Croatia Airlines to wet lease regional jet

Croatia Airlines to add 100-seat aircraft, type still being negotiated

Croatia Airlines has confirmed it will wet lease regional 100-seat aircraft but says a final decision on the type is yet to be made. This is despite an Embraer E195 jet being tentatively scheduled on select routes on select days from Zagreb, to destinations such as Brussels, Copenhagen and Split, starting May 20. In a statement to EX-YU Aviation News, the carrier said, "Negotiations regarding the completion of the process of introducing 100-seat aircraft in Croatia Airlines’ fleet, according to the wet lease principle, are still in progress". It adds, "Given that the negotiations are conducted with several potential business partners, the final decision on the type of aircraft has not been made yet". A 100-seat aircraft would be best suited for the airline as it can operate with greater cost efficiency during the slow winter months and open up new markets during the summer.

Through a wet lease arrangement, the lessor provides an aircraft, crew and maintenance to the lessee. Croatia Airlines has never operated Embraer jets in its almost 27-year history and would make it the third aircraft type in its fleet, alongside Airbus and Bombardier. Last summer the carrier concluded short-term wet leases of Montenegro Airlines’ E190 jets in order to ease its fleet shortage problems, since several of its aircraft were undergoing maintenance. However, it is believed the arrangement was also made in order for the airline to study the aircraft’s performance. Montenegro Airlines is the former Yugoslavia’s only Embraer operator, with both the E190 and E195 versions in its fleet. A wet lease usually lasts between 1 to 24 months.

Croatia Airlines' CEO, Krešimir Kučko, previously said he is in favour of the Brazilian manufactured aircraft. “If Croatia Airlines was to buy more aircraft today it would choose an Embraer model”, he said. In its response to EX-YU Aviation News the carrier did not specify whether it will lease one or more regional aircraft, however, last year, Mr Kučko noted the airline plans to operate two 100-seat jets in 2016 with an additional two to four to join in the coming years. The addition of new aircraft will be followed by the introduction of new destinations. This May, the carrier plans to launch flights from Zagreb to Milan and a seasonal service from Pula to Zurich in July. Additional new routes from the Croatian capital are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Croatia Airlines currently counts twelve aircraft in its fleet - six Bombardier Dash 8s, four Airbus A319s and two A320s. It has a further four A320neos on order, for delivery from 2021.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    What I don't understand is the following.
    Their present Ceo Mr.Kucko is on his way out.
    How can he decide the future of the airline

    1. Anonymous09:49

      How do you know Kucko is on his way out?

      Are you on the OU board?

    2. Anonymous09:52

      Because it has been made clear by the new government that CEOs of state owned companies will be politically appointed. And Kucko was appointed by the previous government.

    3. Anonymous10:07

      Methinks you have that a bit wrong, it has been made clear by the new government that CEOs of state owned companies will NOT be politically appointed.

      So his chances of staying are quite good, he has overseen the restructuring process, and brought the company back into profit. I doubt he is going anywhere.

    4. Anonymous10:09

      Sure ;)

    5. Anonymous10:51

      Back into profit????

      By selling planes, engines, Pleso prijevoz... Till when??? Till he sell everything?

    6. Read my lips: he is going back to Brussels.
      His wife and kids are still living in Holland.

    7. Anonymous23:04

      You mean back to Amsterdam?

  2. Anonymous09:11

    Let's hope for new destinations.

  3. Anonymous09:26

    Will they get it from Montenegro Airlines? Lufthansa?

  4. Anonymous09:27

    When does the financial lease for the Dash 8s end? I think their biggest mistake was getting Dash 8s. They should have taken ATRs instead.

    1. Anonymous09:32

      Why? Q400 is far superior to the ATR.

    2. Anonymous09:33

      OU's Q400s have constant problems. They are not very liked by the pilots either.

    3. Anonymous09:38

      Please provide supporting evidence to your claim. And please not the butter on the door crap from 5 years ago.

      Q400 has 1000km greater range and is 160km/h faster. And that is comparing to the ATR 600.

      Q400 Wins.

    4. Anonymous09:42

      They often have problems with their breaks and I'm talking about the aircraft in general, not just at OU. A few years ago the plane landed without its front wheel in Zurich. Less then a month ago they had a hydraulic failure near Munich.

