TAV eyes Belgrade Airport investment

TAV tipped to announce Belgrade plans next month

Turkey's TAV Airports Holding is in talks over plans to invest in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. According to sources close to the Turkish company, the airport operator is considering commiting to projects in Manila, in the Philippines, and Belgrade in February. While bid documents have not been released, Serbia’s government said in an International Monetary Organisation filing in December that it has hired advisers to develop long-term management contracts for the airport. The Serbian Economy Ministry’s press office declined to comment on the matter. TAV, whose biggest owner is Aeroports de Paris with a 38% stake, is looking at committing to two airport deals coming up for bid next month, sources close to the company said. While TAV may seek operational rights, it may also opt for an asset acquisition, one of the sources told "Bloomberg".

TAV runs Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport and a further thirteen airports across the world, including those in neighbouring Macedonia and Croatia. TAV also offers duty free retail, information technology and ground handling at about seventy airports in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States. Last week, TAV's founder and CEO, Sani Sener, confirmed that the company is chasing-up two investment opportunities. TAV's potential investment in Belgrade Airport is believed to have been discussed in late December during the Turkish Prime Minister's official two-day visit to Serbia. PM Davotoglu was accompanied by five cabinet ministers and more than 100 Turkish businessmen with the aim of furthering economic relations between Turkey and Serbia. Among those present were the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister, Economy Minister and Heath Minister.

In September last year, the Serbian government said it would resume plans to privatise its busiest airport at the end of 2015 or in early 2016. The state holds an 83.2% stake in the airport, which has 1.806 employees. The French concession and construction company Vinci has previously shown interest in vying for a concession of Belgrade Airport. On the other hand, in the summer of 2014, two companies from the United Arab Emirates, one of which is Arabtec Holding, the Persian Gulf’s largest construction company, also expressed interest in taking part in a potential concession. However, it is believed that awarding control of the country’s main airport to a company from the Middle East, in addition to Etihad Airways’ part-ownership of Serbia’s national carrier, would not be looked upon favourably by the European Union, which Serbia is aspiring to join. Belgrade Airport handled a record 4.78 million passengers in 2015 with a projected net profit of twenty million euros.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Interesting. They are expanding in ex-yu - Skopje, Ohrid, Zagreb...

    1. Anonymous09:16

      Aéroports de Paris owns 38% of TAV and since 2012 they are by far the largest individual shareholder. This is what brought them to ZAG although they were not too desperate to join the project.

      They used to be more focused on markets with closer ties to Turkey (Georgia, Macedonia) but the ADP entry changed that. BEG was also interesting for them and now with ADP on board it may actually take place. And at the same time the EU capital would be engaged, which is a kind of win-win.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    So nothing became of Vinci? I don't think the government really wants to sell the airport, it's a great source of money.

    1. Anonymous09:10

      A few months ago French ambassador said that one French company is very interested in BEG. Maybe she was thinking of Aeroports de Paris...

    2. Anonymous09:17

      Yes, ADP would enter via TAV.

    3. Anonymous09:20

      I will believe it when I see it. After all successive Serbian governments have lied to us over and over again. Remember when Vinci was in town? Vucic was presenting the whole situation as if it was a done deal.

    4. Anonymous09:29

      I agree. But what's interesting this time is that it isn't coming from a politician. But they have to sell something. After they rejected the Telekom bid, they need to fill up the budget with something and my bet is on the airport.

    5. Anonymous09:35

      True that and I am sure they won't get involved until the JU subsidies run out. It will be interesting to see what kind of agreement is struck afterwards. I am sure TAV/ADP wouldn't get involved unless JU starts footing its bill.

    6. Anonymous09:37

      Is it possible that they sell or lease just one terminal while the other is operated by Air Serbia/Etihad?

    7. Anonymous09:38

      Highly doubt it, the last thing they want is to get involved with a small, internationally insignificant airport and then not to have total control over it.

      I am sure that JU and EY will not insist on the whole terminal thing as long as they get to use the C gates.

    8. Anonymous09:51

      JU subsidies end on 31 December. What remains is the government's rule on a 50% discount for carriers who meet certain criteria (effectively JU only).

      There will be a lot of paperwork before any investment is made but I think it is possible.

    9. Anonymous09:53

      What are these criteria?

      Well, these criteria might be what makes JU's life more difficult. In order to compensate for reduced income, TAV will invite more airlines to launch flights. Given TAV's good relationship with Wizz Air in SKP I wonder if they might bring back the second aircraft back to BEG.

    10. Anonymous10:05

      So let's speculate, if TAV takes over, who is most likely to boost frequencies or to return?

      Could we see Eurowings or Transavia launch flights? Return of Air France?

