Zagreb, Pristina and Sarajevo numbers grow

Main airports in Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia see November growth

The main airports in Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina have all seen their passenger numbers improve in November, with Sarajevo continuing to record double digit growth.

Zagreb Airport handled 184.255 passengers during the month, an increase of 4.9% compared to November last year. The growth was accompanied by an increase in the number of operated flights, with 3.018 aircraft movements recorded, up from 2.974 last year, representing growth of 1.5%. Overall, during the January - November period, Croatia's busiest airport welcomed 2.417.396 passengers through its doors, up 6.6% on last year. The growth was fuelled by foreign carriers, with the number of operated flights totalling 37.074 this year, an increase 4.5% on 2014. Meanwhile, Croatia's second busiest airport, Split, saw its passenger figures improve 2.8% in November, for a total of 1.926.748 travellers so far this year. On the other hand, Dubrovnik Airport registered a decline of 2% on November 2014. Overall, the airport has registered 1.675.517 passengers this year.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN150.667 11.0
FEB141.833 10.5
MAR185.693 12.3
APR197.726 2.7
MAY235.133 8.0
JUN248.438 1.8
JUL278.438 6.8
AUG284.419 5.5
SEP271.647 8.1
OCT239.147 5.7
NOV184.255 4.9

Pristina Airport continued its recovery this November by posting growth of 6.1%. It handled 101.226 passengers during the month. The airport anticipates that its figures will continue to grow during the winter period with 20% more flights scheduled to operate this season. Over the past eleven months, it registered 1.443.714 travellers through its doors, an increase of 11.7% compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, the Latvian charter carrier Smartlynx Airlines has announced it will base an aircraft in Pristina from mid-December and operate flights to Basel, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich. All tickets will be sold by the Kosova Airways tour operator. Services will be maintained with a single 180-seat Airbus A320 aircraft, with a total of 225 flights planned for this winter season.

Finally, Sarajevo Airport continued its run of good results, recording another month of double digit growth. Bosnia and Herzegovina's busiest airport welcomed 51.793 travellers in November, an increase of 10.6% compared to the same month last year. "By the end of the year we anticipate a significant increase in passengers, as well as growth in all profit centres", Sarajevo Airport said in a statement. Overall, 744.737 passengers used the airport's services during the first eleven months of the year, an increase 11.7% compared to the same period in 2014. Sarajevo has already welcomed more passengers in 2015 than it did for the whole of last year. However, figures in December could be affected by poor weather. On Thursday, all flights in and out of the airport were cancelled due to low visibility, while there were some disruptions yesterday as well, which are continuing this morning too.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN43.700 21.0
FEB39.908 12.6
MAR50.273 9.8
APR63.064 11.4
MAY80.143 12.1
JUN74.855 0.2
JUL89.319 19.2
AUG101.307 14.4
SEP79.120 11.2
OCT71.255 10.0
NOV51.793 10.6


  1. Anonymous09:05

    wow Split will just miss 2 million passengers. They will easily surpass it next year.

  2. Anonymous09:29

    Yes we love flying to SPU

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Understandably. It is a wonderful place.

  3. Anonymous09:31

    Another terrible day for Sarajevo. Turkish cancelled its flight from Istanbul this morning, Norwegian diverting to Dubrovnik as we speak. Whoever thought building an airport at that location was a good idea....

    1. Anonymous09:37

      Does Sarajevo have CATIII?

    2. Anonymous13:05

      Pegasus just has had sightseeing tour of SJJ.

    3. Anonymous13:07

      wtf o.O couldn't they have just diverted somewhere close? Feel sorry for the passengers.

    4. Anonymous14:17

      @Anonymous December 5, 2015 at 1:07 PM
      All airports close by had the same issues.
      CATIII is a must for SJJ.

    5. Anonymous15:15

      SJJ problem are obstacles not equipment. Not bright future in this area.

    6. Mostar Airport would be an better idea than the long way from Dubrovnik

    7. Unless there was fog at Mostar too....?

  4. Nemjee09:44


    Seems like Ural Airlines was given the permit by the Serbian Civil Aviation directorate as they've loaded their flights into the system.

    First flight will be on 03.01.2016 and initially it will operate once per week, every Sunday. Starting from 20.01.2016 a second weekly flight will be added, on Wednesdays.

    DME-BEG 09.00-10.00
    BEG-DME 11.00-15.55

    DME-BEG 13.00-14.00
    BEG-DME 15.00-19.55

    Return fares start from €212, aircraft used is an A320.

    1. Anonymous11:21

      Are they a LCC or charter airline?

