easyJet boosts Ljubljana service


Budget carrier easyJet will increase frequencies on its daily London Stansted - Ljubljana service as of tomorrow to nine weekly flights. The airline will maintain the route with a mix of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. easyJet was the first low cost airline to introduce flights to the Slovenian capital twelve years ago. It competes against Wizz Air (four times per week) and Adria Airways (twice per week, seasonal) on the route. The two rivals maintain services to Luton and Gatwick airports respectively. Combined, the three airlines handled 150.000 passengers on flights between the two cities last year.


  1. Anonymous16:02

    why easyjet is not adding routes from LJU or MBX? Barcelona,Madrid,Milano,Lissabon it would feed intecontinental flights...

  2. Anonymous18:02

    Milano is too close to LJU for A320...

  3. Anonymous18:06

    Bravo LJU!

  4. Anonymous09:50

    and vienna is it not? bull.... we are talking about better, cheaper and faster service for flying out of europe.... milano would be perfect

  5. Anonymous13:50

    JP only flies A319 to VIE when CRJ9 is AOG or otherwise unavailable. It's not scheduled for A319...


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