    5. Anonymous09:44

      And considering that there are almost double the amount of Dash8's flying than ATR's makes it clear that the Bombardier is considered by many, many operators to be the better aircraft.

    6. Anonymous09:45

      It does not necessarily have to be ATRs. I just chose it as an example since OU operated ATRs in the past.

    7. Anonymous09:46

      Yep, I recall the landing gear failure, and the hydraulic failure couldn't have been that bad since it landed.

      Are you suggesting the ATR has never had any similar problems?

    8. Anonymous09:48

      Yes OU did operate ATR previously. And abandoned them for a far superior, more flexible aircraft.

      Why go backwards?

    9. Anonymous09:49

      ok whatever.

    10. Anonymous09:56

      Funny, you say in your initial comment;
      "I think their biggest mistake was getting Dash 8s. They should have taken ATRs instead."
      You then say;
      "It does not necessarily have to be ATRs. I just chose it as an example since OU operated ATRs in the past."

      What other option is there? I don't know of any other 60-80 seat turboprop aircraft on the market. Please enligten us, if not ATR or Q400, then what?

    11. Anonymous10:02

      Anonymous February 8, 2016 at 9:49 AM
      "ok whatever."

      Thanks for the "intelligent" discussion.

    12. Nemjee10:50

      You can't just state that the Q400 is better than the Atr without first looking at the market it's supposed to serve.

      OU could make the Atr work. The issue here is that the airline needs Airbuses mostly for the coast while, in my opinion, a mixture of Atrs and E95s would be the best fit for Zagreb.
      The Atr-72 could be dispatched to destinations such as DBV, SPU, PUY, SKP, SJJ, PRN, VIE, MUC and even MXP. The E95 on the other hand could be sent to longer routes such as CPH, LHR, BRU, AMS, TLV...
      One advantage of the E95 over the A319 is that the seat capacity is not so different but the E95 is lighter, thus cheaper to operate. I don't think OU needs the extra space below for cargo.

      The real issue here is how could OU arrange its fleet so as to meet the demands of both Zagreb and the coastal cities. Maybe it's time to consider the establishment of a daughter company that would work on the same principles as Dubrovnik Airline did. It's obvious to everyone that the current system in place is not working that well.

    13. Anonymous10:55

      ATR je osvojio dosadasnja Trzista u Karibama i ostalim Zemljama gde je bilo uvek trziste Q400 a Q400 nije uspeo do sad da uzvrati , sad su uspeli da dovuku IR sa porudzbinom 40 ATR 72-600 sto je dodatni poraz za Q400 posto je stedljivi avion.

    14. Mali Marko L.11:39

      ATR 246 planes
      DH8 just 46 planes

      Ordered till now
      ATR 1.512
      DH8 1.215

      Orders in 2015
      ATR 76
      DH8 29

      Deliveries in 2015
      ATR 88
      DH8 20

    15. Anonymous12:00

      Iz perspektive putnika Q400 ili ATR72 su jednako prijatni ili neprijatni, konforni ili nekonforni, brzi ili spori ... E sad operativni troskovi, range i finansijski aranzmani ce opredeleti operatore za koji ce se opredeliti. Moj glas bi uvek isao ATR-u.

    16. Kaj znaci u praksi "WET LEASE" ?
      To znaci da su piloti isto tako unajmljeni ili CA koristi svoje ?

    17. Anonymous15:59

      Sto pobogu Embreaer? I zasto recimo ne CRj900 ?

    18. Anonymous16:00

      Kao sto pise u tekstu znaci da je kompletna posada unajmljena. Verovatno ce vremenom CA obuciti svoju posadu.

    19. Anonymous17:04

      @ Mali Marko L.

      Is this only for ATR72 or both ATR 72 and ATR42?

    20. Anonymous19:06

      Leasing Q400 was the best move OU management ever made! If they had chosen ATR instead, bunch of CTN captains would have never qualified as B737 non-type-rated direct entry captains under Turkish DGCA rules. Kroacijo, od srca ti hvala sto si SunExpressu kapetane dala.

    21. Mali Marko L.20:55

      Both ATR72 and ATR 42, but also DH8 data is for Q100, Q200, Q300 and Q400.

