Air Serbia's North America expansion in 2-3 years

Hogan: Air Serbia's New York service a "minimal investment"

The Vice Chairman of Air Serbia and President and CEO of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, says Air Serbia could offer flights to Chicago and Toronto in two to three years after it establishes itself on the market with its planned five weekly service to New York, scheduled to commence this June. "We have already considered flights to Chicago and Toronto and these services could be introduced in two to three years. First off, the New York route must become functional. We don't want to make a decision that would set Air Serbia back", Mr Hogan says. The potential expansion of Air Serbia's network in North America would coincide with the arrival of the carrier's ten new Airbus A320neo jets. Mr Hogan's remarks are in contrast to those made by the Chairman of the Air Serbia Supervisory Board and the Mayor of Belgrade, Siniša Mali, who indicated that a second widebody aircraft could arrive by the end of the year to serve additional points in the United States and Canada. On the other hand, the Serbian Prime Minister has previously said that Beijing will likely become the airline's second long haul destination, following New York.

Emphasising the importance of the Etihad - Air Serbia partnership in relation to the latter's New York service, Mr Hogan notes, "Air Serbia never would have taken off to the US if it were not part of Etihad. Through this partnership, Air Serbia is able secure an aircraft, train its staff and receive technical assistance within our family. Therefore, the investment is minimal". Air Serbia's first widebody Airbus A330-200 aircraft will be leased from Etihad Airways' partner Jet Airways, with pilots undergoing training at Alitalia and cabin crew being coached by Etihad in Abu Dhabi. "This service opens up the opportunity for Serbia to develop its tourism. We would like to see Serbia establish Belgrade as the gateway to the Balkans. We want Americans to stay in Belgrade for a few days before maybe flying out to Athens", the CEO says. Starting February 1, Air Serbia will offer codeshare flights to New York, Chicago and Miami through its partner Air Berlin via Dusseldorf and the German capital.

Mr Hogan says that Air Serbia has become a leading carrier among small European airlines. "Jat was a broken brand. We have brought with us professionalism when it comes to safety, standards and services and have invested into the network, infrastructure and people. When we take a look at the Premium lounge, opened last year at Belgrade Airport, and flights to the United States, which will launch in June, we can conclude that these are very good results for the past two years", Mr Hogan says. He adds, "Serbia should be proud of those results. Practice shows that an effective national carrier, in cooperation with an effective airport, can become a major catalyst for the development of the national economy and contribute to creating new jobs. In short, Air Serbia is functional".


  1. Anonymous09:03

    Rational thinking for once.

  2. Anonymous09:43

    If YYZ-ZAG route starts strong in a couple of months as expected, TS or RV are likely to start YYZ-BEG soon after, possibly for 2017 summer season. That would give them 1-2 years of headstart advantage over Air Serbia if Hogan's prediction is correct. If Air Serbia is serious about YYZ they should start ASAP to gain foothold before TS or RV enter the market.

    1. Anonymous09:45


      But it depends whether a 1 weekly flight could really shake up so many things.

    2. AirCEO10:09

      If it performs well they could ramp it up quickly to 2-3 per week. RV increased WAW frequency even before launch date and they could do the same with BEG if needed, reducing JU's chances. For once I hope Hogan is wrong.

    3. Anonymous10:10

      Nice to have you back AirCEO :)

    4. I recently noticed that TS slightly dropped YYZ-ZAG prices for the summer. I don't know if this means anything as far as how their sales are going (it's one flight pw after all). There is some heavy, heavy dumping going on currently on this route. AF/KLM seem the be the worst (or best for pax). They were selling Jan/Feb for about $600! Couple of days ago I was checking June 15 departure out of YYZ and cheapest reasonable connection to ZAG was $750, BEG $920 and SJJ $1400. This is unheard of specifically at the time when Canadian $ is going through weak period against both Euro and US$.

    5. Anonymous15:20

      I think that this period of the year is the worst to travel in... That's why the prices are low. And with all that's happening in the world aviation industry can't stay unaffected.

    6. I hope TS does not come to BEG. They are Soo bad and offer horrible service. RV is not much better, seats are soo tight and uncomfortable, bad food and drinks and no entertainment. TS is getting huge amount of money from CRO turist office in Toronto to keep this flight going but it is not doing well and they keep dropping the prices to motivate the market ( plus Canadian dollar is super week )

    7. I hope TS does not come to BEG. They are Soo bad and offer horrible service. RV is not much better, seats are soo tight and uncomfortable, bad food and drinks and no entertainment. TS is getting huge amount of money from CRO turist office in Toronto to keep this flight going but it is not doing well and they keep dropping the prices to motivate the market ( plus Canadian dollar is super week )

    8. Anon 3:20PM, Jan/Feb are the slowest months no doubt about that. However, even then I've never seen such low prices out of YYZ especially to ZAG. And this is not even counting in weak dollar. I've been following trends for years now and for the longest time BEG was by far the cheapest exYu destination from YYZ. Then came ZAG and after that SJJ and others. Summer 2015 and especially 2016 brought a lot of change. Now the difference between ZAG and the rest is huge. In my opinion I think it's a bit of a perfect storm. Swiss expansion in Balkans, all these new companies in ZAG, Air Transat announcement (no matter how insignificant) as well as stronger ASL.

