Maribor Airport eyes strong 2016 growth

Maribor anticipates 70% load factor on new Express Airways flights

Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, in Slovenia's north-east, is confident that new scheduled services to Dusseldorf and Split, to be operated by the German-owned Express Airways from April 28 and May 8 respectively, will prove popular with travellers and result in strong passenger growth. The airport estimates that the Boeing 737-300 aircraft operating the two routes will record an average cabin load factor of 70%. Therefore, Maribor Airport's Managing Director, Ladimir Brolih, anticipates that some 10.700 passengers will use the service to and from Dusseldorf by the end of the 2016 summer season. "Dusseldorf was selected based on expert analysis and it being the centre of one of the richest regions in Europe. In addition, there is strong economic cooperation between local businesses and the German state", Mr Brolih said yesterday.

Express Airways' CEO, Sefa Tuncer, noted that the new route from Dusseldorf to Maribor will be primarily used by holidaymakers from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands who gravitate towards the North Rhine-Westphalia region in western Germany and will make up some 60% to 70% of all travellers on the flights. The airline will operate the route for a year and will then determine whether the service is profitable, since significant efforts and resources have been put into the new flights. Mr Tuncer added that Express Airways is also considering charter services from Maribor to Antalya in Turkey and Girona in Spain.

Maribor Airport aims to handle some 27.500 travellers by the end of the year, representing an increase of 10% on 2015. The airport says its numbers could exceed 30.000 if Express Airways follows through with all of its planned services. Furthermore, the airport expects to process 300 tonnes of cargo, up from 183 tonnes last year. Express Airways will be the only airline operating scheduled flights to Maribor this summer. Mr Brolih confirmed that Adria Airways will not resume its seasonal service to London Southend Airport launched last summer. The airport is still in negotiations with budget airline Wizz Air concerning potential new routes.

Flight details for the new Maribor - Dusseldorf service can be found here, while additional information for its Split flights can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    I would be very optimistic and happy for Maribor Airport if these flights were operated by another airline. BUT we are talking about Express Airways and I fear they will just pull out. With nill brand awareness I'm not sure they can fill a B733. If this were Wizz Air operating the flights then I'm sure they would be successful and have the desired load factor.

  2. Anonymous09:08

    real shame about Adria not returning. I was still hoping they would.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      They can't. They are too busy flying from Pristina, Tirana, Lodz, Klagenfurt and Poland's 20th largest city to care about our interests.

    2. Anonymous09:49

      As it has new owner it will care even less. It is not ours any longer...soon won't

    3. Anonymous11:44

      It was only a huge interest to get some sub. money to overcome the year! It was never really a discussion to run traffic from LJU and MBX... But please MBX should do something else! Charter: S4 to Funchal,Ponta Delgada, Faro, Transavia: Amsterdam, WW to Keflavik and for sure BEG/NIS and DBV/TIV. Can be just charters! What about spain: MAD,BCN or even P.Mallorca? Charters! Start it! Gratis parking & start with construction of a train terminal walking distance to the arrival/depart. hall and buses from Germany & Austria & Italy&Romania should stop at the airport. VIE has so many trains ending from Hamburg&Frankfurt at the airport! Dont forget all summer buses to croatian islands in summer! there is potential!

    4. Anonymous12:03

      +1 for last comment :)

    5. Anonymous12:05

      maybe JP with MBX-FRA? feeding LH

    6. Anonymous12:14

      and I forgot my favorite volotea that can cover south of Europe! MBX has just to connect the great logistic position with public transport connections!

    7. Purger12:52

      JP can not even support 4 flights per day to FRA (today 3 flights per day), VIE (2 flights) and MUC (2 flights). With this they even can not support feeding all waves in FRA, MUC and VIE. Let me remind you that just few year ago JP had 4 flights per day to FRA, MUC and VIE. So, there is not enough demand.

      It would be logical if they can support 4 FRA waves to open one extra daily flight to FRA from MBX. But as there is not enough demand for sure they can not open those, and they motivate passengers to use LJU JP flights, and GRZ LH flights.

      Today GRZ has 1 million passengers and flights with legacy carriers to:

      Berlin-Tegel (AB),
      Düsseldorf (OS),
      Frankfurt (LH),
      Istanbul (TK)
      Munich (LH),
      Stuttgart (OS),
      Vienna (OS),
      Zurich (LX)

      LCC to:
      Palma de Mallorca,

      and charters to Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turky, Tunisa and Spain:

      Graz Airport is just 30 minutes driving from Maribor on highway with no border control. So where is MBX future? Airliners (even LCC and charter) will always choose GRZ instead.

      Only future is to attract some ultra-LCC like Ryanair (was flying to GRZ but stop because GRZ did not want to give subventions) or Wizzair (MBX is in their interest zone). But for that they must find funds to support those LCC as they would never fly without subventions. So, few ultra-LCC routes to attract passengers from LJU, ZAG, GRZ (maybe even like TZL to base one plane) and one or two charters and that is it. But for that they must find huge amount of money. Where from? Local government (not very rich), national government (they would always support LJU), tourist board (almost no tourism in Maribor aria), local business (what business)? Plus there is EU with their rules what makes subventions much more problematic to give especially that GRZ, ZAG (ADPI) and LJU (Fraport) will react in second on that.

    8. Anonymous13:52

      pravo pitanje bi moglo biti - moze li MBX naneti stetu MZLZ-u obzirom na blizinu (45 min) i poslednji stadijum unistavanja OU.

    9. Purger14:57

      Sa čime, pobogu? U najboljem slučaju mogu imati jedan bazirani LCC i dvije charter linije. A to ne bi naštetilo ni GRZ, a kamoli tri puta većem ZAG.

      Ovo sa Express Airwaysom ni ne smatram opasnošću jer će statit prije nego što će i krenuti (najveći optimizam bi bilo da se ostvari 10 letova sveukupno prije nego se povuku). Konačno da se i ostvari dva leta za DUS nisu nikakva konkurencija i zanemarivi su, a ne mislite valjda da će jedan let prema SPU naštetiti 32 tjedna leta iz ZAG za SPU.

      Maribor može naštetiti MZLZ jednako kao što MZLZ može naštetiti FRA! To nije čak ni smješno, nego urnebesno!