    2. Anonymous11:38

      Charter, from Russia

    3. Nemjee11:51

      From what I could see they seem to be a regular carrier, they even have a dedicated business class product. They do operate charter flights in addition to a great number of scheduled ones.

      If I remember correctly they carry around 5 million passengers per year.

    4. Nemjee12:02

      I just checked and they also offer connections beyond Moscow. However, there are no flights after the winter season. I guess they still didn't load them as I doubt they would have gone through all this trouble for just three months of flying.

    5. Anonymous12:23

      Isn't Yamal also going to Belgrade for the winter?

    6. Nemjee12:28

      It could be that the tour operator(s) from Russia who were behind those INI flights last year secured a better deal from Ural.
      If I remember correctly, in 2011 or 2012 Yamal wanted to launch three weekly flights from DME to BEG. Of course, they couldn't secure the permit so they eventually dropped their plans.
      Ural on the other hand has been aggressively expanding and they are even introducing up to 5 A330-300 next year.

    7. Anonymous12:29

      Ural will not be charters.

      Yamal will fly charters

    8. Nemjee12:33

      I guess Aviatica reported it wrong then. Regardless, it's still a nice addition.

    9. Anonymous14:00

      In its application to Serbian CAD Ural Airlines classified quoted flights as charters, inaugural flight on December,30th.

    10. Anonymous14:27

      Not good news for Air Serbia and Aeroflot.

      Air Serbia and Aeroflot already cut frequencies and now new carrier?!?!?! Not good, not good at all.

    11. Anonymous14:27

      No, that's Yamal, not Ural.

    12. Anonymous14:28

      Aeroflot did NOT cut any frequencies!

    13. Anonymous14:42

      Only ASL cut frequencies.

    14. Anonymous15:39

      Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good, Bad news, not good, very bad news, very not good...

      Do you mourners of ASL and doomsday prophets of each and every new route in the Euromed area perhaps have a shutdown button. If yes, please please please hit it. Do the humanity a huge favor.

    15. Anonymous15:58

      Yes, God forbid anyone is allowed to say anything against the perfect project called Air Serbia.

    16. Anonymous16:35

      You do understand how idiotic is to criticize an airline by crying over each and every single new route that opens in the wider region? According to the "logic" of the superbrave opposition to ASL, that project can only succeed if no other carrier ever opens a new route again.

      Not to mention that todays news is about three airport in the region - absolutely nothing to do with ASL - but we will all of course be forced to witness yet another daily outburst of brave political opposition to that project.

      To put it in serbocroatian: Dosadili ste bogu i ljudima sa svojim političkim aktivizmom. Toliko.

    17. Anonymous17:41

      Huh? His comment was referring to Ural launching DME-BEG flights and how this will be bad for JU. I don't see how he was wrong. Air Serbia has already halved its frequencies to Moscow and it faces growing difficulties in making this route work. Now, Ural will not only enter this market but it will do it from a new airport which will take away a share of the travelling public who were forced to fly into SVO as there was no alternative. Given the size of Moscow, having another option actually matters.

      So once again, I don't see how their comments were least not in this case. :)

      p.s. next time feel free to write Serbian, everyone will understand just fine.

    18. Anonymous18:37

      What exactly is the point of labeling each and every new route in southeast Europe as "very very bad news for ASL"? Yes, competitors open their routes. Yes, it happens all the time. Yes, it is normal part of the environment in which an airline operates. I mean, judging by the number of "very very very bad news for ASL" in the past two years it is an unseen miracle that the airline is still out there. And we will keep listening about things being very very very bad for them, every day no matter what.

      That crazy concept lost all sense long time ago - if it ever had any.

    19. Anonymous20:58

      The matter of fact is that this is not said for any new route out there, just for those that are located in markets which are considered important for JU. BEG-MOW is an important market in which Air Serbia has not managed to position itself. This is best portrayed by the fact that today they operate less frequencies than Jat did. So when you add another aggressive competitor to the mix, you can safely say that these are indeed bad news for ASL.

      I am still waiting for you to tell me how it is not. Looking forward to reading your arguments on this particular case.

    20. Anonymous21:29

      Jos jedan dokaz da nema monopola.

    21. Anonymous22:42

      Tesko je nekom opisati kako ste vi hejteri jedna tupava gomila majmuna. Ruski turisti dolaze kao i engleski SVOJIM carterima i ponasaju se slicno osim sto malo bolje trose. Znaci dolaze na Kop. Mozete da se svi samoubijete zbog toga.