      Nenad, I wouldn’t agree with you regarding TS. They are what they are, predominantly charter airlines that flies to Caribbean in winter and Europe in summer. I used them in both directions several times and was very satisfied. Recently they revamped their wide body interiors, added IFE. I know it’s not much but they voted best NA leisure airline four years in a row.

    9. Anonymous08:47

      well for June 15th departure BEG or ZAG to YYZ and one month later back try on expedia or onetravel prices even from 490$ RT bottom cheap -(Lot, Canada Air, Austrian..,) and that is much better than your prices ZAG $750, BEG $920

    10. My June 15 departure is YYZ-BEG(ZAG)-YYZ not vice versa that you are looking at. For your info those are on average couple hundred more, all the time. The other thing you have to take into account is that my $750 is in Canadian $ (750 CAD is around 500 US$ or 480 euro these days). As I said I've been living in Canada for 20 years, I've never seen prices be so low.

  3. Anonymous09:46

    They are waiting 2 years until NY becomes profitable. I think it's a good decision.

  4. Anonymous10:01

    TS can start tonight and it wont matter because they are after different market. TS will also have hardtime filling their 350 passenger sardine type of A330.

    1. Anonymous10:45

      As long as the fares are cheap they will. Masses will always pick price over quality, Air Serbia vs. Wizz Air is the best proof of it.

    2. Anonymous12:04

      Yep TS is catering to tourists with money in their pockets that want to go to a quality destination, at a reasonable price without the hassle of changing planes in London or Zurich.

    3. Anonymous12:06

      TS is catering to tourists with limited funds. Those with money fly on legacy carriers to destinations such as Croatia, Hungary...

    4. Anonymous12:16

      Really? and you can supply facts to prove your statement?
      I would think that the people who fly low cost do so in order to have more money to spend while on holiday, it makes sense.

    5. Portugal13:47

      One huge research find that wealthy people use LCC because they don't want to spent a lot of money on several hours flying (and probably sleeping during flying) but instead use spare funds for quality hotel, restaurants and better holiday. And that is one of main reasons why LCC model had such a fast develop.

      I have a business partner who is French and he just rent house last month for period of 10 years in Portugal. One of the reason is that he have connection from France to Portugal for 30-40 EUR by Ryanair. And he travel there at least 2-3 times per week. Usually at the end of week he just leave to Portugal for few days and then back to France for work. As he is show-manager he can spend several days per week out of France and can do most of his work by laptop. But he is not using Air France, or TAP or some other legacy carrier.

    6. Purger14:01

      sorry for mistakes:

      Portugal in name = Širger
      2-3 times per week = 2-3 times per month.

    7. Anonymous21:49

      Wealthy people do not use LCCs. Not even upper middle class does. But the rest still leaves a lot of space for potential customers.

    8. Anonymous22:08

      9:49 your comment is probably the most dumb thing I ever read on this blog so far.

    9. Purger23:16

      9:49 you did understand that what I wrote is based on huge research? Not conduct by LCC, but by tourist organizations.

    10. Anonymous03:00

      Not the case for NA market to Europe. TS in season, others not even that. Plenty of (failed) examples. For Europe and Mediterranean is different. Also within NA, the model works differently

  5. Anonymous10:23

    My guess is we will have JFK and Beijing by the end of the year.

  6. Anonymous11:28

    I start to worry about those contradictions in announcements from Hogan and in contradictions of Hogan - Vučić (Mali) announcements.

    Just few months ago Hongan announce that first flights would be Chicago but it is JFK.

    Now Mali said there would be 2nd plane till end of 2016 and Hogan said there would be no more flights till 2019.

    Eider there is huge problem in communication, eider they are not in same path for development of Air Serbia. In any way it is not good for future of company.

    1. Anonymous11:34

      Not to mention that Kondić was skeptical for JFK flights.

      Is this another public announcement pressure to RoS Government to finance those flights like Kondić one was, or there is even bigger problem in Serbia Government - Etihad relation.

    2. Anonymous11:37

      "Hogan said there would be no more flights till 2019"

      Where did he say that? He said that flights to Chicago and Toronto would start in 2-3 years. There are other continents on this world other than North America.

