

      Last anon,

      According to forum standards you would also be considered a hater. :P

    27. Anonymous15:28

      So BEG passenger numbers will fall by 7% to 10%?

    28. Anonymous15:34

      No, foreign airlines did quite ok. It's around - 5%

    29. Anonymous16:05

      Oh that's great, I am sure ex-YU will publish them like he always does. I wonder how the other did. It will be also interesting to follow how JU performs in WAW now when LO is coming back. They were about to suspend it along with BUD and LCA and then reversed their decision.

    30. Anonymous16:16

      @2:15 Ne znam tačno šta vam je smešno, očigledno vas nova rekordna godina neće tako nasmejati ;)

    31. Anonymous17:17

      "The money dumping is mainly for transfer passengers.
      Those flying to or from BEG pay a high price."
      I have been saying that for 2 years already, but some people do not want to accept this. While it is fine to have certain routes which are cheaper from say Sofia then Belgrade, it is not ok to have almost all flights more expensive to and from BEG. Now, I know this is companies right and maybe strategy to do so, no need to tell me that, but I have never seen price dumping to this degree.

    32. Anonymous17:33

      Draze su mi pozitivne vesti nego da vam neko pukne samar zato sto se vidi kako smesno reagujete i zloupotrebljujete moje ime .

    33. Anonymous17:36

      guys dont reply to INN-NS, lets drive him crazy

    34. Anonymous17:40

      Maybe it was. LJU over VIE 2 way ticket (10.5-13.5.2016 Austrian)
      to SOF 265
      to ATH 250
      to OTP 246

      via BEG same time with Air Serbia
      SOF 350
      ATH 310
      OTP 344

      i see no reason to use Austrian as the transfer for all destinations takes apx 5 hours

    35. Anonymous17:43

      "I see no reason not to use Austrian"..
      that was the message

    36. Anonymous18:10

      Pa ja nisam pozivcanio kao vi ;)
      Ja sam smiren ne pisem knjigu kao vi .

    37. Anonymous08:32

      Pozivcanio? Sta ti to znaci. Da bi neko pisao knjigu prvo mora da zna pravopis svog maternjeg jezika.

  10. Anonymous13:24

    Hvala Adminu na odlicnom radu preko cele godine :)
    Nadam se da ce se sve ispuniti sto je planirano u ovoj godini.

  11. Anonymous15:39

    ExYu good job with the blog. Keep up!
    Going back to a suggestion few months back on the format of comments.
    Is it possible to have the comments in reverse chronological order (latest comments appearing first) similar to

    I get that you want people to stay on the page as long as possible, but new format would enable better engagement and people may return more often even for older topics.


    1. Anonymous16:16

      I like that idea.

  12. Anonymous16:19

    All the best in 2016 to all exYU airlines and airports.

    All the best to admin too, may your efforts and diligence get you plenty of exclusive feeds in 2016 :)

    To the folks who desperately wait for any decrease in ASL's numbers so that they can start singing and dancing in joy: all the best in 2016 and may the Force give you peace you currently don't have :)

    And to the folks who cannot make it a single day without bashing ASL for whichever reason: all the best in 2016 and may some good soul in this world show you what love is :)

    Waiter, Prosecco for the whole house! Cheers!

    1. Anonymous16:40

      And please, put e Proseccco on the tax payers' bill, to be fully in line with the JU propaganda..

    2. Anonymous17:13

      If it's going to help your hate fade away, then I say it's a well spent taxpayers' money :)

    3. Anonymous08:31

      It's not hate, it's political and social responsibility. ;)
      There are still people in this country who have some sort of respect for other people's money.

    4. Anonymous11:18

      Anonymous January 1, 2016 at 8:31 AM
      Happy new year!

  13. Anonymous16:20

    Res je...hvala ex-yu admin za to, da lahko vsak dan tocno ob 9h izvem kaj se dogaja. Glej, car si. Lepe praznike!

  14. ExYU, hvala na svim vestima tokom godine. Svaka čast na istrajnosti da svaki dan u devet osvane nova vest iz vazduhoplovstva. Poštovanje!

    Happy 2016 to all of you here, to actual contributors, discussion participants, spectators, but also to fighters, bots, insiders, horny teenagers, nationalists, anti-nationalists... we truly are a colorful bunch.

    May the New Year brings someting nice to each and every one of you. Best wishes from Novi Sad.

  15. Nikola00:25

    so, first in 2016 :-)

    happy new year to all visitors, lots of health and happiness, and most important, safe skies to all aviatiors in exYU and around the world

  16. Anonymous04:43

    Sretna nova godina svim Jugoslovenima. Da nasa prava Jugoslavija zazivi opet, bez nacionalista ili bar bez jakog utjecaja od njih :))) prekrasna ideja koja nikad ne umire. Pozdrav od Bosanca


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