Happy New Year to all EX-YU Aviation News visitors. May today be everything you wish with family, friends and food. Once again if you are logging on today, consider yourself amongst the most loyal of the site’s visitors. It’s much appreciated!


Thanks for your support throughout the past year

Sretna nova godina Srećna nova godina Срећна нова година 
Среќна нова година Srečno novo leto Gëzuar Vitin e Ri


May 2016 bring you many travels and adventures


It will be a busy year and it all starts right here tomorrow at 09.00 CET


Stay safe and enjoy the holidays




  1. Anonymous09:04

    Thank you, Admin, and happy New Year to everyone

  2. Anonymous10:05

    Happy New Year! Hope for great news in 2016 from Ex-Yu carriers! Admin, you're doing a great job, keep up the good work!

  3. Anonymous10:17

    Happy New Year to everyone! I am sure 2016 will be a great year!
    I am really looking forward to it, here in BEG our January is starting pretty nicely with Lot returning and Ural launching their DME flights! :)


  4. Purger10:45

    Happy New Year to all participants of this forum, I wish you lot of health, happiness, prosperity and love.

    Especially happy New Year to Admin who is really doing a great job! You become part of my everyday life, first thing in the morning and several times per day. It is like that even when I am in other continent and even when I was in North Pole this forum was my priority to check. You become my drug! Just my office hate you as many times you have priority over them! :-)

    I am happy for another 345 posts to read in 2016!

    1. Anonymous11:47

      365 buddy

    2. Anonymous15:45

      purger popio koju vise sinoc

      mozda su mu i egzaktni podaci o svakom skotskom aerodromu izbacili podatak o broju dana iz glave ko ce ga znati

    3. Anonymous16:16

      nije, nego su ga zbunili fantastični rezultati Air Serbije u decembru

    4. Anonymous23:54

      Anon @11:47
      366, february has 29 days ;-)
      Happy New Year!!!

  5. Anonymous11:46

    Those pics looks spectacular! Love these Christmas/New Year greetings :)

    Wishing you all a great 2016

  6. Anonymous11:47

    Looking forward to open this blog at 9h in the morning every single day next and many more years...happy and prosperous 2016

  7. Anonymous15:47

    Happy, happy new year to everyone! :) Glad to see that I am not the only one opening it every day at 9. :D

    That said, I have a question, anyone know how the bookings on W6's Baden route are going? I see that the flights in April are no longer that cheap, could it mean that the loads are doing well?

  8. Anonymous17:09

    "The Serbian carrier also plans to boost regional operations with additional frequencies, while two cities in the region are being considered as new destinations for 2016"
    Anybody know which two would this be? One is def Pristina but the other one could be maybe Croatian coast destination,Cluj, Chisinau ( if we consider Moldova to be regional).Any other guesses?

    1. Anonymous17:41

      Definitely isn't Pristina because the next statement goes on to say that Pristina flights could be launched but will depend on a political agreement, so the admin separated Pristina from the two. My guess is one is Zadar, the other one I'm not sure.

    2. Nemjee18:39

      Possibly Ohrid?

    3. Anonymous19:28

      Or Tuzla?

    4. Anonymous19:37

      What happened with Kiev and Cairo flights which were planned? How do they expect to feed regional flights with limited European, African, Middle Eastern flights? The article from yesterday did say that they plan increases on existing routes, but it was not specific.

    5. Anonymous19:39

      also it would be funny if they open Tuzla, Ohrid, Cluj, etc before Madrid,Barcelona, Oslo, etc.

    6. Anonymous23:49

      Read between the lines guys ;)

      "while two cities in the region are being considered as new destinations for 2016."

      "Ohrid Airport's newest customer with seasonal charter services from Tel Aviv to begin on June 1, while another foreign carrier is in the process of negotiating services to the lakeside city."

    7. Anonymous00:11


  9. Anonymous21:36

    wishing you all a wonderfull 2016 many thanks admin for a great job

    1. Anonymous00:12

      Thanks Anonymous.


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