    3. Anonymous13:50

      2-3 years after starting of JFK flights. So that is summer 2018-2019.

      Your really think that Air Serbia can fly to East and bypass Abu Dhabi. And in same time will still have 2 flights per day to Abu Dhabi? Also you think there is enough passengers for China or some other "east" destination?

    4. AirCEO14:12

      China is top destination on the East from BEG and EY is not likely to object bypassing AUH for that market only.

      It's too bad we'll have to wait 2-3 years to see Air Serbia tail next to other two family members (that's Jet Airways A330 tail behind EY). Picture taken about a week ago at YYZ T1:

  7. Anonymous11:30

    But do you think that competition in surrounding (aca Aegean, Turkish...) will just sit&wait?...Will be intresting to observe this adventure for sure

    1. Nemjee11:38

      Aegean will most likely launch some long-haul flights by 2019, that is before the new IST airport opens up.

      As far as TK goes, personally, I don't think they are even paying attention to JU. The difference in size is just too great.

    2. Anonymous12:13

      Nemjee, +1

    3. Anonymous16:22

      Anon 11:30
      Also OS and LX are after the same traffic flows from North America to the Balkans.
      I hope JU has pockets deep enough to compete with them.

  8. Nemjee11:35

    Two, three years is a lot of time in civil aviation. With the sanctions on Iran being removed we will have to see in what way their civil aviation sector develops.
    I don't think Iran Air will be much of a threat as they are somewhat run like Jat or Olympic were. However, Mahan seems like it will become a serious international player.

    With Mahan's aggressive expansion I am sure that they will, at some point, start building a hub at IKA. With the Iranians entering the race, it will be interesting to see how it affects Qatar and Etihad. Emirates are safe as they've created a brand, they are highly profitable and they are based in Dubai which has a great deal of O&D demand.
    We've seen how many problems TK created for the Persian Gulf trio and Mahan has the potential to do the same.

    Everyone is speaking of the 114 aircraft IR will get but no one is speaking of Mahan and its ageing fleet.

    They currently operate 57 aircraft where 25 could be replaced immediately:

    14x A300-600 (246 seats)
    11x A310-300 (202 seats)

    The 11 A310 could easily be replaced by the A321, which they are already getting while the 14x A300-600 could be replaced either by some cheap A340s or by the A330s.

    All in all, the Persian Gulf area will become so much more interesting now.

    1. Anonymous11:40

      With secterian violence, oil at USD28, major disagreements between allies and the like, yes - Persian Gulf will be even more interesting now in many respects.

      I think that in 5-7 years time we will have a whoooooole different socio-political and economic landscape in the GCC.

      Things are about to get much more interesting.

    2. Anonymous11:52

      I agree that things will change but I think that it's safe to bet your money on Iran.
      Regardless of the sanctions, they are still a wealthy society and their economy is not solely dependent on oil as is the case with Saudi Arabia.

      Btw they are also hoping to further develop their tourism industry and they have either relaxed or totally abolished the visa regime with many country, Serbia included.

    3. Nemjee12:02

      That last comment is mine, i hate writing comments on my phone. Sorry.

    4. Anonymous13:03

      Ne treba zaboraviti kako je jako dobro profitirao prvo Airbus zbog ovoga sto je konacno nasao trziste za svoje A340 posto je zadnji prodat u 2011.
      ASL je mogla imati odlicnu saradnju sa IR i leteti za IKA , ali mozda sad krene IR sa letovima za BEG.

    5. Nemjee13:35

      Ипак мислим да ће релативно брзо и Иранер и Махан приступити некој од светских алијанси. У том случају преседања ће се нудити преко њихових чворишта/база.

      Оно шта може да се деси је да Ер Србија ступи у сарадњу са неком од мањих иранских авио-компанија.

    6. Anonymous14:23

      I honestly don't think the govt. of Iran has the money to play games such as "let's make a hub that will compete DOH and DXB". I think they will focus on their local market first and connect it with the world hubs - and this will affect the carriers who currently transfer passengers from Iran like crazy.

      By the pure law of numbers I think ASL should try IKA, CAI and KBP. Perhaps even HBE and ESB if they think the former are already overserved. They could well use some more transfer pax before they launch JFK.

    7. Nemjee14:38

      I agree with you. I doubt the Iranian government will get involved with that but I am sure Mahan will eventually head in that direction.
      They are a well-run enterprise and their onboard product is actually quite good, especially upfront.

      As far as Air Serbia goes, I think Ankara should be one of their top priorities. It can nicely fit into the midnight wave of departures (00.30 along with ATH) and I am sure the Turks wouldn't mind at all as it would slightly fix the whole bilateral disbalance. They could also add three or four night departures to IST.

