Zagreb Airport sees busiest January on record

Zagreb Airport starts strong in 2016

Croatia's busiest airport kicked off 2016 on a high by posting its 23rd month of consecutive passenger growth. Zagreb Airport welcomed 156.947 travellers in January, an increase of 4.2% compared to the same month last year. As a result, the airport registered its busiest start to the year since opening its doors to the public 54 years ago, following on from a record 2015. January's passenger figures were achieved despite a dip in the number of operated flights, with a total of 2.878 aircraft movements recorded, down 2% on 2015. During the month, LOT Polish Airlines resumed flights from Warsaw, which helped boost numbers.

In January both Czech Airlines and Air Transat gave more detail of their upcoming services to Zagreb, launching on April 27 and June 14 respectively. Zagreb Airport's Managing Director, Jacques Feron, said he was pleased that flights between the Czech and Croatian capitals will resume following a four year hiatus. He added the service will mark the continuation of a long partnership between the two sides and expressed hope that the airline will make use of the airport's new terminal, which will open its doors next year. Zagreb was Czech Airlines' first international destination, launched in 1930. The route was suspended in 2012 due to the carrier's restructuring. Czech Airlines will maintain four weekly flights between the two cities with a mix of ATR 42 and 72 aircraft.

On the other hand, Air Transat will launch a one weekly seasonal service from Toronto, which will run until October 4. “Our expertise in European travel has once again led us to develop new markets: we’re building on the success of our Prague and Budapest routes by introducing Croatia to our customers this year. We’ve seen [Croatia] as an up-and-coming destination over the past five years”, Dan Prior, Air Transat’s Sales Manager for Ontario and Atlantic Canada said. “For Europe, Croatia has value. It still has a lot of well-priced, quality accommodation and it’s beautiful", Nicole Bursey, Air Transat's Commercial Director, added, noting the service has been scheduled so as to offer connector flights to and from Montreal as well. An Airbus A330 will be deployed on the route.

Meanwhile, work on Zagreb Airport's new multi million euro terminal is continuing. Construction is expected to be completed this year, with the opening scheduled to take place during the first quarter of 2017. You can review the latest developments by clicking on the pictures below.


  1. Anonymous09:21

    Joj kak vam zavidim ovako ljep novi terminal (pozitivna zavist ��)

    Poz iz Ljubljane

    1. Prosto jednostavno reci, kappa dole!✈ Bravo za Zagrebacki novi terminal. Dimenzije su mu skromne. Impresivan je izgledom. Neznam koliko ce bogato biti opremljen. Iskreno reci, Beogradski aerodrom za sada sto se tice terminala, prilaza aerodromu i ostalih promena, Zagrebacki terminal treba da posluzi u kom se pravcu treba kretati. Ne birokratsi sporo. Nasuprot. Ova godina je pocetak novih trendova u razvoju Srpske aerodromske infrastructure. Svakako i veoma uspesnog rasta i sirenja Er Srbije. O Zagrebu rekoh dovoljno.
      Svako dobro✈
      Rodney & Son. Home of QANTASVILLE II Kraljevo✈Sydney✈

    2. Anonymous12:12

      Lepo Rodney što komentarišete i kad tema nije srpska. I to tako dostojno i pošteno. Ali svakako ste morali uporediti se beogradskim aerodromu. Svaka čast.

    3. Mali Marko L.02:02

      Pa Er Srbija baš i ne raste u ovoj godini. Upravo suprotno.

  2. Anonymous09:25

    Love the new terminal, this will be a great year for Croatia in general!

    1. Anonymous12:13

      Why in general?

    2. Anonymous14:21

      Beacuse there are many new routes to and from Croatia this year, especially on the coast, so I suppose there will be some nice pax growth in 2016.

    3. Anonymous14:51

      Ok, I agree ;-)

  3. Anonymous09:36

    Bravo Zagreb! You're on the right track :) Looking forward to see the 3 million passenger mark. Pozdravi from Sofia.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX10:12

    It looks awesome...unfortunately no plans in LJU. There u wait up to 50 metres in line to pass the security check. Or u board the plane tru Schengen Busgates, so many people in the morning and evening that u cant even seat. Fraport took over 15 months ago. No improvement at all. No change. Nothing. If u ask the information about plans, they say no concrete plan. Also no new terminal in the near future. Very disappointing

    But I m happy that at least ZAG after having wait so long will finally get a piece of nice architecture for their convenience

    1. Big difference between the Ljubljana and Zagreb concession is that it was a part of deal that this terminal was to be built in Zagreb. We could have easily seen a similar scenario still today in Zagreb as you described in Ljubljana if this was not the case.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX11:20

      a clever move....

