Belgrade and Skopje among East Europe’s best

Belgrade and Skopje airports recognised at World Airport Awards

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Skopje Alexander the Great Airport have once again been named among the top ten best airports in Eastern Europe at the 2016 Skytrax World Airport Awards held in Cologne last week. Belgrade Airport was placed fifth among Eastern Europe’s best airports, retaining its position from last year, while Skopje managed ninth position, featuring on the list for only the second time. The category was won by Budapest. No other airport from the former Yugoslavia managed to enter the top ten of any category. Furthermore, no airport in the region was among the top 100 best airports in the world, with Singapore’s Changi Airport taking the title for a fourth year in a row. The 2016 World Airport Awards were based on 13.25 million customer nominations across 106 nationalities of air travellers, and included 550 airports worldwide.



The World Airport Awards are considered the most prestigious accolades for the airport industry voted by customers in the largest annual global airport customer satisfaction survey. It operated from June 2015 to February 2016. It is the second time in the award’s seventeen-year history that two airports from the former Yugoslavia have entered the top ten of any category, which include the world’s best airport, most improved airport, airport with the best staff, best security and best transit airport, to name a few. According to Skytrax, the survey and awards process is independent and guaranteed free of any airport influence or interference in final results. It evaluates customer satisfaction across 39 key performance indicators for airport service and product - from check-in, arrivals, transfers, shopping, security and immigration, through to departure at the gate.



Over the past three years, Belgrade Airport has invested significantly in improving its facilities, with the addition of three new gates, the expansion of its departure lounges, replacement of old air bridges, the overhaul of its business class lounge, opening of new retail space and the installation of a visual docking guidance system for aircraft. On the other hand, since opening its new terminal in September 2011, Skopje Airport has been no stranger to awards. Since 2013 it has been named the best airport in Europe handling under two million passengers according to Airports Council International (ACI). With six air bridges and a capacity to handle four million passengers per year, some 110 million euros were invested into the terminal building. The World Airline Awards, also organised by Skytrax, where Adria Airways and Croatia Airlines have often featured among the ten best carriers in Eastern Europe, takes place in July.


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  1. Anonymous09:06

    Belgrade Airport isn't bad at all. It's clean, bright, a bit sterile but overall very convenient. Transfer between planes is possible within minutes, wifi is free and works well, they also have chairs with USB and power sockets in the armrest which is really great. I like how they put sofas in the centre of the departure lounge overlooking the gates and this area is very popular too. They made the most of the glass facade overlooking the apron. Passport lines are relatively short and quick and if you have a Serbian passport you can just pass though the automated gate which no one seems to use. Bags are usually delivered very quickly. What they have to work on is getting a fast food place and some more caffes. Dufry (shop/cafe operator) does a dreadful job.

    1. Anonymous13:23

      I agree, overall a very convenient airport. They really desperately need to add some food shops in the transit area, though.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX09:10

    Wowwwww KE with 380 in ZAG thats fuck'n awesome....

    Strange votings. I m wondering how thiw vote come together. In my eyes MUC is not better than ZRH but probably many Germans among the voters who vote MUC. Very strange top 10 Eastern European airports no PRG and WAW. In my eyes the leading two airports in that part of Europe. Lately I saw a survey which placed DME as one of the best airports in Europe. Here not even Top 10 in Eastern Europe

    1. Anonymous09:12

      the a380 was an april's fools joke by another website. Shees people you are gulable.

    2. Anonymous09:13

      Prague was in the Central Europe category.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX09:14

      Thanks.... thought so but nowadays everything cld be possible

    4. It wasn't a joke ;). You will see.

    5. Anonymous09:27

      Yeah Aerocroatia makes a joke every 1.4 about some big plane coming to Croatia.

    6. Anonymous11:59

      Cirih je jedan bezvezan aerodrom i ne zasluuzuje visoko mesto osim po broju putnika.

    7. JU520 BEGLAX12:14

      What means bezvezan? U dont like ZRH? Ok. Only thing i dont agree with it is the bad cooling u hve in some parts of the airport

    8. Anonymous13:32

      Terminal E je sterilni koncentracioni logor na dva sprata, hrana bljutava, kafa losija i od CDGa, shopovi tamo neinteresantni.

    9. JU520 BEGLAX14:00

      Yaeh i can share that. My favorite part is the shopping area airside between A and B fingers. B finger is cool cause u can handle Schengen and Non Schengen flights at the same finger

    10. Anonymous00:02

      @ Timtam. Hope you realize now

      (APRILILILI) Korean Air dolazi u Zagreb sa Airbusom A380 na charter liniji

  3. Anonymous09:17

    When you think about it they are the two best airports in ex-Yu. Pristina is also good but check-in is extremely messy and unorganized. The only other which is good is Dubrovnik. Ljubljana is good but very small in my opinion. Just my 2 cents. Zagreb will do extremely well if not next year (since the new terminal opens days before the survey ends) than the year after.

    1. Lepo je videti da medju deset je i Beograd. Razvoj te vazdusne luke tek predstoji. Tek tada sigurno ce biti glasan I u prvih deset u Evropi. Za sada ovo je vise nego dobro. Nama dobro, a nikome zlo. Za sada mudri cute. Tacnost stoji. Maloli je. ✈R✈

    2. Anonymous15:51

      Roki, jel vi stvarno mislite da BEG ikada može biti u top 10 u Europi?

    3. Da u buducih 25 godina. Kada drzava, partija i sindikati budu izasli iz upravljanja aerodromom. Proda privatnim kompanijama civilni avio sector... Tada ce Srbija imati profitabilne aerodrome. Avio kompanije... Bez privatizacije ostaje ''samoupravljanje'' porezom... Beogradski aerodrom nemoze biti srednje velicine, ukoliko upravljaju partije. Drzava upravlja porezom, a biznisu je uspesna u koruptivnim ''poslovima''.

