Air Serbia to take delivery of A330 in May

Air Serbia set to roll out new long haul product

Air Serbia will take delivery of a Jet Airways Airbus A330-200 aircraft this May, which is currently operated by Etihad Airways. The carrier's CEO, Dane Kondić, and the Chairman of the Air Serbia Supervisory Board, SIniša Mali, toured the jet in Abu Dhabi recently (pictured below). The aircraft will have the capacity to seat 256 passengers and will feature eighteen seats in business class, while the remaining 238 will be in economy. "The aircraft will arrive in Belgrade in May with each seat featuring a personal video screen, in-seat telephone and Internet access", Mr Mali said. He added, "Air Serbia currently has twenty aircraft in its fleet. Following several years of consolidation, Air Serbia, a company which was on the brink of bankruptcy, has become a profitable business. Profits have increased from 2.7 million euros in 2014 to some four million in 2015, with further growth expected this year". The carrier has not officially released its 2015 financial results.

The A330-200 will enter service in June and will operate five flights per week to New York's JFK Airport. Etihad Airways' A330-200s feature 262 seats, with 22 in business class. On the other hand, Jet Airways offers 254 seats on its A330-200s, of which eighteen are in its premier cabin. While Etihad offers a 1-2-1 configuration in business and 2-4-2 in economy class, its Indian counterpart offers a 1-1-1 configuration in its premier cabin and 2-4-2 in economy. Etihad currently operates the A330 in question with Jet Airways' interior and configuration. The aircraft is eight years old and was delivered new to the Indian carrier in December 2007. "Our A330 will have 256 seats, including eighteen in business class", Mr Mali confirmed.

Air Serbia's CEO previously said the airline will "probably have the best product flying transatlantic from Europe". "We are fortunate that we have a one aircraft operation as opposed to a forty or fifty fleet aircraft operation. Our positioning is very much such that we are a boutique offering in Europe and as a boutique offering we can bespoke what we have and that will give us an enormous competitive advantage. However, people have been pleasantly surprised with our offering today, which by and large is the very best business class offerings in Europe, that is exactly what people can expect with our long haul offering", Mr Kondić said.


  1. Personally I love the 2-4-2 layout of the A330/A340 families. Nobody is more than one seat away from the isle. Also, unlike the 767, 4-member families can still sit in the same row, which is actually quite important.

  2. Anonymous09:21

    4 mil usd profit? Lol
    If they didn't pay airport anything government of Serbia lost 18 mil usd in a year from a 'profitable business'.

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Well, they have one year left to turn things around, unless the government will extend the subsidies.

    2. Anonymous10:07

      Well, last year you were celebrating that they lost 70 million. So if they managed to bring that down to 18 then we have a good trend and an indication that 2016 may end up in 'clean' profits.

    3. Anonymous10:50

      Well, we still don't know how much money they lost from operations, most of their morning departures are bleeding red

    4. Anonymous14:14

      As far as I know, over 20M Euro debt (owed to the airport due to ongoing operations) has been written off by the government in 2015. Does anybody have an idea about the fuel?

    5. Anonymous14:19

      Fuel is paid in full because Gasprom did not want to give any subsidies

    6. Anonymous14:33

      You mean that they didn't want to give any for 2016? Because in 2015 they had hefty discounts.

    7. Anonymous15:53

      Last two Anons, wrong as usual.

      Fuel is neither paid in full nor ASL enjoys "hefty discounts" on it. What ASL got from Gazprom is a 50% discount on into-plane differential. And there is nothing "hefty" in this because into-plane differential is something very very different from the fuel price.

      ASL gets much more relief through the airport subsidies.

    8. Mali Marko L.18:51

      OK, we are all very clever and for sure we all know what is into-plane differential. Unfortunately, web is also so stupid that there is nothing about into-plane differential. There is some into differential but that can not be used in air traffic or patrol selling.

      So, please for all of us stupid can you describe what is into-plane differential and how it is working, who is making discount and whose cost is that.

      What soever you can see that by this into-plane differential Air Serbia have big discount, NIS profit was much lower than year before and Serbia had some questionable relationship with NIS.

