Gulf airlines to boost EX-YU presence

Middle Eastern carriers to put greater focus on the former Yugoslav market

Carriers from the Middle East will launch new destinations and increase frequencies and capacity on existing routes to the former Yugoslavia this year. Competition among Gulf airlines will heat up in the region this summer as four Middle East-based airlines plan to maintain scheduled flights, with Air Arabia becoming the latest to enter the market. Qatar Airways will operate double daily flights from Doha to Zagreb on select days from April 3 for a total of ten weekly services. The Qatari carrier will introduce a second daily flight on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. All services will operate with an Airbus A320 aircraft. Furthermore, it will also launch new four weekly direct flights to Belgrade from March 16, currently served by the airline via Sofia. Meanwhile, Etihad Airways is expected to boost capacity to the Serbian capital as it plans to phase out its Airbus A319 aircraft during the fourth quarter of this year. It currently utilises the aircraft type on services to Belgrade.

Flydubai plans to launch flights from its hub in the United Arab Emirates to Podgorica this summer. The Montenegrin capital will become the airline's fifth destination in the former Yugoslavia following Belgrade, Skopje, Zagreb and Sarajevo. High-level talks between the airline's management, Podgorica Airport and the Montenegrin government took place late last year, with the service expected to be launched this June twice per week. Flydubai will also boost operations to Sarajevo, with daily flights to be maintained during the peak summer months. Meanwhile, one of the world's largest carriers, Emirates, held talks with both Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Zagreb Airport late last year to explore opportunities concerning the possible introduction of flights to the two cities in the coming years. Emirates has 255 aircraft on order and is looking at expanding into new markets in Europe.

Low cost airline Air Arabia made an official announcement yesterday regarding its latest attempt to enter the former Yugoslav market. It will launch flights from its hub in Sharjah to Sarajevo, where it will compete against Flydubai. “Following twelve months of significant expansion, Air Arabia is delighted to begin 2016 with the launch of a new European service. Sarajevo is a great all-year-round destination and we anticipate very healthy demand for the service when it launches in March”, Air Arabia CEO, Adel Al Ali, said yesterday. The airline will initially operate three weekly flights, increasing to daily during the peak summer months. However, the budget carrier has already scheduled additional services on the route throughout March and April. Meanwhile, the Kuwait-based Gryphon Airlines plans to operate flights from the Gulf state to Sarajevo on a seasonal summer basis. It previously ran flights with a Boeing 767 during the summer. The airline has said it is considering extending the service to Banja Luka as well. In 2012, Kuwait Airways operated two weekly flights to the Bosnian capital for a short one-month period with its 232 seat Airbus A300-600 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    It's really interesting. About 4-5 years ago you couldn't have imagined the likes of Qatar Airways and Etihad flying to ex-Yu. Now Emirates is thinking about flights. Very good for the region.

  2. Anonymous09:06

    I don't understand that no one is interested in Ljubljana. Surely if Fly Dubai believes it can fill a B737-800 to Podgorica it could do the same with Ljubljana. What's the catch?

    1. Anonymous10:40

      FlyDubai has mentioned that they cannot perform the flight to LJU with one crew, due to FTL. This then destroys their business model as they would have to base one crew or do crew changes in LJU.

    2. Anonymous10:42

      Slovenians are nicely filling Flydubai and Qatar flights from ZAG, with Flydubai you can actually buy a ticket from Ljubljana on their website where the first sector Ljubljana-ZAG is done by road with Goopti.
      But I agree, it is a shame there is no direct flight from LJU. On the last two occasions I flew Flydubai from ZAG the plane was packed with Slovenians.

    3. Anonymous10:49

      @Anonymous February 15, 2016 at 10:40 AM

      This cannot be true since Ljubljana is just some 150km further than ZAG and they are actually flying to PRG, which is 170km further from DXB than LJU.
      DXB-ZAG 4167km
      DXB-LJU 4302km
      DXB-BTS 4185km
      DXB-PRG 4467km

    4. Anonymous10:55

      @Anonymous at 10:49 AM

      I am just summarizing FlyDubai statement from a few years ago.

      Also check your facts, with all the avoidance areas in between and considering the winds, PRG and ZAG give roughly the same flight time.

    5. Anonymous12:04

      so no FTL limits on FlyDubai flights to BTS?

    6. Anonymous12:50

      Scheduled BLOCK time on Flydubai web page:
      ZAG-DXB 5:25
      DXB-ZAG 6:20

      PRG-DXB 5:55
      DXB-PRG 6:40

      Average actual FLYING times in last days from Flightradar24:

      ZAG-DXB 5:13
      DXB-ZAG 6:04

      PRG-DXB 5:30
      DXB-PRG 6:30

      Considering flying times there is some difference between ZAG and PRG and the difference is bigger than it would be with LJU.

    7. Anonymous20:01

      To Anon at 9:06 AM
      Of all Yugoslavia's Republics, Slovenia lost the most with the dismantling of the former Yugoslavia. Now they are a too small country in the middle of nowhere which nobody is interested in.