    3. Observer11:36

      @JU520 BEGLAX
      As with everything else, whether that's a clever move or not remains to be seen.
      Someone has to pay for this truly world class facility. That someone should be passengers flying through ZAG and the airlines that use its facilities. This means higher fees both for passengers and for airlines, meaning higher cost of air fares and, in particular, for passengers transiting through the airport. As you can imagine, such moves hit the number of passengers and flights as, for example someone from TIA, PRN, SKP or TGD will find it cheaper to fly via LJU.
      Now, what may happen is another SKP scenario where TAV told MK government: "You wanted a shiny new terminal, well we built it. Now, if you want passengers too you have to incentivize them." As a result MK government is having to pay money so that passengers are able to use the new and shiny terminal at SKP. No one can convince me that in the Balkans this incentive scheme is transparent because it's not, but I can assure you that it's not cheap.
      I will predict that HR government will have to step in an set up a similar scheme. Airlines, in particular OU, will start screaming and shouting how their fees are higher than its competitors and the state should 'do something about it.' In the end the taxpayers will pay, of that I can assure you.
      In LJU the approach was different. The taxpayer and SI government was sick and tired of having to subsidize almost every sector of the economy. It opted for a 'take it as it is' approach to LJU and as a result the new owners must run it as a commercial business in a market economy. SI taxpayers will probably not have to pay even more money to a private business for them to do well.
      We shall see who turns out right in the long run, LJU or ZAG/SKP approach. But in my opinion it's way too early to call either one a 'clever move.'


    4. JU520 BEGLAX12:50

      Thanks Oberserver, appreciate your comment and arguments. Ljubljana needs to do something, whether it is just an upgrade or a new terminal. But one is clear there is no free lunch. I oppose government subsidizes, if a city or region wants to stimulate traffic, ok but with cash also from the private sector as well as just for limited time.
      So will see... to run an airport today you need a commercial zone with offices, shops, restaurants.... the current facility in LJU do not allow this or by far not enough. So to run that airport profitable in the long run, Fraport will need to inject some cash
      Service standards: last weekend 81 and 82 passengers on ZRHLJUZRH flights... 1 Bus in LJU on each of the flights. 2 7n ZRH... in terms of airport taxes I pay similar charges in ZRH or LJU. So what I definitely would like to see is more jetbridges. They shld hve built 6, now if you enlarge, you should build 8 in total, just 2 more makes no sense. So they hve 5-6 Schengen and 2-3 Non Schengen

    5. Anonymous14:09

      Sick of subsidising every sector of the economy? Maybe. But incidentally, LJU airport (the company) did not have a single year without a profit in its 50+ year history. We should keep that in mind when we talk about its sale.

    6. Anonymous14:11

      @Observer as if the subsidies were the main reason for Wizz succeeding at SKP. Stop thinking about that

  5. Anonymous10:31

    Congratulations Zagreb. Good start to the year and the terminal is looking great.

  6. Anonymous10:32

    So, Croatia will launch 4 new routes in this summer season. So far we know that Milano and Sankt Petersburg will be launch, who knows something about other two routes?

    1. Nemjee10:49

      Was LED confirmed?

    2. Anonymous10:51

      No. But OU did say 5 years ago they wanted to fly there along with OTP so I assume people are guessing it's the same thing this time around.

    3. Nemjee10:56

      Bucharest makes sense but I don't know if St. Petersburg would with the current situation in Russia, at least it wouldn't from Zagreb.
      Then again Purger did say that it was an eastern destination that is currently not flown by any ex-YU airline.

      Is there really a market between LED and ZAG? I mean, it would have to rely solely on O&D.

    4. DropByDrop11:58

      Solely O&D? Come on...
      OU could and probably would offer LED via ZAG from VIE, SJJ, DBV, PUY, SPU, ZAD, VCE, FCO, MXP (tbc), PRN, SKP, and TIA (a guess as future destination). It all adds up.
      On the other hand, they could possible offer onwards connections with SU for the rest of the eastward connections from LED.
      It could work, it's not so hopeless are you may first think.

    5. Anonymous12:18

      VIE has direct flights.

    6. Anonymous12:25

      I think that LED can do well in terms of summer season and connections towards Dubrovnik, Split and Pula where Russians still like to come. Sarajevo, Skopje and maybe Prishtina come as an additional advantage.

    7. Nemjee13:57

      How big is the market between LED and the Croatian coast? Also, wouldn't it be better to have charter flights from the coast rather than to offer connections via Zagreb?

      In terms of offering connections to places such as PRN, SJJ, FCO, SKP, MXP... well,the thing is that they would be competing with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Alitalia and even TK (in SKP).

      There are so many other, more attractive destinations that they could have gone for. If OU wants to build a mini hub at ZAG then they must consider ATH, SOF and OTP as the next major destinations for expansion.

