Air Serbia flights to Zadar unlikely in 2016

Planned Belgrade - Zadar service unlikely to launch this year

Air Serbia is unlikely to launch flights between Belgrade and Zadar in 2016, despite continuing talks between the two sides. The service, which last operated in 1991, was considered for resumption this summer, with initial talks between the Serbian carrier and Zadar Airport taking place in May last year. However, Zadar Airport's spokesperson, Nikola Barać, tells EX-YU Aviation News that these plans are unlikely to materialise. "With regard to the new cooperation with Air Serbia in 2016, this will most probably be unsuccessful with Serbia's biggest airline, but intensive negotiations are still in progress. The negative result was partly caused by the cancellation of financial support on behalf of the Croatian Tourist Board", Mr Barać says. He adds, "Zadar Airport will continue to negotiate and persist in having a Zadar - Belgrade connection just like other Croatian airports, such as Pula, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik".

Last year, Zadar Airport's Managing Director, Irena Ćosić, announced plans for the new flights, adding that services to Belgrade would be profitable. “This is a great opportunity for Zadar because we know this route would have excellent loads. Today, new routes are secured by offering your product on the market. You can’t sit with your hands crossed. As a result, we have to present our offer to carriers that could be interested in our market and Air Serbia is one of those”, Ms Ćosić said. The last scheduled commercial flight between Zadar and Belgrade was operated on August 3, 1991. Despite these latest developments, Zadar Airport hopes to handle a record 500.000 passengers in 2016. "Our main partner, Ryanair, begins flights in April. Besides its regular twelve routes, the airline will introduce a new service to Berlin. Furthermore, we expect additional Eurowings and Croatia Airlines flights. In addition, there will be services to Luxembourg, around ten Finnish cities and Warsaw, operated by Luxair, HOP!, We travel and LOT", Mr Barać notes.

During 2015, Zadar Airport saw a slight dip in passenger numbers. Despite the decline, the airport is content with its results. "Zadar Airport is satisfied with its traffic figures for 2015. Zadar Airport has succeeded in maintaining 2014's record traffic, which amounted to 495.000 passengers. The total traffic figure for 2015 was 487.000 passengers. The management considers this traffic satisfactory, considering the lower number of flights, which were compensated by excellent traffic in the pre and post seasons. Thus, traffic was much higher in April, May, October and November (15% - 18%) compared to 2014, which improved the final result", Mr Barać says.

According to its preliminary schedule, Air Serbia plans to operate double daily flights to Zagreb, six weekly to Dubrovnik and Split and  four weekly services to Pula during the 2016 summer season. 


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Pitty. So these flights would probably have been subsidized.

  2. Anonymous09:18

    Does anyone know why ASL does not fly from Nis?
    I saw that Wizz did very well enough for 6 months operation only. Although, I know they do not have enough aircrafts, some routes from Nis make much more sense to me then those Zadar flights for i.e

    1. Anonymous09:53

      ASL is Belgrade Airlines...

    2. Anonymous10:20


    3. Anonymous10:30

      ASL pathetic policy not to fly there because only people from Belgrade flying plane, the rest of us are riding a broomstick!

    4. Anonymous10:34

      The Serbians outside Belgrade are only useful for paying the subversions to ASL, not to actually use it.
      Is is sad.

    5. Anonymous11:32

      Kad su svi glupi Beogradcentricni, eto vama sanse da napravite dobar biznis.

    6. Anonymous13:28

      @ Anon 11:32 AM
      To bi bilo supe! Sa 51% ucesca drzavnog novca i ostalih dugovanja prema aerodromu i drzavi :)

    7. Aэrologic22:30

      ASL is Western European airlines, since 90% of short to medium-haul destinations is in Western Europe.

    8. Anonymous22:49

      Why didn't you post as RUH? Some reason why u shift from 1 to the other? :)

  3. Anonymous09:20

    Not surprised, I hope that at least DBV and SPU will be daily this year. JU basically has three Atrs which are operating normally and three which are problematic due to their age.
    I seriously don't understand why don't they lease a younger -200 version if they can't find a -500 or -600 on the market. After all, they need extra capacity.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      It clearly states in the article that DBV and SPU will be served 6 times per week this summer season.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      So? That doesn't mean much. In the past both destinations got extra frequencies as time went by.