    8. Anonymous22:41

      Some of that is true, no one really cares about Slovenia. But it still has the highest standard of living (crisis or no crisis) in exYu, and didn't have a war in the last 20 years ... so I'll be happy to take that.

  3. Anonymous09:15

    It's too late now but OU should have launched flights to Dubai years ago. It has the plane and could have run the flight during the night (simmilar to how Jat Airways use to fly some 5 years ago). I'm sure they would have done well. Now its very difficult to enter the market.

  4. Anonymous09:47

    Would EK possibly fly DXB-BEG-ZAG?

    1. Nemjee09:53

      I think EK is only interested in tags if it can get the rights to sell tickets between them. Maybe DXB-SKG-BEG wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    2. Anonymous10:00

      They wanted to do Dubai-Belgrade-Venice a while back. Gave up on the idea.

    3. Anonymous10:08

      something like that woulf make sense:
      DXB-ZAG-BEG-DXB (3/7)
      DXB-BEG-ZAG-DXB (4/7)

      But the type of aircraft is a problem, 788 or 789 won't be bad. But there is still no order for medium size widebodies.

      So we should see Qatar's 787 before EK in ex-YU.

    4. Soon, Qatar Airways will launch double daily flights to Zagreb, and for 2017. probably they will upgrade morning flight to Zagreb with B787 - they would be very dominate in Zagreb for Asian, African and Australian market - so I don't think that Emirates will service Zagreb - Dubai flight in near future, and also Koran Air will be soon upgrade Seoul - Zagreb flight from charter to regular flight - another reason that Emirates wouldn't survive in Zagreb - not yet.

    5. Nemjee11:08

      I think Korean Air and Emirates would be after a very different market in Zagreb. Furthermore, even if EK was thinking of launching Zagreb (which I doubt since they have flydubai) I doubt it would be for profit. It would be a way of harming Qatar and in taking away their dominant role in the city.

      I think it's far more realistic to have flydubai increase frequencies to ex-YU rather than to have EK launch flights. Let's not forget that flydubai has already responded to increased competition in BEG and if I am not mistaken it's one of the few cities they serve where a complimentary meal is served.

    6. Anonymous11:21

      I agree with Nemjee and would expect FZ frequency increase in ex YU way before EK itself, esepcially since all FZ ops from ex Yu are to DXB, not already moved to DWC so they can easily connect to EK.

    7. Anonymous11:22

      In short - NO.

      EK has no interest to serve BEG with own metal and directs all of its pax through FZ's service.

      Also, EK will not be serving BEG in the near future as there is simply not enough demand for their business model minimums - which is a daily A330 (two class) at least, for European markets. They are more relaxed on the daily routine in Africa for example, where high yields diminish other applicable criteria and 3-4 weekly frequencies occur in very few markets and are acceptable.

      So don't expect EK in BEG anytime soon.

      Other wide-bodies wise in BEG, QR not in the near term - best hope is that the route matures into a daily direct A321 or double daily A320s.

      The most likely could be EY in peak summer months where an A330 or a 789 could drop in occasionally to satisfy higher demand, but A320/A321 daily looks to dominate here.

      So I guess JU's A330s will just have to do for the (May) time being.

      Happy landings!

    8. Nemjee11:38

      Realistically speaking, this is what can be expected in the future:

      - Etihad upgauges BEG to an A320.
      - Qatar increases BEG to daily A320.
      - Air Serbia upgauges AUH to A320.
      - Etihad occasionally sends its A321.
      - flydubai adds one or two additional frequencies.

      If any airline will send a widebody then it will be Turkish Airlines but they can't due to the bilateral.

    9. Anonymous20:16

      Nemjee, as fas ar I know, the bilateral is about number of flights/slots, and number of seats is not entertained in it, so thea can even theoretically send A380 if thez get it and find the way to fill it.

      REalistically, we will most likely see EY upgrade sooner or later, and perhaps a Chinese carrier, so far this is the most likely way for BEG to have scheduled widebody flights besides Air Serbia.

    10. Nemjee20:44

      Actually, the bilateral bans any aircraft larger than a B738 and on the list of 'banned' aircraft you can even find the B739 and the A321. As you can imagine, no one is taking this clause seriously as both aircraft are not uncommon at BEG.

      By the way, this does not apply to charter and cargo flights.

      I still think that TK would have been the more realistic one given the massive O&D market between BEG and IST. As far as BEG-AUH goes, I think a widebody could become possible only once both flights get an A320.

  5. The New Qatar Sydney service will be very popular in the region in my opinion. I booked last week from Zagreb and with a 1 hour layover in Qatar, total travel time is just under 21 hours. Like I mentioned before, the tickets are very affordable and a lot of Croatian's I speak to here have either booked or are talking about booking Qatar.

    FlyDubai / Emirates Qantas was nearly double the price.