    8. Anonymous16:30

      *mini-hub ;)

    9. Anonymous16:49

      I heard inside info from the company that OU will launch LIS on 3 weekly basis, however am not clear if the plan is to fly on seasonally or year round basis. Makes sense as it is only 3 weekly, TP is no longer on the route, morning departure from ZAG would also probably also connect to TP longhaul to Americas.

    10. Anonymous16:59

      If all these infos are true, we know 3 out of 4 new lines- mxp, lis and led. We miss one more line. Can someone who is insider tell us the fourth line? My guess is Stockholm.

    11. Anonymous17:07

      What I heard from the company is PRG on 4 weekly basis. Honestly am sceptical as OK opens ZAG (I believe on 3 weekly), but theoretically if they choose to cooperate it makes PRG daily, also supported by OK onward connections. If that is true, it may mean moving away from mother LH which actually stabbed them in the back with new FRA service, which will result in OU reducing one FRA frequency (honestly not sure if they have already done it in the system, but it is supposed to take place).

    12. Nemjee17:14

      But if OU is looking for an alternative to LH in that part of Europe, then wouldn't LO be a better fit? Through Warsaw they could offer both North America and Asia. In Prague all they could offer is some secondary ex-USSR destinations and Seoul.

    13. Anonymous19:40

      Nije mi jasno zasto na sve nove destinacije ce da lete samo po 3-4 pw i nece imati neku korist od toga .

    14. Anonymous19:59

      A koju je korist imala JU kada je krenula da leti svuda daily pa je posle morala da ubrzano smanjuje frekvencije.

    15. Anonymous20:19

      Imala je zato sto je povecala 1 Mil novih putnika na BEG vecina Transfernih a zimi svi smanjuju red letenja i LF se svakim danom povecava .
      E195 od CTN ce da leti i 1 pw za BCN.

    16. Anonymous20:32

      Pa da, povecala je i postala je malo veca od OU. Dakle sada su priblizno iste po velicini.
      A isto tako, ni leti ne povecavaju spektakularno vec 90% linija ostaje isto kao i lane.
      Dakle, nagli rast nije pametan. I OS je krenula da leti za IKA 3x pa ce ovog leta imati 13. Dakle ne treba se zaletati.

    17. Hi Nemjee,

      I doubt very much that OU would ever consider an 'alternative to LH' because LH is Croatia Airlines best choice for a major partner. With the large Croatian and regional diaspora in Germany important tourism and business links as well and that Munich and Frankfurt are 1 to 1.5 hours away, allows OU to have a very flexible and affordable gateway from Croatia to the world.

      In saying that I think OU should have the freedom and will to both explore new markets as well as set up partnerships with other carriers to protect their market if it can be profitable to do so.

    18. Anonymous06:18

      ZAG won't have to rely on O&D pax, it's in a final destination country, as it it's the D in O&D. And it's only limitation now is it's size.

      I am amazed that hey shoehorn 2.whatever million passengers through the current terminal, it is obviously running at full capacity.

      Once the new one is commissioned, I would expect that both terminals will be at full capacity (in season) very quickly. So 6-7 million pax is not unreasonable within the next 2-3 years.

      Same applies for Split & Dubrovnik, once the extensions are complete expect a jump in numbers.

    19. Nemjee11:56


      Oh I never implied that they would drop LH as a partner, that's never going to happen. I was just replying to a comment about the possibility of OU and OK cooperating in Prague. That's why I said that if they are looking for a new partner in that area then LO should be a better option.

      Regardless of all this, I do wonder if LO and OU should work closely together.

  7. The new terminal from space:,16.067701,2141m/data=!3m1!1e3

    You get a good look into how busy Croatia Airlines maintenance is here too. The three hangers between the new and old terminal.

    Also, if anyone could tell me what is being built in this area? Looks like another ramp and more hangers but I'm not sure.,16.0692354,276m/data=!3m1!1e3

  8. Anonymous10:35

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  9. Anonymous11:05

    Aerodrom za svaku pohvalu! Izgledace super! BEG treba isto da zapocne vec jednom izgradnju i modernizaciju (Ovo sto je do sada uradjeno, je standard)!

  10. Danijel11:20

    Dal se zna udio pojedinih kompanija u ovom broju putnika u Zg?

  11. Anonymous12:04

    Go Zagreb!

  12. Does anyone have any info which shopping, eating and drinking facilities will open in the new terminal?

    1. Anonymous19:46

      No idea, but would like to see McĆevap and Burek King.

    2. Anonymous02:52

      There are plans for large duty free shopping area in transit area 3700sqm, major food court with at least 7-8 restaurants and eateries, 4-5 bars and cafes.

      At least a dozen specialty shops, 3-4 bank offices, exchange offices and various other facilities. There was a plan for a shopping center of some sort, but this has now been scaled to around 20-30 shops, including restaurants and cafe bars.

      New Terminal will offer similar facilities of other major airports.

      SAS, Alitalia will most likely launch flights to Zagreb this year, later in the year, September or early October.