      HBE might be a bit of an overkill on the A319 but CAI should do well with daily frequencies.

      However, I still think that destinations such as BRU, CPH, AMS... must have at least 10 to 11 weekly flights, year-round.

    8. Anonymous14:59

      Konacno neko jos da uvidi znacaj Ankare za ASL pored zivahnog TKa.

    9. Anonymous17:09

      @Nemjee Absolutely agree with you on frequencies to west european destinations. Those should come, obviously, with some changes on their schedules to make connections as easy as possible. As has been stated before (here and elsewhere) Air Serbia's potential as an eastern european regional leader could be even greater if their current schedule was revised to ensure proper feed. I do endorse the public opinion of 2x daily to their closer markets (ZAG, SJJ, OTP, SOF, ATH,, LJU, TIA, DBV, SKP, IST, eventually and hopefully in a near future PRN) and try to connect those markets with their TATL and western european destinations. ATR fleet should be bigger and they could consider markets with poor networks in the Balkans, such as MAD and maybe codeshare with OW members (almost no presence in the Balkans) although that could be an issue with EY.

    10. Anonymous17:26

      Sad bi trebalo jedno iznenadjenje da se desi da dodje jos
      6 AT75 i da se pojacaju frekvencije za OTP , SOF 2 puta dnevno, otvoriti PRN 10 pw , Otvoriti jos ODS i INN
      I da dodje jos 6 E195 za pojacavanje frekvencija i oslobadanje Airbus flote za letove za : KBP , AMM, IKA, KWI i TBS i pojacati jos BEY i TLV to se sve treba desiti zajedno sa JFK letovima.

    11. Anonymous17:32

      +1 INN

  9. Anonymous12:24

    Honestly I don't get why wouldn't they purchase some 4-5 ATRs or Embraer jets to expend their regional network before they go long-haul and start flights to PRN, ZAD, OHD, MBX, OMO, and increase frequencies to the crucial regional markets for the USA flights such as OTP, ZAG and TIA and return the service to Budapest. By the way services to Split and Dubrovnik could easily work during the winter season as well, they could have for example daily or 12 weekly BEG-SPU-BEG ; BEG-DBV-BEG during summer and 3-4 weekly during winter, I really think that there is a potential and that the market is big enough. Also, there is plenty of room for ASL in the Romanian market which is rising, they could launch flights to Iasi, Cluj, Sibiu, Oradea, Arad, Bacau, Craiova, and I really think they could work, but they would have to start flights to at least one or two Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona).

    They could also launch flights to places such as LED (the O&D market might not be that big but they could get some transfer pax), RIX, TLL, HEL, OSL, GOT, KBP, CAI which all could bring them transfer passengers (they could start them on a seasonal basis and if it works, they can start year-long flights). They should really consider IKA because there is a large Iranian diaspora across Europe and North America and it would bring many passengers connecting to/from Iran via BEG (of course, if they offer decent prices). They should also increase frequencies to TLV, ATH and BEY which are all crucial routes for the US flights. But no one knows what are they going to do, we will have to wait and see. I guess all this cities I noted will be considered when the new A320NEOs come.

    The biggest problem is that BEG management obviously doesn't know how to run an airport. If you want to have a big player at your airport, you should let it expand, which is not possible if the airport itself doesn't follow the expansion. They need to expand the existing facilities or build a T3 and build it fast, either way Air Serbia won't be able to expand its network.

    Anyway, I wish them good luck, they will need it because they will have a hard time making the US flights work. I guess the next long-haul route will be Beijing. After they test the US market, they should start flights to Chicago and especially Toronto and start them fast because if Air Transat does it I highly doubt they will be able to enter the market. I guess long-term plans could include Delhi, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Miami, maybe LAX, some cities in South America and Africa, Seoul, Tokyo... But those are not gonna happen any soon that's for sure.

    1. Anonymous12:31

      I think the problem is that they can't afford extra aircraft. If they could then they wouldn't be still using the old Boeings.

      Also, can you really blame BEG? Why should they invest in their infrastructure when their main customer can't be self-sufficient and relies heavily on state aid.

      Of course, as time goes by let's hope JU's situation improves. These US flights were unnecessary.

    2. Anonymous13:00

      Why unnecessary? They are constantly being accused of not thinking outside the box, right? Well then, here is some genuine out-of-the-box thinking - the JFK route. We will see how smart of a thinking it was.

      Second most common accusation is that they do not develop their euromed network. Well, why would they bother anyway? I mean, even if they've opened 5 new routes in 2015 and announced another 5 for 2016 we would again be reminded on daily basis that it is way behind Aegean. Then we would be reminded that while ASL works on their euromed network, LOT introduces NRT and DEL - which would be yet another proof of how incompetent the ASL management is. Finally we would be reminded on TK, LH, OS and all other competitors who would certainly respond to any move ASL makes and destroy them in a counterattack - so why building the euromed network?