  6. Anonymous10:55

    Mozda je najrealniji scenario DXB(DOH)-LJU-BEG-DXB(DOH) bez pete slobode na ex-yu segmentu. Tu bi vec bilo demanda za sirokotrupac, koji bi punili i Hrvati, Italijani i Austrijanci.

    1. Purger11:13

      Koji Hrvati, imaju direktnu liniju flyDubaia i Qatara?

      Koji crni Austrijanci, i Emirates i Qatar lete iz Beča?

      Koji crni Talijani, Emirates leti iz Venecije, Bolonje, Milana i Rima, Qatar iz Venecije, Milana i Rima?

      I sve to se leti bez 1stop (vi predlažete stop via BEG), sa brdom frekvencija, a Emirates i sa A380!!!!

    2. Anonymous11:18

      Nema nista od toga EK leti 14pw za VIE.

    3. Anonymous12:06

      Zasto da ne iz regiona Istre, Graca, Klagenfurta, Udina, Dalmacije i Zagreba uz povlacenje Flydubai ili Qatara. Uz odgovarajuci dumping operater LJU bi mogao oteti dobar deo putnika ...

    4. Anonymous12:11

      Pretpostavka je da se FZ/QR ne povlače iz Zagreba. QR čak i pojačava...

    5. Qatar se siurno neće povući iz Zagreba - to možeš zaboraviti :) . Posluju i više nego zadovoljavajuće u Zagrebu, što govori sama činjenica da će od 4.mjeseca ove godine, uvesti dodatne 3 rotacije, tako da će Zagreb s Dohom biti povezan s 10 rotacija tjedno. A do ljetnog reda letenja će već biti na 14 rotacija tjedno, s tim da će jutarnji let iz Dohe ići s boeing 787 dreamliner. Tako da ništa od toga.
      A uostalom, najavljuje se i skorašnje povećanje flydubai na liniji za Zagreb.
      Uostalom, ako dođu Emirati, bez dvojbe će prvo startati s Beogradom, a sa Zagrebom nešto malo kasnije. Ostali gradovi iz EX-YU regije nisu niti u planu Emiratima, jer za razliku od ostalih gradova, Emirati su imali pregovore s Beogradom i Zagreb o uspostavi linije.

    6. *a do ljetnog reda letenja 2017. godine će biti na 14 rotacija tjedno - ispravak.

    7. Anonymous12:48

      Lepo vam je rekao covek da nema zasad planova za 788.

    8. Anonymous12:53

      No decisions on 2017 have been made yet. I wouldn't be surprised to see 787 or 330 in ZAG at the time, but at present there's no decision on it.

  7. Purger11:06

    It is not just about Qatar but also some other companies in ZAG react on their expansion trying to attract as many passengers to East from their hubs or connections vie partner hubs.

    From summer 2016 ZAG will have big expansion:

    4 new routes by Croatia Airlines (one is Milano + one more to west, one to north and one to east)

    Toronto new route by Air Transat

    Prague new route by CSA

    Lufthansa 7 more weekly flights to Frankfurt

    Qatar 3 more weekly flights to Doha

    Croatia 2nd daily flight to Paris + 1 AF code-share

    Trade air more flights to Osijek especially during winter where they will have 6 flights per week instead of 3 like last year

    Bigger planes on KL route to AMS and AF route to CDG.

    Direct answer to Qatar expansion is Turkish opening route to Dubrovnik with intention to make it everyday route (Turkish strategy is to start with 4 flights per week and to make it everyday as soon as possible and than to open new route with 4 flights per week what should be Split in near future).

    1. Nemjee11:10


      I don't think TK's route to DBV has anything to do with Qatar. I think it has more to do with their obsession to serve the most destinations in the world. Also, their route to DBV was mentioned a few years ago, even before QR flew to Zagreb. If anyone will be affected by TK's entry to DBV then it will be Aegean.

    2. Purger11:20

      Of course it does. Without so big expansion of MEB3 to exYU TK and A3 would use their metal to some other destinations instead and would serve this market with less frequencies, more LF and bigger yield because of higher prices.

      By this MEB3 expansion in last few years, as one mentioned just 4-5 year ago there were no flights to Middle East at all and today we have some 55 flights per week from Middle East (TK has just double frequencies than that) TK is forced to push ExYu expansion even faster.

      And thanks for mentioned Aegean. Their flights to SPU and DBV, more capacity to BEG and interest in buying Croatia Airlines for sure is also "answer" to TK and MEB3 expansion.

    3. Nemjee11:33

      Yes but TK has a goal to become the biggest airline in the world by 2038 when they will mark a century since Ataturk's death. So I think it's safe to assume that most ex-YU cities would have been increased and added with the passing of time. I mean, just look at how many destinations are served by TK today. It's quite impressive. One reason why DBV was delayed could be because of the situation at IST which is getting worse with each day.

      I am not saying that the MEB3 are not speeding up this ex-YU expansion but they are not the primary cause of it.