      Agean and few others are also being talked about, there's interest for these flights so it is only matter of time.

  13. Anonymous13:54

    Congrats Zagreb! New terminal looks amazing!
    Pozdrav od Skopje

  14. Anonymous13:57

    When I look at the photos, the terminal would have been absolutely fantastic if they followed the original design and the roof was made of glass. But looks great like this too.

    1. I agree, I just hope they stick with the original 'jungle theme' interior complete with the 15 meter waterfall.

    2. Anonymous10:17

      The jungle was logical with the glass roof for the light needed for the plants. So I am sceptical about the green interior.

  15. Anonymous15:18

    Easily the best looking airport in the whole of Balkans!

    1. Anonymous15:26

      Sorry but SKP is better.

    2. Anonymous16:38

      Elaborate please

    3. Anonymous16:45

      Not much to say, it's just the best looking airport in the Balkans.

    4. Anonymous16:51

      For some people SKP is better, I also like it, but, personally, ZAG airport is much more interesting, not to mention better looking (love the shape) and more modern, but that's just me.

    5. Anonymous17:39

      I love the new Zagreb Airport! Definitely the best looking airport in the Balkans.
      Congrats fro Sofia.

  16. Anonymous18:45

    It was question for anon 3:26 :)

    1. Anonymous19:09

      Well we all know that the round structure of the terminal is not the best and the one in zagreb is kind of reminding me a bit of a factory. Skp is nicer, more pleasant and definitely more friendly looking. That's all. Zagreb looks nice but not the nicest. :) Second place is not bad.

    2. Anonymous19:27

      SKP is a city famous for its architectural achievements, the terminal in SKP is ok, but looks like an ordinary building, there's nothing special about it and that's it, terminal in DBK being built as we speak looks way better than the one in SKP.

    3. Anonymous19:29

      SKP is more welcoming and more 'warm' for an airport of its size. It also seems more practical. But like I said, Zagreb is still nice and I don't see why you are insulting Skopje or Macedonia

    4. Oh Jesus. Let's all give our personal take on the prettiest terminal in the region.
      Move on.

    5. Anonymous22:37

      Why even comment? Why spill your bitterness in a discussion that so obviously doesn't interest you.

    6. The terminal isn't even finished yet. Why the "bitter" comments that some other is prettiest to begin with? Like the 6th grader.

    7. Anonymous23:57

      Wow bitter much, give it a rest frishki. No need to be mean, rude and condescending!

    8. Anonymous06:10

      Anonymous February 6, 2016 at 7:09 PM
      ZAG looks like a factory? and SKP doesn't?

      It's the other way around, and if ZAG does look like a factory, it's the coolest factory on the planet.

      Whereas SKP is a box, no comparison here.

    9. Anonymous21:50

      Skopje new Terminal is simple functional box, no design or aesthetics, just simple cheap design, reason why perhaps Zagreb's new terminal is around 240 million euros, and Skopje's is around 65 million.

      Zagreb's new terminal is cutting edge and pleasing to the eye, I wouldn't be surprised if it wins international awards for design once completed.

      Pity they reduced it in size a bit, original design was 87000sqm (not 67000 as required) with gross area of around 120 000, revision has reduced terminal a bit, down to 85000sqm gross, however with future expansion it'll be around 120 000sqm.

      However if it was built as an 120 000sqm terminal as originally intended with 12 air bridges, wow that'd be something.

  17. Anonymous22:48


    Any word on Air Serbia JFK flights? Beyond annoyed it is February 6 and the flight begins in less than 4 months or is announced to begin, and no sale of tickets...

    Any word on the TSA checks?

    Ridiculous.. can't believe I'm waiting for this.

    1. Anonymous23:34

      Give Air Serbia one more week to start selling tickets, I have a good feeling about this.

    2. Anonymous23:47

      Ok. Do you think they will codeshare for us Serbs on the west coast (sunny southern California aka LAX) to connect to JFK with AA? I wonder if this is something that will also require a wait... hmm.

    3. Anonymous00:44

      I wouldn't hold my breath. According to JFK Airport wikipedia, ASL would be flying through terminal 4. The only US carriers flying through Terminal 4 are DL,B6,GL,SY, and VX.

    4. Anonymous00:57

      DL may be a possible partner^.

      Also, don't forget Aeroflot is at T1 @ JFK and they offer connections with AA which is at terminal 4.

      So, the doors aren't closed just because of that. Etihad is @ T4 and I believe that is the primary reason. People can connect through any terminal at the airport.

    5. Anonymous01:08

      where does it say on JFK wikipedia that Air Serbia will be at Terminal 4?

    6. Anonymous01:16

      Look through the list of airlines. Find Air Serbia amd then you will see when it should begin and which terminal

  18. Nice smooth shapes of the new terminal


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