    11. Anonymous10:07

      I don't know them by heart but the govt. rule on that is available online and it is the basis on which JU receives its 50% discounts from BEG. The rule obliges BEG to cut 50% to any carrier that meets the criteria, however the criteria is very high so in reality only JU can meet it because no other individual carrier would have such presence in BEG.

      Also I think it is about time we analyze each and every aviation update from the "good or bad for JU" perspective. This is a fast and dynamic world, things change on daily basis, how JU will respond to this or that is up to them. Really no need that we make daily lists of "good for JU" and "bad for JU" aviation developments.

    12. Anonymous10:07

      I think Air France return would be most likely.

    13. Anonymous10:11

      I don't understand. You people think AF would return to BEG just because ADP took over? I thought the market conditions should motivate them to return, not the nationality of owners?

      Do not get confused with ZAG please. ZAG sees so many new carriers because of:
      a) OU's stagnation
      b) Croatia's EU membership
      c) Croatia's tourism (including the city of Zagreb).

      It is not because ADP have some magic potion with which they attract carriers. ADP invested because they saw a, b and c above.

    14. Anonymous10:11

      JU is the primary airline here in Serbia which means that any development within the local market will impact them in some way.
      We have seen that JU is not the best when it comes to competing so increased competition at its home airport could be a problem for the airline.

      It's nothing hateful, it's just an observation. TAV will not bend over backwards to please JU and they will certainly not do everything in their power to make sure they get what they want as long as JU doesn't pull their act together. Air Serbia will have to step up and that's a good thing, both for BEG, Serbia and the region.

    15. Anon 9:53,

      The critera can be found under the airport's price list. It applies to all airlines transporting more than 500,000 departing pax in a 12 month period. The discounts are very generous and include 75% off landing fees and 100% off air-bridge fees.

    16. Nemjee10:15

      Didn't Wizz Air handle 450.000 passengers in BEG? That means that they could easily have them too.

    17. Anonymous10:25

      No, there are more requirements than just 500k pax per annum. When you see the list it is clear that only JU can fit there - unless some other airline decides to splash $100 million on the Serbian market.

    18. Nemjee10:26

      I am sure that this would be a deal breaker for TAV, 75% discount and not paying for airbridges is kind of crazy.

    19. Anonymous10:28

      Aleksandar Stojanovic wow, those are huge subversions!

    20. Anonymous10:30

      Nemjee that is "500,000 departing pax" so 1 million total passengers per year minimum.

    21. Anonymous10:30

      Agree. But I also think this rule can change easily. If the government wants to keep on supporting ASL they will simply have to find means other than doing it from BEG's revenues.

    22. Nemjee10:32

      AnonymousJanuary 14, 2016 at 10:30 AM

      Wow... ok. That is crazy then. Thanks for pointing it out.

    23. What are the other requirments except 500,000 departing pax? That is the only requirment on the official price list published on Beg.aero. Is there something that is not written there?

      I don't think TAV will want BEG if ASL continues with these discounts. ASL also is entitled to paying €4.5 for pax service as compared to €16.5 for other carriers that use T2. Their final invoice is also further discounted by 20%.

      Perhaps TAV will agree to keep such low charges if they get a good price for BEG. Perhaps a 25 year agreement where they don't have to pay anything but they must build a T3. Win-win for everyone. TAV will then not have to pay anything to the Government, Air Serbia can keep growing, and the GoS can quickly and cheaply find a solution for capacity at BEG.

    24. Anonymous10:42

      Here is the criteria: http://demo.paragraf.rs/combined/Old/t/t2014_01/t01_0026.htm

      A lot of requirements as you can see, just to point out three among them:
      - no discounts for anyone if BEG goes over 7 million pax or 50k tons of cargo
      - discounts are approved per route and do not apply on routes that other carriers serve
      - discounts can last no longer than 24 months

    25. Anonymous10:50

      Anonymous 10:42AM thank you!

      I suppose if any other airline comes close to meeting the criteria or if BEG reaches the 7 million pax level the government can easily change those rule to again apply only to JU.

    26. Anonymous10:55

      The government can of course change the rule as it pleases. But it can also change or deactivate it so that it clears the way for TAV to enter. It is all the matter of political decisions and, most likely, the cash some people will put in their pockets.

    27. Anon 10:42,

      My reading comprehension in Serbian is not of the highest level, but are we not talking about two different things? Those requirments are for the discounts on new and unserved destinations, and are completely seperate from the discounts offered to airlines that have a high volume of traffic at BEG. The document that you showed me seems to point at only 3 requirments for the discount high-traffic airlines are offered:

      1. Must have the right to operate in Serbia
      2. Must carry 500.000 departing pax
      3. This discount must be available to all airlines that fulfill the requirements.

    28. Anonymous11:03

      You are right Aleksandar. Basically the only requirement for existing routes is 500k departing pax per annum, meaning 1M pax effectively. In BEG, only one carrier can meet that.