      Embraer is much more comfortable plane than CRJ900.

  5. Anonymous09:30

    Good decision. All the exyu airlines should be flying more regional jets.

  6. Danijel10:10

    Are they keeping both a320? I think I read somwhere that they will give one away. But dont know where.

    1. Anonymous10:20

      Didn't they offload one to an African airline last year?

    2. They were forced to downsize the fleet as part of the EU imposed restructuring. I don't think they wanted to get rid of it because they need more not less aircraft for the summer months.
      I doubt they will be 'giving away' another A320 any time soon.

    3. Anonymous00:38

      No, OU won't be selling any of its aircraft anymore, fleet of 12 aicraft remain for now, however plan for 20 aircraft fleet is a foot, by 2020 OU should have a fleet of 20 aircraft, mostly leased until 4 brand new A320s join the fleet in 2021.

  7. Anonymous10:44

    Mislim da je ovo odlican potez CTN da nabavi E95 ali da ne ostane na jednom posto bi to bio poslovni promasaj i bacene pare .
    Od 4 mogli bi 2 da stacioniraju na obali gde bi mogli da vrate udeo putnika od LCC .
    A takodje ovo je dobro mozda sad u ASL promene misljenje da je ipak dobro imati RJ.

    1. Anonymous10:52

      Dakle jedan E95 u floti OU je promasaj i bacene pare a jedan A332 u floti JU nije? Molim te pojasni mi tu logiku.

    2. Anonymous13:21

      Jedan nije sigurno i to jos na Wet lease nece imati 4 na wet lease to je gubitak para .
      Naravno je to odlican postupak i sve pohvale odgovornim ljudima sto uvode RJ .
      Ne moze se uporedjivati A332 i E95 to samo moze osoba koja se ne razume u avijaciju.

    3. Mali Marko L.20:52

      Jasno da ne možeš. Jer jedan E95 možeš da zameniš sa A319, A320, hitno iznajmiš Trade Air ili Montenegro... Ma čak i Q400 možeš da ubaciš. A što ćeš da ubaciš umesto A332 do JFK? ATR, 737-300 ili 320?

      Dete ako netko ovde ne razume vazduhoplovstvo onda si to ti. No, mlad si imaš još vremena.

    4. Anonymous22:17

      Ocigledno ste ljubomorna osoba ne moze se sirokotrupac i regionalni Avion uporedjivati .
      A vidi vam se po pisanju ko ste .

    5. Anonymous22:33

      Ali ako hoces da te narod ozbiljno shvata moras malo vise da napises od uobicajenog 'ljubomorni ste' ili 'ne znate nista.'

    6. Anonymous01:53

      Nemam nameru pisati knjigu a i nikog ne teram da me shvata ozbiljno.

    7. Mali Marko L.09:00

      Onda ni ne započinji sa nonsensima...

  8. After years of not so promising news for OU, things might be finally turning around for the better.

    Slight OT,
    I noticed while looking to book flights that OU has 2 daily flights to Paris this Summer.... is that normal or is OU increasing Paris to 2 daily??
    Note, the Euro's are on.

    1. Nemjee11:09

      At times many airlines put their code-share flights as their own, maybe the second flight is operated by AF with OU code-sharing.

    2. No its operated by OU, one flight A319 the other A320.

      AF flight is separate with the A318.

    3. Anonymous16:09

      Good job OU!

    4. Nemjee17:52

      Oh cool, that's quite a lot of seats though. I remember someone mentioned on here that a lot of passengers connect to North America via CDG. Same as with BEG.

    5. Anonymous00:41

      @Q400February 8, 2016 at 11:06 AM

      Paris, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Amsterdam and Vienna are OU's biggest markets.

      In summers they normally have more flights to these places, sometimes they'll have up to 5 flights per day to these destinations, one out of Dubrovnik, out of Split and out of Zagreb.

  9. Purger11:09

    Croatia Airlines did fly regional jets in past. Here is history fleet of CTN

    1990-1991 MD-82 (2)
    1992-1999 737-200 (5)
    1993-2009 ATR42-300 (3)
    2000-2002 Bae 146-200 (1)
    2008-2008 Fokker 100 (1)

    since 2008 Q400
    since 1998 A319
    since 1999 A320

    2016 Embraer 195 (????)
    2021 A320neo

    1. Anonymous11:43

      737-200 is no regional jet, neither the A320 family. Purger, you're talking nonsense.

