New York top unserved destination from Pristina

Pristina Airport sees busy 2015 with strong demand for US flights

Pristina Airport handled 1.549.198 passengers in 2015, with figures improving 10.3% compared to the year before. Zurich was the busiest destination served out of Pristina during the year, while New York was the top unserved route from the city. The airport registered a total of 6.334 aircraft movements, up 5.7% on 2014. Germania maintained its position as the busiest carrier with some 245.000 passengers handled, followed by Adria Airways, which carried 220.000 travellers. Adria's numbers improved significantly on the year before when it welcomed 180.000 passengers on its flights to and from Pristina. The two were followed by Edelweiss Air, easyJet, Turkish Airlines, Germanwings, Austrian and Pegasus Airlines. Pristina Airport handled 1.107 tons of cargo, a slight improvement on 2014's 1.007 tons. Overall, last year was Pristina Airport's second busiest on record (passenger wise), but still short of 2013's figure when it saw 1.628.678 travellers pass through its doors.

The majority of passengers departing Pristina and transferring through other European airports continued on to New York, which was the busiest unserved route from the city. Some 13.000 travellers flew from Pristina to the Big Apple (JFK Airport and Newark Liberty) in 2015. Of those, 10.000 were headed for New York's JFK Airport. Other routes in North America which saw a notable number of passengers departing Pristina included Chicago, Washington and Toronto. In 2009, Scanderbeg Air, a short-lived tour operator that contracted with Sky King Airlines, launched two weekly flights between Pristina and New York with a Boeing 767-200ER aircraft. Services were maintained twice per week between June and September. Last week, the Serbian Prime Minister spoke of the importance of resuming service between Pristina and Belgrade in order for travellers to transfer onto Air Serbia's planned flights to New York via Belgrade. He added that Air Serbia hopes to tap into the large "diaspora of Albanians in New York".

Switzerland was Pristina's largest market in 2015, with 37.6% of all passengers travelling to the country. It was followed by Germany, Turkey, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia and Italy. The majority of travellers departed Pristina for Zurich, some 17.2%, followed by Basel, Istanbul, Dusseldorf, Munich and Geneva. The second busiest unserved route from the Kosovan capital was Helsinki. Other destinations with the largest share of passengers reached by transferring through other points in Europe were London Heathrow, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Oslo and Brussels. Pristina Airport is in talks with several well-known carriers over new flights this year, with easyJet to launch services from Berlin in March, while Adria Airways will introduce flights to London Luton Airport in June.




  1. Anonymous09:04

    Good result for Pristina. Interesting that many people transfer to reach destination which are actually setved from PRN.

  2. Anonymous09:09

    No wonder Air Serbia wants to fly there

  3. Anonymous09:16

    PRN is a cashcow for Austrian and TK. That can be said for Sarajevo too.

  4. Anonymous09:18

    Why did Scanderbeg Air stop flying JFK - Pristina?

    1. Anonymous09:22

      They went bankrupt. They use to fly Tirana-JFK too.

  5. Anonymous09:46

    So more passengers in 2015 than in 2014:
    242.038 SKP
    202.743 SPU
    156.827 ZAG
    144.423 PRN
    140.542 LJU
    137.533 BEG
    109.463 DBV

    21,0% SKP
    11,6% SPU
    10,5% LJU
    10,3% PRN
    8,9% SJJ
    7,0% TGD
    6,9% DBV
    6,4% ZAG
    3,0% BEG

    1. Nemjee09:48

      SPU is really interesting. I did say that they could become Croatia's number one airport. However, what worries me is the lack of space for future expansion.

    2. Anonymous10:14

      with 18.000 passengers during winter period they can not be no 1 croatian airport for sure.

      Trend is in big favor for SPU last two years but longer period is not so good.

