Wizz Air suspends Tuzla - Sandefjord flights

Wizz Air cuts first destination from Tuzla

Wizz Air has suspended flights between Tuzla and Sandefjord (Torp Airport) in Norway just five months after the service was launched. The last flight operated two days ago, on Sunday, November 29, and ticket sales have been terminated. It marks the first destination to be cut from Wizz Air's route network out of Tuzla since the airline introduced flights from the city in 2013 and based an aircraft there this June. Tine Kleive-Mathisen, Torp Airport's Marketing Manager, told EX-YU Aviation News that the service is unlikely to resume next summer either. "We have received information from Wizz Air that they will not operate the route from November 29. This meaning not in the winter season and, as it looks now, not in the coming summer season either", Ms Kleive-Mathisen said.

The low cost airline maintained two weekly flights on the route, each Wednesday and Sunday. It is not the first time that Wizz Air's operations from the former Yugoslavia to Sandefjord have proven unsuccessful. In 2013, the airline also discontinued services from Belgrade to the Norwegian city just five months following its launch, citing high seasonality for poor loads. Wizz Air's flights from Skopje to Sandefjord, launched in late June, continue to be maintained. Norwegian Air Shuttle will connects Bosnia and Herzegovina and Norway with its one weekly service from Sarajevo to Oslo's main international airport - Gardermoen. Over the coming months, Wizz Air will cut down on its frequencies on some routes from Tuzla but will also add additional services during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Tuzla Airport initially struggled to attract airlines and passengers when it opened its doors for commercial use in 1998. However, its fortunes turned in 2013 when Wizz Air launched its first service from Malmo. Flights quickly proved popular and the no frills airline expanded its network. It is currently the only commercial airline serving Bosnia and Herzegovina's second busiest airport on a year-long basis and has fuelled its spectacular passenger growth over the past two years. However, on December 21, Montenegro Airlines will join Wizz and launch flights from Vienna to Tuzla. During the first ten months of 2015, Tuzla Airport continued to see its passenger numbers grow with 219.185 travellers handled, an increase of 74.7% compared to the same period last year. It has already overtaken 2014's end-of-year result. The airport initially planned to handle some 200.000 travellers this year, although this figure has now been surpassed.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Oslo is extremely seasonal for all Ex-Yu markets which is the case with the rest of Scandinavia too but particularly Oslo. I think it's W6's worst performing route from Skopje too.

    1. Anonymous09:21

      True. Flights to/from Scandinavia are packed during the summer and relatively empty the rest of the year (Malmo being an exception).

    2. Anonymous14:32

      Not for OSL-PRN. Load factor >90% on every flight since the start in April.

  2. Anonymous09:09

    I don't think Stockholm is also doing to well from TZL.

  3. Anonymous09:10

    Does anyone know what sort of deal Tuzla Airport has with Wizz Air for all of these flights?

  4. Anonymous09:32

    Will they introduce any new flights next year from Tuzla?

  5. Anonymous09:33

    Wizz's management clearly don't know how to run an airline. They could learn a lot of useful lessons from Aegean.

    1. Anonymous10:14

      Just a stupid statement.

    2. Anonymous10:15

      I think he was being sarcastic.

    3. Anonymous10:22

      You are mistaken Wizz's management for JU's, OU's and JP's.

    4. Anonymous10:25

      Then I'm sorry for not noticing it.

    5. @AnonymousDecember 1, 2015 at 9:33 AM

      You must be joking, right?

  6. Anonymous10:53

    Wizzair is still the largest carrier in ex-yu and is doing fantastic job! 1 routes did not turn profitable so what it´s not the end of the world.. Croatia, Air Serbia, Adria and Montenegro has planty of routes that are not profitable and never will be but they are still operating them due to the political pressure! Go W6! Btw, looking forward to see what new routes they will announce from INI :)

  7. Anonymous12:33

    Sorry for OT, but, what happened with YU-APA? It's circling around Vojvodina right now.


  8. Anonymous16:01

    I really hope they consider Sarajevo.

    1. Anonymous17:11

      Might happen nexr year. They plan on replacing Velican (SJJ CEO) mid December.

  9. Anonymous16:34

    It is good to know poor loads are the reason. Wizz still has monopoly in Tuzla and it would be funny if they blamed some "wannabe monopolists" for the closure.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      +1 everyone knows that was just a marketing ploy to cut down on underperforming routes without saying it was poor planning and market research. That's why the "wannabe monopolists" don't seem to exist now when they are introducing Baden Baden. Who would have thought that the death of Jat would hurt Wizz the most ;)

    2. Anonymous21:50

      You bet that Wizz is hurt very very much by JAT/Air Serbia. Their biggest headache is the sole aircraft based in BEG while the other 63 (making EUR 200 million net profit yearly) are operated elsewhere just for the sake of it.

    3. Anonymous21:54

      I was referring hurt most in BEG (which you can easily see from statistics posted on this site). I wasn't referring to Wizz Air's business on the whole.

  10. Anonymous18:15

    OT: Belgrade airport figures November 2015

    298.900 passengers


    1. Nemjee21:13

      It's not that Greece is bankrupt, it's that Aegean has managed to attract a great deal of connecting passengers. People seem to complain when someone mentions them on here but they are really a wonderfully run airline and if anything, Air Serbia should copy what they are doing. I am still shocked that JU has not introduced night flights to IST so as to enable connections to places like CDG and AMS for example.

