Croatia Airlines posts improved quarterly results

Croatia Airlines has posted improved results for the first quarter after increasing its passenger numbers and reducing its losses. The carrier handled 315.566 travellers on board its aircraft during the first three months of the year, an increase of 4.5% compared to the same period in 2015. Of those, 86.813 passengers were carried on domestic flights, up 5.7%, while 225.521 travellers flew on international services, an improvement of 4.7%. The remaining 3.232 passengers were carried on charter flights, down 29.5% year-on-year. However, charters accounted for only 1% of overall traffic. The airline operated 5.083 flights during the quarter, which is almost unchanged compared to the same period last year. The average cabin load factor stood at 63.6%, up 2.5% on 2015. Loads improved on international flights by 2.5% for an average of 63.0%, while on domestic services they were up 1% to 65.4%.

Last week, the carrier said it anticipates handling some 1.97 million passengers by the end of the year and recording a 6% jump in figures. During the first quarter, it improved its ticket sales by 4%, with bookings up 5% outside of Croatia and up 7% in its home market. "A decline in demand for international air travel by Croatian citizens has been halted during the first two months and has risen by 49% compared last year", Croatia Airlines said in a report. The airline enjoyed a 56% market share in the country during the first three months. This will decrease considerably in the second and third quarters as airlines launch seasonal summer flights to the Croatian coast. Croatia Airlines operated with a fleet of twelve aircraft during the first quarter and has added a wet-leased Fokker 100 jet to its fleet.

Trade Air's F100 jet wet-leased to Croatia Airlines, photo by: Michael von Roth 

On the financial front, the Croatian carrier’s consolidated net loss was reduced by 10.2% to 11.5 million euros, down on last year’s 12.8 million euros, but still above 2014s 10.8 million euro loss. Croatia Airlines' revenue grew 7% to 32.3 million euros, generated by greater income from passenger services. On the other hand, proceeds from cargo handling fell 18%. The airline maintained similar expenditure to that of last year. It spent most on flight operations, passenger services and promotions and sales. At the end of Q1, Croatia Airlines had 911 employees, which is up from 890 last year. The carrier took on more staff in its ground handling division as it begins preparing to shift its operations to Zagreb Airport's new passenger terminal. Furthermore, the airline says it hired additional cabin crew.


  1. Anonymous09:04

    low load factor

    1. Anonymous10:01

      To ce uvek biti tako u regionu zbog jakog sezonskog karaktera putovanja.

    2. Anonymous10:17

      What was JU's loadfactor during the first three months?
      Remember that they cut a lot of flights compared with the same period last year.

  2. Anonymous09:05

    Good that numbers are up. Losses are still massive though.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    Does anyone know what are Croatia Airlines best performing routes in terms of LF? It seems to me all ex-Yu airlines suffer from low load factor which hovers around 60%.

    1. Anonymous09:20

      My guess is flights to Germany.

  4. Anonymous09:15

    Never understood why OU doesn't operate more charter flights. It's a good source of revenue. Easy money.

    1. Anonymous09:19

      Same. They should have created a dedicated charter brand like Air Serbia with 1 or two planes. They would be able to mantain charters during the winter as well.

    2. Anonymous09:26

      They have been operating more charters recently.

    3. Anonymous09:29

      Charter business is completely different than scheduled flights. You cannot run all business models at the same time, one have to choose which model to follow, Legacy carrier, LCC, charter, ACMI whatever. But these shouldn't be mixed, otherwise you'll end up like JAT, Adria, B&H etc.

      That's something which wasn't clearly understood among the whole ex-yu.

    4. Anonymous09:31

      @ second last anonymous, the numbers don't agree with you.

    5. Anonymous09:57

      Things are improving during the summer. They will operate charters from Split to Evenes, Lulea, Ornskoldsvik, Ostersund, Skelleftea and Sundsvall and Kristiansund. I agree that this is still a small number. The problem is also the fleet. There are barely enough planes during for regular flights during the summer, which is why they wetlease planes regularly.