    9. Anonymous19:16

      Very sorry but I would have to be plane mad to try to explain anything in this world to a person who thinks that the drop in NIS's profits had something to do with Air Serbia.

    10. Mali Marko L.19:40

      OK, it is not! But here is a fact:

      1. Air Serbia gets cheap petrol. How? NIS is very nice company which likes to give their profit off or...?

      2. What is huge discount on into-plane differential?

    11. Anonymous23:35

      Still no answer about into-plane differential?

      OK. Understand! Another scam of GoS! Nice word lucking professional but really means "we have to pay for another discount"!

    12. Anonymous09:21

      Anon 11:35 PM,

      I said it clear that I wouldn't be discussing anything with a person who is not ashamed to say that Gazprom saw its profits shrink because of ASL.

      Your tone and attitude do not sound promising either but I will give it one try.

      So, into-plane differential is the difference between the wholesale price of fuel and its 'into-plane' price. This difference includes transport, storage at the airport, any additional movements and the NIS margin.

      So, the price of fuel Air Serbia pays to NIS includes the wholesale price and 50% of the remaining costs (that occur between the wholesale and the plane).

      You are welcome.

  3. Anonymous09:22

    I'm interested whether they will use the Jet Airways interior and perhaps just change the colours of the seats or will they actually have completely different seats.

    1. Anonymous09:24

      Given that they said that the A332 will feature a new interior, I am sure they will keep the Jet one. I am sure it's better than the cheap blue plastic JU has in its A320 family aircraft.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      I wasn't saying whather they will keep the interior they have on their short haul family aircraft I was wondering wheather they will have their own long haul product or use Jet Airways' one.

    3. Anonymous09:28

      I think they will have a different one from Jet Airways. Unlike Etihad which operates this A332 with Jet Airways livery, it will be coming to Belgrade with the JU paintscheme and I'm assuming a different interior.

    4. Anonymous09:30

      With Air Serbia having 18 seats in J class, and Jet Airways too, it might be the same.

    5. Anonymous09:39

      Why should they waste money on changing the interior? It's pointless. It's not like the passengers will care.

    6. Rekonfiguracija kosta novca. Ocigledno da ljudi u Er Srbiji imaju nameru da opreme, ne samo taj A332, Erbas, vec i buducih koji ce zakupljivati ili kupovati neke od modela siroko trupnih aviona. Sa malim brojem aviona, Er Srbija ce sa stalnim unapredjenjem osoblja, servisa, usluga, udobnoscu kabine, postici obavezan nivo. To je uslov da bi se unikatno Srpska avio kompanija mogla odrzati u buducem vremenu. Licno nemam ni malo sumnje da ce Er Srbija biti jedna od vodecih manjih avio kompanija, ne samo u Evropi. Zaista verujem u sposobnost ljudi u Er Srbiji. Netvrdeci da nema nesposobnijih pojedinaca u toj kompaniji. Isto toliko tvrdim da postoje i mnogi na ovom blogu, koji ne misle dobro. Ne samo Er Srbiji, vec bilo kojoj iskrenoj reci u vezi buducnosti ove jedine vazduhoplovne ikone. Iskreno pisem, imajuci iskustvo putnika u avionima u zadnjih 50 godina. i sam sam radio cetvrt veka u jednoj avio kompaniji.
      Srecna priprema, miran let, dosta putnika.✈😊✈☀✈🌏✈ Rodney. Kraljevo ✈ Sydney✈

    7. Anonymous10:45

      Well one thing we can say for sure is that they will be introducing their own entertainment system.

  4. Dečko Tzar10:01

    It looks Jet seats will get new seat covers and thats it. No premium economy and no extra legroom seats, save for exit row. Business class seats are previous generation with herringbone config looking away from the windows while feet may get kicked when walking down the aisle. New gen seats usually reverse config and face the windows. Still, its a pretty modern and competitive layout. Add some AirSerbia logo details on panels and dividers and you are ready to go!

    1. Anonymous10:06

      Why would they need a premium economy cabin? They will have difficulty filling business. Premium economy just adds unnecessary costs with additional catering and so on. Remember they have to fill this plane all year long not just in June, July and August.

    2. Anonymous13:35

      Premium economy is much easier to fill and adds revenue. Additional catering cost is minimal.

