Summer 2016
Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines' first post-restructuring summer season comes into effect this Sunday and lasts until October 29, with the carrier to introduce new routes and boost frequencies across its network. As previously reported, Croatia Airlines will launch flights from Zagreb to Lisbon, Milan, Prague and St. Petersburg as well as services from Dubrovnik to Pula and Tel Aviv and from Pula to Zurich. The carrier will add a wetleased Trade Air Fokker 100 jet to its fleet, which is currently scheduled to operate on all flights from Zagreb to Lisbon, as well as select services from the Croatian capital to Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen and Dubrovnik. In a statement, the airline said, "The expansion of the European network of destinations has been enabled by the successful completion of Croatia Airlines' restructuring program in 2015, which concluded the company's obligation to operate with a reduced market capacity".

Notably, Croatia Airlines will double its services to Athens and add an additional weekly flight from Zagreb to Brač, as well as from Dubrovnik to Paris. Following a one year hiatus, the carrier will resume seasonal flights from Dubrovnik to Tel Aviv. On the other hand, Croatia Airlines will not resume its short-lived seasonal service from Split to Skopje, which was both launched and suspended last summer. This year, the carrier will link Croatia with 34 cities in 20 countries. During the summer, it will begin codesharing on Turkish Airlines' new flights from Istanbul to Dubrovnik, which will launch on May 10. Furthermore, the Croatian national carrier will operate a number of charter flights from Split to Evenes, Lulea, Ornskoldsvik, Ostersund, Skelleftea and Sundsvall in Sweden, as well as to Kristiansund in Norway. An Airbus A320 will be used on all flights.

Please note that the changes listed below are preliminary and based on current availability in the Global Distribution System (GDS). Furthermore, the table below displays the peak weekly frequency on each route during the course of the summer season. Increases in frequencies, particularly on domestic flights between Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula, may not come into effect until later on in the summer and can vary depending on the time of the year. EX-YU Aviation News will bring you Montenegro Airlines’ network changes tomorrow. In the meantime, you can also review planned modifications made by Adria Airways and Air Serbia.

Departing Zagreb

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Athens36▲ 3via Dubrovnik
resumes APR7
Brač12▲ 1-
Dubrovnik3134 3-
Lisbon03▲ 3starts MAY20
London Heathrow88-1 flight via Rijeka
Milan03▲ 3starts MAY20
Prague04▲ 4starts MAY21
Pula1414-via Zadar
Rome88-6 flights via Split
2 flights via Dubrovnik
St. Petersburg02▲ 2starts JUN2
Tel Aviv22-resumes MAY24

Departing Split

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Athens11-resumes MAY7
Berlin11-resumes APR30
Belgrade33-resumes MAY14
Dusseldorf22-resumes APR30
London Gatwick22-resumes APR22
London Heathrow11--
Lyon11-resumes APR30
Skopje10 1-
Vienna44-resumes APR29

Departing Dubrovnik

DestinationFrequency S2015Frequency S2016ChangeNotes
Amsterdam11-via Pula from
Athens36 3resumes APR7
Berlin11-resumes MAY3
Dusseldorf11-resumes MAY1
Nice22-starts APR29
Paris45 1-
Pula01 1starts MAY31
Tel Aviv01 1starts JUN28
Venice22-resumes MAY15
Zagreb3134 3-

From Pula, Croatia Airlines will operate to Amsterdam (1x per week), Dubrovnik (1x per week), Frankfurt (2x per week), Zadar (14x per week), Zagreb (7x per week) and new flights to Zurich (1x per week). From Osijek, the airline will fly to both Split and Dubrovnik (1x per week).

From Zadar, the airline will operate to Pula (14x per week), Zagreb (7x per week) and Frankfurt (2x per week). Rijeka will see the Croatian national airline operate flights to Munich (3x per week) and 1 weekly flight to London Heathrow.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Overall good summer. Is it just me or will the F100 be underutilized? Surely it can operate a few more rotations.

    1. Anonymous10:57

      Might depend on conditions in wet lease contract with TradeAir?

    2. Anonymous17:41

      Bit belated, non the less, Croatia had brilliant 2015, tourist numbers were up by 8.6% and overnight up by 8.1%, with 14.15 million visitors and 78.9 million nights. Zagreb had 1.020 million foreign visitors who generated 1.775 million nights. Overall Croatia had revenue of around 8.0 billion eruos from tourism in 2015.