  5. Anonymous09:22

    It's getting harder to mount a case against removing the current CEO from his position.

    1. Anonymous09:28

      How so? Losses are greater than 2014 and the airline is supposed to have restructured. It means that the restructuring didn't work.

    2. Purger10:16

      Most of companies have great profit in first quarter of this year due to low petrol cost. For example IAG made profit of 155 million EUR compare to 25 million in first 3 month of 2015.

      So, how can anyone even think that CEO will stay with such a disaster results. Croatia should be profitable in first three months and should have several dozens of profit in all year period concerning the fact how low price of gas is, and subventions they get from PSO. Instead they sell engines, planes, Pleso prijevoz, plan to sell LHR slots... to make imagine profitability.

    3. Anonymous10:19

      Agree 100% with Purger. Good comment.

    4. Mali Marko Lukić14:07

      Even El Al was profitable last year after so many years of nonprofitability . How can that be that Croatia is not?

      They have almost non competition from LCC in their base, huge PSO, tourism in Zagreb and Adriatic, huge Diaspora, migrants inside Croatia (Dalmatia to Zagreb)... Carriers that has nothing like that were profitable in 1st three months.

      This CEO is disaster. To have one of worst results in 1st 3 months in Europe with potentials like Croatia means that he does not have a clue how to run business.

    5. Anonymous15:36

      +1 Purger.

      It looks like Kucko puts comments here trying to make his statements about good-leading and profitability as true one, with logic if I will repeat it enough times even most stupid lie will become true.

    6. Anonymous20:45

      Purger, eto LH ima kvartalni minus i pored jeftinog goriva.

    7. Purger01:14

      There are so many examples of companies with huge and record profit that one example means nothing. And even with this 8 million minus it is less than minus of Croatia. But Lufthansa business was more than well in Q1:

      "The leading financial performance indicator of the Group’s business success – its Adjusted EBIT – improved, however, by EUR 114 million to EUR -53 million.

      But first-quarter unit costs for 2016 also reflect the success of cost reduction actions taken throughout the Lufthansa Group, while the growth of Eurowings had a further beneficial impact on overall unit cost levels.

      The Group’s net income for the first quarter amounted to EUR -8 million (Q1 2015: EUR 425 million). This is a EUR 70 million improvement on the adjusted prior-year result, since the 2015 first-quarter result included a EUR 503 million financial profit from the early conversion of the JetBlue convertible bond.

      Lufthansa Passenger Airlines improves EBIT by EUR 244 million

      The earnings improvement of Lufthansa Group’s in the first quarter is driven by Lufthansa Passenger Airlines and Austrian Airlines. All other operating companies in the Group reported lower results. The Adjusted EBIT of Lufthansa Passenger Airlines increased by EUR 244 million, while Austrian Airlines posted a EUR 23 million improvement. The Adjusted EBIT at SWISS was down EUR 28 million, owing largely to a decline in demand in the face of the strong Swiss franc. Eurowings, the results of which are reported separately for the first time, achieved a first-quarter Adjusted EBIT that was EUR 33 million below its prior-year level. This reflects the start-up costs of the company’s long-haul operations and the costs for its structural setup."

  6. Anonymous09:26

    How many engines were sold?

  7. Anonymous09:32

    The most exciting part to me is that they hired more staff to move to the new terminal. Can't believe it's finally happening and that we will have a new terminal operating in less than a year :)

  8. Anonymous09:35

    Good news for Croatia Airlines. Losses should shorten during summer.

    1. Anonymous09:44

      Good news? With such a massive financial loss and beyond dismal load factor, there's absolutely nothing good about the results.

    2. Danijel09:45

      Yes they should. But loses are still verry big. They have more pasengers, but finance dint improve much. Hope the season will be good, so we will see at the end of the year what they did.

  9. Anonymous09:38

    I wonder if OU managed to overtake Air Serbia during the first quarter. JU probably had pretty poor numbers due to flight cuts. This will change in Q2 but wondering whather Croatia Airlines managed to overtake them. I doubt Air Serbia will publish its Q1 results.