      ASL sada nema dovoljno putnika za Moskvu i treba da smanji broj letova. Ako niste culi imaju dva rata u toku i EU sankcije. Prvo strada sitnija boranija, a ne oni koji imaju kuce u Nici i okolini.

    22. Дечко Тзар22:47

      Anon at 8:58, you already know the answer, why pick the fight again when you know you are going to lose? Since you are asking for it, let me start with this quote. I already know what you are going to answer, so I'll leave my second response and well deserved shaming once you come back with your response to this:

      "Russia’s airline connections to the outside world are diminishing as an economic slowdown hurts demand and renders more and more routes unprofitable, with Deutsche Lufthansa AG and SAS AB the latest to join an exodus led by discount carrier EasyJet Plc.
      Lufthansa will cease flying to Moscow Vnukovo airport, Samara on the Volga and Nizhny Novgorod, east of the capital, with the start of its winter schedule a week from now. That leaves 63 weekly flights to Moscow Domodedovo and St. Petersburg, down from 153 to nine Russian destinations four years ago."


    23. Anonymous23:46

      Yet Aeroflot has maintained the same number of frequencies to BEG, Yamal is launching charter flights to Belgrade and Ural is introducing two weekly scheduled flights to Belgrade.
      Given Serbia's refusal to introduce sanctions and the visa free regime between the two countries, seems like the negative trend does not apply for Serbia.

      FYI Air Serbia never had a fantastic performance to SVO despite it being one of Jat's prime routes. Sure it could fill the seats but not at good enough fares.

    24. Anonymous23:52

      And since you are so keen on sharing info with us, let me do the same.

      1. Emirates will be sending their A380 to Moscow this January.
      2. S7 will be introducing three weekly Moscow-Thessaloniki flights in 2016.
      3. AZAL is introducing Baku-Vnukovo flights.
      4. Nordstar and Orenair are both going to expand with new services out of SVO.

      What we can see here is the reduction of flights to western Europe while eastern ones will be stepping in to fill the void, Emirates is the best example. This shows that the market is shifting to new places despite it being smaller because of the crisis.

      Obviously that the airlines of the countries that introduced sanctions will feel the negative consequences. FYI India and Israel are preparing millions of Dollars for marketing purposes to attract Russian tourists who can't go to Turkey or Israel.

    25. Anonymous00:43

      FYI Ural is flying charters

    26. Дечко Тзар04:08

      Emirates have been flying A380 to Moscow since 2012 and in Jan 2014 they announced second daily A380, but then Ukraine happened, so going back to A380 is still below earlier demand levels.

      Russian market is soft and it wasn't like that in the Jat times. Jat was known to leave LF and yield in the back seat, unlike Air Serbia. Russian airlines are under strain and have to maintain or expand presence where they can even if that means eroding LF or yield, so they have different priorities and 1:1 comparison with ASL is distorted.

      When you add in this unhealthy and prolonged infatuation with Putin in some power circles in Serbia, it helps add more color to permits and current status of aviation between two countries. It’s a lot more complex than another "not good for Air Serbia". People who continue to use that phrase every time Air Serbia is mentioned are asking to be shamed and ridiculed.

    27. Anonymous07:43

      I still don't see where is this ridicule. Your arguments are weak and far from being convincing.

      Yes, Emirates used to operate the A380 to Moscow and then replaced it with a smaller aircraft. The fact that they are bringing it back obviously indicates higher advanced bookings for January which shows that the Russian tourist market is shifting to new places, east of Europe. Now, if S7 is launching Thessaloniki and both Aegean and Aeroflot flying to Moscow it also goes to show that the Greece-Russia market also remains unaffected.
      Air Serbia's considerable O&D and connecting passengers to places such as Istanbul, Athens, Thessaloniki and Montenegro should have made this route a cash cow.
      And please, do not speak if you do not know. Air Serbia failed in SVO because of its crazy pricing. Last winter a return fare to Moscow was €320 when there were only 30 passengers booked. This is AUH's fault because the yield manager refused to lower the fares, he wanted to protect his yield. Thank God he was fired.

      Well, we had crazy love with the West for the 16 years and look where that brought us. It's not like our love for Russia and Putin can do us more harm.

      Like I already said, Ural is an aggressive airline that is growing fast. They are entering a market in which Air Serbia is struggling. This are definitely bad news for JU.

    28. Anonymous08:00

      New airline entering the market is always good news. Greetings from Bulgaria!

    29. Anonymous15:09

      Well, we had crazy love with the West for the 16 years and look where that brought us. It's not like our love for Russia and Putin can do us more harm."