    3. Anonymous09:34

      I think SPU was a crazy money maker for JU. Very often they used to send their A320 or B733 there and tickets were not cheap from BEG!

    4. Anonymous11:49

      They might have not been cheap from BEG, but they were very cheap for transfer pax.

    5. Anonymous11:57

      True, let's see how it performs this year when they've hiked their fares. However, I am sure they didn't lose much money since the it's a short flight.

  4. Anonymous09:38

    Got to love Irena, promising China and Belgrade flights last year and now saying EW and OU will be add flight this year.

  5. Anonymous09:49

    I have been saying this for months.

  6. Anonymous09:52

    Of course they should but they can't afford it. Ok, I can understand that it's difficult to find an Atr 72-500/600 on the market but it's not impossible to find A319s or A320s.

  7. Anonymous09:56

    Mislim da ASL može pokrenuti i zimske letove iz Splita i Dubrovnika za Beograd, 3x tjedno za početak.

    1. Anonymous10:07

      Ajde DBV mogu i da opsluzuju preko TIV-a ali SPU bi mogli komotno.

  8. Anonymous10:06

    The Atr 72-500/600 are really hard to find on the market so they should get one or two younger -200 series. At this point they shouldn't care about having the best product because that story is over. In my opinion they failed to position themselves as classy European airline with an impeccable product. Now they are in deseperate need of capacity and equipment.

    And like I said, because of limited finances they can't afford to lease any new A319s. Let me remind you that YU-APD arrived 17 months ago.

  9. Anonymous10:13

    Anonymous January 12, 2016 at 10:06 AM

    Nobody is leasing brand new A319s because very few are buying new A319s.
    Instead the lease market is flooded with cheap leases for used A319s, mainly from Easyjet but other airlines also who are getting A320s in their place.
    Airbus is offering lease rates of 100.000$ to customers who might be interested to the CSeries.
    Those A319s are ideal for ASL. And the cheap fuel price almost neutralizes completely the extra fuel burn per seat that they have compared with the A320s.

  10. Purger10:23

    Zadar flights for sure make since to Air Serbia, and I think it is „must“ for company.

    + lot of Serbian nationality in Zadar surrounding
    + lot of real estates of Serbian citizens in Zadar surrounding
    + family connections Serbia-Croatia are mostly in Zadar area
    + tourism
    + not so good connection opportunity from ZAD (Croatia 14 flights weekly, Lufthansa MUC 3 flights weekly, LOT 2 flights weekly)
    + Air Serbia desperately needs more feeding routes especially for JFK flights

    - Split is very near, just 45 minutes driving by highway so it makes since to open more flights to SPU than to combine SPU+ZAD
    - Zadar is not so big airport and city as Split
    - potential passengers from Zadar catchment area (200 km) can use Split or Pula, as those airports are in 450 km distance and can service Zadar area (from Karlobag to Vodice to use SPU, from Sinj to Rijeka to use PUY).
    - even ZAG is just 2 hours driving from SPU by highway

    But for sure Air Serbia should lease more ATR and should fly to feeding routes especially:
    - Ohrid
    - Mostar
    - Zadar
    - Rijeka
    - Maribor (Graz area including)

    As Air Serbia should have at least 2 flights per day to any big city in region for feeding its routes it should combine smaller airports that are near as one “big city”. So Air Serbia should have 2 daily flights to:

    - LJU
    - ZAG
    - SJJ
    - SKP
    - TGD
    - TIA
    - TIV
    - PRN

    And combination of flights like

    morning wave: SPU 1-3-5-7 + ZAD -2-4-6-
    evening wave: SPU -2-4-6- + ZAD 1-3-5--

    And that should be for:
    - ZAD+SPU
    - RJK+PUY

    Of course that should not make sense if ZAD+SPU or PUY+RJK area does not have enough potential passengers for double daily flights. But Air Serbia should find way to attract those passengers or to change all system of waves if there are not enough potential passengers in feeding destinations to feed BEG hub and connections to Europe, Middle East and JFK.

