Lufthansa, Turkish improve Belgrade results

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has published its annual report for 2015 outlining its performance during the year. While Air Serbia remained the dominant carrier at the airport, Lufthansa, Montenegro Airlines and Turkish Airlines all managed to improve their passenger numbers, while Wizz Air and Swiss International Air Lines continued to see their figures decline.

The busiest routes to and from Belgrade within Air Serbia's network were Zurich (163.416 passengers), Paris, (163.136) and Podgorica (136.101), followed by Moscow (124.696), Amsterdam (102.945) and Tivat (99.024). All of them saw passenger growth when compared to the year before with exception to Moscow (130.708 travellers in 2014) and Tivat (101.608). Amsterdam, which is solely served by Air Serbia, added the most passengers during the year - up 28.567 travellers. Big improvements were also recorded on flights to Zurich and Podgorica.

Belgrade Airport registered its biggest net profit in history in 2015. It stood at 27.89 million euros, up from 27.03 million euros on the year before.


  1. Anonymous11:39

    Swiss is really struggling in BEG.

  2. Anonymous11:53

    Interesting, didn't YM have more passengers than LH in the past? Lufthansa Group has managed to find a way to deal with JU. The real fight for passengers is beginning now.

  3. JATBEGMEL20:35

    Interesting figures.

    CDG shows to be filling very well considering the more frequncies offered to ZRH however only 300 pax seperation between them.

    AMS for JU also shows to be doing very good, however I wonder what it will look this year when they start to lose transit pax for JFK.

    SVO shows great room for improvement, whilst IST I would have thought had over 100K considering frequencies, capacity, O&D and growing transit pax numbers at both ends.

    What is interesting is the drop in TIV and I wonder if DBV had any role in that.

    1. Anonymous02:19

      These are JU figures (the top cities) and not the figures for all airlines combined. This should be corrected.

  4. Anonymous09:50

    Would anyone know the statistics for BEG-VIE route, both P2P and connecting at VIE?


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