      Wow that explains why you can't be reasoned with facts. This is not for shaming, it's a mental health issue. You need to kick the toxic habit of loving Putin.

  5. Anonymous09:54

    Admin there is a mistake.Kosova Airlines largest tour operator sells tickets on flights with Germania and Germanwings.SmartLynx flights are arranged by that is unknown operator!

  6. Anonymous09:55

    Any news on Sea Air? How are they doing? Are they still alive?

    1. Anonymous09:57

      They are still alive and flying with those 3 planes.

    2. Anonymous10:00

      Any information on their passenger numbers? Also on those at OSI?

    3. Anonymous10:50

      Sorry not sure how Sea Air is doing passenger wise. As for Osijek, from JAN - OCT it handled 28,401 passengers vs 26,657 during same period in 2014, so around +6%. Sea Air's impact will be visible during winter months so we will see how November and December turn out.

    4. Anonymous15:26

      What routes do they currently operate?

    5. Anonymous15:43

      Mostar, Priština, Stuttgart, Basel, Dusseldorf, Munich, London.

    6. Anonymous15:59

      PRN is operated from Osijek or do they run flights out of there to Europe? I am surprised they lasted this long!

  7. Anonymous10:45

    Bravo Hrvacka!

  8. Marko11:03

    Sta se desava sa novembarskim podatcima beogradskog N.T. aerodroma?

  9. Anonymous11:16

    Šta, živi nismo ako se objave u ponedeljak? Neka velika zavera sigurno...

  10. Last night I had a dream where I was given a tour of the new terminal at Zagreb. There were random passengers walking in trying to use the automatic check in kiosks which were obviously not working because the terminal was not operation yet. So I spent my dream being a nice fella and redirecting them to the old terminal.

    This is a true story!! Funny what we aviation nerds dream about! lol!!

    Good to see the improving numbers.

    Split is going to be crazy next year. I might just book a Saturday flight for summer next year if I go just to experience the chaos for fun. :).

  11. Anonymous15:12

    OT; Nove informacije iz BiH. Sto se tice Sarajeva samo 5 letova je realizovano od jutros a to su letovi za/iz Stuttgart, Minhen, Istanbul, Bec i Beograd- svi ostali letovi su otkazani.
    Svi letovi sa Tuzlanskom aerodromu su otkazani, let iz Stockholma(Skavsta) je preusmjeren za Banja Luku.
    U Mostaru slicna situacija. Let iz Milana je kasnio otprilike 3h.
    Sto se tice Banja Luke danas nema planirani letova.

  12. Anonymous16:31

    Zagreb'd new terminal progressing rather well, 90% of all the exterior work on the terminal is almost done, should be completed by the end of April next year as winter is coming, Most of the work on the exterior is is done just the lights and some structural work needs to be done, internally terminal is getting escalators and lifts installed, marble flooring and wall being installed as well, it is progressing according to a plan, access road needs to be constructed still, at least 6 months behind on that schedule, but should be done either in May or June next year, with completion date for that around October time, underground rail station will be completed, or should be completed by mid to late 2017, after new terminal is fully operational. Terminal does look great, eve now it is an impressive structure.

    SAS, Alitalia should be announcing their return to Zagreb in 2016, either in 2nd half or late 2016. Talks have been productive and Rome and Milan are being looked by Alitalia and Stockholm and Oslo by SAS, with Stockholm with 5-6 weekly flights and Oslo only trice weekly, but this is not 100% yet, 97% atm for Stockholm and 85% for Oslo.

    Finnair is also looking at flights to Zagreb, Agean too, either in 2016 year or early in 2017, there's also hope for return of EasyJet in mid 2017. When new terminal oppens in 2017, following ailrines will service it.

    Air Serbia
    Korean Air (almost 99% certain for twice weekly service year round)
    Jal (Return of 12-16 Seasonal flights)
    Air transat (Canadian operation)
    Iberia (year round)
    Air France
    Brussels Air
    British Airways
    Czech Airlines
    Norwegian (year round)
    Vueling (year Round)
    Air Baltic

    Trade Air (SunAdria)

    Really nice collection of airlines there.

    1. Anonymous17:21

      Etihad? Maybe in another lifetime

    2. JU520 BEGLAX20:50

      Wow not bad.... we ex YU Aviators should meet in ZAG for the opening

    3. Anonymous21:20

      Bravo Zagreb!

    4. Anonymous08:06

      The way to go, Zagreb!!!
      Greetings from Sofia

    5. Anonymous03:59

      @JU520 BEGLAXDecember 5, 2015 at 8:50 PM

      I'll be at it, 99.9% certain, have invitation tickets for it :)


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