    29. Anonymous15:59

      Once GoS decided to pour money into creation of Air Serbia fate of BEG airport was sealed: it had to serve supporting role in ASL's interests. They made a mistake in thinking UAE investor would be allowed for BEG and are now trying to get investor that will agree to let Air Serbia interests guide the future developments at the airport. Current subsidy schemes will have to be changed to reflect new circumstances that will allow for both Air Serbia and airport owner interests to be aligned, otherwise there will be no deal.

  3. Anonymous09:13

    This could explain why the delayed the terminal expansion.

  4. Purger10:23

    OT koji nema baš nikakve veze sa exYU prostorima, ali vrlo je interesantno za razvoj globalnog zračnog prometa:


    Airbus je najavio da kani pokrenuti projekt A380neo i da planira prve isporuke u 2024 ili 2025. Iz projekta je vidljivo da se odustaje od većeg A380-900 koji je trebao imati 100 sjedala više, nego da će se A380-800neo proširiti, ali za bitno manje mjesta od planiranog A389, što će uz nove motore i konstrukcijske uštede stvoriti daleko isplativiji avion. Ovo je i te kako potrebno obzirom da A380 u ovom momentu košta po satu eksploatacije 26.000 USD, što je oko 50 USD po sjedalu po satu leta, a isto je bitno više nego 44 USD po sjedalu i satu koje ima 777-300ER. Do sada je jedino Emirates pokazao jak interes za novi A380neo.

    U prošloj godini Airbus je konačno, nakon jako dugo vremena (više od 14 mjeseci) uspio dobiti i jednu narudžbu, i to za samo 2 A380 od za sada nepoznatog kupca. Znamo da su jak interes pokazali Turkish koji već godinama najavljuje kupnju A380, no oni najavljuju preuzimanje rabljenih A380 od posrnulog Malaysiana. U posljednje vrijeme Airbus je najavljivao jak interes za kupnju 3 A380 od strane ANA-e, pa je moguće ANA novi kupac superjumba. No, istovremeno je Airbus izgubio i Transaero koji je bankrotirao, te se njihova 4 A380 nemaju kome isporučiti (planirana je bila isporuka ove godine), što znači da je Airbus zapravo u minusu sa 2 zrakoplova, te da je 319 naručenih A380 zapravo 315 komada. I Virgin Atlantic je najavio mogućnost da svojih 6 A380 koji bi trebali krenuti sa isporukama u 2018. ne preuzme. Također je pitanje kome će irska leasing kuća Amedeo iznajmiti svojih 20 A380 koji bi se trebali krenuti isporučivati ove godine (trenutno je Amedeo preuzeo financiranje 16 A380 Emiratesa u raznim oblicima sufinanciranja). Gotovo pola svih A380 je u vlasništvu Emiratesa (140 komada).

    Backlog A380 je 178 komada što je dostatno za 6 godina isporuka uz sadašnji tempo od 30 A380 godišnje. Airbus je već najavio da je skeptičan oko 30 isporuka A380 u idućoj godini, pa ne bi iznenadilo da se proizvodnja A380 u 2016. smanji.

    No A380 je u daleko boljoj poziciji od projekta 747-8 kojih je svukupno naručeno 121 komad, a isporučeno 101. Boeing će u 2016. proizvodnju smanjiti sa 18 na 15 747 godišnje. No, i Boeing nema kome isporučiti 4 747 za Transaero, što znači da je backlog zapravo 16 komada. Navodno je Volga-Dnepr zaintereisrana za dodatne avione, no uzevši u obzir političko stanje Rusije i ovo je uputno, a najavljeana je i isporuka 3 komada za flotu predsjednika SAD-a koji će svoje 747-200 Air Force One trebao zamjeniti za nove zrakoplove. Vjerovatno će to biti posljednji 747 koji će izači sa tvorničkih traka, a Boeing bi sa dodatnim smanjenjem proizvodnje i forsiranjem prodaje možda mogao proizvodnju navuči na 2 godine, te potom ukinuti projekt 747. Vrlo izvjesno ukidanje projekta 747 moguć je dodatni poticaj za A380. No Boing će tada daleko više energije utrošiti u prodaju svog novog 777-9 koji će imati 400-420 mjesta i koji će krenuti sa isporukama 2020. (tri godine nakon što će se vjerovatno ukinuti 747).

    1. Sto se tice Turkisha, to su samo glasine. Poslovnom modelu kompanije vise odgovara da na cetiri motora lete dva aviona, a ne jedan, tj. frekvencije pre kapaciteta. Cak je i CEO to vise puta napomenuo.
      747-8 nije iznenadjenje,iako ikona vazduhoplovne industrije, to je manje vise zastareo koncept. A380 je vise stvar prestiza zalivskih zemalja, ne znam koliko bi samom Erbasu bilo isplativo da zapocinju novi program samo zbog jedne kompanije(iako ona bila Emirates)

    2. Purger22:16

      Slažem se da to ne bi trebali napraviti radi jedne kompanije. No, budimo realni A380 je budućnost. Zračni prostor je sve zagušeniji, zračne luke nemaju slotova i traže što veće avione, tj. motiviraju to, kompanije žele što veći avion jer on donosi veći profit po svakom putniku... A380 je možda došao prerano, ali definitivno ima budućnosti.