      Actually, I quoted Vassilakis on here once (CEO of Aegean for those who are not familiar) and he openly stated that their goal is to expand as much as possible before the new airport opens up in Istanbul. So their primary concern are not the MEB3 but it's TK.

      It's only once they launched Iran and Saudi Arabia flights that they started to indirectly compete with the MEB3. Until now they barely competed for the same passengers.

    4. Anonymous12:11

      sta se desava sa najavama OU vezano za nabavku RJ

    5. Anonymous14:24

      Croatia 2nd daily flight to Paris ?!?

      where is that flight listed ?

    6. Anonymous16:28

      Purger, regarding 2nd daily flight to CDG; some of your insiders told you that or you have read it somewhere? 2nd daily flight is not visible in the system. When OU will anounce MXP and other 3 new lines? We are only one months away of summer schedule.

    7. Purger17:14

      Insiders! At least 3 reliable sources.

      You know OU, they did not even finish negotiations about RJ, so they can not announce those flights jet. As those flights would start at May or June, it is not just one month. Of course, even if they start in June, they should sell tickets in November, but we are talking about Croatia Airlines, don't we!?!?!?!

  8. Purger12:40


    Ne želivši inisinuirati da bi se tako što moglo desiti Air Serbiji ako prestanu državne subvencije vrijedne nekoliko desetaka milijuna EUR godišnje, ali pogledajmo što je Etihad napravio u Darwinu i imajmo to uvijek na pameti kada se dogovoraju poslovi sa Etihadom i kada će se razmišljati o produženju ugovora 2018.

    Plan iz prosinca 2013:
    - imati flotu od 20 regionalnih turbopropa
    - zamjentii Saab 2000 sa ATR 72-500
    - pokrenuli desetke novih linija, najviše iz Švicarske, ali i dobar dio iz Italije, Njemačke i Velike Britanije
    - otvorili baze u Cambridgeu i Zurichu

    U samo dvije godine:
    - ukinuti bazu u Cambridgeu i sve letove prema Amsterdamu, Genevi, Parizu i Milanu
    - ukinuli bazu u Zurichu i zadržali samo domaće letove prema Švicarskoj
    - prebacili cjelokupnu flotu ATR-ova u Alitaliju
    - porazbacali Saabove u svoje druge kompanije (dio u Alitaliju, dio u Air Berlin, dio izbacili iz flote) i sveli Darwin na samo 4 aviona u floti
    - otpustili su 20% radnika
    - ukinuli 2/3 letova, od čega veliku većinu svojih inozemnih letova (među kojima i letove za ZAG i BEG), te lete tek 3 domaće linija u Švicarskoj (svaka sa samo 2 dnevna polaska, uključujući i Zurich-Genevu koja ima tek 2 dnevna polaska), na samo 3 internacionalne destinacije (Marseille, Florence, Rome) i 9 destinacija obnašaju sezonski
    - ukinuli sve letove koje su imali iz Italije i Velike Britanije, a od proljeća 2016. prekidaju i sve tri linije za Air Berlin u Njemačkoj, te ukidaju bazu u Berlinu
    - Swiss je raskinuo ugovor koji je imao za letove Lugano-Zurich sa Darwinom

    Opako!!! U samo dvije godine ogromni planovi i vrtoglava ekspanzija svela se na minijaturnu i neznatnu kompanijicu sa 4 aviona

    1. Anonymous12:55

      Zaboravljas da su cekali vise od godinu dana da im se odobri kupovina svega 30% akcija.

    2. Anonymous14:18

      Netačno. Čekalo se da se odobri, ali avion beše obojani već 2013. i leteše u sistemu Etihad Regional i bez tog odobrenja. Ovo sve što Purger kaže se više-manje podešavalo u zadnje vreme i još uvek se dešava.

    3. Anonymous14:50

      LX je ukinuo ugovor cim je postignut dogovor sa EY a sad leti OS sa Q400 tako da ne koristite to u vase propagandne svrhe .
      Sto to spajate sa ASL a ne uspeh koji su imali sa HM gde su doveli 2 A320, 2 A332 i jos 6 DHC 6-400 i digli kompaniju na noge

    4. Anonymous14:52

      Mozda zato sto je Air Serbia bliza Darwinu nego Sejselima po pitanju dosadasnjeg uspeha? Sto to ne spomenes?

    5. Anonymous14:59

      Apsolutna izmisljotina , ASL je daleko ispred F7 po uspehu .
      ASL ima i vecu flotu od HM tako da ne znate opet sta pricate.

    6. Anonymous15:53

      Koliko je vece domace trziste JU-a od HM-a? Opet pises a ne znas o cemu pricas.

    7. Anonymous15:57

      Rasprava ne vodi nigde , Sejseli su turisticki popularni od Srbije tako da se u opste u gornjem mom postu ne radi o uporedjivanju nego zasto doticni gospodin svaki put kad su lose vesti iz F7 i AB to spaja sa ASL a ne kad HM i 9W ostvare rekordne dobitke .