    10. Anonymous16:58

      well a good mixture of lcc and semi-lccs with really smart charter destinations as already written: canarian, Madeira, capverde, marroco and a support to develop tourism to iberian countries. BEG and NIS of course! Volotea,Transavia and not do miss Russia! Now we have bad political times and time to plan for good once! Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiew! MBX would be great! Make stop over for POZ! Charters! Example: ZAG,LJU,TRS,VCE,GRZ,BIE,BUD there is still potential! Bratislava is a great example and Vienna is not hited by their development! every 30 min buses connect Vienna-Vienna airport-Bratislava city-Bratislava airport....

    11. Purger17:14

      Bratislava is there because Vienna is very expensive and most of LCC choose Bratislava instead.

      In same time you have Graz which already have 33 routes most of which are LCC and charter.

      As I said ultra LCC if Maribor will give them subventions but I don't find where from!

      Who will fly from MBX to Canaries especially that you have Canaries flights from Graz! Marroco, Capa Verde, Madeira???? You are joking, right???? If there would be flights to Moscow for sure there would be some from Graz. Transavia??? That is even bigger joke! Where they should fly from MBX, to CDG or AMS?

    12. Anonymous17:27

      a ako JP prebaci par masina u MBX u cilju napada na trziste HR i dumpingom pocne otimati putnike MZLZ-u

    13. Purger17:38

      A to sigurno. To bi bilo super logično:

      Zagreb - Ljubljana 135 km autoputom
      Zagreb - Maribor 120 km od čega dio bez autoputa

      Ogromna razlika, baš bi zbog toga trebali bazirati par aviona ako žele napasti na tržište u HR i time si poskupiti poslovanje sa dislociranjem aviona. Čestitima na argumentu!

      Inače za vašu informaciju ako JP želi napasti na tržište HR onda otvori linije iz HR, naime Adrija je u Hrvatskoj domaća kompanija kao i bilo gdje u EU, kao što je i Croatia domaća kompanija u Sloveniji.

      Adrija je pokušala u Mariboru i podvila rep.

      Konačno Adrija u ovom momentu neće napasti nikoga, nego se navrat-nanos konsolidirati (čitaj dobit će masa raje otkaz, smanjit će se broj linija i frekvenicija) i onda će se prodat Lufthansi.

    14. Anonymous17:54

      To i jest poanta. LH nema cash za oba dvije pa ce izabrati JP a OU je prokockala svoju prigodu

    15. Anonymous19:10

      anonymous, LH nema cash za obje? ozbiljno? hahahahaha, samo se ti nadaj i moli LH da kupi JP pa da mrska OU propadne :)

    16. Purger01:03

      LH da kupi i JP i OU nebi ni osjetila, to napravi od jednomjesečnog profita. To za nju nije ni kikiriki. Ali trenutno ne smije kupovati radi dvogodišnjeg sukoba sa sindikatima. Teško je objasniti da se "nema" para za radnike, ali ima za kupovine. I zato je posrednik kupio JP, pa će ga srediti (otpustiti ljude, ukinuti linije), a kasnije preprodati LH, dok će OU "morati" pričekati neko vrijeme. Njoj to bar nije problem jer ima još što prodavati. Konačno ako OU napravi sell and lesaseback aviona Lufthansi ona će iz toga i ovako profitirati, a kasnije će morati daleko manje iskeširati.

    17. Anonymous00:17

      MBX is cheaper than all sourrounded airports. why not! volotea, wizzair, transavia would be a great mix :) JP got just some support to overcome winter 2015/16 for flights to Southend. nothing else!

  3. Anonymous09:17

    And Tallinn!

    1. Anonymous09:18

      Oh yes forgot about those :P

  4. Anonymous09:18

    Good luck to Maribor. An airport with such a nice terminal deserves some action.

  5. Anonymous09:44

    OT: Ryanair have increased SOF destinations to 11! W6 and BG Air will not be happy at all.
    Anyway good look to MBX!

    1. Anonymous10:26

      Ryan have revealed that in the upcoming weeks more destinations will be announced from SOF. So, far there plans are to base 2 B738's in SOF from November.
      BG Air and Wizz aren't very happy with the current situation. Probably they will respond to FR's attack in one of their

    2. Anonymous10:44

      By my opinion FR has used all soft it stars the war with the easiest competitor. This is going to be interesting in forcoming years. SOF looks like a sendbox to test new strategy

    3. Anonymous10:57

      @ Anon February 13, 2016 at 10:44 AM
      As far as I know they are thinking to use the T2 in SOF. If this happens - this will be revolutionary.

    4. Nemjee11:32

      But the thing is that Sofia is just one market where Wizz Air is being attacked by Ryanair. They will have to fight a war on several fronts. Can they make it? Are their pockets that deep?

      One thing that makes it a bit difficult to stage a counter-attack is the fleet which is stretched too thin. I doubt they have the extra capacity to redeploy for an attack against FR.

      If I were Wizz Air then I would immediately move to open two new bases, Larnaca and Thessaloniki. Both could do wonders for Wizz Air, especially the latter.

    5. Anonymous11:42

      @ Nemjee,
      W6 will base a 6th aircraft in SOF in March and they are planning to base a 7th - A321 by the end of the year. So, for sure they will announce shortly 4 or 5 new destinations.

    6. Anonymous12:01

      is it only me that thinks FR have given up on SKP and now concentrate entirely on SOF?

    7. Nemjee12:26

      Thanks for that. However, if I am not mistaken Ryanair will receive a new aircraft from Boeing each week. They are far more flexible and they can afford to attack them on a few fronts. The real question is how will Wizz Air respond to all this.

      Wizz Air must find a way to attack Ryanair and not only to respond to their attacks. Opening a few bases such as SKG, LCA and TIA could do the trick.
      They should also consolidate their position in the Baltics (RIX) as well as in MMX and LTN.

      Who knows... time will tell what they will do in the end.

    8. Nemjee12:27

      Anon 12.01

      If you had a choice between SOF and SKP, which one would you go for? ;)

    9. Anonymous12:38

      I am not 12:01 but I would go for the one who offers me a better deal, be it SOF or SKP. FR cannot beat the deal W6 has in SKP and the market is not big enough to be worth fighting. They attack SOF because W6 is not so deeply rooted over there.

