Summer 2016
Adria Airways

Adria to launch new routes from Slovenia, Poland, Albania and Kosovo

Adria Airways presented its 2016 summer season timetable yesterday, which comes into effect on March 27. The airline's privatisation process, which will be completed in late April, will not impact on its summer operations as the Slovenian carrier prepares to roll out four new scheduled routes, including services from Munich to Olsztyn in north-eastern Poland, as well as charters between Austria and Greece. In addition, the carrier will strengthen its position at its hubs in Tirana and Pristina with the launch of a new four weekly service from the Albanian capital to Munich, as well as two weekly flights from Pristina to London Luton. Furthermore, Adria will run charters from Klagenfurt and Graz in Austria to Kefalonia and Kavala in Greece, between June and September. From its main hub in Ljubljana, the Slovenian carrier will introduce a three weekly service to Cologne, however, it will no longer run flights to Istanbul. The route was suspended earlier this month.

Adria will operate a total of 209 scheduled flights this summer season, of which 161 wil originate from Ljubljana. Flights from Olsztyn in Poland to Munich will run three times per week. The airport is currently served by the small Polish regional airline SprintAir, connecting the 21st largest city in the country with Berlin and Krakow. From Ljubljana, Adria will add an additional weekly frequency on its Amsterdam route and will again operate ten weekly flights to Skopje during the peak summer months, after reducing operations to one daily last summer. Furthermore, services to Pristina will see an additional six weekly flights, which will come into effect from late August. On the other hand, for a second consecutive year, Adria will reduce operations to Moscow, and will now offer flights from Ljubljana to the Russian capital six times per week. Similar to last year, the airline will run seasonal flights to London Gatwick, Manchester and Tel Aviv. This year, services to the Israeli city will begin at the very start of the summer season, unlike before when they commenced in June. From Tirana, the carrier will add an additional weekly flight on its services to Brussels and Paris, while from Pristina another weekly service will be introduced to Frankfurt.

The Slovenian national carrier will introduce a new charter service from Ljubljana to Girona in Spain. Furthermore, it will resume its traditional charter services to the Greek islands of Zakynthos, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Chios, Santorini, Rhodes, Kos, Lesbos, Mitilini, Samos, Crete and Karpathos. It will also run flights to Antalya in Turkey and plans to resume charters to Hurghada in Egypt as well. Maribor did not garner a mention in the airline's preliminary summer schedule, although the airport's Managing Director says talks with the carrier are still ongoing. Adria resumed operations from Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport last year following a fifteen-year hiatus. It operated seasonal flights from Slovenia's second largest city to London Southend Airport.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary. The table displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies to some destinations may not come into effect until later on in the summer. The 2016 summer season lasts until October 29.

Departing Ljubljana

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Amsterdam34 1-
Cologne03 3starts MAR28
Istanbul70▼ 7-
London-Gatwick22- resumes MAY14
Manchester22- resumes MAY28
Moscow76▼ 1-
Pristina713 6-
Skopje710 3-
Tel Aviv22-resumes MAR28
Tirana1011 1-

Departing Pristina

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Frankfurt67 1-
Ljubljana713 6-
London-Luton02 2starts JUN19
Malmo11-resumes JUN21

Departing Tirana

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Brussels23 1-
Ljubljana1011 1-
Munich04 4starts MAR28
Paris23 1-

Departing Lodz

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes

From Olsztyn, Adria will fly to Munich three times per week. The flights are yet to be loaded into the system and put on sale.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Olsztyn?!?! WTF? They must be getting some good subsidies for this one.

    1. Anonymous09:11

      My guess to. I assume that it's the plane from Lodz doing this route. Probably Lodz-Munich-Olsztyn-Munich-Lodz.

    2. Anonymous09:19



    3. Anonymous10:15

      Actually the rotation for Lodz plane is LCJ-MUC-LCJ-AMS-LCJ-MUC-LCJ so it's going to have to be another aircraft.

  2. Anonymous09:10

    It's a pretty decent schedule this year. Interesting they announced it so early. I guess they didn't want people thinking they will close up shop now they have been bought.

  3. This woul lead to cca 8% pax increase

    1. Anonymous10:16

      how did you come up with this estimate?

    2. Anonymous17:36

      Total increase of flight according prevoius year

  4. Anonymous09:21

    Let's see if they keep Warsaw next winter. LOT starts flying to Ljubljana with much stronger frequnecies on 1st March.

  5. Anonymous09:23

    They also star with TLL-CDG 3wf this March

    1. Anonymous09:25

      ...and icreased fqc to MUC - TLL from 1 to 3

    2. Anonymous09:25

      Adria is not starting those flights they just do the sale for them. In fact Adria does not count flights from Estonia as their own even though Nordic Aviation is temporarily using their AOC. There are no longer Slovenian crew on these flights and neither are Adria planes operated.