    8. Anonymous16:06

      Pa kako da ih poredi kada JU nema rekordne dobitke, firma trenutno gubi pare tako da je logicnije da se uporedi sa Er Berlinom nego sa ta dva. Pogotovu sto oni posluju u Aziji a to je potpuno drugacije trziste.

    9. Purger17:27

      Sinko Marko, skuliraj se malo. Nema tu nikakvog neprijateljstva i pljuvanja Air Serbije, upravo suprotno!

      1. Ovaj primjer je jako važan. Srbija mora njega i te kako uzeti u obzir i zaštiti se, te osigurati da se njima tako što ne desi. I ničem drugom ne služi. Pokazuje kako Etihad nije svemoguć, kako ne pozlati sve što primi, kako linije iz ZRH prema AUH, TXL, DUS, MXP, FCO nisu dovoljni čak ni da postave konektirane linije unutar Švicarske i neposredne okolice, a kamoli za postavljanje huba.

      2. Isto tako pokazuje kako će Etihad dići ruke ako od toga nema ono što želi (u prvom redu financijske koristi). I zato Srbija mora biti oprezna i ne zanositi se "moćnim i bogatim prijateljem koji samo nosi poklone, sreću i blagostanje". Nema, Marko, besplatnog obroka. Nigdje, a ponajmanje kod Arapa.

      3. Ovaj primjer pokazuje kako nešto što je obečano kao veliko, moćno i jako u vrlo kratkom roku postaje minijaturno. U samo 2 godine! I opet važno za Air Serbiju.

      4. Uopće nije bitno postoji li i 100 primjera koji su pozitivni, bajkoviti i sušti profit, razvoj i blagostanje, jedan jedini je dovoljan da treba biti na oprezu, imati backup plan i razmisliti o figi u džepu koja bi se mogla držati od strane bliskoistočne braće.

      4. Naravno da je Swiss raskinuo sa Darwinom kada ga je preuzeo Etihad. Pa to i govorim. Nije sve bajkovito. Nosi to sa sobom i neprijatelje, negativne stvari... Kao što je uprava Darwina sama priznala da su ova rezanja 2/3 linija direktan rezultat pritiska Swissa koji je više nego očit u posljednjih dvije godine.

      Ako to netko ne želi vidjeti onda nije obožavatelj, niti podržavatelj nego naprosto sljepac i radi više štete Air Serbiji nego koristi. Kod nas se to zove "srljamo ko guske u magli".

      Kao i uvijek želim Air Serbiji sve najbolje (i Marko, nisam neprijatelj, hejter ili bog te pitaj što). Da to ne želim ne bih ovaj primjer niti objavio već bi se "nadao" da se taj scenarij desi i Air Serbiji. A iskreno ne želim. Ako ništa drugo jer sam koristnik Air Serbije.

    10. Anonymous17:30

      ASL ima solidne dobitke i vazno je da posluje pozitivno.

    11. Anonymous18:13

      Purger, zašto mu se opravdavaš (INN-u)?

    12. Anonymous19:15

      Ja nisam rekao da ste hejter nego vrlo Pametan covek koji baci kost pojedincima koji posle ovde pisu razne gluposti ja se tu ne slazem samo .

    13. Purger01:49

      INN, Air Serbija ima dobitke zato što dobiva desetke milijuna EUR subvencije od Srbije. A što ako presuši izvor, ako ne bude više para? Što ako na izborima pobjedi neka druga stranka koja će novac radije usmjeriti na željeznicu, mirovine, zdravstvo, školstvo? Hoće li i onda Etihad poslovati i dalje sa Air Serbijom na ovim osnovama ili će možda napraviti scenarij kao i sa Darwinom? Daleko bilo!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:56

    Jedino BEG ima najvece sanse da dodje EK sa A330 mislim da bi ovako mogla izgledati linija DXB-OTP-BEG-DXB.

    1. Anonymous14:14

      A majke ti, što BEG ima jedini tu šansu?

      - u BEG Etihad ima zonu interesa, klat će se do krvi, ima već dva leta sa A320

      - Qatar se širi i uskoro će da ima 7 nonstop sedmićnih letova

      - Pegasus leti za BEG

      - flyDubai je u zoni letenja sa jednom posadom

      - flyDubai leti na tržišta gde je mala platežna moć, dok Emirates leti tamo gde je veća platežna moć (ne kažem ja da je stanje u Hrvatskoj kao u Italiji i Austriji, daleko od toga, ali je ipak delako bolje nego u Srbiji, pa Emirates leti i za Budimpeštu, Prag gde je razlika daleko manja spram Hrvatske, nego što je između Hrvatske i Srbije).

    2. Anonymous14:22

      Mala korekcija, EY ima dva leta, oba su za sada na A319.

    3. Anonymous14:23

      joj ne fantaziraj smaraš više

    4. Anonymous14:32

      Opet kazem vece su sanse da EK dodje pre u BEG nego ZAG .