      This year Zagreb is expected to hit 1.15 million visitors with 2.0 million nights, Croatia is expected to hit 15.0 million visitors and 85 million nights.

      Also, had a chat with Zagreb management in past few days, there are talks with quite a few new airlines for flights to Zagreb, 2016 might be hard as current terminal is packed and management would like to offer better service at new terminal once it opens, so there was bit of reluctance to flog off Zagreb so fast.

      OK, major US Carrier is in talks for summer seasonal flights connecting New York and Zagreb, flights should metallize in 2017 if all goes well, Croatian Government is mentioned in form of subsidizing some of the flights to Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

      Details are still sketchy but we'll know more in coming months.
      Korean Air has asked for free afternoon slots at Zagreb for 2017, they'd like to start twice a week service from Seoul to Zagreb with London/Frankfurt being final destination. Talks are still ongoing however, this is not the only airline that is talking flights to Zagreb from Asia, Chinese Carrier, not mentioned which one has serious plans for Zagreb and Dubrovnik, they have held talks with Zagreb for past year and are very serious, however old terminal is only reason why flights didn't materialize yet. Another Japanese carrier is also holding talks with Zagreb, not JAL, in starting seasonal and potentially year round service if seasonal flights prove successful, Zagreb had 220 000 Japanese visitors in 2015, 145 000 Chinese Visitors and 270 000 Korean Visitors, fyi.

      British Airways is keen on increasing its frequency to Zagreb, it seems they had very good 2015 serving Zagreb, no concrete informations as of yet but they'd like to have double daily starting with April next year. This is where it is heading based on current projections. Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt are most successful routes out of Zagreb, with Vienna, Munich and Rome also being in very high demand.

      475000 French, 425000 British and 325 000 Dutch visitors visited Croatia in 2015. FYI.

      Alitalia, SAS, Aegean and Finnair are in talks with Zagreb airport starting flights to Zagreb from summer season in 2017, SAS would serve daily flights to Stockholm and eventually connecting Oslo and Copenhagen too. Aegean is short of planes and this is only reason they couldn't slot Zagreb yet, they wanted to do it in 2015, but lack planes for Zagreb service for three weekly service. Finnair wants to test Zagreb in summer first to see if flights prove successful to maintain three weekly flights, They're interested in flights starting May or June 2017.

    3. Anonymous17:42


      Aer Lingus, Irish Carrier has also been in touch and the're looking for twice weekly service to Zagreb, connecting Dublin and Zagreb. Alitalia would like to start similar flights connecting Zagreb with Rome on a daily basis and adding Milano and perhaps Florence at some stage as well.

      Tap is coming back in April of 2017.

      AirBaltic is also interested in three weekly service to Zagreb with flights from Riga and perhaps even adding Vilnius if flights prove successfully. Tallinn is another option however this won't happen next year.

      EasyJet is also interested in returning to Zagreb, connecting LGW with Zagreb with four weekly flights, talks are still ongoing however if BA comes in hard not sure how EasyJet can compete on London route.

      There are few other carriers, including Singapore Airlines which are keen on starting flights to Zagreb on seasonal basis at first. Singapore has been talking to Zagreb for better part of past 6 months. They'd like to tap in to Kiwi and Aussie markets, where some 170 000 visitors to Croatia and Zagreb came from in 2015 and 80 000 Malayan and ASEN visitors.

      To say Zagreb is looking good for 2017, would be understatement, however things are looking really great for 2017, 2018 and all the way to 2020. 5.0 million projected pax for Zagreb could be achieved and more carries come and in Zagreb becomes ever more popular city destination.

      By 2020 Zagreb hopes to attract 1.75 million foreign and domestic visitors with 3.2 million nights. in terms for $ value for the country, 750-800 million per year in revenue.

    4. Anonymous18:02

      And what happens when you wake up?

    5. Anonymous18:13

      Anonymous 5:41 PM and 5:42 PM, thank you for the info. Hope some of these routes will happen in a year or two.

      Anonymous 6:02 PM, you're not funny, but I suppose you've heard it before.

    6. Anonymous18:14

      Great news!
      If they are upsetting kids like Anon 6:02 than that is even better.

    7. Anonymous18:22

      Bravo Hrvatska!

