Summer 2016
Air Serbia

Air Serbia to launch five new routes and boost frequencies

The 2016 summer season is less than a week away and will run from March 27 until October 29. According to its preliminary schedule, Air Serbia will launch five new destinations and boost frequencies across its network. As previously reported, the Serbian carrier will introduce flights to Hamburg, Ohrid, Kiev and St. Petersburg from mid-June and launch its first long haul service to New York. Furthermore, it will add two aircraft to its fleet, a Bombardier CRJ900, which will operate between June and September, and a wide-body Airbus A330-200 jet. The airline will introduce an additional weekly flight to Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Malta when compared to last summer. Within the region, Air Serbia will put a greater focus on Croatia by operating more frequencies and larger aircraft. The carrier will run daily services to Dubrovnik, and will add a further two weekly flights to both Split and Pula. Bucharest, Tirana and Sofa will also see a further two weekly flights, while Tivat will operate up to thirty times per week during the peak of the summer season.

On the other hand, Air Serbia will not be resuming services to Budapest, which were suspended at the start of the 2015/16 winter season. In addition, the airline will reduce frequencies on its Warsaw service from seven to four per week. The carrier is competing against LOT Polish Airlines on the route, which resumed flights to Belgrade in January. The two airlines codeshare on each other' services between the two capital cities. Air Serbia will continue to operate daily flights to Abu Dhabi and maintain double daily operations to Athens, Ljubljana, Moscow, Paris, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Zagreb and Zurich. Furthermore, it will operate three services per day to Podgorica. The airline will maintain a significant number of charter flights during the summer months through its leisure brand Aviolet.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the GDS (Global Distribution System). Furthermore, the table below displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies to a number of destinations do not come into effect until mid-June. Seasonal flights to Split and Dubrovnik will run until the end of the summer season, while services to Pula, Ohrid, Varna and Malta will operate until mid-September. EX-YU Aviation News will also bring you summer season changes for Croatia Airlines and Montenegro Airlines during the course of the week. Meanwhile, you can review modifications Adria Airways will be making to its network this summer here.

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Abu Dhabi77--
Amsterdam1011 1-
Banja Luka55--
Berlin78 1-
Bucharest79 2-
Budapest70▼ 7-
Dubrovnik47 3resumes MAY16
Dusseldorf78 1-
Hamburg04 4starts JUN15
Kiev06 6starts JUN16
London Heathrow99--
Malta23 1resumes JUN14
New York05 5starts JUN23
Ohrid03 3starts JUN15
Pula35  2resumes JUN13
Sofia79 2-
Split46 2resumes MAY13
St. Petersburg03 3starts JUN18
Tel Aviv55--
Tirana79 2-
Tivat2730▲ 3-
Varna44-resumes JUN14
Warsaw74▼ 3-


  1. Anonymous09:04

    I'm no fanboy but this seems like a respectable network. Nice to see a lot of increases.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      For a small-size airline this is indeed a respectable network. Hopefully they will be able to maintain the schedule and OTP all through the summer.

    2. JU520 BEGLAX09:09


    3. Cetrdeset sest destinacija koje su prikazane na tabeli, pokazuje da Er Srbija sa sadasnjom flotom prilazi realnom maksimumu. Ccvrsto verujem da ce Srpska naconalna kompanija kada bude zamenila flout. Kupljenim kao i zakupljenim avionima za redovan saobracaj. Kada Er Srbija kroz iducih sedam godina bude imala mesovitu flotu od dvadeset pet do trideset usko trupnih aviona i cetiri siroko trupna, mreza ce biti sa oko sesdeset pet destinacija. Od toga broja, bar sedam ce biti na inter kontinentalnim odredistima. Verujuci u buducnost Er Srbije, odgovornost i zrelost njenih ljudi u puni razvoj Novih Krila Evrope, za uslugu ljudima i kargu, koji ce sa ovom kompanijom u razvoju leteti. Rodney & ✈✈✈

    4. Now that's starting to look like something. Greetings from Kiev.

  2. Anonymous09:06

    So focus being put on Germany this year. Croatia as well. Interesting.

  3. Anonymous09:14

    Nice. I think the new destinations - Kiev, St. Pete and Hamrburg were really good decisions. But something is telling me this is the end for Warsaw. I don't think it will be featured next winter. But let's wait and see.