      IMO there are two options for ASL here: either they cease the operations tomorrow and go into liquidation because they have stupid management, because any move they make can only be a bad one, and because either way they stand no chance against Aegean and LOT;
      or they start making some pure out-of-the-box moves such as JFK. Something that is clearly crazy - because if it wasn't crazy Aegean and LOT would have done it long ago. Sometimes crazy business may just pay off, we never know.

    3. Anonymous13:10

      Your comment is kind of lame and not appropriate for a serious discussion. It's unnecessary because it's premature. The airline still lacks the adequate network for these JFK flight to be successful.

      Look at what is happening with Sofia. They are adding two night flights so as to enable connections onto their morning New York flight. Why only on those two days? Are you telling me that they can't sustain double daily, or at least 12 weekly flights on an Atr to Sofia?!

      I am sorry but there is a right time for everything and in my opinion the time is not right for New York.
      Yes, they are constantly being attacked and rightly so.

      But I am curious to see why you think New York should get the precedent over IKA, AMM, CAI, KBP, LED..

      My opinion is that until all Balkan destinations plus BEY and TLV are double daily, no long-haul routes should be launched.

    4. Anonymous14:07

      Well look, we have to be realistic here. JFK is a political route. Air Serbia is not ready for long haul flights, that is a fact, it's not even in question. In my comment (12:24) I just stated that some things should happen before they go long haul. Serbian diaspora in New York (and even the USA as a whole) is just not large enough, the number of tourists between Serbia and the US is minimal, how do you think they could fill aircraft to NYC without flights to IKA, PRN, ZAG, ATH, BEY, TLV, SOF, OTP, BUD..? They don't have enough aircraft to expand their regional network, let alone long haul flights. The truth is- they will be losing money big time on the route. And I am not saying that I love that, but it is a fact. If something is not making profit, in aviation industry it IS unnecessary. And if something doesn't make money, yet you have to invest in it- what's the point? Nobody here said that JFK flights are like the worst thing that ever happened in 21st century, people just give their suggestions, it's not that somebody hates the fact that the route will exist, it's just that people know it can't make money without some things being done before the flights begin.
      I wish them good luck anyway, but we all know that unfortunately they will be having problems on the route if they don't change some things.


    5. Aэrologic14:28

      Be careful, you could all be branded very soon as "Aerologics, under different nicknames". The truth is, two years later we're coming to terms with the facts that were considered as insanity back-then. There's still time for Air Serbia to open IKA or IFN from where it can compete to places where LO simply can't compete. Launching NYC before the Euromed and regional (outside Ex-Yu) expansion was an act of madness, let's just hope they end up doing the right things in the opposite direction.

    6. Anonymous14:53

      Frequent trips to places like SOF or BUD are difficult for ASL for the following simple reason: there is no good-yielding O&D market. Many decades in the same former country developed ties to places like TGD, SKP, SJJ,... (which also happen to be underserved by legacies) that make for a solid O&D in addition to being in a good spot for transfer pax. This is simply not true for BUD or SOF: the tiny slice of O&D pax still think about these destinations (in both direction) as train or bus routes, and transfer pax have other good legacy options, meaning you must compete on price before anything else. And lo and behold, these are not such great routes; 2x daily to SOF just doesn't make sense until some Serbs or Bulgarians become willing to shell out 150 or 200 for a R/T.

    7. Anonymous15:10

      Are you saying that there is enough O&D for LO to have up to three daily flights to both OTP and SOF? No. They just have a good selling agent down there.

    8. Lot is basically exactly how I think ASL should be run.

      LO's E195s have only 16 less seats than JU's A319s, but an E195 is basically only 2/3 of as much of a plane as an A319. Can ASL earn enough from those additional seats and cargo capacity to justify hauling an entire A319 around, considering how much more an Airbus requires in fuel, lease costs, and landing fees?

  10. Anonymous13:52

    Premature? That may be. But if they waited for a couple of more years and developed IKA, AMM, CAI, KBP and LED, what would have happened? Would we hear something like: "Well done, euromed is now strong, time to try transatlantic"? Of course not. It would be: "Fools. Aegean has just launched their JFK flights, LOT are already there, and does Kondic really think TK will simply sit and watch him launching JFK? They will all respond, they will all increase connections, they will all dump prices and ASL's flights will be empty so that Vucic can enjoy them alone in the cabin!"

    This is what would happen if they waited. This way they at least get to launch JFK before Aegean does (although according to some posters it is complete lunacy to launch anything until Aegean launches it first - and after that it is again lunacy because Aegean already launched it) and they will suffer initial losses in the last year in which they enjoy state aid. On top of that, they will have no competition on that route in exYU and the fuel will get even more cheap in 2016. I have said it before - if they ever intend to do it now is the right time.