    8. Anonymous19:15

      It would be Bravo Hrvatska if existing AirTransat Toronto flights, along with possible and/or mentioned (probably) United NewYork flights, KoreanAir Seoul flights, some chinese carrier China flights and (probably) ANA Tokyo flights were operated by Croatia Airlines. Instead Bravo, I would rather say Sorry Hrvatska for having such a weak and such incompetently run national airline in obviously very much existing and increasing long-haul market

    9. Anonymous19:33

      So, Anonymous 7:15 PM, what are we supposed to do? Cry? We payed quite enough for OU, but luckily, it's a free market, so, if they can't do their job properly, we'll have to find someone who can.

    10. Anonymous20:07

      From what you write I can only conclude that you are a member of OU Supervisory Board. That's the only way to speak in "we" being able to make management changes at the free market you talk about. But I doubt you have anything to do with OU SB; I presume your "we" is rather ethnic, and if so bro, you're very much wrong, because believe me, I desperately want that change to happen, but I'm not so sure about positive developments in (near) future, based on last 20+ years. BRG from HR !!!

    11. Anonymous23:52

      Anon 5:41PM,5:42PM,really!!!!Source please or else it's a nice fairy-tale or a hollywood picture scenario well done!!

    12. Anonymous00:21

      @AnonymousMarch 25, 2016 at 11:52 PM

      Insider knowledge, I broke news about KLM, Czech Air and number of other scoops on this blog. Architectural firm I work for has worked on new terminal with the developers since 2012, and no the firm isn't Croatian, it is a Dutch firm based in Amsterdam, but we provide advisory services to major infrastructure projects, water management and drainage and number of other expertise. Airports are also our speciality as we are one of the firms that has Schiphol Airport Contract and Gatwick Airport.

      However I am Dutch Croatian, so I am keen to post news about Zagreb and Croatia. I took loads of photos of the site I visited , however there's nothing new to what has already been seen.

    13. Anonymous00:38

      Bla...bla...bla...once again no palpable proof you expect me to believe some architectural firm that builds an airport?come on!!!

  2. Anonymous09:08

    So they increase DBV-ATH but not SPU-ATH where they will compete against Aegean this year...

    1. Anonymous12:11

      Smart move from OU,there is no reason to compete with aegean,this is not the time to lose money-both airlines-just for prestige

    2. Anonymous12:16

      And why than they compete on DBV-ATH route?

    3. Nemjee12:27

      Well, in all fairness DBV-ATH was operated even before Aegean launched their own flights.

    4. Anonymous13:36

      Great news for Dubrovnik tourism if it can support so many flights to ATH.
      I would imagine that Aegean is also sending passengers to DBV from the rest of its network via the ATH hub.

    5. Anonymous04:40

      US Carrier is in talks for summer seasonal flights connecting New York and Zagreb
      Croatian Government is mentioned in form of subsidizing some of the flights

      Did EU approve this subsidy?

    6. Anonymous09:07

      EU likes Croatia so it wont forbid it.

  3. Anonymous09:10

    After 4 years of reductions or more of the same this is a welcome change. Nice to see growth in frequencies.

  4. Anonymous09:12

    So in the end no Embraers this summer?

    1. Purger09:18

      No, they choose Trade Air Fokker 100 instead.

  5. Anonymous09:14

    I'm glad they are doing charters. I think they should have created a sub brand for this or something similar (like Aviolet). It is a huge cash cow and OU has been missing out on it for years.

    1. Anonymous13:37

      Are you saying that Aviolet is a "huge cash cow" for ASL?
      Any data to support this claim?

    2. Anonymous15:12

      Of course it is. It's a no brainer. The planes are theirs, and they are always full, as there's an under-supply of charter flights from Serbia. It's a cash cow of a note.

    3. Anonymous15:17

      Aviolet carried 100,000 people last year. You go on figure out whether that is a cash cow or not....

    4. Anonymous15:57

      For how much did they sell those seats to travel agencies?
      I suppose it was cheaper than the competition.
      So how money did they make from that cow?
      Also how much does it cost to keep 20 and 25 year old aircraft flying which are both economical compared to the modern aircraft AND especially require constant maintenance?

    5. Anonymous16:08

      *UNeconomical compared...

    6. Anonymous16:17

      I'm sure it's extremely economical. There are no ownership costs associated with those aircraft, since they are 100% owned. Furthermore, if it wasn't economical, then I'm sure that they wouldn't be flying them

    7. Anonymous17:15

      JU's 733's require little maintenance as their utlisation is very low. Extremely profitable flying, especially for charter operations, as anon @ 4.17pm has said above

    8. Anonymous07:45

      1. 30 years old aircraft and "little maintenance" never go along. Not even with low utilisation. Btw, charter utilisation is not even that low, unless you look at the whole year. Monthly utilisation in the summer is usually quite high.