    10. Nemjee12:45

      My guess is that they went for SOF because it has a great market potential, much bigger than SKP. Plus, it represents a natural development following their aggressive expansion in Greece and Romania. The real question is what comes next. Could we see them in SKP, BEG or ZAG? Will W6 further reinforce their BEG hub?

      I think the wider Balkan region will become a very interesting battleground, not only between W6 and FR but between them and the remaining legacy carriers. JU should also respond by making SOF a double daily destination, year-round.

    11. Nemjee12:46

      Their BEG base, not hub. Sorry.

    12. Anonymous12:48

      the question was not if SOF is better then SKP (or vice versa) but since we know that FR were in talks with SKP and nothing came out of it (yet)... and now (out of nowhere) suddenly a second plane is gonna be based in SOF

      btw. O'Leary is apparently in Bucharest next week ;)

    13. Nemjee12:53

      Given that FR is after W6, I am sure that SKP is on their radar and that at some point they will consider some flights to/from the airport. I was merely saying that it makes sense if SOF was launched first as it was probably higher on their wish-list.

      SKP could fit nicely in their recently anounced NUE base...among others.

    14. Purger13:06

      Ryanair je odlučio ratovati na dvije fronte protiv EasyJeta i Wizzaira.

      Prvo su se sa na sitno pohrvali u manjim bazama u Barceloni, Bristolu, Edinburgu, Glasgowu, Lisabonu, Liverpoolu, Londonu, Manchesteru, Portu i Rimu. A potom su na u kratkom period najavili rat u tri ogromne EasyJetove beze: u Berlinu gdje je EasyJet bio dominantan LCC i ima jednu od najvećih bazu, te u drugoj i četvrtoj najvećoj EasyJetovoj bazi u Parisu CDG i ORY.

      Istovremeno Ryan otvara baze u Timisoari i Sofiji koje su velike baze Wizzaira (posebno Sofija), uz već postojeće baziranje aviona u Wizzovim bazama u Budimpešti (navjeća Wizzova baza), Warshawi, Bucharestu i Wroclawu, te više Ryanairovih letova u bazama Wizza bez baziranih vlastitih aviona. Ozbiljno se najavljuje i baziranje aviona u Skopju gdje Wizz ima totalnu dominaciju i 3 bazirana aviona.

      Ovo više nije slučajno. Samo se pitam zašto Ryanair udara na dvije fronte. Daleko logičnije bi bilo da su udarili prvo na Wizz koji su mogli relativno brzo potpuno anulirati, a nakon što njega sve prebaciti na dugotrajni i finalni obračunaju sa easyJetom.

      Bojim se da se Ryanair malo precjenjuje, a da sam ja na mjestu easyJeta i Wizzaira hitno bih napravio neki ugovor o suradnji ili možda čak i spojio kompanije te krenuo u globalan sukob sa Ryanairom. No, jadno je sigurno niti mi raspolažemo sa dovoljno činjenica, niti je Ryanair to napravio bez ozbiljne analize i procjene svih mogućih scenarija. U svakom slučaju kokice u ruke, ovo će biti interesantno, a jedno duže vrijeme mi kao putnici ćemo uživati u povoljnih cijenama karata, te otvaranju novih linija I baza u regiji (uključujući i ZAG).

    15. Nemjee13:29

      Ja mislim da su se oni opredelili za istu taktiku kao i Nemci tokom Drugog svetskog rata, to jest na Blitzkrieg.
      Da su prvo krenuli na easyJet, dali bi Wizz-u vremena da se pripremi za napad koji samo sto se ne desi- jer ako je Ryan krenuo na Easy onda ce sigurno u jednom trenutku krenuti i na Wizz, posebno jer su se vec borili sirom severne Evrope kao sto je slucaj sa Baltikom i Poljskom.

      Jos jedno trziste gde je Ryan napao Easy je ATH. Ali to je dovoljno veliko i bogato trziste tako da ima mesta za sve njih, ukljucujuci i Voloteu.

      Ryanair je nedavno najavio letove iz Osla. Isto tako pricalo se da ce potpisati ugovor o saradnji sa Norwegianom. Ako se to desi to je onda jako lose za njihove protivnike.

    16. Anonymous13:33

      FR's expansion in the southern Balkans is also bad news for Air Serbia, not just W6.

    17. Anonymous13:35

      Yeah don't worry. We know everything is bad news for Air Serbia. You remind us every day.

    18. Nemjee13:36

      Technically it's bad for a lot of legacy carriers, not just JU. However, some are adapting better than others.

    19. Anonymous13:42

      Nemjee how do you think TAROM will respond and/or cope with Ryanair expansion in the region?
      Thanks for any info you have.

    20. Anonymous13:49

      @ Anon February 13, 2016 at 1:42 PM,

      TAROM already did last week. They've announced free tickets for all internal flights if you've purchased Internation from OTP.

    21. Purger13:51

      Slažem se ja da oni kreču sa blitzkriegom i ima to i neke logike, samo Hitlera i je ubilo to što je ratovao intenzivno i na dvije fronte. I on se precijenio i podcijenio protivnike, te očekivao da se komunitički SSSR i kapitalistički SAD neće ujediniti. Historia est magistra vitae!

      Slažem se da nisu trebali udariti na easyJet bez udara na Wizz jer bi time dali mogućnost da se Wizz razvije toliko da Ryanair ne bi mogao voditi dva duga i teška rata. Jer dok se mačke bore miševi kolo vode. No, da su udarili prvo na Wizz (kao što su na SkyEurope), easyJet bi se vjerovatno ponadao da neće imati snage i hrabrosti udariti na njih, a i podržali bi udarac na zajedničkog neprijatelja. Čak štoviše ja bih napravio i neki fiktivni sporazum o nenapadanju nego zajedničkom napadu na Wizz, a onda razvalio svog "partnera". Wizz danas Ryanair može ubiti u roku keks. Gotovi su za 2-3 godine a onda usmjerit sve na easyJet.

      Bojim se da oni smatraju Wizz toliko slabim da ih ni ne smatraju neprijateljima, te da će ih usput uništiti dok se kolju sa easyJetom. Ako je o istina onda nas očekuje još mnogo toga u idućih godinu-dvije. Ali isto tako se bojim da precijenjuju protivnike. Mogli bi zube slomit na tome.