    3. Anonymous13:36

      Well, their business class should be sold at the price of premium economy, especially with an outdated product.

    4. Anonymous15:46

      2-4-2 in Y is fine. I'm just hoping they don't decide to go for "high efficiency" straight out of hell 3-3-3 seating in couple of months... They same way they slashed the pitch in A319s, even though cabin LF didn't require it.

      @1:36 I don't follow, really, 1-1-1 in C is more than generous, lie flat seats, what's outdated? Perhaps space utilisation is low, but pax comfort is actually higher because of it.

    5. Anonymous16:08

      Seats are not lieflat.

    6. Anonymous17:31

      Jet's herringbone seats sure are. Not only they're lie flat, but they're flat bed as well, as opposed to angled lie flat seats.

      They've got significantly more legroom than EY C seats due to 1-1-1 config, making them more comfy for tall pax, especially those 180cm+ tall.

    7. Dečko Tzar19:06

      Since I started this thread: seats visible in the pic and likely to be JU seats are very good but for the sake of truth not the most recent generation. Feet are not enclosed in a shell unlike most other biz seats so they are great for very tall people. Downside is that feet dangle in aisle space because of inward seat orientation that may lead to FA's or other passengers hitting them when walking down the aisle. Not the big deal at all, just pointing out that was a lesson learned for operators and manufactures to adopt "feet facing window, head facing aisle but protected by a seat shell" config for herringbone config. Etihad, Alitalia and many others have parallel to the aisle seat config where nothing sticks out.

      As for interest, looks like I have more interest in the product than all others combined: when will sales start, will there be an interline with AC to enable single ticket BEG-JFK-YYZ connection, will there be USB port in Eco seat, will JU charge extra for four exit row seats in Eco with extra legroom, what will be the price and method (bidding, fixed price) for Y to C upgrade, will there be any on-demand or self service premium coffee, beverage and food service, will there be premium decor (natural wood panels, brushed alum Air Serbia logo etc) etc. I can send the whole list if needed :)

    8. Anonymous20:17

      Decko Tzar ... i have actually flown this aircraft from Abu Dhabi to Johannesburg and back and it is very far away frm what you have written above. I am 185cm in height and it is probably the most comfortable business class seat that i have flown. Alot of width - more than many other airlines - and it is lie flat, NOT angle flat. No legs dangling out in the isle either - not sure where you got this idea from.

      And most importantly, it is NOT previous generation. Today, this seat AND configuration is used by Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. What differs, is the fabric, trim and finish.

      You should check your facts first before plying such misinformation.

    9. Anonymous21:11

      Last anonymous, how do we know it's the truth? You could be making this all up.

    10. Anonymous21:23

      Well yes, that is true, i could be making it all up. So wait until the aircraft comes, fly it yourself and come back to this post in 6 mths time and tell me if it was made up.

      What however, is an undeniable fact, is the seats and configuration being the same as Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand ....

    11. Anonymous21:26

      You are absolutely right but the thing is that I am too poor to afford a business class ticket so I will be stuck with the rest of the mortals in the back. I wish I was an airline employee so I could travel with a discount and then brag after. :(

      Don't Delta and Air Canada have it too?

    12. Anonymous21:36

      Anon 09.23

      Yeah but you should mention that you didn't pay for that ticket, the company you work for did. ;)

      Ako dolazis na posao sutra, sidji malo do nas.

    13. Anonymous21:47

      I certainly wouldn't have been able to pay for it myself, but travelling for work, i was fortunate enough to be able to travel in business class.

      To the other comment earlier above, the seats do not have USB ports, but do have an AC power point in every business class seat and one between every 2 economy class seats.

    14. Anonymous22:05

      Air Serbia has had an interline agreement with Air Canada since last year, so you can already buy a 'single ticket connection' over a number of European points, where both airlines connect

    15. Дечко Тзар03:06

      @Anon at 8:17
      “You should check your facts first before plying such misinformation”

      I am Air Serbia superfan and wish them all the best, but can’t blatantly lie. For starters, I never said seat is angle flat so no need to argue over that, I know its lie flat. While your 185cm is not too shabby, let’s not discriminate against much taller ones, common for Dinaric type. This is example of what can happen:

      Others also complain about it, search the word “knocked” on this passenger review page of Virgin seats:

      Another downside with herringbone config is limited window view.