    During winter all those 2 daily flights should be 12x weekly and SPU and DUB should be at least 3 flights per week each (of course not the same day).

    1. Purger10:28

      stupid check spelling

      * since = sense

    2. Purger10:48


    3. Great post except driving times from both, Zadar and Zagreb to Split takes almost 1:30 h (130 km) and 3:45 h (380 km) by using highway, respectively (according to Google maps). You should add some more time during the high season or little less during the off season if you drive slightly above speed limit of 130 km/h.

    4. Anonymous23:04

      I never but never spent more than 2 hours from Zagreb to Zadar and more than one hour from Split to Zadar. In Croatia fee for driving 175 is 30 EUR. Almost noone drive 130 km/h.

  11. Anonymous10:26

    I never implied that they should lease brand new ones, I actually meant from the second hand market.

    I would have recommended them leasing another A320 but with their shrinking hub network it would be unwise, at least for now.

  12. Anonymous10:32

    They shouldn't be decreasing their hub network though, though should expand it. Every other airline not only in our region but in all of Europe is expanding. And the majority of them are profitable.
    JU can not sit and wait for the competition to eat its market share.

  13. Anonymous10:41

    Well, it's one thing what they should be doing and it's another what they will do. Personally I am so sad that they can't keep ATH as 10 weekly throughout the whole year.

  14. Did Zadar have less flights in 2015 with Ryan Air reducing reducing operations in 2015? If so not a bad result.

    Not trying to make the discussion political but I doubt very much that the Croatian government would give subsidiaries to Air Serbia anytime soon.

    1. Anonymous10:53

      Yep, Ryanair cancelled some routes last year

    2. Purger10:55

      It is not a good result concerning that airports around (SPU, ZAG, RJK) have so many more passengers last year (SPU 200.000, ZAG 158.000), so one should ask why it is not same in ZAD?!?!

      It is not real that Croatian government would give subsidiaries to Air Serbia not because of political reasons (in same logic they will not have promo in Serbia, Belgrade tourist fair...). It is about tourist potentials and priorities (and for sure potential tourist from UK, France, Germany or Switzerland is better option for Croatia than Serbian one).

      In same time political reasons will be on with new right conservative and nationalist government instead of left socialist one which was on for last 4 years.

  15. Anonymous10:46

    I agree with you completely. They are waisting good opportunities in the ex-Yu region and the rest of the Balkans.
    And the competitors say "thank you Dane" and expand themselves.

  16. Purger10:47

    Iz članka exYu se da isčitati da je Air Serbia tražila subvenciju za letove prema ZAD, što ZAD nije mogao ostvariti. Iskreno, bojim se da je to realnost Zadra.

    I dok Split vrtoglavo raste (200.000 novih putnika u 2016.) Zadar pada u broju putnika. Uz to bez ogromnih subvencija brojka od 480.000 putnika ne bi bila ni izbliza tolika (daju se milijunski iznosi za Ryanair ali i druge prijevoznike da lete u ZAD), a isto nema gotovo nikakvog utjecaja na Split (subvencije za splitske letove su minimalne, daleko manje nego za ZAD).

    Jednostavno Split je daleko bolja opcija za prijevoznika, a istovremeno ova dva aerodroma su na samo 45 minuta razmaka. Što znači da potencijalni prijevoznik može bez imalo problema hendlati preko Splita sve od Karlobaga do Makarske, dok Zadar na jug ima konkurenciju Splita (teško će se netko iz Trogira, Omiša, Makarske odlučiti na ZAD), a na sjever ima tek mali broj minijaturnih turistički neprivlačnih gradića (Starigrad, Karlobag, Senj, Novalja) koji gravitiraju Zadru, jer sve nakon toga (Novi Vinadolski, Crikvenica, Jadranovo, Rab, Lošinj, Cres) će prije koristiti Rijeku, čak i Pulu (Crikvenica autoputom 140 km) nego Zadar (lokalnom cestom 180 km).