      Jer osim easyJeta i Wizzaira imaju oni još opakih protivnika koji bi mogli iskoristiti ovaj rat, prvenstveno Lufthansa (Eurowings), Air France (Transavia), British (Vueling), ali i Volotea, Blue Air, Norwegian, Pegasus, flyBe, Alitalia/Air Berlin/Etihad, LOT, SAS, Aeroflot, Turkish, Aegean...

      U svakom slučaju ako iz ovog rata Ryanair izađe kao protivnik biti će jako ko sam vrag i nitko ga više neće moći zaustaviti, a ako ne izađe kao pobjednik imat će opakih problema u budućnosti i mogao bi potpuno slomiti zube i nestati!

    22. Anonymous14:07

      Anonymous at 1:49 PM
      Time then for JU to also offer free tickets for all internal flights if you purchase an international ticket too! ;)

    23. Nemjee14:30


      Slazem se i mozda bas iz tog razloga Ryanair trazi saradnju sa DY-om da mu on ne bi predstavljao ono sto je USSR bio za Hitlera.

      Postoji jos jedna teorija, moguce je da Ryanair zeli da se otarasi Wizz Air-a i da sto vise oslabi easyJet pre nego sto Eurowings stane na noge. Znaju da ce oni biti posebna, hibridna zverka koja ce im verovatno biti veliki problem u buducnosti.
      Posebno kada je LH objavila da razmislja o integrisanju SN Brussels-a u Eurowings koncept. Za razliku od Wizz Air-a, Eurowings planira da posluje na Zapadu, dakle u bogatom regionu koji predstavlja osnovu FR-ovog poslovanja. Svi znamo da LH otvoreno prezire Ryanair i ostale niskobudzetne te ce im EW najverovatnije posluziti kao alatka za osvetu.

      Anon 13.42

      As far as Tarom goes, they might as well end up like Jat. That is trying to compete by reducing their margins and accumulating losses over time. However, one way of surviving would be to work on developing OTP as a small hub. Their additional flights to BEG seems like they are moving in that direction. We will have to wait and see what their overall strategy will be. Unfortunately, I am not too optimistic about their future.

    24. Anonymous14:56

      U2 nece rasturiti sigurno , W6 ce sigurno pasti za par godina .
      EW je u pocetku placao penale zbog kasnjenja Sirokotrupne flote koja im jos pravi probleme i jos se nisu stabilizovali.

    25. Anonymous14:59

      Niko nije ni rekao da ce U2 biti 'rasturen' vec oslabljen koliko je to moguce. Eurowings ima sposobnog igraca iza sebe tako da su ovo samo porodjajne muke.

    26. Anonymous15:08

      Lots of large players are being aggressive in our region (U2, W6, LH, OS, TK, A3) fighting for market shares will squeeze legacy local airlines like Air Serbia, Tarom, Bulgaria Air who are overstaffed, run by politicians, difficult to reform or able to cut their costs.

    27. Purger15:18

      Norwegian tu nije posebno bitan. On je još uvijek mali, ko i Wizzair. Nije on tu SSSR, on je tu više Italija ili Mađarska kao saveznik Hitleru. Dobrodošla, ali niti presudna, niti jako bitna.

      Ja sam već odavno rekao da je Eurowings jako opasan. Njemu je u prvom redu cilj uništiti Air Berlin, sekundarni cilj su LCC (poglavito nakon Ryanairove najave ekspanzije u Njemačkoj), a tercijalni MEB3 (nisu bez vraga LCC long-haul linije prema Bliskom Istoku). I upravo zbog toga što će Eurowings biti alat Lufthanse oni će utuči opaku lovu u ovo ORUŽJE i naravno da Ryanair želi obranu voditi po strategiji "napad je najbolja obrana". Eurowingsu će trebati 2-3 godine za inkorporiranjem Germanwingsa i postavljanjem vlastitog sustava, prije nego krenu u najavljenu mega-ekspanziju. Je li to dovoljno Ryanairu da "oslabi" easyJet, a da pritom ne slomi zube prije ozbiljnog fajta sa Eurowingsom. Što ako nakon rata sa easyJetom više ne budu u stanju boriti se sa Eurowingsom? Nije li Hitler prvo trebao osvojiti Britaniju, i možda upće ne dirati u SSSR. Ali kad se uvjeriš da si toliko močan da možeš osvojiti svijet, onda slomiš zube i desi ti se kapitulacija u samo 4 godine.

      Ne smatram ja Tarom bitnim protivnikom Ryanairu, kao ni ostale malene sa moje liste. No, da će se koprcati i boriti hoće. A puno malih koji se koprcaju i bore mogu nanjetu veliku štetu. Posebno ako se zajedno bore sa velikima. U ovoj slikovitoj povijesnoj situaciji u kojoj smo koristili Hitlera, Tarom su jugoslavenski partizani. Maleni crvi u guzici koji su stalno nešto izvodili, ali uspjevali zadržati zavidan dio SS snaga na brdovitom Balkanu. Taromu i sličnima je najbolje pritajiti se, držati se svoje niše, ne iskakati i ulaziti u nepotrebne sukobe (krucijalno je zadržati OTP-CDG, OTP-SVO i sl., ali ne forsirati sukob na linijama koje bi otvorio Ryanair ili Wizzair) i maksimialno koristiti sukobe dviju većih igrača. Ima tu kruha, kako ne. Ali da je to u njihovom dvorištu i da će imati posljedice, naravno da hoće.

    28. Nemjee15:18

      What's to be admired about A3 and OS is that both airlines almost became irrelevant but they adapted their business model to the realities of modern aviation. Next one that could make it LO but it's 50-50 at this point. One thing is certain, our region will become much more interesting now thanks to Ryanair's arrival.

    29. Anonymous15:27

      ako moze bez hitlera, molim vas (inace nastavite slobodno)

    30. Nemjee15:29

      DY sa svojih 96 aviona nije toliko opasan sada ali oni su porucili jos 233 (156 opcija) koji ce im stizati dok se ovi medjusobno kolju. To moze predstavljati veliki, dugorocni problem za FR. Isto tako, za razliku od Ryan-a, DY zapravo ima pozitivan imidz medju putnicima, svi znamo kakvu reputaciju ima FR.