      Airlines that use identical seat as 9W (and future JU seat) like Air Canada on A330 ( have been moving away from it and are installing newer and better “reverse herringbone” seats in new planes like 787 ( They are even wider and reverse herringbone is widely considered the best business class config.

      Those AC A330/787 are a good example: if you already have Air Serbia-like seats, keep using them, but if you have opportunity to install new seats, go with superior reverse config. I thought Air Serbia would actually follow standard Etihad and Alitalia Sogerma Solstys seat (read my review at Instead they will use what was inherited from Jet and as I said earlier, those seats are very good, just not the best. That’s not going to prevent me from flying ASL!

    16. Anonymous03:43

      Anon at 10:05, thanks for AC interline info. Now I need to find out if that applies to JFK and if baggage will travel from BEG through to final destination at YYZ. I doubt it, but even if I have to pick the bag at JFK, change the terminal and check in again with AC, it might be a better solution than connecting at places like FRA.

    17. Nemjee08:58

      AnonymousJanuary 26, 2016 at 3:43 AM

      I think that you will have to check-in your bag going there but maybe you won't have to on the way back; though I don't know if this applies only to US airports or to the Canadian ones as well.
      But wouldn't it be easier for you to connect via some European airport via which they have an interline?

  5. Anonymous12:06

    Which IFE screen and software will they be using?

    1. Anonymous13:31

      same EBOX as the Etihad:

    2. Anonymous14:42

      Anon 1:31PM How do you know?

    3. Anonymous16:58

      That video was made aboard the aircraft JU will be getting. Doesn't make sense to replace whole IFE.

  6. Anonymous13:03

    Odlican posao vecine Zaposlenih u ASL , posebne pohvale G Kondicu i ostalom Manegmentu na odlicnom Profitu .
    I ASL ce imati uvek pun A332, za letove za JFK kao jedina EX YU Kompanija ce leteti .
    Nadam se da ce doci i koji A321 uz A332.

    1. Anonymous13:11

      Slazem se. Ja bih voleo da dodje i B777 i A380.

    2. Anonymous18:55

      Ne, po 10 komada 777, A380, 787 i A350. Ništa ispod toga ne dolazi u obzir!

  7. Anonymous15:29

    1-1-1 in J is an incredible waste of space.

    1. Anonymous15:54

      You can't cram economy seats between first and second door, its all for business class. Existing 1-1-1 gives JU 18 biz seats and they dont need more so why rip existing seats and replace them with 1-2-1 when they dont need extra capacity?

    2. Anonymous15:55

      Exactly what I was thinking. The funny part is that some companies cram 6 business seats in a a330. Ideally it should be the usual 1 2 1.

    3. Anonymous19:39

      I flew in J on LH's A330 and it was one of the worse J experiences I've had. Granted, at least I was able to nicely stretch out all the way (I'm 1.90m and struggle with Etihad's J, for example).

    4. Anonymous00:58

      You can't compare 1-1-1 and 1-2-1 without also taking into account the orientation. If you orient the seats in herringbone (diagonally) it's not hard to see that you're getting more seats into the same amount of length than if they are parallel to the length of the plane. So 1-1-1 herringbone is probably about comparable (or even a bit more crammed) than 1-2-1 parallel to the length of the plane.

  8. Anonymous15:35

    Judging by the lack of comments on todays topic, seems like people really don't care. There are more pressing issues which should be dealt with than trying to establish Transatlantic flights. Just my opinion.

    1. Anonymous16:16

      I think that by now most people are generally disappointed with JU as it didn't really turn out what they expected it to be.

    2. Anonymous16:31


      At this point it's same old, same old.

    3. assad16:35

      Well here are the reasons
      Premature expansion to the N American market
      Second, returned out to be politically motivated in every sense

    4. Anonymous18:15

      Actually, and coming from someone who is anti-government, I'd say the political motivation is primarily with JU opponents, rather than the gov't itself. Sure, the Mayor of Belgrade doesn't help the appearances, but if you take a look at comments sections of mainstream media regarding any JU-related piece of news, there will be a very active anti-JU crowd with a lot of votes attached to their comments.