      2. "Furthermore, if it wasn't economical, then I'm sure that they wouldn't be flying them"

      Now, is this the company that gets airport fees paid by the government? Or saying that A332 project won't be profitable for first couple of years? Or (if rumours are correct) gets discount from NIS for jet fuel?

      If flying 30-year old aircraft would be extremely economical, LCCs would be flying them. I'm not saying Aviolet isn't making money, but it's not trucks full of gold for sure.

    9. Živa legenda23:33

      LCC model is based on high utilization therefore old planes are not common. Aviolet annual utilization is closer to cargo operators and most of them use 30-year old aircraft because it makes financial sense in low utilization scenario.

  6. Purger09:14

    23 new weekly flights.

    In same time OU have code-share on Trade air routes

    Osijek - Zagreb 6x weekly
    Osijek - Pula 2x weekly
    Osijek - Rijeka 2x weekly
    Pula - Split 2x weekly
    Rijeka - Split 2x weekly
    Split - Dubrovnik 2x weekly

    1. Anonymous13:53

      Croatia has by far the largest domestic flights network in the world compared to its size and population. What is the total number of domestic passengers and what is their share only in ZAG?

    2. Purger14:50

      No, that is not true. Just Toulouse-Paris is some 40 flights per day with A320/A321. And that is just one of French destinations out of more than 100 routes to CDG and between secondary airports bypassing CDG. Scotland has much more routes comparing to the size, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Finland, Sweden... As you can see your sentence is far from true.

  7. Anonymous09:17

    PRN must be a political route.

    1. Anonymous09:25

      It's used as a cargo flight, to courier through supplies for all the "posljasticarnice".

    2. Anonymous09:43

      There are not that many Kosovar slastičarnice in Zagreb like in Belgrade or other cities in exYU. Most of Zagreb slastičarnice are Vincek, Kraš or other croatian families or companies.

    3. Anonymous12:25


    4. Anonymous15:09

      Anonymous March 25, 2016 at 9:43 AM

      You obviously don't know your country that well. Go take a trip to Istria, and tell me who owns all the sweetie shops and a fat deal of restaurants as well. lol

      P.S. The Belgrade ones are primarily owned by Goranci (a separate nationality altogether).

  8. Anonymous09:17

    5% growth is reachable, pity they dont use Split properly, for instance Split - Dublin 3x week couldnt fail..

    1. Anonymous10:47

      True that. SPU could have used a lot more flights to some 20 destinations all over central and northern Europe. But there is no more airport capacity at the moment on at least 3 days a week. Croatia is way too late on airport extension.

      Also OU could surely use some 4 or 5 more airbusses during summer but lease rates only for summer seasonal is quite expensive and OU is known for not taking this kind of (even though controllable) risk.

  9. Anonymous09:17

    It's wise that OU started to weigh more in Zagreb. But the new routes should have been year-round, not seasonal. They have to decrease the overall seasonality and concentrate on their home base, if their intention is to keep the company alive. Otherwise they would have the same tragic end as Adria.

    1. Anonymous10:49

      I am sure they will want to see first how bookings go for summer and then decide which routes (with certain lower frequencies) to offer in winter, too.

  10. Purger09:18

    Evo kao primjer što će se desiti Adriji:


    Intro Aviation, njemačka kompanija za restrukturaciju i preprodaju kompanija prodala je CityJet osnivaču Pat Byrneu i grupi investitora. Intro Aviation je kupio CityJet od Air Francea 2014. godine sa ciljem da kompaniju restrukturira i preproda. Dvije godine kasnije to su i učinili za nepoznat iznos novaca.

    U ovoj godini kompanija je iskazala malen profit (u 2014. bili su u gubitku od 22,7 milijuna EUR) uz povečanje prihoda na 300 milijuna EUR (u 2014 117 milijuna). Prevezli su 2 milijuna putnika.

    CityJet čeka isporuku 7 novih CRJ900 (jedan je već isporučen) kao i SSJ100 od kojih bi prvi trebao biti isporučen kroz par dana. Ukupno imaju 21 naručenog SSJ. Kompanija trenutno ima 18 Avro RJ85 i jedan CRJ900. Kompanija leti vlastite linije u code-share sa Air France, leti u wet-leasu za Air France, a od ožujka kreće letjeti i linije za SAS. Baze su im u London City, Dublinu, Rotterdamu, Antwerpenu i Paris CDG.