    5. Anonymous15:47

      Ne mislim da će EK doći igdje u Ex YU u idućih par godina, ali ne znam zašto misliš da je BEG prvi. ZAG ima vrlo jak demand iz Azije i Australije, jakih EK tržišta, veći nego Srbija + što nema double daily EY i fokus nacionalne kompanije prema tom istom EY. Ponavljam, realnije je da FZ digne frekvencije jer EK ima samo wide body što nije zrakoplov za ey Yu rute po potencijalu izuzev nekih ljetnih mjeseci, i to ako.
      Imaj na umu da puno više Azije i Australije ide prema Hrvatskoj, feed iz Slovenije je uvijek dodatni plus, a to ej na strani ZAG u ovom slučaju. No, ne očekujem EK nigdje u ex YU, QR/EY imaju narrow body koji ih idealno služi na godišnjoj bazi, mogu dizati frejvecnije što je uvijek bolje, a EK, tj DXB kao transfer point ima FZ koji zasada sasvim dobro može zadovoljiti EK interese. Dakle, očekujemo QR double daily u ZAG, daily u BEG, početak QR u SJJ, poneki 330/787 QR u ZAG, možda poneki EY u BEG te u pogledu DXB evtl više FZ letova nego što ih sada ima.

    6. Anonymous15:52

      Vredi napomenuti da je QR do sada slao wideobdy samo u BEG. ;)

    7. Anonymous15:58

      Svaka cast kad si setio toga +1

    8. JATBEGMEL16:00

      @ INN-SNS

      sta sad lupetas.

      It was mentioned several months ago that ZAG and BEG were contacted by EK. ZAG was quick to respond, where as BEG totally ignored EK, if Im not mistaken contacted BEG again but via the Emirati embassy in Belgrade before finally getting a response.

      EK are looking into BEG once again. Originally it was supposed to be with the A345 as DXB-BEG-VCE but loads finally picked up in VCE and the stop in BEG not needed.

      EK last year accidently leaked out internally the OTP schedule, which was to be daily with the A332, but was removed. EK after BUD, OTP and BEG were to be next, however I think plans changed once EY bought into AZ and EK went into BLQ daily B77W.

      Internal rumour is that EK is intending to start BEG with the B777 late this year. Please note the word RUMOUR.

      The entire A340 fleet (A343 and A345) will be removed and only 4 A330 ac will remain by the end of the year, so BEG will go B777 from day 1. Rumour mentions B772, however only the B77L will be left and they will be active on the ULR flights ie AKL and Panama.

      Cargo from BEG to the Middle East has been growing, lots of B747's to GYD, KBL and Iraq, as well as a couple EK SkyCargo B747's to Africa. The other day there was an IL76 in BEG loaded for JED.

      EK has been testing the premium market in Belgrade with their cheauffur drive service for EK pax ex BEG the past couple of years.

      OTP is expected to be next in Europe, I guess we will know in the next couple of months.

    9. Anonymous16:09

      QR je slao widebody u SOF, a u BEG je sletio samo zato jer je BEG nakačen na SOF. Svakako lijepi foto moment, ali nažalost nije imao veze sa komercijalnim potrebama BEG nego SOF.

    10. Nemjee16:12

      У Београд је стигло око 150 путника а отишло око 120. Дакле Београд је одрадио своје. ;)

    11. It would be sick for EK to come to BEG or any other ex yu destination with B777, but it somehow just seems unlikely. While JATBEGMEL clearly stated it was a rumour, these kinds of rumours have been going on for at least 5-6 years I have been following aviation in Serbia so probably much longer then that. Based on demand it would seem that Sarajevo should be getting EK first since they have FZ which will be going 6 weekly or daily in the summer. Both ZAG and BEG are 3 weekly by FZ I think. First we have to wait for FZ to go daily before think about EK is my view on this topic.
      In the near future I only see QR expansion with BEG being bumped to daily and ZAG to double daily.

    12. JATBEGMEL17:15

      @ YYZ

      FZ will in the next couple of years transfer fully to DWC where it will have its own terminal. A few destinations are currently operated from DWC as well as some EK SkyCargo flights. This is to free up slots in DXB which are not easy to come by.

      Regarding FZ, they cannot uplift much cargo if any to BEG and ZAG. Besides, EK has a
      much better product both onboard and at T3 in DXB. EK entry to BEG for example would for sure take pax from EY, JU and QR, especially the first 2. AUH is absolutely horrible, staff is useless, 5 desks at departures for passport control with massive lines, 2 scanners for pax entering the transit zone, tighly packed shops, massive lines to use toilets and most flights on remote stands not to mention the suffocating room for smokers.

      It is still possible to buy tickets from EK connecting onto JU flights, landing in BEG just before the midday regional wave and departing after all flights return would take on all connections which EY and JU cannot do currently due to the departure waves.

    13. Anonymous17:37

      Nista ne lupam niti sam sta lose napisao cemu pocinjanje rasprave .