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Well, they have CS wit LOT so if the route really does not perform then there is no reason to keep it - these flights can be better utilized elsewhere.

  4. Purger09:38

    30 new flights, 5 more routes, long haul flights, 2 more planes than last year.

    Fascinating. Respect!

  5. Anonymous09:46

    Ozbiljan i veoma ambicozan red letenja. Svaka cast i srecno! U spicu sezone imace oko 30 rotacija vise nedeljno nego porsle godine.
    Jedino je mogao mozda i SPU da ide na dnevni!

    1. Anonymous13:53

      Impossible because there are no more available slots for Sat arr/dep

    2. Anonymous15:40

      Purger, i agree. I am usually a critic myself, but i also give credit where it is due. They are the only ex-yu airline who seem to be moving and trying things. Very ambitious, so let's see how they deliver the schedule

  6. Anonymous10:16

    Nice one Air Serbia. But SPAIN is really sticking out. Are flights to MAD or BCN that seasonal that they couldn't make a go of it?

    1. Anonymous10:16

      Sorry, I meant is passenger flow that seasonal.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Yes, the only major destinations I see missing right now are MAD, BCN, OSL and PRN. But nevertheless, this is an impressive network.

    3. Anonymous13:13

      Barcelona is covered during summer with charter flights. It would be worth considering if seasonal Belgrade-Madrid-Lisbon-Belgrade triangle would be possible for 2017 summer.

    4. Anonymous16:30

      Vueling also has BCN-BEG in summer time.

    5. Anonymous00:38

      "Belgrade-Madrid-Lisbon-Belgrade triangle would be possible for 2017 summer."
      On what type of drugs are you? In modern aviation this is suicide

    6. Anonymous02:44

      Variations of triangle and one-stop tag routes are still around for variety of reasons. Famous Qantas QF11 SYD-LAX-JFK is one of them. Qatar Doha-Sofia-Belgrade and Belavia Minsk-Budapest-Belgrade are examples from Belgrade. Several Air China flights to Europe operate that way, from the memory I think PEK-MUC-ATH is one of them, etc. Madrid and Lisbon from BEG are fairly long and thin, combining them might actually work for Air Serbia if numbers are right.

    7. Anonymous11:43

      touché, my friend.

  7. Nemjee10:35


    Seems like Air Serbia's afternoon flight to Brussels is cancelled. I suppose most passengers will be rerouted to AMS and CDG.

    JP TIA-BRU diverted to CDG
    OU ZAG-BRU diverted to AMS

    1. Anonymous10:45

      All today's flights to Brussels will be cancelled or diverted, unfortunately. The airport will reopen not earlier than tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous10:48

      there is topic on it in news flash

    3. Anonymous10:49

      So what if there is? More people check this part of the site anyway.

  8. Anonymous10:45

    How are they able to add so many frequencies with the same number of aircraft as last year? I'm not talking about new destinations with CRJ.

    1. Anonymous10:46

      Because WAW will be downgraded and there is no more BUD which freed up an ATR. Also JU added another ATR mid way through last summer so this is the first time they will have the sixth ATR during whole of summer.

    2. Anonymous10:49

      Oh yeah I forgot they leased an ATR last summer.

    3. Anonymous10:55

      Extra frequencies to OTP and SOF operate at night time when most of their fleet was parked last summer.

  9. Network looks impressive, no doubt this summer will be a big test for AirSerbia to see if the current fleet can handle it despite the CRJ-900 helping out. I'm sure AirSerbia has come along way since its first summer season and the delays, planes swaps, cancelled charters to utilise the 737s during fleet shortages etc but it will still be interesting to see how much they have improved.

    I wonder if adding St. Petersburg was a reaction to OU launching flights or was this planned for a while now? It could be a blocking move by AirSerbia, a bit of a shot across the bow so to speak to try to discourage further eastern OU expansion??

    1. Anonymous15:08

      Could be. But what I don't understand is OU's LED flights seasonal or year round.

    2. Nemjee15:14

      My guess is no. LED makes absolute sense from BEG given Serbia's tight relationship with Russia. Also, I am sure that they could have made the three weekly flights work even without offering any connections. A lot of passengers used to connect in SVO on their way to LED. One can assume that both JU and SU might see some reduced numbers to Moscow.

