Austrian Airlines marks Skopje milestone


Austrian Airlines yesterday marked the twentieth anniversary of its flights between Vienna and Skopje. The Austrian carrier launched services between the two capitals on March 31, 1996. "Today we’re celebrating a great milestone, twenty years since the first Vienna - Skopje flight. For one route to operate continuously for such a long time and to have constant high demand, speaks of its appeal but also about the services that Austrian offers. TAV sees a strong partner in this company, one that punctually and safely carries passengers from Skopje to European destinations. At the same time, it offers direct flights to other continents from Vienna Airport. I honestly hope that this partnership will last for many years to come and that together we’ll mark even greater milestones", Zoran Krstevski, TAV Macedonia’s General Manager, said yesterday. Austrian Airlines handled 97.980 passengers on its flights between Vienna and Skopje last year, a decrease of 0.6% on the year before. It faces no direct competition on the route, however, since late March, Wizz Air introduced services to Bratislava, just fifty kilometres east of Vienna.


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    60km east not WEST

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    Well done, OS!

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    Bravo na OS i SKP! Last year Varna celebrated its 10th anniversary:


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