      Last year
      45.916 pax difference

      more passengers last 5 years
      655.019 SPU
      516.237 ZAG
      = 138.782 pax difference in 5 years (27.756 per year)

      10 years
      859.548 SPU
      859.384 ZAG
      = 164 pax difference

    3. Nemjee10:19

      In my opinion it's the long term part that works in SPU's favour.
      Zagreb has a cap, a certain maximum it can achieve without an airline operating a hub system there. SPU on the other hand can keep on growing as long as tourists keep on coming in- and they will.
      The only problem for SPU is how they plan on dealing with the lack of space they have. Give them five, six years and they will comfortably overtake Zagreb.

      Take Larnaca as an example, during August alone they handle well over a million passengers. SPU can too at some point.

    4. Anonymous10:27

      This year was the best but still with this difference they need 17 years to overtake ZAG. I don't think so

      with new terminal ZAG will get at least one low cost airline to base plane in ZAG + some other LCC routes, and more routes with legacy carrier, Croatia is going out of restruction...

      In same time SPU will not have Ultra, if terrorism attacks stops more tourist will go to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia again, with HDZ on government again Kalmeta will get more money into Zadar and that is always against Split...

      So give ZAG just 2 year (not few) and you will see that there will be more new passengers in ZAG than in SPU.

    5. JU520 BEGLAX10:33

      SPU has huge potential if u see what Antalya or PMI pax loads are. Question is, do we want this mass tourism? Me not. So i m fine with 3 mio pax rather than 9. Our Jadran needs to be protected from the masses
      The Jadran is the regions capital and worth more than anything else

    6. Anonymous10:35

      Ok, so Zagreb will grow some more next year and the year after that but then what happens? I highly doubt OU will start building a serious hub there, that ship has long sailed.

      But the Croatian coast will keep on becoming more and more popular with tourists from new markets coming in every year. In my opinion SPU will become something like RHO.

    7. Nemjee10:36

      That comment above was me.

    8. Anonymous10:45

      Jadran has become so commercialised, that I cringe at the idea of going there for a holiday. It is so rapidly losing its authenticity. Everyone is after a quick buck.

      I'm now in search of more unique, tourism-decluttered destinations (e.g. Folegandros, Azores, Coimbra, etc.).

    9. Anonymous11:29

      The Adriatic Coast lacks of sandy beaches, an absolute must have for mass tourists. It will remain being very successful, no doubt, but there will never be a real mass tourism (except maybe Mid July-Mid Aug) like in AYT, PMI. Another big problem are high airport fees there, and in SPU huge problem Friday-Sunday regarding capacity.

    10. Anonymous11:54

      You forgot to mention INI
      2014 - 1,335
      2015 - 36.200 UP 2611.6%
      in only 6 months of operation!

    11. Anonymous12:10

      There are also good results of Tuzla (+76%), Rijeka (+24%), Mostar (10%), Maribor (+45%)... but those airports are so small that they are not comparable with big ones.

    12. Anonymous12:35

      We can read how good situation in BEG is, over and over again. And that BEG does not want to compare with those "small" airports in exYu and how goal for BEG is to be better than big airports in region like BUD.

      so here is fact which will show how unreal is that Vučić statement:

      number of new passengers in 2015:

      2.890.525 Athens (+19,0%)
      1.102.024 Budapest (+12,4%)
      1.029.868 Bucharest (+13,6%)
      506.230 Thessaloniki (+10,1%)
      343.364 Sofia (+8,9%)
      313.003 Heraklion (+5,2%)
      137.533 Belgrade (+3,0%)

      So how will Belgrade run over BUD and other airports in region if it has several hundreds less new passengers per year? Especially BUD where difference is more than million new passengers?!?!?!?!

    13. Anonymous12:49

      BUD is likely to continue high figures in 2016 too. Wizzair are really expanding over there, they use 3 A321´s already, they are having direct flights to Canada, Ryanair 4 new routes.
      Same goes with OTP, Ryanair already operates 10 routes, they have 2 low cost carriers.
      Sofia will see Wizzair expanding and surpassing Bulgaria Air.
      And last but not least is Greece, after slowly recovering from recession, the figures are expect to increase.
      But 137 thousand pax for BEG is way too low!