    1. Anonymous09:45

      Last year Air Serbia had 453,000 passengers during the first quarter. They surely had passenger decrease this year but I'm pretty sure they still had above 315,566

    2. Anonymous10:01

      Yep JU Q1 results are:

      2013 - 221.500
      2014 - 359.000
      2015 - 453.000
      2016 - ?

    3. Anonymous10:06

      Had they kept similar ops to last year they probably would have been around 500,000 in 2016. Now, they were probably around low 400k.

    4. Anonymous10:10

      Any numbers from Adria?

    5. Anonymous10:16

      Getting numbers out of Adria is quite a challenge. Now that they include Nordica figures in their overall passenger count it defeats the purpose anyway.

    6. Anonymous10:18

      Not to sound condescending, but JU and OU are in a whole different league. And, after next month's launch of JU's new routes, that divide between the two will become unsurmountable.

    7. Anonymous10:19

      I think Lufthansa will see an improved performance in BEG this year again. Out of the last seven days, five of them saw the A321.

    8. Anonymous13:02

      But why though? They are all Adria flights in the end and they somehow did "evolve" into "pan-european" (if I may say so) carrier with flights or hubs from/in Estonia, Poland, Slovenia, Kosovo and Albania. With all said and done, I don't fancy their model and would wish there would be more focus on LJU, but in the end they are a independant company, that is trying to live in a free market. If they will survive, its our to see. Wishing them all the best in all of theirs endeavours.

    9. Purger14:51

      JU and OU are different league?

      In European level companies up to 5 million passengers per year are in same league. One should say that leagues would be:

      Huge global companies:

      1. Lufthansa group 108 million passengers, 602 planes, 323 destinations
      2. IAG 95 million passengers, 520 planes, 248 destinations
      3. Air France-KLM, 90 million passengers, 574 planes, 231 destinations
      4. Turkish, 61 million passengers, 309 planes, 285 destinations

      Very big companies:

      1. Aeroflot group 39 million passengers, 239 planes, 189 destinations
      2. SAS group 31 million passengers, 137 planes, 157 destinations
      3. Air Berlin group 30 million passenger, 153 planes, 145 destinations
      4. Alitalia 23 million passengers, 130 planes, 123 destinations

      Big companies:
      1. TAP Portugal 12 million passengers, 77 planes, 88 destinations
      2. Aegean 12 million passengers, 58 planes, 134 destinations
      3. S7 11 million passengers, 59 planes, 104 destinations
      4. Finnair 10 million passengers, 67 planes, 103 destinations

      Middle companies:
      1. U-tar 9 million passengers, 108 planes, 117 destinations
      2. SunExpress 9 million passengers, 74 planes, 102 destinations
      3. Air Europa 9 million passengers, 43 planes, 42 destinations
      4. flyBe, 8 million passengers, 93 planes, 77 destinations
      5. Brussels, 8 million passengers, 45 planes, 67 destinations
      6. Virgin Atlantic 6 million passengers, 41 planes, 37 destinations
      7. LOT, 6 million passengers, 35 planes, 54 destinations
      8. Ural 5 million passengers, 29 planes, 66 destinations
      9. Travel Service 5 million passengers, 30 planes, 46 destinations
      10. Ukraine International, 5 million passengers, 41 planes, 75 destinations

      Small companies
      1. Air Nostrum, 3,8 million passengers, 40 planes, 51 destinations
      2. Meridiana, 3,7 million passengers, 18 planes, 40 destinations
      3. Icelandair Group, 3 million passengers, 27 planes, 36 destinations
      4. Air Baltic, 2,8 million passengers, 28 planes, 60 destinations
      5. Air Serbia 2,6 million passengers, 20 planes, 41 destinations
      6. TAROM 2,2 million passengers, 23 planes, 40 destinations,
      7. CSA 2,0 million passengers, 24 planes, 40 destinations
      8. Croatia Airlines 1,8 million passengers, 13 planes, 40 destinations
      9. Air Malta, 1,7 million passengers, 10 planes, 37 destinations
      10. Luxair 1,7 passengers, 18 planes, 59 destinations
      11. Belavia 1,6 million passengers, 23 planes, 40 destinations
      12. Azerbajan 1,4 million passengers, 31 planes, 22 destinations
      13. Bulgaria Air 1,2 million passengers, 11 planes, 22 destinations
      14. Adria, 1,1, million passengers, 14 planes, 23 destinations

      Tinny company is the one that has less than 1 million passengers per year (like Montenegro).