      Dakle, dok se FR bori na dva fronta, DY se siri u senci i konsoliduje svoju poziciju sto na kratolinijskom a sto na dugolinijskom saobracaju.
      Dali FR trazi dogovor sa DY-om kao prevenciju napada kada oslabe? To moze biti jedan jako veliki problem za Ryanair. Ako povlacimo paralelu sa WW2 onda ovo moze biti neka vrsta Ribbentrop-Molotov dogovora. ;)

      Sto se tice RO i ostale kompanije, slazem se. Ne smeju dozvoliti da postanu kolateralna zrtva u ovoj krajnje okrutnoj borbi. Neka se mole da prvi Blue Air nastradati.

      U svakom slucaju, vrlo zanimljiva situacija se stvara u nasem komsiluku.

    31. Nemjee15:34

      * RO i ostalih kompanija
      * postanu kolateralna steta


    32. Anonymous15:38

      Ne treba zaboraviti DY i njihove jeftine Ugovore za osoblje .

    33. Nemjee15:39

      Какве то има везе када су њихови уговори слични оним које имају и остале компаније у њиховој лиги.

    34. Anonymous15:42

      Nizi su malo od ostalih ali ne treba ni to zaboraviti .

    35. Purger15:51

      Nemjee slažem se. I ja osobno imam sklonosti prema Norwegianu, a Ryanari ne mogu podnjeti i sa njima putujem stvarno kada je smao jako nužno.

      E sad, Norwegian je bio daleko od njih svih, ali krenuli na London i još ponešto u zoni interesa, imaju velik broj narudžbi, riskiraju sa long-haul što može biti i pogubno, ali i ta odskočna daska za vrh. Ryanair u ovom slučaju koristi SAD-taktiku, sa slabijim od tri napadni drugoga (sa Kinom protiv Rusije, sa Rusijom protiv nacističke Njemačke...). Ta taktika je OK, iako ja mislim da bi im bolje bilo da su sklopili stvaran pakt sa easyJetom protiv svih ostalih (i protiv Norwegiana, i protiv Wizza, i protiv Vuelinga, Eurowingsa, Transavie, Volotee...). Jel za dva velika igrača ima mjesta u Europi. Šteta je što se dva ogromna hvataju u koštac umjesto da oni zajedno navale protiv svojih stvarnih neprijatelja (EUB3). I da, slažem se da je Norwegian tu u odličnoj situaciji. Dok se ovi kolju, on će na strani jačega rasti i doći na nivo gdje ga sukobom oslabljeni Ryanair neće moći uništiti. I tu se potpuno slažem sa tobom.

      Svakako je tu u najslabijoj poziciji easyJet. I upravo zato mislim da bi oni morali odmah napraviti sporazum sa svim malim neovisnim igračima i mobilizirati ih na svoju stranu (Wizz, Blue Air, Pegasus, Niki, SmartWings, Volotea, WOW, Jet2).

      Sorry za povlačenje paralele sa Hitlerom, ali ko što rekoh povijest je učiteljica života. Nitko od nas ne podržava ili veliča Hitlera, već samo koristimo njegov povijesni primjer kao znakovit.

      U svakom slučaju, Nemjee, čeka nas vrlo zanimljiv period i svakako barem kratkoročna korist za nas putnike.

    36. Nemjee15:55

      U potpunosti se slazem a mislim da ce se uskoro ova borba preneti i u ex-YU. Ovde nije vise pitanje profita i lognich poslovnih poduhvata, ovde je cilj unistenje... i to po svaku cenu. Kao sto je gore spomenuto, na kraju krajva, mi, putnicni cemo profitirati od svega ovoga!

    37. Nemjee15:56

      lognich = logicnih

    38. Purger16:28

      A da... prenijet će se na exYu. Nije bez vraga ove najave Ryanaira u SKP. Pa tu Wizz ima 3 aviona, ako Ryanair kreće u rat morat će i to ubit. Konačno Ryanair ima bazu u ZAD, širi se u TGD, easyJet je vrlo jak u SPU i DBV, ali ih ima posvuda, Germanwings harači Hrvatskom i Kosovom, Wizz je u BiH i Srbiji, a ima i ponešto u Hrvatskoj i Sloveniji. I Norwegian, Vueling, Transavia, Volotea su tu, posebno na Jadranu, Pegasus je u Srbiji, BiH, Makedoniji. No, to je sve još jako malo. Mislim da nas tek čeka opaka ekspanzija ovih igrača.

      Jedna od prvih ogromnih ekspanzija biti ZAG nakon otvaranja terminala za godinu dana. Tu će se vrlo hitno bazirati bar jedna LCC, vrlo vjerovatno i dvije u periodu od 5 godina, uz još neke LCC koje će imati po par linija bez baziranih aviona mislim da je realno da će ZAG u idućih 5 godina imati 40-50 LCC linija za ZAG.

    39. Purger17:02

      What is real to come in ZAG in near future

      Two of 5 airlines to have base in ZAG with 20-25 flights per company:
      - easyJet (big base in CDG and ORY, good relation with ADPI)
      - Eurowings (for sure ZAG is LH zone of interest)
      - Transavia (bases CDG, ORY and AMS, good relation with ADPI, to open bases out of Netherlands and France)
      - Wizzair (zone of interest)
      - Ryanari (fight with Wizzair and easyJet)

      Possible flights with no basis
      - AirBaltic
      - Norwegian Air Shuttle (3-4 routes)
      - Blue Air
      - Volotea (3-4 niche routes)
      - Vueling (2-3 routes)
      - Jet2
      - Monarch
      - Pegasus
      - flyDubai
      - Air Cairo

      Not a big chance, but one can be surprise:
      • WOW air
      • Blue Panorama Airlines
      • flyBe
      • Air Arabia
      • SmartWings

    40. Anonymous17:26

      Purger do you really think that all 3 big LC (Ryan, Easy, Wizz) companies will rush to ZAG within near future and make bases? ZAG will for sure get a LC base sooner or later, but you are exaggerating a bit.

    41. Nemjee17:31

      Bice zanimljivo videti koliko ce im trebati pre nego sto BEG dodje na red. Siguran sam da FR nece biti mnogo druzeljubiv prema JU, kao ni prema W6.

    42. Purger17:44

      I didn't say all 3 of them, I said 2 out of 5 possible. I think best chance is for easyJet + Eurowings.

      Sofia is just little bigger than ZAG and still have Wizz and Ryanair bases + other LCC's.