    14. Nemjee17:43

      As far as cargo goes, my guess is that 90% of it goes on the scheduled cargo flight operated by Turkish Airlines. By the way, TK Cargo rented an entire floor at the cargo building right next to the airport. Plus, wasn't that route de-linked from Madrid?

    15. Anonymous19:16

      Da bilo je IST-MAD-BEG sa A330 .
      Bilo bi odlicno jednom kad bi bilo uporedjenje koliko koji Aerodrom preveze Kargo tereta .

    16. JATBEGMEL00:23

      @ Nemjee

      TK send their A330 once a week, a couple of times it has been the A310. Im not saying that is small, but there are for example An-26's from RAF Avia 2-3 daily from BEG, as well as a regular ATR cargo service i think to Leipzig and Sofia. A few days back there was an IL76 in BEG being loaded at B7 bound for JED. Not to mention in december the numerous B747 ac mostly from Silkway to GYD and KBL, as well as EK SkyCargo (Atlas Air) from AMS bound for Bangui that went a couple of times. JU has also boosted its offering of cargo and their increase in carried cargo is just over 30% for 2015.

    17. Nemjee00:49

      Well, the discussion was about cargo movement eastward, sorry, I should have been more specific. Most of the ones you listed carry cargo to Western destinations.

      Also, don't forget that TK not only carries cargo on the dedicate freight flights but also on the double daily flight onboard passenger aircraft.

      It would be interesting to see where TK ranks in terms of cargo carried in/out of BEG. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the top three.

    18. JATBEGMEL01:26

      Most of the cities i mentioned are in the east - KBL, GYD, JED, Bangui...

      TK i think as well is high on the list, would be great if we had figures to look at. JU as well is growing its cargo quite well and im interested how they rank...i guess something for the admin to look into :)

    19. Nemjee09:36

      But how often do we really see these charter cargo flights to the east? On average maybe once a month? Twice at most. Also, if I am not mistaken the Emirates flights to Cameroon were because we sold the military equipment to them. I am just saying that no one will be able to seriously compete with TK Cargo until they either start sending larger passenger aircraft or until we see a new cargo operator. However, whoever decides to break TK's monopoly will have a hard time give the really strong brand awareness TK has around here.

  10. Anonymous15:50

    FZ needs to fly to LJU, OHD & VAR.
    EK needs to fly to ZAG.
    QR needs to do daily BEG and CLJ.
    EY needs to do ZAG.

  11. Anonymous16:57

    I think Emirates should start flying to Ljubljana.It would cover Slovenia, Croatia, South Austria and some part of Italy.

    1. Anonymous17:03

      Considering how small market well served by VCE, ZAG and VIE + LJU itself, I sincerely doubt it. Plus, with the amount of service in VIE, VCE, MXP, BUD and even ZAG, I also doubt EK in LJU would see any noticable contribution from those countries. I would rather expect FZ to start LJU, sounds much more logical.

    2. Anonymous17:05

      I could agree, but I am sure that Ljubljana needs besides Turkish airlines some gulf airline. Which?Let them surprise us. Fraport start working!!!!!!!!:)))

    3. Anonymous17:14

      Maybe it's time for the empire to strike back ;)

  12. Дечко Тзар17:09

    OT: Latest complaint I heard about new Air Serbia A330 service to New York is that Airbus A330-200 is not as “cool” as JAT DC-10-30 with three mighty engines! Really, is that a complaint now?

    I absolutely loved DC-10 shape with easily recognizable tail mounted engine and especially in classic JAT paint scheme. No doubt a gorgeous plane, here it is at JFK:

    Now times they are a-changin’ as Dylan said, and DC-10 and even successor MD-11 are no longer flying passenger service anywhere in the world. For starters, A330-200 is almost 7 meters longer than DC-10 and has almost 10 meters wider wingspan! A330 has better range, modern avionics and superior economics. As for DC10 having mighty engines, good news: JAT DC-10 and Air Serbia A330-200 have engines from identical family: GE CF6.

    Cabin comfort is incomparable: DC-10 had fuzzy projector-style movies and horrible pneumatic tube style headphones, and good luck if you are seated in the very middle of 2-5-2 across seating! A330 has seatback IFE, AVOD, Wi-Fi & mobile phone service plus lie-flat seats in business. Thanks DC-10 for the memories, it’s time to move on!

    1. Anonymous17:11

      You need to give Air Serbia a rest for a day. What a stupid ot.

    2. Anonymous17:39

      I agree with Anonymous. Not to mention that you are comparing an aircraft from the 1970s with a modern airliner.

      That's like someone saying how today an Atr to TGD is so much better than the Caravelle which used to fly there in the 1970s.

    3. Anonymous18:47

      Seriously Дечко Тзар get a life.
      It must be rely tiring trying all day to find imaginary enemies of ASL and then attack the straw man argument you constructed.
      Go out, have a drink, meet some people.