      In European level (including LCC):
      Air Serbia is in 37th position
      Croatia is in 41st position.

      Without LCC difference is just 3 places (Blue Air is 40th).

      So, Air Serbia and Croatia are in same league, and Air Serbia is slightly bigger.

    10. Anonymous15:11


      your classification is logical (and backed up by numbers). When JU goes above 4-5 mln then we can say they are in different league from OU. Rgds from Belgrade.

    11. Purger15:45


      Blue Air: 1,5 million in 2014, 2,0 in 2015. 15 Boeings 737 + 2 737-800 on order, 34 destinations, 3 bases, profitable since 2014.

    12. Anonymous16:21

      Purger, don't be so anal .... If you are any sort of aviation "expert", you will know that a purely short haul airline is a completely different animal to one which has widebodies and flies long haul. Therefore, they are in a different league to one another.

      When comparing airlines, you have to compare apples with apples - looking purely at passenger numbers is an apple and orange comparison.

      In this way, OU and JU will soon move into different business models and direct comparisons will no longer be relevant.

      This is not a question of who is bigger or better, rather, 2 completely different models.

      You should be wise and adult enough to understand that.

    13. Purger16:58

      Really, 5 flights per week makes JU different league?

      So, that makes Aegean and Croatia same league because not one of them has long-haul. But JU is in different (better) league than Aegean (who has 12 million passengers, 58 planes, 134 destinations, 3 hubs, 983 million EUR revenue, 100,3 million EUR profit) just because 5 weekly flights to JFK?

      Congratulation for the logic.

      Could you, please, define in which league, by your logic, you would put Air Serbia (with Lufthansa, Turkish, Brussels, Virgin Atlantic, LOT...)? And is there any other criteria when you put someone in same "league" exempt long-haul? Revenue, profitability, number of planes, destinations, passengers... Or those are totally unimportant but one long-haul plane with 5 flights per week is?

      Trust me I don't have any anal desire, at all! Don't put me in that "league". And I never call or present myself "air expert".

    14. Anonymous17:32

      +1 Purger

      JU is not in different league just as they have long-haul, especially as it is just 5 flights per week. TAROM has long-haul planes and they are not in different league, CSA has one long-haul plane and is not in same league even with Travel Service.

      Today you have huge companies that are leaders in air traffic (LH, BA, AF), middle companies and small ones. Than you have legacy carriers (hub system), P2P airlines and combined airlines (flyBe which combines hub and P2P; SunExpress which combine charter and P2P routes, Travel Service which combine it all). Totally different category are LCC.

      Those are different categories or business model, but league is always about how big and successful one is. You are in someone league if you can compare by profitability, number of passengers, planes, routes etc.

    15. Anonymous17:54

      How many widebody aircraft does OU have ?

      How many long haul flights does OU have ?

      None ....

    16. Anonymous18:27

      OU doesn't have wide body planes, we don't need them, as simple as that! Happy? ;)

    17. Anonymous18:35

      Purger, there you go again - still being your anal self. It is not about "leagues'. What's wrong with you ?

      Why do you feel the need to have to define an airline in a specific category ?

      For the record, both are rather insignificant in global terms and simply don't rate.

      However, an airline with widebody operations IS different to one that doesn't. Speak to any airline which has expanded into widebody long operations from pure narrow body short haul operations and they will tell you of the incredible complexities that it adds to the business. It changes your business forever.