      Now, as this here is a much more knowledgeable crowd, take note that some insane comments are getting tons of votes, while on the other hand people who do understand a thing or two about aviation are being shut down and called bots.

      Judging by the lack of comments, as you've nicely put it, I'd say JU fans, myself included, are a bit tired of the negativity - often completely irrational - and the face of Siniša Mali doesn't really inspire me to walk the extra mile. I'll just vote for JU with my money once they start selling tickets and that's it.

    5. Anonymous18:42

      Exactly. I don't ask who's in power in other countries when using their airlines if price and service are okay.

    6. Anonymous19:13

      Let's also not forget the other clan which is as tiring as the haters, those who are trying to justify any kind of stupidity and to portray it as something great.

      The thing is that the initial 'elan' is lost and growth is slowing down while connectivity is being butchered. At a time when pretty much any airline is growing JU is shrinking. For their sake I hope they return to growth soon.

    7. Anonymous19:45

      Well, I can tell you one thing about fanboys: as tiring and irritating as they are, they will never come here with conclusions that the NIS profit shrank because they gave hefty subsidies to JU. That madness is pretty much beyond anyone's ability to argue. And so people give up. Whether we like it or not, haters can repeat this anti-brain chants much much more than anyone normal can counter them - and these chants will be eventually taken as truth.

      And it is not only about JU. In general, the warmth and enthusiasm with which anything negative is welcomed in Serbia is just astonishing. People seriously wish things to be bad and all screwed up. Unsurprisingly, this is what they get.

    8. Anonymous19:56

      Hmm it's also that it has become increasingly difficult for cheerleaders to cheer when the airline's problems have become more than obvious.

      I think we should ask ourselves why is there so much hate towards Air Serbia? Jat was disliked but never hated.

    9. Anonymous19:57

      Haters might speak of NIS but fanboys will say that Air Serbia is a regional leader and the best airline in that same never-defined-region.

    10. Anonymous20:07

      Anon at 7.13pm - your comment is without foundation.... "at a time when pretty much any airline is growing JU is shrinking". Which other ex-yu airline is growing ? Further, if flying to the US isn't growing and growing in a big way, then what is ?

      Other ex-yu airlines can only dream of realising long haul flying and so would JU if not for Etihad. This will put them well ahead of the ex-yu pack, not to mention many of their regional peers.

      Their move is strategic and will position them well ahead of the ex-yu pack.

      The problem with armchair critics, is that the one-eye they see the world through, is myopic and often distorted

    11. Anonymous21:00

      Who said I was speaking of ex-YU? Expand your horizon, look beyond your village.

    12. Anonymous21:31

      You set the boundary to your own horizon by saying "any" airline. So when i gave you specific references to your "any" airline comment, you didn't do a particularly good job in supporting your sweeping statement. Moreover, flying across the Atlantic IS significant growth by your own benchmark, so maybe it's you that needs to shed your prejudices and realise that there is nothing wrong in being in a village, or anywhere else for that matter ...

    13. Anonymous21:44

      By that logic you could have compared Air Serbia to other (non-existent) local airlines. Your reply is as weak as your initial comment was. Of course they are the best in ex-YU but the moment they decided to build a hub at BEG we stopped comparing them to OU and JP and started doing it with OS and A3. Compare apples and apples please.

      Maybe it's time for you to realise that these US flights are politically motivated and the only thing they will do is harm JU. But hey... time will show who was right. With a single widebody and weak connectivity I know where to put my money.

    14. Anonymous21:52

      Yeah, go down to your local supermarket and buy yourself a bunch of apples

    15. Anonymous21:53

      in your case, an apple a day will keep the doctor away ...

    16. Anonymous22:01

      It is interesting to read the above debate. I would ask anonymous at 9.44pm, who is the "we" that you refer to, as not everyone shares your view. Perhaps you mean just "you" ? Further, how do you conclude your "apples and apples" comparison between JU (which has 20 aircraft), with OS (which has 80 aircraft) and A3 (which has 58 aircraft) - airlines which are respectively 4 and 3 times the size of JU ?