      A što se tiće Turkisha, pa oni su i sami rekli da žele par A380. Da se razumijemo, njima to stvarno ne treba, ali i kod njih je to stvar imagea, prestiža. A ponos je prokleta stvar. Konačno, nije da oni ne bi imali gdje zaposliti par komada, zar ne?

    3. Upravo tako, prerano je dosao. Jos uvek je ogranicen po pitanju aerodroma koji mogu da ga opsluzuju uz efikasno funkcionisanje ostatka aerodroma, kao i po pitanju onih koji mogu da ga napune.
      Nema sumnje da bi Turkish imao da ih uposli. Ali prica sa A380 kruzi vec godinama. Navodno imaju cilj da podignu broj letova na 2000 dnevno sa oko 250 letelica do zavrsetka novog istanbulskog aerodroma. Naravno da to ne iskljucuje A380, ali s njime bi to bilo znatno teze

  5. Anonymous10:26

    Would TAV agree to continue offering JU 50% discounts if it becomes the airport owner?
    What would be its incentive for doing so?

    1. Anonymous10:27

      2.5 million passengers per year. That's why.

    2. Anonymous10:30

      Subventions are not 50% but 75% and no, I don't think they would.

    3. Anonymous10:34

      Is ASL going to move to Kraljevo or Niš if BEG stops giving them these huge discounts?
      So why would it make business sense for TAV to offer 75% off landing fees and 100% off air-bridge fees?
      It can instead increase its profits and at the same time lower a bit the fees on all the other airlines and attract new ones.

    4. Anonymous10:34

      There is nothing there to agree with. The current government rule OBLIGES the airport to approve discounts, whether they like it or not. If TAV takes BEG it means they accept the rule. Which of course they will not do.

      There are ways to fix this. The rule can be deactivated and the government could support ASL without involving BEG in it. Or, the rule can stay but the government may agree to refund the discounts to the airport.

      After all, the purpose of the rule is to help the air traffic in Serbia develop. It is the government's investment in air traffic and no private investor should be affected by it.

    5. Anonymous10:45

      At least now we know why Vinci walked away from the BEG deal.

    6. Anonymous10:52

      No we don't. If the government really wants to sell and the buyer really to buy, then there are ways to settle any issue that come out of this rule on discounts.

      Vinci walked out either because the government did not really want to sell or they did not really want to buy. TAV may turn out the same but may also turn out different. We will see.

  6. Anonymous10:51

    People of the Balkans. Listen up, y'all.

    There is no such word as SUBVENTIONS. The correct word is SUBSIDIES!!!

    1. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/subvention

    2. Anonymous11:03

      I always thought that this was an ex-Yu thing. In the rest of the world it is indeed subsidies.

  7. Purger11:56

    Sorry za još jedan OT, ali upravo sam doznao neke bitne činjenice.


    G. Kučno je do sada javno, polujavno ili kuloarski iznosio svakakve planove za CTN. Evo ih kronološki:

    1. Nabavit će se novi A319

    2. Nabavljaju se CRJ 900

    3. Prolongiraju se kupnja novih A319, no iznajmljuju se A319 i A320 od Adrije jer su jako jeftini a otvraju se linije poput DMO.

    4. Najbaljanju se CRJ1000

    5. Nabavlja se CSerija

    6. Nabavljaju se Embraeri 190

    7. Razmišlja se o Mitsubishi MRJ

    8. Umjesto A319 kupuju se A320neo (potpisano)

    9. I opet se nabavljaju CRJ 900 ili možda ipak Embraeri 190 (navodno postoje dvije struje u CTN-u)

    Ide se u otvaranje novih linija, najavljene su dvije, ali za to svakako ne treba dva regionalna jeta, već bi i jedan bio previše. Regionalac mora odraditi minimalno 25 rotacija tjedno, a dvije linije sa 3 frekvencije su 6 rotacija tjedno, što je sa ostalih 20-tak. Znači ili se otvara više linija ili se paralelno sa novim linijama povečavaju frekvencije postojećih linija, ili se, nedaj bože, dio flote A319/320 mijenja sa regionalcima?