      And for this reason - whether it is 5 pw or 5 a day - your business suddenly becomes something that it previously wasn't. That's why a comparison of these 2 airlines becomes irrelevant.

      You can ofcourse, still continue to compare passenger numbers, profitability and any other airline metric you choose to, but as business models, they are no longer the same.

      Forget about leagues, that's for another forum. Try ESPN instead

    18. Anonymous18:45

      Please forgive Purger, Air Serbia is, after all, the leader of the region, it has (will have) 1 widebody plane flying to New York with many more long haul destinations to come!

      Well, this post makes everything better, doesn't it?

    19. Keep Calm children18:59

      The last four Anonymous posts (I guess it is the same idiot) prove the need to ban all person under the age of 16 from commenting.

    20. Anonymous19:00

      Purger don't listen to them,the future is close,then we all see how a small airline can handle a slight rise of oil prices regarding to their transatlantic routes!

    21. Anonymous21:17

      Just for the record and just because you refered to Aegean airlines,they have 61 planes not 58.And just because I work in athens airport not in Aegean,there are rumours of buying in the very near future another 9 airbuses,don't know whether they are a320 or a321,as I said these are rumours from the technicians of Aegean nothing certain!

    22. Utair have only 64 planes not 108.

    23. Purger23:36

      One, two, three long-haul planes does not make anybody in different league. If you want to tall that it is much more complex in relation of operations when you have wide-body of course it is. But for sure it is not even near to complexity of having 30 more A320 like Aegean has comparing to Air Serbia. By your statement Air Serbia is in different league than Aegean just because of that one A330.

      The only true here is that Croatia, Air Serbia and Adria are very small companies in European relations. Small and insignificant. No one even care about them. They are not important and are not in any league at all! They are in category "the rest". And if you think that any of those 3 companies are better, bigger or more important you are living in dream world, in clouds. That was a point of my post.

      I agree that Air Serbia will have much bigger job and much more complex operations and because if is not in that league (not having enough passengers and routes to feed those flights to USA) I had doubts about that route from very first second and said it can destroy very good Air Serbia project in no-time. Really hope it will not happened and Government will not allow that. Future will show if I was right.

    24. Anonymous01:16

      Opet varijacije na temu Jatovanje

  10. Anonymous10:29

    Croatia airlines has much more potential than air serbia,they have just take advantage of the coast cities,that's the "goal"!

    1. Anonymous10:59

      They had that opportunity over the past 4/5 years and what did they do ? Nothing - absolutely nothing. They have gone backwards, while JU has not only overtaken them, with the launch of JFK and other long haul routes, they will actually lap OU. The days of comparing the 2 airlines will shortly be over, because they will move into completely different models. And to think, this could have been OU, with all the "potential" that you speak about. But potential is nothing if you don't take advantage of it.

      And, should Turkish invest in OU, that will set them back even further, to a role of a small feeder airline.

      My God, opportunity lost like never ever before and someone in an earlier comment speaks of the CEO justifying his role and staying .... Yeah well, i won't make a comment on that ....

    2. Anonymous11:09

      Unused potential equals no potential.

    3. Purger15:08

      So true, so true!!!!

      I just wrote one analises where I point that at end of 1990's Croatia Airlines had huge potentials as:
      - Austrian, Malev, Swissiair and Lufthansa presence in exYu was not big
      - there were no alliances
      - Adria was going down and Jat was not flying because of sanctions
      - there was not LCC (Ryanar and eaysJet were tiny companies, Wizz did not exist)
      - there were just few companies to fly to Adriatic cost

      On that time they should:
      - open routes to exYu diaspora routes (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Scandinavia, UK, USA)
      - open routes to all Croatia, BiH, Macedonian, Montenegrian and Albanian airports to feed Zagreb, especially diaspora routes and to make Zagreb as diaspora-flying center
      - open routes to other biggest hubs and tourist destinations
      - open charter and seasonal routes form Adriatic + connections to ZAG (for combinations of routes with bigger number of frequencies)
      - in time expand to Kosovo, Bulgaria and Romania and later to Serbia (few years after finishing of sanctions)

      But they did not use those potentials. In time first Austrian, Malev and Lufthansa occupate market, than comes Wizzair, easyJet, Germanwings, Ryanair, flyDubai, Pegasus and Vueling, than Air Serbia starts huge expansion.