    17. Anonymous22:39

      Neither OS nor A3 were launched with 80 and 53 aircraft, they've built their brands and networks over time. A lot of effort was put into them.
      JU functions differently from OU because one is a feeder and an O&D carrier with minimal connections while the other concentrates on building its entire business model on transfer passengers. That's why it's apples and oranges.

      JU should aspire to become a true European airline and because of that it must be compared to airline's with similar backgrounds. We all remember that OS was pretty much bankrupt a few years ago and thanks to Lufthansa they are turning things around. Doesn't this seem quite similar to the story of Jat and Etihad?

      Anonymous 21.52, that was a poor attempt at being funny- but I guess that's normal given the fact that you are out of arguments.

    18. Anonymous22:41


      True! But, see, I don't remember any comments regarding connectivity in the mainstream media. It's either the subsidies - citizens are restless because BEG profit is funneled to JU, as if it was taken directly out of their pockets, and it doesn't matter that these "subsidies" JU receives are 1/100th of all subsidies in the country and surprisingly they might even amount to something in the future - or something coming from this gigantic sense of entitlement; laments about sky-high prices (say 120 euros to TGD, imagine that), complaints over having BEG as hub airport instead of flying from every single village directly to a destination of choice of the locals, etc.

      Sure, JU can fail, it's a strong possibility, competition is scary and JU is not really the miracle we hoped it would be. But, cheering for it to fail for no reason other than pure spite... I don't get it. That company provides for thousand of jobs country-wide. What's wrong with that?

    19. Anonymous23:16

      Anonymous at 10:39 PM

      I have been saying for months that JU is trying to build a house starting from the roof instead of the foundations but the cheerleading trolls go crazy every single time.

    20. Mali Marko L.00:04

      As far as I understand you try to compare JU with OS and A3 because of connectivity. Here is the fact about number of connection routes:




      So, you don't find your self unreal when you thing you are not in league with OU where you have just 8 routes difference, but still you compare with OS where there is 50 routes difference????

      So typical...

    21. Anonymous08:53

      Actually if there is anything that is typical it's your reply; that is your are commenting without even understanding what the discussion is all about.

      We are not talking if JU is as powerful as A3 or OS but if they are in the same league, that is if they share same ambitions and business plan- which they do. So no one said that they have the same amount of frequencies or aircraft but rather than they have the same goal, same aspirations, that is to turn their respective airports into major hubs used for transfers. So do you understand now or do I have to put it in even simpler terms?

    22. Mali Marko L.10:35

      Ma ambition is to be similar to Bill Gates, but well... I will try another 20 years, who knows!!!!

      Stupid, isn't it? Real? Don't think so... And it is the same stupid thing as Air Serbia ambition.

      And yeas, even Montenegro has same ambition, and Adria, and Croatia, and eve B&H Airlines was announcing they will be regional leader with SJJ as hub...

    23. Nemjee12:34

      Adria's ambition might have been the same in the past but they have since changed it and now they are primarily feeding LH Group hubs from different, lower-yielding, markets in Europe.

  9. JATBEGMEL18:26

    JU will be taking on the A332 currently registered A6-EYC.

  10. Anonymous19:08

    Eurowings made very big negative headlines in the last couple of weeks, because of operating at the beginning with just one long haul and later 2 long haul aircraft. Technical issues caused delays to build up, up to 68 hours. One is for sure, if there is a technical issue, ASL has no other aircraft to help out and is obliged to pay for the delays according to EU laws. But Mr. Kondic thinks that it is a benefit to operate with just one plane.

    1. Anonymous19:14

      Did he say why it's a benefit?

    2. Anonymous19:35

      Because it costs 1/2 of all operating expenses to run JFK with one bird instead of two. For the worst case scenario such as serious delays they can reroute the passengers via DUS or TXL and thus avoid stranding them in BEG.

    3. Anonymous19:39

      Yeah because rerouting 250 passengers is such an easy thing to do, especially for those with onward connections in the US.