    Naravno, svaki prijevoznik (ali i tour operater) će radije hendlati jedan aerodrom sa više frekvencija jer mu je to daleko jeftinije, te omogućiti autobusne konekcije na krajnje destinacije (iz SPU za Biograd, Zadar, Nin, Pag...)

  17. Anonymous11:36

    Yeah, I agree. Such a shame especially for some markets like IKA, ATH or even CPH. They should have been gold mines for JU. :/

    It's too late now to launch IKA, they are late. I read that LO will most likely start the route three times per week with their Dreamliner!

  18. Anonymous11:58

    Any idea if OU will operate some of the SPU or DBV flights to BEG>

    1. Anonymous12:07

      Did OU have two or three weekly flights last year?

    2. JATBEGMEL01:26

      OU flew 3 p/w SPU-BEG on the Dash 8

  19. Anonymous12:14

    Maybe JU can work on expanding it's online check-in facility to other cities in the network. They haven't done anything in that regard.

  20. Anonymous12:16

    Kad je propadao Ukrajinski UT (QU) mogli su od jednom da nabave 5-6 ATR 72-500 koji su mozda bili 4-6 Godina stari ali nije nabavljeno nisu morali sve ali mogli su pola.
    Kao sto mi neki kazu da lazem za 4 A319 ne lazem bila je prica kao i sto je bilo da ce doci 2 ATR ali je dosao 1.

  21. Anonymous12:20

    Znaci od 6 vazduhoplova doslo je samo 1. To je najbolji dokaz koliko firma kuburi sa finansijama. Cinjenica je da im trebaju avioni dakle nema drugog objasnjenja.

    Mene samo zanima sta planiraju da rade letos. Evo, vec je sredina januara. Kako ce izgurati sezonu sa carterima, nepouzdanim Atrovima i nategnutim saobracajem.

  22. Anonymous12:40

    Firma je profitabilna i ne kuburi sa finansijama nego je drugi problem , treba naci 40-50 Pilota a toliko u srbiji nema a da se dovode stranci znamo svi koliko bi topodiglo dodatno troskove kompanije.
    A i takodje problem je sto se u srbiji sve sporo radi i uvek se kaze nije isplativo.

  23. Anonymous13:11

    Nazalost problem je dosta u protoku novca a drugi problem je sto finansije u firmi donose najvaznije odluke. Ta bagra ne shvata da ponekada moras da potrosis pare pre nego sto ih zaradis. Taj koncept je njima stran i zato je i doslo do tolikog rezanja.

    Ali na kraju krajeva eto im sada kada su ih poslusali. Smanjenje reda letenja NIJE povecalo popunjenost i poboljsalo finansijsku situaciju.
    Ja sam ubedjen da je WAW sledeca linija koja ce postati sezonska ili u potpunosti ukinuta.

    Pozdrav iz Belvila.

  24. Anonymous13:46

    Only a fool will think that JU doesn't have financial difficulties. It's expected and normal. However, it's abnormal and crazy to make us believe that everything is wonderful and fine.

  25. Anonymous14:09

    SKP- December: 117.650pax +37,57%

    2015 - 1.452.465pax +20,20%

    1. Anonymous15:15

      SKP puts BEG to shame.
      Congratulations to SKP, TAV airports and the government.

    2. Anonymous15:26

      The big question is I guess, what did Ljubljana do in December.

    3. Anonymous15:31

      Ljubljana had double digit growth for most of 2015.
      In November is was 11.2% up.
      It would be nice to make a list of all the ex-Yu airports once every airport has announced its yearly totals.

    4. Stavrno me ovi komentari nasmeju do bola.Kad neko napise da je SKP I LJU nesto bajno I uspesno. Pa da li vi gledate koliko je putnika proslo kroz te aerodrome? Ni blizu 5 miliona koliko je skoro koristilo BEG aerodrom.I dalje pricamo o terminalima koji koriste niskobudzetne kompanije koje su najveci krs sto se tice usluge I udobnosti a o sigurnosti I da ne pricamo. AS ne treba da bude ogromna komapnija I da leti u svaki moguci grad u koje druge kompanije lete da bi bila uspesna, to je uopsta glupost.Bitno je da budu dobri u onome sta rade I da ucvrste svoju poziciju tamo gde sada jesu. Ja sam uglavnom koristio Austrian I Lufthansu do prosle godine ali sada cesto putujem AS I to je mnogo bolja usluga I mnogo ljubaznije posade I zato ih podrzavam 100%.