    And let me also remind you that the posters here already dismissed IKA because it's too late - competitors are already there so no one else should ever launch anything. CAI was also dismissed because it is heavily covered by Star Alliance - how can ASL match their combined offer of connections? They can't, so they better forget CAI. Also they once announced KBP and gave up on it which is yet another proof they don't know how to develop euromed. If they announce Venice this year it will be labeled the stupidest move in the history of aviation - trying to enter AZ's backyard. If they add frequencies to existing routes we will learn that the times are inappropriate to feed the JFK flights - even though no one really knows these times. And so on, and so on...

    Again, I see crazy moves their only chance. Everything else is well covered and certainly won't be disturbed by ASL.

    1. Anonymous14:26

      Hmm not true, people are generally in agreement here when it comes to destinations such as CAI or IKA. Everyone thinks that they should be launched so your argument is invalid.

      Also, you are basing your whole post on a hypothesis on what certain posters on here might say. If we disregard their supposed hate we will see that they are right. JU is losing the battle and the longer the wait to develop a solid mid-haul network the harder it will be for them. The matter of fact is that JU is sandwiched between AZ, OS, A3 and TK. They need to grow before they are completely outgrown and suffocated.

      I think of the intellient posters on here will agree with me.

    2. Anonymous14:28

      Regarding IKA, people did say that they are late and that's why it will be difficult to position themselves there. People never said it was too late and that they shouldn't go for it.

      But it seems to me that you think we should all be quiet, not to comment on anything and then clap our hands and congratulate JU when they don't do anything.

  11. Anonymous14:40

    BEG writes off USD 22 million of JU debt incurred from October 1, 2014 till September 18, 2015.

    BEG share is down 35% from it's highs set in 2015. The share closed today at RSD 982, down 1.3% for the day.


    1. Anonymous14:44

      Interestingly I don't remember any articles that celebrated the 40M USD payment BEG received from the government for their Jat receivables...

    2. Anonymous14:53

      It was immediately repaid back to the Gov't thru one off dividends. In Serbian there is an expression to explain the transaction: presipanje iz šupljeg u prazno.

    3. Anonymous15:34

      One-off dividend was nowhere near 40M USD. It was less than 5 million.

    4. Anonymous15:53

      Not true. There was 2 dividends. Smaller one and second one was much bigger one!

    5. Anonymous16:02

      BEG's 9-month financial statements only mentioned one dividend.

      Either way we will see it all in the annual report that will come out soon.

  12. Anonymous14:41

    I am not advising anyone what to do or not to do. I only see some unnecessary emphasis on each and every single move of one single airline.

    Let's say for a moment that ASL i currently losing the momentum in developing its mid-haul network. What you guys suggest is that because it is happening now it will be carved in stone and no one will ever be able to change it. I mean, you suggest this in one of the fastest-changing industries that exist, where carriers succeed and fail overnight, where newcomers keep challenging, oldboys keep restructuring and striking back from knockdowns. For god sake, do you hear yourselves - ASL is supposed to run a sprint against TK and OS???

    They will not die if they don't introduce IKA and CAI this year. That's the only thing I'm saying. Yes of course it would be better if they launched it yesterday but they did not and let's just try and live with it. There will be new routes, there will be growth, but these will not happen at the pace you would expect to see based on the example of Aegean. ASL is clearly slower than that but it will not kill them.

    1. Anonymous15:05

      IKA i CAI su linije na kojima bi ASL gubio novac to je samo banda Dinkicevaca koja ima bujnu mastu. U odnosu na JAT ASL je kratak sa linijama iz mediteranskog saobracaja citaj severna Afrika. Tu su tri zemlje u potpunom rasulu Egipat, Tunis i Libija osim Alzira. Egipat mozda na silu, ali posle bombe u ruskom avionu se ceka.

    2. Nemjee15:16

      Цео пост нема смисла, посебно коментар да ЈУ не би правила паре у Ирану. Тржиште постоји и треба га искористити.
      Исто тако, од свих тих држава које си навео, најстабилнији је Тунис, не Алжир.

      А што се тиче Египта, то о чему причаш се односи на летовалишта, не на Каиро. Иако су одређене авио-компаније смањиле број седишта ка Каиру потенцијал је и даље огроман.

    3. Anonymous15:26

      While of course it is possible to lose money on every destination (some companies made losses on LHR route which is supposed to be a cash making route), from all destinations in ME and Asia IKA is probably as of NOW most attractive destination despite all the sh*t in the region and so on.