      Last chance was 2012 (still not huge number of LCC here, Malev bankrupt, Adria in big troubles, Jat in disaster shape). That is why I present plane in 2010. Of course they could not make same thing as 1997-98 (Diaspora center) but could easily put Adria and Jat out of business. And they did not do so!

      Today Croatia has no chance at all exempt if some huge and rich company out of Europe would invest in it (and that for sure is not Turkish and Lufthansa). As there is almost no chance to do that (especially not with our ministers, experts and CEO), basically Croatia is as good as dead or will become small feeder for some European huge company.

    4. Anonymous16:42

      Jel postojao nekad plan u OU da se uvedu wide-body Avioni ?
      Hvala unapred.

    5. Purger17:12

      Da. 1994. godine. Letovi su trebali krenuti 30.5.1994. sa DC-10 koji se planirao kupiti od Lufthanse. Red letenja koji je objavljen je bio:

      OU110/111 Zagreb 1-3-5-- 1700 - 2040 New York JFK 2240 - 1410* Zagreb
      OU120/121 Zagreb ---4--- 1600 - 1910 Chicago ORD 2110 - 1310* Zagreb
      OU130/131 Zagreb -2---6- 1700 - 2010 Toronto YYZ 2210 - 1240* Zagreb

    6. Anonymous17:37

      Yes, Croatia than was in same position as Air Serbia today. Sponsored by Lufthansa (today JU with Etihad) and with leader (Franjo Tuđman) who has unreal ambition and use Croatia Airlines as promotion of himself and Republic of Croatia (today JU with Vučić). Because of that unrealistic (sic) ambition Tuđamn insist that Croatia must open flights to USA and Canada. Luckily it did not happened than because it would be suicide.

    7. Anonymous17:58

      Alot of great plans which have come to nothing. Total abject failure

  11. Anonymous10:52

    They will record much bigger growth in the second quarter because of new routes. LF might go down because of F100 introduction.

    1. Purger15:22

      Not true. They will use F100 for new route where A319 is too big to start with (LIS), on some routes where Q400 was not good equipment (CPH, BRU) so there would be more satisfied costumers what makes better LF, on some routes where A319 did not have big LF so F100 will make it better (BCN, DBV-ZAG and DBV-SPU).

    2. Anonymous21:44

      Purger je u pravu za LF, ali sama cinjenica da je izabran wet lease fokera Trade Air-a , pored nekoliko vrlo obecavajucih najava, jasno pokazuje realno (ocajno) stanje u kojem se OU nalazi. Ponovicu - ovo je poslednja sezona za OU ( plus YM ) u ovom obliku. Buducnost OU nije nimalo sjajna i svakako nije vezana za Turkish, a to i Purger svakako zna, ali iz obzira prema kolegama ne istice u prvi plan.


    3. Purger23:44

      Ma nije istina da to ne istićem u prvi plan. Ja sam još 2010. rekao da Croatia ostankom na Mišetićevom putu potpisuje svoju smrt. Čak sam i avar na CAF-u stavio "the end" zbog neiskorištene zadnje šanse Croatie i koncesije na Zračnu luku Zagreb.

      No, ne mislim da se radi o godini dana. Croatia još ima imovine za 200 milijuna EUR (avione, maintenance, nekretnine, slotove...) koju može prodavati kako bi namirila gubitke. Uz današnje poslovanje i troškove (jeftino gorivo, novac od PSO, privilegije...) to bi moglo potrajati nekih 8-10 godina. U slučaju poskupljenja goriva i povečanja drugih troškova 5-6 godina. Neminovan i uskori dolazak LCC u Zagreb svakako će umiranje ubrzati. I dugoročno, CTN nema budućnosti uz zadržavanje ovog modeal i bez privatizacije.