    4. Anonymous18:13

      A privatnicima posao uvek dobro ide? Kao što ste rekli, "Tada ce Srbija imati profitabilne aerodrome." ili po toj logici neće imati. Ima i primere 'public private partnership' možda je to najbolja opcija Za BEG.

  4. Anonymous10:16

    Congrats BEG & SKP

  5. Anonymous11:21

    I was on Singapore Airport numerous times and I have to say I really do hate that place. Incheon airport is 10 times better and more convenient. Tokyo Haneda is bellow Tokyo Narita in my opinion. From European airports I think Zurich is better than Munich. Amsterdam is terrible with non stop constructions of always the same areas. From ''small'' airports the best in the world is Busan definitely following the Lisbon airport.

    Been on most of the mentioned and definitely glad to see that Charles de gaul is not on the list. The most boring airport in the world.

  6. Anonymous11:59

    OT: A6-EYC prestao da leti, krenulo sredjivanje za AirSerbiju ;)

    1. Anonymous18:16

      Poslednje let je bio 31 marta od JNB do AUH i sada je tamo. Pre par meseci A6-EYC je bio offline 2 dana i par puta je bio na jedan dan, uključujući CEO posetu. Ovaj put je izgleda plan da se ne vraća na JNB rutu, moguće je da je počelo. Prvo bi išlo heavy maintenance, motori itd a posle sređivanje kabine i farbanje.

  7. Since JU is mentioned, does any of you guys know how their new route to LED is regulated with Russian authorities? I thought someone wrote here a while ago that the bilateral between Serbia and Russia agrees on strict reciprocity on routes, frequencies and capacity? Will there be a codeshare on LED with Aeroflot, or they will introduce flights as well?

    1. Anonymous12:59

      The bilateral was amended a few years ago. That for example allows Ural Airlines to fly between Moscow and Belgrade.

    2. Nemjee16:51

      A new bilateral was introduced in 2013 and now any airline with either a Russian or Serbian AOC is allowed to operate between the two countries.

  8. Anonymous13:01

    Tirana made it on the list :) I was there for the first time last year and I must say it's a nice terminal they built.

  9. Anonymous13:55

    Nadam se da ce popraviti svoje mesto kad dodje A330 i pocne linija do JFK sto bi bilo odlicno.

    1. Anonymous17:30

      Na bolje ili gorje?

    2. Anonymous17:50

      Kakve veze ima 330 sa aerodromom?

    3. Anonymous17:55

      Sta cedu naoravit u BEG da bude broj jedan ?

  10. Meni je osobno puno ljepsi aeordrom u Dohi, nego onaj u Zurichu. Mislim lijep je taj u Zurichu ali nije mi nista posebno. Hamad International Airport je puno bolji i zasluzuje bolju poziciju.

  11. Anonymous16:42

    Čestitke Beogradu i Skopju, nadam se da će i Zagreb ući na listu kad se novi terminal napokon otvori! Pozdrav iz Dubrovnika!

  12. Anonymous18:26

    This article says:"No other airport from the former yugoslavia managed to enter the top 10 of any category.FURTHERMORE,no airport in the region was among the top 100 best airports in the world".Can someone please explain what the word "region"refer to?The ex-yu countries or the balkans in general?

  13. Anonymous18:53

    When will be the opening date for Кафетерија at the BEG airport? What happened to planned reno of T1-T2 corridor? Why did plans for check-in kiosks and bag drop machines get postponed? What happened with deice pad construction? Why are plans for C concourse extension shelved? What happened with B apron extension? When will airside get more retail options? What are the options for A6-A10? Why is there no redesign of main T1 hall? BTW congrats BEG on Skytrax award ;)

    1. Anonymous19:20

      "Кафетерија" is this place any good? Is it like Starbucks style? I hope this is not another over priced sh*t with mediocre products. I am still surprised at how nobody is interested in opening a pekara at the airport. Bakeries in Serbia are really popular and many of their products are not really even breakfast products.

    2. Anonymous19:24

      wow I had no idea they were opening Kafeterija. That's nice and will take away lots of business from the Dufry run cafes. Kafeterija is a hypster-style coffee shop chain in Belgrade

    3. Anonymous20:22

      Od nedavno je na aerodromu vintage truck Hleb & kifle.

    4. Anonymous20:34

      seems like u didnt want any answer.
      Vezni deo - rekonstrukcija u toku.
      Bhs - prolongirano zbog kompleksnosti izrade konkursne
      Dai pad - otvorena dokumentacija za izvodjenje radova ali je u toku proces za zastitu prava ponudjaca
      C7-C10 - odustalo se jer air serbia hoce t2 pa se preslo na a6-a10
      B prosirenje nikad nije ni ookrenuto - pokrenuto je prosirenje a platforme i to je u toku
      A6-A10 postojale su varijante i odabrana je jedna kojom je prosiren hodnik a i time povecana komercijalna zona
      T1 rekonstrukcija ide kada se zavrsi vezni deo i postavi novi bhs

    5. Anonymous00:25

      Naravno da želim odgovore, hvala!

      Kad sam rekao proširenje B platforme mislio sam na zapad od postojeće B platforme, onaj prostor preko puta karga ako Muzej može da prebaci sav krš kod sebe.

      Ovo da Air Serbia hoće T2 se pričalo i ranije. A kad bude njihovo onda je na njima da finansiraju proširenja, što će da košta više nego sve do sada.


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