    2. Anonymous11:49

      I think he wrote the entire fleet of OU, not only the regional jets.

    3. Purger12:35

      MD-82 was not RJ, and not 727-200 and ATR 42, of course. I wrote all historic fleet, and for sure readers of this blog knows that BAe 146 and Fokker 100 are RJ from that list. We don't have to point that!

    4. Anonymous15:26

      Purger, is it true that OU will launch MXP, LIS, LED and PRG soon?

    5. Danijel17:43

      For now only MXP is confirmed.

    6. Purger23:11

      Anonymour 3:26


  10. Nemjee11:41


    BEG published its numbers for January 2016.

    Passengers: 290.580 -6% (308.381 in 2015)
    Cargo: 794.804 +31% (608.243 in 2015)
    Mail: 157.719 +4% (151.218 in 2015)

    Last January the airport recorded a 14% increase in passenger numbers.

    1. Anonymous12:16

      So if JU passenger numbers were -11,5% and overall the airport was -6% we can conclude that foreign carriers gained market share at the expense of JU.
      Do we have any inf which airlines gained share in BEG?

    2. Anonymous12:17

      We shouldn't forget that Ural launched flights, LO returned, A3 started sending its A320 and both OS and AZ increased capacity.

    3. Anonymous12:20

      Also seems like JU had a bit of a problem filling the A320s outside the busy seasons.

    4. Anonymous12:31

      JU in BEG is attacked from everywhere. A3 from the south, TK from the east, OS, LH, LO from the north, AZ from the west.
      And also the Russian market is bad and getting worse.
      Hopefully the flights to New York will prove a big success and help the rest of the network.

    5. Anonymous12:37

      This is just a simple economic logic...dumped & cheep fares have gone, competitors have reacted and all habe gone in the normal state. So the fight for each pax should start right now. But I am affraid that the competent peope do no see this or they a not willing to see reality or they are just sitting in the "confort zone"

    6. Anonymous12:40

      Kling the bell...statistcaly in time frame this is the negative trend

    7. Purger12:43

      For sure JFK flight will help rest of network, but in same time will burn lot of money and there will be less for dumping.

    8. Anonymous12:47

      When passengers get to experience the Serbian hospitality of the crew, the improved service on all classes, the new Business class, the Wi-Fi (only airline in the Balkans to offer it) and the fantastic Business lounge in BEG they will choose JU for their future travels.

      Even when JU fares are a bit more expensive than the competitors the quality of the product that is offered now by JU is worth it.
      It just takes some time.
      Keep believing and supporting this great effort, you will be rewarded.

    9. Anonymous12:50

      Shouldn't we talk about evonomy of scale. And as Purger mentioned each next step will be less for dumping. Pure economy logic. Every next move will reflect in higher costs for sure. But at the end of the day owners only put questins like - PROFIT

    10. Purger12:54

      That is 53.945 passenger less in last 6 months.

      Not god, not god at all! February and March will bring more decline to that number.

    11. Anonymous12:56

      @ ano 12:47
      Pax have changed... Flights are considered just the same as all other kinds of transportation... as fast as possible and as cheap as possible. Who cares about snaps and pillows. 2 decades this was important bot now this is not a privilege anymore

    12. Anonymous13:11

      Turkish Airlines also offers wifi onboard its aircraft, widebody ones but still.

    13. Anonymous13:17

      Samo exYu brise da je ova zima slabija i da creeps like Purger biraju da putuju kolima umesto avionom. Polovina letova ASL potpada pod te razdaljine. Videcemo letos kako ce Wizz da radi nasuprt Stutgartu.

    14. Anonymous13:24

      Ali druze tvoj argument ne pije vodu jer je prosle zime rast bio dvocifren. Dakle nije problem u tome sto je zima vec zato sto se firma ne vodi kako valjda. Videli smo da nisu sposobni da zadrze putnike posle dampinga, sto je cela svrha civilnog vazduhoplovstva.

    15. Anonymous13:30

      Pada rast Aerodroma ali je zato solidno raste LF ASL sto je vazno.