    Najnovija razmišljanja (3 mjeseca prije pokretanja sezone) je:

    1. Uzeti u wet leasu CRJ od bankrotiralog Estoniana, koji su sada u vlasništvu (ili posjedu) Nordic Aviation Group nove kompanije koja treba nastaviti tamo gdje je stao Estonian, a koji ih daju za kikiriki jer ih trebaju zaposliti godinu dana da bi zadržali posade i avione prije pokretanja operacija krajem 2016. Avioni su NG, stari tek 4 godine i ne baš mnogo raubani. Navodno bi na na ovaj način vidjeli kako im CRJ paše u operacije pa bi nakon sezone eventualno uzeli dugoročni leasing ovog aviona.

    2. No, još uvijek je u igri i Embraer 190/195, za koji navodno druka Kučko. Lufthansa ih još uvijek ima na lageru nakon zatvaranja Augsburga i vrlo je vjerovatno da je upravo to deal.

    3. Pregovara se i sa Tradeairom, pa su čak i rađene kalkulacije za letove sa Fokkerom 100, no postoji i neke druge mogućnosti da se operacije preko Trade Aira rade sa nekim drugim avionima.

    Dakle tri moguća vrlo različita rješenje samo tri mjeseca prije ljetnog reda letenja?!?!?!?!? E sad se pitam:

    1. Kako je moguće da kompanija tri mjeseca prije pokretanja ljetne sezone već nema rješenje i još uvijek pregovara i promišlja?

    2. Kako se strategija firme toliko često mijenja? Zar je stvarno moguće da se nema vizija i da se toliko korijenito mijenjaju ideje i planovi.

    3. Je li česta promijena planova zapravo izgovor da se ne radi ništa, tj. da se time pokaže kao da se nešto radi, a zapravo rezultat je taj da se nije napravilo apsolutno ništa u posljednjih 4 godine. Pa čak ni sada nakon dovršetka restrukturacije, samo tri mjeseca prije početka ljetnog reda letenja još uvijek se nema odgovor na koji naćin će se realizirati plan otvaranja novih linije.

    4. Kako će se provesti realizacija bilo kakvog plana ili ugovora obzirom da Kućko vrlo vjerovatno neće biti na ovoj poziciji za koji mjesec. Nova Vlada će preuzeti funkciju za cca mjesec dana, trebat će im još 2-3 mjeseca da pohvataju konce, te još bar mjesec-dva da postave novog CEO. Znači Kučko će vjerovatno postaviti novu ljetnu sezonu, ali vrlo vjerovatno ju neće "preživjeti". A nakon toga još par mjeseci da novi CEO pohvata konce, da zatvori poslove, što znači CTN je izgubila još najmanje godinu dana. Godinu dana kojih nema jer konkurencija je stisnula sa svih strana i davi li ga davi.

    Sezona je završila sa pozitivnom nulom (manje od milijun EUR profita). Znači da će zima donijeti bar 100 milijuna kuna minusa. Kako to naknaditi? Sell and lease back dva aviona, ispod njihove tržišne vrijednosti? Prodaja slotova? Prodaja maintenancea? Bilo što od toga je smak svijeta i ubrzavanje kraja kompanije! Konačno i ovaj izvor nije beskrajan. 5 aviona, slotovi, nekretnine, oprema i maintenace vrijede 250 milijuna EUR. Ovim tempom to će se "potrošiti" za manje od 10 godina. A potom? Samo sudbina Adrije, daj što daš i prodaja za 1 EUR u nadi da će neka lešinarska firma bar nešto ostaviti, a ne sve dati na bubanj.

    1. Nemjee12:28

      Mene sve ovo jako podseca na Jat tokom njegovih poslednjih godina. Svi se secamo prica i prica o tome kako ce se nabaviti nova flota, kako ce se raditi ovo, ono... i tako u krug a na kraju nista nije bilo. Sem sto su dosla ona dva matora, uzasna Bugarina.

      Stagnacija u ovom vremenu kada se vazduhoplovstvo menja iz minuta u minut ce unisititi OU.

    2. Purger13:54

      Upravo tako nemjee. Nego nakon što sam napisao ovaj tekst pala mi je na pamet još jedna stvar:

      Pitam se jel možda dovođenje dva CRJ 900 opcija da se proda jedan A319 i time naknadi minus (a navodno je dignut kratkoročni kredit za plače u 12 mjesecu). Sa dva CRJ 900 bi taman pokrili letove A319 i mogli otvoriti dvije linije, te zapravo umjetno pokazali rast, koji realno ni ne bi postojao tj. bio bi zanemariv.

    3. Anonymous14:22

      Imaju li spremne posade za CRJ 900?

    4. Purger14:59

      Ako će biti ta opcija bit će u wet leasu

    5. Nemjee15:02

      Siguran sam da su A319 u dobrom stanju mada ne znam koliko bi lako nasli kupca.

      Uvek postoji mogucnost da ga ponude Er Srbiji na lizing. :P

    6. Anonymous15:39


      Zar im se isplati wet lease-ovati dva CRJ900 sa kompletnim posadama? To će im na kraju pojesti sve što dobiju prodajom A319, a ostaće sa viškom svojih pilota i kabinskog osoblja koji su certificirani za Airbus.