  13. Anonymous22:14

    Germanies largest touristic paper writes about hidden subsidies to Etihad/ASL through Belgrade airport. The whole deal behind the curtains is blown by the paper. Seems that really huge sums are transferred to EY/ASL via Belgrade airport.

    1. Anonymous22:43

      Let's see how they spin all of this. Germany is very well familiar with Etihad failures as they have Air Berlin.
      I am sure the opposition will use these information during the election campaign.

      I wonder if JU will present some official statement or something.

    2. Anonymous23:27

      ASL is a disaster for the tax payers!

    3. Anonymous23:34

      They just translated KRIK report.

    4. You are disaster foryour self. Who even reads Kirir bs anymore? They are biggest manipulating newspaper in the eastern Europe.

    5. Anonymous01:34

      Who said anything about Kurir?
      And BTW, yourself is one word.

  14. Anonymous22:49

    Etihad is specialzed in "fishy" deals. Most companies they "took" over are heavily dependent on more or less hidden govermental support. Mr. Hogan is very clever. Chooses a government that is in deep trouble and afraid of loosing a "national icon" (like Air Seychelles, Alitalia..) and presses out millions. The Italians have already written of more than 500 millions for AZ. The german government is now scrutinizing the deals around Air Berlin, because there is lots and lots of mud to be digged out in the coming weeks. Be patient and you will see.

    1. Anonymous22:53

      the only thing is that in Germany they have LH to worry about which is not willing to turn a bling eye to EY's adventures.

    2. Anonymous23:02

      Well who was so naive to believe that a company like EY, that is managed by British ex-pads mostly from Investment background would "donate" anything to Serbia? I am really stunned how many people believe the fairy tales told by Mr. Mali or Vucic. EY wants hard profits. Same tactic as hedge funds. Buy, put the debt on the shoulders of the bought ones, squeeze and leave. Of course LH is angry. Wouldn't you be if you pay with your aiport fees for someone elses unfair competition? That's one of reasons why there is an exodus of foreign airlines in Belgrade.....The airport is already in deep sh....and is stopping investments.

    3. Anonymous23:04

      My opinion is that foreign airlines are realizing that JU is weak and they are going to be attacking more aggressively now.
      With JU's mounting losses and airport's worsened situation seems like we are going for a full meltdown.

      If the government was smart they would cancel the US flights right away.

      Seems like the 'haters' were right in the end. lol

    4. Anonymous23:30


    5. Anonymous23:30

      Our minister for transport has produced a gem:

      "Ne vidim nikakav problem što smo ispoštovali ne samo ugovornu obavezu, nego smo omogućili da se dalje radi. To što je država sada uradila jeste da je omogućila da i Aerodrom i Er Srbija dalje rade",

    6. Anonymous23:32

      It seems that the EU will issue an offical warning against Serbia /ASL due to unfair competition.This could also be a blow to EU chapters.....a big story developing- and not good for the Vucic administration. An impoverished nation that spends 132 million € on a prestige project. At the same time Bulgaria has a nice, well managed, modern, private national carrier that provides sufficient connections a ZERO cost for the taxpayer. Well done Bulgaria!

    7. Anonymous23:32

      The story grows like a snowball. More and more international press picks it up. Talk about huge corruption and mismanagement.

    8. Anonymous23:33

      I wonder what tomorrow's topic on ex-YU will be. :D

    9. Anonymous23:33

      Man stop hyperventilating. You have written 10 comments in 10 minutes. BTW all of this is is visible in the Etihad-Air Serbia takeover document. Should read it again.

    10. Anonymous23:33

      Aegean allready is attacking JU with bigger aircraft and more frequencies.

    11. Anonymous23:34

      It seems that in addition to 70 mio € paid directly by the government and another 40 already compensated through BEG airport, ASL needs to write off another 22 mio € from BEG airport. Makes an impressive 132 mio € in 2 years, without a single new aircraft or major investment. At the same time BEG airport has to postpone expansion, modernization due to lack of funds!
      As predicted, ASL will cost Serbia "kao Svetog Petra kajgana". As I was predicting, ASL will cause more financial losses to the taxpayers than the old JAT.

    12. Anonymous23:35

      So is it safe to assume that we can now all agree that JU is NOT a profitable airline?

    13. Anonymous23:35

      One of the least profitable in Europe, if not the last one. Without the millions of taxpayers money, immediate bancruptcy! The transatlantic adventure will be last nail in the coffin.

    14. Anonymous23:35

      Naah the airport will just keep on footing the bill.

    15. Anonymous23:36

      And by "airport" we mean taxpayers.

    16. Anonymous23:36

      A 13 aviona je palo sa neba kao i 10 novih A320neo?