    4. Anonymous21:33

      People sometimes get upset or angry over a stupid little thing. To better manage anger, think about underlying issue.

  13. Anonymous18:42

    when we are already on topic of ME carriers in the region, how are their LFs? Anybody who has info post below here.

    1. Anonymous19:12

      As far as I know, QR in ZAG has about 70% average during winter going to 90+% in summer months, up to September/October. That was up to now, lets see with more Australia and new flights this year..dont know about FZ in ZAG really.

    2. Anonymous19:32

      I find it interesting that EY71 is always packed, while JU801 not so much - EY71 allows fast connections from Australian flights, while JU801 works for the entire SE Asia, from Japan to India. Wouldn't expect for BEG to get so many more pax from Australia, than all the other countries in Asia combined.

      As for O&D, I don't know - EY71 is a redeye, while JU801 is a morning flight. I would personally use the latter, time allowing.

    3. Nemjee20:40

      Don't forget that JU has a lot more seats on its A319 than EY does, I think it's 126 vs. 96. That's not a small difference.

    4. Anonymous21:22

      any numbers on QR and FZ in BEG? Last time this was asked people said FZ is doing bad (which I found strange) as well as that QR is picking up numbers with people saying around 60-70 pax per flight

    5. JATBEGMEL22:35

      FZ doesnt fill well its seats to BEG. Last summer season when QR, EY and JU were overbooked, FZ had on my flights ~110 pax.

      FZ were expensive until competition came, 3000 AED for a return ticket on a LCC!!! To compare, bought a ticket with JU last month for 1.600 AED.

      EY is always full to the last seat, JU was last winter ~30 pax where now they are almost full (last week only 2 seats in business was empty). A few days ago I flew AUH-BEG and it was roughly 90 pax on board.

      QR i am not sure, however talk is that loads have greatly improved. I flew a few months back with them for the first time and it was ~50 pax ex BEG and full from SOF.

      Honestly, JU and EY need to change timings as the regional connections ie SJJ only work one way.

    6. Anonymous22:46

      Flydubai is not doing bad for beg. Actually they have more pax then Zag and Sjj together in this period. For example for beg load is 90 from dxb an 130-140 going from beg of a max 174 seats available(162 economy+12 bussines). To sjj now they have aprox. 40 pax. In summer time all of the flights are full. Also I flown FZ around new year and christmass it was overbooked both ways.

    7. Anonymous23:03

      How come SJJ is doing so catastrophic in winter and then in summer it becomes top ex yu destination for FZ? Yes, I am sure there are more tourists and diaspora,but still dont get it

    8. Anonymous23:09

      Well it is becouse in the summer arabs are comming they have a lot properties in bosnia. I am working for FZ and I can check the load so I was also surprised.

    9. Anonymous23:22

      Thanks for the info! I really did not know it was that significant of a factor to cause that jump in pax numbers. This is out of aviation, but what makes Bosnia so interesting for them?

    10. Anonymous00:08

      Probably religion thing, nice nature, cheap etc...

    11. JATBEGMEL00:11

      For Kuwaiti's, BiH is interesting to buy property because it is dirt cheap compared to Kuwaiti standards. Dont forget the amount of muslims in BiH, mosques, halal foods, beautiful scenary, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, history, as well as the fact that BiH and Serbia are the only 2 countries in Europe that allow Kuwaiti passports visa free entry for 90 days.

    12. Anonymous01:31

      I think it could also be a more free lifestyle and also women since there till you get married in most cases you are stuck in terms of love life. Someone correct me if I am wrong, I am not trying to be political or anything but that was first thing which came to my mind

  14. Anonymous20:07

    How come, there is no Banjaluka in those companies' plans?

  15. Anonymous20:07

    OT - Etihad Airways named 2016 Airline of the Year by ATW Magazine

  16. Anonymous21:13

    It's a pity that only HR nationals no longer need a visa for UAE. I hope they do the same with RS, MK, BiH, ME. Ever since they did so, W6 and FZ compete and more travellers go to Dubai.

    1. Anonymous21:48

      Ne znam na što se odnosi ova vijest točno ali UAE su hrvatskim drzavljanima ukinuli vize još 2013

    2. Anonymous21:52

      They should lift them to the rest so that they receive more flights. W6 may immediately start BEG-DWC or SJJ-DWC.

    3. Anonymous22:00

      Ispravak, ukinuli su vize 22.03.2014...

    4. Anonymous22:02

      @ 9.52pm ... just to correct you ... W6 does NOT have the traffic rights to "immediately start BEG-DWC" flights ...

    5. Anonymous21:22

      @ Anon February 15, 2016 at 10:02 PM
      And probably won't ever get them. You can reffer to Qatar Airways and the traffic rights between BEG and ESB and BEG and SOF

  17. Anonymous23:19

    yes!!!this is great,it's so cool when you guys fight each other.keep on fighting for nonsense,this is so much fun!!

    1. Anonymous23:31

      Apparently it's fun enough so that you comment.


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