    2. Anonymous23:14

      Sarajevo airport figures November 2015

      51.793 passengers +10,59%
      YTD 744.737 +11,76%

    3. Anonymous23:51

      Great numbers for Sarajevo.

  11. Purger18:52

    Zagreb - Paris CDG nedjelja 29.11. u 17.55
    Air France Embraer 190 - 75%

    Paris ORY - Point a Pitre (Guadelupe), ponedjeljak 30.11. u 11.55
    Air France Boeing 777-300 - 99%

    Point a Pitre - Fort de France (Martinique), ponedjeljak 30,11. u 18.45 (23.45 po nasem)
    Air Antilles ATR42 -100% owerbooked, dio isao na iduci let za sat vremena, ukljucujuci i moju prtljagu

    Uzgled, tu je 35 stupnjeva i stalno, siroti, moramo bit u moru... :-)

    1. Anonymous20:03


      Thanks for sharing those details with us :)
      I suggest we should all do this when we fly somewhere...

    2. Anonymous22:57

      who cares

    3. Anonymous23:41

      There are people who are interested in LF of some other airlines not only of Air Serbia. I did not saw you complain when people wrote LF of some Air Serbia flights.

    4. Anonymous23:57

      @Anon 11.41

      im not Serb, I couldnt care less about LF in Guadelupe

    5. Anonymous01:56

      You said the same thing for Purgers ZAG-SPU flight other day. And part of his post was ZAG-CDG flight.

      But I am interested in LF wherever. Even in Guadelupe. And if you are not intetested do not read. I am also not interested in your comment... This is aviation forum if you did not know

    6. Anonymous21:37

      Kralju, uzivaj od srca ti zelim. I ja sanjam godisnji u ovom periodu tamo. Kakva im je ta lokalna kompanija? Ja sam jednom prilikom letio sa nekom kazaskom kompanijom Almaty - Aktobe, i bio sam zapanjen kad umjesto kave ili caja oni serviraju kamilino mlijeko :D

  12. Anonymous19:40

    OT: A beautiful pic!


  13. Anonymous19:47

    Dear EX YU Aviation,
    Please ptry to provide us more data on the Greek company Ellinair and their decision to start flying from BEG to CFU and HER in 2016 June,
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Anonymous20:41

    OT: According to slovakaviation.sk, Wizzair is going to announce new flights from BTS (Skopje/Sofia/other ex-yu destinations?) TOMORROW!

    1. Anonymous21:41

      And some more.

    2. Anonymous21:56

      Have you got more info???

    3. Anonymous22:15

      For JU's sake I hope they are not planning on launching BEG-BTS!

    4. Anonymous22:41

      Why not?
      Nobody's flying that route.
      More visitors gor Serbia. And more passengers for BEG by a carrier that pays fees to the airport and thus helps with the subsidising of JU.
      So this toute if it begins would be good for JU and everyone else.

    5. Anonymous22:43

      OS i ASL bi razolrili W6 na liniji BTS-BEG ;).

    6. Anonymous22:45

      True plus a positive thing would be that it would melt the ticket prices between BEG and VIE. A huge advantage W6 has is that its brand awareness is quite strong in the region, making it easier to make the route work.

    7. Anonymous22:54

      sorry but it doesnt say tomorrow nor SKP/SOF

      in one of the comments bellow the article somebody has written "Už by mohol Wizzair konecne oznamit nove linky z BTS" wich means Wizz Air could finally announces new routes from BTS

      and thats all

    8. Anonymous23:11

      there was a lot going on FB, on the other Slovakian aviation websites as well ... There was even an article on this website, like 4-6 weeks, as well as in Slovakian news. We will find out more tomorrow, between 9-11am .

    9. Anonymous08:41

      *Update* We will find out more in 3-4 hours, so at 11-12:00. It's confirmed that Wizz is returning to BTS and flights to at least 1 ex-Yu destination will be announced, they will begin in March-May 2016

    10. Anonymous11:24

      New Wizz routes from SKP announced today:

      Skopje-Copenhagen (CPH) 2x weekly starting 22MAR.
      Skopje-Berlin (SXF) 2x weekly starting 21MAR.
      SkopJe-Bratislava 2x weekly starting 21MAR.

  15. Anonymous21:56

    Interesting. Wizz suspends one route from Tuzla and people in the comments react to it as a positive step and good on Tuzla. Wizz suspends one route from BEG and there are 100 comments along the lines that the apocalypse is near, the airport will burn etc.

  16. Anonymous22:29

    OT: Adria from now on with Onair Magazine: https://www.adria.si/sl/onair-magazine/ I actually love it.

    1. Anonymous22:32

      Nice. I also like it. Actually, the whole web page is great. On an ipad it is simply fantastic.

    2. Anonymous22:36

      Wow. Great on a smart phone too. Air Serbia, please, take a look at Adria Airways web page and do something.

  17. Anonymous22:16

    Ive booked a flight from Bratislava to Skopje, however, I have found it a bit ,difficult, as it they a name of the village /Ivanka BTS/ instead of Bratislava / Bratislava-Vienna. I hope that they gonna change it in the reservation system as many people who doesnt know the airport code will struggle during booking.


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