  12. Anonymous10:59

    Concerning OU LF, they had just 12 passengers DBV-ATH a few days ago!

    1. Anonymous11:23

      And on their flight DBV-FCO, LF was 80%, so what's your point?

    2. Anonymous12:10

      Has Aegean started flying to DBV yet?

    3. Anonymous12:37

      ^ Flights start today

    4. Anonymous13:43

      Go Dubrovnik!

    5. Anonymous13:45

      Just to clear up if someone didn't understand, Aegean has been flying to Dubrovnik since last year. Today they resumed their seasonal flights.

    6. Anonymous14:09

      What aircraft do they use?
      Thanks for all info.

    7. Anonymous14:41


    8. Anonymous16:00

      Ti podaci o popunjenosti letova iz Dubrovnika se redovno objavljuju na hrvatskom forumu i daaaajte više za vijeke vjekova shvatite(kad već autor postova ne kaže)da je to let Zagreb-Dubrovnik-Atena I DA SE U DUBROVNIKU UKRCALO DODATNIH 12 PUTNIKA!! Znači iz Zagreba je već stigao određen broj putnika s tim avionom samo što autor nema te podatke pa ih ne objavljuje.

    9. Danijel19:30

      Zadnji anon: gdje se mogu vidjeti ti podaci? Na kojem hrvatskom forumu?

    10. Anonymous19:39

      Hrvatski zrakoplovni forum

    11. Danijel20:02


  13. Anonymous11:28

    Any pax numbers for Ex-Yu airports in April?

  14. Anonymous12:53

    ok numbers. nothing spectacular.

  15. Anonymous12:57

    OU cabin looks quite nice judging from the photo (I haven't seen in before)

  16. Anonymous16:41

    Ako dodje do preuzimanja od strane TK sto je malo verovatno najbolje bi bilo da se napravi Hr XQ sto bi ubedljivo najvise donelo drzavi.

  17. Anonymous17:36

    It looks like Fokker100 has already started flying for OU, not only after May 20th as announced (

    1. Anonymous18:05

      Bravo Hrvatska!

    2. Anonymous18:28

      Yeah, go Croatia! Hope this year will be better than the last one!

  18. Anonymous21:09

    OT. it may have been covered in the past here. I found it interesting as many of exyu routes were operated by these planes.
    Austrian sold entire Fokker fleet 15 F100s and 6 F70s, for $15 million, only $9.5 in cash, likely all financed by bank loan. Someone could have started an airline with 21 planes for start-up cost of $1-2 million. New owner will continue operating them for 8-10 years. Hedge oil now, if there is cash to spare, and you could have a decent airline.

    1. Anonymous21:25

      Sta ce to Milu on muze bolje Monntenegro A. i Cernogoriju.

  19. Anonymous21:34

    when I think of it, one could have bought Maribor airport for EUR 1 million and have a hub and an airline for 'couple of bucks' out-of-pocket.


  20. Anonymous21:41

    I am a Star Alliance and oneworld fan - OU belongs to Star Alliance airlines - most of which truly professional. Etihad Group is just not performing well, at least in Europe. I am glad that OU just managed to "make it by themselves" and have a natural development vs. JU for example.

    1. Pera Kojot23:11

      Why you are StarAlliance fan? What brings you close to them ... frequent flyer program sucks...

  21. Anonymous22:00

    OT:Aegean airlines has 61 planes not 58 (38 a320,8 a321,1 a319,10 DH-8Q-400 and 4 DH-8-100)

  22. Anonymous08:56

    Flew one of the two TradeAir F100s last June as a replacement A/C for JP PRG-LJU. The cabin equipment looked a bit dated, any ideas if it was updated? Though I might add TradeAir had a couple of hot young FAs on the flight. Not a given these days (esp. on JP).

  23. Anonymous17:05

    Bu ta kanta od 23 godine Fokker 100 izdrzala :)?


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