Express Airways delays Maribor launch

The German-owned Express Airways has cancelled its planned inaugural service from Maribor to Dusseldorf until May 1. The airline was to commence the service tomorrow with a Boeing 737-400 aircraft, however, it has sold just fifteen tickets for the first flight. Passengers will be transferred to Graz instead from where they will continue on to Dusseldorf. Express Airways says it is in the process of registering a B737-400, which it has leased for a 48-month period. A smaller aircraft will be used as an alternative until the registration process is completed. Express Airways is also scheduled to introduce services from Maribor to Split on May 8.


  1. Anonymous11:16

    lol why am I not surprised

    1. Anonymous09:37

      obecanje ludim radovanje :) can someone translate it to english?

  2. Anonymous13:12

    Večer daily wrote that it is going to be B737-300 and that they are going to lease it for a 4 year term from World Star Aviation.


  3. Anonymous14:20

    This kind of operation, or let we say the disaster operation from 2015 with flights to/from Pristina, Basel, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Munich, Bremen, Split for some want to be tour operators is rather going to be unsuccessful. So as much far way from this company is my opinion, I
    a male with 26 years of experience in this part of the world in airline business.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX19:16

    Dont book such trash. Just ignore them e basta

  5. Anonymous11:22

    ....hear go again another Tuncer mess up...dont think we have to say anymore about his past history!

  6. Anonymous21:14

    He again just stole people money and messed up the things as he know, f... cheater.


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