    14. Not that 'region'. In media 'region' usually includes ex-Yu countries, the so called 'Western Balkans'.
      Although BEG wants to run over those airport, it is not a good comparison(except, maybe Sofia) because all of them are in the EU and have significantly bigger O&D demand with a more developed tourism, bigger diaspora and also economy...
      Btw, I'm not protecting BEG and it's incompetence. They totally deserved these results.

    15. Anonymous13:23

      @ kraspeed

      Sofia have much bigger O&D than Belgrad. Over 95% of their PAX (around 4.1 mln) are O&D passengers.

    16. Anonymous13:30

      @ Anon January 13, 2016 at 12:49 PM

      OTP have 3 LLC - Wizz, Ryan & Blue Air. In next year are announced over 10 new destinations. Regarding SOF by the end of the year Wizz will base a 7th aircraft which will be A321 (confirmed by Varadi last year). Wizz already have surpassed Bulgaria Air in 2015. In the same time Ryan are launching from their 2 routes. Their national carrier will lease by the end of the year 3 A321's and they're launching 2 new seasonal routes. El Al will boost capacity and will start to fly to SOF with B763 from late March.
      BUD and ATH are far far away. It's better not to talk about them.

    17. Nemjee14:04

      Sofia and Budapest are the markets we should compare Belgrade with. The fact that they are so much ahead of us only goes to show how much needs to be done here. However, let's not get carried away by only attacking the airport management. Both Wizz Air and Air Serbia could do much better.

      If we ever build a highway to Romania then Timisoara could become a dangerous competitor to BEG given that the distance is only 180km.

    18. Anonymous15:03

      I don't find it normal ASL not to have a single destination in Spain...

    19. Anonymous15:13

      @ AnonymousJanuary 13, 2016 at 1:30 PM

      can you pls provide a source for the EL Al part?

    20. Anonymous15:50

      Ok, so this adds to TK, QR and AS that will boost their capacity in SOF. AB will resume its flights, additionally to the existing code-share with Bulgaria Air. 2016 will be exciting for the region.

    21. Anonymous18:13

      @ Anon January 13, 2016 at 3:13 PM
      Will be official very soon. Internal info...

    22. Anonymous20:06

      TZL also had around 100 000 pax more in 2015 than 2014

    23. Anonymous04:03

      Stigla dozvola: u Zračnu luku Split ulažu 450 milijuna kunažupanija/tabid/76/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/312847/Default.aspx

    24. Anonymous08:40

      Again Anon. 8:06

      There are also good results of Tuzla (+76%), Rijeka (+24%), Mostar (10%), Maribor (+45%)... but those airports are so small that they are not comparable with big ones.

    25. Those of you claiming Split has a much higher growth potential than Zagreb and basing your argument solely on tourism couldn't be more wrong. First of all Zagreb had either the highest, or second highest growth this year with over a million visitors. Secondly it is the capital with the large majority of both domestic and foreign companies HQs being in Zagreb. Thirdly, it is rapidly growing as a congress center. Not to mention that it serves the entire northwestern and western Croatia, Slavonia, northwestern Bosnia and eastern Slovenia when it cones to domestic passengers. That means it serves a region with 3 million people only in Croatia as a primary airport, with the addition of Bosnia and Slovenia that's over 3,5 million people. And last but not least, the new terminal hasn't even opened yet. Once it does open a year from now, even the most conservativr estimates project a growth up to 3,5 million pax a year by the end of 2018.

    26. In any case Zagreb is growing more rapidly tourist-wise and business-wise than any other city in Croatia, they would not be building a new terminal with a capacity of 5,5 million pax a year in the first phase alone. In second fase they are going up to at least 6 million, new air bridges, with the third and the last phase ending in 2025 with a second runway. These are French, operators of the Paris Charles de Gaule airport in Paris, the second busiest in Europe. They would not have entered into this project if they didn't firmly believe in Zagreb's enormous growth potential. They even intend on making it the entire region's hub. And so far they've been spot on with every decision they made.