    4. Anonymous19:48

      It doesn't matter, even if you immediately reroute them on AB or any other airline, you are obliged to pay hefty compensations.For Eurowings it being in the millions already. Given the late start of sale, most probably even bargain fare to attract any passengers so late to book and the operating costs (leasing fees to EY), some major delays could break ASL's neck! I hope not, but with one aircraft it's a very dangerous game. Even if the mother EY would like to help out, AUH is 7 hours away. So even rerouting and/or relief aircraft won't help much. But there is Tarom A310 around the corner, just in case......

    5. Anonymous19:54

      I agree with you but that Tarom comment made me laugh so much! Thanks for that! :D

    6. Anonymous21:26

      Or BH Air A332 in Sofia. Don't know how long would it take to cover the loss of ad-hoc wetlease of A332 for transatlantic flight though :)

    7. JATBEGMEL21:35

      AUH-BEG is not even 6 hours flying time. Block time is 6 hours on the A319.

      EY doesn't seem to be having issues with A6-EYC. It has been regularly flying AUH-JNB-AUH for the past few months.

      JU has more help than EY. AB and AZ both have JFK ops, as well as 9W. JU is not alone in JFK.

    8. Anonymous21:40

      Of course EY didn't have any problems when they had more than one widebody so they could rotate them around in case one went tech. JU will not have that luxury.

      Also, that whole argument that JU isn't alone doesn't stand. What can these airlines really do besides accept maximum 30 to 60 passengers in case a flight gets cancelled. It's not like AZ will rush to dispatch an A332 to BEG so as to operate a JFK flight.

    9. Anonymous22:44

      You are plain retarded without any knowledge about TAF. Passengers will be rerouted to ANY available flight to JFK. Problem is to send them to this flights because there is usually no enough free seats to Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Paris, Kopenhagen, Bec etc pa ce morati da placaju ljudima da idu drugi dan. Niko nece propasti zbog par dana neletenja okanite se vise tih decijih gluposti.

    10. JATBEGMEL23:21

      A6-EYC has on its own the past couple of months operated AUH-JNB. At the end of the year it is planed for a second widebody to enter the fleet, which was mentioned on this blog

    11. Anonymous00:04

      Da to sam i ja pricao u 2016 ce biti dva A332 .

    12. Anonymous03:13

      postoji li mogućnost da tokom letnje sezone ovaj A332 leti još negde osim za JFK? Mislim na vikend, koliko znam njemu je dovoljno samo 6-7 sati za A check, to značči ako se on bude radio subotom ujutru ostaje još 36 sati slobodnog hoda. Možda ga slati tad u AUH, ATH, ili TXL (za presedanje na AB ka JFK)?

    13. Anonymous08:03

      @ Anon January 25, 2016 at 9:26 PM,

      BH Air are currently negoting with JFK for the slots. They're planning to start service in late June or begging of July.

    14. Anonymous12:14

      Bad news for ASL that. More competition from the region to JFK,

    15. Anonymous13:13

      BH will have much weaker product than JU. No IFE, probably weakerr catering, the airline is charter oriented and lacks alliances and codeshares. Bulgaria Air cannot feed them properčy as they lack regional and eastwards flights.

    16. Anonymous13:28

      BH Air NY project will end up like SkyGrease last year.

    17. Anonymous14:12

      BH does not need IFE or metal cutlery for its catering.
      It understands that it is flying to and from the Balkans and what really matters to passengers is PRICE.

    18. Anonymous14:13

      BH Air are planning 2x weekly services to JFK. I doubt that they will end-up like SkyGreece, because there is quite big difference between the 2 companies. BH Air have much bigger experience than SkyGreece (working since 13 years on charters) which means that they won't be counting only on the NY flights and they can wait until they become profitable (if they will ever). It's backed-up (owned) by the third biggest bank of Bulgaria. Don't forget that there is a big O&D on NY from Sofia. As far as I know they're planning to have in few years scheduled flights within Europe and the middle and far east.

    19. Anonymous14:18

      @ Anon January 26, 2016 at 2:12 PM

    20. Dečko Tzar17:52

      they can wait until they become profitable (if they will ever). "

      Sounds like a solid business plan LOL. Website stuck in the '90's. No feed no alliances. Failing to realize regional low cost market is different from long haul scheduled market. Oh they are going down faster than "Octagon Steakhouse Airline"!