    3. Anonymous15:18

      I think Nemjee is right. This is what was written here a few days ago

      "St. Petersburg Airport's Press Secretary, said, "The announced launch of Air Serbia flights is a long-awaited event for Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport. In 2015, Belgrade was the top unserved destination in Europe for Pulkovo, with no direct air service between St. Petersburg and the Serbian capital. Over the past five years, indirect traffic between the two cities grew by 263%, and in 2015 amounted to over 20.000 passengers".

    4. Nemjee15:47

      On average that's 55 passengers per day! Impressive. With direct links being introduced I am sure it will further stimulate demand, especially since Russians do not need a visa to enter Serbia.
      My guess is that they've gone for 'only' three weekly because they don't have enough a/c.

    5. I think LED will be daily in a short time.

      Air Serbia should look at expanding their A319 fleet in time for Summer 2017.

  10. Anonymous15:08

    Great work Air Serbia. Congratulations

  11. Anonymous15:30

    These uniforms, hairstyles and make up are burning my eyes! Make it stop, change it, make them European women again!

    1. Anonymous16:29

      They didn't make to the top 15 best looking list. Adria came in 14th on the list. They should get someone to show them how to apply the makeup.

    2. Anonymous16:31

      When a hater can't find anything else to rant about he resorts to makeup. New low guys. New low.

    3. Anonymous19:58

      Well, i wouldn't put too much emphasis on the comment made by anonymous @ 3.30pm. He/she didn't state their credentials so that we take their comment as an authority on the subject, so let's look elsewhere for validation, instead of a cheap throw-a-way comment.

      Last year, the influencial Marie France fashion magazine named Air Serbia's uniform as the second best in the world, after Emirates.

      So that should put an end to any arguments around that .....

    4. Anonymous21:29

      I am a JU crew and the design is not a problem, it's the fabric which is more or less plastic! same with the girls' scarves which were only recently changed.

  12. Anonymous15:32

    Interesting that Air Serbia will use B737 on a few scheduled flights, mostly one off

    Air Serbia in latest schedule update has extended Boeing 737-300 operation into summer 2016 season. Based on 20MAR16’s OAG Schedules Analyser update as well as schedule listing in the GDS, planned 737-300 operation in S16 as follow.
    Belgrade – Berlin Tegel one-off service scheduled on 10APR16 / 15APR16 / 29MAY16 / 04JUN16
    Belgrade – Dusseldorf 2 weekly until 22APR16
    Belgrade – Podgorica one-off service scheduled on 07APR16 / 12APR16 / 08MAY16
    Belgrade – Stuttgart 2 weekly until 24APR16
    Belgrade – Tivat one-off service scheduled on 06MAY16
    Belgrade – Warsaw Multiple weekly frequencies until 24APR16. Note the airline also schedules 1 weekly flight from 16SEP16

    1. Nemjee15:50

      What's happening at the end of April? Maybe on of the Airbuses is in maintenance until then?

    2. Anonymous16:33

      I hope i'll be wrong but i foresee many-many delays this summer once again!

    3. Anonymous19:51

      I agree. It will be interesting to see - they can really only hope no bird goes tech for some 4 months.

      Regarding the Boeings - I guess in May most summer charters will start...

  13. Very impressive network, good luck!

  14. Anonymous16:32

    Odlicna mapa Destinacija od strane ASL nadam se da ce sledeca imati jos dve A330 destinacije .
    Samo jos da se otvori : IKA,HEL,ESB,INN,NUE,AMM i DBV preko cele godine.

  15. Just wanted to say my idea has been proved since Air Serbia JFK-BEG tickets w JU are around 845 USD on some days now. My point is that it changes so frequently, it's abnormal and doesn't happen on any other airlines website. They may have stabalized lately, but that doesn't matter for lost passengers who have already booked their tickets with other airlines...

    Too late of a move JU..

  16. Anonymous20:28

    ZRH will be going 18 weekly flights during Easter. I assume it is not reported here as it will only occur on several occasions.

    Good luck JU! I would love IKA, AMM and some other Asian destinations. Of course PEK would be just perfect :)

  17. Anonymous22:09

    svaka cast, a sada svim snagama u sredjivanje flote. hitno zamena atr serije 200 i starih dobrih boinga. bez toga investicije u wi-fi, imidz, redovnost itd ostace bez pravog efekta.

  18. Anonymous23:29

    Well done AirBelgarde, hopefully they Will grow into "national" carrier one day.. until then good luck to them

    1. Anonymous07:14

      They won't, because there's no business case.


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