    43. Anonymous17:58

      Ako u ZAG stignu bitni LCC i pocnu leteti u ozbiljnom obimu - onda ce OU i formalno bankrotirati pre manjih igraca, recimo YM. Tu nece pomoci prodaja motora i slicne akrobacije savremenog knjigovodstva.

    44. Purger01:06

      Ne nužno. I drugdje postoje LCC pa lagacy carrieri imaju svoju nishu. Upravo suprotno LCC mogu natjerati flag carriera na kvalitetniji rad, konkurentnost, ali mogu i povečati konektiranost, tj. letove iz feeding destinacija. A ova dva tržišta u velikoj većini slučaja i nisu konkurentna.

  6. Anonymous10:02

    OT:Air Serbia preliminary schedule for JFK flight

    JU500 BEG0730 – 1200JFK 330 D
    JU501 JFK1440 – 0530+1BEG 330 D

    1. Nemjee10:08

      I think it's just to test the system, that schedule makes no sense.

    2. Anonymous10:15

      System/fare testing. Nor final schedule adn not daiky. ex-Yu wrote on yesterday comment "split schedule is planned".

    3. Anonymous10:18

      All depends on the slots that they have... They aren't scheduling their slots according to what is convenient to Air Serbia.

    4. Anonymous10:34

      Here is the preliminary schedule of BH Air:
      8H 1001 SOF-JFK 06:00 09:20 15
      8H 1002 JFK-SOF 16:00 06:50 (+1) 15

    5. Nemjee10:41

      A 06.00 departure out of Sofia is just horrible. I mean, they are after the p2p market so why no earth schedule it in such a way?!

    6. Anonymous10:45

      @ Nemjee
      Probably this is the best they could get. It's very hard to get slots for JFK.

    7. Nemjee10:50

      I know but I mean, it can't be that hard to find two slots a week. Plus, I am sure that they could have been flexible with their schedule, it's not like they desperately need the A332 elsewhere.

    8. Anonymous10:55

      @ Nemjee,
      probably you're right. Time will tell. Still - this is preliminary schedule. It might be changed.

    9. Nemjee10:56

      True, true. Do they also plan on flying in winter time? Will be interesting to see what fares they will publish and how competitive they will be.

    10. Anonymous10:58

      @ Nemjee,
      Yes. The pans are for year-round services to JFK. They plan also to add a third weekly service during the Summer schedule from next year.

    11. Anonymous11:00

      this time table is not good for transit passengers from SKP. the flight to JFK is ok: flight SKP-BEG is 4.20am so u dont need to wait in BEG. But the return flight.. u land at 5am and have to wait in BEG for almost 24h.. i doubt anybody would use this flight connection.

    12. Nemjee11:01

      Thanks for the info. I don't know how successful they will be given that they will be relying solely on the p2p passengers in a market that is already quite competitive with one stop options.

      In my opinion they should have stayed as a local charter carrier.

    13. Anonymous11:02

      How many times do you have to be told this timetable is only put for testing purposes. If you check now it is no longer in GDS. They put it in for three minutes per day three times per day. Timetable will be split schedule and is not operating daily. Geez.

    14. Anonymous11:05

      @ Nemjee,
      They have lost a lot of their charter operations to the British competitors. There is strategy is in few years to operate only scheduled flights. Also don't estimate the O&D passengers. According to they are between 80-100 K.

    15. Nemjee11:28

      Of course, the market is there but they will have to face fierce competition from the well-established carriers on the market. That's why I hope they have a better schedule than the one they published.

      Will be interesting to see what becomes of the Bulgarian aviation market now when it's getting a bit too crowded with Wizz Air, Ryanair, Bulgaria and BH.

    16. Anonymous13:09

      BEG-JFK 07:30......JFK-BEG 05:30+1 only on Mondays and Thursdays, confirmed.

    17. Anonymous13:40

      05:30 AM departure from JFK? That is brutal for locals and even wore for passengers who are connecting from other places...

    18. Anonymous13:42

      No it's 05.30 landing in BEG

    19. Anonymous13:46

      That is great then, thank you Anon 1:42!

    20. tickets are on sale

    21. Anonymous14:08

      No Ivan they are not on sale. They are just being put in the system for fare testing. You can't purchase the tickets. Like someone said it's going to be a split schedule and sales start next week. And there is going to be major event around it.

    22. Expedia let me book the ticket for this flight. I haven't bought the ticket since I do not plan to travel to NY but it look s like a legit purchase process to me. Try it yourself

    23. Anonymous14:29

      Ivan what you booked was JU codesharing on AB flights. All flights are via DUS.

    24. Anonymous15:00

      To nije prava cena nego test cena i za letove AB via DUS .
      Bice letovi uspesni a i prezentacija ce biti odlicna sledece nedelje .

    25. Anonymous16:53

      I tried on cheapoair and you can legit book DIRECT flights on certain days. It does seem like a trial regardless since for instance one Wednesday there are direct flights while other Wednesday its via Düsseldorf.

    26. Anonymous17:26

      What's the price like?

    27. Anonymous17:53

      Vucic said the flights to JFK will not be profitable for the next THREE years! Why start the flight then? Three years is a long time. Btw no hater here, cant wait to see ASL metal in North America. He also said this flights are for prestige and not economic reasons. Checkout the report on tangosix if you dont believe the stuff I said

    28. Anonymous17:54

      Prestige???? Congratulation. Just something Serbia needs. So reach company should make something so expensive because of prestige!

      So, basically 2 years become 3 years just in 2 months. Ad the end it will be much more. But in same time it is not about would it be profitable or not, but because of future subventions that will be after 2016 when it should stop but now they must proceed.

    29. Anonymous17:54

      Give it a rest will you.

    30. Ja sam upravo kujpio kartu za non stop let sa AS za September, with all the taxes it was 629 USD. Soo happy..Great prices

    31. Anonymous18:06

      You should have waited there will be a promo next week...

    32. Anonymous18:54

      This flight will be a financial disaster.

    33. Anonymous19:04

      Tune new track. Replace "They will never get license" with "This flight will be a financial disaster". Press play.

    34. Anonymous19:05

      Hot Lane I wonder how you managed to book a ticket when it tells me restricted access when I try to make a booking. Flights are obviously not on sale yet.

    35. I only found these tickets on Cheapoair, and they're only showing the one-way direct flight from BEG - JFK, there are NO return flights in the system JFK - BEG, so this is not all set yet.