    16. Anonymous13:40

      @INN aj, daj te podatke vise..

    17. Anonymous13:47

      ASL is competing by being better quality airline by the rest.
      It does not compete and it should not compete on the 19.99€ fares market.
      ASL will attract the business, regular fliers, the most so sophisticated and affluent crowd with its quality experience.
      This type of passengers are the most valuable and profitable for an airline.

    18. Anonymous13:54

      @ Anon February 8, 2016 at 12:37 PM

    19. Anonymous14:14

      Anon 13.47

      Then it is going directly against OS, AZ and TK in the region and it can't win the war against them, not even a battle. That's because JU is based in a low-yielding market with little to none premium demand.

      The fact that their numbers collpased the moment they increased their fares shows that they are not up to the standards.

    20. Anonymous14:21

      Their numbers decreased for the first time in November, until then they had double digit growth each month. Their numbers decreased due to decreased number of flights and you are aware of that.

    21. Anonymous14:33

      @ Anon February 8, 2016 at 2:21 PM
      The reason to decrease their operations was the lost battles with LH and TK. Don't forget that in the last year the ticket price of ASL was growing despite the fuel prices. The reason was that they were dumping the price of the other companies in the last 2 years and had to increase them in order to survive.

    22. Anonymous15:20

      @Anon 2:33
      JU did not loose any fight.
      It just chose not to win some.

    23. Anonymous15:35

      Well, not choosing to win a fight means that you are willingly losing it, ergo JU did lose some fights.

    24. Mali Marko L.20:45

      Anonymous 2:21

      Not true. Their number decrease for first time in August, than little increase in September, and than again decrease in October (combined August-October was decrease), than huge decrease in November, December and January.

    25. Anonymous21:06

      I was talking about JU, not the airport.

    26. Aэrologic21:55

      LO just announced their statistics for Ukraine. More than 50% of passengers are transit ones, mostly to Dusseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris and Bruxelles. OK is restarting Odessa from next summer. One has to wonder where the mind of Air Serbia's management is. Huge markets are completely ignored namely Spain (important for transit from SOF, VAR, OTP...), Ukraine and Iran, Turkish secondary cities. Let's not even talk about minor markets in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe, North Africa. The network keeps shrinking. Perhaps some are taking the notion "up in the skies" way too seriously. A brief visit to the ground would be more than welcome.

    27. Anonymous22:22

      Aэrologic makes great points.
      Ukraine is a market of 40 million and with few connections to the rest of Europe and North America.
      It would be a great feeder for JU's network to Europe AND to JFK.

    28. Anonymous01:54

      Ja bi njega predlozio na neku funkciju u ASL :)
      Ali povecane sadasnjih linija i JFK je planirano nista novo za sad.

    29. Anonymous07:40

      @ Aэrologic,

      Secondary Turkish cities? Really? What do you think that Turkish will do about it?

    30. Nemjee07:49

      Last anonymous,

      What can they do? They will remain quiet otherwise they might be forced to share 7 weekly frequencies with Pegasus between Istanbul and Belgrade.

  11. AS he uradila super stvar I smanjila broj letova radi zimskog reda letenja I saw druge strange da bi se zavrsila ugradnja WiFi na svim airbasovim avionima. Treće koliko god da neki ovde petljaju i kažu prosječni rast popunjenosti kabine je porastao 7.8 posto šta je i bio glavni cilj. Sve ostalo šta negativci ovde izmišljaju je neistinita i obična laž.

    1. Anonymous16:54

      Dakle pad broja putnika i potpuni kolaps hub sistema nema veze ili je i to bio deo plana?

    2. Anonymous17:09

      How do you figure that there was "potpuni kolaps hub sistema" ? On what basis do you get to that conclusion ? The airline reduced its AKSs by approx 10% over the winter season .... and this you say resulted in a total collapse of its hub ?? Wishful thinking perhaps, but very far from reality ....

    3. Anonymous17:23

      Not really, the matter of fact is that the network was totally decimated, even CDG which was their best performing route was reduced to 13 weekly on the A319 down from double daily A320.

      In the period between October and December IST was basically operated three times per week. Warsaw was about to be suspended but it was kept after LO announced a temporary suspension. BUD and LCA were also axed while most of the European network was operated 4 times per week.