  6. Anonymous09:50

    I can very well imagine either Adria, Germania, Norwegian or maybe even Finnair introducing HEL soon.

    1. Anonymous15:52

      I would expect also Sweden, considering the big diaspora

  7. Anonymous10:14

    What happened in 2014?

    1. Anonymous10:20

      Belle Air went bankrupt.

  8. Anonymous10:20

    Sorry for the OT:

    Večer daily reports that Express Arways is launching new route from MBX. They are going to fly MBX-DUS route twice pre week (Thursday, Sunday) with an B737-300 aircraft. Tickets on sale from February.

    Best regards,

  9. JU520 BEGLAX10:23

    Who flies the bulk of the US bound pax ex PRN? LX TK and JP with LH?
    any figures?

    1. Anonymous10:25

      Good question. My guess is LX and TK.

    2. Anonymous11:24

      And OS to JFK, EWR, ORD, YYZ, IAD

  10. Anonymous12:44

    Treba malo sire od PRN da se gleda sto se tice JFK letova a to su naprimer IKA , AMM, KWI,KBP, PEK ne treba nikako zaboraviti , a pogotovu TLV poboljsati

    1. Anonymous09:42

      PEK!? Are you suggesting that any sane person would fly PEK-BEG-JFK?

  11. Anonymous12:53

    PRN has more primary airports vs SKP for instance such as FRA,MUC, BRU. What PRN now needs is W6 or FR to seconday airports such as CRL, HHN, EIN, etc.

  12. Anonymous13:04

    How big is the Albanian diaspora in the USA?

    1. Anonymous15:53

      200k according to wiki

  13. Anonymous13:11

    Their terminal looks very nice

  14. Anonymous14:12

    OT: Air Serbia Adds New Flights for Sofia in S16

    Air Serbia in summer 2016 season plans to increase service on Belgrade – Sofia route, which sees the addition of overnight/early-morning service, from 28MAR16. The new flight operates on Mondays and Thursdays, on board ATR72 aircraft.

    JU126 BEG0030 – 0240SOF AT7 14
    JU122 BEG1320 – 1530SOF AT7 D

    JU127 SOF0520 – 0530BEG AT7 14
    JU123 SOF1600 – 1610BEG AT7 D


    1. Anonymous14:15

      It was already announced on here a few weeks ago along with some other additions. However last year they also announced major increases (also reported by airlineroute) and then nothing happened.

    2. Anonymous15:12

      They NEED more aircraft for their flight schedule!
      Both props and Jets.
      The ATRs and the Aviolet 737s are very old and have very low availability.
      To make connections in BEG possible you need aircraft that don't brake down all the time and mess up the flights and passengers connections.

    3. Anonymous16:29

      The midnight flights to Sofia on Mondays and Thursdays are in line with JU020 morning flights to JFK at 07:30, the same days of the weak.

  15. Nemjee16:00

    Seems like Ryanair is planning on expanding in Timisoara! This will be interesting to follow but more importantly let's see if Wizz Air responds in any way, both in TSR and in BEG.
    Let's not forget that the western part of northern Serbia can use either one of the two airports.

    1. Anonymous16:22

      Bad news for JU.

    2. Nemjee16:24

      To a certain extent yes but W6 should be more worried.

    3. Anonymous16:32

      Come on Nemjee, why should a lowcoster ever worry about another lowcoster entering his alley? Only legacy carriers should worry about that. Moreover, not even legacy carriers from that alley should worry - only JU should worry. Every day and every minute that passes, JU should worry and we should all be obsessed with bad news that come for JU. I am surprised you haven't figured it out so far.

    4. Nemjee16:58


      Well, it's unfortunate that very often good discussions go down the drain because of certain people.
      However, I still believe that if we ignore them they will go away.

      That said, Timisoara was greatly underserved for many years now. This might change with Ryanair's entry and Wizz Air's new routes. So this biggest loser will be BEG actually.