      I'm waiting until next week when it should all be settled and known prices, dates, frequency etc. And then hopefully I can buy my codeshared LAX - JFK - BEG ;)

    36. Anonymous19:21

      AnonymousFebruary 13, 2016 at 7:04 PM

      of course when JU is going ahead with this disaster.

    37. Дечко Тзар22:10

      BEG-JFK will likely be a split schedule to accommodate several regional JU connections via BEG. Wait for official announcement, or use your imagination. One of FICTIONAL schedules was posted earlier:

      Unrelated to schedule, apparently AA does not want to partner with JU. I see an opportunity in unwillingness of AA to work with JU on codeshares beyond JFK. That should be an additional incentive for Air Serbia to sooner start to fly passengers directly to ORD, those JU passengers AA doesn’t want to take on a codeshare from JFK to ORD hubs. Then 2-3 years later expand to some of the other AA hubs.

    38. Anonymous00:35

      Any info on JU flights to Miami?

    39. Anonymous00:49

      Yeah because JU can afford having both JFK and ORD. Please, be realistic and contain your enthusiasm, at least while you are on an aviation blog.

    40. Anonymous01:16

      I agree with Дечко Тзар, clearly AA recognizes the threat ASL can become and chooses not to help it in any way.

    41. Anonymous01:30

      YYZ a ne ORD .

    42. Anonymous01:35

      Ne LAX?

    43. Anonymous01:51

      Kolko fanboys na ovom sajtu, strasno
      Greetings iz hladne Kanade

    44. Anonymous02:47

      No one said AA considers JU a threat. It could be any number of reasons they don't want to bother with a codeshare.

  7. Anonymous10:24

    Maribor needs someone like Ryanair or Wizz Air not express airways.

    1. JU520 BEGLAX16:47

      Maribor needs nobody. Graz Airport does the job. U dont need every block an airport

  8. Purger10:32

    Ma još jedna "moš si mislit" kompanija poput dostadšnjih:

    Sea Air,
    Air Croatia,,
    Bosnian Wand airlines,
    Sky Greece,
    Swift air,
    Adriatic Skyways,
    Libertas Air,
    Air Albatros,
    Adria Wings,
    Anić Airways...

    Express Airways je u proljeće 2014. najavljivao letove iz DUS,BER, FRA, MUC, LEJ, STR i ZAG za DBV. Ni više ni manje! I što se desilo? Jedno ogromno ništa!!!! Što bi sa letovima za BWK prošle godine? Fijasko! Odletjeli zanemarivo od planiranog, stali i ostavili tonu dugova.

    Kada će više ljudi kod nas naučiti? Ajde da ti netko proda rog pod svijeću jednom, ali brate mili, ovi ga prodaju po raznim aerodromima već dvije godine! I nisu prvi prodavač magle na ovom prostoru. Pobogu!!!!!

    Iskreno, tko bi od vas kupio kartu za ove letove?

    1. Nemjee10:43

      Ne znam, ja ne bih bas stavio Centaviu na tu listu. Oni su ipak leteli nekoliko meseci (letnji carteri) a bankrotirali su zbog medjudrzavnih sporazuma i Jata, to jest zbog protekcionizma.

    2. Anonymous12:03

      Anić je isto letio dok ga politika tj CA nije ugasila. Anić je tada imao novi avion i bolju uslugu.

    3. Anonymous12:04

      I think you will have to add Tushkan Airlines to the list soon.

    4. Purger13:36

      Centaviau je ubilo:
      - nerealnost u to vrijeme (LCC iz BEG u vrijeme JAT-a koji je imao sve protekcije ovog svijeta)

      - na tržištu koje je tek donedavno bilo u ratu (krenuti sa letovima BEG-ZAG tada i danas nije isto, tada su putnici bili protiv, a i naravno da su tada dobili otpor vlasti za te linije, a open skyes još nije postojao između Hrvatske i Srbije pa je bilo lako otkantati takve letove)

      - sa avionom koji je bio potpuno neadekvatan i neisplativ za LCC (BAe 146 nije glupost nego mega glupost za LCC kompaniju)

      - sa preglupim redom letenja

      - i to u vrijeme dok su ostale LCC već bile establirane i dovoljno jake da ubiju svaku minijaturnu incijativu (uništili su i daleko jače igrače poput SkyEurope, Centralwings, Sterling, Volare, go, bmi baby...)

      - a legacy carriers su naučili lekciju i nakon što 1995. nisu uništili Ryanair i easyJet u začetku (a mogli su sa malo novaca), sad su udarali na svaku inicijativu

      Anić je pak ubilo:
      - loše vrijeme za početak (1993. je ipak još bila ratna godina, stanovništvo je preživljavalo od 100 EUR plače, nije se letjelo, nije bilo turizma, DBV, ZAD i OSI su još bile okupirane i/ili razrušene i nije se tamo letjelo)

      - CTN je već tada imala zavidnu flotu (5 737 i 3 ATR 42), pokrila sve isplative linije i ogromnu podršku mlade države i autoritativne vlasti (tada je CTN stvarno bila ponos nacije)

      - preglupe linije (ni danas ne bi prošli letovi TIA-RJK, a kamoli tada)

      - nedostatak ikakvog sustava (nije bilo povezanosti linija, već je sve bila čista stihija).

      Obzirom da te kompanije nisu imale nikakve realne strategije i ogromne pogreške u samoj provedbi ne vidim baš nikakve razlike spram Air Croatia i sličnihkoji su neko kratko vrijeme letjeli, ili pak spram onih koji su obavili tek par letova ili niti jedan let. Letjeti par mjeseci ili par letova radi svoje gluposti i neznanja je apsolutno ista stvar.

    5. Anonymous13:48

      Purger a poster on Thursday I think said that A3 will take over OU and everything will be announced soon (like in March or something), have you heard anything like that?

    6. Anonymous14:28

      And what about the yesterday post linking new OU destinations with ASL?

    7. Purger14:32

      No, I don't have that information. Not a word.

      There were much better options (Singapore, Qatar, Hainan…). But we could not rely on our limited politicians that they could make those options real, could we?

      But for sure that is much better option than Lufthansa which would make CTN third class feeder not much better than Dolomiti (for sure they would prefer even feeding by their companies like OS, LX, SN, even JP, that work in same region).