    3. Anonymous09:31

      True these flights are not considered as Adria's even though they are using their flight numbers for the time being. Adria doesn't even count those passengers as their own.

    4. Anonymous14:03

      First airplane under adria AOC just started operating in TLL, and first crew just started to work in TLL last week, so not completely true what you wrote.

    5. Anonymous14:39

      As far as I know all of ex Estonian planes will get Adria's livery until next summer

    6. Anonymous14:45

      Not true. First ex-Estonia Air CRJ has received a new livery, crew uniforms and interior and it has nothing to do with Adria. They just didn't paint the name on the aircraft since they are waiting to choose a new one because it will not be called Nordic Aviation.

  6. Anonymous09:35

    Is Berlin seasonal? They don't seem to fly there in the winter.

    1. Anonymous09:52

      No, they also fly there in winter 3 times weekly.

    2. Anonymous09:54

      Yes sorry. I mixed something up.

  7. Nemjee09:37

    I have a few questions:

    1. Where will they fly the Crj-700s?

    2. The additional frequencies to PRN, are they exclusively because of good demand or are they adding them so as to rotate aircraft between PRN and LJU?

    3. Interesting that they are adding extra three frequencies to SKP but it's worth noting that they will start them on 19.08 and operate them for less than a month. Reminds me of Germanwings and BEG. Why do it so late and for such a short period of time? I am sure they could fill those seats in June and July.

    4. Does TLV connect onto their network?


    1. Anonymous09:58

      Cologne is getting the CRJ700, not sure which other routes. I do think the PRN frequencies are more for aircraft rotation then anything else but they are also being added like Skopje for a month I think. TLV arrive at 8.30 in the morning so it misses out almost all connections.

    2. Nemjee10:05

      Thanks. I guess that TLV is an issue for a lot of airlines as they can't get decent slots, that's one of the reasons why JU has such a random schedule to Israel.

      Does JP code-share with SK? Especially on flights to CPH and ARN?

    3. Anonymous10:25

      Antoher CRJ700 is based in LCJ.


    4. @Nemjee
      JP pax figures between LJU-PRN improve year on year. 2015 figures on this route were 10% up compared to 2014. Over the last three years (2012-2015 period) figures are up by almost a quarter (over 24%).
      JP PRN pax figures including other routes (FRA, MUC, MMX plus charters) are even more impressive. 2015 pax figures are up nearly 20% and over the last three years (2012-2015 period) pax figures are up over 40%.
      Worth noting is also the fact that August figures are significantly higher than June and July figures with many holidaymakers travelling to PRN during June or July but returning in August. Additional August frequencies make sense.

      Also, I am glad to see that PRN-LTN weekly frequency has already gone up from 1 to 2 (4,7). Excellent news, though shame that they don't fly to LGW.

  8. Anonymous10:57

    OT: today @ LJU:
    DHL A300F D-AEAQ, I think 1st landing.

    1. Anonymous18:51

      Yes, it was 1st landing.


  9. Anonymous13:14

    Schedule is pretty ok in my opinion. Poland route seems odd but like someone says its probably subsidized.

  10. Anonymous13:14

    Good to see they will be operating more flights. Are the PRN-LTN flights seasonal?

    1. No, it has been announced as a year long route:

      Let's wait and see though.

  11. Anonymous13:19

    RO to increase BEG from 6pw to 8pw.

    1. Anonymous13:21

    2. Anonymous14:09

      Odlicna saradnja izmedju RO i JU za buduce letove za JFK .
      Ja mislim da ce osim AB,AZ,EY takodje i RO , A3 imati codeshare na letovima za JFK.

    3. Nemjee14:48

      Tarom's schedule to BEG is the same as Aegean's, that is their flights are timed so as to offer convenient connections at their own hubs, not so much in BEG.

      OTP-BEG 17.15-17.50
      BEG-OTP 18.20-20.40

      Similar schedule to Aegean's extra frequency on Tuesdays which returns to ATH in the evening, just before the night departures.

      As for Tarom and the United States, there is no reason to funnel the passengers via Belgrade when they can do it through CDG and AMS, that is through fellow SkyTeam hubs.

      Aegean on the other hand will have direct flights on United to EWR while Greeks will also have the choice of flying on Delta which will offer up to 11 weekly flights to ATH or 5.900 seats every week.

      Btw United has recently recruited some Greek speaking crew for their Athens flights.

      That said, there is great potential for JU in Greece as every year roughly 800.000 American tourists visit the country.

    4. Anonymous15:09

      Neither Tarom nor Aegean will be codesharing on JU's flights to JFK.

    5. Anonymous15:23

      so why did they add these frequencies. Note the timing, late afternoon is perfect for feeding the JFK service, though i still doubt it wa main intention.

    6. Nemjee17:15

      Last anon,

      Because they need frequencies which will feed their outbound flights which depart between 22.00 and 00.00.
      Their current schedule allows for connections in one direction but not in the other (for most flights).