    5. Anonymous23:11

      Hot line

      SKP prosle godine 220.000 novih putnika

      BEG prosle godine 130.000 novih putnika

      Ovi podaci dovoljno govore, zar ne?

    6. Anonymous23:20

      Ne, ti podaci ne govore ništa osim što možda postavljaju pitanje gde si bio prošle godine kada je BEG dodao MILION novih putnika da kažeš kako to "dovoljno govori". Ove godine je taj milion održan i uvećan za još 13% što je odličan rezultat. Svaka čast naravno i SKP na njihovom rezultatu - šteta je što na blogu nema ljudi koji se tome iskreno raduju već uglavnom pakosnih hejtera koji čak i dobar rezultat SKP moraju da pretvaraju u svoj lični rat protiv BEG i ASL.

    7. Anonymous01:24

      Da, to je bilo prošle godine, bio sam ovdje i rekao da je to nevjerovatan i više nego izvrstan rezultat.

      No, ove godine BEG ima jedan od najlošijih rezultata u regiji. Daleko lošiji od ZAG, PRN, SKP, SPU, OTP, BUD, ATH... a uzevši u obzir postotke (ne i realne brojke, naravno) i od DBV, SJJ, TGD, RJK.

      I to treba biti alarmantno. Kao što je bilo alarmantno u svim ostalim gradovima kada se to desilo, pa su ljudi nešto poduzeli. Samo u Srbiji ljudi tvrde da je to super i da ništa ne treba poduzeti.

    8. Anonymous11:01

      January 12, 2016 at 11:20 PM
      Malo si se zabrojao, rast na BEG nije 13, vec 3 procenta u 2015 godini

  26. Air Serbia still likes to think of itself as the old Jat serving the formerly collapsed state, an abstract congregation that was as illogical as its very inception. They're 'thinking' of Zadar, Pristina and any other village in the Ex-Yu, while being seemingly stuck to that concept in regards to all their perspectives of expansion and further development, oblivious to anything else outside the narrow frame.

    Why don't we read titles about Air Serbia 'thinking' of Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Madrid, Odessa, Kishinev, Kiev, Lvov, Baku, Erevan, Tehran, Olbia, Cairo, Ankara, Amman... without any commitment but at least thinking of options that have long-ago became the norm for any transfer airline in South and East Europe but which for Air Serbia sound like a dream. Well, the catastrophic LF to many destinations and resulting finances does not and it is precisely ignoring the other side of the coin that leads to it. New York will certainly not be the ace or the jackpot that'll turn the tides upside-down, it may be yet another dream turning nightmare without those obvious connections and expansion in the only logical direction.

  27. Anonymous17:56

    Ja sam mislio ovi sto su dovedeni iz inostranstva da znaju malo bolje posao od domacih radnika ali izgleda nije tako.
    Sve destinacije sto ste naveli trebale su se odavno da lete ako se ima neki cilj u glavi i vizija ali nema sto je velika steta.
    Takodje je trebalo jos nekoliko RJ doadti i A319 pre dolaska A330.

  28. Anonymous17:59

    True, just look at LO and what decent loads they are having in BEG! This whole situation makes me sad.

  29. Nemjee18:37

    A bit of OT

    Emirates just announced that it will increase ATH to double daily while the additional flight will be routed via Larnaca!

    This will increase the number of weekly flights between LCA and ATH from 33 to 40!


    The current Larnaca-Malta route will be dropped. Pretty cool to have a widebody back on this route (a three class B773!).

    1. Nemjee18:42

      Sorry, it arrives to LCA at 18.00, 19.30 is the departure for DXB (01.25 arrival to DXB).

    2. Anonymous18:56

      I am surprised Greeks issued the permit because of Aegean, this will hurt them a lot.