    5. Anonymous17:05

      Super za one koji vole da putuju 2, 3 sata u jednom i 2, 3 sata u drugom pravcu zbog 50, 100eur..

    6. Anonymous17:18

      Super za one koji ne vole, ali ipak putuju 2, 3 sata u oba pravca jer tako mogu sebi da priuste da lete.

    7. Nemjee17:23

      Ја то у животу не бих радио али знам доста људи који лете чак из Будимпеште. Ето баш прошле недеље другарица отпутовала Визером јер је карта била око 40 евра.

    8. Even 40 Euros is 11% of an average monthly salary in Serbia. That is the reason why so many people are forced to fly out of BUD, TSR, TZL, etc.

    9. Anonymous17:50

      Lowcost ima svoje tržište i svoje odane potrošače, isto kao što ih ima i legacy koncept. Mislim da su u pitanju dva odvojena segmenta koja treba da se razvijaju odvojeno i nema nikakve potrebe da se jedan ili drugi glorifikuju kao jedini koncepti koji vrede ili imaju budućnost. Ja ne koristim LCC kada letim ali nikom ne zameram što to čini ili što stavlja uštedu ispred svega. Ima nas više nego dovoljno za oba segmenta i neka cveta hiljadu cvetova :)

      Donekle je neugodno kada se lowcost zbog svoje ogromne ekspanzije percipira kao jedini koncept letenja u budućnosti. Legacy nišu nikako ne treba zanemarivati.

    10. Anonymous18:45

      Actually, in Europe, these segments are converging. Even Lufthansa now has a 'bare' tariff which includes no checked luggage, they've decreased the comfort by adding slim seats and additional rows, even their frequent travelers are getting less from their loyalty, so all in all, apart from airports they serve (and in many cases not even that) there is no big difference, especially on 1-2 hours flights.

    11. Anonymous23:12


      Speaking of PRN, I wonder how many passengers flying to Turkey are from Sandzak. I'd think quite a few.
      LYKV could take some of that traffic away if they ever got their act together and actually opened for business.
      Ryanair and to lesser extent Wizz need to fill the seats on all the planes they had ordered, which will see them expand to new markets/airports. Wizz has a head start in the region, but I wouldn't count Ryan out, as they plan to carry additional ~60 million passengers in the next 10 years.


    12. Anonymous23:15

      KVO could do wonders for all of Raska!

  16. Anonymous19:08

    @ Ex-Yu aviation

    At the moment, New York, is unsereved destination from/to all ex-YU airports. Could you please provide New York numbers for other ex-YU airports, if not all, then the most important (BEG,ZAG,LJU,SJJ,SKP,SPU,DBV). It would be nice to compare these numbers with PRN. Personally, I'm not to fascinated with PRN's 13.000. I believe some of the airports mentioned have much bigger NYC numbers. Thanks !

    1. Anonymous19:18

      BEG's was published

    2. JU520 BEGLAX19:48

      How many young well educated people are leaving ex YU region today? Any figures? Which countries?

  17. Anonymous20:04

    OT: Wizz to start Tuzla - Maastricht/Aachen as of 30 May, tickets already on sale ;)

    1. Anonymous20:50

      Go BiH!!!

    2. Anonymous21:41

      Einhoven runway will be closed for 2 weeks. All W6 flights to/from EIN will temporarily be diverted to MST.

  18. Anonymous20:28

    Easy, this is only for 2 weeks
    Reason: EIN runway reconstruction

  19. Anonymous20:28

    I'm looking forward to JFK-BEG and then connecting to BNX/SJJ (preferably the former). That'll save so much time when visiting BiH.

  20. Anonymous23:31

    Evo predlog za sutrasnju vest.
    Kako kaze Janjic planiraju da povezu BNX sa ZRH,MUC i VIE postoji mogucnost cak da ce ASL obavljati neke letove.

    1. Anonymous23:59

      Svasta smo mi culi od Janjica i od aerodromA RS;a. Puno price malo rada. Drugi po velicini grad u BiH i ima samo 3 leta sedmicno. Jadno!


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