    1. Anonymous09:30

      That's not that bad, isn't it?

    2. Anonymous14:05

      Interesantna kompanija. Kao da im je wet lease out glavna delatnost. Mogli bi JU i OU da ih imaju u vidu kad im zafali aviona u sezoni. I kako dobijaju SU9, šta bi sa EU sankcijama Rusiji?

    3. Anonymous16:23

      e bas ce se usreciti sa SSJ, ako ne otkazu porudzbinu !

    4. Anonymous17:01

      kao neko sto se bas i ne razume u avijaciji, moze mi neko navesti razlog zasto svi hejtaju Suhoi-ja? zato sto je ruskog prozvodstva?

    5. Nemjee18:27

      InterJet је сасвим задовољан са ваздухопловом тако да је њихов хејт неоснован. Притом, тај авион је руски колико и италијански.
      Чини ми се да одређени људи мисле да је Суперџет регионална верзија Ту-154.

    6. Nemjee18:33

      Here's a link where you can read more on the SSJ and Interjet. Mind you, they initially ordered 15 +5, then they turned those 5 options into firm orders and then a year ago they confirmed their options for another 10 aircraft!

      Now, if the SSJ was trash, a private Mexican carrier wouldn't be adding them into their fleet. Especially not when they are competing against US carriers on many of their routes.

    7. Anonymous07:52

      If SSJ was really all that great, they would get more than a handful of orders from countries other than Russia or their close allies.

      But anyway, it's a suicide to order SSJ now, when Russia could be facing more strict embargo rules in the future. Imagine you run an airline in central Europe. Do you really want to have aircraft on the ground due to lack of spare parts (even though a lot of avionics come from the West), just because uncle Putin has to show that Russia is a powerful nation?

  11. Anonymous09:36

    This is what national airline route should look like. Well done neighboors! Hopefully some of the regional "leaders" will learn something from you!

    1. Purger09:46

      ????? Time-table is disaster!!!! Here is what I wrote on CAF:

      Tona kretenluka u novom redu letenja kao i inače, ali ni ja sad nemam vremena napisati 10 kartica teksta sa glupostima reda letenja.

      Najveća glupost je ipak

      SPLIT-ROME 7x + 2x DUBROVNIK-ROME (i to subota i nedjelja), a nema ništa iz ZAG nonstop.

      Zar ne bi bilo logičnije

      ---4--7 ZAG-SPU-FCO-SPU-ZAG
      -2----- ZAG-DBV-FCO-DBV-ZAG
      -----6- ZAG-DBV-FCO-DBV-ZAG

      O glupostima da LX za ZRH, OS za VIE, LH za FRA idu maltene u isto vrijeme kad i OU za te relacije ne treba ni govoriti.

      Svi od Kučka naniže u Air Serbiju da vas nauče što su to pravi valovi i kako se radi sustav 4 vala. Pokušali smo vas naučiti prije 6 godina, ali očito vam je to bilo prekomplicirano!!!! Samo se bojim da bi oni u Air Serbiji mogli samo poštu raznosit i kave kuhat obzirom kakvo isprdavanje naprave od reda letenja.

    2. Anonymous10:53

      FCO can and should easily be 2x daily with a Dash (if they had any aircraft available). Once a day non-stop ZAG-FCO-ZAG; once a day via SPU/DBV on BOTH legs so flights can also serve pax to domestic destinations.

      What is really disadvantegeous is that no one flying from X to SPU/DBV via ZAG will go: X->ZAG->FCO(!)->SPU/DBV.

    3. Anonymous10:56

      Has Fiumicino a night curfew? Anyone know? Its sad OU does usually not use their Q400 planes during the night. Why not adapt schedule a little, use planes more and make more profit?

    4. Anonymous11:00

      hahahaha purgeru care :)

  12. Anonymous11:01

    @ Admin: PUY dot is missing on the map for DBV

  13. Anonymous11:28

    Partially OT:
    One must realize OU does not want their BWK flights to be successful!

    Still no possibility at all on their website to reserve a flight to BWK other than from ZAG! We are talking about their major direct sales channel.

    Is there an agreement OU is forbidden to take any international passengers onto these flights?

    I first thought BWK has no facility for passport controls - but every year there are charters from AUT, GER so this can't be the reaseon...

  14. Anonymous12:26

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous08:01

      Evo ga, ljubim te.