    7. Purger16:59

      Nemjee, lako nađeš kupca ako ga daš debelo ispod cijene. Prošli za sell and leaseback je dati debelo ispod cijene jer je hitno trebala lova da se prikaže profit.

      Realno A320 iz 2000. vrijedi oko 20 milijuna USD. Hajde recimo da A319 ga daju za 10-12 milijuna Lufthansa će ga iste sekunde uzet. I onda dovedeš dva CRJ i kažeš kako si time povečao kapacitete. U stvari drek. Povečao si broj aviona u floti (što je dobro), ali broj sjedala ti je ostao skoro pa isti (razlika je u 15-tak sjedala).

      Wet lease je sigurno. Osim ako se Kučko i opet ne predomisli. No, ja nisam rekao da će oni prodati A319, samo sam spekulirao što bi se moglo desiti i kako bi lagano mogli opravdati sve (i naknaditi gubitak, i prezentirati povečanje). Dakle, ovo je čista spekulacija, jedna od mogućnosti (ne baš tako nevjerovatna, znamo li povijest poslovanja kompanije u prošlih pet godina), nisam rekao da znam da će se to i desiti.

      No, ako se to i desi, naravno da bi to bilo preglupo. Kao što je i sell and leaseback. Imaš avion koji je isplačen i donosi zaradu, a ti ga daješ za sitne pare, ispod tržišne vrijednosti pa ga onda rentaš za visok novac i povečavaš si troškove poslovanja. No, već odavno smo naviknuti na to da poteze uprave CTN-a ne kvalificiramo kao logične ili nelogične, glupe ili pametne, nego kao one koji opravdavaju stanje i čine ga fiktivno pozitivnim. Svrha tih postupaka je potpuno drugačija od one koja bi trebala biti.

    8. Nemjee17:32

      Ako sam dobro shvatio OU bi bio u gubitku da nema kreativnog racunovodstva. Dakle koliki je onda realan gubitak?

    9. Anonymous21:33

      All CRJ's from Estonian goes into Adria's fleet. First is already in from today in new Adria Estonia livery. First flight 16.1. TLL - AMS

    10. Purger22:32

      Da, to je bio i moj argument, no navodno će neki od tih Estonianovih CRJ biti na dispoziciji. Estonian ih je imao 3, jedan je u Adriji, a ostala dva nisu, što je čudno. Očito ih ne trebaju u Adriji. A ako je tako Nordic Aviation Group će ih dosta jeftino dati do zime kada će ih trebati jer preuzimaju operacije od Adrije.

      Nemji, nije to kreativno knjigovodstvo, iako ga i ja tako nazivam. Ali zapravo radi se o prodaji imovine, "obiteljske srebrnine", još gore, osnovnih sredstava za rad. Sve je tu legalno, nema kemijanja, muljaže, varanja, knjigovodstvenih makinacija, skrivanja i friziranja. No, bez obzira što je to legalno, poslovno je glupo. Eto već ove godine operativni troškovi su radi leasinga tih istih aviona vrlo visoki.

      Stvano ne znam koliki je taj minus, ali mislim da je oko 12-13 milijuna EUR. To je smak svijeta u kontekstu činjenice da je gorivo na 40 EUR po barelu i da bi to trebalo značiti da je kompanije hiper-profitabilna. Moraš biti čarobnjak da u uvjetima kakvi su danas ne učiniš kompaniju profitabilnom.

    11. Nemjee22:37

      Hvala na objasnjenju, tuzno je ali sta da kazem, to su neke realnosti koje se tesko menjaju.

    12. Anonymous00:29

      Sorry but there is no "Adria Estonia". Estonian Air aircraft are getting Nordic Aviation livery and branding and no CRJ will get Slovenian registration, they will all remain in Estonian registration. No one is going to donate Adria planes for the fun of it.

    13. Anonymous08:32

      all CRJ will be in Slovenian aviation register but with Estonian sign. I saw ES-ACF and on the fuselage is Adria's logo btw.

    14. Anonymous08:53

      Where is the adria livery?


    15. Anonymous17:47

      on the fuselage not on the tail...

  8. Anonymous15:48

    "Premijer Srbije Aleksandar Vučić očekuje da do kraja godine bude završena privatizacija aerodroma "Nikola Tesla", bez obzira koji model bude odabran.
    Vučić je na konferenciji za novinare rekao da se radi na izboru privatizacionog savetnika, jer šest kompanija koje su se javile, nisu bile zadovoljne provizijom i tražili su više novca.
    "Sada ćemo direktno pregovarati i tražićemo najbolje", naglasio je premijer.
    Vučić je ocenio da su velike šanse da se dobije dobra cena za koncesiju beogradskog aerodroma, na šta je uticalo i dobro poslovanje nacionalnog aviprevoznika kompanije Er Srbija, čiji je to matični aerodrom.
    On je najavio da su ranije bile procene da bi moglo da se za koncesiju aerodroma dobije 100 miliona evra, a da bi sada bilo moguće da se dostigne cena i od 500 miliona evra."