    3. Anonymous19:13

      I think it was mistake in their system or by
      Here is the correction:
      So the DXB-LCS-MLA routing continues.
      DXB-ATH remains daily direct. No info if it will increase.

    4. Nemjee19:26

      Hmm interesting. Let's see what happens now. EK has been trying to get the rights for LCA-ATH for about a decade now. The Cypriots were the ones turning them down because of CY.

    5. Nemjee19:28

      What's confusing is that their Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Europe and Russia made the following statement:

      "By linking the new service to our existing Dubai-Larnaca flight, Emirates becomes the only airline to operate a wide-body aircraft on the popular Larnaca-Athens route,"

    6. Anonymous20:23

      so will EK ever come to ex yu region?


    7. They have flydubai for that.

    8. JATBEGMEL00:55

      Interesting change. DXB-LCA always had the better loads, with the LCA-MLA sectors with lighter loads.

      DXB-ATH currently is a 2 class B77W, and every year for a couple of months there is an addition flight on the A330 in the afternoon.

      As for the ex-YU, EK seems to be doing well in Eastern Europe, with PRG, WAW and now BUD. OTP is rumoured as next, followed with BEG, but lets see. It will be interesting to see what happens as the A343 and A345 will be removed from the fleet this year and only 9 A330's are expected to remain. I believe the B772's will be gone as well this year.

    9. Nemjee09:42

      DXB-LCA took a hit when Qatar and to a lesser extent Etihad came into the market. Qatar really made a splash with advertisements all over the place, sponsorships and so on. Their loads are fantastic and it's not uncommon to see their A321 in LCA.

      EK has been trying to get LCA-ATH rights for the longest time now. This will work wonderfully because the Emirates brand is extremely strong in both Greece and Cyprus- who knows, maybe at some point we get to see the A380 on this route. :P

      I agree with RUH, flydubai takes care of the ex-YU region. I seriously can't see how EK could fill a plane at any of the airports around here. Even if they ask for 5th freedom rights, I highly doubt they would get it.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Anonymous19:22

    Also W6's loads in LCA, JU just gave up a market that flew to for decades and a potentially very usefully feeder for flights to the US.

  32. I have been saying for ages that ASL should look out of the box and open more exotic yet developing markets in aviation before getting bigger aircraft and expanding to China, US,etc. I have also noticed that people on this site have some sort of addiction to regional ex yu destinations. I get that regional expansion is important, but Yugoslavia is long gone.
    The worst of all is not trying to capture piece of the market in Tehran. Of course it could lead to failure, but it would be a better decision then to go to JFK before having destinations in Spain or having only 1 destination in Russia, no Ukraine flights and so on.

  33. JATBEGMEL00:48


    EY71 this morning AUH-BEG upgauged to A320 and left full in all cabins.

    JU801 is expected to be just above 75% CLF.

    1. Anonymous16:02

      Let's not forget EY sales possibilities vs JU ones regarding AUH connection & outbound passengers

  34. JATBEGMEL01:23

    Yugoslavia may be long gone however there are still alot that tie the countries together, and that alone should not be ignored. Having said that, with JU trying to position itself as a transit hub of some sort, it has alot of room to add capacity. All Romanian cities are easily reachable and many secondary cities could be low risk attempts served by the ATR, that is minimal to lose but more possibly to gain. But all this requires more investment into the airline, that is more aircraft.

    ERJ, CSeries and SSJ would be perfect additions to the fleet, with a bulk purchase by the EY group easily possible to bring down the price of purchase. This would free ATR's and A319's for expansion, as well as to improve its product and offering.

    But more can be done with existing capacity, as mentioned maybe introducing a second daily IST in the midnight wave to feed the morning wave in BEG, as well as using additional rights for ESB. AER would easily fit into the midnight wave, has a small O&D market yet has a large potential to draw decent transit pax from
    both sides. KWI is something that JU should really consider as Serbia and eapecially Bosnia is very popular amongst Kuwaiti's, and think O&D alone could do well.

    As for Iran, there is quite the increase for IKA and Iran is a latge country, I dont think it is late, however Iran has quite a number of other cities that could see potential, which has been grabing the attention of TK.


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