  15. Air Serbia aircraft naming discussion moved to appropriate news item available on link below.

  16. Anonymous13:53

    Nije bas cesto pojava sa manjom flotom da se imaju 3 baze umesto da su se fokusirali na 1 hub .
    I trebali su se fokusirati ili na SPU ili na DBV malo vise zbog ogrome konkurenicije koja dolazi svaki dan plus LCC .
    I ja mislim da bi im se sigurno preko leta isplatio 1 A321 za SPU ili DBV da su uzeli na wet-lease ali izgleda niko ne sme da rizikuje sto je steta.

    1. Marko Lukić14:51

      Croatia can't afford yearly loss od 20+ mil dollars, like Serbia can

    2. Purger14:53

      CTN nema bazu u SPU ili DBV! Odakle ti takva informacija?

      Isto tako nije točno da manje kompanije nemaju letove iz svojih focus gradova. To ima gotovo svaka.

    3. Anonymous15:08

      @ Marko 2:51
      Neither Serbia can afford 20+ mil loss yearly, and will have to stop with it, sooner or later, and than we shall see what happens...

    4. Anonymous16:07

      Ja nisam mislio bukvalno na baze nego imaju dosta letova i time zapostavljaju svoju glavnu bazu ZAG.
      Da imaju kompanije ali one sa vise od 20 Aviona .
      Molim vas da ne koristite moje ime kad iznosite lazne podadtke da neko placa nesto ASL kad svi jako dobro znamo da je kompanija Profitabilna sto je potvrdila KPMG.

    5. Anonymous17:18

      Zlato mamino, kompanija je profitabilna jer dobja 20+ mil subvencija godisnje, sto ce morati uskoro da prestane, zbog odredbi Ugovora, i zbog poglavlja o transportu sa EU. I onda ce biti belaja, svidjalo se to tebi ili ne. Dakle nemoj da se pravis blesav da ne razumes o cemu pisemo kad jako dobro razumes. Ajde cao!

    6. Anonymous18:31

      Kompanija je profitabilna i sama sebe finansira sto je dokazal i KPMG.

    7. Anonymous18:42


    8. Anonymous20:11

      @INN-NS 631 pm.....please read up on KPMG. You would be surprised to find out some of the manipulation that they were doing. Just look it up on Wikipedia. In accounting you can always play around with the numbers no matter who you are.

    9. Anonymous21:18

      Anonymus 8:11, he knows it but plays a role. Just forget.

  17. Anonymous16:08

    My feeling is that CTN is being cautious. Although I would like to see larger expansion, I don't think that it will occur until the new terminal is running in Zagreb.

  18. Anonymous16:22

    Interesting that ZAG has two daily flights to SSJ and BEG has only one daily.

    1. Nemjee16:53

      Probably because JU can't schedule a 05.00 departure out of SJJ.

    2. Anonymous16:55

      yet BEG has 14weekly to SKP, while ZAG has 8 weekly.

    3. Anonymous17:19

      *14 in summer

    4. Anonymous18:10

      Is that realistic, a 05:00 departure? is that common in the Balkans?

    5. Nemjee18:19

      Well, they need it so as to offer fast connections in BEG early in the morning. The problem with the JA flight was that it used to arrive at 06.45 and it would miss most of the connections- that plus there was no code-share in place.

      I guess that if Air Serbia's dawn departures out of TIA, SKP, OTP, SKG and ATH do fine then SJJ will do too.

      It's a shame that JU is extremely expensive to SJJ. If they could offer the same price for SJJ as they do for BNX then they could fill an Atr with O&D alone! Mind you, Sarajevo isn't connected with a highway like Banja Luka is.

    6. Anonymous18:27

      True dat.

      But when does SSJ open for business? They really should make an exception for an airline that wants to add a flight, even that early.
      But AS has to bring their price down to a reasonable level.

    7. Nemjee18:38

      I think the first departure can take place at 06.00. That said, aircraft can taxi before that but not take off. I remember reading somewhere that SJJ said that there was no commercial reason to have the airport open before six. Personally I think this is total nonsense as I am sure both Air Serbia and Austrian Airlines would be the first ones to introduce dawn departures.

      In my opinion they should at least allow 05.00 departures during the summer season and during work days.

  19. Anonymous18:45

    Thanks Nemjee, always appreciate your comments. And good luck with your express shipments, I remember last time you overpaid. ;-)

    1. Nemjee18:48

      Hahaha thank you!

  20. Anonymous09:19

    Any news about the Privatisation of Croatia Airlines.


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