    17. Anonymous23:38

      Nema svrhe da raspravljas sa njim. To je isti lik je napisao preko 10 komentara. Vidis da je u egzaltaciji :) pusti ga

    18. Anonymous23:39

      To je onaj sto pise "bad news for JU", "very bad news for JU", eat your sandwich" i ostale gluposti. Bivsi radnik ;)

    19. Anonymous23:40

      Kompanija je profitabilna sto je dokazala i svetska poznata racunovodstvena Agencija dokazite drugacije .
      A takodje LYBE je profitabilan.

    20. Anonymous23:44

      Anonymous January 18, 2016 at 11:36 PM

      What NEOs? The ones that are coming in 2020?
      And untill then it would keep flying Aviolet 737s and ATRs from the 90s?

    21. Anonymous23:45

      Ne dolaze ti u 2020 vec u 2018. Ajde spusti malo dozivljaj. Ovde si dobro svima poznat.

    22. Anonymous23:51

      Half of the fleet inherited by JAT the other half leased at very unfavourable rates and rather old. Face the reality.

    23. Anonymous23:53

      Face the reality da ne radis vise u toj firmi.

    24. Anonymous00:01

      Nisam bivsi JAT-ovac ali ni SNS trol koji za 100 DIN pise gluposti.......

    25. Anonymous00:05

      SNS trolovi nisu dovoljno pametni da bi ovaj sajt pronasli. Ja razumem da ne volis Vucica, Er srbiju ili bilo sta drugo. Ja Vucica prezirem ali covece ti sedis i cekas samo nesto o Er Srbiji da se objavi i onda prakticno ne dozvoljavas bilo kakvu drugu diskusiju. Danas je izuzetak jer si se kasnije ukljucio. Ali ono. Postujem da objavis ali se vidi da si napisao 90% ovih komentara. Napisi jedan i pusti da se razvije diskusija. Vise ce te ljudi postovati.

    26. Anonymous00:07

      Da se nadovezem, za mnoge si postao sprdnja poput INN-NS samo sa druge strane.

    27. Anonymous01:37

      Ja nisam sprdnja zato sto iznosim svoje misljenje iz Aviacije i kako bi neko trebao da posluje ili sto znam vise od vas nesto .
      Vi ste samo ljubomorna osoba koja je cekala dugo da se zaposli ili ceka jos uvek pa pljuje kompaniju .

  15. Anonymous23:57

    Sorry for all who are not willing to understand: € 132 million in 2 years of subisides- NOT INVESTMENTS! Aircraft are leased, took almost 2 years to face lift the website, a claustrophobic Busineslounge without windows, nothing substantial for so much money. 2017 Mr. Hogan's crew will pack their bags and leave the mess......with pockets full of money and leaving a big whole in Serbias budget. Slovenia will now invest 3 million in ADRIA and sell then the airline for little more then 8 million. Not very good deal, but still milleniuns ahead of the JAT-Etihad farce.

    1. Anonymous00:18

      Ne kapiram zasto ne napravis svoj blog. Nesto poput "I hate Air Serbia". Onda mozes svaki dan da pises tekstove sa ...... i !!!! i VELIKIM SLOVIMA. Jer mene mnogo vise zanima diskusija o potencijalnim ili ne potencijalnim linijama nego tvoja dnevna doza bunila. Ne radim za ASL, nisam Vucicev glasac ali me zanima avijacija. A tebe ne znam ni sta zanima. Neko ko objavi 20 komentara za sat vremena ne moze biti zdrav.

    2. Pa kako će to Hogan da odnese taj ogroman kofer para kada po vašem mišljenju AS je izgubila ne milione nego skoro bilion dolara. Svako jutro čitam ove budalaština ovdje i mislim se Bože zašto su ljudi ovoliko opaki i ljubomorni kada neko radi nešto dobro??? Da li je stvarno u njima toliki otrov ili je u pitanju loša edukacija?

  16. I really hope this works out for ASL. However, I believe that flight to JFK should go via Zagreb. If that were the case, they'd have no problems and virtually no risks on this route. The number of Americans visiting Croatia as tourists is rapidly increasing, not to mention Croatian diaspora, which is over a million in the US alone and another 150,000 in Canada. On top of that, over time, I'm sure Belgrade would profit as an additional tourists destination in the Balkans as well.
    Cheaper flights with the company which is totally amazing, I flew ASL two weeks ago for the first time and I'm thrilled with the service, directly to Zagreb all year round, that would be awesome.

    1. Anonymous15:02

      No it wouldnt. If someone wants to travel to Croatian coast from there they will be offered a connecting flight. Better revenue. JU are flying to three coastal cities during summer in Croatia alone, plus Greece and Bulgaria and that might expand. The only reason to stopover at ZAG might be that someone offers direct US—Croatia flights on a daily basis which certainly won't happen this year.


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