    1. Anonymous15:56

      €500.000.000? Nije ni cudo sto je to izjavio, ipak je danas pricao o vanrednim izborima.

    2. Anonymous16:06

      Ako su Nemci za Ljubljanu za 75,5% učešća platiti 177,1 miliona evra, a za celu kompaniju kada otkupe i ostatak akcija će morati da isplatite 234,4 miliona evra, zasto je za BEG nerealno 500?

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Zato sto u Ljubljani aerodrom ne mora da finansira nacionalnu aviokompaniju.

    4. Anonymous16:15

      @4:09 Ne mora ni BEG od kraja 2016..

    5. Anonymous16:16

      Zivi bili pa videli. Mislim da JU jos nije spremna da funkcionise bez pomoci. Ne bi bilo pametno da se prerane odcepi.

    6. Anonymous16:21

      "direktno pregovarati" is Balkan speak for "I am going to give it to whomever offers the more money under the table".

    7. Anonymous18:44

      Today Belgrade Airport's shares have fallen 7,6% ! In only one day. I am wondering why.

  9. Anonymous16:55

    OT: Ryanair's 78th base will be Timisoara, which is only 150km away from BEG...not so good news for JU perhaps...


    1. Anonymous17:02

      Bilo juče.. prati malo.. Za koga loše majke ti, za one koji su spremni da putuju kombijem 3h u jednom i 3 u drugom za 50eur?!

    2. Purger17:15

      Dakle nakon udara na easyJet obzirom da je Ryanair već na nekoliko velikih easyJetovih baza bazirao svoje avione i tako krenuo u otvorenu konkurenciju (što prije nije bio slučaj), očito je da kreće napad na Wizzair.

      Jer ako je Budimpešta bila stvar prilike radi bankrota Maleva, isto tako ako je Bucharest, Warshaw i Wroclaw bio stvar paralelnih strategija u većim aerodromima, Temisoara je svakako direktan udarac. Govorimo o malenom aerodromu gdje od 18 cjelogodišnjih linija Wizz ima 16. I tamo bazirati avion je direktan udarac Wizzu.

      Još prije 10 godina sam rekao da će u Europi opstati tek 4-5 LCC, te da će veliki pojesti male. Opstat će sigurno Ryan, easy, ogromnu šansu imamu Norwegian, Eurowings i Vueling, a bitno manju Transavia i Wizzair, za koje mislim da neće preživjeti udarce Ryanaira i easyJeta. Svi ostali minijaturni igrači nemaju baš nikakve šanse.

    3. Anonymous17:28

      Purger, do you think that FR in near future will attack bigger W6 hubs in the region like SKP and SOF? If I am not wrong, FR already has one or two routes to SOF and we already know that they are (or at least they were) interested in SKP. Can we expect more serious attack, like FR opening a base in both of these cities?

    4. Nemjee17:35

      Actually Ryanair doesn't operate any routes to Sofia. Two of them (Stansted and Pisa) start in April so they are attacking W6 more aggressively now.

      In my opinion, if Wizz Air loses the battle in Poland they are as good as dead. That's one stronghold they must keep, one way or another.

    5. Anonymous18:06

      I can not agree with you about Poland because I know very little about the market in Poland and the revenue W6 gets from there. However, since W6 mostly operates out of Eastern Europe, your statement makes sense. W6 cannot compare itself with FR in any aspect, especially in price dumping and fleet size. But, W6 has orders for new planes and the question still remains, how are they going to use them. Opening new bases, increasing the capacity of existing ones? I guess they will try to further expand in Eastern Europe, since in Western Europe they have a much bigger competition in Ryanair, Easyjet and maybe to some degree Vueling.

    6. Anonymous19:30

      I wouldn't count Wizz out just yet. Their operating costs are on par with that of Ryanair (ULCC). I can see Wizz targeting W europe -to- W Europe routes in response. After all, attack is the best defense. One thing is for sure, passengers will benefit from the battle in the short -to- medium term.
      I can't wait to see if any LCC's (apart from Norwegian) will make a serious attempt at long-haul flights. This would be a game changer.

    7. Anonymous19:36

      Wizz will have no chance on WestEurope to WestEurope routes with their ridicolous baggage policy.

    8. Wizz's and Ryanair's CASMs are very similar, but according to CAPA, Ryanair has a slightly lesser CASM.

      I think the A321 for Wizz will change some things.