      With these extra two frequencies they will slightly improve their connectivity in OTP- however, they are still far from being a major regional player. That said, they do have their little market and they are taking care of it. Aegean is a much bigger threat, not only to JU but to other ex-YU airlines as well.

    7. Anonymous17:24

      Ja znam za jedan deo koji ce imati codeshare ali za ove druge nagadjam samo kao RO ja mislim da ce imati nebi povecavali frekvencije bez veze .
      A3 ne mora to je nagadjanje .

    8. Nemjee17:47

      Објашњено ти је горе зашто повећавају летове за Београд и зашто су ти летови тако касно поподне са вечерњим доласком у Букурешт.

    9. Anonymous00:01

      Ja nigde nisam rekao da se mora to desiti ima vremena da se vidi mozda ipak nesto bude .

  12. Anonymous13:21

    I just hope they sort out their fleet issue so we dont have a A340 being leased out to fly Frankfurt - Pristina like last year.

    1. Anonymous13:39

      A340 was leased by DAT because one of their aircraft was AOG and as per the wet least agreement, DAT neeeded to provide a back-up.

  13. Anonymous13:28

    But why there's nothing new from Lodz LCJ? Adria Airways said that they want to broad directions from that airport.

  14. Anonymous14:05

    Sta je bilo sa onim A321 sto je bilo price .

    1. Anonymous17:03

      I think that we will have to wait some more years for it. If we get one ever. We'll see what 4K will do about fleet in JP.


    2. Anonymous17:26

      Gospodine Haplek jel se znaju mozda neki planovi kakvu viziju flote ce imati 4K hoce biti promena.
      Hvala unapred :)

    3. Anonymous17:54

      Dear INN-NS

      Mr. Anžur (JP CEO) told media that they will (for now) continue to develop their hybrid concept airline. As he told us before JP will be implementing bigger aircrafts to its fleet in order to reduce costs per pax. This year another A319 is expected to be leased.


  15. Anonymous15:26

    OT: Izgleda da mi Air Serbia za prekookenaske letove mogla imati 2 komada cekiranog prtljaga za sve putnike u ekonomskoj klasi.
    Gledao sam neke karte sto nude preko Air Berlina, i sve ukljucuju pa 2 komada prtljaga - tako da bi logicno bilo da ce i letovi za JFK imati isto to.

    Imaju li neke indicije kad bi se karte mogle naci u prodaji?

    1. Anonymous15:38

      Zasto o tome niste diskutovali juce kada ste imali citav clanak posvecen tim letovima.

    2. Anonymous16:06

      AB je LC kompanija, naravno da postoji razlika u vezi prtljaga..

    3. Anonymous17:28

      AB je solidna kompanija samo su imali dosta problema u proslosti sa rukovodstvom sto nisu znali sta hoce .
      Isto jedan primer je EY ima sa njima iz DUS codeshare za letove za INN i uvek ima dosta Azijata steta sto tu sansu nije iskoristila ASL.

    4. Anonymous18:00

      Ja bih pre očekivao da prate EY - za Economy Breaking Deals i Saver 1 komad, za Value i Freedom 2 komada - upravo onu nomenklaturu koju je EY uzeo od Air Serbia. To je dobar profitni centar, posebno za transatlantske letove.

    5. Anonymous18:45

      @anon 3:38 zato sto sam u drugoj vremenskoj zoni, i kasno sam pročitao vijest.
      @anon 6:00 Za AB letove po 2 komada su uključena u sve ekonomske letove,uključujući i breaking deals

    6. Anonymous23:51


      Jesu, jesu, nego je moja procena da će pratiti EY logiku. Oni daju samo 1 komad na ovim klasama - kao i Alitalia, kao i ogromna većina evropskih kompanija na TATL letovima.

      Nasuprot tome, dva komada besplatno za sve bi mogla biti konkurentska prednost - posebno u ovom kraju sveta gde je nezamislivo da se preko bare ne putuje bez _dosta_ prtljaga.

    7. Anonymous11:02

      Odakle ti takve besmislene procene
      to su ti pricali ovi sto kupuju karte
      za 2017 ili Siptari koji lete jednom u pet godina?

    8. Anonymous18:00


      Kakav komentar, smanji malo doživljaj...

      Zašto je procena besmislena ako skoro sve evropske kompanije prate istu logiku? Evo, AB je prva za koju čujem da po pravilu nudi 2PC. Zaista ne znam ko to još radi, praktično je uvek 1PC, uz 2PC za full fare Y karte i naravno frequent flyere. I recimo TK, koji je još uvek na 30K ako se ne varam.

      A što se tiče komada prtljaga koje putnici iz regiona nose, to je iskustveno. Samo treba provesti malo vremena na aerodromu i pratiti šta se dešava.

  16. Anonymous15:27

    * Izgleda da bi Air Serbia...

  17. Anonymous15:41

    Poor Adria, sinking slowly, desperately and inevitably.


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