Banja Luka Airport eyes Greece flights

The government of the entity of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Banja Luka Airport have said they are seeking out opportunities for the establishment of two weekly flights to Greece. According to the airport, charter flights to Thessaloniki could be established this summer on a seasonal basis. The Minister for Transport and Communications of Republika Srpska, the Minister for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, as well as the General Manager of Banja Luka Airport held talks with the head of the Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Thessaloniki last week to discuss the potential flights. "A significant number of businessmen from Greece are also interested in the launch of this service, with the aim of improving economic cooperation", the government said in a statement. In 2013, Greece's Aegean Airlines expressed interest to operate charter services to Banja Luka with the two sides holding talks. However, it is believed airport authorities did little to meet conditions set out by the Greek carrier and the flights never materialised. Banja Luka Airport handled 22.800 passengers in 2015, down 17.5% on the year before. Its figures were hit by B&H Airlines' bankruptcy. The carrier maintained flights between Bosnia and Herzegovina's second largest city and Zurich. Currently, Air Serbia is the only carrier operating services to Banja Luka, maintaining flights from Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    Is there any info about which airline they are courting?

  2. Too late now for this summer!

  3. OT: Does anyone know how well is Air Serbia selling tickets for Hamburg, St Petersburg and Kiev flights?

  4. Anonymous14:40

    It's high time all four directors were given an elbow.


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