    9. Anonymous21:08

      No one is counting out wizz, but it is a fact that they are much smaller compared to more established LCCs. If wizz starts WestEurope I dont believe that Ryanair and Easyjet will just sit with their arms crossed. Wizz are more established in EasternEurope because the other LCC underestimated that market. They saw wizz was able to make a profit in that market and want a slice of the pie, as simple as that. As anon 7:30 mentioned, for the passenger it will be good on a short to medium term basis. But on long term, I am afraid that the LCC market will be something similar to the legacy market, where we have three huge airline groups (AIG, Air France - KLM and Lufthansa)

    10. Anonymous21:38

      The more significant news of the Timisoara base for Ryanair is their opening of double daily Timisoara-Bucharest flights, thus taking on TAROM (who operate 3x/day at incredibly high prices). Domestic Romania has largely remained free from LCC competition - this is all about to change now.

      Ryanair will see the Romania market as a whole as priority. Sofia is pretty stagnant with high airport charges (airport still owned by BG gov't) while almost all of the regional Romanian airports are open to big discounts. Don't forget that Timisoara is owned by the national gov't of Romania (along with Bucharest OTP and Constanta on the coast), so we can't be sure they secured any kind of special deal. Western Romania is booming economically and leaving the ex-YU countries in their dust.

    11. Nemjee22:35

      I mentioned Poland because it's the number one market in eastern Europe. If Wizz Air loses there then Ryanair will have a huge advantage. Their Romanian expansion is best proof that they are going after Wizz Air so as to become the master of this part of Europe.

      My personal opinion is that Wizz Air should have entered Greece a few years ago. It's a massive market with tremendous potential and it should have been their priority over ex-Yugoslavia. Look at the success Ryanair experienced in Athens. They are going to have 5 B737-800 based in ATH this summer!

      Had Wizz Air cemented their position in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Greece then Ryanair would have had more difficulties in taking them down.

      I doubt Wizz Air would consider flights within western Europe. It would open a new battlefront (easyJet) and that's something they can't afford at this point.

      Given that they are expanding in Bulgaria, I wonder how long before they put Serbia on their radar. Defeating Wizz Air at BEG shouldn't be that hard.
      But their entry into the Serbian market would harm both JU and W6 alike. Imagine JU having to compete with FR on the BEG-BRU sector!

    12. Anonymous07:57

      Sofia is stagnant? Wouldn't say so. They have around 8% increase this year reaching abut 4.1 mln of which over 95% is O&D PAX. The economy is going up with over 3%. W6 will base in March thier 6th aircraft and by the end of the year a 7th - A321. By the end of the year the airport is going on concession (probaly to Munich Aiport). They have very flexible policy with big discounts for the new routes.

  10. Anonymous17:10

    Nema veze ko ce da kupi BEG vazno je da nadje kupca i da se krene sa razvojom Aerodroma zbog buducih ekspanzija ASL da nebi kocio .

    1. Anonymous02:40

      "Nema veze ko će da kupi BEG"
      ... a joj ...

  11. Anonymous18:09

    Does anyone know the final numbers for Ljubljana?

    1. Anonymous21:19

      Tomorrow on Frapott page...

    2. Anonymous07:59

      1.438.304 +10%

  12. Anonymous21:24

    TAV = TK .... this is stillborn - dead on arrival... not a chance in hell of it happening

  13. Anonymous21:29

    16.1. first flight of Adria Estonia (new livery) CRJ700ER ES-ACF TLL-AMS-TLL ;)

  14. Anonymous22:24

    Pa bice najava ne za 500 miliona usd investicija po srbiji nego za 500 milijardi, pre izbora mislim, a posle kom opanci kom obojci

  15. Anonymous23:05

    INI in 2015: 36258 travelers. Busiest year on record

    1. Nemjee23:23

      What's interesting is that on 29.12 they welcomed their 35.519th passenger breaking the previous record. That means that in the last two, three days of the year the airport handled around 800 passengers which is great!

  16. Anonymous23:23

    AB i EY opet pobedili na sudu od 31 ne odobrenog codeshare unutar nemacke samo 5 nije odobreno na sudu a ostalih 26 jeste .
    Opet je pobedila pravda i ako i ovde mnogi ne vole to .

    1. Anonymous23:30

      Ne smaraj, dosadan si i lupas mnogo. Nikog ovde nije briga za propali AB.

    2. Anonymous00:02

      Mene je briga. A ako admin počne da izbegava propale kompanije, bojim se da će 80% članaka da nestane sa sajta.

  17. Anonymous00:21

    Koga je briga za taj lcc skart kad se AF oprostio od 747.

  18. Propao si to a ne AB, oni su stvarno dosta uznapredovali u zadnjih 6 mjeseci i to je već vidljivo po mnogim parametrima.

    1. Anonymous16:01

      Svim sem po onom koji je jedini vazan, finansijski.

  19. Aftakana13:40

    Go Belgrado!


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