    21. Anonymous07:49

      @Dečko Tzar
      In aviation P2P pax matters, not the transfer. If you like the fact that you're flying from BEG to any point in Europe for higher price than a transfer passenger from Sarajevo for example is fine by me. To be honest I as a resident of Zagreb am very OK to pay less to fly to London via BEG than you're paying to fly from Belgrade to London.
      Cheers, buddy!

  11. Pa šta se toliko bojite sada šta će biti sa putnicima u slučaju da se otkaže let, zar ne pišete već mjesecima kako na tim letovima neće biti putnika i da će biti poluprazni? Koliko ne znanja u ovim komentarima, stvarno da čovjek ne povjeruju svojim očima dok čita

    1. Anonymous08:48

      Па не пишу то све једно те исти, једни тврде да неће бити а други да ће бити али да неће доносити пара, што је изјавила и сама авиокомпанија.

  12. Anonymous10:19

    ja ne znam sto toliko brinete o tome sta ce biti ako zakaze taj jedan 330?? Sta rade druge kompanije kada se nadju van svoje baze? Prebace putnike na drugi dok ne dodje im rezervni avion. A taj rezervni bi verovatno bio za ASL neko iz Alitalije ili Air Berlina, eventualno iz EY.

    Kada Air Transat pocne da leti za Zagreb ove godine, i otkaze im taj 330 u ZAG, sta cemo onda? A njihova cela flota od 30ak aviona je toliko nategnuta tokom letnje sezone, da sigurno nece im biti lako. Prema tome, i ako priznajem da ASL nece biti lako dok ne nabave drugi avion, ipak se nece svet srusiti u medju vremenu :)

    1. Jel' ti to uspoređuješ Air Transat i ASL?

    2. Anonymous10:59

      Upoređuje situaciju u kojoj je potrebno min. 10 sati da se dotera zamenska letelica i to ukoliko ima neka slobodna u tom momentu, sa sve posadom spremna za let.

      JU nije u ništa lošijoj poziciji ako se tako nešto desi na JFK, samo eto, na zamenskoj letelici neće pisati Air Serbia. U tom smislu su dve kompanije u sličnoj poziciji, samo će to JU koštati više jer neće slati svoj avion. Ali za putnike će biti potpuno jednako (ne)prijatno.

      Iskreno, meni je svaki let na kome sam prihodovao 600 evra bio veoma prijatan i rado ga se sećam...

    3. Anonymous13:32

      Očajnici se hvataju za poslednju slamku u nadi da Air Serbia neće uspeti. Taj avion već mesecima leti svaki dan po dva puta dnevno bez prekida, a u JU će leteti samo 5 puta nedeljno, više nego dovoljno za održavanje. Od kraja godine stiže još jedan A330.

    4. Anonymous22:19

      pusti ih, sad su u kampanji od kad je ovaj raspisao izbore, neka se malo ispucaju. Ne bi bilo lose da neko pametniji pobedi na izborima pa da malo probistri JU od partijskog taloga i umesto toga ulozi u nove avione, destinacije i aerodromske sadrzaje.

    5. Anonymous23:57

      Opet, koliko god me nervira pojavljivanje dva istaknuta političara u svakoj JU priči, ipak mislim da je to državno preduzeće sa veoma malo upliva politike u day-to-day operations i sa vrlo malo partijskog taloga - a ako ga i ima, nije baš uticajan. Reklo bi se da menadžment donosi ključne odluke. Mislim da nije najbolji menadžment na svetu, ali svakako nisu nekompetentni.

      Talog je na BEG. I to reciklirani, više puta. Kao i u SMATSA, a verovatno i u DCV. Prema tome, jedini zaslužan za nešto bolje stanje u JU je Etihad i taj čuveni tajni ugovor - inače ne sumnjam da bi priča bila ista i u ovoj firmi kao u svim ostalim partij... državnim preduzećima.

    6. Anonymous17:45

      za Annon:10:59 AM

      hvala sto si odgovorio na moje gore poredjenje sa Air Transatom.


  13. Any plans for more than 1 A330 ? Any plans for BEG-LAX nonstop ?


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