      Aegean is very good company (hoping their growing is real not scam one). What I am very worried is that Aegean does not support big grow in their secondary hubs and prefer Athens grow instead. They have just 11 all year flights and 9 seasonal routes from Thessaloniki. In Larnaca they have just 6 all year and 5 seasonal routes. In Rhodes they have 10 all year (8 of those are PSO), and 15 seasonal routes. All those hubs are much bigger than Zagreb. As Zagreb would be their secondary hub, if hub at all, and by that what we can see in Thessaloniki, Larnaca and Rhodes I don’t have hopes that they will support as many as 17 all year and 6 seasonal routes like we have today. I think they will open several flights per day to Athens to support their main hub and connections to Asia, Africa and South Europe (even Italy, Bulgaria and Spain), maybe few flights to Thessaloniki, Larnaca and Rhodes (not more than 2-3 par week), flights to LH hubs (FRA, MUC, VIE, ZRH, BRU), and just few routes that have huge profitability.

    8. Nemjee14:38

      It's also worth mentioning that Aegean cooperates very well with Lufthansa which means that even if they get involved with OU (which I doubt) the practice of funneling everything via FRA and MUC will most likely continue.
      Also, Aegean needs new aircraft which means some of OU's fleet would be moved to Athens.

    9. Purger14:47

      That is why I said there would be flights to LH hubs (FRA, MUC, VIE, ZRH, BRU) from where there would be all connections to North, East and West Europe.

      I don't think they will move fleet to Athens as with 12 planes they must support 5 daily flights to FRA 4 daily flights to MUC, 5 to VIE, 2 to BRU and 4 to ZRH (and for sure there would be more of them in case A3 take over OU) + new flights to ATH from ZAG, SPU and DBV, and in future from ZAD, PUY and RJK (for sure it would look much better to fly them with OU than A3 planes) + PSO routes (PUY, ZAD, SPU, DBV, BWK to ZAG) + some routes they would leave as they are profitable. So, there would be no new planes in fleet but I don't think they will move any of those to ATH.

    10. Nemjee14:53

      Well, who know what scenario they would go for. When they negotiated a deal to takeover CY the plan was to keep the brand as well as the whole of the European market. Then again this makes sense in case of Larnaca, not so much for Zagreb. Before I get flamed for saying this, it's because Larnaca serves most of the tourist destinations on the island so preserving direct links to most European cities is a must. Not so much in Zagreb. All they need there is a link to the big Star hubs.

      One advantage to having Aegean take over is that OU would become more aggressive on the coast as A3 has a lot of experience with seasonal charter flying.

    11. Anonymous15:41

      Pa u LCA se stvara nova Aviokompanija cini mi se da ce se zvati Cobalt Ai nekoliko A320 i nekoliko A330 sta kazete na to.

    12. Nemjee15:43

      И даље нису обезбедили цео капитал који им треба. Не треба још рачунати на Кобалт. Исто тако њихов пословни модел је крајње чудан.

    13. Purger16:13

      Dobro kaže Nemjee, upitan poslovni mode. Prvo, oni žele LCC model. Nema više LCC kompanija, puno prekasno. Nakon 20 godina od pokretanja easyJeta i Ryanaira netko bi trebao upucati nekoliko milijardi USD da može konkurirati Ryanairu, easyJetu, Norwegianu, Wizzairu, Eurowingsu, Vuelingu, Pegasusu... Ne vidim ja tu kruha ni za Blue Air i otale malena, a kamoli za neki start up. U Larnaci ima preko 100 LCC linija čak 21 LCC prijevoznika među kojima easyJet, Ryanari, Wizz, Norwegian, Germanwins, Transavia, Vueling... Nema tu kruha, ovi će ih uništiti. Pa koju liniju bi oni mogli i otvoriti? Ili kane konkurirati velikanima? Ma daj...

      Konačno kad mi kompanijica sa jednim Pilatus PC-12 kreće u ekspanziju sa 6 A320 primim se za trbuh od smjeha.

      To me tako podsječa na i SkyGreece...

    14. Nemjee17:22

      Sto se tice Kobalta, oni su sakupili kapital od oko 80 miliona evra sto nije malo. Pre neki dan su obezbedili ugovor sa nekim kineskim investicionim fondom tako da ce imati jos malo dublje dzepove.

      Ono sto je meni smetalo kod njih je dok sam sedeo na sastanku sa buducim direktorom, je to sto je malo naivno usao u celu ovu pricu. Na primer, dotakli smo se linije LCA-ATH i on je predstavio situaciju koja je bila aktuelna pre 10 godina. Danas su cene mnogo nize a konkurencija nikada veca. Sto je gore, EK krece da leti 5 puta nedeljno sa B773 a cena karte je svega €160!

      Isto mi je pricao kako kroz neku godinu planiraju da otvore baze u Evropi i da su planirali da to bude Beograd i Ljubljana.

      Tako da eto, sto se njih tice, oni mozda cak i polete ali koliko ce dugo ostati u biznisu to ne znam. Doduse vec su iznajmili 2 A320 tako da zivi bili pa videli.

    15. Anonymous20:10

      Ima isto price o 8 A320 i 2-4 A332, jel to istina o A332.

    16. Nemjee00:01

      Да. План је да их користе за летове ка Кини као и Јужној Африци. Планирају исто да лете за Кенију, Египат, Иран... све са А320.

  9. Anonymous15:38

    MBX is the most underrated airport in EX-YU.

  10. Anonymous17:01

    Express Airways might add also MBX-PRN route. It was written in Večer daily today.


  11. Anonymous19:13

    Saturday news with 100+ comments. Nice work ex-Yu :-D

    1. Anonymous19:20

      AND on a day when it's regarding a secondary airport in Slovenia. :D

    2. Anonymous20:02

      and most interesting its been very civil :D

    3. Anonymous21:36

      HAHAHAH yes! So true! We are making progress.

  12. Anonymous21:44

    What AOC does Express airways have? I mean, they dont even have a two-letter IATA code and such...

  13. Anonymous11:12

    Express Airways past history?!

    A320's at MBX never happened
    buy Adria
    buy Adria Technik
    146 at Brac became ATR72 which lasted 5 weeks?

    and on and on...

  14. Pokusati sa linijom Maribor-Nis,zbog blizine Austrije i same Slovenije,puno ljudi odavde radi u Austriji.Dva leta nedeljno.


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