      Yeah, this is not a trend that successful airlines see while building a hub.

    4. Anonymous17:25

      Ajde Nenade nemoj da se salis bre... hahah stari si ti saljivdzija.
      Sto se tice dal je to deo plana, mozda i jeste, kada cena BEG-a bude mizerna, mozda preko noci ABU DHABI AIRPORTS kupe BEG za smesne pare...

    5. Anonymous20:48

      Popunjenost kabine je bolja za 7-8%. A jel? Jest da je istina 3%, ali može to kroz ružičaste naočare i na 8% da poraste, a to je tako blizu 10%.

    6. Broj letova je smanjen po zimskom redu letenja za oko 14%. Sve kompanije to rade van sezone (za one koji to ne znaju), radi bolje popunjenosti kabine. AS je smanjila broj sjedala prema nekim destinacijama za oko 14% a manje putnika ja bilo 5.8 %. Pa ako vam je to teško preračunati ja stvarno neću da vas nerviram. Uglavnom veliki uspeh popunjenosti kabine AS a i drugih kompanija koje su smanjile broj mjesta za BEG. To je vrlo pozitivno za početak ljetne sezone letenja.Također super vijest je da AS je pri kraju ugrađivanja Wi-Fi na svim airbasovim avonima( a i to je jedino bilo moguće zbog zimskog reda letenja).

    7. Broj letova je smanjen po zimskom redu letenja za oko 14%. Sve kompanije to rade van sezone (za one koji to ne znaju), radi bolje popunjenosti kabine. AS je smanjila broj sjedala prema nekim destinacijama za oko 14% a manje putnika ja bilo 5.8 %. Pa ako vam je to teško preračunati ja stvarno neću da vas nerviram. Uglavnom veliki uspeh popunjenosti kabine AS a i drugih kompanija koje su smanjile broj mjesta za BEG. To je vrlo pozitivno za početak ljetne sezone letenja.Također super vijest je da AS je pri kraju ugrađivanja Wi-Fi na svim airbasovim avonima( a i to je jedino bilo moguće zbog zimskog reda letenja).

    8. Anonymous07:47

      Zanimljivo je da ovde pametujes o vazduhoplovstvu a ne koristis ni pravi kod Er Serbije, AS je Alaska.

      Jeste, sve kompanije smanjuju broj letova tokom zime ali sve one ga ne osakate tako da se connectivity svede na jedan ili dva leta nedeljno- to cini Er Srbiju jako nekonkurentnom. Popunjenost kabine je primarno zbog domacih putnika, ne zbog transfera a transferi su oni koji bi trebali da formiraju osnovu JU-ovog poslovanja.
      Da ti jos malo pojasnim posto ocito da ne shvatas, kada neko iz SKP treba da leti za ARN, mnogo je veca verovatnoca da ce ici preko IST ili VIE jer oni nude neuporedivno veci broj konekcija nego JU preko BEG-a.
      U zakljucku, Er Srbija mora da se prilagodi potrebama putnika a ne da ocekuje da ce se suprotno desiti. Iz tog razloga oni hronicno gube bitku, to jest od avgusta.

    9. Anonymous09:08

      Nenade ne malipulirajte podacima:

      1. Smanjenje je bilo 13%, a ne 14%.

      2. Smanjenje broja putnika ASL-a je oko 11% (neki mjeseci sve do 12%).

      3. Lakle LF se povečao za možda 2%. Katastrofalno u kontekstu raskaspljene konektiranosti. Skoro pa nikakva korist, a toliko štete oko gubitka potencijalnih putnika, navike...

  12. Anonymous21:01

    Any news about the Privatisation of Croatia Airlines. Now they have a new government and new Ceo.As previous Government and Ceo Kucko didn't want to privatise the company under the motto it is not needed.

    1. Anonymous21:07

      Me to I am curious. Because Ceo Kucko and the previous Government didn't want nothing to do with Privatisation of Croatia Airlines .And now new government wants to privatise.

    2. Anonymous21:30

      Who told you that? They didn't say anything yet about OU.

    3. Anonymous21:35

      Who told you that? They haven't said anything yet about OU


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